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"A Squire's Tale"
by Hermes

Chapter 3

Rupert stood nervously as he and Lancelot awaited the arrival of the King. Rupert could barely contain himself in that he was in a room far more lavish than he'd ever imagined. Had he not been so frightened, he might have been almost literally bouncing off the walls with all there was to see.

After a time, two young men entered the room. Lancelot knew them, of course, and greeted them, "Hail Uther Pendragon, son to his Majesty. Hail Aurelius Ambrosius, son to his Majesty. I stand as your noble servant."

Uther smiled at Lancelot. "You and your formality. `Tis good to see you again Lancelot. Our father will be here presently. Whom pray tell do you have with you today? Do tell."

"Your Highnesses, please grant me the honour of introducing my new squire. Rupert, these are two of His Majesties three sons. His eldest, Constans, is currently away at a monastery."

Rupert bowed low to the two young men. "It is my sincere honour, Your Highnesses, to be allowed to make your acquaintance." He stood and looked at Lancelot who smiled his approval.

Aurelius gazed upon the boy and replied, "It is our pleasure to meet the new squire of one of our most beloved Knights. Our Father, The King, will be pleased."

Almost as if on cue, a herald entered and announced, "His Majesty, King Constantine, Ruler of all Logres!" The King entered as his sons left the chamber leaving Rupert, Lancelot and the King alone. The king walked resolutely to his throne, taking a seat. Lancelot approached, took a knee and said with his head bowed low, "You're Majesty. It does my heart good to see you once again."

"Lancelot. Trusted Knight of the Realm. Rise. We too are happy to gaze upon you once again." The king said formally.

"Your Majesty. I wish to introduce to you my new squire. His name is Rupert." Lancelot said formally.

Rupert approached and also took a knee, and with his head bowed, in his treble voice said nervously, "Your Majesty, actually having the opportunity to meet you is the greatest honour I could have ever hoped for. I hereby swear my loyalty through my Knight, Lancelot to you and your court."

The King, amused turned to Lancelot, "You taught the boy well, Lancelot. I cannot recall a first meeting with one who actually got the meeting correct." Turning to Rupert he said, "Rise Young Squire. You do your knight and your family a great honour in your deportment. I accept your fealty through your knight." Taking a better look at Rupert as he stood the king was surprised. Turning back to Lancelot, "Is he of the age, Lancelot? He seems far too young yet."

"Your Majesty to any other than your ears this boy is twelve years of age, although he has not yet attained that birthday. His brother had been conscripted to my service however he died of an accident a day or two prior to my arrival. Young Rupert offered his services in his brother's stead and he did so in a way that impressed me, so, I am asking your permission to keep him on as my squire."

The king looked again at the boy, then back to Lancelot, "He's a pretty boy, he is. You have permission to train him as squire, Lancelot. You were wise to instruct him to state his age as twelve, and other than to me it is to be so."

Lancelot motioned to Rupert to kneel, and did the same. "Your Majesty, I am eternally in your debt." With that, Rupert and Lancelot stood, bowed again to the king as Lancelot said, "By your leave, Your Majesty." Then Lancelot turned and walked out of the audience chamber followed by Rupert.


They left the King's audience chamber and Lancelot led Rupert to his keep. This would be home for Rupert from this day forward. They sat at the table as Lancelot began to explain what Rupert's training would consist of. He explained that he would spend the next few days learning how to wield a sword. In addition, Lancelot would arrange for one of the other squires to teach him other duties that were usual for a squire to perform.

Lancelot then told Rupert that he needed to take him to introduce him to the other Knights. That said the two stood and left the keep. In turn, Lancelot led him to the keeps of 6 other knights. Each time it seemed that there were comments made about the fact that Rupert looked so young. The other knights also made comment about the wager he'd made with Sir Thomas. Many a joke was made as to the fact that Lancelot's purse would be significantly lighter in a fortnight's time. Lancelot took the ribbing in good humour.

Once the introductions were done, Lancelot took Rupert on a tour of the castle and it's town. He showed the boy where things were that he'd need. He also took him to a tailor shoppe and had a new tunic and breeches made bearing the seal and colours of Lancelot's crest. In this way, anyone in the town and castle would know he was Lancelot's squire. They went to a pub down the street whilst the tailor made the garments and Rupert followed Lancelot at a respectful distance.

They ate a modest meal and Rupert got his first taste of ale. It made him light headed and a little giddy. Fortunately, he didn't make any errors of deportment loud enough to have been heard. Lancelot made a mental note not to allow the boy any drink of that nature in public until the boy was more accustomed to it.

Returning to the tailor shoppe, Rupert was in awe of the finery he'd been presented with to wear. Without a care he stripped naked and dressed in his new garb. The Tailor noticed the fact that the boy's penis was devoid of hair but knew his place and said nothing. The fact that the tailor had noticed was not missed by Lancelot. When time came to settle up with the tailor, Lancelot added an extra gold coin to the payment. "This extra is to thank you for your haste in making these garments, and your loyalty." The last word had a special emphasis on it that was definitely not missed by the tailor.

Dressed in his new attire, Rupert strutted through the town on their way back to the keep with new found pride. He was a Squire to one of the most beloved Knights of the Realm, and he was proud.

They arrived back at Lancelot's keep. The sun had just set. Typically, in those days once the sun had set most people remained indoors. Lancelot took a seat in his chair and Rupert came to him. Rupert asked, "Sir, may I sit upon your lap? I so do love it when you hold me as you did at the inn the other day."

Lancelot held his arms out and the boy climbed into his lap wearing his new clothes. Lancelot wrapped his arms around the boy, burying his nose into the boy's hair. Noticing the smells of several days of not being washed, Lancelot said, in a joking manner, "Your horse has a better smell than you do, young squire. What say you, shall we bathe?"

Rupert turned his head to Lancelot and smiled. He then jumped off the man's lap and started heading toward the tub. Once there he was about to start filling the tub and he realized he was wearing his new clothes. Not wanting to spoil them, he stripped then began the process of filling the tub. Once it was ready, he went into the main room, still naked, and told Lancelot his bath was prepared.

Lancelot followed his squire and stood as the boy disrobed him. He stepped into the tub and, before sitting, picked the boy up and held him as he sat. This elicited giggles from Rupert as he was not expecting it. Rupert began to reach for the cup to rinse his knight, but Lancelot said, "This time I wish to bathe you first."

Lancelot grabbed the cup and rinsed his boy lovingly. In a short time, he'd come to care a great deal for this boy which amazed him since he usually wasn't very attracted to boys. Especially ones as young as Rupert.

In Rupert's mind, he was certain that tonight his knight would take him fully. Under other circumstances he'd be frightened, but he had a feeling that Lancelot truly cared for him and would in no way hurt him. He leisurely allowed his knight to bathe him. Once that was done, he turned and returned the favour. When it came time for Rupert to wash Lancelot's genitals, he was about to give the man a blow job, but Lancelot told him, "Nay, not on this occasion, young squire."

They finished their bathing and Lancelot stepped out before Rupert was able to do so first and took a plush towel and lifted the boy out of the tub and dried him fully. With a swat on his behind he told Rupert it was time for bed.

Rupert literally ran to the bed and prepared it. He pulled down the bedclothes, fluffed up the pillow, and stood there awaiting his knight. Lancelot entered and climbed into the bed, motioning for Rupert to join him. He pulled the boy close then covered the two of them. He snuggled his nose into the back of the boy's neck.

Rupert was waiting for the eventual to happen. Time went on and still he waited.

Eventually he whispered, "Sir?"

"Yes, Rupert?"

"Are you going to bugger me, Sir?"

Lancelot took on a very serious tone, yet caring tone when he said, "Rupert, I have no greater desire in all the world, however, I fear that you being so small a boy, you would be hurt. I cannot do that which could in any way harm you. Mayhaps over the next days I can get one of the younger squires to work with you so as we can do that which you so desire without the possibility of injury. But for tonight, just sleep close so we can feel one another's body close. Lancelot then hugged the boy closer to his own body, nuzzling his nose in the boy's freshly washed hair.

Rupert was confused. He wanted it, but understood not `why' he wanted it. True he was extremely fond of Lancelot, but, was it that Lancelot was not as fond of him? With all this going through his mind, Rupert fell into a troubled sleep.


As the sun shone in the eastern sky, Rupert awoke still in the arms of his knight. He carefully got out of bed as not to arouse his bed mate, relieved himself, stretched then proceeded to dress. He remembered from his tour the previous day where the kitchen was and decided to go fetch some breakfast for his knight.

He entered the kitchen and the woman there took one look at him and said, "Oh My! What have we here? Lancelot seems to have picked up a living doll, he has!"

Rupert was a might embarrassed, but in his soprano voice said, "Good Morning, Miss. I would like to fetch some food for Sir Lancelot."

"And so you shall, young squire. And so you shall!" She then proceeded to fill a basket with food enough for 4 men. She handed it to Rupert asking, "Are you sure you'll be able to carry all this?"

"Yes, Miss. Thank you." Rupert replied before grabbing the heavy bundle and trying not to show how he was straining to carry it left the kitchen and headed back to the keep.

Once there, Rupert set out two plates on the table and dished up the food, placing the basket with the additional food in the centre of the table. He then went to the bed and hopped up. He said softly into Lancelot's ear, "Sir. Breakfast is served, Sir. Please wake up."

Lancelot woke, turned his head and seeing the smiling face of his Rupert returned the smile, pulled the boy's head down and kissed him. "Good Morning to you, Rupert." Then Lancelot stood. Rupert pulled his dressing gown off the chair and helped his knight into the garment.

Together they went to the table where Lancelot was some impressed with the fare he'd acquired. "Where, pray tell, did you manage to get this fine feast?"

Rupert suddenly felt he may have made an error. In a voice full of contrition he said, "I went into the kitchen and the woman there gave this to me. Was I in error going there?"

Lancelot chuckled. "You mean that old battle axe actually gave this to you without incident? You must be quite the charmer. Sit, let us enjoy this fine repast you have provided. You surprise me daily, young squire."

They sat and dined upon the feast that was probably meant for the King. During breakfast, Lancelot explained that this morning he would take Rupert to begin his training with a sword. That afternoon, he'd introduce him to the previous youngest squire for some `additional' training.

Rupert was unsure what was meant by `additional' training, but had he known he would not have been displeased.


Breakfast finished, and cleared. Lancelot was dressed and the two went to the weapons master to pick out a sword suitable for Rupert. Arriving there they found one that would suffice, but Lancelot commissioned a new one specifically created for Rupert. Having been promised the new sword would be ready in a few days, they took the one they had chosen for Rupert's training, Lancelot paid the weapons master, and they left for the training fields.

Lancelot explained along the way the typical basics of swordsmanship. He explained that Rupert needed to treat the sword as an extension of his own arm. He should not try to wield the sword so much as to allow the sword's actions to be an extension of his own.

They arrived and Lancelot asked Rupert to hold the sword. Rupert was amazed at how heavy it felt. He was barely able to lift it, let alone swing it with any accuracy. Lancelot noticed that they boy was halting in his actions. He drew his own sword and demonstrated how to wield it in a fluid motion. Rupert watched and learned and his subsequent effort was significantly better.

Lancelot set up several training dummies and demonstrated to Rupert how to spar with them. Once he had his motions fluid, he would have him spar with another living person. The work was hard, but Lancelot was amazed at the speed at which his student was picking up on the art of swordsmanship. He began to think that he had nothing to fear with his wager with Sir Thomas.

They practiced for several hours, Rupert's ability growing with each successive attempt. About noontime, Lancelot called an end to the lesson. Together they went toward their keep when the King's Messenger found them.

"Sir Lancelot, His Majesty commands that you and your squire join him for the afternoon repast. Please hurry for I fear that if you are late, I shall be punished for failing to find you fast enough." The messenger, a boy barely older than Rupert himself said.

Lancelot nodded at the boy who led them to the King's dining room. His Majesty was already there and upon seeing them stood and said, "Ah, Rupert and Lancelot, I am quite pleased to see both of you. Come, sit." With that the King motioned and everyone else left the room.

Rupert was aghast at the fact that the King had greeted him before his knight. This was something that had not escaped Lancelot's recognition either. The two were shown to their seats, and Rupert was placed in the chair directly next to the King with Lancelot on the other side of Rupert.

The King addressed Lancelot. "Sir Lancelot, favourite of my Knights, I wish to ask if you and your squire had a good time once the hour for bed arrived last night? Did you show him what a good squire can do for his knight?"

"Your Majesty? I'm not sure I understand your question." Lancelot asked.

The king chuckled and turned to Rupert. "Lad, how did it feel having your Knight deep within you?"

Rupert blushed before answering truthfully, "Your Majesty, I know not. Lancelot was concerned for my well being. He is afraid he'll hurt me, Sir."

The King turned to Lancelot. "You care for this boy, do you not, Lancelot?" Without waiting for a response the King continued, "That is a good thing, I believe. Yes, perhaps he is yet too small for you, or I for that matter."

Lancelot then understood what this was about. The king was enamored with Rupert and wanted Lancelot to share the boy. He turned to the King, "Your Majesty. Tis true, I could not do or allow anything that may harm this boy. I have grown quite fond of him."

The King looked at Lancelot. "What say you, Lancelot? I have several young lads, pages, in my court. We could put one of them with young Rupert here and show him what he can do to avoid injury."

Lancelot then said, "I was thinking of enlisting Sir Robert's squire for that task, but, if you wish one of your pages to take on that duty, I shall feel honoured, Your Majesty."

The King turned to Rupert. "Would that be okay with you, young squire? To be taught by a boy a year or two older than you? To be taught and prepared for your Knight?"

Rupert then said solemnly, "If it pleases Your Majesty, and my Knight, then it pleases me, Sir."

The King laughed and said, "Done and Done. Now let's consume this fine meal my cook hast provided. I understand you pilfered some of my breakfast this morning, young Rupert."

Rupert became frightened. "Oh No, Your Majesty! That was not my intent. I merely asked the cook and she gave me that which I brought back for Lancelot!"

Again the King laughed, "Fear not, young squire, you did not commit an error. I just think it funny that she was so willing to give you that which you asked. She's not usually one to cater to the whim or requests of a boy, at least one that is not one of mine directly."

The three enjoyed the meal and when it was done the King said, "Lancelot, go now with Rupert to your keep, I shall send one of my pages to instruct the boy."

They stood and the King called to Rupert "Rupert, may I have you embrace me?"

Rupert turned and looked at Lancelot who nodded then the boy ran to His Majesty who knelt down and the two embraced, Rupert turning his head to look at his Knight for any sign of disapproval.

Rupert was pensive thinking of what was to happen that afternoon. He understood that they intended for the page to instruct Rupert in the way to have Lancelot bugger him. He was both scared and excited.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 4