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There are times in our lives where reality rears its ugly head. During the past few months I have endured such a time in my life. Again it was my health that stole away my muse, but, it appears he's come home. I apologize for the delay in this chapter; hopefully the next will not take as long.

"A Squire's Tale"

by Hermes

Preface to Chapter 6

Since there has been an extended hiatus on my part, I felt it necessary to give a bit of a recap. For those of you reading this chapter immediately after reading the previous five chapters you can choose to skip this recap if you so desire.

Our story opened with two young lads frolicking with each other playing the age old game of Tag. Due to unfortunate circumstances the elder of the two brothers met up with a fatal accident. This occurred a day before the boy was to be conscripted into the service of a Knight of the Realm. Upon his arrival, the Knight, Lancelot, was informed of the untimely demise of his intended young squire and was about to get the name of another boy, a friend of the boy who was killed when the elder boy's brother, Rupert, implored the knight to allow him to serve in his brother's stead.

It came about that young 10 year old Rupert came into the service of Lancelot. During the three days that followed as they were in transit to the castle where Lancelot's keep was located something strange happened. Well, it's strange for anyone who doesn't know how a young boy can grow on you. Lancelot found himself becoming more and more taken with the young squire.

They arrived at the castle and young Rupert was introduced to several others. One in particular, Sir Thomas, Captain of the King's Court, whether through competitiveness or through jealousy challenged Sir Lancelot's squire to a battle with his own squire, William, who was nearly 16 years of age. Lancelot accepted the challenge.

The king, upon meeting Rupert was immediately smitten by him. The King, Constantine II, was known for his 'love' of boys. His own page, and personal boy, Reginald, was enlisted to teach young Rupert the ways of male on male sex. In so doing, the two became inseparable. No, they didn't get stuck together, but they became very good friends.

Sir Thomas, upon finding out that Rupert had not yet attained his 12th year, a requirement for becoming a Squire, went to the King in an effort to cause trouble for Lancelot, and in so doing, cause Lancelot to have to forfeit the wager they had made on the match. Lancelot, being the ever loyal servant of the King had already informed the King of Rupert's true age and had gotten permission to keep young Rupert on as his Squire. This news incensed Thomas. He instructed his squire to make certain that young Rupert failed to leave the match between the two still in possession of his life. This was a request that struck William badly.

Under the ruse of a parley, Thomas got the king to travel outside the castle walls, alone and unguarded. Unbeknownst to the king, and to Thomas, Sir Thomas' squire, William, who had decided to inform the King of the illegal request made on him by his Knight, had followed the King. From a copse of trees which concealed his presence, William watched Thomas unsheathe his blade and kill King Constantine II.

William, fearing for his life fled back to the castle where he informed all of what he'd witnessed. A short manhunt ensued whereby Thomas was captured and brought before the new King, Constantine III (Constans), the deceased monarch's eldest son. Thomas was accused and confessed to his deeds. He was sentenced to be hanged by the neck the next morning.

The next morning, after the hanging, William was knighted by the King as a reward for his service. Reginald, who had been boy page of the former King was conscripted by William as his Squire since the new King was not enamored by young boys. In fact, He was a 'loved boy' himself by none other than his adviser, Vortimer.

One of the other boys, Arthur, who was the boy page and lover of another of the former King's sons, Uther Pendragon, finds out that his Prince was engaged to be married. Typically this did not end well for the boy loved by one of nobility. However, Uther truly loved Arthur and it was agreed that his fate would not be ended by the marriage.

That, in a nutshell, is where the story is to date. If you want more detail, you may wish to read the first 5 chapters again before continuing with Chapter 6. Again, I am sorry for the long delay in this chapter, but, as it has been said by many a sagely person, "Sh*t Happens."


"A Squire's Tale"

by Hermes

Chapter 6

The night before the hanging, after having heard that his father was dead, Uther Pendragon was nearly inconsolable. His boy, Arthur, had arrived knowing that the man he loved would need him. That night he shared the man's bed and in the throes of ecstasy Uther pronounced his love for the boy. "Arthur, I shall love you as long as my body draws breath, however, in my position I am required to marry and take a wife. You shall remain with me until your dying day. Should I be blessed with a son, I shall give him your name in honour of our love."

Arthur shed tears of both joy and sorrow for he knew his Prince loved him beyond words, however he knew the law. Once Uther took a bride, the boy would be dispatched, or at best cast out. This was to be his fate. He accepted it and decided to show his man as much love and devotion as he could before that day transpired. Little did he know how short that time would be.


Lancelot approached His Majesty unknowing of what the reason for his being summoned was. He approached the throne whereupon the King sat, took a knee and said, "As commanded, Your Majesty, I have presented myself to you. How may I, your loyal servant be of service?"

Constantine III looked upon his Knight, his loyal servant, then turned to Vortimer and nodded. Vortimer then spoke. "Lancelot, I mentioned to His Majesty what has transpired in regards to the former King's boy, Reginald. He was quite pleased that you took it upon yourself to take care of an issue His Majesty was as yet unsure how to deal with. Whereas, Thomas had held the position of Captain of the King's Court. Now this position is open. After parley with his brothers, His Majesty wishes to appoint you to this position. You have shown in the past that your loyalty was to your King we have no reason to believe that you will treat the new King any differently."

"Your Majesty, I am deeply honoured by this appointment, and as you expected, I hereby reaffirm my oath of loyalty to you and your court. Simply ask what you will and it shall be done." Lancelot replied formally.

Vortimer then handed Lancelot a necklace which signified his new rank. Lancelot donned the necklace, bowed to His Majesty saying, "By your leave, Your Majesty." Vortimer nodded to Constans who in turn nodded to Lancelot. With that, Lancelot turned and left the audience chamber.


William and Reggie returned to Thomas' former keep, now that of Sir William. They sat at the table and William told Reggie how he'd secretly watched him and of his desires to get closer to the boy. Reggie took this as an invitation and approached his Knight. He undid the tie on the lad's breaches and extracted that which made him male. Reggie suppressed a laugh when he'd seen that even though William was three years older, that which he concealed in his breeches was far smaller than Reggie's own. It was barely larger than Rupert's. Save for the hair surrounding it, one might think it belonged to a boy of 11 or 12, not 16. However, it was not his place to care. He deftly engulfed the member of the older boy and, employing some of the technique he'd learned from Rupert, gave William the first of many blow jobs he'd give the boy/man over the coming years. William was pleased with his decision.


As it has a way of doing, time passed. Now, three weeks after Thomas met his demise and Lancelot had been promoted to Captain, Rupert was well into his training. For such a small lad he had picked up on the art of being a squire better than most. He had developed a keen friendship with Reggie, as one might expect, but looked forward to the now nightly activities with his knight. Rupert was busy cleaning the keep whilst Lancelot was out doing what knights do in the castle when there was a frantic pounding on the door.

Rupert went to it and opened it to find Arthur there with tears staining his cheeks. It was obvious by looking at him that he'd been crying for a while. Rupert beckoned him into the keep and once inside Arthur grabbed Rupert in a hug, buried his head into Rupert's shoulder and sobbed. After some moments he'd regained enough of his composure to answer Rupert's constant questioning as to what was wrong.

"U-U-Uther is getting married!" Sobbed the older boy.

This eventuality had been expected, however nobody expected it this quickly. Rupert knew that a boy to royalty usually met some rather unfortunate demise soon after the wedding of the man he was responsible to 'service', unless other arrangements could be made, and made quickly. Rupert hugged the boy trying to get him to stop sobbing. It was during this time that Lancelot returned finding the two in that position.

"Squire, pray tell, what's the problem here?" Lancelot inquired.

Arthur looked up at the man, tears still falling from his eyes as Rupert told his Knight what was happening. Rupert had been considering this eventuality for some time and an idea had been formulating in his mind, however he'd yet to broach the subject with Lancelot. But, he shouldn't have feared.

Lancelot sat in a chair and beckoned Arthur to him. He took the boy into his arms and pulled him onto his lap. In a quiet and gentle voice he asked, "So, why the tears? Do you not wish the new posting?"

Rupert and Arthur looked at one another with puzzlement. Arthur held back his sobs, turned to Lancelot and said, "I'm sorry, Sir. But what new posting?"

Lancelot struck an expression of puzzlement now himself. "Have you not been told, lad? It was earlier this very morning that Uther approached me and told me of his upcoming engagement. He was distraught because he didn't know what he could or would do regarding you. You know, he loves you deeply. He asked, nay, implored me, to go before his brother, the King and request that since now I hold the position of Captain, that I should be entitled to have a second squire. So, I went before His Majesty and explained the situation. I went to Uther and explained that I'd secured His Majesty's permission to take you on as my second squire. Uther was to tell you when he told you of his upcoming marriage."

The expression on Arthur's face went from deep sorrow, to a broad smile in less time than it took to take a breath. He then hugged Lancelot fiercely, kissing him on the cheek. Moments later realized that he'd overstepped himself, pulled back and started staring at his feet. "I'm sorry, Sir. I took a liberty not properly taken by one of my station. I shall accept any punishment you deem necessary."

This caused Rupert to laugh, which in turn caused Lancelot to laugh as well. Arthur's puzzlement grew at hearing this.

Rupert turned to Arthur and said, "Sir Lancelot permits this kind of activity whilst inside the keep. So long as it's not done outside." The relief on Arthur's face was quite noticeable. Lancelot then told both boys to take a seat and explained that even though Arthur was older than Rupert, Rupert would still hold the position of 'First Squire'. Arthur would take his direction from Rupert, and Rupert would be responsible for any and all duties. He could direct Arthur to do whatever needed to be done. However, Lancelot admonished that he should not become lazy, delegating all of the work to Arthur."

And so it was agreed.


Vortimer scoffed at Constans lying on the bed under him. Simply by virtue of his birth he'd risen to the highest position in the land. However, Vortimer knew that he held the actual power. As long as Constans had been in his charge, he'd controlled the boy. Vortimer thought back as he almost violently drove his hard member in and out of the backside of the dimwit 'King' under him. He thought back to the first day he'd met the boy.


Constans was 11. However, to talk to the boy on would think he was far younger. Instantly he disliked Constans. But, knowing that someday this feeble minded boy would be King, he decided right then and there to control the boy. It was that first night when he first showed the boy that he was nothing more than a tool to satisfy his sexual needs. In the years to come he'd follow Vortimer's will and in time, once ascended to the throne he, Vortimer, would then wield absolute power.

End of Flashback:

Time passed and questions began arising as to why the now teenaged Constans seemed to have no interest in the opposite sex. In actuality, Constans was gay. In those days they didn't have a word for it, but, the opposite sex held no attraction or allure to Constans. This presented Vortimer with a problem. As a result, he conceived a plan to divert attention away from Constans' apparent lack of interest. He convinced Constans to enter a monastery and take on the role of Monk. Once the King, Constantine II, Constans' father died, he'd leave the monastery to assume his position as the rightful king. However, on one ill-fated night, Vortimer was away and Constans was caught with one of the boys from the orphanage in a rather compromising position. Due to his status, Vortimer was able to get the monks at the monastery to keep it secret provided Constans left the monastic life immediately. It was simply a case of bad timing. Fate being cruel that it was on the very day that Constans returned that his father was murdered. Or, was it bad timing or bad fate after all?


Author's Note: This chapter is a bridge to many events that will transpire in future chapters. I could have held off until I got more 'meat' before posting this, but you have all waited far too long for this installment. I promise that another will be forthcoming in a very small fraction of the time between chapters 5 and 6.