By Max the Cat


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Part 6: President “0”, Aliens 5,000+

The Republittican festival of the 10 Moon's of Otholighgtan was coming up. The Leadership of the Republittican Federation had signed a treaty with the Jubmerian Empire. The President ot the Republittican federation wanted to honor Emperor Motogabala at this time. The Emperor was a tall solid black being with long flowing golden locks!

The President sent General Obzwanl to set up the festival, he wanted all of the Earth boys in the arena. The Emperor would be given the honor of a boy of his choice to pleasure him, the greatest honor a Republittican could bestow. Federation men were very greedy and everything went by rank and status.

David Martel of the 5,000 was unique, he was the only redhead, and a body freckled from head to toe. The Emperor would be surprised to the core when he laid eyes on David. The Jubmerian's had a saga as told by the Great Oxynte, a seer of the highest order. In a trance she foretold that a boy with white skin, blue eyes and red hair would be born the the daughter of the second wife of the reigning Emperor.

This was only part of the fable, the boy would never meet the princess and he would come from beyond the stars. The Emperor always asked how this could be, the two would never meet? The great Oxynte foretold this. The Emperor asked the reigning great Oxynte. She began to burn Xtrext incense and went into a trance. A voice came from within her and said “The child will be born when the 10th moon comes into the northern sky, he will slay the Horrible Mognite with the lance given him by his grandfather and will return from battle with the leather coated beast's head. The man-child of only fifteen double suns will give the head to his grandfather as a token of his love for the old man.

This was relayed to the Attorian's. They decided that it could be done, they could give the boy's frozen sperm to the Emperor and have it placed in a girl, one of his daughters, the boy and girl will never meet. The Emperor had 4 daughters by his second wife and decided that he needed enough of the semen for all four daughters, he would hedge his luck!

Olive Barcliff was now on a crusade. She waited in the oval Office for President Strong, whom she referred to as President Weak(ling) on here afternoon show. She would start here show with an update on her progress on getting the President to grow a pair and capture an alien craft, hold it and its contents hostage until “All Our Children Are Returned!” A job much easier said than done, if not done she aimed to make the Fake Texas Cowboy a one term OUTLAW and hang him out to dry!

Mr. Strong just what do you intend to do about the kidnapping of America's Sons?” Did you also know the Russians have lost not only their sons, but their orphan daughters have been taken also?” The president gave her a weak smile “They have Miss Barcliff?” His Chief of Staff standing along the wall turned a sickly gray, he had placed the report on Strong's desk, but them fucking cartoon's came first!

Well there Missy, were studying the problem and I am going to select a group of our finest minds to study the problem, hehehe!” President Strong looked at the clock, he didn't want to miss Tom and Jerry on the cartoon network and being here would eat into his favorite show! “I hope you all understand that these people are far advanced of our civilization, so it will take some time and money, got to find the extra money for this?”

He gave her a toothy smile. Then he cringed, Olive was about to blow a gasket and he for the first time seeing her, was frighted and looking to the Marine guards for help. “Mr President you seemed to find the money to give tax cuts to the top 2%, but are children are left sucking hind tit!” The President started to say “no Nasty talk in he-r-e, M-i-s-s-y!” Olive had stormed out with here camera crew talking to the afternoon women of the country.

B-u-t s-h-e- s-a-i-d T-I-T!” The Chief of Staff handed the President his clip board “Sir I quit! He too stormed out of the Oval office, going a opposite direction from Olive, he wasn't going to talk to anyone, he just wanted to disappear! “But, but b-u-t!” The President seemed to be pleading, but to no avail.

In front of the White House Olive lambasted the President, his party and the Leader of the House of Representatives, as good for nothings! House Leader Christopher Bumnbford tried to figure out just how in the hell he had gotten involved it the Kamikaze Attack from Olive Barcliff. He turned on her program and used his wastebasket to puke in, “That bitch is relentless!” he said before he threw-up again, he had a very weak stomach!

The Emperor arrived on the Attorian Planet with a very large Entourage. The first night he rested and went over his plan, he had seen the only red headed boy in the crowd that greeted him, the Republitican Ambassador had been right, there was a Red Head, everything was coming into place, the Oxynite had foretold “He would arrive from beyond the stars, and he would get his white skinned, red headed grandson, the Prophesier would be celebrated through out his land!

He cornered the Attorian Leaders and told them of his needs and of what the Oxynite had foretold. “We know of this your excellency and we can provide you with an adequate amount of the boys sperm from his loins, as much as you will need, it will be our gift to you!” The Emperor was pleased!

The next night there was a great feast given in the Emperor's honor. After the dining was completed, the speeches had been given. 99 naked Earth Boys entered the room and were quickly grabbed up. The Attorian Leader's brought out David for the Emperor. The boy took his place sitting at the Emperor's feet. None of the boys had yet to be taken by any of the Republittican's soldiers, but held back for this special occasion.

The party goer's were served only wines from the mountain vineyards of the Yoktakon Alps! Each boy stimulated by the serum and the warm light that penetrated their bodies began to let their hands roam over the bodies of the men. David was no different his small freckle covered hands slid up the inside to the Emperor's muscular black legs and quickly grasped the very hard and throbbing penis.

David pulled open the Emperor's Emerald Green robe, knelt between the man's legs and put his red lips to the coal black penis head. His red tongue tip snaked out and circled the black crown. David looked up at the Emperor's with his green eyes speckled with golden brown flakes, smiled and opened his mouth wide and sucked in the fat black penis half way!

Saliva flowed in David's mouth and coated the hard black length of the Emperor's cock. The imprint that had been made in his mind from the man/boy sex movies, gave him the expertise in sucking cock, yet this was his first. He held the hard man's meat in his hand and ran his tongue up and down the coal black length. The Emperor moaned with the feeling the boy's mouth gave him. His women would never allow a cock in their mouths.

David licked to the ball sac that contained 3 testicles. He sucked in each and sloshed each in his warm, wet spittle. The Emperor moaned even louder. David licked the neither area, then back up the length of penis and sucked in as much as he could without gagging. Up and down he worked the big black appendage.

David stood up naked. Smiling broadly he straddled the Emperor's legs and grasped the royal penis in his slim white fingers and placed it at the lubed entrance. Ever so slowly David sat on the black crown and felt it began to batter it's way into his virgin body. David's green eyes widened, the cock head broke thru his anal ring and into his body.

The Emperor pushed David down and the length traveled into him. David found himself resting on the 3 balls. David got use to being stretched and bagan to move up and down slowly on the hard black penis. Things went off in his mind. The sexual programing was moving at light speed, he saw and felt the man/boy fucking, he related it to what he was doing. His mouth found the nipple on the chest of the Emperor and ran his tongue over the sweet tasting flesh.

The coal black Emperor closed his eyes and let the Earth Boy do what he wished, the tightness of the boy's hole cause him to shudder with the way David's boi-pussy clamped tight as he rode the hard black spike. The Emperor could feel his own sauces rumble from within, soon he would shoot hot blue sperm into the boy, the feeling was becoming overwhelming.

David could also feel cum boiling inside. The tightness of his hole on the black tube sent shivers up his spine and the feeling settled in the head of his boi-cock. Both man and boy began breathing hard, both grunted and David began to move up and down faster. David with the effects of the programmed porn and the serum shot off like a geyser coating the black chest creamy.

The Emperor to could feel the feeling and sent hard blue cream bolts into David's insides. What seemed like gallons to David were shot deep ling into his slim freckled body. Even though the Emperor was loving the feeling his shooting cum, he decide that this was the last time David would waste sperm, his plan was to have the cum collected, the Attorian's had their orders and The Emperor expected them to be fulfilled.

David relaxed against the big man. The Emperor found himself running his hands through Davids hair and running hands over his soft white skin. David came back “I'm sorry, it felt so good I got lost you majesty!” The big man smiled “do not worry, in the end I will owe you much more that you will ever realize!” David gave the man a queer look, he didn't understand.

The Emperor smiled even broader “if I could grant you a wish what would you wish for?” David was quick “I would wish for my Clarinet.” The Emperor looked at the boy “I do not know what this thing you want is?” David still impaled on the black spike, blue sperm leaking out of his pulsing hole.

You highness it is an instrument of music, when I was back at my home I played it, I an very good and have been called a prodigy. Still the Emperor wasn't sure just what the boys was talking about. “Back home my father was a conductor, my mother played the violin and my sister the oboe, but they said I was the best, I miss making music?” David looked sad as he thought of his music. “To me you made music when we had sex!” The Emperor trying to make David feel good.

The Emperor clapped his hands, David jumped some and a flood of blue sperm left his body. “Get this boy the musical instrument of his choice, this is my wish and command.” The Emperor felt this was something he could do for David, since his would be in instrument of the Prophesy's fulfillment!

His Chancellor was beside himself. He had David and the Emperor cleaned up and took David to the big screen and punched in a few things and brought up and picture list of all known musical instruments. David looked over everything, toward the end he found one that was close to a clarinet, it was called a Itallor and one was ordered.

The Altorrians took David and placed him away from all the others, he would me milked for his sperm twice daily for 7 days. He didn't know this, but he was oiled, fed and pampered. Twice daily a tube would appear, what looked like a mouth and lips clamped onto David's penis and sucked him to a climax. His sperm was collected twice daily, stored and deep frozen for the Emperor's use.

At the end of the 7 days David returned to service the soldier's on R and R. His first day back he was taken by two soldiers. One fucking him hard and deep while he sucked and swallowed the dark blue and very excited cock of another. The boy relished his sex time more and more, almost as much as playing his new Itallor. If he wasn't servicing a soldier he played his music. He also began to write down lyrics and melody.

Of all the boys in the 100. Riley was in sexual overdrive. He couldn't get enough. One day there were twice as many soldiers than boys and he sat down on one and turned and asked another to fuck him too. Two hard blue cock drove into him, while a third was swallowed. The boy seemed to be addicted to the taste of Republittican cum, After fucking he would suck the cum from the cock outside. Smacking his lips and licking them clean, he smiled!

Billy Jennings found out he liked riding cock better than anything else. Sitting atop a fat blue cock and feeling it inside him made him moan over and over again. Billy loved grinding on the hard sex implement, then when it exploded inside his preteen body, the bolts of golden sperm hit everywhere inside, he just couldn't help but shooting off. “I just can't figure out how I got along with out cock's before, just can't figure it out?” he kept mulling the thought over and over, then another would arrive to be serviced and Billy would go riding once again!

Back on Palmyra Island Parker slowly walked down the pristine beach looking out at the deep blue waters. The Patron's approached and asked if he was taken? “Gentlemen how can I pleasure your day?” He asked beaming, this would mean he had two men to fuck, suck or both at the same time.

He was led to a secluded part close to the white beach and lay down with the two. He got them both on their backs, he in the middle. Beaming with his now shoulder length golden locks, sparkling blue eyes and already erect cock. Parker took hold of each big brown male weapon and circled the two heads one after the other.

Parker pulled the two walnut shaped cock heads together and pushed his stretched mouth over the both. He could only get the heads into his mouth, but for the two men eying his feat, it was very sexy and a big turn on. Saliva flowed profusely. He had to pull his lips off, his mouth had to get back to it's proper oval.

The two men chuckled at Parker's antics, yet he thought to himself “I wonder if these two cocks turn blue?” He shrugged and took the left deep and slowly drug his red lips up the hard brown length, then did the same to the other cock. He loved being a Pleasure Boy, sucking and fucking would be his life's work or at least that's what the hot 12 year old thought now.

OK who want's to fuck me first?” He asked coyly?” Both wanted to fuck his first. Gee I don't think I can take both of these brown monster's at the same time, but we can try, so be gentle with my sweet tender body?” He giggled and straddled the Indian man on the right first. Slowly that hard brown penis pushed it's way into his body.

Finally Parker had the first cock lodged in his tender, but nubile body. Parker moved down and up a few times, before Indian man #2 got behind him and dropped a large dollop of B.T.W. brand lube on the head of his big brown penis and pushed in hard. “Fuck that's really big, I don't think it will fit, try only once more, if not you'll have to settle on my mouth ot take sloppy seconds?” He giggled.

The Indian Patron placed the head of his brown cock at the stretched boi-pussy hole. He pushed hard and the head slid over the other cock and lodged inside of Parker. “Good lord I-I-I-I don't, I-I-I-I don't, oooohhhh lord it's almost in me, holy fuck I feel your pubic hair tickle my butt, fuck you got it all inside of me, your both fucking me, wow!”

The two pounded away on the boys body. For a funny reason Parker was hard as a rock, he was going to cum already, he felt stretched to all get out, yet it was so sexy, so tight and so fucking hot, two cocks at once, “fuck me harder~!” He screamed in his high pitched voice!

On the Olive Barcliff show she was relentless on her attacks against the current administration. They seemed to be so helpless in their attempts or non-attempts to remedy the crisis at hand Her sister had attempted suicide, due to the loss of her only child and the countries inability to bring the boy back!

President Strong wanted to hide. He couldn't go anywhere without answering questions about the constant kidnappings of our children and them being returned “gay!” The Evangelicals who had supported “Strong” for President so tolerantly, were also being drug through the mud and they were not happy about it, besides Aliens had been proven to be real, and that went against their beliefs.

Reverend Giles Holloran refused to believe that there were such a thing as aliens, although his niece had been one of the girls removed from her bedroom when the Zytogoitf's had put in an order fro Earth Girl's and her mother and two aunts watched the girl float onto the space craft. The Mighty Reverand declared it was the work of Satan himself!

The girl's mother watched Olive's show as Mark relayed what happened to girl's taken, “there taken and given to a group called the Zytogoitf's, they are a race of vampires and at times need Earth girls to replenish their ranks, girls never came back, they become vampire's also!” The mother screamed and did a Sandy Madrid, and fainted!

The boys on the Attorian planet were engaged with the soldier's on R & R. Every boy was being fucked or was sucking a large blue penis. Billy loved to fuck then grab the second penis and spray the lilac scented urine over the others. He also liked being taken in the golden waters of the facilities pools, warm water fucking was becoming his favorite way of having sex, he even asked to be left there when the others were returned home to Earth, he loved it there!

Part 6: Olive Barcliff for President!

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