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A Squire's Tale

by Hermes


Nigel was running, knowing his little brother, Rupert, would have no chance of catching him. So, he did what an older brother would never do. He slowed his pace. See, he loved his little brother. This wasn't that unusual, for a 12 year old to love his 10 year old brother, but they had shared a bond that few in the village could comprehend.

Nigel wanted to spend this day with his brother, knowing it would be their last for a very long time. Nigel had been conscripted to serve one of the kingdom's knights. This was a tremendous honour for a boy, and, even though he was a little bit scared, he was very proud and excited.

He was running,every once in a while turning his head to see if Rupert was still in sight, and this was his downfall. Literally. His head was turned and he missed seeing a root crossing the path. Nigel, saw Rupert laughing and chasing him and his foot caught the root. Down he went, tumbling toward the drop-off.

Rupert saw his brother tumble and, to him, time seemed to go into slow motion. He watched in terror as his brother fell over the side of the embankment. He ran to the brink and watched as Nigel tumbled head over heels. In sheer terror he watched what happened next. Nigel was falling, out of control towards a cliff. The boys knew this cliff, they'd stood at the precipice on numerous occasions looking at the jagged rocks at the bottom.

Rupert screamed, “NIGEL! WATCH OUT!” as he watched his brother approach the cliff. Both boys were powerless to stop his decent down the hill, Rupert was powerless to stop the inevitable. With tears streaming down his cheeks he watched his brother as he reached the cliff and went over the side.

It was several hours later when one of the other villagers came across the boy, still weeping and found out what had happened. A young life in it's prime crushed out. Rupert was taken back to his home and the villager explained to his father what had happened. He explained how he'd looked over the cliff to see Nigel's broken body on the rocks below.

The next morning, still in his own grief their father had completely forgotten that Nigel was to leave that morning until the knight who had conscripted him came to collect him. The boy's father wept as he told the knight what had happened. Father said he knew of another boy, one of Nigel's friends who would be a satisfactory replacement. The knight was about to inquire as to this other boy's identity when Rupert came forward and spoke.

“If you please, Sir. I would feel it a great honour both to myself and to the memory of my brother if you should allow me to go with you in his stead. Please, Sir, I implore you, allow me to honour my brother so.”

The knight looked at Rupert and asked his age. Rupert replied that he was but 10, although his 11th birthday wasn't even half a year hence. The knight knew it was unusual to take a squire who was so young. Some of the duties to his knight would be physically difficult for such a small boy. However, the boy had touched the knight's heart. He nodded his head saying, “Come here, boy.”

“You showed great courage and fealty in your request. I shall not impede your desire to honour your brother, and in doing such a selfless act, you in turn honour yourself and your father. I shall be happy to have you as my squire. You do realize that your life will be hard. I will work you as if you were any other squire, but also remember, I am a kind and gentle man.

Rupert jumped up and hugged the knight, HIS knight, and said, “I shall endeavour to exceed your desires and expectations, Sir. On that you have my word. It is my solemn oath to you, on it I swear.”

Rupert went inside and put on his best tunic, closing it with the best belt he could find. He looked down and realized that it was a bit short. He owned no undergarments, and thinking that he'd be riding a horse most of the time, he found a pair of tights he'd been given for `special' occasions. He put those on, went out and bade farewell to his father promising to represent their family name in a manner that would make him proud. Rupert's father knew his son too well to even consider trying to convince him not to do this. He hugged his son, gave him a small sum of money and bade him farewell. He then turned to the knight and said, “Good Knight, it is my fervent hope that my son serves you in a manner which befits your position. I thank you for allowing him, and thereby our family, this honour.” The two men shook hands afterward the knight lifted the boy onto a horse. He then mounted his own and they left for his keep.


It was to be a 3 day's journey from Rupert's village to his new home in the castle keep where the knight was billeted. Along the way the two got to know one another. The knight regaled Rupert with stories of his many conquests over the previous few years. He explained that his previous squire had been killed defending his knight as he slept. Rupert was instructed in the regular and typical duties of a Squire.

Upon hearing that he would be responsible for bathing the knight, Rupert thought back to his times with his brother. He said nothing of the special things that his brother and he had done, things that most men would consider evil when done by two boys. The day was long, and the travel was difficult. Rupert wasn't used to riding for hours on end. When finally the sun began to set, they entered a small town. Rupert, following a respectful distance behind his knight, followed as they entered an inn.

The knight secured lodging and arranged for Rupert to be permitted to bring their repast up to their room. They retired to their lodging. Immediately, the knight removed his tunic and took a seat in the only chair in the room wearing only his breeches. Rupert gazed upon the man's naked chest and felt an odd attraction, one he'd not felt before in his young life. He called Rupert over and lifted the boy onto his lap so they could talk. Rupert felt very good seated on the lap of his knight. The man's grasp was firm and made him feel safe.

Careful not to cause offense, yet still being an inquisitive lad, he decided to ask a question. “Sir, it may seem an odd question, however, I was not the one who had been conscripted into your service, it was my brother, and we never spoke specifically about you. But, during our journey, when we talked, it never came up and I have absolutely no idea, Sir, as to your proper name.”

This caused the knight to guffaw with laughter. He had completely forgotten to properly introduce himself. With a warm smile he said to Rupert, “Well lad, you've done well. I want you to know that at any time if you are not completely certain of something to ask me. But, in answer to your question, I am Lancelot. I have been in His Majesty's service now for nearly 3 years. I am the victor in no less than 15 battles in the name of our king. Now, what say you, shall we eat before we bathe or would you prefer to bathe first?”

“Well, Sir, it has been a long road, and we are quite filthy, Sir. I think it best if we bathe first, after all, the innkeeper said that the food he was preparing would not be done for some time.” Rupert said proudly.

“Excellent, you were paying attention! You must always be vigilant of what is happening. Listen closely to all that I deal with, just so you can make certain I do not err. So now, I shall allow you to run our bath.”

Rupert hopped off Lancelot's lap and hurried over to the tub. He fetched a large kettle of hot water from several on the hearth and poured it into the tub. He pumped more water into the pot and placed it on the hearth to heat, then grabbed another. He repeated this until the tub was half full of hot water then filled it the rest of the way with unheated water. He tested it with his hand and announced that the bath was ready.

Lancelot stood and approached. He stood before the bath looking down at Rupert. Rupert was unsure what the knight was looking at so he asked. “Is there something I should do, Sir?”

“Well, Rupert, it's not effective to bathe whilst still clothed.” Lancelot said.

Rupert then realized that as his squire, he was responsible for dressing and undressing his knight. He approached and undid the tie on the man's breeches and slid them down. He then removed the man's undergarment. Once uncovered, Rupert feasted his eyes on that which made Lancelot male. It was the largest he'd ever seen, but in reality not overly so, not that he'd seen many others. Only his brother's, and that wasn't much larger than his own. What amazed him was the quantity of hair surrounding it. Nigel had only a small patch at the base of his. Rupert decided he liked what Lancelot had.

Lancelot stepped into the tub and then, after being seated looked back to Rupert. He chuckled and said, “Well, lad, it will be difficult for you to bathe yourself and me if you're still clothed. Make it quick, before the water chills.”

Rupert hadn't realized that bathing his knight would require him to disrobe as well, but, he realized that for the remainder of his life, until released, he was conscripted to this knight. So if he wanted Rupert to remove his garments, he would comply, gladly. He removed his tunic, then his tights. Lancelot watched and was appraising the boy. Once Rupert was nude he stepped into the tub with Lancelot.

Lancelot's voice became quiet as he said, “Rupert, you are a beautiful boy. I believe I shall enjoy having you as my squire.”

“Why, thank you, Sir. I believe I shall enjoy being your squire as well, Sir.” Rupert said humbly. He then reached for the brush and soap cake and began to lather up the brush. He took a small cup and filled it with the water from the bath and reminded Lancelot to close his eyes as he rinsed him off . Lancelot closed his eyes as Rupert poured the water over his knight's head. Once Lancelot was fully wet, Rupert took the brush and began to firmly (but not so much as to cause pain) scrub the man's extremities. He then climbed over so he was behind and scrubbed the man's back.

After being rinsed, Lancelot told Rupert that on that day, they would forgo his hair and he should wash his lower half. Lancelot stood and Rupert took the brush to the man's legs. Once done, Rupert thought he was finished. Lancelot said kindly, “Well, what about the rest?”

“Sir?” Rupert questioned.

“My cock, lad, it needs washing as well.” Lancelot chided.

Rupert swallowed hard, yet didn't falter. He took the soap in his shaky hands and worked them up to a good lather and began to wash the man's genitals making certain to skin back the man's foreskin to clean him thoroughly. This action caused a firmness to develop in Lancelot's member. Rupert had, in his own opinion, sufficiently cleansed the man so he stopped. Lancelot immediately said, in a voice that seemed ragged, “Don't stop, Lad, continue until I say.”

Rupert resumed his ministrations. He and his brother had wanked before so he knew what Lancelot was wanting. He decided to wait until another time to show his knight what he'd been taught by his brother, instead he tightened his grip on the man's now fully erect cock and began to stroke it in earnest, watching as the crimson head was exposed as the foreskin was retracted, over and over again. He then took his other small hand and began to manipulate the man's testicles. This was having the desired effect on Lancelot as he continued his praise of Rupert's efforts.

Minutes later, Lancelot said, “I am about there, keep it up a few more moments.”

Rupert continued his ministrations and watched as the head on the cock swelled and a copious amount of the knight's seed shot out and across Rupert's chest. Rupert took his other hand and scooped up the goo on his chest and sucked it into his mouth. He smiled up at his knight basking in the approval shown to him by the man.

Lancelot was quite pleased. “My word, lad, I was concerned that since you are so young you would not have known of this. Your brother taught you this?”

“Yes, Sir. Just a few weeks ago after he'd been conscripted into your service. Another knight came through our village and stayed with us. Nigel spent nearly the entire evening speaking to that knight's squire. Nigel told me he'd told him all of the duties, even the special ones, so he explained them to me and we practiced on each other. I assumed at some point I might also be conscripted so I should learn all of it as well.”

Lancelot nodded. “Good, quite good! I shall definitely enjoy having you as my squire. Now, allow me to show you a kindness, Rupert. Allow me the pleasure of bathing you.”

“As you wish, Sir.” Rupert smiled.

Lancelot sat back down in the tub and soaped his hands. He allowed his hands to roam the boy's entire body. He paid particular attention to they boy's bum and genitals. Rupert knew why this was. Nigel had explained that a knight would frequently wish to bugger his squire, that was one of the 'special' duties. Nigel showed Rupert what it felt like by doing it to him on several occasions, sometimes using things other than his own penis. Rupert said to Lancelot quietly, “Do you wish to bugger me, Sir? You may, it is your right.”

“Not now, Lad. We shall have many days and nights to get to that in the future, but I do believe that for now we are finished. So far, you've done an excellent job as my squire. Now, let us dry and you can go down to the innkeeper and retrieve our meal.”

Rupert jumped out of the tub, took several absorbent pieces of cloth, placed one on the floor outside of the tub. He held another open for Lancelot to step into once he'd stepped out of the tub. He fully dried his knight before drying himself. He then took the man's dressing gown and placed it over his shoulders wrapping the tie around the man's waist. He then dried himself and stepped back into his clothing. He went to the innkeeper and requested their supper.


The two dined on the fare provided. It was far from succulent in the eyes of the knight, but it was a feast compared to what Rupert had been subsisting on in his meager existence till that point. The two sat enjoying the evening in conversation when Lancelot noticed the boy yawning. In the short time he'd been with this lad, he was already developing a keen fondness of him. He quietly said to Rupert, “It's been a long day, young squire. What say we get some sleep, I'm rather knackered.”

Rupert stood, remembering his duty, and ambled over to the bed. He pulled down the bedclothes and fluffed up the pillow. He removed Lancelot's housecoat and watched as the man climbed into the bed. Rupert had decided he'd take some sackcloth and sleep on the floor. Once Lancelot had realized that the boy was going to do this, he called Rupert over and informed him that Rupert would share the bed with him.

Rupert disrobed and stood naked in front of his knight. Lancelot held his arms out and the boy climbed into bed. Lancelot pulled the boy close to him and held him. The two drifted off into a deep and peaceful slumber.

End: Chapter 1.

Author's Note: This story, even though it uses the name Lancelot for the knight should not be construed to be taking place in the time of King Arthur's Court. Lancelot was not an uncommon name in those days. This story actually takes place under the rule of Arthur's Grandfather, none other than Constantine.