A N.I.C.E. Boy, by Ganymede

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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 3

The Nightmare Ends

The Anniston Star, April 26th, 2004

All over Alabama, people are breathing a sigh of relief tonight after Jacob Jeffries completed a twenty-pace walk to the electric chair. After a final meal of fried chicken and corn, sixty-seven-year-old Jeffries was executed at 8.05 p.m. He was pronounced dead by the state coroner shortly afterwards. Jeffries was found guilty of the kidnapping, gross sexual imposition, and murder of a boy in October of last year. Joshua Frieland, a ten-year-old boy from Anniston disappeared on his way home from the local library where he had been doing research for a school project on slavery. His body was found in Jeffries' barn the following day. The boy's body had been covered with straw in an hurried attempt to conceal it when Anniston detectives arrived at Jeffries' farm to make routine enquiries as part of their investigation. When Jeffries' dog did not stop barking, Detective Garland went into the barn to investigate. There, he discovered the dog standing over the nude body of the missing boy. Joshua had been sexually abused prior his death, and there were indications of severe trauma.

Excavations at Jeffries' farm later revealed the remains of nearly a dozen other young boys who had disappeared in the Anniston area over the last two years. All of the boys had been sexually abused and tortured before they were killed. Some of the bodies had been dismembered as part of what was believed to be a satanic ritual. During the court case that ensued, it was revealed that Jeffries, a retired police officer, had previously been involved with young boys in five states. Several of the boys had been reported missing but the connection with Jeffries had been overlooked by the FBI because of Jeffries' police background.

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Chapter 3. 634 Bradley Street, Champain, Illinois May 11th, 2004

Nine-year-old Daniele Gordon Webster learned to masturbate all by himself. From the outset he did not realize it was wrong. He was too young to know otherwise, but once learned it could never be forgotten. His simple joy, tweaking the last half inch of his penis between his thumb and finger, was how he fell asleep at night. He could roll it, squash it, pinch it, tickle it, push it against his pillow, and totally immerse himself in extracting pleasure from that tiny fleshy ball that was hidden under the tube of skin. Yet, as he began his process of discovery, he sensed that there was a lot more waiting to be explored. The possibilities fascinated him.

His life took a dramatic change one rainy Sunday afternoon. That afternoon, his mother's friend, Majorie, and her son came to visit. Daniele could not understand why he was so entranced by a boy who was barely more than half his age. Grey, such a strange name for a boy, was five years old. Almost despite his name, he was a blond-haired, blue-eyed devil whose infectious high- pitched laugh could be heard outside the house. There was nothing grey about him.

They played Playstation-3 while their mothers talked together, waiting for the tantalizing snacks that had been prepared. Daniele coddled the little boy, displaying unusual patience, teaching him how to use the controls, sharing his three years of hard-earned experience, and elaborating at length on ways to beat the game.

"They get on so well together, don't they?"

"Yes they do." Daniele's mother paused. "He has such a difficult time with his brother sometimes."

"They fight a lot?"

"Fight? No, I wouldn't exactly call it that.... Joel torments him. He's two years older. I expect it's normal, but,..."

Daniele was vaguely aware that his mother was talking about him, but at that moment his thoughts were entirely focused on the boy who was stretched out on the carpeted floor beside him. He silently admired the boy's thin pale arm. It was different to his own arm, suntanned glabrous skin contoured with the firmness of growing muscles and exercise. He could see tiny silvery hairs on the upper side of Grey's arm. There was so little hair on his own body that he looked as if he'd been shaved. Some of the older boys on his swim team shaved to cut a fraction of a second off their times. Not Daniele. He kept his hair cut short, but that was all. It would be years before he needed to use a razor, and then it would be a perfunctory pass to remove what little peach fuzz that dared to appear on his body.

Grey lifted his arm, wielding the game controller like a steering wheel as he urgently tried to avoid crashing into a barrier. For no reason at all, Daniele wondered what it would be like to taste another boy's arm. It looked sweet. Indeed, everything about that little boy was sweet. His eyes followed the arm until it was covered by a shirt. As far as Daniele could see, which was nearly into Grey's cupped armpit, the sight was strangely exciting. It was just an arm, but it was a little boy's arm.

"You got to push the `x' button to jump," he reminded Grey.

Grey nodded mutely, concentrating on his next maneuver.

"Yeah, go for it," Daniele said excitedly.

He went back to watching the five year old. What was it that made him want to get even closer to Grey? He wriggled, just enough to bring their legs into contact. He felt a warm glow where they touched. It did not feel like that when Joel's body was against him. Touching Joel felt different, almost unpleasant.

And then, with an intuitive sense of doing wrong, Daniele's head lifted up. He looked around, pretending to be disinterested in whatever passed before his eyes. He arched his back to stretch his cramped muscles. His mother and Grey's mother were deep in conversation. Back to Grey. Lying face down, Grey's rounded bottom was like two little melons that had been pushed together. Daniele stared. He could see the cleft, the crack that Joel made crude jokes about. However, instead of being dirty and disgusting, something about that prominent valley aroused his interest. He smiled for a moment, realizing that Grey's behind was just about the same size as his own. Even Joel noticed that his younger brother had a small butt.

"What you wanna play now?"

Daniele glanced back at Grey, who had discarded the game controller in disgust at having lost the third or fourth game in a row. He enjoyed how Grey's eyes sparkled with life, not plain blue, but green-blue like the ocean he had seen a few years earlier. His own eyes were dark, like his mother's. And Grey's eyebrows were so faint that he looked as if he didn't have any.

"Hm,..." Daniele pretended to be thoughtful. "I've got a cool race car game.

"I'm tired `a playin' this. You got somethin' else to do?"

"Dani, why don't you take him up to your room?"

Daniele turned back to his mother. No one else was allowed to call him 'Dani'. She nodded encouragingly.

"I'm sure there's something he'd like to play with up there."

Daniele was not at all sure that he wanted Grey `messing' with his things, but something told him not to worry. He rolled onto his side and reached out to turn the television off. Grey followed him upstairs like a puppy dog. Daniele's bedroom had been the attic until the walls and steeply sloped ceiling were lined. He shared the room with Joel. Joel was supposed to have stayed in their old room, but somehow that hadn't happened. His father had taken over the room for his collection of baseball cards. Despite the long climb up two flights of stairs, he liked being in the room under the roof. There were two small dormer windows and a vaguely musty smell that had always been there in the warmer months. He was convinced that it smelled even worse because of Joel whose hygiene habits left a lot to be desired.

"You gotta an okay room," Grey observed, looking around. "It's big, but I got lots more toys."

Daniele shrugged. Toys were for little kids. He preferred to read or make his models. Then, Grey spotted the shelf of intricate eclectic models on Daniele's side of the room and he ambled over to inspect with a connoisseur's eye accustomed to Lego.

"What are these?"

Daniele came up behind him. The models were his pride and joy. He shrugged ambivalently.

"Stuff. Models of stuff I think up. That's all." It sounded silly to say that he had invented them with no inspiration other than the ideas that suddenly popped into his head. Most of them ended up as sketches on paper. Only a lucky few ever made it into model form. They were expensive and difficult to build.

"Like what's this one?"

"It's supposed to be a wind-driven car. Sort of like a sailboat only it goes on land instead of water and it doesn't have sails. I call it a yot. Y-o-t," he spelled out, not realizing that the five-year-old would not know the difference between that and yacht.

"Weird. How does it work?"

Daniele stepped closer to point. "See the fan here. It turns when the wind hits it." He rotated the blades a few revolutions. "That drives the generator and makes electricity."

"Like what's in the walls?"

"Uh, yes," Daniele agreed rather than enter into a prolonged explanation of what electricity was and where it came from. "The electricity drives the motors. There's one built inside each wheel, so they all turn separately. It can go almost anywhere because it's got four-wheel-drive."

It was not much of an explanation, but to go deeper into the mechanics would involve showing his notebooks. Even though he was proud of the mechanical details, there were some sketches in the notebooks that Daniele did not want anyone to see. Over the last year he had started to make drawings of his own body in the mirror. The anatomical accuracy was startling.

"What's this?"

Grey pointed at Daniele's favorite model. It really did not look much like a space ship. It had begun life as a collapsible plastic sphere, a geodesic structure that could be purchased at a toy store. There were small round magnets painstakingly attached to each intersection. Within the sphere, which was nearly completely collapsed, Daniele had constructed a complex series of folding plates to create an unusual angular environment when the sphere was fully expanded. He was not at all sure how it would manage to travel through space, except that it could somehow convert the force of gravity into electro-magnetic energy and vice versa. It all depended on whether the sphere was opened or closed. The surprising thing was that the model with all of its inherent limitations, did what could only be called strange things when it was opened up or closed. It was as if energy could be felt growing within it as the transformation was made from collapsed to expanded and vice versa. However, it was easier to ignore the question than explain the impossible.

"Nothing." He shrugged. "Just a model."

"Weird," the little boy giggled.

He swiveled around, his five-year-old attention span dispatched to other interests more in keeping with his age.

"You sure got a lot of books. You must like readin' a lot," he stated flatly, proud of his increasing powers of observation.

Daniele gazed at the boy before him. He had a funny feeling inside him, a sensation that made him nervous and excited all at the same time. He wanted to say something but he was not sure what it was. The boy looked at him strangely, in a very interesting way. His big blue-green eyes were innocent, teasing, alluring to the nine year old. Daniele looked away quickly.

"Yeah, I do."

"What you wanna do now? There isn't much to play with up here."

Daniele thought for a moment. "We could go back and watch television."

His eyes searched Grey's face for a sign of recognition. He wondered what the younger boy was thinking. It was difficult to entertain someone who was half his age.

"You wanna wrestle?" Grey squeaked nervously.

Again, Daniele tried to pretend to be disinterested, but his gaze was drawn relentlessly back. Grey smiled, revealing white baby teeth. Whenever Daniele wrestled with his brother he always lost. He ended up on the bottom, squashed into the carpet. Increasingly often it seemed, Joel would reach down and grab his crotch. He always squeezed or rubbed at it for a few seconds before letting go. Sometimes, what Joel did hurt, but usually not. Sometimes it made his penis hard. Then, Joel kept squeezing until Daniele told him to stop. Was wrestling supposed to be that way?

Daniele's penis was beginning to get hard. It happened all the time, especially when Joel was around. Too often, almost every night when they undressed before getting into bed. His brother tormented mercilessly him about his `boner' and being a `fag'. He could feel it becoming tighter in his shorts. His face felt warm, warmer than it should have been.

"Well?" Grey demanded, his hands on his hips.

"Yeah, I suppose."

No matter how reluctant Daniele tried to sound, his excitement reverberated in his ears. There was a curious and wonderful thrill that came from wrestling with another boy, even his brother. Where the idea came from to undress completely evaded him. He blurted the suggestion out without thinking.

"We had better take our clothes off."

He stopped there, not at all certain why he had said that, noticing the younger boy's bemused expression, the question forming on his lips. He uttered the first thing that came into his mind.

"If we remove our clothes, they won't get messed up." It was a feeble explanation, but it worked.

Grey giggled. "You wanna wrestle in the buff, don't you?"

Quickly, Daniele shook his head. He could feel his face becoming hot. "No! We leave our undies on, of course."


The other boy sounded a little bit reluctant, but he seemed to agree willingly enough. He watched Daniele and Daniele watched him back. Together they fumbled with the buttons of their shirts, revealing nothing except the anticipation of adventure that they shared.

Suddenly the worries started. The boy would tell his mother, or worse, his father. Their mothers would come upstairs to see what they were doing. Joel would come back from his friend's house.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Daniele said hastily. It was already too late to stop what he had started,

Grey giggled. His shirt dropped from his shoulders and fell to the floor. Daniele gazed in wonder. To his eyes, the half-naked body was perfect in every way. Absently, he licked his lips.

"I did, so now you have to too."

Grey's command penetrated after a moment and Daniele shrugged his narrow shoulders. His checked cotton shirt slid from his arms and fell to the floor behind him.

"Maybe we should leave our pants on?" Daniele suggested guiltily.

By then Grey had already managed to unfasten the top button at the front of his shorts, a difficult task for small fingers. It was as if Grey did not hear him. The sound of the zipper opening was loud in the otherwise silent room.

"Well?" Grey demanded, suddenly aware that Daniele had stopped undressing and was staring at him fixedly.

Daniele complied, less guilt-ridden because he had tried to stop. His excitement took over as Grey's shorts slid down his short legs and the other boy stepped free and nudged them away with his foot. Hurriedly, Daniele shucked his shorts, barely thinking about the stiffness that pointed into his white cotton underpants. If it was Joel, instead of Grey, he would have been ashamed. He would have been humiliated as Joel tormented him about the thing between his legs. It was a lot smaller than Joel's, even when it was hard.

Both boys faced each other clad only in underpants and socks. Grey's briefs were decorated with funny looking fat creatures from outer-space. Daniele tried to remember what they were called. They were from some moronic kid's show on television. All he could think of was `Teletubbies' and they weren't that. Teletubbies were a different color.

Grey adopted a pose that was intended to be threatening. He bounced around Daniele, preparing to attack. Nearly naked, the contrast between their bodies was startling. Grey was shorter of course, but his otherwise robust little body was soft and pale. Daniele was not much heavier even though he was a good deal taller. He was slender with well formed muscles that came from spending nearly two hours a day in the swimming pool. His skin was darker and evenly tanned. Although his middle was covered, he was almond-hued where the sun did not shine.

Grey rushed in for the first attack. It would have been easy for Daniele to repulse it with a simple shove, or to step out of the way. Instead he grappled with the little boy, engaging his limbs and making sure that they both dropped safely to the floor. Wrestling was properly done on the floor because it was safer, or, better still on the bed because it was more comfortable. They tumbled over each other like two puppies, liberated from society's aversion to physical contact. Daniele was old enough to have some inhibitions, but as he writhed and struggled against Grey, without trying to win as much as increase bodily contact, his reserve faded. He could not help but enjoy what they were doing.

Grey pinned him twice, clambering on top of the older boy and giggling gleefully in undeserved triumph. Both times Daniele used his powerful legs to flip him off. Finally, embarassed by the hardness that jutted out from between his thighs, Daniele pushed him off. The boys lay side by side, breathing heavily and trying to catch their breaths.

"That was fun," Grey said, sitting up. "My dad never wrestles like that."

"Neither does mine," Daniele agreed.

Awkwardly, he straightened his briefs in a vain effort to conceal his erection. Grey glanced sideways.

"What you wanna do now?"

Daniele shrugged. He would have been perfectly happy to spend the rest of the afternoon wrestling.

"Seeing as we got out clothes off, we could play doctor?" Grey suggested boldly.

It had been years since Daniele had played 'doctor' with his brother. The suggestion rocketed through his mind. He knew what was involved. All children played the game if given the opportunity. 'Doctor' was kid-speak, a juvenile simile for seeing someone else's privates.

"I guess," he ventured. "But you can't tell anyone!" he added hastily.

"Duh! I got 'nesia."

Daniele grinned. "It's amnesia, I think."

"You go first," Grey announced. he pointed his finger at Daniele, pretending to make a pistol. "Bang!"

Daniele stood there uncertain of what he was supposed to do, his head inclined to the side. This was not the version that he had played with Joel in the far corner of the basement several years earlier.

"You got shot in the tummy," Grey exclaimed in exasperation. "You're s'posed to fall down. Fall down?" He repeated. "Duh!"

Daniele smiled and pretended to totter for a few paces, moving backwards until he felt the side of his bed behind his knees. Inelegantly, he flopped down, making sure that his arms were by his sides in the classic 'injured and awaiting medical treatment' position. He closed his eyes and waited.

"What seems to be the problem, Nurse," Grey giggled.

Judging by the sound of his voice he was very close to the bed. He was also excited just as Daniele was excited. Playing 'doctor' had that effect on children. Daniele did not move.

"You're not s'posed to be dead," Grey reprimanded huffily. "Just `njured. Groan or somethin', okay."

Daniele groaned and pushed his hand to where he thought the bullet was supposed to have entered his body, just a few inches up from his groin in the area that was still covered by his briefs. He knew how to play that part of the game.

"I'm shot," he moaned.

Grey giggled. He sat down next to Daniele, scooting back until he was beside the older boy's legs. He examined Daniele for a few seconds.

"You gotta a stiff weenie," he announced boldly.

Daniele shrugged and tried not to appear embarassed. His face reddened. "So!"

"Mine sometimes gets like that in the bath tub," Grey added seriously. "My dad says it's supposed to. It feels funny when he plays with it."

Daniele thought he had heard incorrectly. His father had never touched him there, at least not that he could remember. Except for his own hand, he had never been touched there that he could remember. Yet, for some reason it was an interesting idea, a very interesting idea. He waited with bated breath for Grey to pull his briefs down because that was what was supposed to happen in the game. He could still remember when he had played `Doctor' with Joel and the moment of truth came when his underpants were pulled down. Joel had smirked and poked at Daniele's crotch.

`You don't have any nuts,' he had said after a cursory examination of his younger brother.

`Do too,' Daniele had answered haughtily. `Every boy has nuts.'

`Your nuts are so tiny, I can barely see them. You have to have big ones like mine if you want to be a man.'

It was true. Joel's testicles were much larger than his were. He had wondered if something was wrong with him after that, never sure that part of him was not defective in some way.

Finally, after what seemed like a very long time, Daniele felt small fingers picking underneath the elastic waist band of his briefs. Grey pulled them down a few inches, just far enough that the end of Daniele's erection could be seen poking out.

"I have to get the bullet out now. I will need to operate." There was a distinct tremor in Grey's voice, a voice that was endeavoring to sound much older than five years.

Daniele barely managed to keep from giggling. It was impossible to hold back his excitement. His penis twitched and jumped in anticipation.

"I have to take your undies off, okay. Lift your butt up!" Grey instructed in what was trying very hard to be a practiced professional voice. He playfully snapped the elastic of Daniele's briefs before lifting the front up and over Daniele's erection.

With his body arched and buttocks lifted off the bed, it was a simple matter for the younger boy to tug Daniele's underpants down. He stopped when he reached the middle of Daniele's thighs.

"You got a funny looking wiener."

It was not the first time that Daniele had heard another boy say that. However, once the other boys on his swim team group were used to seeing an uncircumcised penis the comments stopped. He had even given up wondering why his penis was different to his brother's and accepted that in addition to the size of his testicles there had been something wrong with him when he was born. Not that it mattered because Joel and Daniele were not the same in a lot of other ways as well. Sometimes it was hard to believe they were brothers.

"It's supposed to be like that," Daniele said, mustering his confidence to say what his mother had told him to say, but which he still did not quite believe himself.

He opened his eyes and saw Grey staring fixedly at his groin.

"It sure is dumb looking!"

"It's normal," Daniele countered persistently although a little perturbed that he really might be disfigured despite what he had read at the library.

He had the response down. It was the same response he had used with the boys on the swim team. He had discovered the reason when he had perused the encyclopedia and finally found an entry that described the male anatomy. It was under `R', for reproduction. For some reason, he had not been interested in reading the following section on the female anatomy.

"It looks gross."

"It's just different, that's all. You had skin like mine when you were born. All boys have it, only your's got cut off when you were a baby."

"It did not!"

Daniele sighed and gave up. He had seen enough circumcised penises to know that their owners had difficulty accepting that their's were that way because some skin had been removed. Up close, a person could even see the frilly ring that resulted from the skin being cut away.

"Just get the bullet out, okay!"

Grey giggled, his finger poking at Daniele's small scrotum. Grey pushed his finger between the older boy's slim thighs, rubbing at the tiny oval-shaped eggs within.

"You nuts are almost smaller than mine."

Daniele did not respond. It was not something that he wanted to hear. For some reason that part of his body was smaller than other boys. It had always been that way. He should have been used to disparaging comments because Joel tormented him relentlessly

"I can't see where it went in," Grey continued as his hand drew back along the short hard length of Daniele's penis.

He lowered his head slowly, pretending to make a closer inspection. His soft cheek brushed against Daniele's even softer penis. Both boys shivered and Grey quickly pulled away. It took a few seconds before his confidence returned.

"I think it went in underneath," Grey murmured. "You have to lift your legs up so I can see."

"I'm supposed to be dying from a bullet wound," Daniele complained.

"Lift them up so's I can see!"

Obediently, Daniele drew his knees up to his chest, stretching his briefs as his knees moved apart. Until then, that part of his body had been hidden from everyone except his mother when she changed his diapers. The last time had been more than seven years ago.

"I can see your hiney hole," Grey sang out.


"I think that's where the bullet went in."

"No way!"

"Uh huh! It's the only hole there is," Grey smirked knowingly, his innocent blue-green eyes looking up between Daniele's thighs. "I can't see no other holes."

He leaned down again to continue his inspection. His finger tip traced the wrinkled line from the underside of Daniele's scrotum towards his puckered anus. The closer it came the more Daniele wanted Grey to touch him there. It was more than he could stand. It was wrong and dirty, and overpowering all at the same time. He tried to keep from moving because it might distract Grey. For some reason he wanted Grey to touch him there. Perhaps because he wanted to touch Grey's body in the same place. His knees trembled and pushed against his briefs, stretching the waist band even further. The tip of a very small finger pressed into him, into the very center of his body, where his stool came from. Daniele flinched and took a deep breath. For an instant, his anus closed up, anemone-like, until he forced himself to relax.

"Does it feel good?" Grey asked, his child's voice husky with excitement. It was exhilarating, doing something that he was not supposed to do.

Daniele pushed down, trying to open up like he did when he was on the toilet. It was different to defecating. The little finger flicked, probed, teased the outer rim, not daring to intrude through the willing opening.

"You want me to put it in your hiney-hole?" Grey giggled.

Daniele pushed at him and quickly put his legs back on the bed. His heart was beating faster than when he swam the 100 yard individual medley, four laps of the pool, always his best event.

"That's gross!" he said nervously.

Grey smirked. "Yeah, but you liked it too."

"Did not!"

"Did too. It's my turn now."

Daniele sat up awkwardly. He had never been more aware of his penis. It was pounding and hard as iron and it demanded to be touched. Tiny bluish veins coiled along the underneath of it. They were fully expanded and firm, and very different to the faint vein lines that descended his lower belly. He twisted around and came to his feet so that Grey could take his place on the bed.

"What's wrong with me?" Grey asked plaintively as soon as he lay down where Daniele had been lying a few moments earlier.

Daniele thought of a thousand things that could be wrong with a five-year-old boy. None of them made a lot of sense or argued for an inspection of the other boy's genitals. It was not very creative to use the gunshot method, not after Grey had already used it. He thought about appendicitis. It was in the right location. His problem was solved by Grey.

"I was playin' soccer and I got kicked in the nuts."

"Oh! Okay," Daniele said inexpertly. It sounded considerably more interesting than the appendicitis he had used with his brother, or a bullet wound in the lower abdomen.

Grey nodded. "It hurts real bad, Doctor."


"Don't you want to see?"

Daniele swallowed. He felt stupid standing up and looking down at the younger boy who was stretched out and relaxed, smiling and eager to bring the game to its logical conclusion. Nervously, he eased down onto his bed so that he sat beside Grey. He was not at all certain of what to do. He did know that putting his hands on that part of Grey's body was wrong. Very wrong. It was called child abuse and his teachers seemed to talk about it all the time at school. He could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out.

"Go on," Grey prompted. "I took yours off. Now you have to do the same to me."

"I'm,... I don't think I should."

"Chicken. Daniele's a chicken. Daniele's a,..."

"Okay! Enough already, Grey. Don't be a butt-head."

Hesitantly, his hands moving with a need of their own, he reached out. One hand on each small hip, his fingers slipping between Grey's smooth pudgy abdomen and his underpants. The colorful space creatures that decorated the cloth were almost amusing as they cavorted across the front. They seemed to be heading in the direction of the little lump in the front. Not reluctantly, Daniele pulled down at the same time as Grey lifted his bottom off the bed. Without an erection, there was nothing to get in the way and the briefs quickly slid down to Grey's little bumpy knees.

Daniele licked his lips, not daring to look down. He had seen other boys, lots of other boys on the swim team, boys who were younger and older than he was, but never a boy as young as Grey. Except for his brother he had never seen anyone in this way, stretched out for his inspection. Finally, he succumbed.

Grey's penis was small, smaller than his at least, but not by much. It was different on the end too, circumcised like all of the boys on the swim team, but other than that Daniele had no real basis for comparison. He had never seen a five-year-old boy's penis before, or if he had, he had forgotten. The younger boy's claim about the size of his testicles was accurate. They appeared to be the size of large jellybeans, not the normal-sized jellybeans that Daniele had. He averted his eyes quickly, guiltily aware that he was jealous. It went without saying that bigger was always better when it came to a boy's private parts. He felt cheated.

"Well, are they `njured bad?"

"They look okay to me," Daniele answered cautiously.

"You're s'posed to feel them to see if they're okay," Grey directed.

"I can tell just by looking. They're fine."


Daniele's will to resist the boy's entreaty wilted. He looked down again. Grey's scrotum was so relaxed that his testicles were clearly visible as rounded lumps under the loose pink skin. That hairless tender part of Grey's body was inviting him to touch. His fingers extended, crawled closer, made contact. The skin was so soft that he could not feel anything except a welcoming moist warmth. Further. His fingers slid across the folds, grazing the small orbs inside, relocating them to lie against the other leg. Grey's penis stayed shrivelled. A perfect boy. So soft and smooth. Daniele's beating heart jumped in his chest the same way it did when the starter's horn sounded at a swimming race. Looking at Grey had an effect on him that was vaguely disturbing. His little penis looked almost edible.

Grey lifted his head. "Well?"

"Huh?" Daniele answered, still caught up in his thoughts.

"Am I hurt bad?"

"No. You're fine," Daniele muttered. He took a deep breath and tried to find an excuse not to stop. He knew what he wanted to do. "Sometimes, er, when you get kicked there,.... um,..."

Grey nodded encouragingly. His eyes were hopeful.

"Um,... well you get hurt elsewhere. Maybe I should look." He breathed out in a rush. "Lift your legs up."

Grey beamed. Five-year-old legs were instantly raised up, exposing a small five-year-old bottom. The little boy did not stop there. Obscenely, his hands came down to grasp his rounded buttocks. He parted his cheeks to expose his crevice. It was not as clean as Daniele's had been. The earthy odor of fecal matter was unmistakable. Daniele wrinkled his nose self-consciously. Now that Grey was positioned to reveal his hidden treasure, he could not avoid looking at him. He peered down. It was the first anus that he had seen. He studied it intently, his initial interest more anatomical than anything else. Yet, as he looked, he realized that it was interesting in other ways too. The actual opening, or rather whatever lay inside, could not be seen. Instead there was a brownish ring and what looked to be tiny furrows in the skin. It was vaguely reminiscent of a mouth, puckering up to kiss. He did not need Grey's encouragement to touch it. His hand moved entirely by instinct, his forefinger extended like a pointer to touch it.

It was hot and just a little bit moist. A funny feeling surged through Daniele at the instant of making contact. He was touching another boy's anus, the dirty place where poop came from, and his heart pounded, racing like it did when he was in the final leg of the individual medley. His finger quivered, instinctively pushing forward. Before Daniele could stop himself, the tip of his finger had burrowed half an inch inside Grey's anus. When he managed to get control, he found himself wondering if that was how it felt to have a heart attack.

The thrill was so powerful, so overwhelming, that the nine-year-old boy could not stop himself. He wriggled his finger around, still obeying natural instinct. Grey giggled and pushed out at the same time as Daniele pushed in. In a matter of a second or two, Daniele's thin bony finger had penetrated beyond the muscle. In shock, he stopped. He could feel the warmth from inside the young boy's body, muscular flexing, something alive and clasping, grasping his finger and trying to pull it deeper, and what seemed like a void after that. Behind that strong clamping band around his finger joint, there was an opening, wet succulent heat that quivered and flowed around his finger and melted his resolve.

Daniele's inexperienced finger was dry and unlubricated, but that did not stop the inevitable from happening. In silence, the boys gazed at each other through the triangle formed by Grey's thighs and the underpants at his knees.The smell no longer bothered Daniele. Indeed, it was almost enjoyable. It was a boy smell, although he would have been disgusted had he been touching Joel in that way. He could see Grey's belly, visibly fatter than his own lean stomach, rising and falling, the little penis still lying like a little chubby morsel in the cleft between groin and thigh. And the muscle inside Grey's five-year-old body, constantly moving, surging around his intruding finger. The only thing to do was to keep pushing deeper to see how far in it would go. It went in easily.

Grey winced even though he showed no sign of pain. It was as if Daniele's finger had touched something deep inside him, had accidentally pushed against a place that was very sensitive and sent a shudder through his body. Nothing was supposed to feel that good.

He grunted, inhaled suddenly, and shook his head. Instantly, Daniele began to ease his finger out, although unwillingly. Grey trembled, his head still shaking, trying to nod. Daniele hesitated for a moment. He could feel the little boy squeezing down, an incredible pressure around his finger that held it in place, or rather tried to pull it back inside. Then, fear welled up in the suddenly self-conscious nine-year-old. Although he had never been told directly, he knew intuitively that what he was doing was wrong and he had to stop.

"'s nice,..." Grey murmured softly.


"What you're doing,... it feels nice."

"You're weird." It was the first thing that came into Daniele's head.

"So? You are too. You still gotta stiffie."

"We aren't supposed to do stuff like this," Daniele muttered as much to Grey as himself. "How does it feel?" he asked nervously.

"It's,...okay. It's sort of a funny feeling. It felt nicer before. What did you do?" Grey giggled strangely.

"I don't know. I guess my finger was in further. We'd better get dressed."

The game of 'doctor' came to an abrupt conclusion. The boys got up from the bed and started to dress themselves without saying anything. Daniele's mother turned and went quietly down the stairs. She had not been there very long, but it was long enough. By the time his clothes were on, Grey seemed to have forgotten. Not Daniele. His heart kept pounding as his mind churned over what he had done.