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"A Squire's Tale"
by Hermes

Chapter 4

Lancelot had decided to take a brief nap as Rupert awaited his tutor. Moments after kissing his knight he'd returned to the table and sat and there was a knock at the door to the keep. Rupert stood and went to the door. Opening it he gazed upon a boy. This boy was dressed in the finery that bore the insignia of the king. Under the king's crest, there was a small pale blue insignia.

Rupert invited the lad into the keep. The boy, who appeared to be nary more than 12 years of age introduced himself. "I am Reginald. I am one of His Majesty's pages. I have been instructed to teach you some of the duties you shall be required to perform. Where is your knight?"

"He rests. Pardon me, but how do I address you? I'm not certain of the proper way in this case." Rupert said formally.

Laughing, Reginald said, "Even though I'm in direct service to His Majesty, we are pretty much equals, Rupert. Simply refer to me as Reginald, or Reggie as I prefer from my friends. You and I are going to get to know each other on a level far more intimate than most, so I believe this appropriate."

Rupert smiled even though he was nervous. Reggie saw this and took Rupert into his arms and gave him a hug. Whilst hugging, Reggie turned Rupert's face with his hand and they kissed. Passionately and deeply. Reggie's other hand roamed Rupert's back, eventually finding the boy's bum. He pulled Rupert closer to his own body and Rupert was able to feel the hardening appendage contained within the boy's breeches. Rupert also noticed that his own was also hardening. They broke their embrace and Reggie said in a raspy voice. "We can either go to my quarters or we can remain here, Rupert. Which would you prefer?"

"I would hide nothing of my activities from my knight. If it's okay, I'd prefer to remain here." Seeing a nod from Reggie, Rupert went and retrieved several blankets and a spare pillow and proceeded to create a makeshift bed on the floor in front of the hearth.

Once the bed was completed, Reggie took Rupert's hand and they walked to the edge of the bed. Reggie then slowly removed all of Rupert's clothing. Once Rupert was nude, his excitement was apparent. He reached to Reggie and mimicked his actions until the older boy was also nude. Rupert looked down at that which made Reggie male and was surprised that, even though Reggie and his brother Nigel were, or would have been, the same age, Reggie was significantly larger than his brother had been. He also had much more hair surrounding his member.

Reggie took his place on the bed and instructed Rupert to join him. Once they were lying on the makeshift bed, Reggie said, "How much do you know already, Rupert?"

Not knowing what to call what he knew how to do, he said, "I know not the proper names of what I know, but I shall show you." Rupert then moved his head down and engulfed the entire nearly 6 inches of Reggie's boyhood into his mouth. Using all he'd been taught he gave Reggie a spectacular blow job. Reggie was amazed at the way the younger boy was pleasing him. He made mental note to some of the techniques Rupert was employing, feeling he could use them to his own advantage next time he was summoned to the King's bedchamber.

A very short time later, Rupert was cleaning the remaining ejaculate from the older boy's penis. Reggie was slowly recovering from one of his most intense orgasms ever in his young life. After a few moments of recuperation, Reggie asked, "When was the last time you bathed?"

"Lancelot insisted on my bathing only minutes before you arrived. He actually bathed me. He took pains to make sure I was clean all over." With this last admission, Rupert began to giggle.

"Very good. Whilst I recover from your excellent performance, I shall show you something that His Majesty loves. I am certain Lancelot will as well." With that, Reggie positioned Rupert on his stomach. He took the boy's legs and bent them so Rupert was mostly kneeling with his head on the pillow. His bum was thus raised. Reggie positioned himself behind and, with his tongue, began to lick at what for Rupert had been primarily an exit. This was something Rupert's brother had never done and Rupert was truly enjoying the sensations of Reggie's tongue delving deeply into him.

After a few moments of this, Rupert was moaning with the pleasure. Reggie then took his finger and coated it with his own saliva and began tracing the edges of Rupert's nether hole. With practiced movements, Reggie inserted his finger into the younger boy. Rupert was amazed that he didn't feel any pain whatsoever. Reggie began slowly inserting his finger and withdrawing it. After a few moments of this, Rupert felt two fingers enter him. This was a sensation that he again had never felt and it began to cause him to moan loudly.

Lancelot heard the moaning and quietly got out of his bed. He approached the doorway to the main room and began to watch as Reggie was instructing his squire. After several minutes of Reggie using two, then three fingers into Rupert's backside, he positioned himself and his rejuvenated hard spear at the nether entrance to Rupert's body. Lancelot noticed that this boy was nearly as large as Lancelot himself. Reggie had reached over into a tin he'd taken from his tunic earlier and set along side the bed. There appeared to be some sort of tallow which he took on his fingers and coated both his hardened member and Rupert's hole. Lancelot watched as, in one constant motion, Reggie buried his prong deep into the boy.

Rupert was amazed that the slight pain he'd experienced with his brother was absent. His own nail was harder than he ever remembered it to be. The feeling of Reggie so deep within him was causing a nonstop series of moans to escape the boy's throat. Reggie had his hands on Rupert's hips and was sliding slowly in and out of the younger boy. His breathing was coming now in short gasps. All the while, Reggie was explaining things to Rupert. Telling him what he could do to both minimize his own discomfort and to maximize the pleasure for his partner. As with everything so far, Rupert was a quick study and in what seemed like no time at all, Reggie was informing him that he was about to receive the older boy's seed.

Reggie buried his own member deep into Rupert. Rupert could feel the hot blasts as they entered him. Coating his insides. As Reggie was finishing, Lancelot had approached. Rupert's eyes were screwed shut due to the significant pleasures coursing through his body with a rapid succession of dry orgasms of his own. Quietly, Lancelot instructed Reggie to pull out and move aside. Lancelot took some of the tallow and coated his rampantly hard member, positioned himself behind his squire and easily entered him.

Rupert noticed a difference but was too overcome with his own pleasure to turn and see that which was happening. Lancelot, using the older boy's own seed as lubricant gave Rupert that which he so desired. At one point, Lancelot slowed his actions, bent his torso down and whispered to Rupert, "'Tis I, young squire. Your knight has finally taken you as his own."

This caused a swelling of pride in Rupert's heart. He tried as best he could to remember all that Reggie had taught him and to make this as pleasurable for his knight as he could. In a time that was far too short, Rupert felt Lancelot's member begin to swell inside him. He then felt the hot blasts of Lancelot's seed.

Once they had finished, Lancelot laid down against Rupert's back hugging the boy. He whispered into Rupert's ear, "I love you, Young Master Rupert." He then kissed the boy's neck. He pulled out and lay on his back. Rupert, without being told, scooted down and, with his mouth, cleaned his knight. Lancelot motioned to Reggie to lay next to him. He was holding Rupert on one side, Reggie on the other. He turned to Reggie and was about to whisper to him when Reggie said quietly, "Sir. His Majesty has instructed me that anything I hear whilst in your company is to be repeated to nobody save himself. If I may say, Sir, I am a might jealous of your squire. I am aware that His Majesty cares for me, but I would give anything for him to love me as you obviously do young Rupert. Nothing shall pass my lips of what I witnessed here, except to His Majesty."

Lancelot then turned his head and kissed Reggie deeply before turning his head and doing likewise to Rupert. The three stayed in that makeshift bed for nearly half an hour just enjoying the feeling of being together. They arose and Reggie took a look out the window. He noticed that the sun was nearly set and he informed the others that His Majesty had commanded that once the lesson was completed, he was to accompany both of you to his chambers.

The three stood. Rupert dressed his knight, then, as an act of thanks, dressed Reggie before putting his own clothing on. He approached Reggie and said, "Thank you Reggie. I hope we can see each other again for I am certain there is much more for me to learn." He then kissed Reggie deeply. The three then left to their commanded audience with the king.


The eldest squire currently residing at the castle is the squire to Sir Thomas. William was nearly 16. When he saw the boy he was to face in the challenge his knight had brought he had difficulty hiding his mirth. Both he and Sir Thomas were nearly in tears. Needless to say, with his abilities, he should dispatch this boy in mere minutes.

This was what was going through his mind as he was in the town running an errand for his knight. He entered the shoppe of the tailor to fetch some new clothing Sir Thomas had ordered. As he entered the shop he happened across another squire. The lad, John, decided to tag along with his idol, William. They were laughing as they entered the shoppe. John said, "That scrawny little imp hasn't a chance against you, Will. How much did Sir Thomas tell you he would give you from the purse?"

"If I am able to dispatch Sir Lancelot's runt in less than 10 minutes, he said I could have it all. Otherwise, the usual. 10 coins." William was laughing. In his mind he was thinking what he would do with 100 gold coins.

The tailor overheard this conversation and approached William. "I may have some information that would be worth a coin or two."

"You do, do you? Well, out with it. Sir Thomas will decide if it's worth anything." William said haughtily.

"Well," the Tailor began, "I have it on good authority that Sir Lancelot's squire hasn't yet attained the proper age for a squire."

"And what proof can you offer of this? If it can't be proven the information is worthless."

"Just yesterday, Sir Lancelot was in here wanting me to rush new clothing for his new squire. The boy disrobed right here. The boy hasn't a single hair. If I were to place a wager on it, I'd bet he hasn't yet attained his 11th year, let alone 12th."

William thought. "I will bring this information to my knight. If he deems it worthy, I'll return with your payment." William said. The Tailor handed him the bundle that the knight had ordered and William and John left the shoppe.

On their way back, John said, "If it's true, Lancelot is in quite a bit of trouble. His Majesty is strict when it comes to making sure a squire has attained the proper age."

"Regardless of what Sir Thomas says, that Tailor isn't getting a farthing for his information. If he's but 10 or 11, it'll make it easier for me to dispatch him in the challenge. I can count that 100 coins now!"

William made haste on his way back to see his knight. He was certain that Sir Thomas would be pleased with him for this news. Thomas had been becoming jealous of Lancelot and his growing popularity. It threatened his own standing as leader of the court's knights.

Thomas was enjoying a leisurely time waiting for his dinner to be served when William barged in without so much as a 'begging your pardon'. Thomas turned to his squire and said, "This had better be good, boy. You know better than to interrupt me!"

Breathlessly, William said, "I was at the tailor shoppe getting your things when the Tailor told me that he had reason to believe that Sir Lancelot's new squire hasn't yet attained the age." Thomas mulled this new information over, and, without a word, donned his tunic and was out the door heading for His Majesty.


When Rupert, Reggie, and Lancelot arrived in the King's audience chamber, they were surprised to see Sir Thomas there. He and the king were in discussion and neither of them appeared to be the least bit happy.

Finally, the king was heard to say, in a voice that was menacing at best, "Sir Thomas, Captain of my court, you shall not speak of this to anyone. The item you have brought before me was already known to me and it has my approval. Any action or indiscretion on your part will be met with the most dire of consequences. Be gone!" With that, Thomas bowed politely, turned, glared at Lancelot, and left the room.


The king rose from his throne and walked up to Reggie. He took the boy into his arms, bent his head down, and kissed the boy squarely on his lips. His arms still about the boy's shoulders, with Reggie pressed with his back to the king, His Majesty turned to Lancelot and Rupert. "How did the tutoring go?"

Rupert forgot himself momentarily and began an excited recount of what had transpired. The elation in his voice was unmistakeable. After going on like that for several minutes, Rupert then realized what he'd done. Once again, his demeanor changed to that of contrition. "Please forgive me, Your Majesty, in my excitement, I forgot my place."

The king laughed. "It is quiet alright, young squire. I remember Reginald's first time as if it were yesterday. He was at least as excited as you. I am happy he was as helpful as it seems he was." The king then bent his head and kissed Reggie on the cheek. "Reginald, please take young Rupert to your quarters for a bit. I have some business to discuss with Sir Lancelot."

Reggie took Rupert's hand and, after both bowed low to the king, and Rupert received a nod from his knight, the pair left, giggling.

The king and Lancelot watched them as they left. His Majesty then turned to Lancelot, "I would imagine they're off for another lesson. You and I have a problem to discuss.


Sir Thomas was beside himself with anger. He had approached the king to inform him that one of his knights had broken the king's own law forbidding squires who had not yet reached puberty. He tells the King and what is his reward? He is ceremoniously chastised. The king tells him that Lancelot had come and received permission to keep the boy on as his squire, and further, that if Thomas caused any undue problems he would be the one to be punished.

This was a situation he could not accept. He had been harbouring feelings of unrest regarding the king and some of his policies. It was time to deal with this. He stormed into his keep and began packing his provisions. He told his squire to train for the upcoming challenge. He was so angry he told William "I don't care what you have to do, I want that boy to sustain an injury that will end his life during the challenge. Do this and I shall release you from your conscription, and, in addition, I will sponsor you for nobility."

Without waiting for a response, Thomas took his satchel and left. William had never seen his knight so incensed. His only problem was that he didn't feel as if he could knowingly kill so young a boy. However, to be promoted to the Nobility? That was something he'd always dreamed of. The hour was getting late so William simply retired for the night. He'd consider his position in the morning.



Reggie and Rupert entered the 'boys quarters' finding two other young boys, slightly older than Reggie, already there, in the only bed in the room. Rupert was shocked when he saw what appeared to be the older of the two with his member fully imbedded into the other boy. Reggie saw the surprise on Rupert's face and laughed. "We really DO like what we do. The one on the top is Miles, he's almost 15, the other boy is Arthur, he's 13, like me, but he's a little older. Miles is the favourite of Aureleus and Arthur is Uther Pendragon's regular boy."

Miles looked over and saw Rupert. He said to Reggie as he continued his thrusting into Arthur, "Who's the new boy, Reg?"

"He's Sir Lancelot's squire. His Majesty enlisted me to teach him some things. Hurry up and finish so we can properly introduce you!"

Arthur smiled at Rupert. "Um, can someone finish me off whilst Miles has his was with my bum?"

Reggie turned to Rupert and told him that Arthur likes someone to suck on him as he gets it in his bum. Reggie started to move toward the bed but Rupert was faster. He jumped onto the bed and in a flash had Arthur between his lips. Arthur was truly enjoying the dual assault on his body. Miles looked down and said to Reggie, "He's a randy little sod, isn't he!"

"It appears so, and Miles, Arthur is in for a treat. Rupert is one of the best I've ever had suck me. We could probably learn from him!"

"Well... is that so? I guess he'll have to suck on me so I can prove what you say is true. But, remember, I never make snap judgments, so he'll probably have to do me 3 or 4 times!"

This caused Reggie to laugh but the excitement of watching Rupert suck on Arthur, combined with Arthur's moans was fast pushing the older boy over the brink. When Arthur's own orgasm took him, the pressure on Miles' member increased and it was done. He fired his seed deep into the boy on his back as the boy on his back fired his into Rupert's gullet.

Rupert disengaged from Arthur as Miles pulled out. Arthur looked at Rupert with awe, "Wow mate! That was brilliant! How did you learn how to do it that good?"

Rupert shyly replied, "I am not sure, it just seemed the proper way."

The boys then huddled on the bed as introductions were made. Then the real fun started.


Lancelot and the King were deep in discussion. His Majesty had told him of Sir Thomas' accusal. "You know, Lancelot, Thomas can become a problem."

"Begging your Majesty's pardon, but, why not issue an edict lowering the age for a squire to 10? Would that not eliminate the threat?"

Constantine scratched his chin as he mulled over the suggestion. "So Be It! Please fetch my scribe." Lancelot went to the door, opened it, said something, and a moment later returned with another man; the King's scribe.

His Majesty said to the scribe, "I am about to make a Royal Proclamation. I want you to take it down and make sure it's sent to all of the kingdom. By Order of His Majesty, King Constantine, Ruler of all Logres, The age for service as a Knight's Squire, Royal Page, or Apprentice, is hereby lowered from the age of 12 to the age of 10." The scribe copied down the king's words, bowed, and left the room.

Once alone, the King turned to Lancelot. "Good Knight. I still fear some problem will come from Sir Thomas. I feel it in my bones."

Coming Soon -- Chapter 5