A N.I.C.E. Boy, by Ganymede

WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between men and MINOR boys. It is not true! The story is not intended to promote illegal acts against minors. I do not condone child abuse, however the love of boys is a different matter. Despite the prevalent attitudes of western society, men have loved boys throughout recorded history. It is my goal to help readers appreciate that love can exist between men and boys. If the subject of man/boy love offends you, if this material is illegal in your place of residence, or if you are under the legal age for such material, do not read further!

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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 22

Postscript: Two years later

Two Happy Parents Show off First NICE Clones

NICE News June 28th, 2007

Today, 12-year-old Daniele Webster and his mentor, Dr. Dustin Lane, announced that they were the proud parents of twin boys born on Friday 7th of this month. In keeping with the `D' theme, the cloned boys have been named Danny and Dusty. The boys are the perfect clones of their NICE parents and were created using the techniques developed over the last two years by bio-geneticist, Dr. Calvin Brewster. Brewster, a long-time friend of Lane, assisted him in developing a technique that involves using stem cells taken from bone marrow to create a viable zygote, which is then implanted within the uterus where it develops into a fetus. The woman, a recent member of NICE SON, the support organization for boys and men who have been treated to the da Vinci gene, carried both babies throughout the full-term pregnancy. The technique, which will assuredly become very popular with other NICE couples who wish to have children. The technique overcomes legal issues and bypasses the difficulties of other methods of cloning, all of which involve replacing the chromosomes within the ovum.

"It's still sort of hard to believe it has really happened. Watching my baby being born was unbelievably cool," Daniele Webster said as he cradled his newborn offspring. The baby boy weighed 7 lbs 3 oz., exactly the same as his clone-parent when he was born. "It's me exactly. I mean he's me exactly, but he's not me, because I'm me. I guess he's himself, but he's me too."

Lane said that his young friend was adapting to parenthood remarkably well. "He participated throughout the entire endeavor, even working long hours in the laboratory. There were times when he worked through the night. He even helped me select the woman. Dani couldn't be happier. I'm sure he'd be breast-feeding him, if he could," Lane said.

The surrogate mother, Janet Frieland, who carried the twins to a full-term pregnancy, has been an active member of the NICE organization since she joined the organization only a year ago. She was selected from among several dozen volunteers. Previously, Frieland was a member of the National Institute of Sexual Health, which is charged with carrying out the NICE legislation. It is rumored that she resigned her position at NISH after finding out that Jacob Jeffries, who sexually assaulted and later murdered her eleven-year-old son, Joshua, was not da Vinci positive. Jeffries also assaulted, tortured and murdered ten other boys during a six-month rampage in Anniston, Alabama. NISH had ordered tests to be performed on Jeffries' body fluids that were taken as evidence from the murdered boys, including Frieland's son's body in order to support increased efforts to bring pedophiles to justice. In a peculiar twist of fate, it was discovered that her son was da Vinci positive, although the results indicated that the gene was recessive in his case.

During her interview, Frieland addressed her departure from the NICE tribunal. "Frankly, what they are doing is misguided at best. There is no doubt in my mind that the da Vinci gene causes males to be sexually attracted to boys, but so far I have seen no evidence that the attraction causes violent behavior in any way. What I have observed over the last year is that da Vinci men are nurturing and affectionate towards boys. They make excellent role models and companions for them, and generally have relationships that last. That there is a sexual element in the relationship is indisputable, but whether any boys are actually harmed by it is not something that NISH wants to be concerned with. Unfortunately, there are men and boys being hunted down simply because they have the da Vinci gene while the real sexual predators go free. We are committing a terrible injustice."

When asked to comment on Janet Frieland's departure from NISH, Martin Eckleston who is well known to NICE members as a conceited bigot said that it was less a matter of her resigning than being asked to leave. "She has been upset and unstable since the unfortunate death of her son. Her distraught state has so clouded her perspective that her contribution to our goal of eliminating the evil of pedophilia has been minimal at best. Other sources, who prefer to remain anonymous said that Frieland's marketing approach was the crucial factor underlying NISH's success in instituting the NICE Boys program.

"I am very proud to have been part of this," Frieland said after the delivery of the twin babies. "I made a terrible mistake when I joined NISH. There is not a lot that I can to remedy the damage that I caused. I have hurt a lot of good people. Helping Daniele and Dustin in this way is the very least I could do. They gave a lot of thought to waiting until they could be legally married, but that's still four years away. I know some people think that a 12-year-old is too young for the responsibility of parenthood, but they don't know Dani. He's worked very hard to help solve the problem of converting the stem cells into a zygote. He has joint ownership of the three patents that resulted from the research. When Calvin and Dustin discovered the solution last year, Dani was right there beside them. He's a wonderful person and an ideal parent."

Dr. Calvin Brewster, also a member of NICE, and his 12-year-old friend, Aaron Kalmann, are also expecting. Their baby was conceived by the same technique, using Brewster's genetic material. The birth is scheduled for next month.

Both Brewster and Lane believe that cloning is the only way to maintain the future of the human species. "The loss of genetic material caused by the systematic elimination of da Vinci males is a disaster in the making," said Brewster. "Society is in process of destroying itself. The elimination of a single DNA sequence among many millions does not seem all that important until one realizes that the da Vinci gene has the ability to trigger other otherwise dormant genes into action. It brings the male chromosome to life. No other gene does this that I am aware of."

When asked whether they will make the technique available outside NICE, Lane said "we have to preserve the da Vinci gene at all costs. It isn't just a matter of losing a few artists or a scientist or two, but the incredible richness that comes with the exceptional creativity of a dominant da Vinci gene. Daniele Webster is a case in point. Only last week I watched him invent a new way to shift gears on his bicycle. Now, I agree that doesn't sound like a very important breakthrough, but his invention is the size of a deck of cards, has next to zero friction, and is fully automatic. It took him all of one hour and a few sheets of paper. What you have to realize is he that does that sort of thing every day and he's only had a fourth-grade education."

When informed of the birth of the two clones, Dr. Jarvis Wright of the National Institute for Sexual Health said that "there isn't much that the government can do short of outlawing their technique. The research was undertaken without any government support. Our current laws forbid cloning using ovum-based methods, but allow the use of bone-marrow stem cells to develop organs for transplant. I suppose one could argue that this is simply an extension of that. Of course, as part of the Healthy Nation Act, the babies' DNA has already been genetically tested. As identical clones of NICE parents, the two babies naturally have the da Vinci gene and as a result they will be covered by the existing NICE legislation. Our records show that both Lane and Webster are da Vinci dominant, and so are their kids. Appropriate treatment will be arranged for the clones as soon as it is medically feasible. While we generally don't perform treatment until boys are seven years old, exceptions can be made. In accordance with federal laws against cloning, the tax credits that are normally made available to parents of da Vinci boys, will not apply in this case. The last thing society needs is more pedophiles, particularly smart ones, but as I see it, there isn't much we can do about it at this time."

Chapter 22. Lane's Bookstop, Liberty Street, Champain. June 30th, 2007

It was fun having a baby, so much fun that Daniele always had trouble putting the baby down to sleep. He cradled the precious boy-baby in his bare arms, delighting in the silky warmth of bare flesh pressed together. The baby even had hair like his, dark and fine, tiny curls that would eventually straighten into waves. Dustin always said that it was exactly the same as his, except there wasn't very much of it. Everything about the baby was the same. His eyes, already looking more and more like Daniele's sparkling eyes, his pert nose, his perfect tiny lips. He was looking at himself twelve years earlier. He could see the intelligence, already forming, ever growing, interested in everything around him. And the baby smiled too, a lot, a lot more than other babies and months ahead at that. Daniele grinned, leaned down and lovingly placed his lips on the baby's tiny forehead. Beside them, Dusty was sound asleep, a tiny thumb in his mouth, suckling instinctively. He kissed Dusty on the cheek and straightened up. He was filled with a sense of awe, of happiness so intense that it consumed his every waking moment, and from the dreams he remembered, a good deal of the time that he spent asleep.

Daniele was in love. With Dustin, because he would always love him, but also with Danny and Dusty. They were boys, perfect little boys whose best years were yet to come. He glanced down, ever fascinated by their bodies, instinctively attracted to their maleness, no longer repulsed. Both of them had tiny penises, almost non-existent testicles, but they were flawless nonetheless. And they were similar, remarkably similar. That was what surprised Daniele more than anything else. Certainly, they had different colored skin, and their hair was different, but there were similarities that were too obvious to overlook. Of course, it wasn't hard to figure out why, not when he had the twin's genetic profiles in front of him. He wondered why he had not realized sooner.

"Hi Dani."

He turned and looked back at Dustin, absently brushing the hair back from his forehead before he put his finger to his lips. The surprising thing was how much Danny and Dusty looked like each other, and like Dustin, and himself.

"Danny's almost asleep," he whispered.

"Okay, Bookworm."

"I'll be done in just a few minutes."

Wondering why Daniele was uncharacteristically serious, Dustin stepped away from the nursery door. In time, Daniele would tell what was bothering him. He ambled into the bathroom to brush his teeth. It was late and he was tired, but tomorrow was Sunday and they could sleep in, at least until the babies were awake and demanding to be fed. He rinsed his mouth and spit out the remains of the toothpaste before going back to the nursery. He tiptoed in, seeing Daniele carefully placing Danny in the crib he shared with his twin. Instinctively, Danny wriggled into his brother's warmth and promptly went back to sleep. Daniele yawned sleepily.

They crept out, leaving the door ajar in case one of the babies woke up during the night.

In the bedroom, they stopped facing each other, holding hands. It was a nightly ritual, a proclamation of love without words. It was a special moment, silent, yet wonderful, and then they kissed. The saliva they shared in that fusion of lips and tongues was magic, as if the goodness of the love they shared had been distilled and flowed back and forth between them.

"I love you."

The words were mutual, simultaneous. How often had they said the same things at the same time? They smiled knowingly at each other.



"Have you ever noticed?,...." Daniele paused.

Dustin nodded encouragingly. He could easily guess what was coming. He had been waiting a long time for Daniele to ask him.

"How much they look the same?.... And I wondered why,.... So,... I looked at their DNA reports," Daniele said slowly.

"And?" Dustin prompted.

Daniele came right to the point. "I think you're my father. My real father."

"You know you're very smart, don't you? Some people might even say you're too smart for your own good, Dani."

Daniele rolled his eyes. Then, he glared mischievously at the man he loved. "You knew! You knew all along, but you didn't tell me. Why?"

Dustin smiled. "I think I began to realize when I learned that you had the da Vinci gene and you said that your dad wasn't your real father. Your mother pretty much confirmed it for me when she told me that she used a sperm donor from the university program. Based on the probabilities of both of us being da Vinci dominant, I figured it had to be me."

"So, um,... I guess,... Father,..." Daniele tried it out for size.

"Yes son?"

They laughed. `Father and son' sounded strange but it also sounded good. It also explained a lot of things, not the least being why they both hated to eat cauliflower.

"So I have you to thank for me not having any balls."

"Back then, no one knew about the da Vinci gene, Dani. I wanted a son very much so I joined the donor program. There wasn't much else I could do. I certainly didn't want to get married."

"I'm teasing. I really don't mind. At least not now I don't." Daniele gazed up at the man whose genes he carried.

"Okay, now what are you thinking about?"

"Before,..." It was still difficult for him to talk about the treatment he had been subjected to. "When I used to come to the Bookstop every afternoon, I used to pretend you were my father."

Dustin was startled.

"What's wrong?" Daniele asked nervously.

"I thought it was just me, Dani I wanted you to be my son."


"Yes, really. I was heartbroken when I found out you had the gene. It was my fault. I was going to tell you, but then I became your mentor, and well, we started having sex, and I loved you so much,..."

"You know, if we have sex now it's incest," Daniele observed in a serious tone that might have sounded as if it came from a much older boy except that his voice had not broken.

"There's nothing wrong with a bit of incest between father and son," Dustin quipped.

"Not if there can't be a baby," Daniele agreed, grinning. "So,... what's a boy to do when he's horny?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Hm,... How about,... Fuck me,... Dad," he smirked lewdly and lifted his head for one more kiss.

They came down onto the bed together, arms wrapped so tightly around each other that their union was unbreakable. They separated only for a moment, long enough to join in the way that they desired. Lovers needed to be joined to be complete, and joining required penetration. It was a simple matter. A quick smear of lubricant to ease the way through Daniele's often-used anus, then he assumed the familiar position. He lay on his back, bringing his knees past his shoulders, using his arms to brace his legs and hold them in place, his hands spreading his buttocks wide apart. Frequent practice made achieving entry into a game. Dustin's aim was perfect. His penis nuzzled into the opening, splaying Daniele's cheeks like a wedge as his glans began to breech the dusky-brown rim. It contracted only once before it loosened, before Dustin began to thrust gently, toying with the boy's anus to encourage it to relax even further. Daniele closed his eyes, willing his body to accept his lover.

Finally, one firm forceful push was all that was required and Dustin's penis slid through, sinking to the hilt before they stopped. Daniele's eyes opened wide, grateful, entranced by the sensation of being full. He was complete again. His memories of Hart's cruelty were distant, just enough to make him aware that it had once been so painful that he had cried and begged for it to end. He still begged, but not to end. Now, he tightened his sphincter to pull Dustin's penis deeper, even further into his body, into the place that made him lose control.

They stayed like that for a long time, sharing the hardness, the intense heat, the slippery softness amid the clasping firmness of muscle, and above all, the enthralling glow of love. Words were unnecessary, but still they whispered in the darkness, lingering in the sleepy sweetness of unfulfilled passion. Eventually, lust overwhelmed lethargy. Dustin began to move his hips, gently rocking his pelvis against Daniele's firm buttocks. He listened to the boy's soft breathy sighs, knowing that the head of his penis was precisely where it was supposed to be to maximize a boy's pleasure. Sometimes they could delay his orgasm for as long as an hour, long enough for Daniele to achieve his climax not once but several times, until he was too tired to squeeze his sphincter against Dustin's penis. At other times, they came together in a simultaneous rush, grinding their bodies together in frenetic brutal rutting. This time, the man's penis moved gently instead of building up to a frenzied rush, sliding back and forth in an endless in and out rhythm, drawing out the natural lubricity. Soon, Daniele anus and rectum became impossibly loose and their love was heard as a loud, wet suction, juices oozing out between them.

"So good," Daniele purred. His eyes were closed to slits. "Don't ever stop fucking me, Dustin."

"Going,...to,...soon,... getting,... close,...."

"Yeah, me too. Don't take him out when you're done, okay. Stay with me."

"So hot inside you," Dustin growled. "You're so loose."

"Slippery too."

"Uh huh. Very. Sounds messy in there."

"Have to wash the sheets tomorrow, Dad."

"You're a good fuck, son."

Daniele smiled contentedly, enjoying the moment, wishing it would never end but realizing that it would not last forever. There was no other feeling even remotely like it. He could feel the changing pressure, the man's penis, his father's penis becoming increasingly erratic in its motion, pumping just a little bit harder and faster. It was a sure sign that Dustin was getting close to the end. He pulled up with his belly muscles, closing his sphincter to increase the man's enjoyment as well as his own. It was a lesson that he had discovered for himself at the ETC camp. It had occurred so long ago that he had all but forgotten the bad experiences. `Your role is to give a man pleasure. Expect nothing back. Just do your job and trust him to do his.' How often had he heard that said during those three horrible weeks when he was at the ETC Camp? And Dustin, who did the complete opposite to what he had expected. He made falsehoods of what his counselor had said about men who loved boys. He was supposed to be selfish and overbearing, but Dustin devoted his entire being to his partner's happiness, his every action dedicated to ensure Daniele's joy.

It was almost as if their roles were reversed. Daniele was supposed to be the passive one, always on the bottom, accepting whatever the man did to him, submitting to whatever was required, but instead he made love with aggressive passion. He took great delight in mounting Dustin, riding him like a horse, thrusting himself back so hard that he ached afterwards. But it was good, so good that the discomfort afterwards was reassuring that he had done a good job.

"Dani, I-I-I,... Oh, oh, Dani," Dustin groaned.

Daniele felt the shaft expand inside him, filling him with a thick hot stake as it always did. In the few moments before the pulses began, he gave thanks, grateful to Dustin for loving him, to his parents who had not stood between them, to whoever it was who produced the testosterone supplements for men like Dustin and made them capable of making love despite what they had lost. He trembled, straining against his father with renewed desire. Knowing that he had made Dustin attain orgasm always had that effect on him. The huge penis, his penis as much as Dustin's penis, began jerking savagely. It pushed all the way inside him, lifting him a few inches off the bed, spewing thin milky fluid from one prostate gland against the immature prostate gland of another. There was a fleeting moment during that fleeting ejaculation when Daniele imagined sperm flowing into him, swimming down into his rectum, their tiny tails flicking from side to side, fertilizing him so that he could bear Dustin's baby, his father's baby. He was happier than he had ever been.

"Did you?" Dustin gasped.

Daniele barely moved his head, yet it was enough to cause Dustin dismay. Sometimes, it was like that no matter how much he tried, other times he had to hold back at the end so they climaxed together.

"I'm sorry."

"'s okay," Daniele sighed. "You feel so good, Dad."

"So do you, Son," Dustin said humbly.

He flexed his penis, squeezing out the last of his sterile juices into a rectum that was already soft and gooey, so loose and slippery that the slightest backward movement would cause his softening penis to slither out. Despite the testosterone supplements, it was impossible for him to maintain an erection after ejaculation.

"You want some more, lover-boy?" he huffed, offering a different kind of love to what they had just done together.

Daniele smiled teasingly. "Who me? You know me, Dad, I always want more. Only I don't think I can stay awake that long."

Dustin grinned back at him. It was a standard joke. "Neither can I. However, I wasn't thinking of fucking your beautiful little butt again tonight, Dani."

Daniele's eyes lit up. That meant what he thought it meant and he nodded eagerly. He waited impatiently while Dustin repositioned himself. This time, he lay with his head below Daniele's buttocks, the boy's slim hairless legs splayed over his shoulders. He saw Daniele's anus stretched as wide as it had ever been, a trickle of yellowish fluid running down his crevice. That precious wonderful opening that allowed him to enter into the boy he loved, into the place that enabled them to join their bodies together and celebrate their love. He smiled and touched his tongue to it, pressing into the yawning hole. He licked his lips, savoring the taste, the smell. It was not at all unpleasant. It reminded him of something his mother had cooked when he was a boy himself, but he could not remember what it was. His tongue swiped along Daniele's crack, causing the boy to wriggle back, squirming against the delicious playmate. How often had they played that game? A thousand times? More? Now, he could play that game with his son, but Daniele had always been his son. Despite all that had happened, he was thankful for his life.

Dustin probed deeper, pushing his nose into the tender rippled fold of Daniele's scrotum. There were hard nodules inside, not at all like the pulpy lumps that he had. They were like tiny dried-up balls, no larger than peas even when they were felt through the skin.

Daniele was six months from being a teenager, yet it was difficult to see much change from two years earlier. He had grown very slowly, his body still undeveloped although well- formed and strong. He was far from taking on the proportions of an adolescent. And his penis? It was still small, just like it had been years earlier, a miniature vestige of his maleness.

The comparison with Calvin Brewster's boy, Aaron was unavoidable. Because Aaron's father was rich, he had been given `Testo-start', and it made all the difference in the world. He was almost the same age as Daniele but he was well into puberty, his voice already changing to a baritone, his penis more like a man's than a boy's, surrounded by a mane of darkening, curly hair. Although Dustin had seen Aaron naked on numerous occasions at the lake, and the boy proudly claimed to be producing semen, he not seen it for himself. Calvin assured him that Aaron made enough to need two tissues to clean it up.

Dustin gave one parting swipe across Daniele's reddened anus and began to nibble on the fold of his scrotal pouch. The boy fluttered before a wave of delight. There was enough sensation for that alone to produce bliss. Dustin sucked the skin between his teeth, catching the remnants behind his lips, then using his tongue, began to manipulate the tiny seeds from side to side. Daniele groaned. His heart began to beat faster. He was so close to the precipice that his legs locked around Dustin's head, gripping him tightly so that his enjoyment would not go away before he was ready. With two fingers of his other hand pressed tightly together, Dustin began to stimulate the boy's nether opening. The tip of his index finger entered first, waiting for the second finger to catch up as it massaged the anal rim. He was always surprised how little tension there was after they had sex. He felt as if he had assaulted the unassailable and been victorious. Daniele wriggled back, wanting more. He allowed his fingers to penetrate deeper. He felt the anal band creep slowly up his fingers, growing tighter as it approached his knuckles. Then, back out, listening to the boy's exhausted sigh, relaxing and tightening his muscle in undulating waves. After a few more cautious attempts he was satisfied that no additional dilation was possible. His fingers pulled free, dribbling semen from the tips.

He inhaled quickly, savoring the scent of love. Then his ring finger joined the other two fingers to form a wide wedge. Now, it was as big around as the one-six-zero, `extra-large', a short unyielding stake to be driven through the boy's quivering anus. He pressed on regardless of the boy's increasing whimpers. Deeper, stretching his wide open like the massive plug that would return there once he had finished for the night. He forced his knuckles into Daniele's crack and waited until the trembling ceased.

Still mouthing like a puppy on the flattened pouch, the fingers of Dustin's other hand encircled Daniele's penis. For a moment he tried to decide whether it was half erect or half limp, whether it was inflating or deflating. It wasn't often that Daniele became erect during anal sex. It was a different matter when Dustin focused his attention on the boy's genitals. It wasn't much, and it seldom lasted longer than a few minutes, but he loved it when Daniele's penis stood up like a finger, when he could feel the bone within the silky smooth skin-sheath, when he was able to procure the twitching jerks that confirmed a prepubescent orgasm. It was the evidence that he needed, that not everything had been taken from the boy he loved.

His fingers pulled against the skin, drawing it steadily downwards until the foreskin retracted and the tiny cherry-like head popped out. Daniele trembled at the sudden change in sensitivity. It had to be touched very gently or not at all. Touched just right, it sent tingles through Daniele's body, tingles that gradually grew into throbs, and finally became convulsions. They never lasted long, just a few seconds that seemed like a lifetime. Both of them were glad that his foreskin had been kept intact.

"Yes," Daniele murmured through gritted teeth. "Oh yes, Dustin, that's so good. Make me cum, Daddy."

Dustin smiled. He would never deny Daniele his fantasy. He continued to work the saliva- moistened tube of skin back and forth across the bulbed end. Daniele's penis had extended to its fullest, almost `80 millimeters' long according to the measurements taken by Doctor Sutton at his last annual check-up. Dustin could feel the squat shaft straining beneath his fingers, pulsing as it became rigid within. When it was like this, Daniele's glans became even more pronounced. Normally, it merged into the shaft so that the rim was barely detectable under the foreskin. Like Dustin's penis when it was straining and so close to orgasm that only a second or two remained, it became flared, swelling around the otherwise blunt tip. With his fingertips coated with his saliva, he began to pay homage to the part of Daniele's body that was normally hidden. At the same time he began to grind the fingers of his other hand into the boy's gaping rectum, reaching just far enough inside to press his fingertips against the tiny prostate gland. He knew exactly where it was, a small lump that could be found as a swelling behind the bladder, like a button that needed to be pushed. He pushed gently, then rotated his finger around, feeling for it, waiting for Daniele to push back. Then firmly, forcefully as the boy squirmed and writhed and shuddered as his nerves responded. Dustin began to stab, probing, rubbing, creating pleasure in that most unlikely of places.

For a few moments Daniele gasped in rising agony, marveling at the sensations that came from his body. They were concentrated in his penis, in the very tip where it was protected by his foreskin. No wonder the NICE people wanted him to be circumcised. Cutting away that tiny piece of skin would remove the last vestige of the joy that nature had intended for him. Perhaps they knew that it would deny him any chance of orgasm. His pelvis lifted up, anxiously awaiting the last few stabs as his penis began to throb mercilessly.

Within seconds, Lane felt Daniele's body shudder, heard the rising gasp of joy. He had done it often enough to know that his son's eyes were closed in rapture, trance-like, concentrating on the final wonderful moments as the pressure built inside him. It came in a rush. A sudden groan, no longer able to hold it back, letting it out through pursed lips. A spasm from deep within him. Five, perhaps six, frenzied jerks from the stubby penis. And then it was over, and they cuddled together and slept the deep satisfied sleep of lovers. It lasted only for a few hours until their babies woke up for their next feeding.


Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed A NICE Boy. Don't look for any new Ganymede stories for a while. I plan to take a much needed rest from posting and I have a lot of other stories that need to be finished. I do get a lot of criticism for that. I can't imagine why :)