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Accidental Dad

One big happy family

Days turned into weeks and by Thanksgiving we'd pretty much accepted the fact that Trey was part of our family and not going anywhere soon. We'd come to love Trey and I think he felt the same way about us, and even Bobbie did her part, mothering him whenever she was around and he ate it up.

You might think that Mark and I had him in our bed a lot, but that's not the case. In fact after that night in the motel we never included him in our sex play again. Not that he didn't try to worm his way in there the first few weeks. I think he thought we were rejecting him, but once we explained things to him he seemed okay with it.

Our explanation was simple, Mark and I were in love and we didn't need anyone else to satisfy us, Including him. That had been a lark, a fantasy explored and shared, but neither of us felt the need to repeat it and eventually Trey accepted that.

I think that may have had more to do with Trey staying than anything. Once we made it clear that we hadn't brought him home to use as a sex toy, and that we were really interested in helping him, his whole outlook on things changed.

In a tearful conversation one evening Trey finally opened up to us and told us about his abusive father and the final beating that had driven him to the streets. I say tearful because all three of us cried that night,  but tears are often the cement that binds friends together and so it was true for us.

The next day we enrolled Trey in school and he started his new life with us. He thrived in school and we discovered a new side of him. He was not only intelligent, but very outgoing once he was put in a safe and stable environment. He did so well in fact that he would be allowed to graduate the following May with his class.

He made friends quickly at school, male and female, and when we offered him a job at the store he jumped at the chance to make some money. He offered to pay us for room and board but Mark and I stubbornly refused and after some grousing he finally accepted our generosity. All we asked of him was to be open and honest with us and to treat us and others with the same respect that we gave to him.

Cody became so attached to Trey after the first few days that he called every day when he wasn't over to make sure Trey was still there. After a while his calls became less frequent and when Trey enrolled in school he finally relaxed and accepted that Trey was here to stay.

Trey and Zeke soon became close friends as well. After all they had a lot in common, both were gay and seniors in high school, but there friendship was strictly platonic as far as we could tell. That may have been partly because Zeke was seeing a lot of George, but as far as we knew they weren't exclusive.

I will say now for the record that Mark and I screwed up royally when we brought Trey into our bed and had unprotected sex. We both knew better, but fortunately Trey was clean and things worked out for the best. It was however a wake up call for Mark and I and we became more committed to one another and more mindful of the need to protect not only each other but our sons.

With that in mind we made it clear to Trey that Cody and Kyle were off limits as far as sex went. I really think that decision was harder on Cody than Trey, but he accepted our decision. We made it clear that we would be keeping an eye on them to make sure they abided by our rule, and both said they understood.

Now you might think that all of a sudden I've become a hypocrite and preaching one thing and practicing another, but love changes people and Mark's love had changed me. No longer was I looking for my next conquest. Now I had Mark to love and I didn't need anyone or anything else to satisfy me in bed.

As for my son, and Kyle for that matter, I loved them as a father and it was my duty to protect them. I finally realized I had been a little lacking in that area and Mark diplomatically agreed and vowed to help me in any way he could.

So here we were, one big happy family of males, four of which were throwing off testosterone like skunks spray stink. While Cody may have had the sexual urges of a boy just starting puberty, Trey was a full blown teenager and horny all the time. So I guess it was inevitable that he should eventually find someone to help him with his horniness.

His name was Brent and he was one of Trey's classmates. He had been hanging around with the boy at school for a few weeks before Trey finally dropped his name one night at dinner. It was one of those nights when it was just the three of us and he'd seemed nervous ever since he got home from school. I played it off to his being a teenager and new in school, but I wasn't about to pry.

"I met school," he said softly around a forkful of spaghetti.

"What? You mean another boy...uh, a gay boy?" I asked grinning.

He nodded, "His name is Brent. We have a couple of classes together and we starting talking about music and cars and we sort of  hit it off."

"What's he look like?" Mark asked sounding excited, "Is he cute?"

Trey smiled, "I think so, but he's....not your normal looking guy. You may think he's a little weird. That's why I didn't mention him right away. I wanted to make know, that we liked each other that way."

"So what does he look like?" I asked curiously.

"Well, he dresses in black all the time and....well...his hair is kind on the ends and sort of spiked. He has piercings...uh, in places you don't usually see..." he said turning red faced.

I laughed, "Is he a decent person, do you like him, does he like you? Those are more important things than how he dresses or wears his  hair." 

"Yeah, he's cool. I mean he's not like a druggy or anything, he has like regular parents and a brother Cody's age. I like him a lot, but I'm really nervous about you guys meeting him."

"Trey," Mark said reaching over and patting his hand, "Don't you know us well enough by now to know that we're open minded. If you like this boy, we'll like this boy. Right Rob?"

"I couldn't have said it better. That being said why don't you invite him for dinner Saturday night?" I said grinning, "Then you'll have Cody and Kyle to help make  him feel more  comfortable....not just us old folks," I joked.

"Well...I guess. But I have to work till 5 and he doesn't have a ride."

"Well, I think we can arrange for you to borrow one of our cars and go get him, right Mark?"

"Not mine," he teased, "this is your idea, so he gets to use your car."

"I'm not worried, Trey is a good driver. I can ride home with you and he can go get Brent then meet us back here. I'll fix my famous lasagna the night before and all I'll have to do is pop it in the oven when we get home."

"Sounds like a plan, that okay with you Trey?"

"Sure, I mean if he says yes. I'll have to ask him tomorrow."

"Well, no pressure, but we want your friends to feel welcome here. It's important to us. You're a part of this family now and this is your home."

Trey smiled and went back to his spaghetti. Sometimes he didn't always say what he felt but he had the most expressive eyes I had ever seen and I knew he was happy at that moment.

Saturday was a busy day at work but Mark and I managed to sneak out around four and  we headed home so I could get dinner started. We picked up Cody and Kyle on the way and I popped the lasagna in the oven to cook then Mark and I took a shower and got dressed for our company.

While I was setting the table Mark made a salad and Cody and Kyle sat at the breakfast bar and quizzed us about Trey's new friend.

"Is he a punk rocker or something?" Cody asked, "Cause he sounds like one. They dress weird and they get pierced all over their body."

"I don't know, but even if he is it doesn't make him a bad person. I know you boys will make him feel welcome and treat him like you'd like to be treated...right?"

"Sure, I just hope he's not weird or anything," Cody said making a face.

"Are you jealous?" Mark teased and Cody blushed.

"NO! Why would I be jealous. You said Trey and I can't do that stuff anyway." Cody said sounding agitated.

"He's a little old for you bud. So how's it going with you and Ricky?"

"Oh, cool...I guess, but we're really just know, nothing serious."

"Well, you're kind of young to get too serious, but when you do find your first love, we'll be here to help you get through the rough times," I teased.

"Is love painful or something?"

"It can be, but when you find the right guy," I said hugging Mark, "it's a walk in the park."

Cody rolled his eyes and shook his head and Kyle giggled. Mark and I kissed and I winked at the boys.

Around six Trey showed up with Brent and nervously made the introductions. Despite Trey's warning I didn't find his appearance that startling. His black jeans fit his lanky lean body nicely and his black tee showed off a well developed upper body. He had a nose piercing but it didn't offend me, though I did wonder how he kept from ripping it out while blowing his nose..he he. He wore a single earring in his right ear lobe, a little silver cross, but I guessed the rest of  his piercings were beneath his clothing.

He was cute with a Patrician nose and pouty lips with a little fuzz above them. His chin was sharp and pronounced, but it went well with his long slender neck. His dark brooding eyes seemed in contrast to the amused look on his lips but with teenagers you really never knew what they were thinking.

"Before we go any further," Mark said grinning, "Please do not call us sir. I'm Mark and that's Rob...okay?"

Brent shook his head and smiled but didn't comment. Trey seemed as nervous as a new bride but he seemed to relax a little when he saw how easily we accepted his new friend.

"Trey, why don't you show Brent around then wash up for dinner. It should be on the table in 15 minutes. I hope you boys are hungry."

"I'm starved, are you hungry Brent? Rob makes the best lasagna I've ever eaten," Trey said as he ushered Brent down the hall.

"I like him," I said once they were out of sight and earshot, "he's mysterious looking and cute."

"Down boy," Mark teased, "but I agree, he's got just enough of that bad boy in him to be exciting and alluring."

"He's okay, I guess," Cody said making a face, "but I think Trey could do better."

Mark and I laughed. 

"What? I'm just saying...."

"Get over it and be nice young man or I won't bring you over next time he's here."

Cody looked hurt but he didn't reply. Instead he hopped down from the bar and left the room. Mark gave me a worried look but I just shrugged. If his little feelings were hurt I knew I could soothe them later.

Kyle didn't seem to be too concerned about any of it, but then he was an easy going kid who liked everyone he met. He and Cody had become as close as brothers and spent a lot of time together at each other's house even when not with us dads.

Trey and Brent finally returned and Brent seemed to have loosened up a bit. He was polite, but not condescending and I respected that. I wanted him to feel free to be who he was and I think we accomplished that that evening.

Over dinner we talked and got to know each other better and he seemed interested that we owned the hardware store where Trey worked.

"I thought about getting a regular job, but no one will hire me," he said grinning, "they think I'm a freak or a drug addict I guess."

"Well, the nose ring might be a bit much but the rest shouldn't be a problem. What kind of job were you considering?"

He shrugged, "Fast food...I guess.. or something like what Trey does."

"Well, if you think you could stand working with Trey and us," I teased, "why don't you come down and fill out an application. We don't have any openings right now, but we have a guy who's going to be quitting next month plus we'll be hiring a few more people for the Holiday."

"Serious? Yeah, totally...I'll do that. Thanks," he said smiling at Trey. I guessed the idea of working with Trey was appealing enough to make him work for the

In the course of the evening we discovered that his father was a lawyer and his mother was a part time real estate agent. She dealt in mostly up scale properties, the kind that insured huge commissions, and according to Brent, she made almost as much money as his dad did. Their house was in what Mark and I jokingly called Rich BitchVille and probably cost more than Mark and I would make in a lifetime, but Brent seemed unaffected by the wealth and glamor of his life. Instead he seemed to be trying hard to carve out his own niche in life and be his own person, perhaps even rejecting their lifestyle.

"Do you think your parents would object to you working for us?" Or hanging around with us, I didn't add.

"My parents don't really care what I do as long as I don't break the law or embarrass them," he smirked.

"You sound a little bitter," I said searching his face for his true feelings. Being a teenager was tough, and if your parents didn't have your back it could be even tougher.

He shrugged, "They have their life, I have mine. We....we get along okay, but we don't agree on some things."

"Trey says you have a brother Cody's age," Mark added.

"Yeah, Sid. He's pretty cool for a kid," he said smiling. I could see love in his eyes for his little brother and that made me like the kid even more.

"Maybe he and our boys can become friends."

"Yeah, sure he's home alone a lot. I could bring him sometime...I mean if you ever have me back over here."

I laughed, "You've passed the test. If that's what you're wondering. We'd love to have you visit us again and next time we won't be quite so formal. Probably pizza or Chinese take out."

"I love pizza," he said grinning and exposing perfect white teeth, probably paid for my mommy and daddy.

"Then you'll fit right in, it's like our favorite food around here."

After dinner Mark and I cleaned up while the boys went off to watch TV and get better acquainted. Despite Cody's initial misgivings he eventually began to warm up to Brent especially when he and Trey started talking cars. 

By the time Mark and I joined them they were laughing and talking and having a good time. We sat down together on the love seat and held hands and jumped into the conversation.

I noticed Brent kept sneaking little peeks at us and he would smile shyly. I supposed that seeing two openly gay men showing affection was somewhat of a novelty to him, but I sensed that he approved whole-heartedly.

Around nine thirty Trey asked if he and Brent could go drive around before he took him home and I easily agreed, but I did ask him to be home by midnight.

"No problem Rob..thanks for letting me  use your car."

"Yeah, that's really cool. Hey Rob...I like your car, it's cool," Brent said smiling. Despite his outward appearance I sensed he was a sensitive and intelligent boy.

Once the two were gone we put in a movie and I made popcorn and we spent the rest of the evening with our boys. Around eleven thirty they reluctantly headed off to bed but Mark and I decided to wait up for Trey.

Five minutes before midnight Trey came in the front door and when he saw us sitting there he chuckled.

"Waiting up for me? Don't you trust me?" he teased.

"What? No, we just got caught up in this movie," I lied, "but as long as we're up...tell us all about your date."

"Not much to tell, we rented a motel and fucked each other senseless," he said with a straight face, then seeing the look of shock on our faces he burst out laughing.

"Good one. Very funnnny," I said as my heart rate dropped back to normal.

"We just drove around and talked, that was it."

"Not even a good night kiss?"

"Naw, we're not at that stage yet," he said falling down on the couch beside me, "but I wouldn't mind it."

"Maybe you need to take the initiative. Maybe he's too shy. Just close your eyes and lean this," I said demonstrating with Mark, who willingly met my lips and kissed me sweetly.

"I know how to kiss...Hello, I was a hustler," he laughed, "but it's different with Brent. He's hard to read sometimes. I mean I know he's gay because we've talked about it, but it's like he doesn't know what to do about it."

"Well, I guess you'll either have to take the lead or do it on his terms. I think he's worth waiting for though, do you feel that way?"

"Oh yeah, sure... I mean I'm not in that big of a hurry. I still have my hand," he chuckled.

"Uh huh, well...since Mark and I don't have to rely on our hands...I think we'll head off to bed now," I teased.

"You guys are lucky. I don't suppose there's room for me in, I didn't think so," he said giving us that look the boys usually do when they want something.

"Sorry, bud. You're on your own, but I will loan you one of my porno mags," I said rubbing his shoulders.

"I guesss that's better than nothing. Does it have lots of hot guys in it?"

"Yep, the hottest. Ten minutes alone with the mag and your hand and you'll be shooting a sock full," I laughed.

"Well, I guess I'm ready if you guys are."

He walked us to our room and I dug out two of my favorite mags and handed them to him. He was thumbing through one as he walked away, his erection leading the way. I nudged Mark and he chuckled.

Sex with Mark was something I looked forward to as much as eating those days. Our love making was easy and comfortable and always orgasmic and even as long as we'd been together we could never get enough of each other and that night was no exception. I tried not to think about Trey and what was going on down the hall, but maybe that fueled my passion a little that night. But as I always say, it's not where you get your appetite, it's where you eat that counts and Mark was my seven course dinner that night.

That following Monday Brent came by after school and filled out an application. His mother had brought him and I got a chance to talk with her as she waited for Trey to fill out the short application. Her name was Laura Chambers and despite her social status she seemed personable enough. She confided in me that she was glad that Brent had made a friend (Trey) and that he was finally doing something besides laying around and listening to (her words) that awful punk music these teenagers listen to today.

I laughed and told her that some of it was a bit loud and disturbing but that for the most part Mark and I enjoyed the music that Trey liked.

"Oh, and is Mark your other son?" she asked curiously. Ouch, I had assumed that Brent had told her that Mark and I were a couple, but it seemed I was wrong.

"Uh, no..Mark is my..ummm...friend. We share the house and we're both single dads...our boys are sort of like brothers."

"Oh, that's wonderful and exactly where does Trey fit in?" she asked not letting up for a moment.

"Trey was homeless when we found him and we offered him a place to live. He originally came just to visit, but we convinced him to stay and to go back to school. We gave him a job here and he's doing great now."

"That's very admirable, you and your...umm...friend seem like very remarkable young men. I must say I approve of Brent's friendship with Trey even more now that I've met you and heard what you've done for him."

"He's a good kid. He's had some bad luck in his life, but he's a fighter. He's doing very well in school and will be graduating with his class come May."

"Well, I just hope some of his good traits rub off on Brent. I worry about him a lot. To be perfectly honest I think he resents the life style his father and I live. In his words we're too rich for his taste," she laughed, "Of course he doesn't understand that we're not all that wealthy, we're just able to pay our bills on time where most families struggle."

"Well, he's a teenager and just trying to find his own way like most other kids his age. He'll be fine once he sees what it's like to be one of the worker bees," I joked.

"Yes," she chuckled, "I must admit I was nervous about meeting you Rob, but you've turned out to be a delightful young man. I look forward to seeing you again and meeting Mark as well. Oh, there's Brent now."

Brent handed me the application and I gave it a cursory glance. All I really needed was his basic information. I'd already decided to hire him, even if I didn't really need anyone quite yet. "Looks good buddy. When can you start?"

"Uh...I thought you said you didn't have any openings yet...."

"Well, you're in luck. Our sales have been up and Mark and I decided to go ahead and start you early so you'd be trained before the big rush starts."

"Really? That's so cool. Uh, anytime is fine...right mom?"

"Yes, we'll make sure he gets here on time. He can use our other vehicle to go to and from work."

"Really? You mean that mom?" Brent said smiling at his mother. A look passed between them and I wondered what was really going on there. Had Brent been banned from driving for some infraction and now he would be allowed to drive once more?

"Yes, I think you've learned your lesson and now that you're taking on some responsibility I think we can grant you a little leeway in that area. But..of course it's contingent on you being responsible and sensible."

"Yeah, I know," he said loosing a little of his initial excitement, "You'll never let me forget that...I'm sure."

She frowned but didn't push him any further. "Do you need to talk to him Rob, or can we go now?"

"Hmmm...looks like everything I need is here. How about if we start you this Friday...say 4:30 to close. Trey works that shift and he can show you the ropes."

"Yeah, that's great. Thanks Rob. I can't wait to start."

"All right then. The first day we'll have some paperwork for you to fill out and a couple of training films to watch then we'll throw you to the dogs...." I teased.

He laughed and the sound was magical. "Great, see you Friday and...thanks...thanks a lot. You won't be sorry."

"I'm sure I won't. It was nice meeting you Mrs. Chambers. Maybe sometime you and your husband and you sons could join us for dinner."

"That would be lovely. I'm sure we can work something out. Well, if you're ready Brent I need to get you home. I'm showing a house at seven."

When they were gone I found Mark and broke the news to him. "I know I should have asked you...but I went ahead and hired Brent. I figured we could afford a little extra payroll and that way we can get Brent trained in time for the Christmas rush."

"That's fine. In fact it's actually a very good idea. No need to wait till the last minute. Beside Don only has a couple of weeks left and this way we'll have his position already filled."

"You're so easy," I said rubbing his back and giving him cow eyes, "remind me later to show you my appreciation."

"Oh, and then who'll be easy?" he teased.

I grinned, ""

Trey was off that evening but when we got home he was waiting for us at the door. "Did Brent come fill out his application today?"

"Yeah, but we decided he was too weird to hire," I teased. Then seeing the crushed look on Trey's face I couldn't keep up the charade. "I'm only kidding, he starts Friday and you're going to train him..but no hanky panky..except on break."

"Really...yeah...that's great. Thank you so much," he said giving me a hug.

"Hey, I okayed it, don't I get a hug too?"

"Yeah, both of you, cause you're the best. Thanks, you won't regret this. It's going to be so cool working with Brent," he mumbled as he went off toward the kitchen, "Oh, by the way...I fixed dinner, Hamburgers and mac and cheese."

"Mmm...sounds yummy. Let me change and I'll help you with it."

"Oh, who will you be when you're done changing?" Mark said raising his eyebrows comically.

"Your widdle love bunny," I said pinching his cheek then running off toward our room. 

He joined me a few minutes later and as we changed clothes we made out a little. We finally managed to get dressed and by the time we got to the dining room Trey had dinner on the table. In addition to the burgers and mac and cheese there were green beans and warmed up rolls from Sunday's dinner.

"'re gonna make some boy a wonderful husband some day," I said sniffing the air.

"I like cooking, it's fun," Trey said taking his place across from me.

"Mmmm...what did you put in these burgers, they're so juicy and taste so good."

"A-1 and egg and onion," Trey said dishing up some mac and cheese.

"They're delicious bud, everything is...thanks so much for cooking. I was dreading having to fix dinner."

"So, how's Brent gonna get to work. Is his mom gonna bring him?" Trey asked changing the subject.

"No, his mother said he could use their other vehicle, whatever that is. Probably a Beemer," I chuckled. "What's the story on that anyway. Did Brent ever mention any problems with his driving?"

"Uh, yeah...actually he ran away one time. He was sixteen then. They bought him a new Jeep for his birthday and he just got in it and drove away. They finally caught up with him in Dallas. They were able to keep it quiet though and he didn't get into any trouble, except with his folks. They wouldn't  let him drive after that."

"Well, they must've forgiven him because now he's going to be allowed to drive to and from work."

"Cool, I guess he'll get to use the Jeep again then. It's sweet....candy apple red and it's got a soft top. Maybe if he gains their trust back they'll let him drive it to school and he could take me too."

"One step at a time," I said woofing down a roll, "Speaking of Brent and his parents, I was surprised his mother didn't know about Mark and I. I had to do some fast explaining. I didn't know if she'd approve if I told her the truth."

"What, that we had wild monkey sex every night?" Mark laughed.

"Yeah, that and the fact that we're a couple raising three boys."

Trey smiled at being included as one of the boys, "I don't think it's a big deal. They know Brent is gay and they don't bug him about At first he said his dad was pretty upset, but he finally gave up on trying to change him. He said his mom was cool with it from the start. He said it was probably because she thought it brought her status having a gay son."

"She didn't seem quite that shallow, but I guess she might have been putting on airs since we'd just met."

"So, will he be working the same schedule as me?"

"Whenever we can, but you know how it is. Weekends you probably will, but I'll have to work around the rest of the crew. I'm not playing favorites, even if you are my favorite," I said grinning.

He smiled, "Am I really? I thought it was Zeke. He's like so organized and so professional. He really runs things when you're not there and everyone respects that."

"Yeah, he is amazing, but you're family," I said winking.

"That sounds so You're gonna make me hoo. But seriously...I appreciate that. You guys have made me feel really welcome and I love ya a lot."

"We love you too," Mark said looking near tears himself, "you're very important to us, right Rob?"

"Absolutely, and I'm looking forward to watching you grow up and make a good life for yourself...and the boy of your dreams."

"Who Brent?" he chuckled, "if we don't do something soon I may scream."

"Be patient with him. This is all new to him you know."

"Yeah, not like me....the whore," he sighed.

"Stop it, you're not a whore and you never were one. You simply did what you had to do to survive. You didn't enjoy it, it was thrust upon you by your circumstances."

"I know, but sometimes I feel like one. I know we've talked about this before, but when you brought me home that first night I thought it was because you wanted know, have me for sex."

"That was the furtherest thing from our minds. We still feel bad about that night at the motel...."

"Why? It was awesome and I loved it. I'd do it again, but I know you guys don't want to because you love each other and you don't want to mess things up and I get that."

"Well, I think this is best...the way things are now. It works for everyone. It would be sort of awkward trying to be your guardians and your lovers....don't you think?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Anyway I have Brent now.....if I can ever get him to put out," he chuckled.

"If anyone can, it's sexy monkey," I laughed

Brent showed up thirty minutes early on Friday so I used the time to finish his paperwork and then sat him down in the breakroom to watch the two short training films we used.

I knew it was killing Trey to have to wait for us to finish so I gave him a task to keep him busy, but when I came out later with Brent in tow he was right there willing to show him around.

"Okay, you two go at it...I mean not that way," I laughed and Brent blushed but Trey cracked a big smile, "Show him the right way to do things Trey and catch the calls, okay?"

"Yes sir," Trey said saluting and I swatted him then shook my head and walked away. 

I found Mark up front tilling out a register and he looked up when I approached and smiled. "Well, how did it go. Have you had to throw a bucket of cold water on them yet?"

"Naw, I think it will be okay. Right now they're still in the puppy love stage and more interested in getting to know each other and make sure they like each other enough to go to the next level."

"So, you think this is more than just a physical attraction," Mark said softly so no one could overhear us."

"I think so, they show all the signs. I think things are different than when I was their age. All I wanted was sex back then, but these kids today seem to be interested in more."

"That's a good thing..right?"

"Yeah, aint love grand," I said swooning and we both laughed. 

Carey, one of our cashiers looked over at us and laughed and I blew her a kiss. She shook her head and went back to her customer who seemed oblivious of the whole thing.

I got busy with a display up front and lost track of the boys but about seven Trey found me and asked if he and Brent could take a quick break.  I told him that was fine and I'd catch the calls till they got back and he was all smiles as he bounced away.

I could tell he really liked Brent by the way he acted and I was a little envious of him. When I was his age, my main concern was getting my nut, but he was already starting to think about love and relationships and that made me happy for him....for both of them.

Right on time 15 minutes later they came up to tell me they were back and I grabbed Mark and we took a quick break.

"So, I guess things are going okay with the two lovers?"

"So far. I mean Trey hasn't dragged him off into a dark corner or anything," I teased, "I'm gonna let them work together tonight, but once Brent gets trained I'll split them up and assign each of them an area to recover. I hope that won't be a problem."

"It may be tough, but Trey is pretty reasonable. I think he'll be able to handle it. Were you ever hung up on a boy...or girl like that?"

"What, who me? first love wa a boy a few years younger than me, but it didn't work out and after that I just went for the sex and left the love alone."

"Hmmm...broke your heart didn't he?" Mark said knowingly.

I nodded, "To pieces. Maybe that's why I was so cold and closed off most of my adult life. I don't know...but look what loving you has done for me," I said leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"I'm glad you waited for me," he said nuzzling my ear.

About that time I heard someone clear their throat and I looked up to see Brent standing there red-faced and wide eyed. "Uh, sorry but Trey said to come ask you if we had any more of the big trash cans. He's with a customer and I didn't know where to look."

"No problem," I said ignoring the obvious fact that we'd been caught necking on company time, "Come on I'll show you. Be right back Mark."

Mark nodded and took a sip of his soda, "If they're not in the regular place check that pallet by the back door. I think there was some in that last shipment."

"Yeah, there were but I had Tommy put them up."

I led Brent to the back room and showed him where the trash cans were but he seemed to have more than trash cans on his mind.

"Uh, how long have you and Mark been together? What's it like? I mean, you guys are like...well...sort of like married...right?"

"Let me put it this way, until I met Mark I never knew how good life and love could be. It's the most amazing feeling to love someone like that and to know they love you back...and yes, if it were legal we'd be married."

He smiled, "I think that's really cool. And I like the way you aren't ashamed to show...umm...your...umm feelings," he said blushing again.

"Well..we don't go at it like cats, but an occasional kiss or holding hands is cool."

He laughed, "Cool, well I better get these out there."

"Use the two wheeler over there. Anything else I can help with?"

", I'm cool. Thanks."

I left Brent to his work and rejoined Mark who was looking drowsy. I sat down by him and patted his leg, "Tired babe?"

"Yeah, all of a sudden. If I don't get up and move around I may fall asleep."

"Well, you're the boss...go take a power nap in the office."

"Naw, I got too much to do. Besides if I did I wouldn't sleep tonight."

"Who says I'm gonna let you sleep?" I teased.

"Oh, well...I can always find energy for that."

Later we found the boys and started them on recovery on one side of the store and we started on the other. It was fun working side by side with Mark and I knew Trey and Brent were probably enjoying it too. Maybe I'd make an exception with them and let them work together on nights they were scheduled together. It would depend on how good a job they did. I was easy, but I still had my standards and expectations.

The night passed quickly and at closing time I let Brent out the front while Trey waited in the office while we did the tills and made the deposit. We were home by 9:30 and dog tired, but Trey said he was going to stay up a while and watch TV. 

Mark and I showered and checked on Trey before heading to bed. He was on the phone and it didn't take long to figure out who he was talking to. He looked up long enough to return our goodnights then went back to lover boy.

"So cute," I said when we were in bed, "and it makes me soooo horny. Get over here lover boy, I'm going to ravage you."

"No..stop...please...don't...oh, don't...don't stop,"  he said giggling.

Brent caught on quickly and when he and Trey worked together they made a good team. They always got things done so I didn't try to keep them apart. I mean Mark and I made a good team and why shouldn't they?

I felt like I'd been neglecting Cody lately so I arranged for a evening out for just us two. Kyle was with his mom that weekend and while Mark and Trey ran the store Cody and I had a father son experience.

First stop was the arcade then a movie and finally dinner at one of Cody's favorite places. As we sat eating burgers and sipping thick shakes Cody filled me in on his life....the life I'd been missing out on for the last few weeks.

"Mom took me to Sears and bought me some new shoes and my friend Jeremiah was there with his mom," he said looking up. I wiped a bit of catchup off his chin with my napkin and he grinned, "he's my boyfriend actually," he said casually.

"What? Wait? Your boyfriend? When did this happen?"

He shrugged, "I don't know exactly, but we sort of decided to be boyfriends, that's all."

"Oh, as in friends who are boys...or BOYFRIENDS?"

"I don't's no big deal dad. We just....we just like each other, that's all. And....we like (whispers) sex," he added giggling.

"Oh, OH! That kind of boyfriend huh?"

"Yep, aren't you happy for me dad?"

"Of course, but I'm a little surprised, that's all. Well...when do I get to meet this new boyfriend?"

"I don't know. I'll check with him and see if he can come over sometime. His folks are pretty cool. Oh dad, I think you'll like him. I hope so anyway."

"If you like him, I'll like him. You have very good taste," I said leaning over and patting his hand.

"He has a big dick dad," he said almost causing me to choke.

"What? How old is this kid?"

"Calm down dad, he's my age....but his dick is like huge...six inches at least. He has the biggest one in gym class. All the other guys are sooo jealous."

"And I assume you've seen it up close....."

Cody laughed, "Oh dad, of course I have and it tastes good too."

I blushed, but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that my boy was so open and honest considering he was being raised by such progressive parents. I was happy for him, but a little jealous too. I mean I'd only just found him and now he was going to be giving his love to someone else too. Silly I know, especially considering I had Mark, and Cody had been so supportive of us, but sometimes I'm a silly guy.

"You know some things should be kept between you and your partner."

"Okay, okay...I won't tell you everything...but...I might have questions later if that's okay."

"You know you can always come to me for advice. I didn't mean that."

"Okay, got it. No talking about the sex stuff unless I need your opinion."

We started talking about Trey and Brent then and Cody seemed less bothered by it. I got the impression that at some point Cody had a little crush on Trey, but he seemed to be over it now. I was glad he had found someone his own age and doubly glad that Trey had someone as well.

By the time we got home Mark was home, but Trey was nowhere in sight.

"I hope it's okay, I let Trey use my car and he went to pick up Brent. They're going to a late movie and Trey's going to sleep over at Brent's."

"You loaned him your car?" I chuckled, "Why is that the only disturbing part of what you just said?"

"Hey, I can be nice too. He's a good kid and I trust him, but if he wrecks it....well, let's just hope that doesn't happen," he said looking sheepish.

I laughed, "If he has an accident it won't be because he's not a good driver. That's why they're called accidents. I know he'll be careful. He respects you Mark and he will make sure he earns your trust."

"I know. So....Codster, what's new with you?" he said hugging my boy.

"Can I tell him dad?"

"Sure, just remember what I said about some things being private."

He nodded, "Uncle Mark, I have a boyfriend now. His name is Jeremiah and he's soo cute."

"Wow, congratulations. When can we meet the cutie?"

"We're working on it," I interjected, "I can't wait to give him the third degree and scare the pants off him," I teased.

"Yikes dad, you want his pants off?" Cody  giggled.

"No, but I bet you do," Mark joked.

"Been there, done that," Cody said causing us both to crack up.

"Well, well, well...the whole world is in love," I said hugging my man, "First us, then Trey and Brent, and now my little boy."

"I'm not so little any more. I'm 4 and a half inches now," he said proudly.

"You look taller," I teased.

"Very funny," he said shaking his head comically.

"You guys staying up?" Mark said yawning. He looked beat and I felt bad about taking off, but I figured I'd make it up to him with a nice massage with a happy ending.

"Maybe a little while. Why don't you take a nice hot bubble bath and when I come to bed I'll rub your back."

"And your front," Cody giggled.

"Sounds wonderful," Mark said winking, "stay up as long as you want, you guys deserve some quality time together."

We put in a movie and Cody surprised me by snuggling up very close and pulling my arm around him.

"I been missing you dad," he said giving me those puppy dog eyes.

"I been missing you too buddy," I said leaning down and kissing his hair. It smelled like strawberries and boy and it made me smile.

"Sometimes I wish I lived with you and just visited mom," he said scrunching up his cute face, "but I know she'd miss me too. She works so much though and she don't even have time to date or anything."

"Well, you know you're always welcome here and she knows it maybe you need to talk to her about things."

"I don't know what to say dad."

"Just tell her what you told me. Let her know that you don't mind sharing her time."

"Okay, I can do that. Think she'll go for it?"

"Well, it's really up to her, but at least she'll know you don't mind her having some time to herself."

"Mmmm... dad. Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course son, what's up?"

"I was wondering know...butt stuff,"  he said so softly I could barely hear him.

" know the basics...right? Where everything goes and what to do once it's there...." I said trying to keep things light.

He sighed, "Yeah, I guess...but how does it fit in there?" he said squinting his eyes as he looked up at me.

"Well..." I gave him a brief overview of the elasticity of the anus and how important it was to take it slow and use lots of lube, that sort of thing and he listened attentively.

"So...if I use lots of Vaseline or something a penis will just pop right in and it won't hurt?"

"I didn't say that it wouldn't  hurt. In fact the first time can be a real yowler. I remember my first time. I was maybe 12 or 13 and the other boy was 15. His name was Gerald and he was my best friend and neighbor. He really liked this girl that we both knew, but of course she wasn't going to put out for him and he was always horny. So one day he got the idea to use my butt instead of her pussy. We'd messed around a little already so it wasn't like it was out of the blue or anything."

"Did he just do it, or did he ask you first?"

"Oh, he asked, but it didn't take much to get me to go along with it. I knew I liked boys and I'd sucked him a few times and I liked his cock a lot. He was uncut like me and not that much bigger so I figured I could handle it easy."

"But it still hurt?"

"Yeah, it felt like he was trying to stick his whole hand up my ass," I laughed. Talk about howling. It's a good thing we were alone out in the woods."

Cody laughed nervously, "Did you tell him to stop?"

"No, I was determined I was going to get fucked or die trying and as you can see I didn't die. Next time it was easier and eventually I started to really like it."

"I don't know if he'd wants to, but I'm pretty sure I'd like know, have him..uh, do it to me."

"Oh, has it gotten to that point already?"

"No, not really," he sighed, "So far all we've done know, sucked each other."

"Well, there's no rush. Get to know each other better and if you do it it should be because both of you want it and not just one of you."

"Should I use...uh... a condom?"

"Well...I'm assuming you are both virgins in that area and since neither of you has any diseases it's pretty safe to do it without them, might be messy so you might want to use one just to make clean up easier."

"Where would I get one dad?"

"In the nightstand in my bedroom. Even though Mark and I don't use them any more, we have quite a few left in there...and lube, good stuff..not greasy."

"Well, I might take some home if it's okay."

"What do you think your mom would say about all this?"

He shrugged, "You aren't gonna tell her are you?"

"No, we agreed that I could handle the sex stuff, but this is getting a little deep."

"I'm not saying we're gonna do it.........not yet anyway. Please don't tell her dad."

"Okay, but promise me that you'll give this a lot of thought before you go that far."

"Sure, problem. you think Trey and Brent are doing it right now?" he added grinning.

"Probably not. Despite what you may think, they are taking it slow."

"But when they start...oh out," he giggled.

What could I say? The boy was probably right. We watched our movie and by the time it was over Cody was stretched out with his head in my lap and looking sleepy. I finally coaxed him to his room and he fell down on his bed. I stripped off his socks and rubbed his feet causing him to purr like a cat.

"I wish I could sleep with you dad," he said sleepily.

"How about if I lay with you till you go to sleep?" I said feeling the same need for closeness that he felt.

"Okay daddy."

I helped him strip down to his undies and pulled the covers up over him and laid down beside him but before too long he coaxed me under the covers so I could rub his tummy. He was my little boy again, sex and boyfriends were the last thing on his mind as he soaked up daddy's love and attention.

I had to admit, I was soaking up his love too. This was my little boy and for the moment all that mattered was us. I loved the way he snuggled into me and his soft kisses on my face and well...pretty soon we were both asleep.

I woke up feeling disoriented and when I realized where I was I quickly extracted myself from Cody's sleeping form and tip toed out of his room. I peed and brushed my teeth and went to my room, hoping it wasn't as late as it felt.

No luck there, it was three a.m. and Mark was sound asleep. However when I slipped into bed he rolled into me and sighed, "Where you been?"

"I'm ashamed to say I fell asleep in Cody's bed. Sorry."

"No need to be sorry. He needs you too. I can share," he said nuzzling my neck.

"Is it too late for that back rub?"

"Uh uh, go for it."

I had him lay on his tummy then straddled him, both of us naked, and began to work the kinks out of his neck and back. He moaned softly and by the time I was through with his back we were both hard. I flipped him over and attacked his hard cock and didn't let up till he was thrashing around and my reward was a tasty mouthful of his cum. He offered to reciprocate, but I could see he was tired and truthfully so was I. Instead we snuggled up and were soon fast asleep.

Cody POV

 Things were changing but it was cool. Yeah, I didn't get to see dad as much as I used to, but I had Jeremiah now and that helped. We like each other a lot and even though we hadn't done the big thing yet, we had fun. 

Man he had the biggest dick I'd ever seen on a kid and he wasn't shy about showing it. Maybe that was why I first noticed him. I mean it's pretty hard not to look when everyone in gym class is talking about the kid with the big dick.

First time I saw it was when I was late getting to the shower. I got called into coach's office for something and by the time I got to the showers almost everyone was gone. I noticed this kid in the far shower and I took a spot one shower head away so it didn't look like I was trying to peek or anything. Being a gay boy is hard when it comes to stuff like that, you want to look, but you don't want to get caught. Oh maybe it's not just us gay boys, I guess all boys like to look and compare. We're all curious about whether we're normal and stuff and if we're big or small down there, so I guess it was not that big a deal but I still liked to be careful.

Anyway, I kept sneaking peaks at the kid while he was shampooing his hair and that's when I finally got to to see what everyone had been talking about. It wasn't even hard and it looked big. I guess he was a shower not a grower, but I didn't have to wait long to see it full grown.

The thing was he didn't even act like he was embarrassed or anything. In fact he actually grinned at me when he saw me staring and it was me who got all embarrassed. Then I got even more embarrassed when I looked down and saw I was hard too.

"Hey, I'm Jeremiah, you're Cody right?"

"Uh, yeah, hi..nice to meet you," I said trying not to stare.

"It's okay if you look, everyone does. I know it's big but it's no big deal," he said laughing softly.

"I wasn't looking...." I lied, "Oh..okay, maybe I was. I mean everyone is always talking about it and I know, might as well see what the big deal is."

"Yeah, I get that, it's cool. Yours is nice too," he said grinning.

"Thanks," I said blushing even more.

We talked for the whole time we were showering and by the time we were getting dressed we were pretty tight. We even planned to meet the next day for lunch and thing led to another and pretty soon we were friends. I guess he picked up on my interest the same way I picked up on his and by the time we had our first sleepover we pretty much knew where things were going.

We took it slow though, mostly talking about stuff and showing, but by the second sleepover, this one at his place, we did some touching. Funny thing was I had never been shy about doing stuff with my other buds, but with Jeremiah I wasn't in a hurry. Maybe it was because I really liked him. I mean I liked my other buds too, but with Jeremiah it was different. I don't want to use the L word yet, but I liked him a lot and I was pretty sure he felt the same way too.

The first time we sucked each other we weren't even sleeping over. We were at that mall. Jeremiah's dad dropped us off on his way to work and his mom was going to pick us up and we had three hours to kill. We started out in the food court eating fries and cookies and talking about school and our families and stuff and when we were done we headed to the bathroom to pee.

At first we were just standing there at the urinals peeing and talking, but then Jeremiah said something like "Hey we're all alone in here," and the next thing I knew we were in the back stall. At first we just felt each other up then Jeremiah sat down on the toilet and grabbed me and pulled me to him and just like that he was sucking my cock.

It was amazing and not because it was my first beejay, but because it was my first beejay from Jeremiah. It didn't take me long to nut and he gobbled it all down like candy. Well as soon as I recovered I swapped places with him and gave his cock a good sucking. He tasted so good and when he nutted it was like the best thing I ever tasted in my life. I'm not kidding. I licked him clean and squeezed his cock trying to milk more out of him. It was that good.

We heard someone come in and we sort of freaked so we waited till we heard them leave then practically ran out of there. We went shopping after that and by the time Jeremiah's mom picked us up we were horny again only it was too late to do anything about it.

Later we talked on the phone and by the time we hung up I had to go jerk it and it was a good one. After that day any time we had a chance we sucked each other. That was our new thing, but with Jeremiah it wasn't just about getting our nut. For instance...kissing. Until I met Jeremiah I really didn't get kissing. Now it's like, oh I know why people kiss. And Jeremiah is the best when it comes to kissing. His lips are so soft and he knows how to use his tongue. When it comes to kissing Jeremiah is the best.

I talked to dad about the butt stuff and he gave me a lot to think about, but I was pretty sure I wanted to do it with Jeremiah even if it was going to hurt like crazy. His dick was way bigger than mine but the thought of having it up my butt didn't scare me at all. I guess that's what happens when you really like someone, but I didn't even know if he wanted to do it. I mean we'd never really talked about it. Even when it came to beejays we never really talked about it, it just happened that day in the mall bathroom. Butt stuff was big...serious stuff, and I finally figured out there was no need to rush things.

Funny how things happen though and who would have thought that I would lose my virginity at my dad's house. 

It was a couple of weeks after I had the talk with dad and I spent the whole weekend at dad's. Trey was working and Saturday night he was going to spend the night at Brent's so I asked dad if this would be a good time for him to meet Jeremiah. Dad and uncle Mark were all over the idea so I invited him to spend the night Saturday night. His folks called dad and they were cool with things and even brought  him over.

Dad and Mark took off early so they'd be there when Jeremiah's mom dropped him off. Jeremiah seemed a little nervous at first but my dad and Mark made him feel right at home and after a while and he loosened up. We had pizza and watched a movie but dad and Mark went to bed about ten and left us two alone.

We grabbed some snacks and sodas and headed to my room and just sat around and talked. We weren't in any hurry to go to bed so we decided to take a shower together. We grabbed clean underwear and headed to the bathroom that Trey and I shared and  slowly took our clothes off. 

We'd seen each other naked a lot but that night it was like I was seeing him for the first time. His body was so fine and there was that big dick of his swinging between his legs and I was horny for him. I jumped into his arms and started kissing him like crazy. He kissed me back like he was feeling it too and pretty soon we were both hard and pawing each other. 

I dragged him into the shower and we kept kissing and pretty soon I was on my knees and slurping up his big cock. He was moaning and carrying on and pretty soon he grabbed my head and pulled me down on his cock almost gagging me and began to come. It was tasty just like always and there was a lot. He told me later he'd been saving it all week just for me.

Afterwards we finished showering and dried off and went to bed. At first we just kissed then Jeremiah slid down my body and started licking my nuts. He knew that made me crazy and I was like thrusting around and moaning and when he took my cock in his mouth I didn't last very long. 

Afterwards we just laid there kissing and snuggling and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do next. After dad and I had the talk about safe sex he'd insisted that I put some of the condoms and the lube in my nightstand and I was glad I did. I was shaking as I rolled over and grabbed Jeremiah's cock and he sort of squeaked but it got hard right away.

"I want to try something new," I said nervously.


"Uh, you know...the big thing."

"I don't know Cody, I'm sort of big in case you haven't noticed," he laughed.

"I know...but I'm ready to try it. I want to really bad...please..."

"Okay, on one condition. If it hurts too much you tell me and I'll stop."

I nodded, but there was no way I would stop once I got started and I think he knew it too.

I grabbed a condom and we had fun figuring out how to roll it onto Jeremiah's dick but it was sort of exciting. His dick looked bigger than ever when I grabbed the lube and started rubbing it on the condom it sort of squeaked causing us to laugh.

"You sure about this?"

"Uh huh, I want you to do it."

"How about if you sit on it, then you can control things?"

"O...okay, will you help me get lubed up?"

He grabbed the lube but first he did something else new...he licked my butt and stuck his tongue in my hole. Man that was the most awesome feeling I ever had and if having his dick up there was anything like that I wanted it even more. He licked me for a long time back there and then I felt his finger poking at my hole. It was slick with the lube and went right in and it felt pretty good. 

I guess Jeremiah knew more about this stuff than I did cause pretty soon he added another finger and it felt even better. By the time he got to three fingers I was pretty sure I could take his big dick without any problem at all. I guess he thought so too cause he pulled his fingers out slowly and laid down on his back.

He showed me how to squat over him and I took a deep breath then reached down and found his dick and guided it to my hole. I looked into his eyes as I lowered myself a bit and I guess I made a face cause he grabbed me around the waist and just held me there.

"Just go slow, if it hurts too much just quit. It's not a big deal."

"I'm fine," I lied, "I want to do this."

He nodded, but I could tell he was worried about me and that made me want to do it even more. He loved me and I loved him (yeah, I said it) and I wanted to give him this very special part of me. I smiled then and I saw him relax and I closed my eyes and lowered myself till just the tip was inside. It didn't hurt at first, I just felt some pressure so I lowered myself a little more. 

This time it hurt a little but not that much and I opened my eyes and smiled at Jeremiah to tell him it was okay. He smiled back and I could see how excited he was. I lowered myself a little more and a searing hot pain ran through my pooper, but no way was I gonna stop now. I heard somewhere that if you pushed like you had to poop it made it easier and that's just what I did.

Oh God, I hope I don't poop on him, I thought to myself then I giggled and Jeremiah gave me a look like...what's so funny? But I didn't poop on him and it worked. More of his dick slid into my pooper and this time it didn't hurt very much at all. Now I knew how to do it and it didn't take me long till I was sitting on Jeremiah's lap and his pubes were tickling my balls.

"I did it!" I was so proud and so was Jeremiah.

"You did great. It feels so good. Just sit there and get used to it."

"It feels good inside me. I'm gonna start moving now," I said taking a deep breath.

There was no pain now but it felt like I needed to I had the world's biggest turd up my butt, but once I started moving it wasn't so bad. I guess Jeremiah really liked what I was doing cause his mouth was hanging open and he was moaning softly as he guided me up and down on his hard cock.

We went on like this for a long time, me doing squats while he held me and guided me but suddenly I saw the look on his face change and he bit his lip and grabbed me tighter and began thrusting up and bouncing me up and down on  his cock really fast. I knew he was close now and it hurt a little but I wasn't about to complain. 

Then the weirdest thing happened, he hit something inside me and I could feel it down in my dick. It felt like I was rubbing my dick and taking a shit at the same time...if that makes any sense, and suddenly Jeremiah moaned really loud and pulled me down so his cock was buried in my ass and I could feel it expand and contract and I knew he was nutting inside the condom.

Then something else weird happened, my dick shot off without me touching it. Man it was crazy, I came so hard and shot my nut juice all over Jeremiah's chest and stomach and he laughed.

"How did you do that?"

"I don't know. You hit something inside me and I just came. I'll have to ask dad about this one," I said shaking. I was so weak I could hardly hold myself up but fortunately Jeremiah had his strong hands around me holding me tight.

"That was amazing," he said sighing, "You gotta try it next."

"Really?" I asked excitedly, "But maybe not tonight...I'm sort of tired now."

"Okay, but next go first," he said helping me up off his dick.

I fell down beside him and watched as he slowly pulled off the rubber. It was full of his jizz and his dick was still slimy with it so I licked it all off for him. He patted my head and ran his fingers through my hair and sighed and I just kept on sucking till he finally pushed me away cause it was too sensitive.

"That was the best ever," he said dropping the condom in the trash can by the bed...but do we really need condoms?"

I sighed, " says it's not so messy that way. I mean there was a little poop on the outside of it. Maybe if I wash back there better and take a dump right before we do it...."

"I never thought of that, but a little poop don't bother long as it's your poop," he said smiling. 

He pulled me into a kiss and ran him tongue around in my mouth and I finally figured out he was trying to taste his own jizz there. I guess he liked how it tasted as much as I did.

"I'm glad I was able to do that for you," I said laying my head on his chest.

He stroked my hair and I felt sleepy as I lay there listening to his heard beat in his fine chest. I sighed and was just about to go under when I heard him softly say those words I'd wanted to hear since I met him.

"I love you Cody," he whispered.

"I love you too," I sighed and then we went to sleep in each other's arms.

I knew something was different with Cody after that weekend, but it was Mark who finally figured things out.

"I'd say your little boy got laid from the way he's acting. Only question or bottom or both," he chuckled.

"Well...I guess I should have expected this after the little talk we had, but I thought he was going to wait a while."

"Well, apparently he saw the opportunity and went for the gold. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he confides in you. Meanwhile just be happy for him."

"Jeremiah is a great kid. I guess I should just be happy it was him who finally took my boy's cherry," I sighed.

"Yeah, my only question is...since the kid is alleged to have a big one... I wonder how that worked out?"

"Well, I didn't hear any screaming and there was no blood in his undies...." I teased.

"Yeah, could have been the other way around too. That will make a guy pretty smug too."

"Yeah, I guess....but I have this feeling my son wanted to see if he could tackle that big one as a matter of principal."

"Ah, would be a great accomplishment for a kid his age. I can't wait to hear all the details."

"Yeah, me either."

I got my chance the next weekend when Bobbie was working the weekend shift. She was usually off but had agreed to work for a fellow nurse who was getting married. She dropped Cody off at the store Saturday afternoon and he hit the floor running. He loved working at the store and even though he wasn't old enough to actually put on the payroll I paid him on the side but I think he would have gladly done it for free. 

We were busy the rest of the afternoon and at five Mark and I gathered Cody up and headed home. Trey and Brent were closing and had plans after work so we didn't expect Trey home until 11. We stopped at the video store and picked up a couple of movies and after showering Mark and I fixed dinner. We took a loaf of French bread and sliced it down the middle and layered on ham, turkey, and bacon and two kinds of cheese then shoved it in the oven to melt the cheese. 

Cody wandered in just as we were finishing up with the veggies and dressing and plopped down at the breakfast bar. 

"Mmmm...smells good guys. I'm starved."

"It's almost ready. So how was your week son?"

"Good..really good. I got to go over to Jeremiah's yesterday after school, but I didn't spend the night."

"You two are seeing a lot of each other. I guess it's getting serious..huh?"

Cody smiled, "We're in love, that's all."

I laughed, "Love? Already? Well, what brought that on?"

"Can I tell you in front of uncle Mark?"

"Hey, I'm cool too," Mark said grinning, "Anyway anything you tell your dad he'll tell me anyway," he said sticking out his tongue.

Cody giggled, "Yeah, if I had that thing in my mouth I'd spit it out too." Then he cocked his cute head and sighed, "Okay, but don't laugh...okay?"

"Promise buddy," Mark said coming over to lean on the bar.

", remember that talk we had about...umm...butt stuff?" he said looking at Mark to make sure he was keeping his promise not to laugh, "Well...I know I said I'd think about it first and I did....but last weekend when Jeremiah was just sort of happened."

"Oh, well...we sort of figured that was the case. Was is everything you hoped it would be?"

"Oh yeah was really cool. But something happened and I wanted to ask you about it."

"Oh, okay," I said starting to get a little worried, "What exactly happened?"

I could tell Cody was embarrassed as he laid out what had  happened, but I could also hear the wonder and excitement in his voice. When he was finished I relaxed a little, even though I was still a little bothered by the fact that my boy was no longer a virgin.

I explained about his prostate and how stimulating it could produce intense orgasms and he listened with that same look of wonder and excitement that I had seen earlier.

"So...if Jeremiah's dick rubs that thing I can come without touching my dick?"

"Yes, apparently that's what happened. I suppose it's because Jeremiah is so well endowed, but it can happen with anyone if the angle is right."

"It didn't happen for him...when I did it to him I mean. Is it because I'm too small?" he asked looking worried.

"Maybe, maybe not. It could be that you just didn't find the right angle. Mark probably knows more about that then me...."

"Well...I can tell you this. It doesn't happen with every guy and not every time, but when it's amazing. I remember the first time it happened for me and that boy wasn't all that big. He had me flat on my back, my legs high in the air, and he was pounding me like he was mad at the world and suddenly I started squirting like a geyser."

"So graphic," I sighed, "who was this boy...should I be jealous?" I teased.

"OH..oh God no, that was when I was 14 or 15. He was actually younger, maybe 13 but he was a hot little fucker...oh sorry," he said covering his mouth.

"Oh uncle Mark, I've heard that word before. Thanks...thanks....both of you. I'm so lucky I can talk to you guys about this stuff."

" think you're in love?" I said sighing.

"Well...I never really been in love before, but I think I love him and I'm pretty sure he loves me. I mean he told me that he did....right know."

"Ah, the old after sex I love you," I chuckled, "sometimes we guys tend to express that emotion after a good nut."

Cody shrugged, "That's not the only time he said it. I know we're young and all but it's just how we feel."

"Yeah, young love is as real as any. I'm not knocking it, but the real test is when you're not having sex. You know like when you're just talking or doing normal stuff. If you still feel that way then....that's real love."

"I get it dad. We don't have sex all the time. We do regular stuff too and we still like each other that way."

"I'm happy for you guys," Mark said wistfully, "young love is so amazing. You'll remember your first forever and compare all others to it."

I looked at Mark and saw sadness in his eyes. I wondered if he was remembering his first love and what it had been like. Cody didn't seem to notice and like most boys his age he was unaffected by such sentiment any way. He shifted gears suddenly and announced that he was starved and if he didn't eat soon he'd die.

Mark and I laughed and went back to preparing dinner. We sliced the sandwich into manageable pieces and grabbed chips and sodas and headed off to the living room. Cody picked out a movie and popped it in the VCR and we sat in the floor around the coffee table and ate our dinner. It was all very cozy and comforting and we forgot all about sex and past loves and just had a great time...three males bonding and enjoying each other's company.

After the movie Cody announced he was going to take a shower and Mark and I had a glass of wine and watched TV for a while.

"Love huh, think it will last?"

" never does," Mark said sighing, "but it's great while it lasts."

"Is there a story there I need to know?"

"Maybe someday I'll tell you about it."

"I wont press, but I'd love to hear it when you're ready."

Cody bounced back in wearing a pair of baggy shorts and no shirt and plopped down beside me on the couch, "What you guys watching? Can we watch the other movie now?"

"Yeah, we were just waiting for you bud. Need some popcorn or anything?"

"Not yet, maybe later," he said hopping up and putting the movie in. 

I pressed play and we were whisked away to a world of action and adventure, unlike our own. We had that popcorn about half way through and more wine for Mark and I and soda for the kid. After the movie Mark and I took a shower and got ready for bed but Cody was still wide eyed and bushy tailed so we played a game of sorry to keep him amused.

Afterwards he reluctantly went off to brush his teeth and when he stopped by a few minutes later to say goodnight he climbed into bed with us and we talked for a long time before he scampered off to his room. When he was gone Mark snuggled up to me and we made love. It was slow and beautiful but there was a sadness there that hadn't been there before. Apparently our talk with Cody had stirred up some forgotten feelings in my lover and I was more determined than ever to find out what.

We took Sunday off and went to the zoo and then out for dinner. Bobbie picked Cody up around six and we talked for a little while before she took him home. I was tempted to tell her about Cody's news, but I wasn't sure about violating his confidence. If things got too intense I might have to talk to her, but until then it was between us guys.

Life went on, we were busy at the store and Trey and Brent were a big help. The two boys spent a lot of time together and we gave Trey a lot of freedom. He continued to do well in school despite the fact that he worked at least 20 hours a week at the store and sometimes more.

By saving every dime he made he eventually had a thousand dollars to go toward the purchase of a car and Mark and I agreed to match it dollar for dollar so he could get something dependable. Somehow it was decided that I would take Trey car shopping on Saturday while Mark and Brent were at work. 

I could tell Trey really wanted Brent to come along, but we really needed him at the store and he seemed to understand. 11th Street in Tulsa was the place to go for a car back then, with dozens of dealers stretching the length of the street from Memorial to Utica we were sure we could find something Trey would like.

The first lot we came to had a nice Camaro that Trey liked but when we drove it I noticed some engine noise and it pulled to the right. It didn't take much to convince Trey to keep looking  and at the next lot he found a Mustang that he liked. It was an older model but was in very good condition and I couldn't find anything wrong with it before or during the test drive. 

We decided to keep looking but to keep this one in mind in case we didn't find anything he liked better and by then it was getting close to lunch time. We stopped at the Tasty Freeze and had burgers and fries in the car under a shade tree. It was a beautiful day and I got a little nostalgic sitting there in the Tasty Freeze lot. Over the years I'd frequented the drive in more times than I could count, sometimes hitting it on the way to the bars or after work. It was ran by a nice older couple and their kids and they always greeted the customers with a smile and friendly service. Not to mention the food was delicious and modestly priced. 

I remembered coming here once with a guy I'd met at Mohawk and we had milk shakes before going back to my apartment and having sex. I had a warm fuzzy feeling inside as I thought about that guy and that warm afternoon in my bed. He was a real sweetheart and the sex was amazing. I wondered what had ever happened to...Doug, that was his name, and that recollection brought a smile to my face.

"What you thinking about?"

"Huh, oh nothing. Just enjoying the food and the company. It's a great day for buying a car. Ready to get back at it?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Man that Mustang was nice...."

"It'll still be there if you don't find anything else. Relax, we'll find the perfect car...sooner or later."

We headed up 11th and test drove three other cars before we finally found THE car for Trey. It was a cherry red 84 Mustang convertible with a tan interior and chrome wheels. It was so clean it looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor and even the tires were new.

I kept thinking there has to be some kind of catch, either the engine was no good or the price would be way out of our reach, but when I asked about the price the guy said we should drive it first then talk price. I knew the tactic was to get us to fall in love with the car first then we'd figure out how to afford it, but we took the test drive anyway.

The car was awesome, I had to admit that, and Trey looked so good driving it. If he had been straight I would have said that with a car like that he could have any girl he wanted, but since he was gay and already had a boyfriend the point was moot. Still it was a car that said, Hey..look at me, I'm as cool as my car, and I could tell that Trey wanted it badly.

We stopped at the River Parks and got out and checked out the engine and poked around under it and checked out the trunk and I swear I couldn't find anything to take away from it's appeal. By the time we got back to the lot Trey was sure this was the car he wanted, the only question was...could he afford it? I told Trey to let me do the talking and not to show too much enthusiasm about the care and he agreed.

"Well, what do you think?"

"It's a great car, but it might be too much car for a teenager," I said frowning.

"True it's a lot of car, but it's exactly the kind of car a good looking boy like  your son deserves, right buddy?"

"It's pretty cool, but I'm not stuck on it or anything," Trey said doing a good job of hiding his real feelings.

"You know a car like this would usually sell for around 8 grand," the guy said eye-balling me for my reaction,  "but because it's been on the lot a while I'd be willing to make you a really good deal on it."

"I'm afraid that's way out of our price range." I saw Trey's shoulders droop and I felt bad for him, but there was no way we could afford a car like this.

"Maybe not. What if I told you I'd sell it to your right now...for say 5 grand?"

"I'd say that was about 3 grand more than we intend to spend." Even though that was a great price. In fact if I'd been in the market for another car I'd have jumped on it myself.

"Look, I gotta get rid of this car today....what if I said...mmmm...four grand?"

Four grand was ridiculously low for a car this nice and my suspicions that we were overlooking something returned. Still even if it needed a whole new engine it would be a bargain. But we'd looked at the engine and it purred like a kitten. The tranny was smooth and the ride was amazing. What the hell was the deal?

"How about if we look around some more first?"

"That price is for right now, not later. If you want it better jump on it, because I won't make that offer again."

"Can we at least have a minute to talk about it?"

"Oh, sure...I'll just be in the office. Don't let his one slip by you, you'll kick yourself forever if you do."

Once he was out of sight I pulled Trey aside and he looked at me questioningly. "That's a good deal, but we only have 2 thousand."

"This car is worth twice what he's asking and I can't find a damn thing wrong with it. What if I lent you the other two at no interest and you paid me back a little each week out of your pay check?"

"Really? You mean it?"  he said looking like he was ready to grab me and kiss me.

"If you want this car as badly as I think you do then I'd be a jerk not to help you get it. Hell, I'd like to have this car for myself."

"I'd let you drive it," he offered and I laughed. 

"Come on let's go buy you this car."

"I paid the guy 2 thousand cash and wrote a check for the balance plus filing fees and thirty minutes later we were on our way. I followed Trey back to the store so he could show his new car to Brent and Mark and after they'd oohed and ahed over it I pulled Mark into the office and told him what I'd done.

"You big old teddy bear," he said grinning, "that boy will love you forever now."

"'re not mad that I did this without asking you first?"

"What? No, I'd have done the same thing. You did good babe. I'm happy for him. He deserves it and he'll pay you back as soon as he can. He's a good kid and very responsible."

"It's a nice car. If he hadn't lit up on it like he did I might have bought it for myself."

"You're about due a new car. Maybe we could go car shopping for you."

"I love my car, but I've dreamed about having a Mustang convertible all my life."

"Well, take Trey up on his offer to let you drive his and if you like it that much we'll go find you one."

"I don't need a shiny new car to make my life complete, I have you and the boys."

"That's sweet but man does not live by bread alone..or in this and sex."

"But it's a pretty good way to live."

"I doubt Trey has his head in work today and we're slow so why don't we let the love birds go try out the new car?"

I smiled, "That's sweet. I called the agent and added the car to our policy so he's covered. Okay, but you go tell him. I've done enough for him's your turn."

I watched from the door as Mark delivered the good news and Trey and Brent hugged Mark then each other then Brent ran back to clock out and they were gone. 

"That was sweet. See you got hugs, I got hugs. Well, I'm going to head home. I'll have a nice dinner all ready for you when you get off work. It's just you and me tonight, but tomorrow we promised to take the boys to the park."

"We can still sleep late, I told Kyle we wouldn't pick him up till one."

"Great, I'll chill a bottle of wine then and plan on some hanky panky," I said with a lewd grin.

"I will be looking forward to it." He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and I headed out.

When Mark got home I sent him to shower while I got things ready. I had chicken nuggets, finger sandwiches, a relish tray, Ro-Tel dip and chips, and for dessert strawberries with whipped cream. I placed the wine in a bucket of ice and grabbed a couple of glasses and by the time Mark returned I had everything ready.

"Well...I must say I like your outfit," I teased when I saw he was naked.

"You should try it," he said hugging me and pressing his warm moist skin against me.

"Perhaps you could help me."

Once I was naked we cuddled and ate our dinner while we talked about out day. We sipped wine and enjoyed our time together and when we were full we stretched out in the floor and watched a movie while we necked. Half way through it things started getting serious and before long we were engaged in a hot 69. We blew our loads at almost the same minute then cuddled and watched the rest of the movie. 

Later we headed to bed and made love to each other (you know butt stuff...he he) and fell asleep in a sticky pool of our combined juices. Life was great and our time together was priceless. Tomorrow we would be dads again and do the father son stuff, but tonight we were lovers and the night was ours and that was the best feeling in the world.

Trey loved that car, but I think Cody loved it even more. The first time he saw it he was so excited I thought he was going to wet himself. I was proud of how Trey treated him, going to far as to take him and Kyle for a long drive and when they got back Cody's first words were, "Dad I want one of those when I get old enough to drive."

We all had Sunday off and we decided to make a day of it with the boys, including Trey and Brent. It was raining when we woke up that morning and I didn't want to get out of bed, but Cody and Kyle were already up and it didn't take long for them to lure us out of bed for breakfast.

Trey and Brent came stumbling in looking tired but happy and we all sat down to waffles and bacon. Afterwards we debated what to do since it was raining and we decided to got to Sports World which was an inside sports center,  then the mall. 

At Sports World the boys tried out the batting cages and then hit the arcade. Even Mark and I tried our hand at a few games and all in all we had a good time. At Woodland Hills Malls we did some window shopping and had a late lunch in the food court then shopped a little more. 

At Spencer's Gifts I bought a new black light and some posters for our bedroom and Trey bought a gag gift for some kid from school. At KB Toys Cody bought a new model and Kyle bought some new Hot Wheels for his collection. By the time we were ready to go the rain had stopped but it was cool and wet outside so when we got home we stayed in an played board games.

I was proud of the way Trey and Brent joined in and I think everyone had a great time. We ordered pizza for dinner then Trey drove Brent home around seven and Mark and I drove Cody and Kyle home. When we got back Trey was already home and looking somber.

"What's up bud? You okay?"

"Yeah, fine. Just tired I guess."

"Did you have a good day? I appreciate that fact that you gave up your day to spend it with  us."

"I didn't mind. It was fun. Brent thinks you guys are like the greatest ever."

"We are," I said grinning, "but I know you teenagers have things you'd like to do when you get time off."

"You kidding? this is great. I never had a real family till now and I like spending time with you guys."

"Well...we love spending time with you guys too."

Mark and I excused ourselves and took a shower and Trey went off to his room to do whatever it was teenagers do in their room and we didn't see him again till we were in bed. He knocked on the door and poked his  head in to say goodnight and to assure me once again that he had a good time. I was glad he enjoyed our company, but I still felt like there was something more going on with him.

I found out what that something was the next day when I received a phone call from Brent's dad. I was in the office fortunately so there was no one else to hear the conversation, not even Mark who had made a run to the bank.

"Mr. Martin, this is Tom Chambers...Brent's father."

"Oh hi Mr. Chambers. Please call me Rob. What can I do for you?"

"'s about Brent and Trey. I think we need to talk."

"Oh, what have the boys been up to?" I said not thinking how that sounded, "I mean...did they do something I should know about?"

"I think it's best we talk in person. Would you be agreeable to meeting me for lunch today..say 1 o'clock."

"Well...sure if it's that important. Do you mind if I bring my friend Mark? He and I share responsibility for Trey."

"No, that's fine. I'll see you at 1 then, is the Fountains all right? I'll have my secretary book us a table. It's very near my office...."

"That's fine." I'd never been there but I knew it was rather expensive. I guessed when you had money you didn't think about things like that, but I decided we could afford it if it meant pleasing Brent's dad.

When Mark got back I filled him in and he seemed as puzzled as I did. "What do you suppose this is about? Think he caught them doing the nasty? I mean he has to know they're more than friends. Trey says they both know Brent's gay so why would they be surprised?"

"I don't know, but I'm nervous as heck. Brent's dad is a lawyer. I hope he doesn't try to make trouble for Trey or us."

"Oh stop worrying. We haven't done anything illegal and hopefully neither has Trey. Just relax. Worrying won't help things."

The morning passed slowly and by the time we left my stomach was tied up in knots. I let Mark drive and by the time we got to the restaurant I felt some better. After all why would he want to meet in a nice place like this if he was going to cause a scene?

We were led to a table by a window and there we finally met Brent's dad.

Mr. Chambers was a short balding man with a slight mustache and glasses. He was wearing an expensive suit and a designer tie and I felt under dressed. He seemed personable enough, but I had to remind myself that he was a lawyer and lawyers were infamous for putting on airs.

We made our introductions and Mark and I sat down as the waiter breezed over to take our drink orders. When he was gone Mr. Chambers began.

"Thank you for coming gentleman. I appreciate that you are concerned enough to hear what I have to say. First let me say that I think Trey is a fine young man. I and my wife approve of his and Brent's...umm...friendship, but we are a bit concerned about a few things that have come to light as of late."

"Oh, and what are those things?" Mark asked sounding as smooth as the lawyer did.

"Well...this is a little embarrassing...but the other evening we caught your son and bed together."

"Oh, and how did that happen?" Mark asked smugly, "Is Brent not allowed any privacy at home?"

Ouch, slow down Mark. Don't alienate him to soon.

"Yes..of course," he sputtered, "but you're missing the point. Our sons were having sex," he said the last part very softly as he leaned across the table.

"I'm still confused. Are you not aware that  both boys are gay?"

I gave Mr. Chambers the eyeball, but I was still unable to speak, fortunately Mark was doing just fine. I was so glad I had brought him.

" least I've known Brent has professed to be so for quite some time, but knowing is one thing and seeing is quite another."

"I see. So as long as they keep it a secret you're fine with it?"

"What? No...I mean...I'm not sure what you're getting out," Mr. Chambers said becoming agitated.

"Look, if Brent was straight and you'd come home and caught him banging a girl would you have been this upset?"

"What? No, yes..I don't know..It's all very upsetting. I guess I still think of Brent as a boy and to see him...well, in that situation is hard for me."

"Our boys are 17, soon they'll be 18 and of legal age to do..well just about anything they want. They're more adult than child at this point in their lives and they have the same feeling you and I do. I for one think it's wonderful that they have found each other to share those feeling with."

"I agree," I finally said feeling very emotional, "Both of them are good boys. They do well in school, they work hard and they're dedicated to each other. I don't know what else we could ask for. Just because they both have the same equipment doesn't change anything. They care for each other and that's what's most important. They aren't hurting anyone and I for one think what they have is sweet."

"Sweet?" Mr. Chambers grunted, "I had always hoped my son would grow up to be...well...a man....get married...give me grandkids...but now..."

"You have another son, maybe he'll be the one to do that, but I don't think that's going to happen with Brent. Trust me...I know from experience." I said throwing that out there to see if he took the bait.

He nodded, "If you're trying to tell me that you and Mark are...well...lovers...I get that. I guess I've known for a long time. I guess that's one reason I'm a little concerned about the boys. They are looking to you as an example of what life and love should be and I'm not sure I approve."

It was Mark's turn now and I could see the steam rising from his ears, "Mr. Chambers, if you're implying that Rob and I set a bad example for our sons and yours then you don't know what a good example is. I'm proud of what Rob and I have. We are in a loving and committed relationship and we try to instill in our sons that same sort of commitment and love. We don't mess around (well except that once) and we neither promote or glamorize our lifestyle..but we are not ashamed of what we have and we are good and decent people. We aren't rich and we probably never will be, but we have something a lot of people will never have and that's love and happiness. So...if that's not good enough for you then there is nothing else to say," he said starting to stand and I was right behind him.

"Wait, please...sit back down. I didn't mean to imply that your lifestyle was bad or that you were a bad influence...."

"Well, you could have fooled me," I said sharing Mark's anger.

"I'm sorry gentleman. I guess I let my mouth get out of control. As a lawyer I tend to do that. Let me start over..."

The waiter came then to take our order, but Mark and I weren't sure we were staying. However Mr. Chambers ordered for all of us and we settled down. The least we could do was hear him out, especially if he was buying.

"I guess what I'm most worried about is that they aren't being safe. There are so many diseases out there today, the least of which is Aids which is killing gay men off like flies..."

"You do realize that you can't catch or spread a disease if you're not infected. I assume that Brent was a virgin before he began having sex with Trey, and though Trey was not, we had him tested shortly after he came to live with us and he was clean."

"That's reassuring, but I still have my concerns in that area."

"We've had the safe sex talk with Trey, have you talked to Brent?'

Mr. Chamber's face turned red and he suddenly was very interested in the glass of wine he'd been nursing since we arrived. "I am ashamed to say I have never discussed sex with Brent at all."

"I see," I said feeling a little sorry for the man all of a sudden, "Don't you think it's about time?"

"My son and I have an uneasy relationship. We don't talk very often and when we do it often leads to discord."

"Well, maybe it's time you tried to talk to your son then. He's a great kid and I think he might be willing to listen if you approach him the right way."

"I'm no good at this stuff," he sighed, "I just seem to piss him off every time we talk. I think he resents me and what I do for a living. He doesn't seem to appreciate the life style we provide for him."

"Maybe what he resents is not so much what you do or the money you make, but that you don't have time for him. Maybe all he needs is for you to listen to him and be a dad." Mark said gently.

Mr. Chamber shook his head and laughed softly, "Wow, you don't pull any punches do you?"

"No, I'm pretty much a tell it like it is guy. I don't deal in bullshit, if that's what you mean."

"Well, this has certainly been an enlightening conversation.?"

Our food came then and we were busy eating for a while. I must admit the food was good, but like most expensive restaurants the portions were skimpy. Mr. Chambers seemed to be somewhat subdued and when we picked up the conversation he seemed at a loss for words, but Mark was not.

"Mr. Chambers, I think you may be overreacting to the situation. Boys have been having sex since the beginning of time and neither you or I or anyone else can stop them if they are determined. I suggest you have a talk with Brent and voice your concerns, but without being judgmental. Being a teenager isn't easy and even the smallest thing can create turmoil in their lives. Just try to remember when you were 17 and what your feelings were. Brent is a good kid and he's a joy to have around. Trey really likes him and so do we. I hope you won't make a big deal of this and make things harder for them because they don't deserve that kind of grief."

"I wish...I wish we had the kind of relationship that you and Trey seem to  have, but it is what it is. I promise I won't make a big deal of this, but I'm not sure I can talk to him about it without making things worse. I don't suppose you'd consider talking to him?"

"He's your son Mr. Chambers, but if it will help I'm sure Mark and I could have a little talk with him and voice your concerns. As long as you approve."

"Yes, yes..please. I think it might be best. Like I said we seem to butt heads when we try to talk."

"Fine, we'll talk to Trey first then when the time is right we'll talk with Brent."

"Excellent, thank you so much gentlemen. You don't know how much this means to me."

We ate the rest of our meal discussing more pleasant subjects and by the time we headed back to work all of us felt better about the situation. 

"Wow, you were awesome babe," I said patting his leg, "like a lioness defending her cubs."

"Yeah, well...when he started talking bad about our relationship, I got a little crazy. Not to mention the way he was talking about Trey."

"Well, you put him in his place and he backed down quickly. I'm not too crazy about having to talk to Brent...I mean I feel like his dad is just passing the buck, but if that's what it takes to smooth things over then I guess it will be worth it."

"Not much to talk about really. Trey knows to be safe and I'm sure he's taught Brent how to do things the right way."

"I guess, but I just hope he doesn't resent the fact that it's coming from us and not his father."

"I don't think he'll resent it. We're cool and he knows it," Mark said grinning.

"Well at least we got to eat an expensive meal at Mr. Chamber's expense," I laughed.

"He probably put it on his expense account."

"I don't care, I've always wanted to eat there, but I just couldn't see paying those prices."

" I know where to take you for our anniversary," he muttered.

"Oh please. I'll do anything if you do," I said fluttering my eyelashes at him.

We were both laughing as we walked in the store and the rest of the day was awesome.

Trey was off that evening and when we got home he was already fixing dinner. What a great kid. Mark and I had decided to wait till after dinner to talk to him about what happened, but I wasn't looking forward to it. 

While Mark and I showered Trey put the finishing touches on the smothered pork chops he's cooked and by the time we got to the table it was ready to eat. He served it with mashed potatoes that were so creamy and smooth you'd have thought he used a blender. They were delicious too, with just enough seasoning and with the gravy from the smothered pork chops they were amazing. For a veggie he'd chosen broccoli with cheese sauce and that was amazing too.

"Wow Trey, you've outdone yourself. You know as good as you are in the kitchen maybe you should consider a career in food, and I don't mean fast food," I chuckled, "The community college here has a great culinary arts section and there are always openings for good chefs in the city."

"I...don't know what I want to do yet...but I'm not sure I could afford college once I move out."

"Whoa, who says you have to move out?" Mark said helping himself to more broccoli.

"Well..I just assumed that once I graduated...."

I reached over and grabbed his hand and held it tightly, "You're part of this family now and you are welcome here as long as you want to stay. If you lived here you could work and go to school and not have the pressure of trying to pay for living expenses, right Mark?"

"Exactly, and we can help pay for school too. You can continue to work at the store as long as you want and by the time you're ready to enroll in college you'll have a couple of raises under your belt."

Trey was quiet for a moment and I could see the storm brewing behind his eyelids. Suddenly he bit his lip and nodded as tears rolled down his cheeks. We let him gain his composure before speaking again but I continued to hold his hand while we ate.

"I can't believe how nice you guys are," he finally choked out, "I...keep thinking this is all going to end, but it just keeps getting better."

"We're not that easy to get rid of," Mark joked, "I'm afraid you're stuck with us...forever. Even when and if you move out and start a life of your own, you will always be part of this family...capeesh?"

He nodded, "I couldn't  think of a nicer family to belong to," he said wiping at his eyes, "I love you guys...I really do."

"We love you too," I said squeezing his hand gently, " more sadness. Let's finish our dinner then we'll go into the living room and talk."

"He nodded, and we spent the rest of the meal talking about work and school and pleasant things. 

Mark and I cleared while Trey rinsed and loaded the dishwasher and when we were done we went to the living room. Mark and I sprawled on the couch and Trey took the recliner and looked as us expectantly. I guess he knew something was up, but he didn't seem worried since our earlier talk had been so reassuring.

I let Mark start off since he had led the way at lunch and he went right to it, "Is there something you'd like to tell us about your visit at Brent's the other day?" he asked grinning.

Trey knew he'd been caught but he was still not ready to admit what had happened, "Uh, no..why?"

"Hmmm...after all that talk about being family and your gonna play this game with us," he sighed.

"Okay, I'm sorry," he said lowering his head, "I was just so embarrassed. I never thought he'd say anything...I thought he was too embarrassed."

"Well...suppose you tell us your version. We've heard Mr. Chambers' version already."

Trey sighed noisily, " was stupid. We were always so careful but no one was home and we went to his room and I guess he forgot to lock the door or was in to big a hurry. We just started out kissing know how things can get hot and one thing led to another and pretty soon we were ripping off each other's clothes and we were...well...I know...on top of Brent when his father came barging in."

"Oh God, that must've been dick shrinking," Mark joked.

"Tell me about it," Trey said grinning, "I think my dick shrunk up and hid inside me."

"So what Mr. Chambers saw was the end result of a make out session between two horny boys who care about each other."

It was my turn to put my two cents worth in, "Mark and I understand how you and Brent feel. Heck, it's all we can do to keep our hands off each other at work," I said grinning, "and what you were doing was not bad.  What was bad was that you got caught. But what was worse was that Brent's dad barged into his son's room like that. that the cat is out of the bag so to speak...well, he has asked us to have a talk with both of you boys about safe sex."

"We know about safe sex...." Trey said blushing, "but...well..we didn't have any condoms and since we're both clean..."

"I understand that, but for safety's sake we Mark and I...and Mr. Chambers would appreciate it if you and Brent used condoms when having anal sex. Mark and I will supply them, as well as some lube and you should always carry one with you at all times. Is that a problem?"

"No...I guess not...but after we've been together for a while can we stop using them?"

Mark smiled and I returned his smile with a wink, "If you boys stay together in a committed and exclusive relationship then I would say can lose the condoms."

"Okay, cool. Cause as far as I'm concerned Brent's the only one I want to be with and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way."

"He'd be crazy not to," I said smiling, "He's got the best boy in the whole city of Tulsa at his beck and call."

Trey smiled and came over to sit between us. We wrapped him up in our arms and in our love and we watched some stupid show on TV while we basked in each other's warm presence. 

Christmas was fastly approaching and we'd added three more employees to help with the upcoming Christmas rush. Two were housewives with kids at home who just needed extra money, but the other was a college kid who was attending TU and he was a real hottie. 

When I say hottie, picture this..he was a swimmer first of all, lean and muscled and smooth as honey, tanned and blond and so cute it hurt to look at him. But despite the fact that he was indeed God's gift to men and women he was as sweet and humble as a angel.

His name was Marcus and I teased Mark about the similarity of their names. Trey and Zeke took to him right away, but it was Zeke who showed the most interest. He and George had suddenly stopped seeing each other and I guess Zeke was looking for a little distraction, but I wasn't sure if Marcus was his answer. 

I didn't get any gay vibes from Marcus at all, but to be truthful I didn't get any straight vibes either. He never talked about girls or guys for the matter and seemed to be totally absorbed in his swimming and school and now his job. I did learn that his folks lived in Kansas and that he had two roommates that were also on the swim team and that they shared a two bedroom apartment near the campus. I wondered who bunked with who, but I never asked. I supposed there might have been a fold out couch or something, but who knew..maybe two of them shared a bed.

Cody's love life seemed to be blossoming and the next weekend he stayed over he was not alone.

"Hi dad, can Jeremiah stay over too? His mom says it's okay if you don't care?" my little boy said giving me the puppy dog eyes.

" long as he doesn't stink up the place with his farts or piddle in the floor," I teased.

"Oh, dad you're embarrassing me," Cody sighed, "he's housebroken..right Jer?"

Jer, I guess that was Cody's pet name for him and I didn't blame him for finding something shorter, Jeremiah was a several ways from what I'd been told..he he.

"Well, come on in boys. Mark is still at work, but he'll be picking up Kyle when he gets off so you boys need to include him in your plans...well some of them at least," I said grinning.

Jer blushed, but Cody just laughed, "Well...most of them I guess."

"I don't need to hear the details," I said shaking my head, "I hope you like pizza Jeremiah, that's our usual weekend food."

"Yes sir, I love pizza," the cute boy said blushing again. 

I was about to fill him in on the house rule concerning the word sir, but Cody beat me to it.

"Remember Jer, no sir stuff. It's dad or Rob and uncle or Mark," he said grinning.

"Oh..yeah, sorry..uh Rob," he said smiling shyly.

"I can see we're going to have to work on this one," I teased, "he's way too shy for this bunch."

"Yeah, but I figure after one night here he'll be okay," Cody laughed, "Come on Jer, I'll show you my room," he added wiggling his eyebrows comically.

Jer blushed again but I just laughed and went back to what I was doing before their arrival. I heard Cody giggling as they headed off down the hall and I figured the two were in for some fun if Jer wasn't too nervous to give in. I was pretty sure that Cody could coax him into just about anything though, and when it got quiet down there a while later I figured I was correct.

Ah to be 11 again and have the freedom our kids did. When I was 11 I had to sneak around and do boys, but Cody could just bring them in, close the door and get after it. I knew it was wrong and maybe  a little creepy, but I was hard as a rock thinking about what was no doubt going on down the hall in my son's room. I wondered who was on top or if they were just engaged in a  hot 69. Either got my mojo working and if Mark would have been home I'd have tripped him and beat him to the floor.

I forgot about the boys after a while and pretty soon they bounced up the hall and came into the kitchen looking for a snack. I gave Jer the usual spiel about first time he was a guest, then after that he was family and could help himself and he smiled warmly.

"Thank you...umm Rob, and for letting me sleep over. You have a cool house."

"Welcome, you'll have to come back when it's warmer and swim. I wish we could afford to heat the pool, but no such luck so we covered it and winterized it till spring."

"That would be so cool. I think I'd like to live here," he giggled.

"Well after the wedding maybe," I teased.

"Daaaaad," Cody warned, "Don't scare him off his first time over."

"If you haven't already scared him then nothing can," I said sticking out my tongue."

"Ewww...nasty, come on Jer let's go watch some TV till Kyle gets here, then we can go out back and mess around."

I hoped he meant mess around in the usual sense and not in a sexual way, but truth was either was fine as long as he didn't moon the neighbors.

Mark arrived around six with Kyle in tow and they both gave me a hug before Kyle went off to join Cody and Jer. I filled Mark in on the situation and he laughed.

"So, there will be some squeaking springs in more than our bed tonight."

"Yeah, in fact I think there's already been some," I said explaining about their earlier quiet time.

"Aww...young love..or lust in this case," he sighed.

"I suppose good parents would set rules, but well....I'm just gonna let nature run it's course."

"Like you could stop them if you tried," he scoffed.

"Exactly, and who needs the grief of trying to supervise two horny boys."

"Not I. I wonder if Kyle is included in their fun."

"I wouldn't be surprised. Does that bother you?"

"Huh, oh no....not really, not any more. I've sort of adopted your attitude toward my boy. I just hope if things get too much for him to handle he'll come to me for help."

"Cody will watch out for him...I can promise you that. Those two are as thick as thieves and closer than any brothers I've ever seen. Both of them are good boys and smart to boot. We're the luckiest dads in the world, you know that right?"

Mark smiled and gave me a kiss, "In more ways than one. Hmmm...any plans for us tonight?"

"None I can discuss in front of the boys, but later I'll fill you in. I can tell you it involved chocolate sauce and whipped cream, cherries are optional," I chuckled.

"Mmmmm...sounds yummy. I'm gonna go take a shower. Oh, by the way...Trey is spending the night at Brent's."

"Wow, really? I guess Mr. Chambers must've gotten over his phobia about the boys having S.E.X?"

"Or he's going to try to catch them again," he chuckled.

"He's probably just jealous that Brent is getting some. His old lady seems pretty uptight, I doubt she's much in the bedroom department."

"Rob, you're awful," he scolded, "but probably right. Order the pizza, I'm starved," he added as he headed to our bath for his shower.

Since Trey wasn't joining us for dinner I only ordered two pizzas instead of three and then went in to harass Mark. I snuck into the bathroom and slowly closed the door. I stripped off my clothes quickly and slipped into the shower just as he was lathering up his hair.

"What took you so long?"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"Well...if it had been one of the boys they would have gasped when they saw my magnificent body," he joked.

"True...oh..yeah...GASP! Your body is amazing uncle Mark. Can I grope it?"

"Not without a note from your parents," he teased.

" feel nice," I said sliding up behind him and cupping his fine ass in my hands.

"I'll give you an hour to stop that," he growled as he leaned back into me.

"Do we have time?" I asked to no one in particular.

"The boys know where the pizza money is...."

"True, okay...I'm in."

Shower sex is so awesome because not only do you get clean while you get dirty, but the warm water is so relaxing. I was feeling a bit slutty and I bent over first as Mark moved up behind me and nuzzled my neck. As he slid inside me I sighed contentedly and leaned into the shower spray. I felt wonderful, relaxed and loved and happy. I still couldn't believe Mark was mine, and each day just got better. 

And the sex. What could I say about the sex that wouldn't sound trite? What words could I use to describe the amazing feelings that we gave each other? Orgasms are great, but orgasms with the love of your life are a billion times better. Our orgasms were like super novas exploding and they never ceased to amaze me.

I knew Mark was close when he grabbed me almost roughly and pulled me against him ramming his hardness deeper into my body. I moaned like a bitch in heat as he kissed me roughly then bit my lip.  He cried out then began to spew his hot sticky load into my eagerly waiting hole and I was moaning so loud there was no way the kids didn't hear us.

"Oh gawwwwd. You feel so good in me."

"," he said as he knees went weak and he clung to me for support, "You're next. I want to feel you inside me."

"Well..if you insist," I teased. "Get your booty over here lover. I'm gonna drill you like Exxon drills for oil."

"And I bet you got a gusher for me...right?"

"Ummm...less talk, more ass," I said pushing into him. It never ceased to amaze me at how well we fit together this way and how he seemed as tight as the first time we made love. I liked to take it slow, moving in shallow circular motions and kissing and biting at his neck and shoulders and he ate that kind of attention up. Half way through I heard the doorbell, then the thunder of six feet as the boys rushed to meet the pizza guy. With any luck he's be cute and the boys would flirt with him while I finished up.

I heard the door slam and more noise then Cody yelling, "Hurry up and nut, the pizza's here. Laughter then quiet as they no doubt dove into the food. I came several minutes later and nearly collapsed from the shear intensity of it. I held onto Mark for dear life as I recovered then we washed each other quickly, dried off and got dressed.

"There you guys are," Cody said grinning, "Was it good?"

"The best as always," I said grabbing a slice of pepperoni while Mark grabbed us a beer.

The boys were sitting in the floor around the coffee table so Mark and I parked on the couch. Jeremiah kept sneaking shy glances at us and I winked back after a while. He blushed then turned his attention back to his pizza and started talking to Cody about some video game they'd played at his house.

When the pizza was gone the boys went off to find some sweets and Mark and I started on our third beer.

"I wonder how many other dads get comments on their shower sex."

"Only the lucky ones," Mark said snuggling into me, "I think it's healthy that they know we have sex and that it's an expression of our love for one another."

I kissed his nose, "Yeah, we do set a good example, don't we?"

"The best. about rubbing my neck dear. I picked up a 50 pound sack of potting soil today and strained something."

"Ahhh...poor baby. Lay down and I'll work my magic."

When the boys returned I was straddling Mark and working the kinks out of his neck and back with my talented hands. Cody took one look and screeched to a halt.

"What are you guys doing? Don't you ever get enough?" he teased.

"What are you the sex police?" I joked, "Besides I'm just giving him a massage. It's not sexual."

"Then why does he have a boner?" Cody giggled.

"You should know, Mr. Stiffy," I laughed.

"Come on guys let's go outside and mess around for a while," he said rolling his eyes, "And let these"

"He has a smart-ass side to him when he's surrounded by this peers," I smirked, "I'm gonna have to figure out a way to bring him down a notch or two."

"Ummm...that feels wonderful," Mark moaned, "He's just jealous. You used to rub his feet, remember?"

"I still do when he's not boinking his buddies," I laughed, "I have to admit...I do miss that closeness we had when we first discovered each other."

" guys should go camping this spring. Just the two of you out in the great outdoors. Nothing better for bonding father and son."

"You sound like you speak from experience."

"Yeah, Kyle and I used to go every summer."

"Maybe the four of us could go sometime."

"Yeah, that would work too. Kyle loves to go camping."

"Do you think we should go check on the boys..make sure they're not flashing the neighbors?"

"Naw, I doubt the neighbors care anymore. The Freedmans are what..70, and probably in bed by now, and The Bergs are always out partying on the weekend anyway."

"Yeah, I guess since none of them can get pregnant, we don't have anything to worry about," I chuckled.

Cody POV again

I give dad shit over his and Mark's messing around, but I really think it's cool. It makes me happy to know they love each other...and well.....they're both hot guys so it's only natural that they sex it up. Speaking of sexing it up. Jer and I are a real couple now and we sex it up any time we can find a place and the time.

Once we got to dad's house we hit my bedroom and ripped each other's clothes off and sucked each other off. We wanted to save the real stuff for later in bed, but a nice beejay sure makes the evening go good. I knew dad was cool with it, but boy Jer sure was nervous at first. He just can't seem to get it that my dads are so cool. Yeah, I said dads cause even though I call Mark uncle Mark, he's more like a dad to me. 

Jer thought it was embarrassing when I called dad out about him and Mark doin it in the shower, but he laughed anyway. He said he wasn't even sure if his mom and dad had sex any more, but they're pretty hot..both of them, so I bet they do.

Kyle's cool with me and Jeremiah, but I can tell that he feels a little left out sometimes so I talked it over with Jer and he agreed that we could let him play with us later. I mean nothing serious, just some penis handling maybe, a little sucking...that sort of stuff. The serious stuff is for us boyfriends. The serious stuff of course is the butt stuff. Anyway Kyle's not too crazy about that stuff anyway. I mean he's just a

In the backyard we showed Jeremiah the pool and the gazebo that dad and Mark built and we sat down for a while. It was getting cold out but Jer and I cuddled up real close and then Kyle looked kind of left out and shivering so I pulled him in on the other side and we did a three way cuddle and talked about what we were going to do later.

We were sort of fooling around and I put my cold hand down Jer's pants and he yelped then Kyle did it to me and pretty soon we were all hard and then the fun began. I started working on Jer's penis and Kyle grabbed mine and so with my other hand I grabbed Kyle's and we played around for a while like that. None of us really wanted to get off but it was fun and a nice way to warm up our hands.

Earlier when I caught dad and Mark going at it again I gave em heck again. At least they still had their clothes It was kind of cute the way dad was giving Mark a massage and I sort of get that. I like massages myself, especially the kind dad gives. He used to rub my neck and back and my feet when we first met and I miss that sometimes. It's not that he neglects me or anything, but we're both just so busy now that we sort of forget about that stuff.

Note to myself: beg dad for a foot rub next time we're alone.

It finally got too cold to be outside and we headed back in but by then Mark and Dad were just snuggling on the couch looking sleepy like old people do. I jumped dad and he tickled me like he used to and when he stopped I just sort of stayed on him and hugged his neck and he pulled me close and kissed my hair like he used to. 

Now some guys might be embarrassed to have their dad kiss them and cuddle them in front of their boyfriend, but not me and I could tell by the way Jer was smiling that he thought it was pretty cool. Well, I guess Kyle must've felt sort of lonesome or something for his dad cause he climbed up in Mark's lap and sat down and pulled Mark's arms around him and uncle (dad) Mark looked like he was in Heaven.

I told Jer to come sit by us and dad smiled at him and hugged me tighter. Then he said something that almost made me cry.

"He may be your boyfriend Jeremiah, but he's still my little boy," he said giving me a wet willy and causing me to giggle.

Jer blushed but then he joined in and started tickling me and well it was on. I tackled Jer and we rolled into the floor and wrestled then Kyle dive bombed us and the three of us were rolling around and giggling and getting all sweaty. 

When we finally broke it up dad said it was time for us to shower and he didn't need to know the details..just get clean before bedtime. Kyle stayed with dad and Mark and me and Jer went off to shower and that was fun, but we didn't mess around too much.

Kyle took his shower then we kissed our dads goodnight and went off to my room to play some Nintendo. I almost had the Legend of Zelda beat and I was hoping Jer could help me. Kyle liked to play too and for a kid he was pretty good so I figured we'd take turns so no one was left out.

We were right in the middle of a super hard level when dad came knocking on our door. Kyle jumped up to let him in and he took one look at us and  laughed. "Well, looks like everything is okay in here. Goodnight boys. See ya in the morning. Don't stay up too late, okay boys?"

"Yeah dad." I said barely looking up, "Have fun with uncle Mark," I giggled.

"Have fun with Luigi and Mario," he said sticking out his tongue. Then he went back to his room and we went back to the game.

Around ten we started to get bored with Mario and well we were sort of getting horny too. Jer kept giving me little looks and Kyle was squirming around in his underwear trying to get comfortable like he had a boner or something...which we all did by then.

"Okay, time to play," I finally said saving the game, "How bout we go get some snacks then get naked?"

Jer was still nervous but he was grinning and he didn't give me any trouble when we started off to the kitchen. We found chips and cookies and some sodas and took them back to my room. As soon as we got in the door I told them to put the stuff down and drop their undies and I did too.

"Nice, I see something I want to snack on," I said grinning. Actually I saw two somethings I wanted to snack on, but who was first?

"I got an idea," I said holding up a bottle of Pepsi, as soon as I empty this we can use it to play spin the bottle, only my version is a lot more fun."

We ate our snacks and I drank my pop quick so we could use the bottle. When it was empty I burped real loud and laid it in the middle of the floor. We sat around it in a triangle (wow finally using some geometry..he he) and I laid out the rules.

"Okay, here's the way it's gonna work. We do rock, scissors, paper to see who goes first and they get one spin, then the guy on the right goes next. Now here's the cool part...whoever it lands on has to do whatever you say. So if you want them to run around outside naked then that's what they got to do. Got it?"

Both of em thought it was cool, but I could see that Jer was a little worried when I said the part about running around naked outside. He was so shy it was cute. So on the count of three we threw out. Kyle threw scissors, but Jer threw a rock which breaks scissors, but I threw paper which covers rock. Technically scissors could cut paper, but since rock broke Jer's scissors I won.

My first spin was a doozy. I thought it was never gonna stop then it slowed down and waddled from side to side then slowed down to a crawl and stopped on Kyle...well his foot at least.

"Ah, my first victim," I said trying to sound like a vampire.

"I aint scared," Kyle giggled, "Give me anything you want."

I took a deep breath and thought and thought then I finally snapped my fingers, "I got it. Okay, have to go get the whipped cream out of the fridge...wearing no clothes....and spray some on your wiener and up your butt crack and then walk back here without losing any of it."

Jer was giggling, but Kyle just shook his head. "Piece of cake."

"No, no cake, only whipped cream," I smart assed back.

As soon as Kyle was gone I leaned over and kissed Jer and squeezed his junk. "I am so gonna eat this later."

" too..I mean eat yours," he said blushing.

"And...I'm gonna let you put it in my sweet tight little butthole."

He sort of moaned and I could feel his dick give a little jump in my hand. We kissed some more but pretty soon Kyle was back and we were laughing too hard to mess around. Not only did he have whipped cream up his crack and on his cock, he had made himself a beard and mustache of whipped cream and filled in his pubes with it.

"Nice, now come here. We're gonna lick it all off."

So Jer and me licked that kid clean from face to crotch and we shared the crack cream and it was yummy. By the time we'd licked his wiener and butt he was so hard he could've come any minute and when he sat down he started pulling at it like it was on fire.

"Huh uh, no touching yourself. Only me and Jer can touch it and same for us, only the other guys can touch it."

"My turn," Kyle said pulling his hand away. Then he grabbed the bottle and gave it a hard spin. It zipped across the floor and hit my leg so I made him do it over only right this time. It didn't spin very long and when it stopped it was pointing straight at Jer. "Gotcha. Now I get to make Jeremiah do anything I want."

"No running around naked...please," he begged.

"Hmmm," Kyle said scratching his chin thoughtfully, "I have to suck my toes and lick my feet all over."

Now where did that kid get that idea? Was this something he'd been thinking about or what? If the kid liked that stuff then I'd make sure he got it from now on.

Jer looked a little surprised, but he knew the rules and he knew he had to do whatever Kyle asked. He gave Kyle's foot a good looking over and then he sniffed it and I started cracking up. It wasn't like the kid had been outside stepping in dog doo or anything. He was a clean kid and he'd just took a shower a little while ago. Maybe his feet were dusty, but they were clean.

At first Jer acted like he was eating a turd as he licked the sole of Kyle's right foot then Kyle moaned and Jer looked up and was grinning. It didn't take him long to get into it and by the time he got around to sucking Kyle's toes they were both pretty much into it. I felt a little left out, but hey they were having a good time and it was sort of sexy watching them. 

Jer spent at least twenty minutes working on Kyle's feet then it was Jer's turn to spin. He grinned at me as he spun the bottle and I crossed my fingers hoping it would land on me. It wobbled a little before it slowed down, passing Kyle, then coming back around and passing me then Kyle again and as it slowed to a stop I closed my eyes and willed it to stop on me...and guess what? It did.

"Yeah, make me do anything you want lover."

I could tell Jer was nervous. On one  hand he wanted to have fun, but he didn't want to do anything to make me mad or embarrassed so he was taking his time.

"Come on...don't worry. Anything you can think up is fine with me."

"Okaaaay, let's see. I want you to go outside naked and get a cup of pool water."

I frowned, "That's all?"

"Nope, then you have to go all the way around the house to the front door. I'll be waiting for you there."

"No tricks, you better be there."

"Would I lie to you?" he giggled.

"You never least I don't' think so. Give us a kiss for luck. Here goes."

We kissed and I grabbed a glass from the bathroom and zoomed out of the room. I screeched to a halt in the kitchen when I heard voice and came face to face with uncle Mark.

"Whoa, what's this," he was laughing, but I swear he was looking me over.

"Just a silly dare, I gotta go get some pool water then go around the house and to the front door."

"Well, be careful..don't fall in the pool. And please...don't get arrested for streaking."

"No way, I'm too fast."

I left him staring after me and zoomed out to the pool and bent down to scoop up some pool water. Dang it was cold and I could feel the wind blowing up my crack and my balls were turning blue for real. Once I got the water I realized to get to the front yard I'd have to climb over the fence cause it was padlocked and the key was inside in the garage. The fence is a six foot privacy fence, but the gate is only five and has slats on it so it was easier to climb up. Still I almost racked myself going over the spiky part and I had to jump to save my skin (and balls). I hit the ground hard and got all muddy but I was determined to see it through.

A car crept up the road about then and I hid behind a bush by the house and waited. When it was past I crept up beside the house and around the corner to the front porch. The porch light was off but that was a good thing since I didn't want to be seen but when I stepped up onto the porch it suddenly came on leaving me exposed for anyone who happened to be looking our way.

"Let me in," I said banging on the door and suddenly it opened and I almost fell in. Fortunately I didn't spill any of the water, but by the time I got inside I was chilled all the way through. 

"Brrrrr....I'm freeeezing," I said handing Jer the water, "I hope you're happy, my balls are like ice now."

"I'll warm them up for you," he said grabbing them and causing me to jump, "With my warm mouth. Follow me."

We made it back to my room without dad or Mark catching us, but I figured Mark had already told dad what was up. I grabbed Jer and pushed him to his knees as soon as were safe inside and pulled his face into my frozen junk. He started lapping like a dog and pretty soon I was warmed up then hot. 

"Suck it. Get some ice cream out of it," I said pushing my dick at him.

He gobbled it down and started sucking it like it was ice cream and before too long I was breathing heavy and moaning and bammm...I came down his throat. He gobbled it all up and licked me clean then we sat down like nothing had happened and it was my turn to spin again.

This time it landed on Jer and it was revenge time.

"Okay...since you like making people run around in the cold..I'll go one better. have to go outside and wade in the shallow end of the pool and then wait ten minutes before you come back in."

"Cody, that's too much," Kyle whined.

"Shhhh or next time I spin I might land on you and make you do something even worse."

Kyle shut up but he didn't look happy, but Jer just shrugged and accepted his dare. To make sure he stayed the whole time and that he did what he was told I decided to slip on my shorts and my warm fuzzy slippers and follow him. Kyle decided to wait inside and I told him to keep his hands off himself and he promised.

This time there was no one in the kitchen which I'm sure Jer was glad of, but as soon as we hit the cold air he was dancing around like he was walking on ice cubes. I felt bad making him do this stuff, but I couldn't back down now. I'd just have to make it up to him later.

I pulled the cover up just enough for him to get to the shallow part then stood on the edge of the pool as he waded in about ankle deep. He was shivering as he stepped out and I grabbed my watch and started the timer.

"Only ten minutes to go," I said grinning. I was shirtless, but my shorts were keeping my junk protected and my feet were cozy. 

"My feet are numb...are you happy?" Jer said as his teeth chattered.

"We can go in now if you want," I offered.

"No...I accepted the dare and I'm gonna go through with it even if it kills me."

"Please don't die, I have stuff I want to do with you later," I said grinning.

"You're gonna have to warm me up...all of me...from head to toe when we get back inside."

"My pleasure."

Five minutes passed and I was ready to call it good, but Jer was stubborn and wanted to go the whole ten minutes. I did shave off a minute, but he didn't seem to notice and when I called time he practically ran inside. I was right behind him and when we reached my room he fell down on the bed and pulled the covers up over him. I crawled under the covers and snuggled up to him, but he was so cold I had to back off.

"You killed him," Kyle said looking worried.

"No I didn't. He's just hibernating," I laughed. "Quick grab a blanket from the hall closet."

Kyle grabbed the blanket and helped me spread it over Jer and I moved back under them and started rubbing his hands and arms to get the circulation going. His feet were still like blocks of ice and now I really did feel bad. I ducked under the covers and flipped around and started blowing my warm breath on his feet and he started moaning.

"Suck my toes," I heard him mumble.

"Okay, but I bet it's like sucking ice cubes."

I was right, they were so cold they made my mouth numb, but they tasted pretty good. I looked up at his crotch and his dick was starting to come alive as I blew his toes..he he. Eventually his foot started to warm up and I moved to the other one and by the time I was finished his dick was full on  hard. I licked up  his legs to his crotch and he opened his legs to let me in. I threw the covers back so I could breathe and he didn't protest.

His balls had warmed up some and once I got them into my mouth it didn't take long to get them red hot and ready for action. I skipped his dick and moved up to his tummy and licked his nipples and then moved up and kissed him.


"Uh huh...but I'm so hard down there."

"I can fix that, but I may need some help. Kyle, get over here. You lick one side, I'll lick the other."

If you've never had two hot boys licking your junk at once, I recommend it. It was something I just thought up, but I must've seen it in a book or something..right? I mean how could an innocent little boy like me come up with that...he he.

I guess Jer liked it cause he was moaning and wiggling around like he had snakes in his pants, only he didn't have any pants and the only snake was the one Kyle and me were licking. Spit was dripping off his dick and running down onto his balls and they were all slippery when I started feeling them up on one side while Kyle felt up the other one. 

I didn't think Jer could last much longer at this rate so I started licking his balls and Kyle moved up to his nipples. Jer sighed and was purring like a pussy cat but I was getting a little horny myself to come so I decided to bring it on home.

I grabbed his cock and swallowed it in one gulp and he almost came up off the bed. Kyle looked down and saw what I was doing and kept on working his nipples even harder. I'm pretty good at sucking dick, especially Jer's, and it didn't take long till he was moaning and bucking up and getting ready to let loose.

I pulled up all the way and licked down one side of the shaft then the other then deep throated him and that was all it took. He grunted as he began to spew into my mouth and I pulled up just in time to catch his tasty jizz on my tongue. He squirted three times then began to ooze a little but I kept him in my mouth till I was sure he was done. I squeezed his nuts one last time to make sure I got it all then moved up and kissed him on the mouth.

Kyle giggled, but he was cool with us by now. He wasn't really all that much on kissing, but he didn't mind watching us till we were through. I snuggled in beside my baby and nuzzled his neck and gave him that look that he knows means..I'm next.

The silly spin the bottle game was forgotten as I rolled Jer onto his stomach and started kissing all up and down his back till I got to his buns. Kyle was watching with wide eyes and fondling his hard little dick. He wasn't too much on butt stuff, but he was curious about it just like all of us were and he didn't mind watching even if he wasn't ready to try it.

Jer has a killer butt and I could kiss and rub it all day without getting tired, but...there was something else I liked doing to it even better. But first, I was going to try something I'd read about in a dirty book, but never really thought I'd ever do....licking his butt. It was called rimming and the idea I guess was to get the other guy so excited from having his butthole licked that he didn't mind when you slipped your weenie in.

I pulled Jer's buns apart and sniffed, but I knew he'd smell good back there. He was a clean kid and I loved that about him but I was still taking it slow. I looked at his pucker and my dick jumped. It was sexy looking...sort of brownish pink and puckery looking, almost like a little flower. I liked the way it winked at me when he flexed his muscles and I heard him giggle.

All of a sudden I felt so much love for him that I forgot all about my worries. Closing my eyes I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue and Kyle hissed as my tongue came into contact with Jer's butthole. I guess Jer liked it cause he let out a soft moan and pushed back like he wanted more.

What can I say? The taste and feel of his butthole was so amazing that I dived in and started eating like I was starved. Who knew it could be so good? And not just for him..for me too. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, it's not like we invented this stuff, it had been going on since the beginning of time and someone had figured out a long time ago that eating ass was fun.

"You're licking his butthole," Kyle giggled, "Isn't that gross?"

"No," I said coming up for air, "it's awesome...amazing. Do you like it Jer?"

"Uhhhhhhh huhhhhhh," Jer groaned, "Feels so good."

"I could never do that..."

"Someday you might, but it's cool if you don't."

I went back to work then and Jer raised his butt up to give me more room to work. He was getting really wet back there now and his butthole seemed to be loosening up some. My tongue was getting deeper and deeper each time I pushed and I figured pretty soon he's be ready for the real thing. I mean it wasn't like I was all that big, he was bigger and I could take his up my behind, but I wanted to make sure he was good and ready.

Ten more minutes passed and my mouth was getting numb so I decided it was time to go for the gold. I slapped him on the ass and knelt behind him and lined up my hardon with his hole. I was shaking a little as I made contact but fortunately I hit the target dead on and slipped in easy.

Jer took a deep breath then let it out and I realized I was going too fast so I stopped and let him rest a minute. He wasn't having none of that though and he pushed back like he was desperate to get it over with and I slid in all the way as he moaned softly.

Man it felt so hot, so tight... and I knew I wouldn't last long if I didn't pace myself. Not that it mattered. I'd be able to go again soon but I wanted this one to be special. 

Kyle had moved a little closer to get a better look and from the way he was working his dick I guess he liked what he saw. He cocked his head and licked his lips and I winked at him and he giggled.

"You would like this," I said softly, "You should try it some time."

"I might...."

I started fucking a little faster then and the feeling was building up in my nuts and I knew I was close. I didn't want to come too soon so I laid down on Jer and just let my dick throb in his butt while I kissed the back of his neck. He turned his head and I kissed his face and we held hands while I rested.

I guess I said "I love you," cause he said he did too and I blushed. I mean Kyle was right there and he was just a kid and didn't know about love yet, but I wasn't ashamed, just embarrassed. Kyle's pretty cool though and he just smiled at us and kept on jerking.

"You gonna wear that thing out," I teased, "Come closer...let Jer take care of it for you."

Kyle looked at Jer and Jer nodded and he slid closer and Jer reached over and grabbed his dick and started rubbing it. As I went back to fucking Jer coaxed Kyle around in front and he started sucking on his dick. It was hot watching my boyfriend suck my almost brother and I knew I wasn't going to last long. 

I started doing the bunny rabbit sex thing then and the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes and busted my nut was Kyle thrusting up into Jer's mouth and grunting as he got his jollies. It was a good one, for both of us I guess, and I sort of fell down on Jer and passed out.

When I opened my eyes Kyle was laying back on the bed with his eyes closed and he looked like he was asleep. It was getting late and suddenly I was really tired myself. We'd all busted a nut, so maybe it was time to get some sleep.

I pulled out of Jer and he rolled over and I snuggled up to him and pulled the covers  up over us and pretty soon we were asleep.

We woke up once about three or so and did a 69, but Kyle didn't wake up and he didn't get to come again till the next morning. And that was something special.

We all woke up with pee boners and after we took turns draining them we were frisky. I got this great idea to see if I could get Kyle to try fucking me, but I never expected him to give in so easy. He said there was no way he'd lick my butthole, but he would try sticking his dick in it if I wanted him to.

I had Jer help him get all ready and we used some lotion I kept on the nightstand and Kyle got to fuck his first ass...mine. He went crazy when he finally got started and found out how good it felt and he didn't last very long but he came hard. It was sort of cool knowing I was his first and that he liked it so much and I felt really good about it. Jer seemed to like the idea of watching me get fucked cause afterwards he was so horny that he pushed me down on my back and raised my legs and began rimming me. He had me moaning and begging for his dick in no time flat and he was ready and willing to give it.

Like I said Jer's dick is pretty big, but I was getting used to it and he got in pretty easy. He likes to take it slow and kiss a lot and this was his favorite position cause he could bend down and slip me the tongue and see my face. I liked that position a lot too and the kissing made it so much better.

Kyle watched with interest but since he'd already got off he wasn't touching himself. In fact his dick had shrunk up now and it was hard to believe that was the same dick that had been pounding my ass a few minutes ago. Anyway like I said, Jer likes to take it slow and only toward the end does he speed up or get rough, but when he does he's like a mad man. 

I knew he was ready to come when he grabbed my feet and pushed my legs higher and I braced myself as he started pounding me hard and fast. I was trying to jerk my cock as he fucked me but I was vibrating so much it was hard to keep my hand on it. Then I felt this strange feeling in my guts and it sort of radiated all through me and my nuts started tingling then the craziest thing happened and my dick began to squirt. It was so intense that I clamped my butthole closed around Jer's dick and then he grunted and starting cumming inside me.

"What...happened?" Kyle said with a surprised look on his face.

"My dad says it's something called a..a..prostate or something like that. If the guy's dick rubs it just right it causes a guy to come."

"It's my big ole dick," Jer laughed.

"Maybe, but I bet if I tried hard enough I could do it for you too."

"I'm ready if you are."

"Naw, not now...I'm wore out. Maybe next time. Right now I need to go poop and then get something to eat. I'm starved."

"Gross....thanks for sharing," Jer laughed as he climbed off me.

We cleaned up and went in to find dad fixing breakfast. Mark was already gone to the store and dad was going to go in later and we were going with him. There was an arcade in the same shopping center as the store and we were going to play games till he got off work. 

After we ate we brushed out teeth and got dressed and drove to the store. Trey and Brent were already there and the place was really busy. I saw Zeke and he nodded but we really didn't talk much any more. I heard he was dating some older guy or something, but he was old news anyway. I'd moved on....he he.

At the arcade we stayed together for a while then Kyle wandered off and started playing with some kid who looked about his age. I don't know if they knew each other or not but I kept an eye on them just in case they tried to slip off to the bathroom or

Jer and I teamed up and played till we were down to our last two dollars then hit the snack bar and got a freezy. I loved how it gave me brain freezes and I kept doing it over and over, but Jer said he heard that some kid died from doing that so I stopped making it happen on purpose.

Kyle wandered over and bought a coke and we hung around till we finished our drinks then headed back to the store. We sat in the employee lounge and watched TV till dad and Mark got off work then we all drove back to our house.

I could tell you all about the sex we had that night, but it was sort of like the night before and I don't really have too much to say about it except that we had fun.

Christmas came and without a doubt it was the best ever. The boys went crazy decorating and they really enjoyed shopping for each other and when the big day came we had a house full. Trey and Brent were officially a couple as were Cody and Jer and even the moms were happy with the arrangement.

We spent Christmas eve at my mom's house and Christmas day at our house and Bobbie and Kyle's mom came by long enough to exchange gifts. Kyle's mom was on her way to see here parents and we only just managed to keep her from taking Kyle 

As a reward for all the hard work the guy had done at work we threw a Christmas party the  Sunday before and we gave each of them a 50.00 bonus. Some of them would be going back to school in January and leaving us, but a couple would stay on to fill spots left vacant as people came and went. Business was good and we'd begun to think about a second store and once the holidays were over we were going to start looking for a good location.

It was hard to believe that a little over a year ago I was alone and had no hope for the future. Today I had a son that I loved more than life itself, a handsome and sexy lover that filled my life with love and happiness, and friends who really cared. I was without a doubt one of the luckiest men on earth. I could only dream about what the future held, but one thing was sure.....whatever it held, as long as I had Mark and Cody and the people I loved around me everything would be fine.

End of Part Two

Sorry it took so long to get his one out there. I seem to have trouble focusing lately. I hope to wrap this one up in Part three and it will problably be a short one. In the meantime I also posted a new story called..Bullied  and it will be a two parter. I was a little disappointed at the lack of response to this story so I'm hoping those readers who haven't found this story will give it a try. 

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