"A Squire's Tale"
by Hermes
Chapter 2

Rupert awoke with the sun. By listening to his breathing, he was keenly aware that Lancelot was still in slumber. He also noticed that Lancelot was holding him tightly to his own body with his hands clutching that which made Rupert a boy. He further realized that his knight was fully erect and that which made him male was pressing against his bum. He laid there enjoying the feeling of being held by his knight. For the first time in a very long time he felt warm, safe, and content. The other feeling that overcame him was a severe need to urinate.

As gently as he could, so as not to awaken his sleeping knight, Rupert extricated himself from the man's grasp and ambled naked out of their room to the communal toilets near where their room was located. He relieved himself and returned to the room to find that Lancelot had awoken. The man saw the boy reenter the room naked and smiled. "You are even more beautiful this morning, young squire, than you were last night. Bring us a bucket so we can relieve ourselves."

Rupert did as he was instructed and held the bucket as Lancelot unleashed a stream of yellow from his member into the bucket. Rupert took the member into his hand, skinned back the foreskin, and, after placing the bucket on the floor, took a piece of cloth and cleaned the man's penis. Lancelot was watching the boy as he did this with a smile. Rupert also noted that even though the man had urinated, his member remained as rigid as it had been.

Rupert had a desire. One of the first actual desires he'd had for another male in his life. Quickly, his mind came up with a way to possibly get it. He looked up at his knight with the man's firmly erect cock still in his hands and said, "Sir, in the morning, when my cock is hard, it usually subsides after I urinate, yet, yours remains rigid. If you please, Sir, when this happened to my brother in the past, I would do something he'd taught me and it helped him. It's different than we did in the bath last night. Would you allow me to demonstrate?"

Lancelot looked down at his boy believing he knew what the lad was intending. It was something he honestly hoped the boy would initiate. "You may do as you wish, young squire." Lancelot said kindly.

With a smile, Rupert again skinned back the foreskin on the man's penis exposing the crimson-purple knob of a head on it. There was a single drop of a clear liquid just peeking out of the single eye at its top. Rupert deftly took the very tip of his tongue and lapped at the droplet. This action caused an involuntary shudder in the body of the grown man. Rupert looked up at his knight and smiled, running his tongue around his lips. He then looked back at the member in his hand, opened his mouth and took the top inch or so into his warm wet cavern. He lapped at the head with his tongue and heard a rapid intake of breath then a slight moan from the knight. Rupert knew he was doing well.

He gradually took more and more of the steel-like appendage into his mouth adding a suction to increase the sensations to the man. Up and down on the spike he bobbed, wetting it with saliva. That portion he could not get into his mouth, (simply due to his lack of experience), he stroked with his hand. After only a few short minutes of this activity, Rupert felt the member begin to swell. His other hand had been deftly yet gently massaging the twin orbs which hung below and he felt them lift out of his hand. Rupert knew that in moments his mouth would be flooded.

He pulled back so just the head was still in his mouth and wanked the rest furiously with his hand as he heard a loud and prolonged moan come from deep within his knight. Seconds later, he felt the first blast of the warm and salty cream come from the man's cock in his mouth. Quickly he swallowed and prepared for the next, then the next.

When finally the knight was spent, Rupert allowed it to leave his mouth. With his tongue he cleaned up that which was still there. He felt the cock begin to soften and then he looked up at his knight. Lancelot was looking down on him and Rupert felt that the look was one of awe, love, and desire. Lancelot stood, pulling the naked boy up and into his arms. The man then kissed the boy, forcing his tongue deep into the cavern where so recently the man's penis had resided.

Once the kiss was broken, Lancelot looked deeply into the boy's eyes and said, "You, young squire, are a treasure. In my time as knight, I have had 2 other squires, and neither of them could hold a candle to your beauty and skill. This shall be your duty each and every morning. Thank you."

Rupert was proud. He had pleased his knight on only the first morning they were alone together. Yes, he was going to enjoy being this man's squire. Alas, there was no more time for dalliances such as they were enjoying. The hour was quickly approaching the time when they would need to mount their horses and continue on their journey.

Rupert, having been set back onto his feet, immediately began preparations for them to depart. He aided his knight in dressing before dressing himself. Once they had dressed, the two went down into the pub and dined together. They ate their morning repast in silence. Once they were finished and their meals and lodging paid for, Lancelot strode from the establishment with Rupert following at a respectful distance.

Their horses were brought and Lancelot lifted the boy onto his steed before mounting his own. The two left the town on their second day heading toward the castle and Lancelot's keep. They traveled together for several hours and Rupert was deep in thought. He was thinking things he had not as of that point in his life ever considered. There was a feeling he had he didn't quite understand. It was a feeling about Lancelot. In his entire body a yearning was felt. He didn't know it, but he was falling in love with his knight.

Unbeknownst to him, Lancelot was having similar feelings. He was riding behind this new squire and the very sight of him was touching parts of his mind that heretofore had been reserved for females. He swore an oath to himself; an oath to protect this lad, an oath to help him to grow and blossom. Along the way, about mid-day, they happened across a pond. The day was extremely warm and they had ridden at a fast pace. Lancelot looked at his squire and an idea formed in his mind, an idea to give the boy some fun.

"The day is quite warm, don't you think, young squire?" Lancelot inquired.

"It is that, Sir." Rupert responded respectfully.

"What say you, shall we stop to allow the horses a rest, and possibly we can enjoy the cool water of yon pond?"

"As you wish, Sir." Rupert responded.

The two dismounted. Rupert took both horses to the water to allow them a drink. He took two long lengths of rope, tied one to each of the horses then the opposite ends to a tree. This would allow the horses enough room to roam and graze without necessarily running off. Lancelot was impressed that his squire had considered doing this.

Once the horses were tended to, Rupert went back to his knight who was watching. He looked up into the man's eyes and said, "With your permission, Sir, I'm going to take a swim." Seeing Lancelot nod his head, Rupert began disrobing. Swimming naked was just the way it was done. The boy was nude and he paid keen attention to the fact that Lancelot was watching him intently. He also noted a growing in the man's breeches. Seeing this caused his own nail to harden slightly. He turned and ran into the water.

Lancelot, watching the boy's bum wiggle as he ran nearly ripped off his own clothing and followed the lad into the water. They cavorted in the water, enjoying its cooling effects. At one point, Rupert approached his knight in play. Lancelot was quite aware of the boy's approach and at the last moment turned and grabbed hold of the boy. He held the naked and squirming boy tightly until Rupert realized his plight to free himself was to no avail. Rupert looked into the face of his knight and some overpowering force took over him. He reached behind the man's neck and brought his face to the older man's and kissed him. Deeply. The kiss was being returned when Rupert realized what he'd done.

Quickly he pulled away and looked downward. In a voice full of contrition the lad said, "I'm very sorry, Sir. I took a liberty that was not my right to take. I shall suffer any punishment you deem necessary and I promise this transgression will never be repeated."

Lancelot was looking down at the boy with anger. He said in a very authoritative voice, "What you have done squire would never be done by one subservient to his knight. No squire acting in his rightful place would have taken this liberty!"

The words stung Rupert. He continued looking down into the water of the pond, increasing it's volume ever so slightly with the tears he was shedding as they fell into it. He choked out, "I'm very s-s-sorry, Sir."

Lancelot hadn't the heart to continue his ruse. He began laughing. "What you did, Rupert, was to act on that which came from your heart. I could not, nay, would not, punish you for acting on your heart for it is our hearts' desire to make us the good people we are. I have come to be very fond of you, young master."

Rupert immediately noticed two things. First, his knight had used his given name. This is something that is rarely if ever done by one such as his knight to one who is subservient to him. The second was his use of the term `master'. This term is used for one of nobility, not a commoner such as himself. His knight was paying him a great honour by using both of those terms.

Rupert, his chest swelling with pride, looked into Lancelot's eyes. "Sir, last night when I asked if you wished to bugger me, I wasn't trying to tell you it was your right, I was afraid to ask if you would please do so. You see, when my brother and I were practicing, the sensations I was given I found truly enjoyable when he buggered me. I enjoyed even more when he used larger items in my bum. Would you please do that to me? Now?"

Lancelot heard the boy's plea and could not deny it, yet in another part of his heart he knew this was not the time. He had a deep desire to join with the boy in this way as it was, but with him pleading for it, he found it very difficult to refuse. Lancelot looked on his squire and a frown appeared on his face, "I am sorry, young squire, but I fear the time is not yet right for this kind of activity." Lancelot initiated a deep and loving kiss. They broke the kiss and Lancelot said, "Rupert, oh dear Rupert, from this moment on, when we are alone, do not think of us as knight and squire, for what I feel for you is far more than that. However when others are about, you must keep up with the pretense that you are nothing more than my faithful squire. From this moment on, you shall share my bed, my meals, and all that I own. When the time is right, I shall release you of your obligations as my squire and take you as my mate."

Rupert, hearing these words began to weep. He hugged his knight, his eventual lover, and cried onto the man's shoulder. He was happy; More happy than he ever realized he could be. They exited the lake and Lancelot took great pleasure in drying his boy. They dressed, remounted their horses and continued on their way. When the sun began to set, Lancelot stopped and stated that they would make camp there.

Rupert did his duty by arranging things up in the camp. Then he went in search of firewood in order to get a fire started before it became too dark to see. The fire going, Lancelot took some cured meat he'd been carrying and the two ate as Lancelot held tightly to his boy.

When the time came, Lancelot and Rupert retired to the tent that had been erected, stripped off their clothing and climbed into the makeshift bed Rupert had prepared. Lancelot pulled his boy into an embrace. Nothing sexual transpired that night. They merely slept peacefully in each others' grasp.


Early the next morning Rupert was roused by Lancelot running his finger on the boy's cheek. He was fully dressed and gazed down upon the nearly sleeping boy with a reverence he'd not shown before. In a soft voice Lancelot said, "It's time to arise, young squire for today we shall arrive at the castle. There I will introduce you to His Majesty. Also, in turn I shall introduce you to the other Knights and of course their squires. Needless to say, the other knights will be in envy of the fine squire I have returned with."

"Over the next fortnight you will be trained in the various duties of a squire. You will be trained how to wield a sword and a lance. You will be shown the proper care and treatment of our horses. I shall remind you that whilst in the company of any other, you must act as if you are nary more than a squire, but once we're alone, we shall be much more."

"It pains me that I had to refuse your request yesterday, but it is in my heart that when that event does transpire we will both be ready. The thought of causing you pain is one I cannot endure. I have come to care a great deal for you, and it is my prayer that in time you shall feel the same about me."

Rupert looked upon his knight and a single tear escaped his eye. With his thumb Lancelot wiped the solitary droplet of water away as the boy heaved a sob before saying, "Never before have I felt about anyone as I do you. I cared about my brother for I loved him deeply. I loved my father. What memories I have of my mother are fond ones. But the feelings I have for you are so much deeper. I love you Lancelot."

With that, Lancelot took the naked child into his arms and hugged him. The hug was long and deep. He kissed the boy on his forehead setting him back onto his feet. Playfully he swatted the naked behind of the boy and admonished him to dress quickly. They needed to mount their steeds and be off if they were to arrive at the castle at an appropriate hour.

Ignoring the sting of the swat to his behind, Rupert giggled as he dressed. Quickly they struck camp, mounted their horses and hastily made their way to the castle.


Just past mid-day Rupert noticed the fortifications of the castle in the distance. Even though they were still some distance away, the grandeur of the edifice was amazing. Rupert noticed spires and towers. On the tops of the towers he saw flags fluttering in the wind. In his mind's eye he knew there would be a moat and drawbridge, he just knew it.

Lancelot looked at the excitement in his young charge and it was infectious. He felt it as well. But, he also felt a reticence. This squire was far younger than any that had ever come before him. This could be seen by his brethren as a weakness. He turned to his squire and said, "At least for now, tell anyone who asks that you are twelve years of age. I fear there are those who might think improperly of things. Promise me this, young Rupert."

"If it is your wish, then it is mine, Sir. Hence forth I shall, to anyone, be twelve. That is until my birthday." Rupert giggled.

Without a word, and with a hearty laugh Lancelot coaxed his mount into a gallop. Laughing Rupert gave chase. They had covered more than half the distance between them and the castle when Lancelot slowed his horse allowing Rupert to catch up. They dismounted and Rupert tied the horses off to a tree. Lancelot then approached the boy holding his arms out as an invitation for a hug. Rupert ran to his knight, jumped into the man's strong arms and they kissed. Deeply.

"From this point you are nary more than my squire. Act accordingly. Tonight when alone in my keep we can again embrace." Lancelot said gently. He put the boy down and from that moment it was apparent to anyone who might have seen them that the boy was nothing more than the knight's obedient and loyal servant.

They remounted their horses and Lancelot led the way to the castle. When they arrived, Rupert was excited to see there was a moat and a drawbridge. They approached and heard a voice call out to them, "Oi! Who goes there?"

In a loud and commanding voice Lancelot said, "Tis I, Lancelot, Knight of the Realm. Lower yon bridge to allow myself and my squire entry!"

The bridge was lowered. The gate was opened and the two figures mounted on their horses crossed and entered the castle. Rupert was amazed at what he saw. There were people everywhere. Lancelot said quietly that this was the town surrounding the castle proper. They made their way through the small village inside the main walls and approached another set of walls. Outside of the single gate were two knights in full armor. Lancelot approached and dismounted. He walked to one of the knights and said, "Thomas, how good to see you again, I have returned. Allow my new squire and I passage, I need to have an audience with the King."

Thomas appraised Rupert and said to Lancelot, "So small a lad, I hope you know what you are doing by taking a squire as small and helpless as this one appears to be."

Lancelot felt his blood boil. Angry, yet in a calm voice he turned to Thomas and said, "He may appear small but I shall guarantee you that in a fortnight's time he'd be able to take on your squire without difficulty."

Thomas laughed. "A wager then? A fortnight from now I challenge that we put your squire and mine on the field of honour. 100 pieces of gold to the winner."

The two knights shook hands. "Done!" Lancelot said accepting the challenge. Rupert, upon hearing this began shaking in his boots, however he did not allow the others to see his fear.

After their horses were properly tied, the gate was opened and Lancelot led Rupert into the castle proper. The time had come. They were taken to the audience chamber to await their audience with the King.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 3