A photographer's dream

by pok_bepxtep

Everyone knows there's like tons of pictures of boys online. Anyone denying seeing such pictures is either lying or blind. And for those with loads of fantasy: I'm not referring to the pictures where clothing is optional. There's quite a lot of studio pictures of boys out there that are meant as portfolio for young starring models.

But, as most people here reading these stories, those portfolios can sometimes inspire the human fantasy, taking it far and far beyond modeling a new pair of jeans. Mine's been playing in my dreams more frequently than the reruns of The Simpsons.

I've written stories here before. One's called 'Taken for granted', a story that's been abandonned due to a plot that didn't seem to work. The second's 'Sander', which I've quit posting here around New Year's Eve 2007. Then I'd stated I'd stop continuing that story, but I've carried on nevertheless. I should post a new installment any time soon.

In the meantime I decided to give 'Sander' some rest and try and write out my model studio fantasy, so here goes. Enjoy reading! (If you did, then mail me at pok_bepxtep@yahoo.com).


- Patrick; 38 yrs old; behind the camera

- Sebastian; 10 yrs old; in front of the camera

- Vicky; 34 yrs old; Sebastian's mother



Part Four: Off the road


When I finally woke up the morning after I found myself alone in bed. Apparently Sebastian had gotten up before me and left me to sleep out. Of course various thoughts about what had happened between us. I could almost replay the entire scene in my head and I didn't know if I should be happy about that or not. I'd had sex with a boy who was not yet 10-years old... A boy who'd grown to trust me enough to show me his naked body and to allow me to touch him there where you're not supposed to touch a child. The chance of having taken it one step too far kept spooking inside me, leaving me worried about the rest of this 4-day holiday in France. Heck, I wasn't even sure if Sebastian would still be interested in continuing the holiday.

I got up and freshened up, not able to get the most dark thoughts out off my mind. I got dressed and then went down. I couldn't find my guest at first, but then heard the bleeping sounds of his Gameboy coming from the porch. The clock on the microwave oven said 10.15 which would make the temperature outside very nice. I stepped through the door onto the porch and found Sebastian in one of the lawn chairs, too focussed on his game to notice my presence.

The boy had put on one of the sets of clothing he'd brought for the photo shoot. At least that would mean he still wanted to go on with the pictures. His short sleeved shirt was mix of dark green and blue, which matched his eyes prefectly. The shirt seemed to made out off a very light material, with small buttons to keep it closed. A bit of wind and his buttons loose, it would make a nice set of playful pictures. The denim shorts were blue aswell and came down a few inches above his knees. They looked neither loose nor tight, just the right size to fit nicely around his narrow hips without giving away too much information. In all, the clothes suited him nicely and I couldn't do anything but marvel at his natural beauty.

I then spotted the empty bowl and spoon sitting next to him. Seemingly he'd made himself some breakfast with cereal earlier. A good idea, cause I was getting a bit hungry myself. I went back into the kitched and fixed myself some grub. When I stepped through the door again onto the porch. I sat down in the chair next to Sebastian, which he did notice.

"Hi," he smiled cheerfully.

At least he still seems to enjoy the holiday, I thought. "Hey, Sebastian. Sleep well?"

"Yeah, but I had to go to my own room at some point," he said.

"Oh, how come?"

"Hehe... Cause you're worse than a grizzly bear... You were snoring my ears off."

"I did? I thought I was trimming trees," I joked.

"Hehe... Poor trees," the kid giggled. "So, what's the plan for today?"

"I suppose we'd better start working on those pictures," I said. "We gotta get your mother's money's worth, ey."

"I guess," he nodded. "Are these clothes okay?"

"Yeah, they're cool. Did you pick them?"

"Just the shirt," he said. "My mother chose the jeans."

"Ha, perfect teamwork, then. You got a decent sense of fashion, I like that."

"Thanks," Sebastian smiled. "Where are we going?"

"How's that mountainbike ride sound to you?" I suggested.

"Cooool!" the boy cheered. "When are we leaving?"

"Whoa whoa, slow down, kid," I laughed at his excitement. "Let's prepare some lunch first. I know a nice spot for a picknick a bit off road."

"Okay, cool."

Together we made ourselves a nice lunch and packed everything in a special bag that would go on the steering wheel of my bike. Of course I also packed my camera and lenses. The ride would be quite a challenge for the both of us, but with all this weight I wouldn't make it longer than necessary.

Shortly before lunch Sebastian and I hiked back to the village where we would rent the bikes. I bought a map to navigate us to that picknick site, even though I more or less knew where it was. The spot would also be great for pictures, cause the its vicinity had quite a few nice assets, like a ruin of some old castle and the lake lying in the valley. And more important, it was pretty secluded, so we might be able to do some special pictures, too.

After choosing our bikes, fitting them to our hight and putting on the necessary helmets (light ones, but the trails were tricky enough to risk injuries, so safety before beauty), we left off for a ride a little over 20 miles. Sebastian was new at mountainbiking, but I did select a path that would be at least a bit challenging for his young spirit. And not really to my surprise, he got the hang of how to manoeuvre between the narrow paths pretty quick. Next time, if there would be one, I'd definitely go for something a lot more thrilling.

About two hours later I directed Sebastian off road to go to our little picknick spot. When we got there, the place was completely deserted, as I'd expected. I let my little buddy pick a spot while I secured the bikes to a tree. Deserted it may be, but it was still within the civilized world, so getting the bikes stolen was always a possibility.

Anyway, Sebastian found a nice little spot under a big tree, about 10 feet away from the lake's shore. We sat in the tree's cool and shade and ate our lunch in peace. Sebastian's smile never faded as he was truly enjoying our day out. When we finished our lunch I suggested taking the first pictures of the day. Sebastian happily obliged and was more than happy to pose before me.

I told him to act natural and to do whatever came in his mind, whether it was just lying down or walking around or wading the water in the lake. Everything was okay to me. I'd just follow him at some distance to give him the space he needed to not be bothered with the camera. It turned out I needn't have worried about that... Sebastian loved the camera and would often glance at it with that captivating smile of his.

The shoot started underneath the tree with Sebastian just relaxing to digest his lunch a bit. He was lying on his side, his head supported by one hand and we chatted a bit about this and that. At some point he kicked off his sneakers to be more comfy.

Then, after a couple of minutes of just resting he got up and decided to explore the area, lured by the soft rippling of the water. Pretty soon he was in the cold water almost knee deep, flipping stones in it, trying to make them bounch on the water. When the stones got boring, his record was 4 bounces. His activities had and the heat of the son shining down on him (luckily I'd told him to put on some sonblock before leaving) had their desired effect on his young body. At first he just loosened the buttons, letting his shirt flutter in the soft breeze that blew across the valley. He made sure his bare chest was well in the view of my camera, knowing I would like that. That was the first time the word 'sexy' came to my mind when seeing him like that.

The shirt was soon hampering his freedom and it quickly ended up underneath the tree we'd been sitting. Somehow I already knew the rest of his clothes would be joining the pile in very little time. With no risk of getting his shirt wet, he now ran through the water with big splashes, his jeans slowly getting heavier and sticking to his legs. You can imagine how unpleasant that was to little Sebastian. Yep, off with the shorts, all without any sign of shame or anything.

I of course knew that what he really wanted to do was just dive in and have a nice swim in the cool water he was running in. It's always amazing how water seems to revitalize a boy's spirit like that. Not wanting to disappoint him I just smiled at him and nodded. He was quick to understand the message of being allowed to dive in. He sprinted out of the lake towards the tree where his other clothes were and faster than lightening his blue undies were being pulled off, leaving a naked Sebastian dashing back into the water, diving in with a splash powerful enough to chase off whatever fish living in the lake.

For the next half an hour Sebastian lived his heart out, skinny dipping in a lake, completely one with nature. I even needed a second card for the pictures. Thank God for digital cameras, cause I'd have needed like a truck full films to capture all this. Sebastian was beautiful in the pool the day before, he was gorgeous at night when I played with his young body, but being out in the nature he looked even more wonderful. I think the joy he displayed during his splash and dash in the lake made his beauty even more apparant. The whole scenery of the lake and his naked form would make a series of pictures that would be unparallelled. This was poster material, for sure. His parents would be very, very satisfied with this.

Half an hour of swimming, diving and frolicking in the water was enough for Sebastian. Heaving and panting in exhaustion he finally came out of the water and sat back down underneath our picknick tree. I took a few last shots of him while sitting and lying there catching his breath and then decided to call it quits. We still had some work to do at the ruins, later on and I wanted to keep it all fun for both Sebastian and me. But as I said before, Sebastian loved the camera and he'd done his best to make sure he was well within sight. Actually, the camera loved him just as much. Big firms would pay a lot of money to do adds with him, I'm sure.

Anyway, after shutting down the camera and putting away the cards, labelling them to know which one's which, I sat down next to him again. He was lying on his side again, facing me and smiling brightly, no longer aware of his being naked. Of course I stared at him for a while but he already knew it was only because I liked what I saw and he made sure I got a good view.

"You having fun, kiddo?" I finally asked.

The boy nodded vigorously. "Yeah, this is great," he chimed. "This is the best holiday ever."

"I'm glad to here that, Sebastian. And you know what, it's the best holiday for me too."


"Yeah, positive. I really love having you with me here."

The boy just smiled at that and then his face suddenly went crimson. "Errr... Last night was fun, too..."

Oh, that's right, we hadn't discussed that yet. He calls it fun... I guess I can now at least stop worrying about him being okay with what we did.

"Yeah, I enjoyed that, too," I said. "I was kinda worried you didn't."

"I did... It was all weird at first, but it felt soooo good."

"I'm glad you liked it, buddy. I just couldn't resist, last night."

Sebastian just smiled at me after that last remark. The blush on his cheeks was still very obvious, though, and then he asked me a rather peculiar question.

"Do you love me?" he wanted to know, rather surprisingly.

I hadn't even given that possibility a thought until he asked me. I went over it in my mind quickly and found nothing that told me I didn't indeed love this boy before me. We'd hit it off nicely from the start and having him with me here in France had brought us closer to each other. I liked him, that was clear to anyone who'd see us. Love? That'd mean I couldn't live without him anymore, that I would do anything for him I could, that I wanted him all to myself... The answer to all those questions was 'Yes'. Without any hesitation. So I guess the conclusion was easily drawn: I did love Sebastian.

"Yes, I do," I said after some time. "I do love you, Sebastian."

"I kinda love you, too, Patrick," the boy said, almost whispering.

Then the boy got up on his hands and knees and crawled over to where I was sitting. He smiled at me for a split second and then planted his lips dead on mine. At first I was too surprised to react, but his kissing was so heavenly good I just wrapped my arms around him to draw him in closer. Our lips parted and our tongues met, starting off with a tango even the best dancers couldn't handle. I got down flat on my back and he laid down on top of me, his knees on either side of me.

With his naked body now pressed onto mine, I could feel his body heat radiating through my clothes. I kept my hands still in his neck, at first, but then I just had to touch his body again. My hands now went up and down over his entire backside, from the top of his shoulders, over his back and those tender fleshy boy buns and back up. Not for long, though, cause his butt deserved all the attention. I squeezed his buttcheeks, rubbed them and just held onto them, savouring the smoothness and the warmth of his buns.

His kissing became more passionate as my touching became more focussed on his little butt. I could also feel his little dicky growing hard between us and the kissing and grabbing had the same effect on me. At some point Sebastian must have been out of breath, cause he broke off our kissing only to look lovingly into my eyes.

He then sat up straight, his erection now clear in view. He saw me looking at it and briefly glanced down himself. Some naughty idea formed in his mind, obviously remembering the feelings he'd experienced the night before. He looked at me with a devious grin and then bent forward to whisper something in my ear.

"You can do it again, if you want to," he said. "But only if..." and then he hesitated.

"Yes, go on?" I encouraged him.

"Only if... if I get to do it you, too..." he said, blushing from cheek to cheek.

I doubted saying yes for a bit, but then decided it would only be fair to him to let him try it. I just nodded my approval and was rewarded with a grateful smile. Seemingly last night's events had stirred his imagination and he was now willing to put it into practise.

"You go first," I then offered.

"Hehe... okay," the boy giggled nervously.

He crawled off of me and sat next to me on his knees. WIth nervous fingers he started fumbling with my shirt, trying to take it off. Sensing his nervousness and eagerness I gladly sat up and lifted my arms to help him out. He smiled appreciatively at me and practically ripped off my shirt. I then laid back down and he started softly caressing my bare chest. The first touch of his soft and delicate hands on my body was electrifying. With one hand I reached for his bare back and caressed it just as gently, letting him know he could carry on.

Sebastian understood the gesture and let his hand wander over my body. Playfully he toyed with my nipples and belly button and temptingly moved down far enough to hint at wanting to go further. He looked up at me for permission and I just nodded to tell him it was okay. He grabbed the waistband of my shorts and I lifted my hips so he could easily lower them. He wasted no time and took off both my shorts and underwear, leaving me naked before an equally naked 9-year old boy.

His eyes were like flying saucers going over my body, giving himself a good look over. I wasn't built like Jean-Claude Van Damme and I surely wasn't big where it matters, but I suppose to a little developping boy like Sebastian I must have seemed big. The situation was a bit strange, being exposed completely in front of this little beauty, but I was more than happy to allow Sebastian to see all of me.

His hands were back on my body and he started running his fingers through the pubic hair above my erection. Later I would explain him the basics of a male body developping, but I thought that at this point it would ruin the whole thing. I knew he was very willing to touch me down there, but seemed to be a bit hesitant. I gently took hold of his hand and guided him to my privates. Once his hand was on my penis, he started toying with it, inspecting every inch of the shaft and gently pulling back the skin to reveal the head.

Of course the slickness of my precum was something he hadn't expected. Intrigued he let the tips of his fingers go through the sticky liquid covering the head of my dick. Still wanting to do to me what I'd done to him the night before, he then brought his precum covered fingers to his nose, sniffing it to get to know the smell. Not finding it too bad, he brought the fingers to his lips and stuck them between his lips to get a little taste.

He repeated this a second time and then smiled at me lovingly, the taste of my precum not forming any bother to continue his actions. He sat on hands and knees and bent forward. The tip of his tongue then made contact with the sensitive head of my penis, making me gasp for air as that first contact had a shocking effect on me. My reaction being the same as his the night before, he knew he was doing a good job.

Bit by bit, his licks became more eager. Either he started to like how I tasted or the obviously positive effects his actions had stirred the boyish lust building up in him. He clearly started to enjoy this and I wanted to reward his efforts by sharing the pleasure I felt. I interrupted his licking for a split second to manoeuvre him to a 69-position, his own erection now dangling above my face, demanding attention.

The minute we were settled again, he dove into my groin again, this time letting my erection slip into his mouth, as deep as he could. He let his tongue do a little pole dance around my erection before starting to move his head up and down over the shaft, sucking on it like a straw. I put my hands on his hips and pulled them down so I could reach his stiff dicky. This caused Sebastian to halt his sucking of my dick and to look between underneath him to find his penis inside my mouth.

I started moving my head up and down over his dicky and started sucking him. I didn't need to move my head for long, as his own hips soon took over, now fucking himself into my welcoming mouth. He then attacked my dick again, sucking as hard as he could, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. Of course I realized that any time now, I'd be filling his mouth with my semen, something he most likely didn't expect. But halting our act to explain this to Sebastian would most likely set his mind working and the entire experience would become less inhibited. So I decided to just let everything happen and see how Sebastian would react to all this.

His own orgasm was now building up rapidly and now knowing what that was like, he was very keen on making it feel just as good as his first time, if not better. He was pistonning himself in and out of me like a rocket about to launch off into space. It was actually pretty funny to feel his little nuggets hitting me in the nose everytime. Already understanding that the feelings he was about to get would also come over me, he sucked me as hard as he could. I had my hands on his shoulders, massaging them to let him know he was doing a very good job.

Then he finally reached his goal, dipping his penis as deep into my mouth as he could. It throbbed violently, trying to release what was not yet there, but sending out the powerful sensations of his exploding orgasm. He let go off my erection, shouting and moaning in pure bliss. Having been stimulated enough by his hot, warm, wet mouth, hearing him experience his orgasm to the maximum was enough for my own climax to go off. Instead of shooting into his mouth, the first jets of my semen hit him on the chin and on his chest. The rest ended up on my own belly, enough to get the entire crew of Desperate Housewives pregnant.

Going through his orgasm, he didn't seem to notice the sticky goo hitting him at first. But then he came back down to Earth, feeling the wetness of my cum on his chin and chest. Taken completely off guard, he sat up straight and inspected his situation. Shocked he looked at me, demanding an explanation. I smiled at him to let him know nothing was wrong and caressed his back to calm him down a bit.

"I guess I should have warned you about that," I tried to apollogize.

"Errrr... Yeah..." he stammered. "What is this stuff?"

"It's called semen, Sebastian," I explained. "That's the man's half of what makes babies."

"Oh... I see..."

"I'm sorry, kiddo, I really should have told you," I said, now feeling a bit guilty.

"It's okay... It's just a bit weird."

"Yeah, I can imagine. I can tell you one thing, though..."

"What's that?"

"You just made me feel very, very good, Sebastian."

"I did?" he asked with a hint of pride in his voice. "Did I do well?"

"It was wonderful, buddy, I loved every second of it," I told him. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, it was great," he now smiled happily.

He then smeared his finger through the sperm that had hit his chest and brought to his nose, sniffing it. Just like before, he licked it off like a cook tasting his last creations.

"Tastes a bit funny," he stated.

"Yeah, I suppose it would," I smiled, glad that he wasn't too grossed out. "Wanna go wash it off?"

"Okay," he agreed.

We dashed off to the lake and dove in, cleaning up the mess I'd made and rinsing off the sweat from our bodies. We played in the water for a while, wrestling and chasing and stuff like that and then it was time to move on. We got dressed, packed our stuff and then grabbed our bikes to continue our ride. I let him ride in front, navigating him where we had to go.

During our short ride from the lake to the ruins up ahead, I couldn't stop thinking about our mutual sexual experience. What struck me the most was how Sebastian could switch from a normal, playful boy to a horny little kid and back without giving it any thought. Oh, I'm sure he did think about what we did, but it didn't seem to be too great a deal to him. I think in the end, sex (if he realized it was sex) was just another game to him. I for one was happy to know he thought of it like that.

Anyway, after about 6 miles, we arrived at the ruins, which were just as abandonned as the lake was. When Sebastian saw the remains of the old castle he got very excited. We parked our bikes against one of the old walls, again locking them up and then explored the area. Well, Sebastian did the exploring, I just carried on with the snapshots. Something about the contrast between his young spirit and the old ruins made it a perfect combination. And again, he loved me taking his picture.

I made him pose this time, finding the right walls for him to lean against or sit on. Just like at the lake, he again took the initiative to take off his clothes and pose naked for me. Within the last 24 hours, Sebastian had changed from a shy boy that wouldn't take his speedos off to a child that seemed to be proud of his own body. At least he loved showing it to me. He enjoyed being naked, but I'm pretty sure that was partly due to the knowledge he was being watched by someone who liked the way he looked.

I'm pretty sure that when given the time, we'd have ended up repeating our little games right there and then. Time was not on our side, though, cause the bikes had to be returned before the rental shop closed. Regretfully, I had to tell Sebastian to get dressed again. He obeyed but it was obvious he'd rather have stayed a bit longer. I of course reminded him of the privacy back at the house and how he could continue his naked fun there, later. Liking that prospect, he smiled brightly, telling me to hurry up.

Always ready to obey a boy's wishes, I packed up my gear and off we went, back to the rental shop. There we turned in our bikes. On our way back we bought us each an ice cream and headed home. I told him I'd fix dinner and told him to do whatever he felt like. He raced up the stairs to dump his gear and came rushing back down the stairs. Before I could tell him to calm down a bit, he launched his naked butt into the pool.

'This kid is gonna dissolve into that water someday,' I thought, feeling very happy about how Sebastian had blossomed during this holiday. I think he just needed to be cut loose a bit and I'm always willing to allow a boy to be free. Being naked is the ultimate state of freedom and should be enjoyed at least once by a child. I hadn't expected him to be exploring his sexuality, but that too is something that should be granted to a growing boy.

As I prepared our dinner I couldn't help but sneak a peak outside to see my little guest having a ball in and around the water. Hey, I gotta make sure he don't drown, ey. If he jumps in tomorrow, aswell, I'm gonna have to take some snapshots, cause the setting sun makes the whole scene even more special.

About fifteen minutes later dinner was ready to be served. It was still quite comfy outside so I set the table to have dinner on the porch. I called for Sebastian to come and eat dinner with me. He did one last lap in the pool and cheerfully sprinted towards me, sitting down, soaking like a fish.

"Better get a towel and dry off a bit," I advised. "Don't want your food to taste like chlorine, do we?"

"Hehe, no," the boy smiled. He went inside and grabbed the nearest towel he could find, wiping off the drops and then putting it on the chair as a pillow.

"I hope you'll like your food. I'm not really a chef."

"It looks eatable," he giggled.

"I'll take that as a compliment," I smiled back. "Now 'bon appetit' to you, kiddo."

We both ate our dinner peacefully, discussing whatever we'd do the next two days. Actually we only had a little more than a day, taking the ride back the last day into the account. So I told him most of it would be posing for pictures in whatever outfits he still had. He didn't mind too much, as long as I took him to other cool places like the lake or the ruins. I said I knew a couple of places where fun and pictures would go nicely together. He smiled at the prospects of another fun day and then politely asked me if he could be excused from the table. I just nodded and said he could go wherever he wanted.

He got up and went inside. I finished dinner too and cleared the table to do the dishes. Sebastian came back with the camera and stood next to me.

"Where can I see the pictures?" he asked.

"Oh, you wanna see them?"

"Uhuh. Can I?"

"Of course you can, Sebastian," I smiled. Actually I was kinda glad he did ask, cause I wanted to see the results, too. "Let's make a deal, here. You do the dishes for me and I put everything on my laptop, so we can watch them together on the porch. How's that sound?"

"Okay, cool," he agreed and handed me the camera.

I traded the sponge for the camera and went into the living room to get the laptop and the other flash-cards. I fired up the laptop and started transferring all the images and the little video I made of him and Michelange the day before. I must admit I was very curious about the results, too. It'd give me a first chance to see if Sebastian's parents would get their money's worth, too.

Only fifteen minutes later Sebastian finished doing the dishes. The flash-cards were still not copied to the laptop yet, so I told him he had to wait a bit longer. To make the most of it, I asked him if he would mind making a new set while the other pictures were downloading. He just nodded his okay and then turned around to go up to his room.

"Where are you going, Sebastian?" I asked.

"Upstairs to put some clothes on for the pictures," he explained.

"The one's you're wearing now are just fine," I told him.

"Hehe, but I'm naked!" he giggled.

"I thought that wouldn't be a problem anymore."

"It isn't, but I kinda like taking my clothes off for the camera," he blushed.

"Oh, turning into a little stripper, are you," I laughed. "Okay, then, up you go."

He was off in a second and returned only two minutes later in a very sporty outfit. A complete Toronto Raptors outfit that seemed to be a size or two too big. The shoulder bands barely stayed in place (which I didn't mind) and the string holding up his shorts was tied very tightly, leaving two long cords dangling in front of him. I told him to at least hide those in his shorts. When I added 'and in your underwear', he just grinned back at me. At the time I didn't get the message behind that grin, but I'd surely find out. To top everything, he'd put on a baseball cap, backwards like all the cool kids do. And as if he needed it, a golden necklace made the image perfect.

"Good choice, again, Sebastian," I complimented him.

"Thanks," he smiled. "Now, what do I do?"

"We don't have a hoop to shoot, here, so playing ball to match your outfit isn't an option," I said. "I got something else you might enjoy, though. Hold on."

I went upstairs myself to go through my luggage. I'd packed some small things to use for the pictures. I retrieved three balloons and on the way down I blew them up.

"Here, go outside and play with these."

"Oh, okay, cool," he smiled again.

He went back outside with the balloons, one in each hand and kicking the third forward. Once outside he just did whatever came into his mind. The combination of his loose fitting basketball outfit and his energetic playing with the balloons again produced some wonderful images. The balloons, all in different colours, made the images very colourful and cheerful.

It didn't take Sebastian too long to get annoyed of having the shoulder strips of his shirt sliding off all the time. He did make sure I got some pictures of him when they did. Just the bare shoulder was in some way quite erotic. But the shoulder strips were hampering his fun with the balloons, so he did the natural thing: strip off the shirt.

Bare chested he carried on throwing, kicking, catching, slamming the balloons, running around the yard and having a ball. His pure boyish joy set in the glow of the evening sun would bring a happy smile onto everyone's face. He knew very well I was there with my camera, again taking hundreds of shots. It was all a game to him, but it was clear to see he was putting a show for me. Sometimes he would just luck at me clicking away, smiling brightly to let me know he loved being in the spotlights.

The next bit about his outfit that bugged him was the string holding his shorts up. However he tied it, either the ends would dangle almost down to his thighs, or his fingers would get caught in the loops of the knot. The knot would also come loose bit by bit, his shorts slowly sliding down his slender hips, revealing a bit of his butt crack in the back, and that famous V between his legs pointing down to his pubes. I think the term is 'going commando', probably another new experience in his young life. The trip proved to be very educational to Sebastian in some way, and the lessons he learned here were on no school curriculums.

Grown tired of having to pull his shorts back to hide what had already been on full display for me, he finally grabbed them and pulled them town in one quick move, and then discarded them. All he wore now were his baseball cap and the necklace. God, how he looked hot... A word one shouldn't use for a soon to be 10-year old, but there's no other to describe him. He carried on playing, selecting a tennis racket and a ball on a string this time as props, never showing any awareness of his being naked. Every bit of his body moved supply, concentration on his game and the joy of playing mixing, his neverending energy captured and digitalized.

Slowly it grew darker and I would soon require my flashlight for his pictures, something I didn't want to do. Flashlights don't work well on energetic boys and they simply can't match with the light nature provides us. I called it quits but allowed him to continue his games if he wanted to. But instead of just carrying on, like any other kid would, he just dropped his toys and walked up to me with a smile that gave away how much he profitted from this unique and boundless fun he received here in the Dordogne. I understood what he wanted. I put the camera on the table and opened up my arms to invite him for that big bear hug he desired.

Once inside my arms I picked him up and let him wrap his legs around me. I hugged him tightly and carried him back to the porch where the pictures had long done downloading to my laptop. I sat down with him still in my arms and we snuggled like that for a while, me caressing his bare back and butt lovingly and giving him the occasional kiss on the forehead. A humming sound escaping from deep inside him let me know how much he absorbed the affection between us.

After cuddling for quite a while (I could have lasted forever like this) he got and announced that he needed to pee badly. The cuddling had giving him a stiffy, though, so I mockingly told him he'd have a tough time aiming his stream into the bowl. He was quick enough to understand what I was meaning and then giggled cutely. He stepped away from me, towards the edge of the porch and just stood there, facing away from me. He turned his cute mischievous face around.

"No bowl to aim at here," he said and then strained himself, a fountain of boy urine jetting off onto the lawn.

I could do anything but laugh out loud at this naughty little act of him. Someone else would probably have him on laying over his knees for a decent spanking and then tell him to go to bed, but not me. This was the real Sebastian, an adorable little angel with invisible little devil horns that would now and then bring out the bad boy in him. Every kid has that in him and everyone wants to knock that out off them, but gotta be able to test their limits now and then. With me, he had yet to cross the line. Urinating on the lawn, standing there naked as the day he was born, his penis at full mast... Beautiful!!

After shaking of the last drops he turned back to me and took the few steps back to where I was sitting. Seeing me still snickering after witnessing his little show, he seemed happy to know there was someone that let him get away with this kinda naughtiness. I invited him to sit back and watch the laptop so we could watch his pictures. He happily obliged, receiving a playful slap on his butt from me before sitting back down in my lap. Feeling tricked, he looked back at me with a look that said: I'll get my revenge. Then he sat down and leaned back against me. I wrapped my arms around him and he happily put his arms over mine. I told him to hit the enter-button to start the slideshow. It turned out to be much and much better than any tv-show and it made the perfect end of a wonderful, memorable day.