A photographer's dream

by pok_bepxtep

Everyone knows there's like tons of pictures of boys online. Anyone denying seeing such pictures is either lying or blind. And for those with loads of fantasy: I'm not referring to the pictures where clothing is optional. There's quite a lot of studio pictures of boys out there that are meant as portfolio for young starring models.

But, as most people here reading these stories, those portfolios can sometimes inspire the human fantasy, taking it far and far beyond modeling a new pair of jeans. Mine's been playing in my dreams more frequently than the reruns of The Simpsons.

I've written stories here before. One's called 'Taken for granted', a story that's been abandonned due to a plot that didn't seem to work. The second's 'Sander', which I've quit posting here around New Year's Eve 2007. Then I'd stated I'd stop continuing that story, but I've carried on nevertheless. I should post a new installment any time soon.

In the meantime I decided to give 'Sander' some rest and try and write out my model studio fantasy, so here goes. Enjoy reading! (If you did, then mail me at pok_bepxtep@yahoo.com).



- Patrick; 38 yrs old; behind the camera

- Sebastian; 10 yrs old; in front of the camera

- Vicky; 34 yrs old; Sebastian's mother

- Michelange; 11 yrs old; little French kid


As this part of the story takes place in the Dordogne (France), some of the dialogue's in French. I don't even know if my French is good enough for that, but it wouldn't seem right to have an 11-year old French boy speak fluent English. I will translate the French at the end of the chapter, so you can still read it."


Part Three: Fun fun fun


Day one started out quietly. I was the first to wake up at about 8.30. I would have gone downstairs to fix Sebastian and me some breakfast, but there wasn't anything to eat in the house. I knew this, of course, but as I said before, I now my way around the area. The people I'd met in the village during other holidays would gladly help us stock the necessary food for the next four days and all at a friendly price. I know boys can be picky on food, but Sebastian would have no reason to complain here.

I decided to check on the boy to see if he was alright. I opened the door to his bedroom as quietly as possible and peaked around the corner, finding him sound asleep, curled up in his blanket. The boy would probably not come out of his room for another hour, which gave me the time to unpack and set up a little space I could work in. I'd brought a laptop to store the pictures taken during this trip, cause four days with Sebastian would probably be too much for just the two CF-cards I'd packed. There were also a few games installed on the laptop in case the weather would suddenly change, so Sebastian could play a bit.

I then took a little tour in and around the house to check where I could do some shoots with Sebastian. His bedroom was of course on the list, but the porch in the back and the pool would of course be nice aswell. But most of the pictures I'd take outside, on the hills and on the border of the lake nearby, simply because Sebastian's pictures would be a lot better in a natural setting. The town square and the church in it would make a good alternative, aswell.

After my preparations I decided to sit outside for a bit. Sebastian had left his backpack in the living room and I'd spotted some comic books peaking out from it. I know I'm not supposed to go through his stuff, but I don't think he'd mind me reading the comics.

At about 10 am my special guest appeared in the doorway, still wearing his pyjamas. The shorts coming with the short-sleeved shirt left nothing to the imagination. They came down about an 6 inches below his little toosh and it was obvious he was slowly outgrowing his pyjamas. The shirt barely covered his belly and as he stretched out it crept up enough to show his belly-button. The shorts were a size to small, as they fit snug around his slender hips. Snug enough to detect a little movement in front, which indicated that Sebastian did not wear anything underneath. In many ways, he looked very attractive.

"Morning," I greeted him cheerfully after checking him out a bit.

"Hi," he said, rubbing his eyes out.

"Have a good night?"


"That's good to hear. Now, go and change, we're going out for breakfast," I instructed.

"Oh, cool, where are we going?" he asked.

"To the village. We're gonna walk there, so hurry up, or it's gonna be lunch instead of breakfast."

"Hehe, okay, I'll be back in a jiffy," he said, scurrying through the living room and up the stairs.

I followed him inside and packed some small things like my wallet an cell phone in a little back pack.

"Do I have to put special clothes on?" he asked from up the stairs.

"No, just some decent shoes for the walk. The gear you had on yesterday will do," I said.


Ten minutes later he stood back in front of me, ready go to wherever I was gonna take him. I told him to put whatever he thought he'd need in my backpack so we wouldn't have to carry two. All he took were a pair of cool shades and a bag of candy he'd brought with him. All set and ready, we headed out the door and to the village.

We followed a trail that lead to the back of the village. Sebastian was a good hiker, never complaining about sore feet or nagging my ears of about how long it would be before we got there. He looked around, spotting every bird or rabbit that dared showing itself, asking me questions about where the lake was and where we would go for that mountain bike trip.

More and more I enjoyed having the lively boy with me. I could also see him blossoming before me. This trip without his parents seemed to be a necessary inspiration for him to discover himself a bit. It gave him the chance to be himself and with me around he would be able to do that more than he could hope for. Seeing how he hops over rocks in pure delight, how he races down little slopes in full speed... Wonderful.

It was already close to lunch when we got in the village, so we'd have to settle for a bit more than breakfast. It was quite hot, so eating a heavy meal was not an option. I knew a place where they made excellent omelets and I'm pretty sure Sebastian would like them just as much. When I suggested the menu, he agreed, not really caring what he'd be eating.

We arrived at the little diner where the lady of the house welcomed me heartily. As you would have guessed, she knew me from previous visits. I'd done the pictures for her daughter's weddings at a relatively fair price and she'd always been grateful to me about it. More often than not, her omelets were 'on the house'.

"Qui est ce petit ange?" she asked, pointing at Sebastian.

"Who's the little angel?"

"Huh, what's she say?" Sebastian asked, of course not knowing any French.

"She wants to know your name," I smiled. I shoved him forward a bit and said: "Go on, be nice and introduce yourself."

"Errr...  okay..." He turned to the lady and presented his hand: "Hi, I'm Sebastian."

"Sébastien! Enchantée," she smiled, kindly shaking his hand. "Moi, je suis Marianne."

"Sébastian! Pleased to meet you. Me, I'm Marianne."

Sebastian smiled back at the lady, looking a bit silly. Marianne then invited us to sit down and took our order of two of her finest omelets. She gladly obliged and went into her kitchen. A bit later, our brunch arrived, not served by the lady of the house herself, but by her 11-year old son Michelange. Politely the boy put our plates on the table and wished us 'Bon appetit!'

I'd known Michelange since the day his sister got married about three years ago. He knew about the pool in our backyard and had once invited himself for a swim. Of course I'd granted him access and since then he'd always come over for a dip in the pool whenever he knew we were in town. He was a good kid, but he was a real boy, just like Sebastian was.

Unlike Sebastian, he had absolutely no qualms about being naked. Whenever he came over for a swim, he'd drop every stitch of clothing he had on and then dart off to the pool where he would canonball his naked butt into the water. And whenever he would come out for a drink or a snack I offered, he'd just walk around and sit next to me, never covering up anything. And of course I enjoyed the view. He was not as gorgeous as Sebastian, but he had a sweet face and a nice looking body.

Michelange (I call him Mickey for short) was the main reason why I came to this place for Sebastians place. I knew that if he saw me in the village, he would most likely ask if he could come over for a swim. With Sebastian around, he'd even have a playmate. But I wanted to use Mickey's carelessness to get Sebastian over the edge. My guess was that if Sebastian would see Michelange get naked without making any fuss about it, he will be more at ease to do the same. After all, he had been naked with other boys his age, before. With both kids enjoying a dip in the pool, it should work like a charm.

So, when Michelange came back to clean up the table, I invited to sit down with us for a while to have a chat.

"Ca va, Mickey?" I asked.

"How's things, Mickey?"

"Ouais, très bien, et toi?" he answered. He came straight to the point, then. "C'est qui?" he asked, referring to Sebastian.

"Very good. How about you?" "Who's that?"

"Ha, je te présente Sebastian." I then turned to Sebastian and said: "Sebastian, this is Michelange, but you can call him Mickey."

"Ha, let me present you to Sebastian."

The boys shook hands, with Sebastian shortening his name to Seba. I then explained to Mickey we would be staying for four days and that Mickey was here for a photo shoot. Of course I didn't mention the naked pictures.

"Chouette," Michelange said. "Il sait nager?"

"Cool. Can he swim."

"Come un poisson," I answered. "Right, Sebastian?"

"Like a fish."


"He wants to know if you can swim," I explained.

"Oh, yeah, sure," Sebastian nodded. "Why does he want to know?"

"He often comes over to our holiday house for a swim in the pool. I think he wants you to join him."

"Oh, okay," Sebastian agreed.

"Je pense que tu veux venir nager chez nous?" I invited my French buddy.

"I guess you want to come with us for a swim?"

"Je dérange pas?" Mickey asked.

"If I'm not disturbing you?"

I shook my head no and as if he'd just won the lottery, Michelange went to the kitchen to ask his mother if he could join us. She knew he'd often come over for a swim, so she happily granted her son permission to go with us. She even knew about his swim habbits. Any mother would easily make the link between her son not taking any swim gear, coming back with dry underwear and skinny dipping. One time when Michelange had come with me, she'd even made some funny remark about. "Don't let the fish catch your worm." Or at least it was something like that.

We then told Michelange that we would first be buying up some groceries and that we would be back an hour later to pick him up.

So an hour later the three of us were walking up the path again. Both boys could hardly wait to get home so they could dive in. Of course I knew diving in for the two boys meant something different. For Sebastian it meant changing into whatever he wore for swimming and jumping in. Michelange would most likely skip that first step. I tought about telling Michelange keep his underwear on in the beginning, but that would be unfair to him.

When we got home, the three of us went around the back. I told Sebastian to put the groceries in the kitchen and to go get his swim gear. He happily obliged. I followed him inside to grab my camera. I'd been concidering and reconcidering whether or not I should take pictures with Michelange around, but knowing Michelange I think he wouldn't mind. Heck, he'd probably even make sure to get in the picture. Of course I'd tell his mother about it, cause I didn't want to go taking naked pictures of her son without her knowing.

While Sebastian was upstairs changing and I gathered my tools, Michelange let out a long Tarzan like yell, followed by a splash that sounded as if all the water came out of the pool. There were a few seconds of silence and then the yell was repeated. I went outside with my camera where I saw Michelange take another dive. I sat down in one of the lawn chairs. His clothes were in the one next to me, his briefs right on top. I thought about hiding that little piece of evidence for Sebastian but decided against it. He probably wouldn't even notice.

Two minutes later Sebastian came out of the house, wearing a pair of swimshorts, made out of speedolike material. Being just as wild as his French buddy, he too jumped in shouting loud enough to scare the pigeons in the trees surrounding the house. The splash was just as powerful, the reemerging of Sebastian just as dramatic.

When Sebastian came back up for air, Michelange had taken his position behind him. Sebastian didn't stand a change against Mickey's attack. What followed was a water fight even whales wouldn't manage. I thought that if they went on like that, there would be no more water left by the end of the day.

I enjoyed the scene before me of course, with a naked Michelange having the upper hand over his sparring partner. Using Sebastian's shoulders as leverage, he pushed himself up, making Sebastian go under every single time. Of course this manoeuvre exposed all of his naked body.

The scene before me was very amusing and my photographer's eyes had already spotted the potential of a good set of action pictures. But having been very provident, I'd also packed a video camera, which would even be way better. One might be good with taking good action shoots, but the action before me could only be recorded in motion pictures.

Maybe I should describe Michelange to you. The French boy had light brown hair, cut rather short. His eyes were the darkest of brown and were full of mischief. His nose was a typical boy's nose and his lips were a nice shade of pink and formed a nice, warm smile. Beyong a year and some months older than Sebastian he was a tad bit taller, but his built was still that of a young boy. His body was nicely developping, with the right amount of muscles. Only the slightly broadening shoulders hinted at the teen that he would slowly grow in to.

Further down he had a nice pair of legs leaning on cute feet with very ticklish toes (I know from previous visits). Below his still frail back he had a nicely shaped pair of buns that looked both firm and supple. The rather wild wrestling made them wiggle a bit, like gelly. Between his legs he had a typical 11-year old penis and a ballsack in which his nuggets had slowly started their voyage down. His little genitals would offen make contact with Sebastians back, causing it to doubt whether it should grow to it's full erect length or creep back inside because of coolness of the water.

Beying behind Sebastian during the wrestling match, Mickey's nudity had yet to be disclosed to Sebastian. Of course the occasional contact between the French boy's genitals and my proteges back had probably gone unnoticed, but in his play Sebastian had yet to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

After some time Sebastian became a bit tired from having to fend of Michelange's attacks. He gently pushed himself away from Michelange and swam towards the border on the opposite side of where I was sitting. He heaved himself out of the water and sat down, his legs dangling over the edge and in the water. He saw me with the camera at hand and just smiled at me. He was clearly enjoying the action and didn't care a about me taking the pictures. That was the reason for this trip, after all.

While he sat there taking a little breather, Michelange swam up beside him. Sebastian turned his attention to his buddy. Through the water he could already make out the nude form of his friend's body. While he could have blamed the ripple of the water to play tricks on him, the view up close of Michelange's exposed boy parts proved that his fellow swimmer was indeed naked. Now was the moment where I'd find out if I'd made the right assessment of Michelange's influence.

As Mickey sat down next to Sebastian, Sebastian's eyes followed Mickey's genitals. It's as if my little friend had been hypnotised my the sight of another boy's nudity. Michelange on his part just acted the way he always did when he came over for a swim. He was barely aware of his current state of dress and didn't mind Seba's staring one bit. But then of course the reason for Sebastian's staring became obvious. He was naked, Sebastian was not. To him, what Sebastian was thinking, was: is it fun to swim naked and should I do it too.

So, Michelange made the first move. He tugged gently at Sebastian's swimsuit and asked: "Tu veux pas enlever tes cullotes?"

"You don't wanna take your pants off?"

Of course Sebastian didn't understand what he said, but the gesture spoke books to him. I knew that deep inside he wanted to take his swimsuit off, but he didn't dare to do it. He pushed Michelange's hand away and dropped back into the water. He swam the entire length and then hung onto the border on the other side, facing me with a doubtful look. But Michelange had set his mind on sharing the joy of skinny dipping with his new friend. He got up and walked along the border, apparently coming to me for aid.

"Il n'a pas envie de nager nû avec moi?" he asked as he sat down next to me.

"Does't he wanna swim naked with me?"

"Peut-être, mais il n'a jamais fais ça," I told him.

"Maybe, put he's never done that."

"Dommage, ce serait chouette."

"Too bad, it'd be cool."

"Je vais te dire un petit secret," I said quietly. I looked at Sebastian for a second. He was still in the same place, watching Mickey and me talking. "Je suis certain qu'il veut être nû comme toi. Il m'a dit ça avant que nous partions. Mais je pense qu'il n'ose pas."

"Let me tell you a little secret. I'm pretty sure he'd like to be naked just like you. He told me so before we left. But I think he doesn't dare to do it?"

"Hein, pourquoi pas? Il y a rien de grave à être nû. C'est beaucoup plus amusant de nager comme ça."

"Huh, why not? Nothing wrong with being naked. It's a lot more fun swimming like that."

"T'as raison, Mickey," I smiled. "Le seul qu'il doit faire c'est se permettre de s'amuser comme il le veut."

"You're right, Mickey. All he has to do is allow himself to have fun the way he wants to."

"Tu sais pas lui convaincre?" Michelange pleaded. "Ce serait beaucoup plus mieux d'être nû avec lui. Maintenant c'est un peu bizarre d'être le seul."

"Can't you convince him? It'd be so much better to be naked with him. Right now it's a bit weird to be the only one."

"Je comprends, mon petit," I said. "Si tu me promets de lui aider à perdre ses culottes, je vais essayer de lui convaincre."

"I understand, kiddo. If you promise me to help him lose his pants, I'll try to convince him."

"Okay, d'accord."

"Okay, deal."

"Bien. Toi, tu te mets dans l'eau, moi je vais lui en parler," I instructed him. "Je te donnerai un signal quand tu peux lui prendre ses culottes."

"Good. You get in the water, I'll go talk to him. I'll give you a little sign when you can take off his pants."

And of he was, launching himself back in the water. I followed him and sat down next to where Sebastian was. I invited Sebastian to sit next to me. That way we would both see Michelange having fun, which should be able to help him over his doubts.

"So, how d'you like your new friend?" I asked, pointing at Michelange doing backflips in the water.

"He's cool. I liked wrestling with him."

"Now, let me ask you a little question," I said. "Before you knew Mickey was naked, did he ever seem to care about it?"

"No, not really," Seba answered.

"And does it look like he's having fun swimming like that?"

"Heh, yeah."

"Then why didn't you want to take these off when he asked you," I wanted to know.

"I don't know...  Just seems weird to do it in front of someone else."

"You didn't mind when your two friends back home asked you," I reminded him.

"Yeah, but... "

"But what, Sebastian," I interrupted him. "Look at me and tell me, why are we here."

He turned to me, a bit surprised with my rather demanding approach. "To take pictures."

"Yes, that too, of course," I agreed. "But what did you want most of all when you agreed to come with me."

"Errr...  Have fun?"

"Exactly," I smiled. "And does swimming naked with your buddy Michelange over there seem like fun?"

"Yeah, I guess," he admitted.

"Then go and have fun, for crying out loud," I practically ordered.

"I really want to," Sebastian finally blurted out. "It's just that I don't really dare to take my pants off."

"So, what you're saying is, you want to swim naked but you're afraid to take that one final step and pull your speedos off?"

"Yeah... Weird, isn't it?"

"No, I understand," I smiled. "What if it was part of a game?"


"Well, then," I said, "Get in the water and play. I'm pretty sure Mickey will find a way to get you out off your swimsuit. If he does, just let him."

"Oh, alright, why not."

And off he was, into the pool, swimming towards Michelange. And instead of filming the whole scene from the background, I now positioned myself somewhere more strategical, where I could get a closer image without disturbing the boys.

This time it was Sebastian who was in charge of the wrestling, taking Michelange completely by surprise. Soon they were having as much fun as before Sebastian discovered Mickey's nudity. They wrestled for quite a while until Michelange surrendered. The French swam to the border and looked in my direction. Sebastian had his back turned at the moment, so it gave me the chance to give Michelange a thumbs up. That signal was enough to get him back into the action.

Just as Sebastian was about to get out of the pool to do whatever he had in mind, Michelange had silently swam towards him, sneaking up behind an unsuspecting victim. Sebastian lifted himself up by the border and as he was about to get out, Michelange grabbed him from behind. Another wrestling match, you'd think, but what Michelange had grabbed for was the waistband of Sebastian's speedos.

Of course they didn't come off in one go, but they went down far enough to expose a bit of Sebastian's butt and to make the poor lad lose his grip on the border, splashing back in the water. He immediately tried to swim away from Michelange, but the French kid had him in a tight hold and couldn't get away. All he could do was struggle and hope he'd lose his grip so he could salvage his speedos. Without any luck, cause bit by bit Michelange managed to pull the speedos down. Once the waistband no longer stretched around Sebastian's legs, it was a piece of cake to get Sebastian out off it.

The second Michelange had slipped the speedos over Seba's feet, he darted off in the other direction, leaving a flabbergasted Sebastian behind. Of course this was the start of a fun chase. When Sebastian started running after Michelange to get his swimsuit back, Michelange had already lifted himself out of the pool. He held the speedos over the water like he would hold a bone for a dog. Without any success, Sebastian made a few grabs for it.

Then Michelange stepped back, further away from the pool, daring Sebastian to come and get them. This would of course lure Sebastian out of the water. Eventually Sebastian lost all sense of shame and jumped out, sprinting after Michelange who managed to stay well in front of him.

What followed was a fun chase of two young boys enjoying their freedom. At some point Michelange had thrown Sebastian's on the chair where his own clothes were. Sebastian didn't even pay attention to those anymore and simply continued his chase around the pool.

Tired of running, Michelange finally drop himself on the grass and Sebastian immediately attacked him, going for a first round of ground wrestling. They ended up with their bodies covered in grass and their erections betraying their excitement. They'd of course already spotted me with the camera, but they only cared about their wrestling match, so they had no problem with me standing right next to them. I never zoomed in on their privates, cause the whole pictures was a lot more exciting.

Finally their energy got completely drained and they flopped down on their backs, breathing rapidly. Only then Sebastian realized that he had a stiffy. He was about to cover up, but then he noticed Michelange was having the same problem. Mickey left his erection exposed and didn't make any move to hide it. At some point he even grinned deviously at the camera, pushing his hips up to show off his achievement.

Sebastian then announced that he was getting thirsty, so I told them to go and sit down in one of the chairs on the porch, while I would get them something to drink. They happily accepted the inviation and together they walked of to where the chairs were. I followed them with the camera, getting one final shot of their cute little butts swaying back and forth. Both boys then sat down in a chair, leaning back and relaxed. And if you would still question it, yes, Sebastian was now completely at peace with his being naked. During the rest of those four days, his speedos would not leave the house anymore.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. The boys enjoyed themselves for a bit longer, either in or out off the pool. It was amazing how there seemed to be no language barrier between them. Sometimes I would have to translate for them, but usually signal language did the trick to get the message across.

At about 6 o'clock Sebastian and I walked Michelange home, where we were invited to a cosy dinner. Michelange of course sat with us then. Afterwards he thanked us both for a fun afternoon and expressed his hopes to meet us again soon. Actually, Sebastian had already made a promise to surely come back here for a vacation. I think somewhere between the lines he also meant to let me know he'd be happy to make the trip with me.

When we got back home we sat in the lounge watching one of the DVD's Sebastian had packed for the evenings and for bad weather. The boy had quickly decided to use me as a pillow, snuggling up close to me. I of course had no objections and happily put an arm around him to allow him to get even more comfy. There was no real touching during the movie, just a bit of caressing of his arms and legs.

It was clear to see the afternoon swim with Michelange had taken more energy from Sebastian than he'd have admitted. I could almost time the minute where he would finally doze off into a deep sleep. When he did, I decided to carry him up to his bed, so he could get a good night's rest. Tomorrow we would start the real work.

After putting him to bed and covering him up, I went down to finish the movie, but without much interest. So I decided to follow my guest's example and get some rest myself. But when I entered my bedroom, Sebastian was sitting there on the edge of the bed, already changed in his pyjamas, clearly waiting for me to come up. The rather serious look on his cute little face meant he wanted a little chat. I gladly sat beside him and smiled kindly at him, letting him know he was welcome in my room.

"Nice of you to warm my sheets, there, Sebastian," I joked.

"Hehe... I was just... errr... I kinda wanted to ask you something," he stammered.

"Shoot!" I encouraged him.

"Well, errrr... When you saw me... you know... this afternoon...," he started off hesitantly. And then in one breath: "You don't say anything about how I look."

"Oh, no, I didn't, did I," I admitted. "I didn't wanna spoil your fun with Michelange. This afternoon was about you enjoying being naked."

"Okay... How about now? Wanna tell me now?" he asked.

"You wanna know if I liked what I saw, right," I smiled.


"Okay, then, let me put it this way. From the very first moment I saw you I was curious about how you would look without your clothes on. I think you are a very attractive young lad."

"You really wanted to see me naked?"

"Yeah, I did. It took me some convincing to get you out off your clothes and I had to wait quite a bit, but when I finally got to see your entire body, my patience was rewarded tenfold. You are without any doubt the most beautiful boy I've ever seen."

"You're not just saying that, are you?"

"No, Sebastian, I meant every word I said. It's going to be a pleasure taking your pictures tomorrow."

He smiled sweetly at me and then said in all honesty: "Knowing that you'll like watching kinda makes me feel a lot better about being naked."

"That's good to know, Sebastian," I said and gave the little boy a gentle squeaze.

Sebastian sitting there next to had quite a relaxing effect on me. It was also obvious the boy was completely at ease with me being with him. I knew this was definitely a level or two beyond mere friendship. Whether it was love or some mutual attraction, I can't say. But what I'd never would have guessed was that the level we'd reached so far would even get higher.

After Sebastian heard me declaring his naked body fascinated me, there was a rather peculiar moment of silence between us. I didn't mind, cause I was too happy with him sitting next to me, but I knew something was pondering over something. He'd been quite obsessively fiddling with the hems of the shirt of his pyjamas. And then, like a track racer shooting out of his starting blocks, he stripped off his shirt and threw it on the floor in front of him. Before I could react and ask him what on Earth he was upto, He stood up, grabbed his shorts and pulled them down, sitting down afterwards to take them off all the way.

Obvious result: a naked Sebastian right next to, awaiting my reaction on his bravery. I didn't know how to react right away, cause I didn't quite know what his intentions were. But the little chat we'd had just minutes before then replayed in the back of my mind, leaving me with only one possible reason why he would was so generous with his naked body. He knew I liked watching him and that was what he wanted: to be watched and admired the way only I could do.

I was too amazed by his actions and by his beauty. His frail shoulders and back looked so smooth they were almost irresistable to touch. His well shaped chest going lightly up and down with his breathing demanded the same attention, especially the little nipples that were of a shade only slightly darker than the rest of his skin. I wonder if I'd put my ear near his young heart, what rhythm would I be hearing? His belly would make a nice pillow, looking soft to the touch, with a cute little innie belly button. No more sign of baby fat whatsover, telling us he was no longer a little boy... but still all boy.

The, beneath his waist, two legs I'd very much like to lay my hands on and feel the sponginess of his young supple muscles. Then go even further down, where his cute little feet would be nice to rub. And last but not least, the part that matters to Sebastian: his privates. His penis, to which the sensation seems causes some rising, was the perfect length and shape and somewhere deep inside a voice told me it would become more than just an eyecatcher. The little ballsack below was still a tight pouch that looked very delicate.

I thought about what reaction he would appreciate the most. Repeating my adoration for his body... Or let my hands do the work for a change. The latter was a risky thing to do, cause he might well be a piece of art in a museum with a card telling to look, not touch. But with the entire feel of how things were developping it just seemed natural to take that next step.

So when my hand first made contact with Sebastian's bare back, the boy just smiled at me, seemingly happy that my adoration of his body was about to become physical. I caressed his back tenderly, loving the softness of his skin and the body heat radiating from within. The contented look on Sebastian's face never faded as I caringly rubbed his backside, now and then giving his shoulders a gentle squeaze.

Now being relatively sure he appreciated the touching, I decided to take it a bit further and find out how curious and eager he was to learn something new. I rubbed his back a tad bit longer and then moved my hand to his thigh. I caressed it a little bit and then looked straight at him.

"Please stand before me and let me get a good look at you," I instructed calmly.

Sebastian obliged and got on his feet. He turned to me and proudly stood before me. Obviously the whole situation had given him an erection, but this time that didn't seem to bother him none. I beckoned him to step a bit closer so I could reach him. He happily obliged and positioned himself right before me with not even one foot between us.

As I looked up at him, our eyes met and a hint of the boy's eagerness could be detected in those green-blue eyes of his. And instead of just watching his perfect body, I started to get acquainted with every pore of his skin, letting my two hands roam over him. When I first touched his chest he sighed deeply, almost as if he'd been waiting for me to do this.

During the next couple of minutes my hands went everywhere on his body. I started at his chest, letting my hands slide down to his belly and back up, massaging him gently. Now and then I would softly pin his nipples between my thumb and index, toying with it a bit. The little gasps eminating from his mouth told me the little dots were very sensitive.

Then I let my hands go down, over his belly, past his privates but ignoring them for the time being and down to his thighs. I rubbed the entire length of his thighs, from his hips to his knees, first only the front side, but then more and more in circles. My hands started at the top of his legs, going down over his thighs and as I reached his knees, my hands went outwards and back up over the back of his legs, all the way up over the two supple mounds of boy flesh that formed his perfectly shaped little butt.

My hands made that voyage over his legs a dozen time, and then finally rested on his butt cheeks. I put my own feet apart so he could get between my knees. He shakily shuffled closer, guided by my hands on his butt. His belly was now dead in front of me, his little boy toys looking very appealing from this almost deniable distance between us. I kept my hands on his little butt for support and simply because they fit so nicely in my hold I just couldn't let go. Sebastian surely did not complain, either.

Before I took the next step, I decided to give my little buddy a way out. I wasn't going to tell him what I would do, but at least I had to let him know he didn't have to just let me if he didn't like it. I wanted it to be as good for him as it would be for me.

So I looked up again and asked: "Are you okay with me touching you like this?"

"Yeah...  Kinda funny to have you rub my butt, but it feels nice," he said.

"You got a great butt, too," I smiled. "I know I shouldn't but I just had to know how it would feel like. I can't believe how wonderful it is to have it it my hands."

"Hehe... I kinda like you holding it, too," Sebastian admitted. "It was just a bit weird at first."

"I can imagine, yes, this is all very new to you. It's good to see you give it a try..." 

This was the moment where I thought Sebastian would be ready to go a bit further. Doing what I'd been longing for could be a mistake...  But at that very moment I strongly believed that not doing it would even be a graver mistake. Somehow I could not imagine Sebastian not being willing to let me show him what that eager erection was really for.

"You know... there's one place where I didn't touch you yet," I hinted.

"Where...  Oh, you mean my stiffy..." he was quick to realize. "That would be so... naughty..."

"Yeah, I suppose it would be," I smiled, liking his choice of words. "But you like being a bit naughty, don't you?"

"Hehe...  Maybe..."

"Then all you have to do now, is enjoy being naughty. If you don't like it, just tell me, but give it some time before you say stop, okay?"

"Errrr...  Okay, why not..."

And at the very second Sebastian gave me my queue, I brought my lips to his belly and kissed it tenderly. Okay, this wasn't very special, but it was all a big manoeuvre to get his attention away from my right hand letting go of one of his butt cheeks and then bringing it around where I found his little balls hanging tightly underneath his luring erection. He giggled in shear delight as I started toying with his little nuggets, squeezing them gently and rolling them around between my fingers. I kissed his belly a few more times, licked his belly button like a cat lathering up her milk and then went for a full blown attack (pun intended) on his almost 10-year old penis.

I then took his erection between my thumb and finger and carefully pulled pack the skin that covered the little head completely. Sebastian gasped loudly as he felt his skin being retracted and the head of his penis being revealed. I could only marvel at how perfect the little head was proportioned. The scent of his boyhood filled my nostrils and made me wild with lust and I just had to have young Sebastian inside my mouth. So I bent forward a bit and brushed his erection against my lips, parting them just far enough to let it slip in bit by bit. The taste of his youth was intoxicating and I wanted more, so the minute I had Sebastian within my mouth, my nose burried in his loins, I let my tongue slither over the shaft. I only released his penis so I could lick it all the way up over his little head, teasing his piss slit and all the way back to where his erection met his pubes. The only time Sebastian's stiffy was not licked or in my mouth was when I decided to give his balls the same tongue bath.

Throughout all my licking, Sebastian's breathing went faster than ever. Nerves that had yet to be activated seemed to send shivers all over his body. The new sensations he discovered were racing through his entire being. Little did he know there was a lot more to come.

I took Sebastian in my mouth again and slowly started moving my lips up and down over his shaft, my tongue always making contact with the sensitive head, applying deep hard suction as if I wanted to suck his youth out if him. Both my hands were on his butt again. I then kept my head still and guided his hips back and forth, showing him he could take over control. It didn't take long before Sebastian picked up the rhythm and now eagerly moved himself in and out of my mouth.

Bit by bit his very first orgasm built up inside him. His instinct now taking over, the rhythm of his pelvis going back and forth increased. Wanting to go as deep as possible he wrapped his arms around my head. That was my cue to 'plug in' the overdrive. I let go off Sebastian's dicky just long enough to be able to moisten my finger. Once Sebastian was back inside my mouth, I ran my fingertips through his butt crack. Finding his little hole, I rested my slick finger on it for only a short while and then slowly pushed it in.

Upon feeling his little hole invaded, Sebastian gasped loudly, almost like a diver coming up for air. He grabbed my head even tighter, the feelings of his first orgasm evern building up now fueled by the sensations coming from the most private of all places. I managed to go in as deep as the second knuckle and stirred it around inside him. His hips now moved in hyperdrive, using my head as leverage for his wild thrusts. Grunting and moaning like a hungry tiger devouring his prey he pushed himself into me as deep as he could.

Then the familiar tingling before having to pee announced Sebastian's climax. Of course he wanted to take his erection out off my mouth to stop himself from peeing in it, but I held him in place and used my hands to encourage him to go over that final finish line. He got the message sound and clear and kept speeding his thrusts frantically.

Then I felt his erection throbbing inside my mouth and he pushed himself forward one more time, as deep as he could, my finger tightly captured inside his hole. He shouted out the pleasure he felt for the first time in his young life. If we'd been outside, his high pitched moaning would have echoed all the way into the little village.

Then, his orgasm finally fading out, he collapsed against me. I removed my finger from his insides and caught him in my inviting arms. His jelly like knees were no longer able to carry his weight and he slowly melted down on his knees, his face reddened face in my lap. I caressed his hair tenderly and then guided him up to lie down on the bed beside me.

Pretty soon after he was lying next to me comfortably, with me caressing his back to soothe him after what must have been an explosion of emotions and sensations more spectacular than fireworks. His energy completely drained, he slowly dozed off into a peaceful sleep. I stayed with him until I was absolutely sure he would not wake up and then went to the bathroom to releave my own tentions.

When I got back afterwards, I tucked Sebastian in underneath the sheets and joined him in bed next to him, spooning behind him. I wrapped my arms around his naked body and held him tightly. I fell asleep shortly after and wouldn't wake up until late next morning. Only then I would know what Sebastian felt about what I did to his gorgeous young body and his no longer innocent mind.