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"A Squire's Tale"

by Hermes

Chapter 7

Constans awoke with a melancholy he was far too used to. His arse was sore. His nostrils smelled an odor he was quite familiar with; that of Vortimer's foul sweat. At first, he didn't know any better. Vortimer had been charged with bringing him up since his father, the King had so much else on his mind. The first time Vortimer had taken his then 11 year old backside he was frightened. It had hurt terribly, but he was told that nobody would believe him if he'd told what had transpired. Over time, he actually came to enjoy the feeling. He enjoyed being 'loved'.


As he grew older and nature had started changing his body from that of a boy to that of a young man, his feelings started to grow, as well as parts of his anatomy, when he'd see a young boy. His younger brothers made him feel funny. When he and his brothers would bathe he didn't understand why his cock would grow. The younger boys thought it funny. Constans simply found it confusing.

When Vortimer would take him after that, his young appendage would grow and the feelings coursing through his body would become intense. After a time, he talked to Vortimer of his feelings. Then one day, Vortimer told him he was going away. He took him to a Monastery telling him he was to become a Monk. He began his life there still not quite grasping what was going on.

There were other boys there. Some older, some younger than himself. There was one particular boy who Constans met when he had been at the Monastery for several years. Constans was now a young man of 18. The boy, Joseph had come to the Monastery when his family had been killed by robbers. The boy was but 12 and frightened.

Vortimer had gone to take care of some business and wasn't to return for at least a week. Constans met Joseph and the two hit it off and became fast friends. They were virtually inseparable. During the first couple days, the brothers saw the kinship that was developing between the two and decided that Constans would become a mentor of sorts to the younger lad. So it was that they were assigned to share living quarters.

Joseph came to the point where he felt deeply in his heart a love for Constans that he didn't quite understand, but he felt himself being drawn closer and closer to the older boy/man. He noticed when they bathed that Constans' cock would grow much as his own did. It was confusing.

One night, after they'd said their prayers and gone to bed, Joseph awoke. He heard Constans' deep and regular breaths knowing then that his Mentor was asleep. A burning curiosity overtook him. He tossed his blanket off his naked body. Seeing that his cock was standing tall, Joseph crept over to Constans' bed not fully understanding what he wanted or why. Gently, he lifted the cover from Constans' body and climbed into the small bed with him. His hands roamed over the developing body of his Mentor finally finding that Constans' own cock was also standing proudly. He grasped it in his hand much as he did from time to time with his own and started sliding his hand up and down, watching the man's foreskin cover and uncover the head.

This action caused Constans to awaken. Nobody other than Vortimer had ever touched him there and he found that the feelings being produced by his friend's hand were far more pleasurable than when he'd done the same to himself, and significantly more pleasurable than when Vortimer's rough hands had handled him.

He moaned which caused Joseph to stop his ministrations in fear that he'd been caught. Constans then took the boy's hand in his own and manipulated it such that Joseph restarted his actions. Contstans, finding that Joseph was doing just fine, took his own hand and searched for Joseph's then finding it began giving him the same treatment. The boy turned his head toward that of his Mentor. Constans felt an overpowering need. He moved his lips close to the boy's own and together they shared a gentle kiss.

Over time, the two had shifted their positions. Joseph was now on his back. Constans was between the lad's legs. Constans then did what he'd been experiencing for several years, but on the giving end instead of the receiving end. He lifted the boy's legs, spread his bum cheeks open wide then placed his fully engorged member at the boy's opening and pushed.

Constans was dim, so he didn't consider the fact that he was significantly larger than Joseph. He'd failed to properly 'prepare' the lad for entry. Joseph screamed out from excruciating pain. Constans immediately stopped and waited several moments until the boy adjusted and became more comfotable then with loving moves began buggering the boy. Minutes later, with Constans fully imbedded into the boy's nether regions, the door burst open and two of the brothers entered the room.

The pair was separated. One of the brothers took Joseph out of the room while several others who had arrived bound Constans.

Early the following morning, Vortimer returned to be told about the fact that Constans had raped a young boy. Vortimer immediately went into a mode of trying to cover it up. He was able to make an agreement with the Brothers that Constans, being the son of the King, would be allowed to leave and nothing would be said.

End of Flashback.

Constans laid in his bed with Vortimer still sleeping and his heart yearned for Joseph. A thought came to him. He was now King. He could have whatever he desired. He stood from his bed, put on his royal robes and left his suite. Vortimer was still deeply asleep. Constans walked and found one of his pages and sent for Lancelot, his Captain of the King's Knights.

Minutes later, Lancelot was kneeling before him.

"Lancelot," King Constantine III began, "I have for you a quest. When I was at the Monastery , there was a young boy. His name was Joseph. I want for you to go to the Monastery and bring young Joseph here. He is to become my personal Page."

Vortimer had awoken and, not finding Constans in the room went in search of him. He was entering the King's audience chambers and overheard the request that Constans was making of Lancelot. He began to interrupt when Constans turned to him.

"Vortimer. You can no longer tell me what to do and say. I am now King. You will learn your place. Be gone with you and arrange for my breakfast!"

Vortimer stood nonplussed but realized that he was not in a position at that moment to do much about it. He turned, bowed to the King, then left the room.


Lancelot returned to his keep to inform Rupert and Arthur of their quest. During his walk back from seeing the King, Lancelot decided that both of his squires would accompany him on this quest. He felt it would be a good test of Rupert's new found skills, and he could use Arthur's experience should Rupert need additional training on one area or another. In addition, once they found Joseph, it would lend another pair of eyes in keeping him safe.

Lancelot entered the keep and didn't immediately find the two boys. He searched high and low, yet they were not inside. Then he heard it. The clanging of metal on metal. Looking out the back window of the keep, he saw the two engaging in sword play. Quietly he watched the pair. In the short months since Rupert had taken up the sword he had become quite proficient. To watch him one would never consider him to be as inexperienced as he was. Lancelot watched with pride as Rupert dueled Arthur, eventually besting him. Rupert had knocked Arthur to the ground and the tip of his sword was poised at the older boy's neck. Rupert had won the match. Lancelot called out to the two to return to the keep.

Breathlessly, the two entered their dwelling. Lancelot turned to Rupert; "I am quite pleased with your progress with the sword, young squire." Then, turning to Arthur, "Thank you for taking the time to assist in Rupert's training." Both boys bowed to their master. Lancelot continued, "Today, I have been to see His Majesty. He has commanded me, and thereby you two as well, to set out on a quest. We shall prepare and leave immediately. Rupert, plan on a fortnight's provisions. Should we need more, we can acquire it whilst away."

During the next two hours, Rupert and Arthur prepared to leave. Lancelot watched as Rupert took charge, as he should as 1st Squire. In far less time than Lancelot had expected, they were packed, their horses were prepared, and they were ready to leave.

As they were about to mount their horses, Rupert turned to Lancelot; "Sir, may I be so bold as to ask what exactly this quest is?"

With a chuckle, Lancelot replied, "Tis not bold, young Squire, I am glad you had the courage, nay, common sense, to ask. We have been commanded by His Majesty to seek out and bring back a lad he had known at the Monastery. This lad is to become His Majesty's personal Page."

The meaning of this was beyond Rupert, but Arthur knew full well what the title "Personal Page" actually meant. Reginald was "Personal Page" to the former king, as he was "Personal Page" to Uther. It was slightly confusing to him due to the fact that he'd been told that the current King did not enjoy the company of boys.

"Right, we shall start at the Monastery. It is located several days ride to the north. If good fortune follows us, young Joseph will be there. We can then collect him and bring him back. If not, they will have knowledge as to the boy's current whereabouts." Lancelot stated.

With that, the two squires climbed aboard the wagon Rupert had packed with their needs and Lancelot, after making a final check that Rupert had indeed brought sufficient provisions, mounted his horse and the quest was on. They rode out of the first castle walls and into the town. Through the town people saw the knight followed by his two squires and quietly wondered where they were off to.

The trio passed through the town and arrived at the outer wall. Lancelot bade farewell to the gate guards and requested that they lower the bridge. That done, the party exited the castle. The quest was on.

They rode at a leisurely pace. There was a camaraderie among them. Lancelot was internally pleased at his two squires. Several hours later, they had become quiet. Each within his own mind when Rupert began singing.


Now well may we mirthës make:
For us Jhesu manhood hath take
Only for our sinnës sake;
Alleluia. Alleluia.

A King of Kings now forth is brought
Of a maid that sinnëd nought,
Neither in deed, neither in thought,
Res miranda. Alleluia.

An angel of counsel this day is born
Of a maid, I said beforn,
For to save that was forlorn;
Sol de stella. Alleluia.

That sun hath never down-going,
Neither his light no time lesing;
The star is evermore shining,
Semper clara. Alleluia.

Right as the star bringeth forth a beam
Of whom there cometh a marvellous stream,
So childed the maid withoutë wem;

Lancelot turned to see the boy with the immature voice, then glanced at Arthur who seemed enraptured by the angelic sound coming from his friend's mouth. Eventually, Rupert noticed that the others were staring at him and he became extremely embarrassed.

Lancelot looked him directly in the eyes, "Rupert. I had no idea you had such a beautiful singing voice. Please, do not stop. It softens the harshness of the road and helps to pass the time. So it was that for the next several hours, Rupert, and sometimes Arthur, would entertain the others with one of the popular songs of the day.

Man in the moon stands and strides;
On his boatfork his burden he beareth.
It is a great wonder that he down does not slide;
For fear, lest he fall, he shuddereth and veereth.
When the frost freezeth, much chill he bides.
There's no-one in the world who knows when he sits,
Unless it be the hedge, what clothes he weareth.
Whither, think you, hath this man gone?
He hath set one foot in front of the other,
In any height he's reached, I have never seen him shaken;
He is the slowest man that ever was born.

They had made excellent time. Already they were nearly a quarter of a day's ride ahead of where Lancelot had expected them to be. Lancelot turned to Rupert, "It's time to find a place to make camp, Rupert. Please locate a suitable location and you and Arthur get our camp set-up."

Rupert found a good clearing about 100 yards away from the road which was concealed from passers by close to a copse of trees. Nearby there was a small lake. As Lancelot scouted the area, Rupert directed Arthur as to what he wanted done and in virtually no time at all the camp was set, and before Lancelot returned about an hour after he'd taken off scouting, they'd even gotten a good sized fire going in the pit the two had dug. Lancelot was quite pleased on his return.

There was still a couple hours of daylight left. Lancelot turned to his squires, "Whilst I prepare a meal for us why don't the two of you refresh yourselves in yon lake." Lancelot had barely gotten the words out of his mouth when the two bolted toward the lake, clothing flying behind them as they went. Lancelot watched the two naked boys cavorting in the water for a few minutes, then took a rasher of meat he'd seen that Rupert had packed, built a spit on which to roast it over the fire and began the preparation of their evening meal.

In the lake, Rupert quietly approached Arthur from behind, ducked under the water and grabbed hold of that which made Arthur male. He popped his head up about the same time that something else 'popped up' on Arthur. Over the past several weeks, Arthur and Rupert had become very physical with one another. Sex play between the two, not to mention their frequent forays with Lancelot, had become quite common. As Rupert gently stroked his older friend, Arthur formed another idea.

"Rupert, I have been wondering. In all our sex, it has always been either Lancelot or I who have penetrated you. Do you not want to try it the other way?"

Rupert was shocked. He'd always figured that since he was the youngest, and had the smallest cock, that it was just 'right' for him to be the one to receive. The idea of placing his cock inside of Arthur had never even crossed his mind. Arthur saw the indecision in the younger lad's eyes, so he decided to take charge, of a sort. He gently removed the boy's hand from his own penis, turned and backed up. With his own hand, he guided Rupert's none-too-small cock to his opening and virtually impaled himself on the cock attached to his younger friend. The feelings Rupert was experiencing were absolutely amazing. Better than being sucked on, and far, far better than a wank. Slowly he built up a rhythm and before long he was experiencing one of the most powerful dry orgasms he'd ever had. For Arthur, it was a great feeling. He enjoyed being penetrated, and due to the size, or lack thereof, of Rupert's member, he received all of the pleasure, without any of the slight pain he usually experienced when being buggered by one who was older, and larger.

Lancelot had spied the activity and knew what was happening. He was happy that Arthur had permitted it to happen. He was starting to worry that Rupert might begin to feel a bit used. Their dinner ready he called out to the pair to come and eat. They scurried back from the lake, picking up their clothing as they returned, but sat naked on the logs they'd set out around the campfire to eat. Rupert enjoyed the warmth from the fire on his genitals in the chill air.

The group enjoyed their repast and Rupert entertained the others with a few more songs.

Darkness had fallen and they decided to go to bed.

Inside the tent the boys had erected, Lancelot was helped out of his clothing by his squires and laid down on the bed the boys had prepared. Arthur laid down on Lancelot's right, and Rupert on the left. A few minutes later, the tent was not all that was erected on that site.


Joseph sat on the cold stone floor of the room he'd been thrown into the previous night. He was shivering because he was so chilled. He had nothing to cover his naked body to protect himself from the cold air. Silently he berated himself for not just laying back and letting the man do what he wanted. He still does not know what possessed him to kick the man. Especially 'where' he kicked him. He was certain that this would be his last day of life.

Looking out the solitary window really than a vertical cut into the wall about 2 inches thick and about 2 feet tall, he could tell that the day was beginning. He wondered how long it would be until the man came for him. Came to kill him.

His thoughts drifted back to his time at the Monastery and his Mentor, Constans. He spoke, mainly to himself but in his heart he hoped that some power would hear his words. "I love you, Constans."

The weeks since he and Constans had joined had been sheer hell on the 12-year-old boy. First, the brothers at the Monastery told him how evil and vile a creature he was, and he would surely end up in hell. Then there were the ones that, while he was being held in a locked room scarcely more than a closet would come in and use his body. Then came the day where he was taken from his 'room', bathed, and dressed in new clothing. The day he came for him. The day he was sold to the man who said he was a Knight.

Joseph knew enough to know that knights weren't evil people, and this man was just that. Evil. He'd been told that he would serve this man until the man saw fit to release him. He was to do anything and everything the man told him to do without question. When they left the Monastery he was placed into the back of a wagon. They drove for several hours then stopped. He was taken by the man into a building and thrown down onto a bed. The man tore his new clothing off his body and once the boy was naked, the man leered at him. "This is your uniform from here on out, boy. If you're naked you're less likely to try to run away." That was when the man took the boy for the first time. Roughly the man penetrated the boy. When Constans had entered him it was pleasurable, when this man did it, it was agony.

The man rutted the boy, ignoring his tears for what seemed an eternity. When Joseph felt the man's seed blast into him, he was relieved, mostly because the ordeal was over. Little did he know.

The man took the boy at least twice a day that first week. Each time, it seemed the man grew more violent. Finally, last night, after 21 days of this treatment, Joseph could take no more. When the man reached to lift his legs and push them back, Joseph took one of those legs and kicked. He kicked, aiming for that area which is most effective on a man, especially if the man is naked.

The man yelled. Joseph tried to get away, he'd run, naked or not. Anything would be better than where he was. He was caught and thrown into the dank room he now found himself in. His prayers were somehow to get back to where Constans was. If he could ever find out where that might be.

Little did he know how close the answer to his prayers was.


At the end of the second day of travel the three, Lancelot, Arthur, and Rupert were in bed. Rupert had requested that Lancelot fill him; something Lancelot was pleased to be able to do for his boy. As Lancelot gently and tenderly slid his cock into and out of the small boy beneath him, Arthur was laying, his head on Rupert's chest, lightly caressing the smaller boy's belly. He was staring at that part of Rupert which distinguished his gender, watching the hard nail react to the beating of the boy's heart and the movement of the man who was gently loving him. Rupert began to moan. Not in pain, but in sheer pleasure. Arthur watched that 4 and a half inch spear as it seemed to expand. The boy's eggs seemed to move of their own volition, trying to climb back into his body. Then it happened.

Rupert's cock expanded. Arthur could see the purple head peeking itself out of the boy's foreskin. He watched as the single eye on the tip of Rupert's cock expanded and opened. Then a singular shot of clear liquid escaped from that single eye, striking Arthur on the cheek. Arthur's hand immediately went to his face and he knew. Rupert had finally shot his immature seed for the first time.

Lancelot had finished and was leaning over Arthur's body to give young Rupert a kiss when he himself noticed. Lancelot looked at Arthur and Arthur nodded.

"Rupert." Lancelot said.

"Yes, Sir? Did I do well?" Rupert inquired.

"Oh yes, my boy. You did exceedingly well. You did so well that young Arthur here now needs to wash his face."

Rupert was puzzled until he saw Arthur sit up and face him. Rupert saw the single droplet starting to run down the older boy's face and in his mind and heart he knew, but still he asked; "Did I do that?"

It was cause for celebration. A boy's first ejaculation marked a turning point in his life. None of the three got much sleep that night. The next day they would arrive at the Monastery and hopefully find Joseph.


Rupert was awakened by a sound. He heard the sound of a horse approaching at a gallop. He woke Lancelot informing him of the imminent arrival of whoever was approaching at such a rate. Lancelot pulled on his trousers, grabbed his sword and stepped out of the tent to await the arrival of the rider. As they drew near, Lancelot recognized the attire being worn by the rider; it was that of a Royal Messenger from King Constantine III.

The rider reined up his mount as he saw Lancelot standing there. "Hail, and well met Sir Lancelot. I bring an urgent message from His Majesty." Lancelot took the proffered note without comment, opened it and called into the tent. "Rupert, Arthur, we strike camp immediately. We ride before the sun." He turned to the messenger, "Ride like the wind back to His Majesty and inform him that I shall do as he demands."

After dressing the two squires struck camp far quicker than Lancelot had anticipated and they were off. As they were about to depart, Lancelot turned to the boys and said; "For some reason, His Majesty is convinced that young Joseph is in peril. We shall ride as hard as the wagon can take to reach the monastery at daybreak."

And so they did. They arrived at the monastery as the sun peeked above the eastern horizon. As they arrived a sentry called out, "Who goes there?"

"I am Lancelot, Captain of His Majesty's Court. I have urgent business to conduct. Open the gates and summon whoever is in charge!" Lancelot said in a very officious manner. The gates were opened and our trio entered the monastery grounds.

Moments later, they were standing in a central courtyard as an elderly man in robes approached. "I am Brother Michael. What sort of business could His Majesty wish for you to conduct here?"

"His Majesty has commanded that I return with a young lad he knew here whilst at the Monastery. Please fetch young Joseph with all his possessions!"

Michael shook his head. "Joseph is no longer here at the monastery. He was conscripted to another knight."

Lancelot was puzzled. He knew every knight in the realm and was not aware of any taking on an outside boy as a new squire. "Which of His Majesty's knights has conscripted the lad?"

"Sir Daniel." Michael replied.

Lancelot was angry at the monk's poor attempt at subterfuge. He yelled at the man as he drew his sword. "His Majesty has no knight named as such! Now, out with the truth or I shall run you through where you stand!"

Michael saw the blade approaching his chest and almost lost his water. "He was dressed as you were, and he paid 50 pieces of gold for the boy!"

Now Lancelot saw red. "You SOLD the boy? And you call yourself a man of God? Where can I find this supposed knight? Be truthful for if I am unable to locate him where you tell me, I shall return and you shall have the opportunity to meet thy maker!"

Michael gave Lancelot directions to where the man was supposed to have taken Joseph. Without another word, Lancelot mounted his horse and together he and his squires took off at a gallop. The distance had taken Joseph and his 'owner' nearly 2 hours from the Monastery three weeks prior. Lancelot, Rupert, and Arthur covered the distance in less than an hour.

When they arrived they saw a man roughly binding a boy to a stock. The boy was naked. Lancelot called out; "Cease your activity and stand to. I am on a mission for His Majesty!"

The supposed knight turned and took a defensive stance. No sooner than the wagon had stopped, Rupert and Arthur were on their feet, their swords at the ready. All could tell by the description they were given that the boy was Joseph.

"I am commanded to fetch this boy, Joseph, and return with him to His Majesty. This is a quest at which I will not fail!" Lancelot said formally.

The man looked at Lancelot incredulously. "This boy is my property. Once I have finished with him, you may take his remains to His Majesty!" With that, the man drew his bow and took aim at Joseph.

Rupert saw the arrow and could tell that the man's aim was true. It was aimed directly at Joseph's head. Rupert moved toward the boy as the arrow was loosed.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 8