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Part 7: Olive Barcliff for President!

Danny walked into the big room for the “Musical Boi's: game, he had found his name on the morning roster. He was given the #10 and took the seat with the same number on it. Danny's new life at the Maldives Pleasure facility. He was far enough away from the limelight and his family. His mother still could not come to grips with his new lifestyle and his being very gay!

The thirty boys were set. The Patron's came in along with the spectator's. Each man found a boy and holding his hard cock presented it to the Pleasure boys mouth for some good sucking. Each boy had a Patron cock in his mouth, he sucked and licked the hard flesh in an attempt to bring the man to a fast climax, that would mean more money in his savings and cum in his belly.

Danny loved sucking cock, he loved the taste of cum shooting into his mouth, he could swallow the entire length quickly and licked the ball sac with his tongue, most of the boys were in awe of his cock sucking talents. None knew he had six months in deep space practicing sucking and fucking. He would get flash backs and ask a Patron “doesn't your cock turn dark blue, then catch himself.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's show.” Applause. Thank you deeply. First I want to put a rumor to rest. I am not running for president!” A few boo's and mumbling. “Please I do not believe I can do the good works I do here and run for public office, that would pigeon hole me and make me beholding to certain groups and money, that I cannot do, I want to take on the problems that befuddle our country and bring them to the forefront. Yes I am on a charge to bring home our young boys and now girls if at all possible, now for today's spotlight problem “YOUTH TURNED FROM STRAIGHT TO GAY AND CAN IT BE REVERSED?” Applause, But first a few words from our sponsor!”

Jean-Charles lay wrapped in the arms of a big blue soldier. The soldier's big blue cock was buried deep into the boy's love hole. Jean-Charles was the one moving up an down of the hard first penis. The French-Canadian mumbled in both English and French as the two fucked hard and deep. The youngster was loving what he was doing and couldn't realize how he had lived without fucking.

Billy stood in the golden pool. He was lying against the marble edge while he was taking the hard dark blue cock to the hairless balls. The second cock kept slapping against his left leg. A second soldier scooted his cock to Billy's red lips and didn't have to say a word, the boy knew that the cock was there to be sucked, his mouth enveloped the cock and took it to the back of his throat, he was almost in a dream state, he loved sucking cock and the taste as cum flooded in his mouth and he gobbled up the creamy sweet golden goo, sweet as bee's honey.

Red headed David lay on a large pillow. The soldier had fucked the boy for over thirty minutes. David's boi-pussy was pulsing as it shrunk back to normal size. The soldier began to shoot purple colored urine on the boy. The lilac scented urine permeated the area. David caught some of the liquid in his mouth, it was even honey tasting.

David's green eyes opened as a second blue skinned shoulder knelt over his mouth and sunk his blue cock into David's mouth. The fat penis began to turn dark blue as David sucked the hard blue stalk. He sucked hard, he wanted the cum in his mouth, the honey taste was addicting, and he loved the taste of Republittican soldier sperm.

Slowly the soldier fed David more and more dark blue cock until David had it lodged in his throat. The soldier held David's head and fucked the boys face like a madman, the feeling was wonderful, Earth boys were such good cock suckers, they swallowed everything and wanted more. The man's golden eyes became small slits as he could feel his honey flavored, golden sperm gallop through his body and into David's gullet, the boy smacked his lips.

David had pushed the cock out of his throat and clamped hard on the head as the cock erupted in David mouth filling it with sweet creamy golden soldier cum, David greedily swallowed the goo, it was though he couldn't get enough of the soldier's spew. David sucked and swallowed until the soldier couldn't take anymore of the feeling and pulled away. The second cock began to flow and shoot lavender urine onto the boys body, again the scent of lilacs permeated the air!

David took a dip in one of the golden water filled pools, then let the warm breeze dry off his lovely nubile body. Taking his musical instrument he found a secluded spot and began to play. The boys and soldiers were eating, sucking and fucking as David played sweetly. The Attorian Leaders even took time to listen to the melancholy notes.

Cole not only liked the sex on Argos, but the history fascinated him. The idea of Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians and Egyptians playing such a great deal of influence on the area. Argos Pleasure facility had an extensive library and the naked boy could be seen reading when he wasn't pleasuring the Patron's, a professor from Athens loved taking time out on Argos and would bring extra material for the boy and once when Cole was riding the professor's hard cock, the man read from the Homeric Hymns!

Fuck me professor, god I love your cock and how you read to me as we have hot sex!” Finally the professor put down the book, took hold of Coke's hips and pushed up in a hard continuous upward thrust. “Cole I love the way you use your inner muscles, it like fucking and getting milked at the same time!” Cole chuckled and clamped down hard of the hard male spike!

There was a lull in light sightings. People began to go back out without looking over their shoulders. The Christmas holidays were just around the corner. People were out shopping, singing carols and looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Winter was in the air. At the B.T.W. Pleasure facilities mainly were in the summer season.

On the Attorian planet it was getting close for a change of boys. The Leader's were preparing to send out their craft's for a new crop of boys to pleasure the paying clients. The Orfgating's were new clients and users of the boys for their sexual needs. The males were demanding and the femals had very low sexual libedos, like Republitican women they only had sex for procreation and the men found the Altorian's provider's of a prolific sexual outlet.

The Altorian's could also keep the present crop for a longer period of time. The the Mother-ship went out, actually now there were two Mother-ships and a double requisition for Earth boys. The Orfgating's with 3 penises and two for sex, the boys would be working twice as much. Orfgating's an Orange tinted being, as big as the blue males. They could also occupy two Earth boys at the same time.

Billy and Jean Charles were kneeling and sucking a cock each. The cock's grew dark orange with excitement and had a mushroom shaped head. The ejaculated blue/green sperm and with the help of the serum tasted as sweet as the cum of a Republitican soldier, but an Orfgating could fuck two at a time, having Earth boys to give their bodies willingly was a special treat.

Both Billy and Jean-Charles were turned hip to hip and the Orange man slipped each cock into each boy and fucked the two hard, fast and as deep as he could push. Billy reached over and grabbed Jean-Charle's cock and began to jerk it, Jean-Charles returned the favor, to cum was such a treat, almost as good as having a cock explode in one's mouth and savoring the sweet taste of sperm.

The two Mother-ships docked behind the Earth's moon and released their silver ships. On earth unsuspecting preteen's were going about their days not knowing that they were in for a nude awakining and a life hot fucking and sucking of alien beings. Wallace and Waren Burke were returning from choir practice. The twins had angelic voices and were giggling and confiding to each other their expected Christmas gift of choice BMX Mountain Bike's.

Behind the two blond, blue eyed boys rose a silver space craft. The ramp was open and the sex lights were zeroing in on the two unsuspecting boys. Howard O'Rourke stepped onto his porch to get his evening paper. His mouth opened wide in disbelief. The two blond boys had been captured in the warm light and were being divested of all clothing.

What the fuck is this?” He screamed. “Martha call 911, something very strange is going on.” She walked to the front door, phone in hand and froze in place. Howard grabbed the phone and hit the three buttons, and watched the two boys being taken into the craft, very naked with one light fastened to their erect penises and a second into their split butt cheeks.

Hello this is 911 what is your emergency?” Howard couldn't speak. “Sir, sir what is your emergency?” He snapped back to reality. “I'm Howard O'Roarke of 69134 Willamette Avenue, two naked boys are being taken into a space craft, I bet you think I'm crazy, but this is the truth.” Each boy has a warm light moving in and out if their anus's, their hands holding their butt cheeks open, and each boys was smiling!”

The 911 operator had a special number to call if she had ever gotten a report of this nature. She put Howard on hold and hit the number. “Hello this is Air force special operations, you have a sighting?” The operator gave the address and the name of the person reporting. The Air Force dispatched two cars, but the craft was gone with its quarry!

Kyle Greene was dressed in his sweats and running shoes. The young long distance runner was out for his evening run. He was preparing for a marathon, two months ago he had come in fifth, first in his age class. He turned on Wales to fifteenth and waved at a friend across the street, the boy was never seen again, only his running shoes, sweats and the towel he had wrapped around his neck.

In the space craft Kyle was getting is first shot of the serum. The constant playing of porn was going thru his mind, he was very erect, in two minutes the aliens would collect his first ejaculation, he was breathing very hard, he had never had any stimulation like this before.

Each dispensed alien craft was ahead of schedule. The populace wasn't as suspecting as the alien's believed they would be. Two boys were working together picking pockets, the season for their money making schemes. The blond would ask directions batting his blue eyes, the dark haired boy would snatch a wallet or open a purse and snatch the coin purse.

The two would slowly go thru a department store making off with a multitude of ill gotten gains. Tonight they walked out of the store slowly and went down East Fourth and cut across West Fourth and into the park. The were going through the night's hall when the light caught the two eleven year olds.

A beat patrolman was on their tail and stopped dead in his tracks. The two boys were on their backs, fully erect and another light working in and out of the two boys wide open anuses. His report said “it was like they were on an invisible conveyer belt and disappeared into the space craft. I found their clothing piled neatly and atop of each five or six wallets or coin purses that had been reported lifted in Willard department store, looks like the aliens captured them before I could?”

Inside the craft the two thief's were being administered their first dose of sex turning serum, both cock spurting sperm into the air. Then they were placed in their own cubbyhole for transport and safe keeping. Hoses attached for feeding, drinking, eliminating and of course sex programing, The second serum shot would be administered prior the entry into the wormhole.

The largest hall was in Norway a whole group of boys ranging between 10 and 12 were singing carols around a tree while people watched and enjoyed the music. The coral group consisted of fifty-four singers. Out of nowhere the lights began to flash, the viewer's was sprayed with a smoke laden substance and all swooned. Fifty-one of the fifty-four boys were taken. Fithy-one piles of clothing in neat stacks.

Some of the Carole watchers said they could see maybe 12 silver space crafts ferrying the boys into their space ships, all naked, all erect and all having strange lights attached to their penis and anus. The three boys not taken were found to already be gay and would have been made straight, but for some strange reason the aliens could detect straight from gay?

The United Nations went into special session. For the first time since the conception of the group of nations they had come together, as one body in agreement, it was still a mad house. “What can be done?” “How can we combat this?” “Who will save the worlds youth?” At the podium stood Olive Barcliff. To date her nephew Riley Conner's was still in alien hands or whatever they used to capture the boys was still unknown? Now her sister had to be committed. “Ladies and Gentlemen I have a plan?”

On the Alltorian planet Riley was having a grand old time. Now a very gay boy he had a cock in each hand and was sucking one Orange cock then the blue , he knew it wouldn't be that long, there would be a two spike eruption and from their fleshy spigots would flow hot sperm, the flavor of honey and he was addicted, the boy just couldn't get enough.

The boys today were entertaining soldier's of both armies. The gay Earth boys could be seen sucking on a blue cock and riding an orange, then it could be visa avers. Billy and Jean-Charles got into a pushing and slapping tussle over some soldier. The Attorian leaders separated them. “Boys there are than enough soldiers to pleasure, more than enough sperm to drink, soon there will be more boys to take care of the overflow.”

It wasn't that, the one soldier for some reason was more attractive than the others and each boy was infatuated with him. The soldier liked the attention and pushed them more and more. Then the soldier turned his attention to a South African boy of Dutch decent leaving Billy and Jean-Charles hating the boy named Bern.

Part 8: The Big Plan!

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