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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 21

Latest Research Points to Other Causes of Pedophilia Besides the Infamous da Vinci Gene

Oregon Star June 20th, 2005

Results of an ongoing research program at the University of Oregon indicate that there may be other causes of pedophilia besides the infamous da Vinci gene. Speaking on behalf of the Center for Alternative Sexualites, Dr. Loren Pederson reviewed the results of a five-year-long study of pedophiles who are incarcerated in Oregon and two adjoining states. "While the da Vinci gene is present in some 70 percent of men who have been convicted of sexually abusing young boys, it is noticeably absent in the rest. I say noticeably because the remaining thirty percent represents the most dangerous pedophiles of all. These are the men who have engaged in violent acts, such as anal rape, or who have caused serious injury to their victims. These are men who get sadistic pleasure from hurting boys. They do not have the gene, either in its recessive or dominant forms. Based on the sample, the degree of confidence is over 99 percent," Dr. Pederson said. "Clearly, there is strong evidence that the da Vinci gene causes men to be attracted to young boys, but it does not result in violent behavior. On the contrary, affected males appear to be nurturing in their relationships, and while it generally results in some sort of sexual attraction and physical activity, it seems to be entirely mutual in nature. Only in one instant did we find any evidence of forced penetration, and even that may have been part of role-playing since the boy involved has since continued to engage in sado-masochistic acts with other men."

When asked to comment, Dr. Jarvis Wright of the National Institute for Sexual Health, said that, "the research is both superficial and very limited. When you get down to it, it really doesn't matter one iota whether a pedophile is violent or not. Either way, he has a devastating effect on a child. Perhaps a child is not physically injured by the abuse, but he is most certainly mentally injured. What we need to do is focus our efforts on eliminating all pedophiles, whether the evil is caused by the da Vinci gene or something else. We have to do this for our country's children. If we fail, we are placing them at constant risk."

Chapter 21. Lake Taekwhahela, Wisconsin, June 21st, 2005

They listened to the rain on the roof, the steady sound of water as it dripped from the trees overhead. The worst of the storm had passed. Now, there was just rain, but at least it was not coming down in sheets. Ten minutes had passed since the car had stopped, ten long minutes of looking out into the grey gloom. Now, they could see the end of the dock, a small sailing boat tugging at its mooring lines as if it was anxious to be on its way. There was a cabin too, suspended over the water on wooden stilts, placed to take advantage of a view that looked for all the world like something from a movie set. It was still raining too hard to reach the cabin without getting soaked. Dustin reached to turn off the wipers. The scraping stopped. Within seconds, the view was obscured again. He shrugged and reached to turn the wipers back on again.

"Leave them off," Daniele said softly. "I like it like this. The rain is nice the wait it makes everything fuzzy."

Dustin reclined back in his seat, raising his arms behind him to stretch. It had been a long drive, especially during the last half-hour through the storm. His neck ached from the tension of trying to see the road ahead. It meandered around the lake, seeming to take forever to get anywhere, as if the road builders had gone out of there way to make as many curves as possible. He was glad they had arrived safely. If they had an accident, help would be a long time in coming. But at least they had privacy, he mused. They could go stark-naked whenever they wanted and have no fear of anyone seeing them.

"I wonder when the rain will stop."

Daniele smiled. He was happy. He did not care if it rained for a week, if they had to sit in the car for another hour, even throughout the night it was okay by him. Just being with Dustin took away all of his problems. It was like basking in the sun. He was radiant with the sheer joy of being alive. They had held each other tightly and hugged and kissed while they exchanged vows of love, but after their lips became sore mostly they talked, or sat in silence, thinking almost the same thoughts. Every sideways glance made him feel like he was being renewed, and there were a lot of sideways glances. Dustin kept looking at him all the time, every few seconds it seemed, just to make certain that he was still sitting there beside him. He kept looking at Dustin as well. It was almost a game in which timing was everything. It was like his life was being restored to him. The ETC camp seemed a long time ago.

"It will probably never stop," he said hopefully. "Anyway, I'm perfectly happy right where I am."

"Should we make a dash for it?"

He shrugged. There was only one reason for leaving the car and going into the cabin, and he had been thinking about it for the last ten minutes, just as he had been thinking about it for the close-to-ten hours they been in the car, since Dustin had come back into his life. How many hours had he sat next to Aaron and watched videos of men having sex? More than ten hours, of that he was certain. He was even more certain that he wanted to have sex with Dustin. The only problem was how to get the man to do it. He could come right out and ask him, but that seemed so,... presumptuous? And he wasn't presumptuous. He could be bold at times, at least he had been before he went to the ETC camp. He had been insolent too, back then, but he was not conceited, not like Connor. God, how much he wanted Dustin to hold him, to do it to him, to do what men did together, what some men did to boys and risked spending the rest of their lives in jail, what he would never do to another boy. Not now. The very idea of having sex with a boy sickened him. He pushed the thought aside, to a place where it wasn't quite forgotten, but safe.

What was safe was thinking about having sex with a man, and Dustin was a man. The only problem was that he was a Nice Man, not a real man, not after,... It stood to reason that there had to be a limit to what `Test-on' could make amends for. He pushed that thought aside as well. There was only one way to find out and now was as good a time as any.

"Now we're lovers it's time you fucked me," he said brashly.

"What?" Dustin sounded shocked. His mouth was agape.

"You heard me." His confidence was ebbing quickly. "I said,..."

"I heard what you said. Dani,..."

Daniele smiled. He licked his lips. He thought of the videos. Lots of videos, endless videos it seemed. They showed the same things, well almost the same things. There was never much of plot. The actors changed, so did the settings, but not the activity. It always ended up with the same thing. One top, one bottom, both of them grunting. Mostly, it was like watching rutting animals, not two people in love, not sharing their bodies in celebration of that love. The videos, the constant stimulation, the long discussions, the painful shock therapy, all that happened to him, all of the terrible things that changed the boys forever, all of it became one interminable unforgettable nightmare. After a few days even Aaron stopped asking him to share his bed at night. Not that he had agreed, not after that first time. It was too upsetting, even with his eyes closed, trying to pretend it wasn't another boy who was in his bed, whose penis was inside his body.

"We could do it in here, you know,..."

He paused. In a break from the dreary routine of having sex in bed, one video had shown two men doing it in a car, then outside the car. They left a dent in the fender where one man's hips had been placed. He smirked shamelessly at Dustin, deliberately moving his knees further apart.

"You're a horny little guy, aren't you?"

"Uh huh. So, are you going to fuck me or not?"

"Going to that ETC camp really changed you, didn't it?"

Daniele nodded slightly. There was no denying that he had been changed.

"I want to, okay? I want to do it with you. I want you to fuck me," he said with increasing urgency. "I want you to make love to me."

He saw the look on Dustin's face as he made the ultimate offer. What he saw was more than love. The man glowed, suffused with joy. It was about being eager to do something that he had always wanted to do. He was thrilled at the proposition of making love to the boy he loved.

"Are you sure you want me to,...?"

Daniele shook his head slightly in playful denial of what they both knew. He ended up giggling.

"Go on, say it," he taunted. "Say `fuck'. I dare you to say it. Say `you want to fuck me'."

Dustin laughed almost hysterically. What was it about Daniele that turned him on, aroused him so much that he could not control himself? It was more than just being a boy. It had to be more than that, otherwise it would never last more than a few years. He wanted to be with Daniele forever.

"I want to fuck you more than I can stand," Dustin said earnestly.

It was more than lust speaking. It was love, out-of-control, over-whelming love. He needed to be inside Daniele, to prove to him, to prove to both of them, that they could make love to each other.

"That's good, because I feel the same way."

He met Dustin's eyes. They had the exact same color eyes. It was strange how he hadn't noticed that before.

"Then we'd better get our clothes off," Dustin muttered almost to himself.

Daniele shifted uncomfortably and wondered what Dustin would think when he saw the harness.

"You go first, okay?" he suggested nervously.

"Me first? Uh uh. You know there's a rule when boys want men to fuck them, don't you?"

"Huh? Okay, but I'm not taking my clothes off first. So, what is it?" Daniele asked, playing along.

"The man always gets to undress the boy," Dustin said in a serious tone.

Daniele swallowed and held his breath as Dustin leaned closer. This was the moment that he had waited for, longed for, for almost two weeks. Two long weeks. A lifetime, in a way. Certainly, it was a tiny part of his ten-year-old life, but he had changed in those two miserable weeks, two weeks of nearly constant alternating pain and pleasure, sensations so extreme that they had dulled his senses. So much had happened that he had all but forgotten about Grey and Nicky, and Carter and Aaron, until all he could think about was loving Dustin Lane.

The man's hands touched his face, like silk, flowing, blowing in a zephyr. Gentle, reassuring touches that calmed him. The fingers caressed his hair, lightly, belying their adult strength, then passed behind his ear. His little finger traveled back across Daniele's cheek to brush across the boy's delicate lips. Tenderly stroking, trying so hard to pleasure him. Daniele breathed out. He closed his eyes, breathed in, smelled the man's scent. The fingers lifted away, then returned to caress his forehead, his eyebrows, and with the infinite trust of a lover, glided over his closed eyelids. Again, Daniele sighed. He barely heard Dustin say how beautiful he was, or that the rain had stopped.

Strong hands with deft fingers unfastened the button of his regulation-NICE shorts, spreading the front, withdrawing the tee-shirt, also regulation-NICE, complete with logo, tight to his skin in order to emphasize the trimness of his torso. He yielded to the man completely, lifting his arms above his head until they reached the roof, waiting until his tee-shirt was pulled away before he dared to lower them again. He shivered, not from being cold, but from the sheer thrill of being exposed before Dustin's eyes.

"Oh Dani, oh my, you're so beautiful," Dustin whispered in adoration.

Daniele shyly smiled. Two weeks of morning and afternoon exercise sessions and a rigorous ETC camp diet to prepare the boys for healthy lives had firmed his body even more than training for the state swimming championships. His skin had darkened too, now golden brown. His nipples were soft, tiny darker dots like pennies that emphasized a slender smooth chest.

"Dustin?" he began nervously. "Um, there's something,.... I have to tell you. At camp,..."

He remembered the agony of the first time, the sheer brutality of the thing being shoved inside his body. How much he had loathed it. He hated the man who had subjected him to that initiation, to the cruel crude leers of the other boys as they watched him being sodomized by the oversized plastic plug. That had changed him as much as anything. Knowing that through all of it, throughout the shame and horror of being violated, that he had somehow enjoyed it. And afterwards, when he walked and felt it levering against his intestines, pressing higher into him than seemed humanly possible, when he realized the magic of the place deep inside him, where the feelings only got better and better the more he pushed and strained his bowels against it, he had come to need it more than he had needed anything in his life.


"At camp,..."

His voice gave way. How could he ever explain what had been done to him, what was still inside him? It was so deep inside him that it wouldn't even come out unless he pulled on it. Although it wasn't true, they said that was what made a boy gay, that as much as anything else. He didn't believe them, but it might as well have been true. His hands clenched impotently, for that was what he was. He was gay, and people would still torment him because he was neutered, but at least he was no longer a pedophile who lusted after little boys.

"What's wrong, Dani? You're not still worried about having sex with Aaron are you? You shouldn't be. I'm glad your first time was with another boy."

"No,... Not that," Daniele shook his head in agitation. "They,... My counselor,..."

"Hart the fart?"

"Yeah, something like that,..." Daniele said without amusement. Without warning he released a sob from deep within his chest. "He, he,... I can't,..."

"Dani? Honey, you know when you love someone and they love you back, you don't have to worry about telling them something."

"I can't. Okay? Please,... please don't make me. I don't want you to know."

"Yes, Dani. Yes, you can," Dustin countered. "I want you to tell me about him. I want to know."

"I hate him."

"You're not the only one. I've never met the man, but I still hate him."

Daniele sighed. "It doesn't do any good."

"What doesn't do any good?"

"What you said, about Gandhi. I did what you said. That passive resistance stuff. It doesn't work. Nothing does. They do whatever they want, because,... because they make the rules. It's their society, not mine. They can do whatever they want to me and I can't do anything to stop them. They can cut my balls off,... and they can stick things into me until I bleed,... and they can turn me into a faggot,... and they can give me electric shocks until I piss all over myself,... and all because I,... because I might be a pedophile,... I know I made a mistake with Nicky,... and it was wrong,... but,... Maybe I could have stopped the next time. But they're not going to stop, Dustin,... Not until everyone of us is gone."

Dustin nodded and wondered.

"I can't,..." Daniele sobbed, "I can't even,..." He shook desperately. "Look at me,... I can't get it big! I'm not even a male any more. It's like I don't have a sex so I can't have sex. I can't even get it hard. Aaron can, but I can't. Dustin,.... I hate this,... I hate being like this."

Daniele levered himself up from the car seat. He yanked his shorts and regulation-NICE underwear down past his knees, shoved them from his feet, still shaking with rage.

"See what they did to us! See," he cried, flopping back into the seat.

He sat there, trembling in front of Dustin, the man who yearned to see him naked, but who now was oblivious to his naked body, a body would have been the epitome of boyhood perfection, but for the ugly abomination that was secured to his abdomen.

With a shaking finger Daniele pointed at the black nylon straps that lay in the furrows between his groin and thighs, at the strap a few inches below his belly.

"S-s-s-see," he croaked.

"What is it?" Dustin asked apprehensively. In the euphoria of being with Daniele, he had forgotten about him wearing a butt plug.

"I told you,... when you picked me up at the bus stop. All of the boys use them, you know. Everyone who goes to an ETC camp gets one to wear at night while they're there. When we start having regular sex, we can leave them out, but we still have to wear the ticklers." He shuddered again. "Only mine's bigger than most of the other boys because I tried to do what you said, and, and Hart didn't like it. So, so he forced one in that was a lot bigger than it was supposed to be and gave me electric shocks until I pissed everywhere. And I bled all night. It was all over my sheets in the morning, but I couldn't go to the nurse because he was afraid she'd find out what he did,...."

"Dani, Dani I don't understand. What was bigger? What about the electric shocks?"

Daniele turned, wiping the tears from his eyes, smearing wet streaks across his cheeks. "I told you in the E-mails."

Dustin shook his head. "They cut out anything about the treatment, Dani. What I read was just about your friends and the things you did, like the soccer competition. Stuff like that."

Daniele closed his eyes and shook his head in despair.

"Tell me what happened? Please? Tell me about this," Dustin suggested. He gestured at the obscene harness.

"I think maybe I'd better take it off. We'll have to remove it if you're going to fuck me, that's for sure."

Daniele reached to his side. The Velcro holding the straps opened with a loud crackle. The harness was tight, the way that the counselors liked them to be. When it was tight it restricted the boy's freedom and kept him aware of his subordinate role. There were vivid red marks on Daniele's belly and on either side of his penis. For the first time, Dustin saw what had been taken from the boy. There was very little to be seen of his scrotum. There was nothing more than a residual fold of darker skin to indicate what had been there three weeks earlier. Like the red plastic ball, the plump little ball-sac was gone.

Daniele lifted his hips up again, this time sliding his hand underneath his buttocks. He located the bulbous end between his cheeks, grasped it tightly between his thumb and fingers and pulled. The best way to extract it was with a slow, continuous effort while he pushed down with his sphincter. Jerking it out didn't work, at least not with the large sizes. It wasn't at all like the dildos they had practiced with to see what anal sex was like. There was something about the shape of plugs that made them want to stay inside. He tugged on it steadily, straining his bowels to eject it. Finally, he felt it begin to move. He kept pulling, pushing down, forcing it out. It was slightly wider in the middle than it was at the ends. He felt his anus stretching wider as it passed through, the sudden relief as the bulk exited, then the awful emptiness as it dropped slick and slimy into his hand. His anus felt like it was swollen, like it was open to the outside. It was a familiar feeling every time he defecated.

"Oh my god," Dustin said in a hushed voice as he saw the size of the thing that had been inside the boy. "Dani,... Oh god. How could they?"

Daniele shrugged. "It's okay now. I wasn't making it up when I said it doesn't hurt. At least now it doesn't. It did at first, or when you go up a size, but once it's been there for a while you get used to it,... Actually, it kind of feels strange when it's out."

"It's huge."

"It's a one-six-zero. That means it's 160 millimeters around. It's an extra-large. Usually only the twelve-year-olds get them, only I got singled out for special treatment. My friend Aaron,... He went home with a 90. I tried his on once. It's tiny compared to mine."

"It sounds like you don't mind," Dustin said uncertainly.

Daniele glanced at the plug. He had been worried that it would come out dirty. Sometimes it was like that. Fortunately, it was clean and shiny. It was still coated with the lubricant that he had used when he had reinserted it earlier in the day.

"Not any more. That's all I'm good for, now that I'm a `nuck. Getting fucked in the butt," he said ruefully. He smiled slightly. "I guess it's okay if you do the fucking."

"That isn't true, Dani."

"That's what they keep telling us. You begin to believe it after a while. No balls, no future."


"This isn't the worst of it." Daniele placed the plug on the top of his shorts.

"How bad can it get?" Dustin thought aloud.

"The shocks were the worst part because they hurt a lot. They put collars on us, sort of like what they put on dogs. Then they gave us electric shocks." He touched the back of his neck, at the most prominent bone in his spine. "Back here,... and it goes all the way down your back. Sometimes it's only light and you feel this nice tingle and your body gets all hot and trembly. But if you're bad, or,... or they want to,... stop us,... so we don't think about boys,... then it's worse."

"A lot worse?" Dustin asked uneasily. He thought he anticipated what was coming.

"Yeah. It hurts something awful. You start wishing you were dead,.... especially if he pushes the button for a long time. It's like your whole body is on fire with pain. You can't stop thinking about it afterwards even though the pain goes away quickly. You keep waiting for it to start again."

"God damn them!"

"Yeah, me too. But he doesn't listen to me any more. I don't think he likes pedophiles."

Dustin laughed for a second or two. At that moment, anything approaching humor was welcome relief.

"At least I don't think about little boys any more," Daniele added sardonically. "Not like you do, you boy-fucking pervert."

They both laughed half-heartedly.

"I'd fuck you, that's for sure," Dustin joked. "Every chance I got, Dani. You're one incredibly sexy boy, even without balls."

"Hey, the rain has stopped."

"It stopped a while ago."


Daniele ran his fingers back through his hair. If he was continued swimming he would have needed a haircut, but swimming was in the past. Not with the patch on his upper arm feeding its toxic chemicals through his skin and those little yellow pills. They said the skin patch would slow his growth to a crawl. He might be able to swim for another year, even two years, but he would never be able to keep up, especially not when the other boys started puberty. He would fall further and further behind. Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered except being with Dustin. Now, more than ever he wanted to grow his hair longer. He wanted it to be long and dark, and glistening. Aaron said having longer hair would make him look even `sexier'. He wanted to look `sexy' for Dustin.

He glanced back as Dustin began to get out the car. "Where are you,..." He stopped, realizing that he would not be heard.

Dustin walked behind the car and opened the car door for him, took his hand and drew him up and out of his seat. He was naked, yet he followed obediently. For a few seconds they faced each other. A man and a boy gazing silently into each other's eyes. Then, walking together down the pebble-covered path that led to the dock and the cabin beside the lake. Hand in hand they strolled along the rain-drenched planks, beyond the cabin, out to where the sailing boat rocked in the water. They looked down together. There was a pool of water in the bottom of the boat that nearly covered the frames. There were dark puddles on the seats. They turned away, facing each other, looking to the distant shore, thick with mournful dark pines, brooding silence in the aftermath of the storm. It was a beautiful if poignant setting.

"Dustin,... Dustin, I need you inside me."

Dustin nodded. Lovingly, he pressed the boy back against the damp wooden railing, pushed up against him, stroking his slim body from behind. His lips pursed as his head lowered. He nibbled playfully on Daniele's ear, licking around and around until the tip of his tongue found its way into the inner whorl, then back again to the side. He kissed, sucking on the lobe, pulling it between his teeth. Daniele's arms settled around his neck, pulling them closer.

"Fuck me, please. I want you to. I need you to make love to me, Dustin. It'll make everything better. Please. I need to do it so it's all worthwhile."

"Yes. I know. We're together now, Dani. You're mine, and I'm yours. I love you and I'm going to make love to you."


He felt Daniele's small hand, tugging, pulling open his zipper, reaching inside. It seemed to be a practiced hand, a hand with years of experience, skill that was far in excess of watching two weeks of pornographic videos. His penis was already half erect and it continued to stiffen as Daniele fondled it for the first time. It was big and powerful, and it grew even bigger and more powerful. It grew until Daniele's fingers and thumb could not enclose it. He held it just right, not too tightly, squeezing rhythmically, occasionally rubbing across the glans with his thumb. It grew until it was almost the same size as the monstrous plug that Daniele had worn for the last six days. Perhaps it had been fate that had caused Hart to inflict his cruel torment.

Dustin glanced around at the small bay. In the last minute it had become shrouded in mist, mysteriously concealing everything except the tops of the trees. Even if someone was on the shore with binoculars, they would not be seen. They had the place to themselves.

"Are you sure? You don't have to do this?"

"Shhhh. I want you in me, okay? That's all I want from now on."

Daniele turned and braced himself against the railing. He used one hand to support himself, the other reached behind him, to open himself. Dustin stared down in disbelief. What he saw was not at all like Jeff's bottom had been. Daniele's anus gaped like a mouth, opened up, revealing crimson within. The rim was reddened, glistening with the excess fluid had that been excreted when the plug was removed. Daniele's buttocks moved back slightly, inviting, demanding to be filled again, but this time by the man he loved.

"Go on," Daniele demanded in a soft voice.

"Are you sure?"

"Stop asking and just do it."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't."

He sounded confident as Dustin stepped forward. His penis brushed against the curve of Daniele's bottom. It was soft and smooth and warm. Both of them trembled with excitement. An inch to the side and the glans grazed the start of his crevice. With nervous hands, Dustin guided it down, following the boy's crack, pushing through the warm slippery flesh until he found what he was looking for. The head of his penis nudged into the dilated opening, settled halfway inside without any effort at all. He felt Daniele push back slightly, his cheeks parting even more to welcome it inside him. The warmth turned into searing heat, like a mouth swallowing, taking more and more of his penis. He felt the muscular band of Daniele's sphincter. It pulsed around his glans then promptly gave way, yielding to the man's steady pressure.

"Oh God."

"Further. Put it in all the way. I need you in me."

Now that his penis had penetrated far enough that it would not be forced out, Dustin's hands moved to Daniele's hips, pulling back slowly. There was a sudden gasp as much from surprise as the marvel at what they were doing, a mere moment before the boy took a quick breath and pushed down from inside. Nothing happened for a second or two, then Dustin was aware of the band gripping his glans not in front, but from behind, pulling on his member, squeezing in powerful jerks. He had the unsettling realization that if he continued to push his penis would slide completely into the boy's body. He stopped moving, entranced by the glorious sensations, the intense heat, the sheer joy of knowing that he was inside Daniele. The surge began in the jellied remains of his testicles, already sterile after ten days of exposure to ultra-sonic waves. Although Doctor Sutton had told him that he would continue to have orgasms, he had not expected it to happen so quickly. It was too soon, much too soon. He did the only thing that he could. He withdrew slowly until only the tip remained inside.

"Oh Dani."

Daniele glanced over his shoulder and grinned. Dustin kissed the side of his head.

"I'm not going to last very long," he groaned.

"That's okay."

"I want it last forever."

Dustin began to push forward again. This time, his penis slid through the weakened anus as if there was nothing to stop it, and then he gasped as Daniele's sphincter clamped down hard, held him there in its powerful grasp.

"Harder next time. I want it deeper too."

It took a few seconds for the plea to register. Dustin lunged back and forcefully pushed inside again. His penis entered further than he intended. Daniele bucked, pumping against him with a savage thrust, slamming their bodies together. And then again, thrusting with all his strength and grunting as the air was forced from his body.

"OH! Oh fuck."

"That's so good, Dani. So hot inside you."


Dustin had a vague suspicion that Daniele was more in control than he was, that he knew what he wanted. He stabbed again and again, hoping that he wasn't causing pain. The boy had enough pain to last a lifetime. On one over-eager withdrawal, his penis came completely out. It slapped against Daniele's back, drooling as they struggled to reinsert it. Deep, long thrusts alternated with fast hard thrusts. Dustin's pelvis pounded against Daniele's much smaller buttocks. The boy twitched, jerking, gasping, still begging for even more even as he writhed in the throes of his first real climax. Then, without more warning that a sudden groan, the boy's anus clamped down momentarily strangling the man's throbbing penis until Dustin managed to wrench it free again. He pumped viciously, ejaculating a flood of spermless semen into the clutching rectum. He felt liberated, triumphant, finally released from his pent-up desire. He was barely aware that Daniele's face was also contorted in ecstasy, that the boy was clinging to the railing, his knees buckled and unable to support his weight. Yet within the chaos of post-orgasmic exhaustion, he recognized that Daniele had also achieved satisfaction.