A photographer's dream

by pok_bepxtep

Everyone knows there's like tons of pictures of boys online. Anyone denying seeing such pictures is either lying or

blind. And for those with loads of fantasy: I'm not referring to the pictures where clothing is optional. There's quite a

lot of studio pictures of boys out there that are meant as portfolio for young starring models.

But, as most people here reading these stories, those portfolios can sometimes inspire the human fantasy, taking

it far and far beyond modeling a new pair of jeans. Mine's been playing in my dreams more frequently than the

reruns of The Simpsons.

I've written stories here before. One's called 'Taken for granted', a story that's been abandonned due to a plot that

didn't seem to work. The second's 'Sander', which I've quit posting here around New Year's Eve 2007. Then I'd

stated I'd stop continuing that story, but I've carried on nevertheless. I should post a new installment any time


In the meantime I decided to give 'Sander' some rest and try and write out my model studio fantasy, so here goes.

Enjoy reading! (If you did, then mail me at pok_bepxtep@yahoo.com).


-Patrick; 38 yrs old; behind the camera

-Sebastian; 10 yrs old; in front of the camera

-Vicky; 34 yrs old; Sebastian's mother

Part Two: The execution

When Mrs. Andrews and her boy entered the store two days later, I'd already set up the Wii for my games with

Sebastian. One of the things I like about boys is that they're always ready to remind you of a promise you made

and I was not one to break my promises. I'd also made sure there were enough cokes in the fridge and some

snacks to go with them. Kids need their amount of sugar, every day, ey.

After greeting each other, I explained to Mrs. Andrews I'd worked out the contract that she and her husband had to

sign, in order to have proof of them being the ones paying me for the very dangerous pictures of their 10-year old.

I invited her to join Sebastian and me in the cosy room so she could read the whole thing in piece, while I would

entertain her offspring. She just nodded, accepting the invitation, and followed us to the cosy room.

As if he hadn't eaten in days, Sebastian tackled the snacks and before our first match started, half of the peanuts

and chips were down his tummy. Some biscuit crums were still on his lips and I took the bold move to swipe them

away gently with my fingers. He first looked a bit indignified at me but then realised it'd just been a friendly gesture.

He smiled in appreciation at me and I could vaguely detect that same look he'd had when we'd said our goodbyes

the last time.

The two of us had quite some fun playing our games, with his mother reading the contract. I'd added a detailed

plan to the contract, which informed her about how I wanted to do this photoshoot. It took her quite a bit to finish

reading, so Sebastian and I had enough time to make it a best of 5. He beat me in the final match and when I

surrendered he looked very smug at me. I congratulated on beating me fair and square and then told him to play

by himself a bit, while I would talk to his mother about that plan.

"So, you're planning to take our boy on a little trip," she blurted out as I sat down beside her.

Knowing that would have been quite surprising I stayed calm and nodded. "If we want to make sure no one finds out

about this project, it would be better to do it somewhere quiet," I motivated my scheme.

"I guess, but do you really need four days to take those pictures?" she asked.

"Maybe not for the pictures, but I want Sebastian to be used to me before actually taking the pictures. At least for

the ones where he has to take his clothes off."

"Seems logical," Vicky said. "It's just a bit odd to send my son of to the South of France with someone I barely


"I told you last time, you can trust me," I said. "He's a good kid, I wouldn't dream of doing any harm to him."

"Yeah, I know. He seems to like you."

"Make it his birthday present. There's a lot to do for boys his age in that region. I've spent many holidays there

myself and I always like going back."

"It looks like a nice place, yes," Vicky agreed. "He'll really love the pool. He'd be swimming 24/7 if he had anything

to say about it."

"It's only the first weekend of June, but the weather can be quite nice there, now," I said. "He'll probably get his

chance for a swim."

"Why the trip to France, why can't you do it somewhere nearby?"

"I just think it'll be easier to take the pictures on a holiday like that," I explained. "I want him to enjoy this as much

as possible. I believe that in a more relaxed surrounding, he'll be a lot more comfortable with me taking his picture.

And as I'm quite familiar with the area, I know a few neat spots where we he wouldn't have to worry about anyone

seeing him."

"D'you really think he'll do it...? You know, take all his clothes off?"

"I can't say for sure, of course," I admitted. "I'm not gonna push him to do it, cause then the pictures won't be worth

the disk space. But he's a boy, Vicky. Boys like adventure and this trip will most definitely an adventure for him.

He's gonna have so much fun he won't even care about being naked."

"Yeah, probably," Mrs. Andrews agreed. "He's almost 10, after all, he's slowly starting to live his own live. I think it's

about time we give him some freedom."

"Of course," I smiled. "Sebastian seems to be a clever kid, he'll be alright."

"Oh, you're right," the boy's mother finally gave in. "Let's go tell him the good news, shall we?"

I suppose I don't have to tell you how the boy reacted. How would any boy react to being allowed to go on a little

holiday where he can swim, play and have a ball without his parents around to tell him what to do, and more

precisely what not to do. I think hearing about the trip made him forget all about the real reason for going to the

South of France. That's exactly what I wanted, too, cause as I said before, this should be nothing more than a fun

adventure for an energetic 10-year old.

When the boy's enthusiasm had subsided a bit, we worked out the rest of the details concerning travel details and

paiment and other boring stuff I won't bother you with. Briefly, it came down to me picking Sebastian up

Wednesday after lunch (no school on Wednesday afternoons). He had to pack all the clothes they'd bought for the

pictures + some additional clothes he could get dirty in and not have his mom scholding at him on his return. The

trip would take about 10 hours, so we'd arrive late in the evening. The voyage back was due Sunday afternoon.

As for payments, I would make a list of the expenses made during the trip. Of course I'd be able to limit that to fuel

and food, mostly. I didn't have to pay for a hotel, cause the place we would be staying in belonged to a friend of

mine. We would often spend our holidays together, there, cause we both enjoying hiking in the area and stuff like

that. These I'm using it more than he does. The people living in the village nearby already know me and are very

friendly. I did a few shoots for weddings and stuff down there, so I got to know some people there, too. That always

comes in handy when you need things like fresh bread and eggs and such.

Before we closed of the deal, I told Sebastian to make a little list of things he'd like to do during those 4 days. It was

to be his birthday present, after all, so it'd only be fair to let him choose the activities. His mother was already

heading for the car, so I used these little moment with him alone to the maximum.

"So, looking forward to the little holiday?" I asked him/

"You bet, it's gonna be so cool," the boy said cheerfully. "I've never been away from home without my parents."

"Ha, then you won't have to worry about being a good boy," I smiled. "And I can tell you this: being a good boy is

the last thing I'd ever ask of you."

"Hehe... cool," he smiled back, again with a hint of that still unidentified look.

"I'll be seeing you next Wednesday, ey, sport!" I concluded.

"Yep! See ya!" he said, sprinting to the car where his mother was waiting.

As they passed by the shop, Sebastian waved at me, looking very happy about the forthcoming events. I waved

back and it slowly started to dawn before me. I was falling for this kid's charms like a rock. I was starting to wonder

how I'd survive those four days alone with this little Cupid.

When the day finally arrived, I was all nerves and I didn't know why. This would be just another job, right. Okay,

maybe the job prescription was a bit different, but it wasn't that different from what I'd done so far. No, those

nerves came from my own excitement. Just like a little boy would, I'd been looking forward to this from the minute

Sebastian had waved at me from the car. I took the rest of the week off to make sure it wouldn't get in the way of

my other work. I'd informed the clients for this week I'd be taking them some other time, cause the agenda was

fully booked. It's better to put those off and deliver a good result than to keep to the schedule and ruin the

reputation I'd built up over the years.

Over those days I'd been thinking about my realizing I was developping a little crush on young Sebastian. More

than I want to admit to myself, my fantasy'd been playing tricks on me in ways I'd never imagined. All those

fantasies involved a naked Sebastian, doing a lot more than just posing. And everytime those thoughts lead to

stained underwear or sheets, a guilty feeling crept over me. No way would I allow myself to go there with Sebastian.

Heck, his mother had had her doubts about sending her son off to the Dordogne with me cause of all the news

about kids being abducted and molested and here I was, fantasizing about doing just that. But the boy seemed to

have trusted me from day one and I was not about to betray his trust in me.

Anyway, as I parked in front of the Andrews' house, Sebastian rushed out of the garage almost slamming into the

car. Good thing kids have sharp reflexes. His mother followed him with a travel bag in tow. I got out and was

greeted by a very, very excited Sebastian. His mother and I exchanged some knowing looks, both happy with the

boys enthousiasm. The boy was dressed in a comfy looking blue and green t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting shorts

that came up just above his knees. His bare feet were wrapped up in a pair of slippers. Good choice of clothes for a

10-hour drive. And yes, I did get a good look at his legs and feet and they looked very nice.

We made a few last minute arrangements and I let the boy step into the car. I drove one of those sporty Mercedes

coupés, which by itself was already the start of the youngster's unforgettable trip. I didn't waste any time to get the

car going and we drove off, waving his mother goodbye. He told me later his dad couldn't come and say goodbye

cause he had lots of work to do at the factory.

The first thing Sebastian did as we turned up the highway was dig out a piece of paper from a little backpack he'd

taken in the car with him. Probably the backpack carried some typical boy things to keep him busy during the

voyage. Ten hours was too much for a boy to just sit still. As for the note, he unfolded it rather dramatically and

started reading it out loud.

"Things to do in France," he'd entitled it.

Man, can you believe this kid? Was he thrilled or was he thrilled?

"Now, now, looks like someone's done his homework," I laughed heartily. "Well done, kiddo. Now, what's on the list?"

"Hehe, nothing much, actually," he said. "I didn't really know what you can do down there."

"You'd be surprised, now, go ahead, read the list to me," I encouraged him.

"Okay, here goes," he announced. "One! Swim every day!"

"Oh, yes, your mother told me you were a little fish," I said. "Well, there's a pool where we're staying and there's a

nice lake a few miles from our place. Whenever you feel like a dip, all you gotta is yell."

"Kewl," the boy cheered. "Two. Mountain biking. I never done that, actually, but it seems like fun."

"No problem, there, either," I answered. "There's a place where you can rent all kinds of bikes and there's like a

dozen of trails, laid out for beginners to professionals."

"Great. I think I'll go with the beginners, huh..."

"Fine with me," I smiled. It was quite fun chatting with this little bundle of joy. I'd to do my very best to focus on the


"Three. Errr... Well, I only came up with those two."

"Oh, heh... Then I guess we're gonna have to improvise to fill the rest of those four days, no?"

"Hehe... I guess," the boy giggled.

"You'll see, there'll be absolutely no chance for you to even think about getting bored," I promised him.

"What about the pictures?" he then asked, a bit more seriously.

"Ha, yes, the pictures. There'll be plenty of time for that, too. They're gonna be part of our activities a bit."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, like with the mountain biking. I'll take pictures of you with that bike, or we'll ride to some quiete place where

we can take a rest and do a little shoot there. I don't like scheduling those things. Pictures are always better if

they're taken a bit freely."

"Oh, okay," he nodded understandingly. "Even those... special pictures?"

"Sure," I said. "But don't you worry about that, yet. We'll get to that in time."

"Okay... It's just I'm a bit nervous about that."

"No need to, Sebastian. You'll see, it'll all work out just fine."


That seemed to take his mind off that delicate matter. A bit later he was fully focussed on the PSP games he'd

packed for the ride. He'd even brought some head phones to make sure the bleeps from the device didn't disturb

me. All I heard during the next two hours were his thumbs attacking the buttons. At some point the tapping of

buttons halted and when I looked in the mirror, I found Sebastian curled up in the backseat, sound asleep, his

slippers dropped on the car floor.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We made a stop around 6.30 in the evening for a quick dinner, only two

hours away from our destination. He did eat quite a bit for such a small boy. I guess he wanted to store enough

energy to at least stay awake during the last part of the ride, so he could watch the scenery. We chatted a bit along

the way. I'd granted him the passenger's seat to make it a bit easier to talk. I got to know a great deal about his

school, his friends, his hobbies... Sebastian really seemed to enjoy the chat, happy to be the center of my


When we arrived at our holiday home, it was almost dark. The house wasn't too big, just enough for a little holiday.

It stood all by itself, about 3 miles from the village, surrounded by hills. You had to really go up there to find the

place, cause it was very secluded. The privacy was perfect for the pictures I'd take of Sebastian. Knowing the

chance of anyone seeing him would be helpful in his dare to shed his clothes. I already had him relaxed with me, so

my presence shouldn't be any problem.

I walked Sebastian inside the house and told him to snoop around while I would get our luggage. When I came back,

I found him sitting on the couch in the living, all smiles, but also all yawns. The 1000+ kilometers had taken their

toll on the young lad and I confess my energy was about to be drained aswell.

"Tired?" I asked.

"A bit," he said yawning.

"Then I suppose we should go and hit the hay, no?" I suggested.


"Good, did you check the bedrooms yet?"

"Yeah, they look neat," he nodded.

"Then follow me upstairs. I'll carry your bag for you. You just go in whatever bedroom you'd like during the stay."

"I get to pick the bedroom?" he asked as if I'd just offered him a pot of gold.

"Sure, a bed's a bed," I smiled. "As long as you get a good night's rest, I don't think it matters what room you're in."

"Cool, then I'll take that one," he said, pointing at the bedroom in the back.

"Good choice, you'll like the view in the morning. The bathroom's right next to it if you need it."


I followed Sebastian into his room of choice. He sat down on the bed, getting a first feel of it and seemed to be

satisfied with it. I decided to check whether the'd dare to let the bad boy inside him out.

"No, no, no," I protested as I put his belongings in the corner of the room. "A bed's only tested for real when it's

being jumped on. You get those slippers off and give it a go."

"Huh, are you kidding? You want me to jump on the bed?" the boy asked in true disbelief.

"Yeah, go ahead."

And off the slippers went. He got up on the bed, looked at me one last time to check that I hadn't fooled him and

then jumped. "Oh, man..." he heaved as he attacked the poor mattress, "my mom... would... kill me..."

"Hehe... Probably, but she's not here, is she?"


"Now, I'm gonna go to the bathroom and get ready for the night. You can either jump along for a bit more, or you

can change into your pj's... Just make yourself comfortable."

"Okay," the boy said.

It took me about 10 minutes to freshen up and to settle into the room across the one Sebastian had occupied. I

heard him jump for one more minute and then he quitted down. I decided to go and check on him and found him in

bed, flat on his back, about to doze off. His clothes were piled up in the chair next to the bed. My guest was wearing

wat appeared to be short sleeved pj's which made him look like the little boy he still was.

Not seeing any harm in it, I sat down next to him and tucked him in. I wanted him to know that I would take good

care of him during the stay. That wasn't a hard thing to do, cause I'd really started to like having him with me. The

accepting smile on his cute little face told me he appreciated the gesture.

"So, happy to be here?" I asked.

"Uhuh, it's a nice place," he nodded.

"Good. Tomorrow, we're gonna start having some real fun. How's that sound?"

"Cool!" he smiled.

"Hehe. Okay, then, you sleep well, now. If you need me, I'm right across the hall."

"Okay, goodnight," he yawned.

"Night, kiddo," I replied, taking the liberty of ruffling his hair a bit.

I got up and was about to leave the room when he called me back.

"Patrick," he almost whispered.

"Yes, buddy?"

"Could you... errrm... give me a kiss before I go to sleep?" he asked, with a faint blush on his cheek.

Not wanting to disappoint him after being so couragous to ask me, I stepped closer to him, bent over and gave his

forehead a kiss. When our eyes met again, I could clearly see that look in his eyes again. Slowly I started to realize

what that look meant... I might be developping a crush on Sebastian, apparently those feelings were mutual. Of

course he wouldn't have the same fantasies as I had, but it became more and more clear that his feelings went

beyond friendship.

I wished him goodnight once more and with my heart jumping higher than Sebastian had done on his bed, I went to

my own room, not believing what was happening. An almost 10-year old boy, the most beautiful creature I'd ever

laid eyes on, falling for me. I guess miracles do still happen.

I slowly dozed off into a peaceful sleep, dreaming about what the next four days would bring.