By: Max the Cat

(Aliens and Boys)

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Part 3: Performing with an Protrusion!

Sandy Madrid, Ann Taylor and Enid Peterson were in Congressman Diggerman's office. The Congressman's secretary Millicent Faverman was very nervous, these women were mad, they had been given the run-around by the local politicians, police and the military. The women demanded action, they wanted their children back!

A news wire on one of the cable channels had run a blurb about 5,000 missing boys who had turned up in the exact spot of their abduction. Congressman Diggerman had contacted the Air Force and was told all information was top secret and a need to know basis, furthermore he was told he was not to say a word about anything, things could happen to him if he ventured further.

Sandy, Ann and Enid showed up on a radio call in program to plead their case to the public. Stanton England was the show's moderator. For the first thirty minutes crack pot calls took up the time. After the middle break the first call was a high pitched voice, quite a young voice. “Hi I Mark Middleton, I'm 12. I was just returned, I was abducted!” Everything went quite!

Stanton spoke up. “Is this some kind of a joke?” The women couldn't speak for a few minutes. Ann Taylor spoke up first. “Were you really abducted, really?” The boy with the high pitched voice spoke. “Yes, I was, really, here's my mom, she can speak better than I!” Everything went quiet. “I'm Mark's mother Rose, Rose Middleton,” Stanton gave some brief words “This station in no way has or does condone these statements!” He didn't want to be taken off the air by the government and disappear.

Go ahead Mrs. Middelton, please!” There was a bit of dead air before Rose began to talk. “Over six month ago my son was coming home from a “Pop Warner” football game, the lights went crazy over Wilson Park. When the police arrived Mark's uniform was piled neatly and he was gone!” Enid Parker gasped and added “just like our boys!”

Rose Middelton continued. “2 weeks ago the lights came back, they were flashing everywhere. The police arrived and my son Mark was standing in the middle of the football field, naked with a leather type bag holding 25 pounds of solid gold nuggets. The police came close to the bag and an eerie voice from nowhere “this his and his only, take from him and you will be evaporated, only this boy can control its distribution, it is his!”

Stanton said that they would not break for a commercial and Rose continued! A reporter said something nasty and grabbed the bag, in front of every one he evaporated into thin air! Then Mark spoke “this is my payment, do not touch!” The military arrived and the police told them what happened and a Captain asked Mark if he could help carry it for him? Mark nodded and Mark and the gold were taken away!

Sandy Madrid asked Rose “when were you contacted by the military of his return?” Rose cleared her throat and dabbed tears from her eyes. “The next day. We stayed at the base for tests and that's when I found out my son was now “gay!” Stanton interjected with out thinking “he's now a 'fag?” He quickly said “I'm sorry, I didn't mean, that, it slipped out!” Stanton again changed his his wording.

You sure he wasn't a homosexual before he was abducted?” Rose in a gruff voice “I know he wasn't, he had a stash of skin mag's and and I caught him on the computer wanking to “X” rated man/woman porn!” I took the computer away, but didn't find the magazines until he was kidnapped, he was even caught with a girl, a cheer-girl, she was a year older and teaching him things!”

Stanton chuckled, but put his hand over the microphone. “The military has done tests, he's has been altered someway by the aliens, I wanted to warn you, if your children are returned, they won't be the same and you have to watch out for that. Mark was caught at the park bathroom with three men a few days ago!” The three women in the radio station gasped!

On the alien planet the boys were constantly engaged. The night before there were two Republittican soldiers for each boy. Danny was on his knees, a dark blue cock in each of his slim white hands. His mouth was going from one to another taking in over half of each hard male stalk.

Cole and Parker were each on hands and knees. Hard throbbing dark blue cock buried deep into warm, wet depths of their wanting boi-pussy's, while each set of lips were against the bases of the hard blue cocks. Each end was being pounded, each throat displayed a round bulge poking from their throat and shown on the side of their neck's.

Danny sucked, licked and nibbled on the head of each dark blue penis, he wanted to taste the honey flavored sperm as it blasted into his wanting mouth, Danny could never get enough of the creamy, yellow goo each cock dispensed, he was addicted to the taste. Finally get was able to coax one to erupt in his mouth, Danny gobbled up the gooey elixir as it coated the skin in his mouth. The other soldier began to talk in words to fast for his translator to catch, he was swelling and Danny had been sucking long enough to know the soldier was about to cum, his lips clamped tightly to catch the gooey spew!

The boys awoke and stretched from their positions, their sex holes tingled, their penis's throbbed, it was a new day, a special day. The son's of the soldier's would be brought to the Area's of the Earth Whores for Introduction into hot sex, a right of passage before Military school. The Republittican youth were to be spoiled, pampered and given all the sex they wanted, the Earth boys must fulfill this requirement, this Right of Passage!

The Earth boys were readied for the soldier's sons. At mid day the boys were presented to the sons and each son chose a boy. Danny and a boy a few year older lay on soft pillows. Danny took hold of the lad's front pale blue cock and ran his tongue over the blue head. The cock almost at once turned dark blue. He watched as Danny's mouth sucked in the blue head and licked.

Cole was also on soft pillows. He straddled the older boys blue cock and rubbed it back and forth over his waiting boi-hole. He could hear the boy moan and mumble words he didn't understand, but knew the boy was wanting to enter Cole's ready body. Holding it straight Cole pushed down. All could see the cock turn dark blue as it penetrated Cole's willing body.

Parker led his boy into the open pool. Slowly he picked up golden hues water into his cupped hands and ran it over the older boys broad shoulders. Parker then took a blue nipple between his teeth and gently bit one then the other. He felt the older boy shake with anticipation. Slim white finger grabbed the front blue cock and jacked it back and forth. The boys yellow eyes seemed to roll back and turn golden, he relished the feeling Parker gave him.

Danny's mouth made the dark blue cock shine with wet, warm saliva. Danny hoped the boy would cum, the taste was something sweet and tasty, still the boy had to fuck Danny to pass the rites. Danny rolled onto his back pulling the boy on top of him. Holding the stiff blue appendage Danny placed it at the desired target.

The older Blue boy positioned between the earth boys white legs. Danny was splayed and held the blue cock straight, the older boys hips knifed forward, the head pushed against the tight anal ring which tried to hold, the blue head was stronger and the pucker opened, the blue cock drove into Danny to the end of the hairless root. The boy began to fuck Danny hard and deep.

Cole bounce up and down on the blue stalk. He was hard himself. His fingers tightly wanked as he rode the fat blue cock. Big blue six fingered hands held his thin white hips tightly. Both boys could feel their climax's building, both wanted to cum and soon, the cum was building. Both were almost to the peak and breathing hard. Cole was bouncing out of control.

Parker guided his boy to the edge of the pool. The Blue boy sat on the edge of the golden water pool. Parker between his blue legs. Parker smiled up and then ran his tongue around and around the dark blue crown. Opening his mouth wide his lips encompassed the front dark blue appendage and sucked in the cock to the back of his throat.

With six fingers on each blue hand the boy roughly pulled on Parker's blond hair. He pushed the boy's face onto his cock, the sucking was driving him to the brink and Parker felt the rumble inside of the throbbing organ. His mouth quickly pulled off and he pushed the blue boy on to his back, climbed atop and holding the dark blue prick he placed it at his ready hole and pushed down feeling the blue spike enter him.

Parker knew the older blue boy was almost to the brink and clamped tightly with his anal muscled and held the blue cock tightly while he slowly slid up and down. The boy babbled in his own language, the filter on his ankle worked to translate, but Parker wasn't listening, the two were cuming quickly.

Danny felt his thin white legs pushed up and the Blue boy fucked him like there wasn't going to be any boys left the next day. Danny wanked himself bring himself off before the other boy came inside of his ravaged body. A creamy white geyser shot into the air. A golden blast coated his insides, both were climaxing, the

feeling was stupendous to both boys.

Golden gooey liquid trickled from inside Danny, he stuck a finger into his own cum and stated it, it too tasted sweet as honey, the serum was doing it's job, when Danny returned he would be compelled to seek out his own species, his own gender for sexual relief, he would also have to please, it was in him now along with pumping alien sperm.

Cole rode the blue cock like he was riding a horse, up and down he brought the blue boy to his crest and felt the blast of warm alien juices, he shot off into the air his sperm flew, then landed on the blue boy's chin and chest. To Cole's surprise the blue boy's finger scooped up some human sperm and sucked it off his finger, he made a funny face, too salty and an acid taste. He scooped up the rest and fed it to Cole who licked the finger clean, so sweet to his taste, honey!

The earth Boys had started their 3rd month as boy whores for the Attorian's. Their Attorian leaders assembled the boys and told them through their ankle translators the the largest feast of the Republicttian People's would be held soon. “We provide the entertainment for the festival the Republicttian leadership will select 6 of you from our group to receive a great honor. The 6 will be given along with the customary 25 pounds of the prized golden dirt, your weight in the prized golden dirt.”

The boys began talking amongst themselves, but were returned to the attention of the Leader's. “Many years ago a Republicttian boy was on his name quest in the mountains of his planet. He came across an “Igrotrutk” his feet buried in heavy rocks. The giant winged mammal could not move or fly. The boy as legend tells worked to get the mammal free, it took him two days.”

Again the boys began commenting to them selves and again the Leader's brought them back. “The boy finally freed the mammal and it flew away. Five years later the Republicttan army had been trapped by the Horrgatigan Hordes and about to be slaughtered to the man. Out of the sky came 10 flying “Igrotrutk's” and seeing the boy who had freed one of their own. Attacked the hordes, the “Igrotrutks” each broke into six more beings and the ten became 60, the Horrgatigan's were now no match for the Republicttan Army and the “Igrotrutk's destroyed the Horrgatigan Hordes.”

The boys were in awe of the story. A dark skinned boy stood “Master's, why will we be honored?” The Leader's went on with their story. “The Republicttan's every 5 Earth years have a festival in the “Igrotrutk's” honor. One is brought in and the one becomes 6, thus it will need 6 earth boys to copulate with. The six boys picked will service a “Igrotrutk” both orally and then he will fuck you!”

The boys became quiet! None knew what one of these things even looked like, let alone have one fuck them. The Earth boys again mumbled among them selves. The leaders gave a loud clap and all 100 earth Boys snapped forward. 5 Republicttan Leaders walked in. The Earth Boys stood in line. The main Republicttan leader looked the boys over slowly.

The Earth boys shook as he eyed them. He began walking down the line and tapped a red headed boy from Wales “you!” he continued. He tapped Parker on the head and said “you!” Third was a small boy from Calcutta India “you!” The boy fainted. Next he tapped Cole on the shoulder “you!” He stopped and looked around fifth was an Eurasian with green eyes, he was from Hong Kong. He kept walking coming closer to Danny.

Danny tried to hide behind a bigger boy, the Leader smiled with his blue lips. “You the one hiding, yes you, you are the last one. Danny shook, he had never seen one of the beasts and what if instead of sex, he would eat the boys? The Attorian Leader's took the six and separated them from the rest. “You six must be anointed, you do not know what an honor that had been bestowed on you?” The six really didn't care.

The selected six were separated from the others. The 94 left were now available for the soldiers to have fun with, even though they had brought their women and children with them. The festival lasted 4 days. On the fourth day the “Igrotrukt” split into 6 individuals and bred the 6 Earth boys in front of all of the festival goer's.

Republicttian women were only ripe every two earth years and only in the Earth month of September, which was a coincidence as they were in the Constellation of Virgo. At this time they were ripe for only 3 Earth days. They carried their children for 13 earth months. Usually they had equal numbers of males and females. Males were betrothed to females in their 16th year, all marriages were arranged!

Part 4: On the 4th day the “Igrotrukt” was satisfied!

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