By: Max the Cat


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Part 2: Rude awakening!

The alien mothership stored it's cargo and began it's trip to the worm hole which would transport them to their galaxy. They would land on the planet and turn over the new group of sex toys and take on the previous 5,000 and return them to their planet along with the payment. Each boy was deposited on his place of taking along with a 25 pound bag of the orange dirt so prized on their home planet, the earthlings called it gold!

Each boy was dropped naked with his own bag. They had gone thru a multitude of boys on other planets and each planet had it's own treasure, earth was much easier to leave something that was as abundant as this item called gold, the boys would still be gay, but the Attorians really didn't care, the Attorian's had their needs filled and figured 25 pounds of the earth treasure was payment enough for the use of the boys bodies, they had made theirs!

In the suspended state each boy had continual stimulation, the pornography was continually run through their minds making the boys totally in-tune to their new profession, boy whores who provided their bodies to the Republittican males, also the light into the anus continued until the serum took full effect, then the boys were turned into gay boys! The light was something the boys would have with them for the rest of their lives!

The boys would have one surprise in store, Republittican males had two penises, one for sex the other to excrete with, the boys would also find their sperm sweet in taste, at times the excitement was overwhelming and a Republittican male would ejaculate with one cock and urinate on the boy, the lavender scented urine would fill the air, so a dip in the gold hued waters was needed for both.

Water was an orange-red due to the over abundance of the mineral gold. Everything was made of gold. Tumblers for wine, dishes for food, utensils to eat with, all gold, 24 carats of the substance. The Attorian's were glad to pay the boys off with the substance, 6 months use of their bodies and getting rid of 25 earth pounds of it was almost a blessing.

An electrode was also placed inside of the boy and if his orange dirt was taken away, the electrode tracked the remover and evaporated him, only the boy could dispense his orange dirt. The Attorian's were not only kidnappers and users of the boys as property, they were very honest businessmen and a deal was a deal even if the boys didn't know it!

The Mothership found the wormhole and began their travel through it. The wormhole made inter space-travel possible, without it space travel was impossible. Since the outer galaxy's had discovered this mode of transport they became masters of space transportation. Then being master-sellers of everything from weapons, foods and of course pleasure they were rich beyond compare.

Finding earth boys to procure for their Passion facilities was pure accident. They had passed the blue ball so many times and just figured nothing could live in a blue world. Traveling by many years ago a space probe almost hit one of their merchant ships and they captured it. The were surprised beyond imagination, actual life there. They sent in a small ship!

The ship touched down in the early 1970's and set probes in many places, what they found out amazed them. Earth beings would copulate with just about anything if give the right stimulus. The amount of data was being sent through the airwaves.

First they took females of the earth species, and they seemed fine for the need, but they got pregnant almost as fast as they were fucked. The were moody and complained about almost everything. Thet seemed to be more problem than they were worth for the project. Then they watched some feeds, young boys with a serum that had been discovered and certain stimulation, would do just about anything with just about anyone. Video transmissions of boys having sex with older males were captured.

The first tried the gay males and that experiment failed, given the serum they became straight and rebelled, became actually worse than the females. They stumbled upon and eleven year old boy, quite macho playing soccer in a place called Holland, they scooped up Rene and tried the serum on him, it worked for awhile, but Rene began to regress, so they added man/boy pornography and it worked better, still there was something missing.

One of their scientists had been working on his sexual stimulus light and it was tried on Rene along with another shot of the serum and the boy was on his back for every male. Rene sucked he fucked and fucked and sucked some more, they young boy couldn't seem to get enough.

Rene was used by the Republittian's and wore them out, a feat that was thought unimaginable. The boi-whores were invented and it was off to the planet earth and the taking of 5,000 young males, all straight in orientation. On the mother-ship the serum and photo stimulation was administered. The Attorian's would have kept just the 5,000 earth males, but the Republittians, wanted variety and they were paying for the thrill, so rotation was instituted.

It took 34 earth days for the Mother-ship to travel the worm-hole. While they made the trek, they worked on their precious cargo. Sex tubes, air tubes, feeding tubes and evacuation tubes were placed into the boys. The video was constantly entered into the boys physic. By the time the ship entered the Attorian space, the transformation for strait male to gay male was complete, next the boys would be performing the oldest art in the galaxy's, sex!

The Alttorian Mother-ship came into it's planet gravity pull. The work began. Each earth boy was brought out of their suspended state. Each boy was erect, the Merchants smiled, a job well done. Now the boys were fitted with their anklet. This was a transmitter/receiver that translated language. Anything said by an alien language was translated to the Earth Language's, not all eart boys spoke the same language.

Each Earth boys was exercised to give the boys flexibility. The boys had been in a hyper-sleep state for over 40 days and had to have their muscles stimulated, the only stimulated muscle had been their penises. The first words from Danny's mouth were “I need a cock bad?” Each boy seemed to nod in unison. Parker moaned “I have to get fucked, and soon, I'm so horny!” Coal said “me too, I can taste cum already!”

The Aliens were very happy, the serum and the programing had been a success and the light stimulated them correctly, now to parade them in-front the new vacationers from the 9 Planets of the Republittian system. The old 5,000 would be loaded and returned to resume life on Earth. The boys fitting in in a new sexual orientation, and there was one plus in their systems, immunity to any sexually transmitted disease know on earth, plus the 25 pounds of yellow dirt so prized on Earth.

Everything on the planet had a golden hue. The tractor beam seemed to float the new boys off the Mother-ship. In the distance of space sat two suns. The heating was equal to that of earth. The distance away from the Atttorian planet was 125 million miles. The naked boys finally felt solid ground and were led away in groups of 100.

Danny, Cole and Parker were in the same group. The five Attorian's in charge gave orders and led the boys into their area. It was all marble like rock. Pillows lay everywhere “You 100 mare's to settle here, your lovers will arrive soon. We expect you to give yourselves freely, understand?” In unison the boys said “Yes, in their own language, but it was automatically translated, all understood.

Around the complex were 10 pools. The water had a golden hue. Parker stuck a foot in and found it warm, Cole scooped up some and tasted it, it was tasteless. Each boy's hard penis throbbed, the serum made them constantly horny, yet none had ever actually had sex of any kind.

Each boy was given his own cubicle, given a toga that went to his thighs, the cloth was warm and embroidered with gold thread. The cloth was see through, yet warm. Danny sat on his bed, it was covered by a fabric like silk. Each boy had placed in the lobe of their right ear an earring with something like a golden coin attached. None knew what it was for. The earring kept them in line, they didn't know it, but they had no desire to runaway.

The five Attorian's clapped their thin gray-green hands and all the boys lined up in front of the golden hued pools. In walked a group of toga draped men. They were all around six feet tall and had a blue hue to their skin. They pointed at the boys and the Attorian's pressed a button and Danny, Parker and Cole along with ten other boys, all of different earth nationalities walked up to thirteen Blue hued men.

It was as though the boys knew exactly what to do. Each took a man by the hand removed his toga and led them into parts of the pools. They took hold of the front penis. A boy who seemed to be of Indian extraction named Raja was the first to suck in the front penis, quickly each boy followed suit and sucked the cock to it's proper hardness the men nodded in approval, Republittican men loved to have their cocks sucked.

Republittican males when aroused found their front penis would get dark blue and seemed to wag left to right. Danny was on his knees nipple deep in the golden water. He was sucking a Republittican cock taking it deep, his red lips to the base, the cock was hairless. Six fingers on each blue hued hand ran through Danny's black hair. He had never sucked a cock before, but he was sucking like a professional whore.

Parker had hold of his soldiers blue cock, the organ swelled

in his smaller hand. The cock began to darken in front of the Earth boy, he was amazed at the color transformation. His blond head bent forward, his tongue circled the hard dark blue member, he was transfixed. He was picked up and carried to a stack of soft pillows. “Ooohhh I'm gonna get fucked, I want this so much?” He was in for a surprise, he was slim and small assed.

His thin legs were split wide, the Republittican soldier holding his cock at Parker's tight rose bud and pushed hard. The boys blue eyes widened as his hole was pierced and the hard dark blue cock was sunk into him with brutal force. “Oooohhhh please no more please I've never been f-u-c-k-e-d b-e-f-o-r-e!” Parker screamed loudly, the soldier just kept fucking the preteen hard and deep. Tears welled in the corner of his eyes, it hurt!

Even though it hurt he was tingling and throbbing, the serum made sure he was very responsive to the hard blue penis. In and out the hard blue cock found the spot, Parker crying, still pushed back to meet each thrust the soldier dished out. The fucking hurt, yet it felt wonderful, Parker was so confused, he was being stretched and he was going to cum. His penis was shooting cum into the air. The solder's blue lips smiled, he was making the little whore cum. He pulled his cock out and straddled Parker's face and came in the young boy's mouth.

Danny and Parker's mouth's were being filled with alien cum and the taste was out of this world. To each boy it was like drinking honey from the plastic bear at home. The two sucked the blue cocks dry. Then the second shock hit them. Parker's soldier stood over him as he walked away from the well fucked boy, his second cock began to urinate on the boy, a lilac colored stream splashed from Parker's cock to his face, the smell shocked him, it was lilac.

Danny's desegregation was different. As he licked his lips of the semen residue the soldier turned around and holding his cock backward began to piss on Danny's face, he sunk into the golden water and swam away. The boys would later find out that was the way Republittican of showing satisfaction.

Cole on all fours was getting the first fucking of his life. The dark blue soldier drilled the boy with out stopping for a second breath. The boy was stretched, but pushing back with every plunge of the alien's dark blue sex organ, the soldier erupted inside of the boy, his insides received their first coating of cum, alien or otherwise. Cole got his surprise, the soldier stood up, held his second cock and pissed on Cole's back.

Cole smelling of lilacs slid back into the golden waters, golden sperm oozing from his ravaged boi-hole. He grinned even though he felt sore. The warm golden water eased the ache in his boi-pussy, his virginity gone forever, he awaited another Republittian soldiers blue cock, he licked his lips, he meant to suck off the next one!

The soldiers left. Each boy was fed what looked like fruit and a bread like substance, in the center of the table was set bowls of a gold like substance to be spread on the bread. Cole nudged Danny tastes like honey with something that tastes like butter mixed in. Parker nudged Cole “bet its cum from the soldiers. The boys chuckled. An Asian boy who identified himself as Icherio Watanabe from O'ahu, Hawaii.

He spoke English quite well. I was surfing off Diamond Head and that's all I remember. Wish they had some rice here. Immediately Icherio's head snapped forward “but I would rather have a blue cock in my mouth!” His black eyes didn't blink. Nor did he show any emotion. He licked his lips, and ate from his bowl. He was being quickly reprogrammed, he was here to fuck and suck and nothing else mattered.

That night each boy found a mat, lay on his back. His legs drew back to this sides. His cock and anus were exposed and the lights found his sex organs. One on his penis which got very hard, the other opened his anus and seemed to move back and forth. Each boy slept soundly, the next day he would fuck and suck a new group of soldier's of the waring Republittican forces, he was their R & R!

Part 3: Performing with an Igrotrukt!

Thanks to all who like my Space attempt and the wonderful words of encouragement. Thanks for the ideas, if I can use them I will work them in especially the Igrotrukt (a 6 penis flying mammal, what a strange idea?) Of course the artists who give me most of my ideas!