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"A Squire's Tale"

by Hermes

Chapter 8

Time seemed to slow for Rupert as he watched the man release his bowstring. The arrow was in flight. In just moments, Joseph would be dead. Unless...

Without thought, Rupert lunged with his sword. Less than a second later, the arrow was on the ground broken in half. Rupert had struck the arrow while in flight. Joseph was safe, for the moment. At the same time, Lancelot advanced on the man disarming him. The man drew his own sword and a fierce battle between the two ensued.

Rupert and Arthur unbound Joseph and, while doing so Arthur noticed how truly handsome the boy was. After a few minutes of the battle, Lancelot's far superior abilities bested the man. The man lay on the ground with Lancelot's sword poised at his neck. "Arthur, bind this person!" Lancelot commanded. Arthur tied the man's hands using the same rope the man had used on Joseph. Lancelot then roughly pulled the man to his feet. At sword-point he was led to the same stocks he had placed the boy into and was then locked into it. Once locked securely in place, Lancelot stripped the man so he was in the same state of dress as Joseph was when placed into the stocks.

Lancelot approached Joseph and bowed. "I have been commanded by His Majesty, King Constantine II to return you to the castle."

This caused Joseph to appear confused. "Why would he want to see me?"

Rupert smiled as he said, "You are going to be his Personal Page."

The look of confusion increased on poor Joseph's face. Seeing this, Lancelot started laughing. "You obviously don't know. King Constantine II was known prior to his coronation as Constans."

Slowly, the look of confusion muted and transformed on Joseph's face. Replacing it was a look of elation and joy. A smile a mile wide split the boy's features. At the same time, a dreamy expression overtook his eyes. Moments later it changed again as the boy began to weep.

Arthur feels compelled for some reason and wraps his arms around the boy as he weeps. Saying nothing, just holding the boy. He looks at Rupert, then Lancelot as a single tear starts running down his own face.

The evil 'knight' is spouting off. He's yelling that the boy is "His Property" and that Lancelot will hang for stealing from him. Joseph feels his blood boil. He wrenches away from Arthur and turns toward the man who, a few minutes ago, was going to end his young life. Then he sees it. He dashes to the other side of the stocks and grabs hold of it, pointing it at the 'man'.

Lancelot, Arthur, and Rupert stare in shock at the change in the boy. From a whimpering, crying boy one second to a wild and crazed person the next. They see him menacingly pointing the pitchfork at the man. Just as Rupert was going to cry out to get him to not stick that fork into the man's face, Joseph's expression changes. He looks at the pitchfork and a smile crosses his face. He moves behind the man, flips the fork over so the handle is now in front and unceremoniously impales the man on the handle of the pitchfork. At least 9 inches of that handle was now firmly imbedded in the man's bum. The sounds of the man's screams could surely be heard for a great distance.

As if nothing had happened, Joseph turns back to his saviors. "It's time to go."

Arthur helps Joseph into the wagon. Rupert jumps up and takes the reins. Lancelot mounts his horse and the band slowly leaves. As they are moving, Arthur rummages around in the wagon and finds some of Rupert's clothing which seem as if they'd fit the naked boy. It's a tight fit, but Joseph is now covered.

They begin the journey back to the castle. Meanwhile, the evil knight's screams had been heard. A boy, not much older than Joseph approached and, seeing the man in the stocks with a pitchfork handle up his bum begins to laugh.

The man sees the boy and begins pleading for him to remove the handle and release him. "Marcus, be a good lad and let me free. I have to go after the man who stole my property and tried to kill me."

The look of amusement left Marcus' face instantly. He yelled at the man, "YOUR PROPERTY!?! IS THAT WHAT WE ARE? WE, THE MANY BOYS YOU HAVE DECIDED TO USE FOR YOUR OWN PLEASURE? DID YOU CARE WHEN I OR ANY OF THE OTHERS SCREAMED AND BEGGED FOR MERCY? DID YOU? NO! YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE!" Marcus is crying, his deep sobs wracking his body. "HOW MANY OTHERS WERE THERE CEDRIC? 10? 20? 100?" All of a sudden the boy becomes quiet. "You used that thing between your legs and caused pain. LOTS of pain. You made me watch as you took my brother. He was only 10 years old. I begged you not to. You knew I would not tell because you knew that what you were about to do to him you had done to me and I had enjoyed it, but not him. You hurt him so badly. Now it's my time to hurt you just as badly."

Marcus took his knife from it's sheath and approached the man. He grabbed hold of the man's testicles and without hesitation sliced them off. The man, Cedric, screamed. Blood was pouring down between the man's legs and pooling on the ground. Marcus took his 'prize', turned and said as he was leaving, "I will give these to my brother to show him that I protect him if I can."

Cedric watched as the boy faded off in the distance as his sight waned. He'd lost so much blood it was time to sleep.


Lancelot led the three lads to the castle. It was likely to be a couple days ride. They got maybe a third of the way back, since they'd started so late in the day, when they decided, or actually Lancelot decided it was time to set up camp.

Arthur approached Lancelot, "Sir, I am not sure Joseph would be comfortable in a tent with all of us. Wouldst you give permission for me to set up a second tent? I would share it with him so he wasn't lonely and would feel like he had some protection."

Lancelot eyed his second squire with a smirk. "He's quite a striking boy, isn't he?"

Arthur grinned and excitedly said, "Yes, Sir, he is. I..." Arthur's mind then comprehended exactly what Lancelot was eluding to. Shock and a little embarrassment shown on Arthur's face based on the reddish hue of his complexion. "Oh No Sir! That wasn't what I meant! Joseph is His Majesty's Boy! I couldn't... wouldn't!"

Arthur's reaction caused Lancelot to laugh uproariously. He smacked Arthur in a friendly way on the shoulder and told him that he should set up the second tent.

Later that evening, after dinner, Arthur and Joseph had retired to their tent while Rupert and Lancelot were in the other. The pair were just talking with Joseph stopped with a look of concern on his face. Immediately after it became quiet they heard the unmistakeable sound of Rupert moaning repeatedly. Without a word Joseph jumped to his feet and was out of the tent. Arthur rushed to catch Jospeh because Arthur instantly realized that Joseph had misinterpreted what was happening in the other tent.

At the entryway to the tent, Joseph saw Rupert on his back, his legs in the air, his head thrashing from side to said as he moaned. Lancelot was taking the boy with what appeared to be great force. Joseph screamed "Don't hurt him like that!"

At this point Arthur arrived behind Joseph and placed his hands on the boy's shoulder. In a quiet voice he said to Joseph, "He wasn't hurting Rupert, he was loving him."

Joseph turned to Arthur and stared into his eyes. He saw that Arthur was being truthful. He turned back to the other pair who had ceased their actions even though they hadn't changed their positions. He saw no fear in Rupert's eyes. Looking at Lancelot and noticing the way he was positioned, the way he kept glancing back at Rupert reminded him of how it had been with him and his Constans. Joseph turned and bowed his head and in a quiet voice said, "I'm sorry." He then returned to his own tent.

Rupert said to Lancelot, "You need to speak with him." Lancelot was about to agree when Arthur interrupted. "Sir, with all due respect, you would not be the right person to speak. Nor would I. Rupert, you are the one who needs to make him understand you are not being hurt or harmed in any way."

Rupert knew Arthur was right. He got up from the bed and without so much as wrapping himself in a blanket walked across to the other tent. At the entryway he saw Joseph laying face down on the makeshift bed that had been prepared for him. He slowly walked over and sat on the ground next to Joseph. "I'm sorry we frightened you. Just because someone older does that with someone like you or I does not mean for sure that they are doing something bad. I truly love Lancelot and he loves me. That's just the best way he can show it. At least I think so."

Joseph listened and understood. It was like it was with him and Constans. Joseph reached over and hugged Rupert whispering in his ear that he was sorry for interrupting him getting the love of the man he loves. The two then stood and went back into the other tent where Joseph repeated his apology.

"Joseph," Lancelot began, "you have just been through a terrible time. I cannot blame you for how you felt, I am sorry we upset you." Joseph smiled then turned to Arthur, "I think we should get to our own tent and get some rest while they get back to what they were doing, I think we've interrupted them quite enough."

Arthur placed his arm over Joseph's shoulder and the two returned to their tent. Rupert then looked at Lancelot. "I do truly love you, Lancelot. Can we please get back to you showing me how much you love me?"

Joseph was laying in his makeshift bed listening to the sounds of lovemaking as a single tear left his eye. He was thinking of his Constans and how much he looked forward to seeing him.


When Marcus arrived home that afternoon he ran to find his brother. He told his brother of finding Cedric in stocks with a pitchfork handle up his bum. Young Timothy, then 11 years of age, remembered the night some 7 months prior when Cedric had taken his arse. He still cried when he thought of it. Timothy said, "A handle up his arse isn't punishment enough!" Marcus got a grin on his face and said, "Well, he got more than that." Then he held up his prize. Timothy saw it and said, "Are those what I think they are? You gelded him?" Marcus smiled as he nodded his head. The two brothers laughed, hugged, then started back on their chores. As they approached the goat pen, Timothy asked Marcus for Cedric's balls. Taking them he unceremoniously tossed them into the pen with the goats. The last he noticed one of the goats was chewing on a rare treat of meat.


The sun had barely risen in the east when Joseph awoke. He peered over seeing that Arthur was still in slumber. He stood, pulled on his trousers and exited the tent to take care of that which almost every male is greeted with in the morning. He stepped into the small wood which surrounded their makeshift camp and took care of his own small morning wood letting loose a stream of that yellow elixir which, in it's expulsion makes you feel so good.

As he returned to the campsite the others had arisen. Lancelot noticed the boy returning and decided not to chastise him for leaving them and thus himself unprotected. Lancelot prepared something for the group to eat then, as they were breaking their fast said, "Today we have a decision to make. If we decide to ride hard this day we can arrive back at the castle sometime just before sundown, otherwise we can ride at a more leisurely pace and spend one more night, arriving tomorrow around mid-day."

Rupert spoke up. "Riding harder would tend to draw more attention to us should we encounter anyone." But, then looking at Joseph continued, "But on the other hand, I have a feeling that a certain lad would prefer to be in the arms of someone special this night instead of having to deal with Arthur and his nocturnal emissions." This last was said with a laugh as Rupert took his fingers and pinched his nose.

Everyone but Arthur laughed at that. Arthur just blushed and said, "I'm not THAT bad.... am I?" This caused another round of raucous laughter from all, Arthur included. Once the joviality diminished all eyes turned to Joseph. It was quite apparent that he would prefer to ride hard and arrive sooner rather than later. Without Joseph having to vocalize his preference Lancelot said, "Right then. We ride like the wind this day! Rupert, Arthur, strike camp and get us ready to depart post haste!" Rupert and Arthur began their practiced actions and struck the camp whilst Joseph helped Lancelot in clearing up after their meal. Within an hour they were on their way.

Lancelot was riding in front on his horse while Rupert drove the wagon, Arthur and Joseph in the back. Arthur thought to himself that the king had very good taste in boys, Joseph was truly a beauty. This was not to say that Joseph was at all girlish for to look at him you could tell he was all boy, but he was quite pleasing on the eyes.

They rode hard until mid-day then stopped to let the horses rest. By Lancelot's estimation they had only a few hours of hard riding ahead and should arrive about an hour prior to sunset. After sufficient time had passed for them to water the horses and to fill their bellies they mounted their conveyance and were back on their way.

As the day progressed Joseph's emotions began to take hold. Fright. Excitement. More fright. Uncertainty. Elation. Nervousness. Desire. Arthur noted each change in Joseph's mood but was unknowing as to how to comfort or support him.

Suddenly, the wagon stopped. Arthur's gaze was shifted from Joseph toward the front of the wagon. Joseph turned his head and stared. Off in the distance they could see the castle. Lancelot approached on his horse. "Arthur, we are arriving far ahead of when we were expected back. I wish for you to take my horse and ride like the wind to inform His Majesty that we shall be arriving this day."

Arthur beamed with pride. It was unheard of for a Knight to relinquish his steed to a lowly squire. He stood in the back of the wagon and bowed to his master. Lancelot dismounted then climbed onto the wagon sitting alongside Rupert. Rupert attempted to hand the reins to Lancelot but he smiled and told Rupert to continue.

Arthur meanwhile had mounted Lancelot's steed and rode like the wind. Rupert restarted the wagon and continued toward the castle. Minutes later Arthur had such a lead as to not be seen.

Arriving at the castle less than 30 minutes later Arthur dismounted telling the castle guard that he had an urgent message for His Majesty from Lancelot, Captain of the King's Court. He was led into the main audience chamber where King Constantine II was seated.

"Your Majesty, " Arthur said with a bow, "I have been sent by my master, my Knight, Sir Lancelot to inform His Majesty that my Knight shall arrive within the hour accompanied by a youth you know as Joseph."

Constans stood and shouted "Bring my carriage, I shall be outside the castle walls within the next half hour! Young Squire, wouldst thou join me?"

"Thank You, Your Majesty, but I feel as if I need to return to my Knight and return his horse that he might enter the castle in a manner befitting his station. By your leave, Your Majesty." Arthur said with another low bow. Constans granted him his leave.

Not fifteen minutes later, Rupert saw the dust of an approaching rider. He informed Lancelot who told Joseph to climb under a tarp. Lancelot had Rupert halt the wagon. Rupert stood on the buckboard, his sword at the ready as Lancelot took to the ground in a defensive posture.

Moments later, Arthur rode up and all relaxed. "Your horse, Sir. It wouldn't do for you to enter the castle on the buckboard of a wagon now, would it." Lancelot smiled, mounted his horse pulling Arthur into the saddle with him. They then continued on their way to the castle.

Joseph sat next to Rupert as they approached. Lancelot reined in his steed as they neared the group assembled outside the castle walls. Joseph was scanning those assembled and when he saw the person he had hoped and prayed to see again he literally jumped off the still moving wagon and ran with all his might toward the man he so desperately wished to be with.

A few feet from His Majesty, Joseph almost flew into the man's arms. Tears flowed freely down the faces of both man and boy. Constans kissed his new page on the face and neck. Joseph's arms were wrapped tightly around the King's neck.

Lancelot stood by watching this, Rupert's arm around the waist of his Knight, and Arthur standing by holding the reins of both Lancelot's steed and the team that pulled the wagon. His Majesty saw his Captain and made eye contact with him. Through his tears he mouthed the words "Thank you"


This story was originally set to end here, however there is still much to tell. There will be a few more chapters forthcoming in the weeks to come. In the meantime let me announce that I have received many an email regarding another of my stories asking if I planned on revisiting it. I have always had plans on returning to Speedo Boys, creating a Speedo Boys -- Book II. I am busy at work on this new continuation of the story but will not post any of it until after A Squire's Tale is complete. Thank you all for your continued support through my intermittent postings due to my health. I shall endeavor to continue writing for many years to come.