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Part 5- Returned differently!

Riley Conners was collecting for the Hawthorne Herald and ran the Markey's doorbell hoping Anna Markey would answer. Since the 3rd grade he had a thing for Anna, and Anna for Riley. The Black haired, blue eyed paperboy got his wish, Anna answered. “Collecting for the Herald!” Riley piped up his a cheerful voice, then smiled and said “Hi Anna!” he was blushing at her.

Daddy it's Riley collecting for the paper!” She had turned her head and yelled. “Nice to see you Riley, you are always working hard!” She said sweetly. Her father appeared with his wallet open. “How much do I owe Riley?” The boy snapped back into the present world. “Oh $13.00 for the month sir!” The man gave him a 5 and a 10 and Riley reached for two ones, but Mr. Markey said “no Riley keep the change, you always make sure the paper is on the mat, I like that!” Riley said “Thank you very much Mr. Markey, thank you!

Riley slowly walked to the street and looked back and saw Anna peeking from the curtain in the big bay window. She waved and he waved back. Her smile turned to horror when she saw the light and Riley suspended in the air. His clothing was being removed and neatly set in a pile, shoes, then clothing and finally his collection book. She screamed.

Her father looked out behind her and yelled “what the hell?” Margret call 911 fast. Riley was being ferried into a silver craft. His knees lying on his tummy, a light directed on a very erect penis and another light pumping into his anus. He disappeared in to the craft, the door closed and the space craft darted into the night sky. Five minutes later there were two police cars in-front of the Mackey home. An hour later two Air Force staff cars.

The Mackey family was being grilled by the C.I.D. In walked Major General Harvard Ringsdorff, the man in-charge of the Alien Abduction of American Youth. He wasn't a happy man. It had started again, that means the one's abducted would be returned and more taken. He had some paper's in his hands of reports from other countries and their abductions.

In France at a place called the Brest, 3 boys were playing on the beach and were observed by the Parish Priest being ferried into an alien craft, their clothing was found piled neatly, all three were 11 years old, two were twin brothers, the third was a cousin. The priest was now in a straight jacket, he had been raised and taught there was no such thing as aliens!

Mark Middleton kissed his mother good bye and climbed into the limo that would drive him to the airport where he would join the other boys on the B.T.W. Jet for Boi Lemuria and start his new life as a Pleasure boy. No more harassment, or being under the microscope and called that boy or name derogatory to his lifestyle.

Life on Attorian was coming to an end for the present 5,000 Earth boys, in a week they'd be on there way back to Earth and a life they could not yet believe. For sometime now the military had staked out Tennyson Gorge in an attempt to capture the space craft, the lights were everywhere, yet no craft was observed.

Danny, Cole and Parker were stored on the mother ship and sent back to their home planet. The three boys each weighing 100 pounds would be dropped off at the place of taking each with 5 bags of the worthless Attorian gold nuggets on earth at almost $2,000.00 per ounce, this was close to 4 million U.S. Dollars, the three boys were rich and now very gay.

The mother ship docked behind the earth's moon and transferred the cargo to sub-ships for transfer to the place of origin. The military stood vigil to capture the kidnappers. The ship saw this and slowly spread s vapor spray and slowly the men fell into a stupor. Each boy stood where they had been taken from, naked and each with their five bags of gold.

The sub-ships left to pick up new and unsuspecting cargo for the Attorian sex facilities. Slowly the Airmen awoke and to their astonishment stood three naked boys. Also in a separate military vehicle sat the three mothers. The women were the first to awake. Screaming the ran for the boys, but were restrained by the Air Police. “Can't be too careful, ladies?” Sandy Madrid gave the Air policeman a swift kick in the balls and ran for Danny.

Good god, he's alive!” She said crying and hugging her naked son. Slowly Danny came out of his stupor. “Hi mom, hey who's the hunk behind you. Hey hot stuff want to fuck?” Sandy did what she always did, fainted. Parker awoke and asked the Air Policeman next to him if he wanted a blow job, Cole actually bent over in front of his and looked back “I'm ready when you are, I hope you have a big cock, I love big cocks?”

Billy Jennings awoke in his bedroom to the brightest light. It was as though he couldn't help himself, he opened the window and climbed onto his roof to watched the light-show in the sky. His pajamas were found neatly folded. His mother watched in horror as he was conveyed into a silver orb naked, two small lights aimed at his genitals and wide open anus. His small hands holding open his small butt cheeks. She was to scared to speak, finally she screamed. Her husband awoke and held his wife as the craft closed it's doors, his son gone with a flash of light.

The three boys were gathered up and wrapped in blankets. They and their mothers were ferried back to the local Air Force base, their mother's stunned, Mark Middleton and his mother were right, the boys were changed. The Air Police were afraid to touch the bags until the boys each said they could help, only help!

As the cars began to drive away three limo's arrived. Olive Bar cliff and her entourage had arrived. She wanted a live feed to her show. “Lady get the fuck out of the way, this is a military operation and it's TOP SECRET, get it?” She and her television executives called the military's bluff, she had them live on national television. “Young man wash your mouth out with soap or I'll do it for you, you know who I am?” The airman drew his pistol, then saw a picture of himself flashed all over the country.

The alien craft had room in the slots for two more boy's. The cruised along a well lit rode looking. On a BMX rode 11 year old David Martel. He was coming home from band practice, his clarinet hung on his handlebars. The flashing lights caught his attention. Young David stopped and watched the flashing lights as the flew over. The craft circled and zeroed in on the youngster.

Inside the craft 3 Attorians were processing the new earth boys. They were administering the first dose of serum into each anus and depositing the first dose into each prostrate. The tractor light found David and latched onto him. David rose up and off his bike. His clothing was removed and neatly stacked on his shoes. The boy found his naked body in the prone position, then turned on his back. He couldn't help himself, his legs moved to his tummy, his hands grabbed each butt cheek and pulled them apart. A warm light moved into his anus and began to move back and forth, it felt so good he relaxed and let the light open his body, it was a new feeling and it felt good. A second light latched onto his three inch cock and it seemed to masturbate him, that felt very good!

Slowly he was pulled up into the craft. He saw the strange little people. He was frozen in position. The light was fucking him, he had seen it on the computer, but done to a girl, now it was being done to him. His eyes got very heavy and soon he was asleep. The first injection of serum was administered, the craft was zooming to the mother-ship, it's cargo intact and ready for transfer to the big ship and soon on it's way to the Attorian planet. New earth boys for the Republittican soldiers.

Danny, Parker and Cole were interviewed first by the military then Olive Barcliff. they couldn't remember much, warm golden waters, big blue men with 2 penises, and the sweetest tasting cum imaginable. The officer interviewing Danny had to jump up, Danny's hand began to massage the man's cock. Oliver Barcliff's assistant was being looked over by the boys like something very desirable.

Finally the boys and their gold were sent home. Someone from the Internal Revenue Service tried to asses taxes to each family. The military squelched it. “Sir if you touch it you vanish into thin air, I think the families have gone through enough, but if you have the balls, you can try, I want to watch you or your boss's disappear, now that would be very nice!” He was laughing, the man from the IRS backed off!

Parker's mother was afraid, Parker had three brothers, and he couldn't keep his eyes off them. She called B.T.W. first. And quickly they took custody of Parker. The boy was sent to Palmyra Island, B.T.W. vacation facility in the South Pacific.

Parker loved it, men. men and more men. In his air conditioned room Mr. Rama lay naked on Parker's bed. Parker lay naked in-between the Indian's man dark brown legs. Parker held the dark brown penis in his hand. His red tongue licking up the underside like a Dream-icicle, Iced Root Beer on the out side, and a creamy center. Red lips encircled the brown tip, the cock slowly slipped down the warm, wet oral cavity until Parker's red lips nestled in the mass of black pubic hair, Parker was in his own heaven.

Parker loved his new life, Indian Lore showed Aliens with blue skin and it captured his imagination. His lips worked the dark skinned flesh slowly and in a lovely manner. His tongue danced over the man's cock sending shivers of ecstasy through his body. Mr. Rama always took light skinned, blue eyed and blond haired boys at the Pleasure facilities. He would lie back and let them do all the work until he could hold back no longer and came in copious amounts of sperm for them to drink, Parker loved the taste, just like honey!

Cole's mother was the second to call B.T.W. for her son. Cole had been caught in another public bathroom, this time with five older men. He was on the last when the police arrived. He was arrested for solicitation, but said “I'm not guilty, I didn't charge one penny, I just need cock and more cock!” The charges were dropped, through lack of evidence, no money changed hands, the police forgot to ask if Cole was paying the men, he had been!

Olive Barcliff stood on the steps of the Pentagon. She had her show doing a remote feed from the building. “Ladies and Gentlemen we want some answers. What will the government do about these kidnapping of our youth. (Olive had an underlying reason for this, her nephew an paperboy named Riley Connors had been abducted and her sister was at her wits end!) “Today I want to relate a story that has become personal, my nephew was abducted, a paperboy doing his job, collecting for his hometown newspaper!”

Inside the Pentagon sat Conrad Dithers the Secretary for Defense, he was watching Olive's rants intently, when it came to the lady's nephew being abducted, Conrad Dithers said “Holy fuck, oh shit her nephew, fuck!” he picked up the red phone “let me speak to the President, now Matilda, now!”

The President J. Arnold Strong was eating cashews and watching television, the Cartoon Network, he loved Tom and Jerry!” His red phone rang and the President froze, this was his 1st term and it had never rang before. “Golly, gee, ohhh damn it all, what to do?” Slowly he snuck up on the red phone and put one finger on it, pulled the finger back like he had been burned.

Finally J. Arnold Strong took the phone and placed it to his ear “hello?” “Arnold, you there you spineless piece of crap, talk to me!” Conrad Dither's was pissed. “Hey Strong what we gonna do about the aliens?” In a weak Texan drawl “Yes, you all, what can I do for you Conrad, we at war or something?” Conrad was not happy, Olive was about to bring down this house of cards and Conrad didn't want to be buried in the rubble!

Riley had been given his second dose of the serum, man/boy porn was running through his head continuously, he was cuming every four or five hours. His and the sperm of the others had been collected. A new planet had been found and it was a dying planet, or should it be said, the men had become sterile, the Earth boys sperm was in high demand and the women of Garderomn who paid in diamonds for a injection of the the little baby makers. The Attorian's were making more money once again. Life was good and the Attorian's never wasted a thing.

The silver craft had 5 Earth boys, they needed a 6th to fill the bins. The crew processed the rest, Billy Jennings, David Martel and the three French Boys. They had given the last 4 their first shot of serum, and completely processed their first captive Riley Conner. The craft cruised over the coast of Florida. The tracked a boy swimming in the surf.

A French-Canadian family was vacationing from Quebec. The Roux family was having a wonderful time. Their 11 year old son Jean-Charles had wandered down the beach after swimming. He had seen a small dog and went after it. He felt he wasn't alone and turned. The light captured the small boy.

Jean-Charles skimpy bathing suit was peeled from his body and laid neatly on the shore. His body was set in the proper order. Knees up and on his belly, his hands pulling apart his butt cheeks and exposing his ready anus. The two lights latched on to his penis and into his anus. His mother stood on a knoll screaming for her husband Rene. He arrived just in time to see his son ferried into the craft. The aliens had found the last of their quota.

The silver craft shot into the air, Jean-Charles's anus being opened and was injected in his prostrate hot pornography flashed thru his mind, he was erect and almost at once he ejaculated. The alien's finished Jean-Charles up with rest of his tubes and stored him until he could be administered his second injection of the serum.

The police at first thought the Roux family's was nuts. Then the military entered the picture. The overweight sheriff tried to throw his weight around and found himself standing in one of his own cells, two armed AP's standing guard. “”But I”m the sheriff, you all, you all ain't got the right to do this, you all ever heard of states rights?' A young Colonel from the Marines walked in “listen and listen good you fat fuck, this it TOP SECRET and if I hear another word for you I will stick my 45 in your fat face and pull the trigger, y-o-u-a-l-l, now shut the fuck up!”

The sheriff sat back, tear rolling down his fat, red cheeks, blubbering to himself, “this is my town, this is my town!” He heard a click and pissed his pants and closed his eyes. One of the AP's had lit up a cigarette and snapped his silver Zippo shut! The military was on edge also. Over 100 boys from the United States had been taken, one being Olive Barcliff's nephew, she was also his god-mother and she was pissed.

Cole found himself as a B.T.W. Pleasure boy on the island of Argos, an B.T.W. owned island in the Mediterranean. He loved it there, the Aegean was warm and an endless supply of men coming to sample the willing boys. Mr. “Y” a millionaire world traveler lay on Cole's bed. Cole was riding the man's fat cock. The hard flesh was buried deep inside of Cole's warm, willing body and he loved it.

Cole's hands behind him, flat on Mr. “Y”'s hips as he bounced on the cock. “That's it sir, fuck me hard and deep, make sure you cum in me, damn I love it when you men shoot your cum inside of my body, damn this place is like a candy store, men of every color, size and need, and I love fulfilling all your needs, that's it jack me as you fuck me.

Danny's mother was the last to relent and make the call. A neighbor had found the boy on his hands and knees, a dog riding the boy, a fat, red ten inch cock knotted to Danny. The boy mumbling something like “the beast is fucking me, I love the cock in me, get me another Igrotrukl when this one is finished fucking me!” The neighbor wanted to know what kind of dog an Igro or something like that was?”

The Mother-ship had all it's cargo stored. The last of the earth boys were processed and stored. The final three French boys and come in and finished with their second dose of serum. The twins Alphonse and Alexandre Durand and their cousin Albert Durand. The aliens got all three to ejaculate immediately with the porn sent thru their brain monitors. The sperm was scooped up and processed for the other planet.

There was an order for 500 earth girls for the Zytogoirf's. The Attorian's found them in a place called Moscow, Russia. The country seemed to place all orphans in large homes and separate them by sex. Five orphanages were depleted of it's inhabitants. The staff had been put into a sleep state, and when they awoke they went apoplexy!

The government went on full alert. Jets were ordered into the sky, but couldn't find anything, until one jet who had broken away from his group came in range and launched a missile. The weapon began to tail the object then turned and hit the jet and blew it's launcher to smithereens. All jets were called back. Russia demanded a meeting of the United Nations!

The mother-ship headed to the star-gate which would send them into the wormhole for transport back to their own galaxy. Meanwhile they had a very large cargo to maintain. The Earth boys were their primary cargo, the other was salable merchandise.

There trip was uneventful and within 40 days they were lined up for landing on their planet. The mother-ship docked and the boys were ferried onto the planet and section into groups of 100. Riley found himself in a group that was taken to a Pleasure Palace for preparation to service the incoming soldiers on their R & R and on R & R they just wanted boy-pussy to fuck!

The Attorina leaders took their 100 and got them bathed, fed and indoctrinated as to their new life as Pleasure whores. None had ever sucked or fucked to anyone's knowledge, but this was their fate and they must know their duties. The programing had visually taught them the basics and the serum made them ripe and ready for fucking and sucking, and they couldn't wait. Each boy's ankle was fixed with a translator.

Riley seemed to had a perpetual erection, all he could think of was man/boy sex. The other boys were in the same state, the stimulation was working well. The boys were given their togas, that came just to their bellybuttons, their cock always exposed. The boys went into their slots, warm light's stimulated both cock and anus, the boys must be in a high state of sexual wanting.

Olive Barcliff put on the pressure and obtained a interview with the President. In his Texas drawl he implored his Chief-of-Staff to cancel it. “Wallie do I have to talk to that overbearing bitch, really?” The Chief-of-Staff let the President throw his ritual hissy-fit. “Mr. President you know the reelection is coming soon and if you want to be run out of town on a rail, you know she has a very large audience, she can muster 25 million more votes that you were elected by?”

The President looked like he was going to cry. 'What will I have to say, I need help, this lady has gone nuts, why?” The Chief-of-Staff shook his head. “Mr. President haven't you read anything I have laid out on your desk, Her nephew and godson was one of the boys abducted from his paper route. I can see it now on the front of every paper and blog in the world “THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY!” end of quote, you couldn't be reelected in a dog kennel as the “proper scooper!”

Part 6: The President “0” ALIEN'S 5,000+

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