By: Max the Cat


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Part 4: On the 4th Day the “Igrotrutk” was satisfied!

Welcome to the Olive Barcliff Show!” The announcer gave the introduction. “Good afternoon and welcome to the show. Today we have 3 mothers who's sons were abducted by aliens and another mother and her son, the son was abducted and returned, but it's said his sexual preferences have been changed, 12 year old Mark Middleton was abducted as straight and returned as “gay!

Olive holding the microphone and the television camera panning the guests, but 12 year old Mark was absent. “we'll break for a commercial!” Olive a mid forties woman with the #1 rated afternoon talk show was livid “just where in the hell is the kid?” She screamed to her staff. The producer, red faces and now harried meekly said “gee Olive he was here a minute ago?”

Olive again screamed 'find the little queer, now!” Her staff was running every which way. Off behind some stage props and bent over a chair was 12 year old mark Middleton, no pants or underpants, legs spread wide and television-intern Andrew Wedge, his pants down around his ankles and his 7” cock buried inside of Marks asshole, he was pumping the 12 year old hard, fast and deep, his balls slapping those of Mark!

Oh fuck me harder, I love being fucked, but tell me when your going to cum, I want it in my mouth, I just love the taste, by the way what's your name?” Andrew was fucking for all he was worth, hot little boys just didn't come around very often, in fact Andrew hadn't remembered when one did? “The name's Andrew kid, and I'll cum in your mouth if you want, just suck and swallow all my hot sperm, OK?”

Ooohhh shit I'm cuming, here suck my cock, kid!” Andrew placed his cock on the boys lips, the length was sucked in quickly. Just as quickly the cock erupted in Mark's mouth and his cheeks quickly puffed out, his mouth overflowing, the corners had creamy trickles. Mark swallowed all he could.

A head peeked behind the props “just what in the fuck are you two doing, the show's started?” Mark had hold of the intern's cock and said “I'll be there just as soon as I drain him, damn his cum is sweet!” The assistant producer's mouth fell wide open. “Now, Olive is going ballistic! Mark licked the intern's cock of all sperm, planted a wet kiss on the pulsing head and put his pants back on, the intern's sperm coated his cleft chin and went to the stage. The assistant producer looked at the intern “your fired, scram!”

Mark sat in his chair on the stage, is was disheveled and tried to straighten out is attire, asked for some Kleenex to clean the cum from his glossy chin. Olive asked the assistant producer “where was he?” The assistant producer cleared his throat “you don't really want to know do you?” The middle aged woman said “I certainly do?” The young man shrugged “OK he was sucking off the new intern and wouldn't quit until he was finished?” The woman went pale. “I fired the intern!” Olive still pale said “good!”

The show resumed. “My guests all have one thing in common, they have been touched by aliens in one way or another. In the 2nd part of this show we will be joined by three new guests, they represent the place where Mark will be going, his mother has relinquished custody of of Mark who is excited to be going, but first............”

The selected six were set aside for the Festival. On the morning of the forth day they were bathed and readied for their meeting with the “Igrotrukt” Each Earth Boy was rubbed with scented oils. “The light continued to stimulated their bodies and finally they were rubbed in their sex part with a special oil made from the ripe sex of the female “Igrotrukt!”

The Attorian Amphitheater was full to capacity. The Republittican's were there in force to watch the 6 Earth Boys bred to the “Igrotrukt!” The boys were nervous, having sex with the beast was scary, yet the serum had them in a high state of sexuality and anticipation. They had been instructed that they must first stimulate their “Igrotrukt” orally, then to get on all fours and receive the beasts sex organ.

Parker had asked “Master's what is the size of the sex organ we will be ravished by?” The head of the Leader's replied “10 earth inches, or .03 meters for the rest of you, plus the round ball at the end which seals you two together for the sex act, now no more questions, you will not die and maybe you will ejaculate more than once, the last time one earth boy had 3 ejaculations, he slept with a big smile!”

Prior to the finale of the Earth Boy's and the “Igrotrutk” were the Ribbon Dancer's of Zytogoitf. “A women, all blond and all very green. These women were tall and excellent warriors, danced bottom less, golden pubic hair, cut in a heart. At this time they had an alliance with both the Attorian's and the Republittican's. These women were also vampire's, their payment for performance was 1,000 Mgtorrian's prisoners recently taken in a battle with the Republittican's. The Mgtorrian's were space pirates and prayed on the Spice ships of Corrtor, another friend of the Attorian's.

When the Attorian's first had tried taking Earth females and decided that they were not suitable, they were given to the Zytogoif's as payment. The Zytogofi's found that these Earth women could be transferred to Zytogofi vampires after they had been drained of their own blood, the bites made them blond and green and vampire's, this made it easier to replenish their own species and every once in a while they put in an order for Earth females!

The Zytogofi's were finished and the 6 Earth Boys were led out. The were placed in six separate spaces that were covered with black mats. The Earth boys awaited their fate. The crowd pointed into the air and pointed to an large object in the sky. Slowly it circled, the wings were gigantic, they looked like bat wings to the Earth Boys.

Finally the “Igrotrukt landed in the center, his wings made it's own wind. The head of the Leader's approached the gigantic beast. “We are honored with your presence, we have 6 Earth Boys for you to sample sexually, we hope our offering meet's your approval?” The beast gave out with a loud grunt and became 6 smaller versions of itself.

Danny looked at it and thought. “He looks like a Kangaroo, but with wings and horns. Each black wing had three claw like hands, yet it had four legs on it's body that resembled that of a dog. Each side of the 6 “Igrotrukt” was the size of a Mastiff, but what caught his eye was the sex organ, long and red with a small purple ball on the tip, Danny swallowed hard!

Each “Igrotrukt” went to a boy. A very long red tongue like that of a snake kept flicking out and finally found the boys penis, then ran up and down the length, each boys was already hard thru the serum stimulation. Each boy approached their own “Igrotrukt”!” The boys noticed the sex organ was glistening in the light of the two suns, it looked very slick, and very big!

The beast sat back on it's haunches, it's penis standing straight, the scent of the female permeated the air and caused the beast a high rate of excitement. Each Earth Boy took it in their smaller hands and took the purple knob into the mouths and began to nurse on the hard, slick and throbbing flesh!

To each Earth Boy the taste was sweeter than honey and sucked the beasts cock with gusto, they forgot it's size and what would happen to their bodies. Danny took some 6 inches into his mouth, it slid into his throat. Front paws held him by the back of his head and pumped the boys throat, This happened to each boy.

From each boys eyes tears flowed, their throats were being ravaged. The beast was becoming excited to it's proper state, soon the boys would be bred to the beast and please the Attorian Masters and the paying Republittican's throngs! Meanwhile the Earth Boys sucked and slurped the hard penis and bringing the beast to a heightened state!

The beasts roared in unison. Each Earth Boy knew it was time and let the beast's penis slide from their mouths. Each Earth Boy got on all fours on the black mats and awaited the penetration from the beasts, they were about to be bred, but were thankful that they had been greased with the female's oils, it was a very big penis!

Danny felt the fore paws to the beast grab hold of his slim hips then the penis stab him looking for an entrance for big appendage. Danny reached back took hold and placed it at his ready boi-pussy. The hard stab made him wish he hadn't helped, the penis skewered the boy, the next stab that locked them together, the boy and the beast fucking had begun in earnest!

The serum was working its magic, each boy came almost immediately. Creamy white boi-honey shot forth from the tip of 6 boi-cocks. The beasts were bounding each boy, 10 plus inches of hot beast cock slid up the boys colons and fucked them madly. The crowd was quite, the moaning of each boy excited the Republittican males, they would be visiting the ready Earth Boys very soon.

Parker and Cole were hard again and ejaculating, there was a round of applause at the feat. Then three more boys came and more applause. Finally Danny could not hold back any longer. Ropes of boi-sperm leaped from his cock and coated his chest then hung in even longer ropes of creamy white. The crowd became ecstatic and applauded the hard fucking the 6 Earth boys were receiving.

One after one of the “Igrotrukt's” bellowed, stiffened and erupted inside of each Earth Boy. Each boy felt the hot blast of the grape colored sperm as their insides filled with the gooey substance. Each bred Earth Boy's legs became coated with the grape colored goo. Applause broke out the boys were displaying rivets of the Beasts juices down their white legs, the boys were bred and the beasts were happy and bellowed with approval of their gift!

Each beast extracted themselves from the well fucked Earth Boys well reamed boi-holes. The “Igrotrukt” quickly became one beast roared and flew away to applause from the individuals in the audience. The Leader's helped the the Earth boys up, their white legs stained with the grape colored “Igrotrukt” sperm leaking out of the boys pulsing well reamed holes.

Each Earth Boy was set in a warm pool of golden water and allowed to rest. They were kept away from the others, an lustful orgy was going on in the rest of the boys area. Each boy had at least 2 and sometimes three Republittican soldiers to satisfy sexually. Mouths and holes and were kept working for hours applying their learned craft on Republittican cock's.

Olive questioned Mark about his alien experiences. “Well mam I don't remember all that much, the light seems to follow me everywhere and it feels real good!” Olive asked “Just how do you mean it feels good?” The 12 year old blushed “I don't think I can say it on television I mean....?” “Well Mark it can be all that bad, I mean it happened right?”

Mark's mother stepped in “Ms Barcliff the light keeps him in a highlighted sexual state, I am unable to control him, I even caught him with my ex-boyfriend when I came home from work!” Olive pushed farther “just what do you mean caught them?” Rose blushed. “I-I-I saw them having sex, Rick tried to tell me that Mark seduced him, but I just can't have a pervert in my house?”

Olive looked into the camera “you my loyal audience are in for a shock “Rose just who is the pervert you are talking about?” The woman looked down at the floor and said “my son, my boyfriend left me, said he didn't like woken up and finding my son sucking him off!” Olive again looked into the camera “when we return we will be joined by a Representative from B.T.W. And two of their Pleasure Boys, soon Mark will join them at a place called “Boi Lemuria” and a Hypnotist who will try to delve into Mark's inner being!” back in five!”

After the break the camera panned the 4 new guests. “Welcome back, we have been joined by Andrej a B.T.W. Photographer, Wayne and Eric they and Mark will be part of the new contingent of close to 100 young boys who will assume their positions as Pleasure Boys on B.T.W.'s newest Pleasure facility in the Seychelles and Aaron Weiss, a clinical Psycholinguists. After purchasing an island in the group B.T.W has built a piece of Paradise for men looking for this type of entertainment, young boys, welcome!”

Olive started by asking Sandy Milan what she thought of how the boys were returned to earth?” “I just don't believe if Danny is returned he'd prefer men, how could that be?” Mark quickly defended his new orientation “I'm sorry mam, but you will have to deal with it, every boy to date has been changed, and like me will be very active in obtaining sexual pleasure!”

Andrej spoke next. “If they are like Mark says they will be, we at B.T.W. Are prepared to take them and give them focus on how they can exist in this life, if they wish to please men, we will welcome them with open arms!” Applause and a few grumbles.

A woman from the audience asked Eric and Wayne how they became involved in their lifestyle?” Eric quickly answered “my mom decided that it would be better for me to find purpose in my life, if I wanted to,” he paused for the correct words. “Lets see, make men happy and give them the thrill they desire and are willing to pay for it, I'm here and I deliver!” there was some chuckling and a few more gasps.

For the remainder of the show there were arguments on if the boys were being used or if there were really aliens and if Mark had really taken to another planet. Then Aaron hypothesized Mark, but to no avail, all the boy could recall was two suns, golden waters and big blue men with 2 penises that turned dark blue when aroused and they ejaculated the sweetest cum, as sweet as honey! The show ended, everyone departed. Mark's mother couldn't find the boy. “Just where did he go, bet he's with some man or boy?”

Mark had eyed a man in the audience and followed him out of the studio. In the back of his van the man and boy lay naked. Mark on his back, legs wide while the man was fucking the young boy hard and deep. “Oooohhhh fuck me harder, damn you have a big cock, I feel it in the back of my throat!” the man chuckled as he fed the boys wanting hole with his throbbing penis. “Kid you are one hell of a fuck!” The man whispered into Mark's ear. Mark used his alien trained body with lustful abandon. The boy and the serum running thru his young, nubile body were giving his latest fucker the ride of his life.

Finally the man was to the brink and erupted inside of Mark. Mark mumbled “Ooohhh thank you I love your cock, it's so good to me and all that cum, I just love it.! They quickly dressed and Mark left the van, cum streaking down the inside of his legs and found his mom. “Where have you been young man?” she asked sternly. Mark gave her a crooked smile. “Do you really need to ask mother?”

Part 5: Returned differently!

Thank you to all those who like this story, if I'd know I'd written it sooner! Thanks to the artists who gave me the ideas!