By Max the cat


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Part 1: Strange lights in the sky!

The flashing lights were first seen on May 9th over Tennyson gorge. The Air Force was alerted and sent three jets into the area, but they reported nothing to be found, maybe a bunch of weather balloons or lightning, the newscaster on Channel 5 reported.

Every night the lights returned and every night the authorities said they were just a phenomenon and nothing to worry about. There were other reports from other places in the world of lights also, After a month people just forgot about it.

Friday night on June 27th the local little league baseball teams were playing under the lights. The Bramford Hardware Yankees were playing the Wilford Barber Shop Braves. Ennis Banks was pitching for the Yankee's. Ennis was a lanky black boy with a wicked fastball that was hard to hit. Just as you got use to the speed, Ennis hit you with a curve the made other players look foolish!

Cole Taylor was standing in Left Field not paying attention to the game, in fact it had stopped. The lights were zooming everywhere over Tennyson Gorge, tonight they had red and green lights flashing and then an occasional blue one. Parker Peterson in center-field yelled over at Cole “gee they are really putting on a show tonight, bet their aliens?”

Danny Madrid on third base walked into left field “you, Parker and I ought to go out there tomorrow and see if we can capture an alien or a space ship?” Parker had come into left field “good idea Danny, boy will we be famous?” Cole wasn't so sure, he wasn't the adventurous type, yet he was afraid to be called names by the other two.

For the next three hours the lights put on a tremendous show for everyone. The siren for a police car could be heard rushing out there “I bet that's Sheriff Dikes going to check it out” Danny quipped. A second police car followed. “I guess Deputy Mather is going out as back-up? Parker said.

They played the game and beat the Braves 6 to 1. The three rode their BMX's home slowly watching the lights as they continued to dance across the sky. “OK we meet at 11 and ride out there Danny said. Danny seemed never to be scared of anything and the leader on and off the field.

The next morning the three started for Tennyson Gorge. On the way they ran into Ennis Banks. Say where you going, guys” the black boy asked?” Danny quickly spoke up. “Going to Tennyson

Gorge to see what's up there, you know all the lights, maybe capture an alien?” Ennis asked if he could join them.

The four preteens rode toward the gorge. About 300 yards from the lip Ennis's BMX blew a tire. “Hey guys meet you up there, I have to patch a tire.” Parker asked if Ennis had a pump?” Ennis said “oh shit, I left mine home.” Ennis said. Parker gave him his, “bring it up when you finish!” Ennis thanked Parker and the three rode to the gorge.

Ennis propped his BMX against a tall Pine tree and removed the front tire, and began the repair. The noise was the thing he remembered the most. A whirl and whine. He looked up and hovering between him and his three friends was a circular craft. The boy began to shake and hid behind a big boulder. His three friends were in a bright light, suspended a few feet off the ground.

Danny, Parker and Cole had ridden to the edge of the gorge. They stopped and leaned their BMX;s against a tree stump and then looked over to see down to the bottom of Tennyson Gorge. “Look nothing, just nothing?” Cole said rather impatiently. They looked into the air and nothing. Behind them the silver space craft hovered.

Cole got the feeling, a scary feeling that they were being watched. Ever so slowly Cole turned around “guys, guys?” The only words he spoke before his body was captured by the brightest light he had ever seen in his eleven years of life. Parker turned, then Danny. The three was enveloped by the beam and frozen.

The beam raised the three boys up a few feet. One by one pieces of clothing were removed from their bodies and folded in front of them, they couldn't move a muscle. Shoes slipped from their feet, laces retied and set in uniform order. Socks next and placed in the shoes. Jeans folded and laid on top of shoes.

Ennis watched as the three were stripped naked in front of his eyes. He hugged the big rock, petrified. Shirts removed and folded in air, tee shirts and underpants. All the boy's were naked. Their legs seemed to move to their stomach exposing their sex organs and assholes. The boys hands were pulled to their butt cheeks and although they tried to stop everything, they couldn't.

The boys two hands pulled and spread their butt cheeks apart from the outside opening their holes wide, still leaving the three penises exposed. A small light seemed to attach itself to each boi-cock, the organ hardened and stood up pointed at each boys face, a second light seemed to open up their anuses and penetrate them each. Ennis almost peed his pants, he shook and hid. He prayed like he never prayed before.

Finally Ennis's curiosity got the best of him and he looked up. The light moved back and forth inside of the boys exposed holes and like being on an invisible conveyer belt Danny, Parker and Cole disappeared into the craft. As he would tell the sheriff' “They were moaning like in one of those porn flicks you see on the computer, I swear they were getting fucked and they liked it?”

Inside the craft each preteen was laid on a sterile table, the light still activating their sex organs, increasing their sex drive. The craft rose and in a flash it was gone. Ennis wet himself and thanked his lucky stars they hadn't gotten him, a flat tire saved him.

When Ennis was sure the craft had departed he rode like hell on the flat tire to town and to the sheriff's office. He dropped the BMX at the door and ran in, the front of his jeans showing a big wet spot. “Dammit Ennis don't leave your bike in the doorway, you trying to break some one's leg?” Sheriff Dikes yelled at the boy.

Ennis was crying and trying to tell the fat sheriff, who wasn't really listening, he was tired from going out to Tennyson Gorge on what he considered a wild goose chase, for nothing. The words space ship got his attention, the other words scared the hell out of him, “abducted boys!”

Deputy Mather walked in reading the local newspaper, tripped over the bike and spilled his coffee. “Damn you Ennis, your fucking bike.” “Shut up Mather, we have an incident at the gorge, Ennis here says that Danny, Parker and Cole have been abducted by that fucking alien craft we were looking for last night.

They put the boy in the back seat of the sheriff's patrol car and sped to the gorge. Like Ennis had relayed to the sheriff, the three sets of clothes belonging to the three boys neatly folded and stacked in a straight line. “Neat fucker's!: Mather said. The sheriff was shaking, he now thought he had to tell 3 families that their young sons were taken by aliens, hell people just might think he was nuts!

The sheriff didn't want to move anything. He got on the radio and called “Doc” Walker the town doctor and coroner. “Doc get out here to Tennyson Gorge, something crazy has happened and I'm not sure how to handle this?” He then called Mayor Sneed “Sam, this is Bud Dikes, you gotta come out here to Tennyson's Gorge, 3 boys have been taken, no I haven't called the military yet, I want you to do that, you run this show, right?”

Doc” Walker drove up in his station wagon, an minute later a red faced Mayor Sneed arrived also. “The whole group looked at the clothing, neatly piled. The two went to the patrol car and grilled Ennis like he was a mass murderer, the boy was crying and retold his story. “Doc” Walker took out his handkerchief and wiped his bald head. Mayor Sneed reluctantly called the Air Force.

Within an hour the military had closed off the scene. Ennis again was grilled and then taken away by Air Police. Colonel Bass said he'd notify the parents. The sheriff and mayor blew out a sigh of relief, and were great full they were relieved of that nasty task.

The small craft sped off toward their mother ship. 6 small gray beings checked out their cargo. Each craft had been sent out from the mother craft to take as many young earth boys as they could, then they would be spirited away to a galaxy in the Constellation of Virgo. They would be sold to the men on the planet Attorian, a vacation planet where sexual gratification was given to the men of the Repubittica system. They only had sex with their women for procreation and they found out that Earth boys if given the sex serum would give their bodies freely and not procreate!

The sex serum had been developed as a means of getting the Repubittica females highly sexual, but it actually worked in reverse, they refused to even had sex once. The men needed gratification and the Attorian's being the best merchants ever scouted to galaxies to find the beings it worked on, Earth males were the only ones. They had to have Earth males who were straight, they found giving the “gay males” the serum made them straight and of no use!

The only drawback was that you had to capture an earth male just coming into puberty. It didn't work if the male was underage the age of 10 or over the age of 12. You had to catch an earth male in the between age group, then you had the prime age group, these boys jumped at the chance for sex with just about anyone or anything.

The three preteen lay strapped to tables and tested to the rates of puberty they were attaining. The six Attorian's did their tests, prodding and probing Danny, Parker and Cole. The serum was give in two doses. With attachments to the boy's penises, a probe into the urethra that stimulated them, into each anus a large needle found the immature prostate and filled it with serum.

They sped to the mother ship, their three bodies had received part one of the sex serum, in twelve hours the second dose would be given and the act of turning the boys into male lovers would be completed. Each boy on the mother ship would be placed into a suspended state and taken to start their lives as male playthings. Into the boys minds would be played man/boy pornography to stimulate the serum. The aliens would know it had taken effect when each boy was played something highly sexual and ejaculated freely!

Just before the craft was picked up by the Mother Ship's tractor beam the boys were administered their second dose of the serum. The aliens now waited to see the effect, which only took an hour. The beam was pulling the craft in when they played the sex show in the boys minds.

Each boy was projected as the boy have sex with two adult males. One male would be fucking the boy's mouth while the other his anus. Danny could see himself having sex, he moaned and was sweating as he was fucked in his two receptacles. His own boi-cock throbbed and tingled. Parker and Cole were having the same dream, only they were the boys being fucked, they two were moaning, humping back and feeling about to ejaculate.

Finally the aliens sent a charge into the boys prostrate and awaited the wanted effect. One by one each boy shot his sperm into the air. The Attorian's thru mental language were happy, three more for them to place in their houses, more Taklack's to place in the coffers of their mercantile society and three more young earth males to give the desired pleasure to Republittica men on a rest! With 11 planets in the Republittica system, these boys bodies were going to be in high demand.

The Air Force officer pulled up in front of Danny's house. Danny's mother looked out the kitchen window. “Why would an Air Force staff car be in front of her home, there wasn't anyone of her or her husbands family in the military?

Mrs. Madrid?” The thirty something woman said “Yes, I'm Mrs. Madrid, what can I do for you?” The Air Force officer cleared his throat. “I'm Major Reynolds!” He paused trying to find the words to tell her about Danny. “Umm, I-I-I. Mrs. Madrid your son Danny was abducted by and alien craft up at Tennyson Gorge.”

Danny's mother at first thought she hadn't heard correctly. “What are you saying, is this candid camera or something, abducted by aliens?” She looked for a camera or something, but it was just the officer and his driver. “Mam, I-I-I, its the truth, he and two other boys were taken by aliens, there was a witness to the abduction, Ennis Banks saw it and we found all of their clothing stacked neatly!” Sandy Madrid fainted.

In the Mother Ship each boy was placed into his own unit and in suspended animation. Each of the boys taken was stored and the ship sped to their own galaxy. The military had no way to retrieve the boys, they were at a loss of to just why boys at this age were taken.

There were reports from all over earth that boys had been taken. The United Nations met, but they could only stare at each other, no one had an answer, no one knew what to do. As quickly as the crafts had appeared they disappeared. 5,000 earth males in the same age group were gone.

Part 2- Rude awakening!

Been playing around with this idea for quite awhile and decided it was time to put it to paper.