A Troop of My Own         ovdoc

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Things were going along just fine for me professionally. I was on the medical staff at a local hospital and ran my own lab. I was also a volunteer for the local scout office. I organized new scout groups and activities. A friend there called on me to ask for a favor. His troop was one of the oldest troops in the area. He had been forced to resign due to age and health. The troop was falling apart. It only had five boys still active. He said he knew of my popularity in the program. Could I rebuild the membership and program enough to save his troop? Reluctantly I agreed to visit the troop to see what I could do.

My first meeting with the troop was a disaster. I showed up wearing a new dress scout uniform, carrying my Scout Handbook, and ready to impress the few dedicated boys hanging on to their troop about to go under.

What I found was a rough and tough neighborhood gang that hadn’t worn a uniform in months and didn’t use the handbook. I felt just a little overdressed. They stared at me like I was from another planet. Cliff, the oldest boy was the leader who had held the gang together since their scoutmaster resigned. Cliff let me know quickly that he alone was the leader. He was sixteen. An adult wasn’t needed or wanted.

I attempted to let Cliff and the boys know that I did not see a scout troop. I saw boys who needed uniforms and training. I saw a troop that once was proud of who they were. And I had promised the former scoutmaster that I could rebuild his troop (well, sort of). I informed Cliff he had just convinced me to stay. Furthermore, I expect scouts to look like scouts. We wear a uniform because we want people to know we are scouts. Sometimes that takes guts. Prove to me you are brave enough to wear a uniform like a man - not a boy. And scouts earn rank by proving to their fellow scouts they know how to help, defend, and lead. Either you guys have no rank or you’re ashamed to show it. I expect to see your rank on your scout shirt next week. I promise you I will not only save your troop - you will help me save the troop by showing your pride in it. We can turn this troop into the best troop in town. What I will not do is watch a failing troop continue to fail.

Cliff stared at me dumb-founded. The four other boys made a big show by walking out together. Ignoring them, I told Cliff I wanted to set up a camp out within a month. I needed my senior scout to get out the word that only scouts who attend the meetings go camping. New rule. His face slowly began to turn to a smile.

“They just quit!”, he blurted out.

“Looks like you and I are going camping then.”, I responded. “By the way, did I forget to mention I’m an ex-Marine. I don’t lose - ever!”

“That’s good. We only need a few good men. Let’s get busy.” Cliff smirked.

The next week four boys came back. They wore a scout shirt. Two wore a Tenderfoot badge showing their rank. One wore a Second Class badge. They explained there hadn’t been any awards for a while. Even though we only had four boys present, I opened the meeting, then asked Cliff to inspect his troop. He gave me a blank look. He had never been asked to do that before. I showed him in the the handbook that the Senior Patrol Leader runs the troop. I discussed with the boys what they wanted from their meetings. We agreed the meeting should start with a game; then an opening; training; closing. I not only had Cliff’s attention, but the boys took notice that Cliff would still be running the troop. He would answer to me, but also to the troop. We would hold regular “staff” meetings so the elected boy leaders could run their troop.

Cliff’s problem with me became a little more apparent in the coming weeks. He had a few boys in the original group that spent a lot of time alone with him. I made it a point to give him plenty of time to disappear with a boy whenever possible. His interest in certain boys suggested he had obligations to those boys. Letting him stray off with some cute younger boy meant that he and I might have similar interests.

On one of the first camp outs, Cliff and I shared the leaders tent. I told him I was sure he had been playing gay games with boys, but I had no problem with that. I admitted some of the boys looked good, but I had to be careful since I was new and some boys still did not want a leader. Cliff thought about our talk, then admitted things were better since I came. When the time came for a swim in the lake, it was Cliff that encouraged skinny-dipping. He also admitted he thought we could be friends. Cliff was a top. So was I. We weren’t going to be lovers, but we could learn to accept each other as friends.

Cliff went even further. He had befriended a neighbor of his. A gorgeous thirteen year old blond, blue eyed boy named John. He had no trouble getting John to join the troop. He also was not surprised when I showed an interest in John. Nor was he surprised that I always found time to spend teasing and joking with John.

Cliff knew when he introduced us we had read each other through some magical spell. He had already discovered John liked boys. He had invited John to sleep over with him. They had made out the first night. John had wasted no time returning a blow job.

It was my turn to be surprised by Cliff. He suggested one night that we needed to go camping and fishing. I was a little skeptical that it might look strange if he and I went camping alone. So he thought we should take John and a friend of his named Dennis. My mouth dropped. Take drop-dead gorgeous sweet John on a camping trip? Would he go? Could we trust Dennis to keep quiet? I was more than willing, but couldn’t believe Cliff was suggesting this. Nevertheless, I agreed.

A week later, the four of us arrived at a mountain camping area about dark on a Friday evening. First, we set up a large nylon tent easily big enough to handle the four of us. It had turned just a little chilly so we started a fire and ate hamburgers and hot dogs, beans, and french fries. When we were full, we settled back enjoying the fire. All of us were wearing tee shirts and shorts, which became chilly as the night came on.

Without any suggestions from me, John scooted closer to my side, then decided to plop down on my knee cuddling up against my chest claiming it felt a lot warmer. Dennis took the hint and sat on Cliff’s lap. Both of us wrapped our arms around the boys and openly cuddled. Ignoring what Cliff and Dennis were doing, I wrapped my arms around John. I allowed one arm to rub his tummy while the other one slid under his waist band just far enough to get his attention. There were no undies. Nice. John silently moved my hand until it was on top of his four inch stiff. I could also feel a soft patch of fuzz at the base. He looked up at me with a cute little smile as I felt him up grasping and playing with his toy dick and balls.

Next to us Cliff had followed my lead. One of his hands was hidden from view and appeared to be inside Dennis’s shorts. The other hand was holding Dennis in place on his lap. Dennis looked up at him giggling. At one point, he looked over at me as if he didn’t believe he was doing this in front of me. John and I were a little busy, and pretty much ignored what they were doing. The four of us were loving the camp fire game. No reason to rush. We had all night to pleasure each other. I even leaned forward a little to nibble on John’s ear lobe. He giggled a little. It was the first time any one had ever nibbled and sucked on his ear. It was sending weird feelings throughout his body. His little dick was as hard as a rock. He knew there was much more pleasure to come and couldn’t resist wiggling his butt against the hard shaft under it. It was still covered, but the two of us knew that would soon change.

Cliff and dennis must have been a little more impatient than we were. At some point, they had slipped away from us to go to the tent.

Since we were suddenly alone, I got a little braver. I had no problem slipping John’s shorts down his legs and then off. I also paused long enough to slip out of my own shorts. John was impressed with the seven inch heavy shaft that now felt warm and big as it slid in between the slender buns sometimes popping up between his thighs long enough for him to hold and feel it.

Satisfied we were alone, I had John stand before me while I sat on a log and engulfed his dicklet and his balls to please him. He wasted no time pushing his dick in as far as he could while he moaned and held my head in place. Although John didn’t have much cum to give, he sure gave it his best. His entire body tightened as he stood on his toes and pumped his trembling pulsing dick into my mouth. When he grew to weak to stay on his feet, he slowly lowered himself into my supporting arms. Lifting the boy, I carried him to the tent each of us wearing only a tee shirt.

 Realizing I had left the fire going, I went back to put the fire out. I came back to find John sleeping. I removed his tee shirt and lay down nude next to him. I covered the two of us with a blanket as I cuddled up next to him. Cliff and Dennis were sleeping on top of a sleeping bag. They had left a small lamp on for us. I covered them with a blanket also after taking a good look at Cliff’s six inch average size dick. Dennis showed a three inch soft dicklet, a little fuzz, and a small ball sac. They were both nude when I covered them.

Sometime during the night, I awoke. John had turned around laying in the opposite direction to me. He was fully awake, and when he was comfortable, he lay facing me. He started out tasting and licking my dick. It responded quickly not having been relieved yet. John didn’t mind. As his mouth got used to the size, he took in more and more. I pulled John close so I could get to his little toy again and proceeded to blow him again. We were both happy and I know we must have been making some slurping noises. I could hear Cliff and Dennis enjoying another round. John had soon become used to my dick and the size. He was not new at this. He took his time and gave me the best blow job he could - and it was the best.

The next morning, the tent remained quiet at sunup. Both couples had thoroughly enjoyed the night’s program. It was late when we woke. The four of us got a good look at each other before getting dressed to get some brunch.

The afternoon was filled with fishing, a hike, and chat. O K, yes there was some sexing going on too. Shortly after we had come out of the stream following a nude swim, John treated Dennis to a blow job which Dennis was more than happy to return. Both boys also demonstrated their talents on their lover as well. And just before dinner, Cliff led Dennis into the tent to rest. There was a lot of grunting and moaning going on during their rest. When Dennis came out of the tent, he was wiggling his tail to let us know he had done a lot more than rest. John and I knew what had happened. We had stayed away from the tent until they were done. John didn’t seem interested in doing that, so I didn’t insist although I was surprised. I had taken for granted that he had gone all the way.

On Saturday night, we turned in a little earlier as we had to break camp Sunday morning. John and I went to bed nude. As on Friday night, we went to bed nude. And as on Friday night, we blew each other, then cuddled up to stay warm. But john wasn’t ready to sleep. While we were blowing each other, I had slipped a finger up John’s butt and fingered him. He had done that before, and even liked it. When we cuddled, John made it a point to wiggle and push against my dick as if he wanted me in him. Just on a hunch, I once again greased up my finger and slipped it in him. After a few minutes, I slipped in the second finger.

 John never said a word, but when I slid the fingers out, he slid his butt up against my dick and began pushing back like he wanted me to go for it. Greasing it up without letting on what was happening, I held him tightly around the waist and pushed firmly as John pushed back against me. That was all it took. The dick head popped inside. John let out a groan I know the other two heard. I didn’t want to embarrass him, so I didn’t look to see if they were looking. I waited a few minutes. John made no move to stop me. I slowly moved in a little deeper. When I was in, we paused the last time.

I moved my dick around looking for his g spot. When I found it, John jumped a little, but wanted some more of that. It was time to start my rhythm. He was no longer grunting. He was liking the feel that I was in him. He started meeting my thrusts with thrusts of his own. John was a natural. He had just discovered something new he loved. In no time at all, the two of us were once again going at it like lovers. I rolled on top of him and pumped it to him. It didn’t take long. John was really tight, and was wiggling wildly every time I hit his g spot. I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. Way too soon, I was emptying my sperm load deep inside him. Even when I knew I was done for, I kept pumping. No such luck. We were both exhausted. As my shaft began to soften, I slid out, then turned him over to face me as we kissed and made out. We had done it. John had gave up his cherry. I had taught him he would like it.

When I woke that morning, I once again treated John to another cornholing. Cliff and Dennis woke up to the sounds of me and John doing it again. Instead of complaining, they joined us. Dennis was grunting again as Cliff rolled on top. When we were done, Cliff and Dennis boasted they had heard the two of us getting it on. John admitted he had never done that before, but would do it a lot from now on. Both boys grabbed some toilet paper and headed off nude to unload.

Cliff and I got some coffee going. We also listened as the boys compared notes on what happened that night. Neither held back. Both had feared being screwed, but now didn’t mind. Both joined us getting breakfast ready. Both joked openly that their butt hurt. After breakfast, we broke camp and went home.

John and I saw each other often after that. When ever we could meet, we had sex. His family moved out of town about a year later.

Cliff and I remained friends. He became an Eagle Scout just before eighteen. He also went off to college, got married, and raised two step-sons. We remained friends.

Dennis and I also met privately after the camp out and had sex. We also went on many camp outs where we not only had lots of sex together, but shared it with numerous other boys. He also continued to have sex with John although both had other boyfriends most of the time.

Thanks to the efforts of all three of these boys, and others too, my troop not only grew big, but challenged the others to keep up with us. I am proud that most of my boys grew up, got married, and had kids. I wouldn’t have it any other way.