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Academy Award Performance

By Chris Carr

Copyright 06/17/2003

"Swrong with him?"

"Trippin’," Rae said, glowering at the boy.

"Trippin? Why, what’s wrong?"

"He say he ain’t like that. Say he don’t mess ‘round."

I looked at the boy, slumped in a chair. His sun dappled, peach brown skin radiant beneath the soft light, he was sullen, his chin resting on his fist, a scowl on his face.

"Don’t mess around," I contended. "But…"

"I know," Rae said. "Just leave him alone." Then in my ear he whispered, "Just give it a few."

Give it a few? This wasn’t according to the deal. Hell, my wife’s Tupperware party’ll probably be over before he changes his mind, I stressed, glancing at the boy again. Damn, and he was god awful cute, those cherry red lips of his just begging for me to kiss them!

Kimmie, the more ‘willing’ participant, lingered just inside the door, watching us. I’d been with him before, his randy dick tireless. He’d no sooner spunk off a healthy load and he’d want another go at it. Moaning erotically in my ear, he loved rubbing his anxious length between my buttcheeks. (I wasn’t into being penetrated in those days.)

Rae looked helplessly at me, then walked to the door and grabbed Kimmie by the hand. Determined to get something from the night, he pulled him center the room, embracing him in a sensuous hold. Cuteness dropped his head, his scowl increasing. This wasn’t what I had in mind.

All that day, I’d been ecstatic, anxiously anticipating the night’s festivities. That evening, I was a nervous wreck, checking my watch every five minutes as I waited for April to leave for her Tupperware party. We’d been married all of 2 years and already I was back at it, sneaking boys in undercover and meeting others at obscure locations. It was my weakness, the one I’d feared the most, leading up to the marriage. But in those days, (mid-seventies) you married despite your attraction. It was the ‘safe’ thing to do. It was supposed to ‘cure’ me of this perversion I had. Free me from my demons. Stop things like tonight’s disaster.

Kimmie willingly followed as Rae directed him to the couch, sitting close beside him. We were old friends Rae and I, from high school. Old high school buddies with the same ‘weakness’ for hot teen sex. We sort of discovered that by accident, on the way home from school one day. Passing a rather attractive junior high school aged boy, I chanced a comment that he was "pretty good looking."

"He sure is," Rae gamely returned, a smile on his face.

"So… you think he’s cute?" I said, a little surprised.

"If you think he is," Rae returned, cautious.

We walked a little longer in silence, both of us with our heads down. "You like boys?" I blurted, the curiosity killing me.

"You?" Rae replied. We walked in silence again as I contemplated a reply.

"Sometimes," I chanced.

"Me too," Rae said.

Not long after that, we made further admissions, eventually taking a stab at messing around with each other. While that was enjoyable, nothing excited us like talking about boys. Even after graduation, Rae and I would spend hours on the phone, exchanging stories about boys we’d met and the things we’d ventured with them. Rae was, by far, a lot more bodacious than I. He even kept suckers in his car which he judiciously employed at opportune times.

"What’re these for?" I asked one day, finding his stash in the glove compartment.

He picked one up, unwrapped it and slid it in his mouth in a way that soon had my dick twitching. "When I see something I like," He explained, smacking on the sucker, "I put one in my mouth and do this." He slid it in his mouth again and I was definitely on hard then.

In time, he’d put together a ‘stable’ of willing boys, ranging from 13 to 18. "Farmer Rae," He'd taunt, "He grows his own."

About two years after graduation, he started mentioning this boy named Barry.

"He’s got baby soft, light brown skin, sweet cherry colored lips and a head full of curly hair."

"Sounds like a dream," I said, my voice husky with desire. "How old is he?"

"15," Rae related, readjusting his hardening dick in his pants.


"And, I’ma get that."



And he did. Or at least, that was what he’d told me. But to hear Rae describe the boy, it was hard to believe he’d let a man anywhere near his dick. Barry played team sports (basketball), supposedly had a girlfriend and a huge ego that made him cocky. Imagining him butt naked, his dick slammed down Rae’s throat was the ultimate stimulus. There was nothing more exciting to me and Rae than being a boy’s first. Especially one so unlikely to do anything with guys as Barry.

"So when you gon’ hook me up with him?" I finally asked. Rae owed me as I’d hooked him up with one of my boys, a little while back. By then, he and I were swimming in boys with some to spare which we traded like candy treats.

"Just say when," He returned, puffing on his cigarette.

Rae was subtly caressing Kimmie’s leg, all the while eyeing Barry. I glanced at my watch, concerned then looked up, catching Rae glaring at me in disapproval. Well, what was I supposed to do? The way he’d described it, we were in for a two hour orgy but instead, he was awkwardly feeling up Kimmie while Barry sulked and I stressed.

"You got a cigarette?"

Rae pulled out his pack, glowering at me to get it together. Lighting up, I glanced at Barry again. His head still down, he was looking terribly bored. I sat next to Rae on the couch, fighting the urge to stare at the Adonis.

"Let’s go to the room," I suggested, hoping it would get Barry in the mood. Rae stopped for a second, then arose, pulling Kimmie to his feet. You know, to hear his name, you’d think he was this light-in-the-loafers queen but, on the contrary, Kimmie was living proof Rae could get the difficult ones. Equally sullen and aloof as Barry, Kimmie seemed an unlikely candidate when first Rae brought him around. Smoking cigarettes like they were going out of style, he glared at me his unkempt hair shooting up from his head in an uneven natural.  But when Rae started fondling his dick through his pants, his attitude changed and I bowed to the master, once again.

Barry clung to his seat, still sullen as we filed out the room. Rae stayed behind, and as Kimmie and I entered my room, I could hear a heated discussion between he and the boy, echoing from the living room. Eventually, he came to the bedroom, Barry in tow, that scowl still on his face. Plopping down in the chair in my room, Barry huffed loudly, exasperated, then rest his head on his fist and closed his eyes. Facing me, Rae shook his head, obviously perturbed. Maybe we should’ve paid him, I thought, standing idly beside the bed.

Directing things now, Rae kicked his shoes off, then dropped his pants and shorts, jumping up on the bed. Within seconds, he’d gotten Kimmie out his clothes and was atop him, softly nibbling on the boy’s neck. Kimmie offered no protest, his eyes closed, as Rae worked. Fuck it, I thought, giving up on Barry. With one last glance at him, I got out of my clothes and joined Rae on the bed.

A wiry, caramel complexioned boy, Kimmie was 16, going on 35. A child of the streets, his accelerated maturity was the result of countless disappointments and a world of early exposure. Squirming beneath Rae’s attention, we soon were all lost in wanton sexual frivolity.

Rae, whose favorite pastime was eating ass, got between Kimmie’s legs, his head bobbing as he feasted. Kimmie moaned sensually, his toes wiggling as I took his dick in my mouth. Sliding my tongue up and down his rigid length, I delighted in the way it throbbed and flexed in my mouth.

Rae flipped the boy over, the room heating up as he jammed his head between the boy’s globulous cheeks. Smacks ringing out, he lapped and licked at Kimmie’s tight hole. I slid beneath him in a 69, hoping Kimmie would take the bait and go down on me. He rarely reciprocated, that is, unless he was intensely stimulated.

Pulling his stiff inches perpendicular to his groin, I guided them into my mouth. Kimmie moaned loudly, his body trembling as Rae and I worked him over. Slipping my mouth up his pole, I’d barely made three trips when he grunted, his dick swelling wickedly. Trembling again, he erupted, thick braids of boy cum leaping from his dick. He never lost his erection.

We flipped him back over, Rae switching up and heading for his dick. I took a second to play with his soft, plump toes, the temptation too great to avoid. Lifting his foot, I salaciously licked first one then another toe, eventually dropping his foot to work up to his balls. Kimmie writhed about, his hardness slammed down Rae’s throat, another load mounting up behind his balls.

"Shit," He yelped, wiggling as I painted his balls. We were totally lost in satisfying him, Barry for all intents and purposes forgotten. I glanced over at him once and noticed him reluctantly observing, that scowl still on his face.

Kimmie whined, raising up on his elbows to watch us. Spreading his legs wider, he threw his head back when I ventured to blow on his wet balls. Diving below them, I was lifting his legs to get at his spit lubed hole when I noticed movement, just below the side of the bed. Trying not to be obvious, I cut my eye to my right to observe. Barry was on his knees, stealthily crawling beside the bed. My heart leaping in my throat, I suppressed my excitement. Actually, it was kind of funny watching him slowly crawl across the floor, trying to go unnoticed as he approached.

He stopped just past me along side Rae, his eyes coyly peeping over the side. Rae was so busy devouring Kimmie’s dick, he never noticed him. I reached my foot up and subtly tapped him on the leg, motioning with my head at Barry. Barry ducked when Rae turned in his direction, eventually reappearing when he thought no one was watching. Sometimes, straight boys can be so stupid.

He stayed there for what seemed an eternity, his head just high enough to see. When Kimmie would cry out in ecstasy, he’d dart his eyes toward him then fasten them back on what me and Rae were doing. What’s he waiting for, I thought and why doesn’t Rae make a move? I didn’t want to blow it so I just ignored him, continuing as if he wasn’t there.

At some point he raised up, slowing edging across the bed and I just about exploded supposing he was about to join in. Instead he moved his mouth to Rae’s ear and whispered something, retreating to the side of the bed immediately after. To my great disappointment, he lingered a while longer then, returned to his chair. I looked up at Rae for an explanation but he was busy sucking Kimmie’s dick. Finally, he leaned close and whispered,

"He wants to get high." I looked at Rae confused. The hell was we supposed to get for this boy to get high? I thought, the time flying.

"Ain’t you still got some of them pain pills from when you had that toothache?" Rae inquired. I nodded. "Give ‘em one of them, then." Oh great, now we’re going to add drug charges to this whole fiasco, I thought.

"You want some of that ass?" Rae countered, observing my reluctance. I nodded again. "Give ‘em a pill then." And with that, he swallowed Kimmie’s dick again, eliciting a loud moan from him. Rae could suck dick.

I got up, glancing at the boy as I left. He was slumped in his chair again, head down, that practiced scowl returning. I went to the bathroom, scanning the medicine cabinet for the pain pills and got an idea. Picking up a bottle of aspirin, I dumped one in my hand and returned it to the shelf. Entering the room I noticed Rae was in a 69 with Kimmie, his dick down Kimmie’s throat as he slobbered on the boy’s equally hard dick. Got-dayum! I thrilled, then looked at Barry. His head still down, he looked anxiously at me. I presented him the aspirin and he gulped it down, sans water, returning to his slump.

Crawling up on the bed, I straddled Kimmie’s face, dangling my dick over his mouth. He looked up from Rae’s dick and took mine down his throat, his fat lips hugging it deliciously. I pushed Rae forward until I could get at his ass and he moaned loudly around Kimmie’s dick as I lapped. Rae loved ass play.

Minutes passed and as we changed positions, I happened to glance over at Barry who was lolling his head about, apparently "high". Smothering a snicker, I watched in amazement as the boy put on an academy award performance, his eyes lazily drooping, his arms going limp, his head slumping off his shoulders. Rae looked up to see what I was looking at and when he caught site of Barry’s performance, bounded off the bed and approached him.

Positioning between the boy’s wide gapped legs, he gently ran his hands up Barry’s thighs. Barry looked hazily at him, attempting to focus but failed, his head rolling backwards again. In his supposed state of intoxication, it was OK for Rae to fondle him. OK for Rae to do what he pleased so, he offered no protest as Rae unfastened his pants. It was all quite amazing to me and I could scarcely contain my amusement.

Rae was pulling Barry’s shorts back now, about to reveal the forbidden fruit when, through his feigned confusion, Barry raised a hand to bat him away. Perturbed, Rae stared at him, but complied, slithering away to return to the bed. My heart sinking, I also stared at the boy, sorely disappointed.

Rae didn’t let it phase him. He wasn’t about to let a 15 year old get the best of him. Returning to Kimmie, he turned the boy on his stomach and dove between his upturned spheres. Soon he was lost in Kimmie’s ass again and I reluctantly lay beside the boy, nibbling at his neck. Kimmie moaned and groaned, pushing his ass in the air as Rae ate him, then, to my surprise, he turned to me and kissed me.

We were lost in the revelry again when I noticed movement at the side of the bed, once more. Like a lost puppy, returning to his master, Barry was beside the bed again. Rae and I ignored him as long as possible until he let out a dramatic moan, falling in a grand sweep on the bed as if he’d passed out. Rae took that as his cue jumping down beside him. Without hesitation, he yanked Barry’s pants down, exposing the boy’s sweet, plump ass. His upper body strewn dramatically across the bed, he was still on his knees, his luscious melons vulnerable.

Rae dove between them, finding his hole and locking on it with his tongue. Barry said nothing, his eyes closed as Rae lapped. It was a spectacle too fantastic to ignore and soon Kimmie and I were on the floor, mouth’s gaped in amazement. Turning his head this way and that, Rae painted Barry’s asshole with his tongue, ferociously devouring the boy’s sweet wares.

Kimmie stared, fascinated, then, joined in, pushing his face beside Rae’s to taste Barry’s ass. God, what an ass this boy had! I moved closer, still in shock, watching as the duo dueled for position around Barry’s hole. Barry still said nothing, insisting he was unconscious. In the shadowed darkness of the room, it was hard to see details but one thing was obvious, Barry was hairy.

Gazing at his butterscotch complexioned mounds, I noticed the fine covering of hair about his ass cheeks, the growth concentrating the closer it got to his pin tight hole. Pulling his tender loaves wide, Rae would start at his balls, licking upward, only to be followed by Kimmie, repeating the trip. It was site to behold, the fine hairs about Barry’s hole laid flat by their wet tongues.

Grunting and smacking like a rutting pig, Rae was practically pushing his head up the boy’s asshole now. Barry’s body was literally pushed forward, every time he licked upwards. Over and over he lapped, his head turning to and fro. I couldn’t take any more and before I knew it, I’d nudged Rae and Kimmie out of the way, ramming my tongue up Barry’s ass.

Rae snatched the boy’s pants off, removing his lower clothing in a matter of seconds eventually leaving him with just his shirt. Climbing up on the bed, he pulled Barry up with him until Barry was sprawled across it. Still feigning intoxication, he was dead weight as Rae struggled to flip him over. In time we repositioned him, laying him on his back, his legs spread. Kimmie jumped up on the bed, positioning behind Rae ass, slipping his dick between his cheeks as Rae went down on Barry.

I was so overcome with excitement, I could barely lift Barry’s legs. Finally, the dream of a lifetime was mine, albeit not how I’d anticipated it. Diving between his legs, I found his tight buttonhole, laying my tongue across it. It was somewhat a struggle holding his limp legs up as I licked, but well worth it. My head bobbing about, I painted Barry’s hairy hole, laying the fine hairs about it flat with my spittle. His eyes still closed, Barry offered no protest as we worked him, Rae’s mouth working magic on his granite hard boy tool. But then, ever so slightly at first, his legs moved, tentatively lifting. The weight gradually lessening on my arms, I felt his legs raise upwards until they were high and spread.

Enthralled, I pushed my tongue further up his asshole, sensing the resistance lessening. The shit was getting to him and to my delight, I could tell Barry was getting off on my tongue and Rae’s mouth. We watched excitedly as Barry let out tiny whimpers. Kimmie, still riding Rae’s cheeks couldn’t take it. Moaning softly, he humped extra fast, a grimace on his face as he squirted.

I was highly stimulated by the site also and felt my dick about to release beneath me as I lay across the bed, lapping at Barry’s spit lubed hole. Ever the protagonist, I couldn’t resist slipping a finger inside the boy’s hole. It met some initial resistance but then quietly disappeared within Barry’s tight tunnel, eliciting a noticeable shudder. Licking his balls in return, I shoved more of my finger in, finding his protruding prostate and massaging it. Barry let out a long moan, his body shaking, his balls spasming, then I heard Rae moaning grunts of ecstasy. His mouth slammed down Barry’s dick, all that was visible was the boy’s drum tight balls.

With several more shudders, Barry let out more reluctant moans, sending me over the top. Humping the bed, I erupted, spurting round after round of hot cum, enraptured. Rae let out a loud groan, his eyes widening as he gobbled Barry’s dick.

"What?" I whispered, confused. With an air of drama, Rae turned and faced me, opening his mouth to reveal a tongue full of sweet, boy cream.