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Accidental Dad

So Happy Together

"Are you as stoned as I am?" I giggled.

"You've only had two hits," Mark laughed, "But, yeah...I'm starting for feel kind of mellow."

"This is great. I don't know why I didn't like this...ummm...before. Oh wow, that one really hit me....he he."

"You're funny when you're...what's the word....OH yeah...stone..ed...stone...ed, that's a funny word."

"Are you hungry, cause I we have any cookies or chips left?"

"Hmmm....when is Trey gonna be home?"

"Who cares...oh, cause we don't want him to catch us...right?"

"Well, we wouldn't be setting a very Oh, look at that bear on TV...he he."

I got up to forage in the kitchen and came back with a box of Little Debbie Zebra cakes and a bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese and a couple of beers. Mark was still gazing at the TV and when he saw what I had in my hands he handed me the joint and took the chips.

I took the joint and sucked in the pungent smoke and my head throbbed with the most wonderful feeling.

"Ouch," I cried out and threw what was left of the joint in the jar lid that we'd designated as an ashtray, "All gone....Mary Jane all gone," I giggled.

"Want some chips," He said showing me a mouthful of cheesy goodness then cracking up laughing.

"Ze...bras....ze...bras," I said ripping open the package and then cramming one in my mouth.

"I want one. Trade ya."

"K," I said handing him the box and taking the chips. Man food tasted good when you were high."

We finished off our beer, the Debbies and the chips and by that time our buzz was beginning to wear off. I still felt good, but not as good as I had and I was beginning to worry about Trey coming home and catching us.

"Let's go to bed. Want to? Ever  have sex while you were stoned?"

"Do bears do it in the woods?"

"Yeah...I guess. I don't know much about bears. Do they have little outhouses or do they use the public facilities?" I giggled.

"Come on, you're stoned."

"Okay, just let me throw these bottle away..." but I was interrupted by the front door opening. 

Trey rushed in, took one look at us and started to howl with laughter, "What have you guys been up to? It smells really funky in here...sort of like....oh....I don't know...maybe pot."

"Oh shit, we're busted." I mumbled.

"Do as we say, not as we do," Mark giggled.

"It's cool you guys. I've smoked it a few times, but it's not my thing. I think it's cool that you guys are trying new things."

"It's not new," Mark said chasing a few crumbs of chips on his shirt, "I used to smoke it everyyyy day when I was your age."

"Wow, a real pot head," Trey laughed, "But not you Rob...right?"

I shrugged, "I ate some brownies once....or twice...with pot in em."

He laughed even harder, "Yeah a couple of hard core druggies. Better call the nark squad."

"We'll have to kill him," I said in an aside to Mark.

"Nah, we'll just discredit him. No one will believe him when we get through."

"I'm beat you guys. One of my new hires was a no show tonight and I had to stick around till close. Now I know what you guys had to go through before you hired me," he said grinning.

"So...want a beer?" I said sheepishly.

"Nah, I'm gonna go take a shower and hit the sack. You guys have fun."

"Yeah, we're gonna go fuck now," I giggled.

" careful," he laughed as he walked away, "Don't miss the hole."

Ever tried to fuck while you're high? Well it didn't work as well as I'd hoped but we did manage to get our jollies before we started to come down. We slept till noon the next day then had a huge lunch and went into work. Good thing we were the bosses.

I wouldn't have missed that experience for the world, but truthfully it just wasn't our thing and we never did it again. Wine and beer were enough for us from then on.

In September we went to the Tulsa State Fair. Ever since finding Bobbie and Cody there that fateful day the fair seemed even more special to me. Cody referred to it as our anniversary and we always had Polish dogs and funnel cakes at that same table if we could wrangle it.

Mark loved the fair as much as we did and needless to say so did Kyle. Cody loved having someone to closer to his age to ride the rides with but he always insisted I ride the Phantasmagoria with him since it was there that he figured out I was his dad.

Bobbie always made sure she was available as well and this year she brought a friend....a girlfriend. Her name was Betsy and she was a cute little thing and I could tell that she and Bobbie were really into each other. When I finally got Bobbie alone I grilled her for info.

"So, how long have you two been an item?"

"Not long, was magic from the start. I'm surprised Cody didn't mention that I was seeing someone."

"Oh know him..he's so busy with his own love life. Speaking of which...I'm surprised he didn't bring lover boy along tonight."

"Oh, my.... he didn't tell you? He and Jeremiah broke up?"

"What? But...he seems so happy. I would have thought he would be a total wreck."

"Apparently it was mutual and they're still friends but not boyfriends. You should ask him about it."

"I will, but serious is it with you and Betsy?"

"Well...let's just say we're both pretty happy with things right now."

"I bet, she's really cute. I can totally see why you'd be attracted to her."

"It's more than that though, she's so sweet and attentive. And we like the same movies and's amazing," Bobbie said bubbling over with joy.

"Well, congratulations. I have been hoping you'd find someone ever since I met Mark. It's so great to have that special someone to come home to or in our case to drive home with," I chuckled.

"Yeah, she's a keeper all right. Speaking of she comes and doesn't she look lovely?"

When Cody and I rode the Phantasmagoria that night I couldn't wait till we were alone and inside so I could talk to him about his breakup.

"So...your mom tells me you and Jeremiah split up. What happened?"

"Nothing really. We just decided we were kind of young to be boyfriends...that's all. It's hard work in case you don't know it," he said grinning.

"But you seemed so happy...."

"We were....I guess, but it was mostly about sex you know. I guess one reason I wanted to break up was because.....well...see there's this other boy and he and I sort of been talking...but it's not like we want to be boyfriends but we kind of want know, have sex."

"So, you want to play the field and not be tied down. Well, I can sort of understand that but I hope you won't regret it later. Jeremiah is a sweet kid and I'll miss having him around."

"Oh, he'll still be coming over. We're still friends and we decided we could still have sex too...just not be in love."

I laughed, "You got it all figured out...don't you. Well I'm here for you no matter what and if this is what you want then I'm good with it. You're a smart kid and you know what you want and need more than I do."

"I know you're saying all that dad, but tell me the truth...are you upset about it?"

Even though we'd only been father and son two years the kid could read me like a book. "Okay, I'll be honest..I'm a little disappointed. I was so proud when I found out you had found someone to love and who loved you. That doesn't happen often in our lives and it's not something to just casually toss away. But it sounds like you both are in agreement with this so...who am I to doubt your intentions?"

He sighed, "I'm sorry dad. I kind of thought you might feel that way. That's why I didn't tell you. I was waiting for the right moment."

"Look sport, you know I love you and I have come to love Jeremiah too, so whatever you guys want to do is fine...really."

"Thanks dad."

"Remember the first time we rode this thing?" I said suddenly overcome with emotion.

"Yeah, it was soooo cool, especially when I figured out I was riding it with my real dad," he chuckled.

"You scared the crap out of me that night. I thought I'd lost you and I'd only just found you."

"Naw...that wasn't going to happen. I never wanted to let you out of my sight. It was so hard to leave you that night. I...I actually cried when I got home. I was so afraid I'd never see you again."

I hugged him to me, "No danger of least not on my part. I was afraid too....and when you called me that evening I was so happy I was walking on air."

"We make a good team, don't we dad?"

"The best. Sometimes I feel like I don't give you as much attention or time as I should but I think about you every day. I love you more than you could possibly know."

"Oh...I know all right cause I feel the same way," he said kissing my cheek.

The ride ended as we rolled down the last incline then turned and slowly rolled toward the departure point. I was reminded once again of that first time and how I had to practically pull Cody off at the end because he was so distraught.

A lot had happened since that night and all of it good and by the time we joined the others I was smiling broadly. Betsy and Bobbie were cozied up on the same bench that she had been sitting on that first night, watching Mark and Kyle battle it out on the bumper cars.

"Dad can we do that next.....with uncle Mark and Kyle?"

"Absolutely....I love the bumper cars...but watch out...I'm a madman when I get behind the wheel."

"Me too...I am so gonna wreck you," he said laughing manically.

When the ride ended Mark and Kyle ran around and joined us and we waited in line and luckily all four of us got cars. True to his word Cody kept chasing me around and trying to rear end me, but I was too fast and shrewd for him. I did manage to t-bone Mark once and then he was after me too. Kyle sort of stayed on the side and didn't do any ramming, but he did get rammed a few times.

When the ride ended we hopped off and  the boys wanted to go again but we convinced them it was time for some refreshments. As we sat sipping our drinks and eating fair food I got to know Betsy a little better and it didn't take me long to see why Bobbie liked her so much. She was the kind of person who could make anyone feel good about themselves and I felt as if I'd known her forever instead of having just met her. I hoped this was the one, because Bobbie really deserved someone special to share her life with.

When we left that night Cody and Kyle came home with us and even though it was almost midnight the boys begged to stay up a bit longer. 

"Just keep the noise down guys," I said giving them both a hug, "Mark and I are tired."

"Yeah, I bet," Cody giggled, "I bet you're  not too tired to make love though."

"Maybe, we'll see," I said yawning, "but if we do we'll be quiet."

"I'm kidding, we don't care how much noise you guys make. It's just nice that you two still do it at your age."

"Gee thanks. We're not ancient you know. We could even still father children if we wanted to. Maybe we'll help Bobbie and Betsy make you a little brother or sister," I teased.

"That would be soooo cool," Cody said excitedly, "I'd love to have a baby bro to play with."

"Let's see by the time he was your age you'd be a grown man," I chuckled.

"I don't care, it would still be cool."

"Goodnight you two, I can see that in a spitting contest you are the master."

"Spitting...huh? It's a pissing contest," Cody laughed, "And I can out piss you any day dad."

Mark and I went on to bed and we did make love, but it was slow and quiet and we didn't hear any banging on the walls. It had been a great day and I was looking forward to spending more time with the boys the next two days.

By Thanksgiving it was obvious that Betsy and Bobbie were a real couple. All that remained was for them to move in together and I knew that day wasn't far off. Cody surprised me by being moody and less than enthusiastic about his mom's new love and one weekend while he was over I finally found out why.

"She has a kid dad...a girl," he sighed.

"What? Are you sure? Why didn't I know this?"

"Mom says her dad has custody of her, but he's going to leave the country for a job overseas and the kid can't go with her."

"So...I thought you wanted a sister or brother?"

"Not a girrrllll," he whined.

I laughed, "Cody, Cody, Cody....your mom is a girl, Betsy is a girl, and they're cool. What do you have against girls?"

"I don't know. Girls are weird. I don't understand them."

"Well, I agree with you there, but some of them are pretty nice. At least give her a chance. Have you even met  her?"

"No, but she's coming next weekend and I gotta give up my room for her."

"Well, you can always come and stay with me till your mom and Betsy get a bigger place."

"Can I really dad?"

"Well, we'll need to discuss it with your mom, but I'm fine with it."

"What about uncle Mark?"

I sniggered, "Are you kidding? Mark loves you like a son...and besides he does what I say," I teased.


Thanksgiving was nice, but it just wasn't the same without mom. I guessed I'd never really get over losing her, but I was so thankful I had Mark and the rest of my family to help me get through it. At dinner that day Bobbie and Betsy announced that they were officially a couple and looking for a larger place to call home. They also told us about Sammy, Betsy's daughter.

Her name was Samantha and she was 11 years old. According to Betsy she was a bit of a tom boy. She showed us a picture of a petite little girl with short hair and big blue eyes. She was really cute, but the way she was dressed it was hard to tell she was a girl. I thought maybe she might have more in common with Cody than he thought.

"She's really cute," I said passing the picture back, "How does she feel about the move?"

"She's cool with it, but she's a little worried. You know changing schools, leaving all her friends back in Washington behind."

"Yeah, that is tough, especially mid year like this. Is she a good student?"

"Well, her real interest is in sports, but she usually brings home B's."

"Well, anything we can do to help...just ask."

"Uh dad....ask her," Cody said nervously.

"Oh, sure. I suggested that if you didn't have a problem with it Cody could come stay with us till you guys found a bigger place."

Bobbie looked at Betsy and something passed between them before Bobbie spoke, "Well, if you're sure. It's that or he sleeps on the couch."

"Gee thanks mom," Cody huffed.

"Sorry dear, but we can't expect Sammy to sleep there."

"Of course not...she's a girl," he said making girl sound like a curse word.

Bobbie raised her eyebrows but she seemed to be at a loss for words. I love Cody with all my heart and soul, but one thing I will not tolerate from him is disrespect, especially for his mom.

"Cody. Apologize to you mom and to Betsy. That was out of line."

"Why? I didn't do anything. Everything was fine till she came along," he said pointing at Betsy.

I was completely thrown off balance by his sudden anger and before I could react he was up and out of the room leaving us to stare at each other in embarrassment. 

I recovered first. "I'll go see what's up with him...okay?"

Bobbie nodded and I felt really bad for her. How had this happened? Why hadn't I realized that there was more to Cody's mood lately than Sammy.

I found him curled up in his bed bawling his eyes out. My anger quickly diffused as I realized his outburst was more than just a kid acting up. It wasn't like Cody at all and something was really wrong here.

I sat down beside him and patted him gently. "Look...buddy, I don't know what's going on with you, but you gotta tell me. Your mom and Betsy didn't deserve that."

"I know, I'm sorry. Is mom crying?" he sniffed.

"Well, she wasn't when I left. I think she was in shock, but it's Betsy I feel most sorry for. She's a wonderful person and she and  your mother love one another very much....and they love  you so it must have hit her like a blow to the gut."

He sighed as he wiped his eyes, "Oh God, what am I gonna do? I can't even face her now...either of them."

"You'll find a way, but first...we need to talk. I need to know what brought all this on. When we talked before you said it was about Sammy, but I can see it's more than that."

"It's just's just been mom and me for so long. I was there for her and now...she don't need me no more."

"Buddy, your mom will always need you and so will I. Her loving Betsy won't change anything between you two. It will be no different than when Mark and I moved in together. That worked out okay..didn't it?"

"Yeah, but....that's different," he whined, "I guess I'm not a very good person dad."

"Why do you say that. I think you're a wonderful person, but you're also very young and very sensitive and I guess we didn't really take your feelings into consideration. This isn't really all about Sammy is it?"

"Nah, not really. I mean that made it worse, but I guess I'm just being selfish or something."

"I think maybe staying here with Mark and I might be a good thing. That will give you time to think about things and figure out how you're going to make this work."

He nodded, "What am I gonna do dad? I can't face them now."

"Sure you can. It's okay to mess up once in a while, but you have to face up to it when you do. Your mom will understand. She's not totally clueless you know."

"Do I have to do it right now?"

"No, it can wait a little while. I'll go back and talk to them and then when you're feeling better you can come out and apologize....okay?"

He nodded, "Thanks dad. I'm really sorry I ruined dinner and all."

"I forgive you son and your mom and Betsy will too."

"And uncle Mark...."

"Uncle Mark thinks your shit don't stink," I teased.

My boy smiled then, " don't. Well, maybe a little."

"Wash your face and pull yourself together and I'll see you back out there in a few."

I hugged him then and went back to find Bobbie and Betsy waiting anxiously. I gave Mark a little smile and he winked.

"I guess this  has been a little harder on our son than I thought." 

"I knew there was something going on in that little head of his, but truthfully I was afraid to ask," Bobbie sighed.

I related all that Cody had told me and she frowned, but Betsy seemed to have the best take on it.

"I never thought that he might feel threatened by me..that I might be taking his place," Betsy said squeezing Bobbie's hand. If it's okay...can I go talk to him?"

"I..well, what do you think Rob?"

"I think that's a great idea. Duke it out and winner take all," I teased, "but seriously..yeah...go for it. He's calmed down and very embarrassed by his outburst. I think he might prefer to apologize in private."

When Betsy was gone I breached the subject of Cody staying with Mark and I again.

"I just don't want him to think that we're pushing him out."

"I don't think he really feels that way. He's just confused right now. He's a teenager in the throes of puberty and his senses are hightened...."

"Not  unlike women once a month," Mark joked.

Bobbie gave him an eye roll and then laughed, "I guess I was just too happy to see what was going on with him."

"Hey, I missed it too. I mean I knew something was going on but I thought it was Sammy coming to live with you guys."

"I guesss I can kind of see his point there. A complete stranger moving in and taking his room from him....and a girl at that."

I laughed, "Yeah, that's understandable, but he should have been more honest and open with us about what was going on."

"Well, now we know. Oh Rob, I feel so bad for him."

"He feels bad  too, and now he feels lousy about the way he acted tonight."

We resumed our meal, but none of us had much appetite at the moment. I wished I could have been a fly on the wall and listened in as Betsy and Cody worked things out, I didn't nave to wait long for results. Soon they came in, Betsy with her arm around my son's neck and they were both smiling.

"Hi, you two okay?" Bobbie asked.

"I'm really sorry mom," Cody said giving his mom a big hug and a kiss, "I was a real brat. I just felt like....I know it's silly..but like I was being replaced or something."

"You're not being replaced sweety. You will always be my baby and there will always be a place in my heart and my home for you. Nothing will change except you will have two moms to love you now."

"And two dads," he said smiling at Mark and me.

"See, you have twice as much as most kids. Now sit down and finish your dinner."

Once things were straightened out our appetites returned and we had a nice dinner, pigging out as usual. When we were all stuffed the girls insisted we guys go off and watch football or something while they cleaned up. I protested a little, but I think they just wanted some time alone so I gave in easily.

The boys piled down in the floor at our feet and we watched the game while Mark and I cuddled. Occasionally Cody would look up at us and smile. I wondered what was going on in the little head of his, but I was pretty sure things were okay with him.

The girls joined us after awhile and Betsy seemed to know more about football then I did, but then I'd never been a big fan. In fact if it wasn't for Mark and the boys I probably wouldn't watch it at all, but I had learned to enjoy it in their company.

Kyle's mom dropped by around five and picked him up so he could spend some time with her and her family and he hugged us all goodbye and seemed a little sad. I know he loved his mom, but I think he was most comfortable around his dad and the rest of us. I had begun to suspect that maybe he was gay or at least bi, but he hadn't made any announcements, not even to Cody, so I didn't pry.

Cody eventually climbed up on the couch between the two of us and fell asleep with his head in my lap and his feet in Mark's and Bobbie grabbed her camera and took some really good pictures. Betsy seemed very happy and comfortable with us and I was starting to like her more and more every minute. I was happy for both of them and confident that Cody would work through his problems and they'd be as happy a family as Mark and I.

Around 7 we dug out the leftovers and had a quick meal and ate the dessert we didn't have room for after our huge lunch. Bobbie and Betsy left around nine and Cody stayed behind and us guys watched TV till bed time.

When he was bathed and dressed for bed Cody came in to our bedroom and piled down on our bed, "Can I sleep with you guys tonight?" he said grinning.

"No, absolutely not," I laughed, "I have big plans for Mark and they don't include snoopy little teenage boys."

"Just kidding, I know you guys are gonna do it. But can I stay a little while?" he whined giving me those puppy dog eyes he was good at.

I looked at Mark who grabbed Cody and started tickling him, "Just for a while."

Cody was giggling now and I joined in but soon we tired and just lay there, Cody in the middle, and talked quietly about our day and things in general. None of us brought up the thing with Betsy or Cody's behavior, but I could tell Cody still felt bad about it. He was ordinarily such a good kid and what had happened was so unlike him that I think it surprised even him.

"Mmmmm...wish I could just sleep right here...." he said sounding half asleep and like the little boy I'd first met.

I smiled at Mark who mouthed, "Can he dad?" and I grinned.

"Okay, but when you get to sleep one of us will carry you to bed."

"Okay, thanks dad...Mark, I love you guys."

"We love you too," I said brushing back his hair and kissing his nose, "Now go to sleep. It's been a long day."

It didn't take long for our little man to drift off to dreamland and we let him lay there for a while as we watched him sleep. I never grew tired of watching him, for in sleep he was even more beautiful and my heart swelled with love for him. I could see that Mark felt much the same and maybe that's why we never bothered to move him. He slept the whole night right there between us and needless to say, my big plans for Mark went up in smoke.

The following weekend we got to meet Samantha and without a doubt she was one of the most interesting little girls I have ever met. She looked even more like a boy in person than she did in her picture and if I hadn't known she was a girl I would have thought she was a typical rough and tumble boy. She took to Cody and Kyle immediately and well...they took to her too. She knew all the latest video games and apparently was quite good at them. She loved baseball, football, soccer and had played on a little league team back in Washington and expressed an interest in playing here come spring. I told her I could help her find a good team and once she found out I was a coach she followed me around talking baseball for an hour or so.

She was cute as cute can be, as most 11 year olds are, boy or girl, and sweet natured, but I could tell she could hold her own with any boy who came along. She treated Cody and Kyle as if she had known them forever and it was easy to see that she would have no problem making friends.

When she found out she would be staying in Cody's room she apologized and offered to share it with him, but he just blushed and told her he was going to stay with his dad. I thought it was cute. Being gay Cody hadn't had much exposure to the fairer sex and this might be a good experience for him, even if Sammy wasn't the most feminine girl I'd met.

We all went out for dinner and got to know each other better and by the end of the evening Sammy was one of us. It's amazing how quickly she endeared herself to all of us and I foresaw smooth sailing for the new couple and their family.

Two weeks before Christmas Bobbie called me to tell me that she and Betsy had found a nice three bedroom house to lease near where Mark and I lived. I asked her why lease instead of buy and she said it was a matter of finances right now, that they'd have to save up for a down payment, but meanwhile they'd have a nice roomy place for the kids.

I talked to Mark that night and suggested that we help them with a down payment as a wedding gift (well if gay marriage was legal) and he wholeheartedly agreed. I called Bobbie back the next day and told her to start looking for a house to buy and she was speechless when I told her why.

It turned out the house they had been about to lease was actually for sale and at a very good price and they moved in a week later, though the closing would take a few more weeks. Cody loved his new room and didn't mind at all that he and Sammy shared a bath. In fact the two were  closer than any real brother and sister I had ever seen and all of us were very happy about that.

Most times Cody would insist we include Sammy in our plans and Kyle didn't seem to mind. On our first trip to Sports World we found out just how good she was at sports. In the batting cages she out batted the boys and even beat all of four of us at miniature golf. The girl was good at any sport she tried and I saw a great future for her.

We spent Christmas day at Bobbie and Betsy's and had a great time. Betsy turned out to be an amazing cook and with my help we cooked up a feast. The weather was unseasonably warm and the kids played catch in the back yard and ran around working up an appetite. By the time we finally ate they were starved and ate like little pigs.

It was sweet to see the three of them get along so well, giggling and laughing and rough housing and it was hard to think of Sammy as a girl. I had known a few tomboys in my life, but I swear Sammy had them all beat. It seemed like the only difference between her and our boys was the equipment between her legs.

We played board games after dinner and had a great time but Mark and I left around five because we had planned to drive to Pryor and see my family. I knew it would be sad going back there and knowing mom wasn't there anymore, but I didn't want to neglect the rest of my family. Some of them were growing old and there were no promises for tomorrow.

Cody elected to stay home with his mom and I didn't begrudge him, but Kyle came with us and became the center of attention as soon as we entered my aunt and uncle's house. I guess everyone sort of knew that Mark and I were a couple, but back then you didn't really label things like that or talk about it, and yet my family accepted our relationship despite that. They loved Mark and Kyle and treated them just like family and we had a great time.

When we left that evening around nine we were tired but happy and the short drive back to Tulsa passed quickly. No sooner had we made it in the front door than the phone started ringing and it was Cody.

He wanted to know how our trip went and if anyone asked about him and he confided that he wished he had gone with us but that he didn't want Sammy to feel left out. I said next time maybe he and Sammy could go and he was all for that. We said our goodnights and our I love yous then we got Klye settled into bed and Mark and I fell into bed and made slow passionate love.

Come spring Sammy played on Kyle's team and the coach was very impressed with her. She was an excellent batter and fielder, and he even tried her out for pitching and of course she excelled there as well. We managed to see most of their games despite being busy with Cody's team and it was a very enjoyable spring. 

When school let out in May we took a few days off work and took the kids to Frontier City in OKC, and they had a blast. Sammy loved the rides as much  as the boys, but Mark and I were content to just watch. We stayed overnight in a motel and took the kid's to the zoo the next day and then the Kirkpatrick Center. We had so much fun that we decided to stay over another day and took the kid's to the Water Park the next day.

By the time we finally got home that evening we were exhausted but happy. Bobbie and Betsy were out on a date so Sammy stayed with us in the spare bedroom while Kyle bunked with Cody. Long after Mark and I went to bed we could  still hear them giggling so it was obvious keeping them apart wasn't going to work. 

"You don't think they know anything sexual with Sammy, do you?" Mark asked looking worried.

"What? No, I don't think so. In fact since Sammy has come along, Cody seems more reserved sexually. I think he's just having fun being a kid again. I think his breakup with Jeremiah was a good thing. Like he said, he's too young to be in a committed relationship."

"Yeah, I agree. I guess you're right, they're just kids having fun."

"Yeah, besides....I think Sammy is more man than both of them put together," I laughed, "She can hold her own."

"It's not really Cody I'm concerned about though," Mark said rolling into me and placing his arm over me, "Kyle hasn't decided which team he wants to play for and even though he's experimented with Cody, there's always that mystery about girls and well....Sammy may not exactly look the part, but she is a girl."

"Relax, Kyle is too shy to think that way and even if he did, Sammy doesn't strike me as the kind of little girl who goes after little boys," I chuckled.

"Just saying. I remember when I was Kyle's age. If someone had given me access to a cute little girl, I would have at least tried to kiss her."

"Well, I hate to say it, but if Kyle tried that he'd probably wind up with a black eye," I teased.

Mark laughed, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Beside Cody seems pretty protective of his new sister so I guess it's safe."

"Yeah, Cody is a good brother to her. I'm so glad he got over his fears and came around."

"He's a good kid, we raised him right," Mark said nuzzling my neck.

"Are you horny?"

"Does the Pope wear a hat?"

"I've heard he does. Well come over here lover boy and let's do the nasty, but we gotta keep the noise down."

We managed to work in a camping trip between games and this time Bobbie and Betsy and Sammy came along. This time we drove to a little Park called Spavinaw which was near my hometown of Pryor. We set up our tents in an area away from most of the other campers and though there was no electricity there, there was running water nearby and the showers and bathrooms were a short walk away. 

There was a picnic table and a grill near our tents and lots of shade and even a fire ring for our nightly camp fire. The girls were to share one tent and us men the other but I expected Sammy would be hanging out with the boys till we ran her off.

It was late evening by the time we got our camp set up and the kids were dying to go swimming. Spavinaw creek ran through the campgrounds and at one end there was a large cement spillway separating it from the Lake. Most times there was a constant stream of water running over the spillway and sometimes the creek ran quite rapid.

We had come prepared. After we got the camp set up we blew up our little rubber raft and carried it to the far end of the creek. There wasn't enough room for all of us but there was plenty of room for the three kids. We had them  wait there until we drove to the other end just to be safe, and when they heard our car horn they started out.

The creek was running pretty rapid that day but by the time they got to the larger part of the creek where we were waiting it had slowed down to a crawl. Mark and I swam out and grabbed onto the raft and floated there while the kids excitedly told us about the trip down the creek.

Next Bobbie and Betsy took a ride then lastly Mark and I tried it out, but once was enough for us old folks and we let the kids float down twice more before they announced they were starving. Instead of cooking out the first night we drove to Langley which is little town about 10 miles up the road and ate there at a little diner than had very good food and reasonable prices.

By the time we got back to camp it was dark and the boys immediately set about making the camp fire. Sammy seemed very at home in the outdoors  and it was good to see that the boys treated her as an equal. Once the campfire was up and going we brought out the marshmallows and as we sat around roasting them we started the ghost stories. 

Betsy knew some good ones and Sammy surprised us by telling one I'd never heard before that was pretty intense. I won't say I was scared, but I did move a little closer to Mark after that one got started. When the fire began to burn down we drove up to the showers and split up. I wouldn't have been surprised if Sammy had ask to shower with the boys, but she went off with Betsy and Bobbie and left us men to do our thing.

We let the boys go first and they were splashing each other and giggling and after a while we made them get out so we could get our shower. As they dried off and got dressed Mark and I hit the shower. I was glad no one came in because I wasn't sure they'd have understood why two grown men were sharing a shower.

Back at the camp we went to our tents but sure enough about ten minutes after we got settled in Sammy came scratching on the tent door, "Hey you guys decent in there? I don't wannna walk in on some naked guys," she giggled.

"We're clothed, but I've never been decent," I teased, "Come on in Sam. What's up?"

She zipped the door down and stepped in. She was dressed in cutoff jeans and a plain tee shirt making her look more like a boy than a girl. At her age her breasts hadn't started to develope yet, but in a year or so that would all change.

"It's boring over there with mom and Bobbie. Can I stay over here till you guys go to sleep?"

"Boys? You want company?"

"Sure dad if it's okay...right Kyle?"

"Yeah, cool. Wanna play hangman with us?"

Mark and I lay down side by side and relaxed and talked quietly while the kids played. It had been a long hard week at work and we'd had two ball games that week so we were ready to take it easy. The temp had dropped to the upper 70's after the sun went down and it was comfortable in the tent, but the weatherman was predicting highs in the 90's tomorrow and I supposed we'd spend most of the day in the creek.

"Mmmm....this is nice."

"Yeah, this is the life. When we retire we should just drag a trailer up here and live on the lake."

"Well, maybe Lake Keystone, but I wanna stay close to the kids."

"Speaking of kids, I wonder if Trey will be partying all weekend with us gone," Mark chuckled.

"Well, if he does I'm sure he'll be safe and sanitary," I joked.

"Yeah, he's a very responsible person, but I worry about him sometimes. Brent's moving away has been hard on him..on both of them."

"But at least they've managed to stay together despite the distance. I didn't think it would last."

"Mmm...will you rub my back?"

"Hey what are you guys doing over there. No sex in the tent," Cody teased.

"Relax, just doing some massage work on my man."

Sammy giggled, "That's what mommie and Bobbie say too."

"Well, we promise to keep our clothes don't worry."

Mark lasted about halfway through the massage before he was out cold and once I figured out he was asleep I snuggled up next to him and joined him. I have no idea what time Sammy went back to her tent, but when I woke up later it was quiet and the boys were snoring softly over on their air mattress.

The next day the kids were up early and while us old folks prepared breakfast they explored the spillway area. I knew it was fairly safe there but I insisted that they say on the paths and not try to cross the spillway. It was usually slick with moss and I didn't want to risk any of them falling off of it. I promised them that later Mark and I would cross it with them and show them the other side.

When they came back Kyle was covered in mud and Cody was still laughing about what happened. 

"You should have seen Kyle when he hit the mud," Cody laughed, "he looked like a pig wallowing in the mud."

"Shut up, it's not funny. I couldn't get up. It was too slick."

"Well, go wash up under the faucet and after breakfast you can take a shower and change," Mark said grinning, "You look like pigpen from Charlie Brown."

"Daaad, not you too," Kyle said as he stomped off.

By the time he got back we had everything on the table and Kyle ate in gloomy silence as we tried to pull him into the conversation. Sometimes he was a little too sensitive.

I don't know what it is about food cooked outdoors, but everything seemed extra tasty and nothing was left by the time we finished. Sammy and Cody helped us clean up while Kyle ran down to the showers to clean up and by the time he got back we were ready to go swimming.

We drove down to the creek not because it was too far too walk, but because we wanted to take the cooler full of ice and drinks and our lunch stuff, which consisted of cold cuts and chips. Mark and I swam over to the far side and pretty soon the kids made their way over and started diving off the rocks and swinging on the rope swing over the water.

I remembered when I was kid I used to come here with my family, but in those days I couldn't swim so I had never got to do any of the fun things the kids were doing. Bobbie and Betsy joined us after a while but they seemed content to swim near the rocks and not actually do any diving. 

I wondered if the other campers thought that we were the husbands and Bobbie and Betsy were the wives and what they would think if they knew the truth. Probably run us out of town and warn us never to come back, but as long as we played it cool no one would know the awful truth. I wondered if there would ever be a day when we could proudly display our true sexuality, but at least we were accepted by our families and friends.

Around noon we had sandwiches and chips and drank sodas under the shade of a tree on the camp side of the creek. Afterwards I suggested we all take a nap or at least rest and despite their protests the kids were soon snoozing softly on the blanket we'd laid out for them. 

None of us adults actually slept, but we did rest and talk quietly about adult things (no not sex). When the kids finally stirred, we let them go back in the creek but we stayed on the bank watching them. I was talking to Bobbie about Cody's last check up when we heard Sammy and Kyle screaming at the top of their lungs.

I was up and moving even before the others realized something was wrong and with a sudden burst of adrenalin I was across the creek in a flash. 

Kyle and Sammy were hovering over Cody who was laying on the huge rock they'd been diving off of and at first I thought maybe they were just playing and I'd come running for nothing. Then as I climbed up I saw the blood. 

Now there are times when a parent has to turn off their emotions during a situation and be strong to make things right and this was one of them. Calmly I approached my son as Sammy and Kyle tried to tell me at the same time what had happened.

"One at a time, Sammy, what happened?"

"He must've hit his head on a rock or something. He was right there beside me and when he came up his head was all bloody. Me and Kyle pulled him out and laid him on the rock. Is he gonna be okay?" She added the last with a horror in her eyes.

Meanwhile the others had arrived and since Bobbie was a nurse I  moved aside so she could examine our son. I confess I was as scared as I'd ever been in my life but I was fighting to keep my head on straight. Mark laid his hand on my shoulder and I looked up at him and frowned.

"It's not as bad as it looks. Head wounds tend to bleed a lot, but I think just to be on the safe side we should take him to the hospital and get him a tetanus shot. I don't think he'll need stitches though."

"I'm okay, do we have to go to the hospital?" Cody whined.

"Yes, we do. If your mom thinks we should, then we should," I said as my heart returned to my chest.

"Awww....okay. Sorry everyone for spoiling the fun."

The closest real hospital was in Pryor which was a about an hour drive so Bobbie and I drove Cody there while the other stayed at the campsite. We were lucky, they weren't busy and we got right in and Bobbie's diagnosis was correct. The doctor had the nurse put a butterfly bandage on the small gash and administer a tetanus shot, which I think hurt him more than the gash from the way he carried on.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back and when we got back the others met us at the car. Sammy seemed most concerned and actually hugged Cody and scolded him for not being careful. Kyle seemed to hold back and he had a strange look on his face. 

When I got Mark alone I quizzed him about Kyle, "Is Kyle okay? He seems like he's in shock or something."

"He doesn't handle sickness and injury very well. He cried a little after you guys left even though I kept reassuring him that Cody would be fine."

"Well, he's a sensitive kid. Maybe I'll go find him and give him a hug."

"That's sweet. He probably needs all the hugs he can get right now."

I found him sitting on the picnic table nursing an orange soda and when I came up and sat beside him he offered me a drink.

"No thinks bud. You okay? Cody is gonna be fine, you know that right?"

He nodded, "I know. I just got worried, that's all. I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to any of you guys."

"Well, there are no guarantees in life, but I don't think you have to worry too much. After all you're part of a really big family now."

"Yeah, thanks," he said looking up at me and smiling sadly. 

I pulled him into a hug and he melted into me. We sat there not speaking for a long time, then Sammy and Cody came along and wanted him to play Frisbee with them.

"Be careful kids, don't bonk Cody in the head again," I teased.

Since Cody had a bandage on his head and we didn't want him to get it wet we didn't swim any more that day, but Mark and I led the others across the spillway and they seemed content to explore the other side. We waded in the creek a bit later just to cool down and when it started getting dark we built our campfire and roasted hot dogs for dinner.

After the marshmallow and ghost stories we headed to the tents, not even bothering with showers. Sammy didn't visit us that night and we went to sleep rather early. It had been a long and tiring day and tomorrow we had to head home.

After breakfast we packed up the cars and started back to Tulsa. The air was hot and humid and it felt like rain or storms but we made it back before all hell broke loose.

We dropped Kyle off at his mom's and Sammy and Cody went home with Bobbie and Betsy so once again it was just me and my man. Trey had the weekend off and was spending it in Norman  with Brent. We shared a bottle of wine and as we unwound and pretty soon the rain began. I love listening to the rain and I coaxed Mark out to the patio where we could hear it better.

As we sat on the porch swing holding hands and drinking our wine we talked about our lives and our family and how happy we both were. After a while the wind began to get up and it began to hail and we went inside to turn on the  TV and check the weather.

Sure enough there were tornado warnings out for the area and I called Bobbie to make sure she and the kids were okay. She answered on the first ring and sounded scared. She said she hated storms and wouldn't sleep a wink till it passed.

I suggested she and the kids come over and ride it out with us but she didn't want to drive so Mark and I drove over there to keep them company. The streets were running full with water and there were a few limbs down here and there, but we made it okay. Bobbie let us put the car in her garage to protect it from the hail and once we got inside Cody stuck to me like glue.

Thirty minutes after we got there the light went out and the tornado sirens began to blow. 

"Is there a cellar anywhere on the block?"

"Not that I know of, oh Rob...I'm so scared."

"Okay everyone...into the hallway. Mark help me grab a mattress."

We grabbed Cody's mattress and we all six squatted on the floor in the hallway. Cody stuck to me and Sammy was practically in Betsy's lap. There were no windows there and supposedly this was the safest spot in the house. Bobbie had produced a flashlight from somewhere and as I looked around at those I loved most in the world I prayed that we'd all live to share our love one more day.

The wind howled and we could hear rain hitting the house as the sirens continued to wail in the distance. This must have gone on for five or ten minutes, but to us it seemed like an eternity, then suddenly the wind began to die down and the rain slackened and we began to relax a little.

Presently the sirens began to blow all clear and while the others waited in the hallway Mark and I went outside to check things out. The dark clouds had moved farther north and the rain was more of a sprinkle now. The wind had died down and for the first time since our arrival we could relax.

"I think the worst of it has passed. Let's go tell the others it's safe to come out."

When we got back inside Bobbie was talking on the phone and the power was back on. It turned out it was just a circuit breaker and Betsy had flipped it back on.

"It's the hospital," Betsy said looking worried.

Bobbie hung up after a few minutes and with solemn eyes announced she had to go into work. A tornado had hit a housing edition near the hospital and the ER was flooded with victims of the twister.

"Oh God, let me drive you," Betsy said hugging her, "I don't want you driving."

"I have a better idea, why don't we take my car and we can all go. Betsy you're welcome to come stay with us if you'd and the kids."

"I think we'll be okay, but I would like to see that Bobbie makes it to the hospital okay."

It was tight but we all managed to get into my car and as we drove to the hospital we could see the damage everywhere that the storm had left behind. In addition to downed limbs and power lines, there was some flooding and we had to detour several times to get there.

By the time we arrived the wind had died down completely and the rain had stopped, but the air still felt thick and humid. We let Bobbie off at the employee entrance and watched until she was inside. She promised to call us as soon as she could, but I knew she was in for a long night.

In route Betsy changed her mind and decided she would come stay with us and so we stopped by her place just long enough for them to grab a few things. 

"I'll take my car," she said, "that way I can run the kids to school tomorrow and then make it to work on time." She worked as a dental assistant and didn't have to be at work till 9 am.

Back at our house it was getting late so we decided it was time to hit the hay. We put Betsy and Sammy in the spare bedroom and Cody took his usual room but about thirty minutes after lights out Cody came creeping into our room and slid into bed beside me.

"Hi bud, what's up?" I said hugging him.

"Can I sleep in here tonight?"

I looked over at Mark who was shaking his head slowly and smiling. I loved my man so much, he was as soft hearted as I was.

"Sure, I don't think sleeping with two gay guys will warp you too much," I teased.

"Too late dad, I'm already warped," he yawned, then snuggled in closer, "How bout if I get in the middle so uncle Mark can snuggle too?"

I raised my eyebrows and Mark grinned sheepishly, "Well, okay, but no funny business, he's my man."

"Oh, dad...I'm not gonna steal him away, I just want both my dads by me tonight."

Once he was settled in the middle with us snuggled up on back sides he sighed contentedly and pretty soon he was snoring softly. I lay there a long time watching him sleep as Mark and I held hands across him. It was certainly a nice way to end the day, even if we had had some drama along the way. Soon Mark and I dropped off to sleep and I think it was one of the best night's sleep we'd had in a long time.

In the days that followed we learned the toll the storms had taken, five dead and almost twenty people injured, over a thousand homes without power, some for several days, and destruction in a five mile wide path to be cleaned up. Bobbie worked three days straight then got two days off to recuperate.

Bobbie didn't talk much about the ordeal and we didn't pry, but I got the sense that something had happened that had affected her deeply. Later I learned from Betsy that a ten year old boy had died practically in her arms as she helped doctors treat him. His name was Jimmy and he had been traveling in a car with his mother and father when the twister crossed the  highway. Their car had been thrown over a hundred feet and landed in a ditch filled with water. His parents had died at the scene but he was still holding on by a thread when paramedics brought him into the hospital.

Unfortunately his injuries were too severe and he had died in the ER shortly after his arrival. Bobbie had taken it rather personally, partly because of the fact that she was the nurse on duty, but more importantly because of his age. I'm sure she was thinking about Cody and Kyle the whole time and how fragile life was. How close we had come to the storm, a million things must've gone through her mind as the boy breathed his last breath.

I felt terrible for Bobbie and the victims of the storms, but I didn't know what to do about it. I didn't want her to know that Betsy had told me what was bothering her, but I wanted so badly to help her through this. Fortunately she came to me.

I was surprised when she showed up at work one day and asked to take me and Mark to lunch, but I recovered quickly and we scrambled around to make sure things were covered. She drove us to a little hamburger place called Goldies and once we were settled in she began.

"I guess you're wondering why I asked  you guys out for lunch."

"Oh, not really. I mean who wouldn't want to be in our company?" I teased.

She managed a smile, "Well, that's true, but I really need to talk to the both of you about what's been on my mind since the storm."

I nodded, "Well, I have to admit, I've been worried. I know you have a tough job and it can really wear on a person...especially one as caring and sensitive as you."

She lowered her head, "I know Betsy told you about Jimmy," she began sadly, "but it's more than that. That night as we sat there in the hallway waiting for the storm to pass...I thought about how it could all end in a heartbeat. Life is so short...and we have no control over things...."

I sighed, "That may be true, but that only makes it more important that we live each day to it's fullest. We can't think about what might happen, we just need to enjoy the life we have and love each other every day. Then when our time comes we'll have no regrets."

She took my hand, "I know, I know..but when I looked into that little boy's eyes I saw something that changed me. He trusted me, he called me....." she broke down then and I moved across to her side and hugged her while she composed herself, "he called me...momma." she said with quivering lips, "He said...I love you momma."

My heart was about to break but I knew I needed to be strong for her, "He might have been seeing his own mom in your eyes. Maybe he knew he was joining her and his dad soon."

"Bobbie, you did everything right. Think of it this way, the last person he saw on this earth was an angel," Mark said looking teary eyed.

"He was so young, so innocent...."

"And so close to Cody's age..." I offered.

She nodded, "All I could think about was how I would feel if that was our son laying there. I guess I let my feelings get away from me."

"It's okay to care, but you have to let go of this. You did everything right and you were there for him. He didn't die alone and that's something no one should have to do."

"I know you're both right, but I think I need some time to process all this. I've asked the hospital for some time off and they've agreed to let me take two weeks of the vacation I have built up. I want to take Betsy and the kids to Kansas to meet my folks if that's okay with you two."

"Well, I'll miss all of you, but if that's what you want."

"Hey, that sounds great. Are the folks cool with Betsy and all?"

"Oh, yeah...they've been really supportive. Even when I came home pregnant with a gay guy's baby," she laughed.

I grinned, "Did you tell them what a stud I was?" I teased.

"No, I told them you were a very sweet young man that gave me something very special," she said leaning into me.

"No fair that you two get to make a son," Mark teased.

"Hey, you made one two," I said sticking out my tongue.

The mood was lifted and I could see Bobbie visibly relax. Sometimes all a person needed was to open up to those they love and hear the things said that they already knew to be true. We spent the rest of lunch chatting about the good things in our lives and when she dropped us off at the store an hour or so later we all felt better about things.

Her trip to Kansas went well and when they returned Cody and Sammy spent that weekend with us to give the lovebirds some time alone and apparently that helped to heal Bobbie more than anything anyone else could have done. Things returned to normal again and we began to look forward to what was to come.

Life was like that sometimes, from great tragedy came great joy, and the resiliency of the human spirit never ceased to surprise me. We loved and we lost, but somehow we managed to go on and find love again. We thrived to live every moment as if it were our last and tried to never let things go unsaid that needed to be said. We were an odd family, not one you'd ever read about in any book (unless you count this little story) but we were a family none the less. We loved and we lived our lives much as any family except somehow it seemed that because we were different we loved each other more and lived our lives fuller.

We knew that someday the kids would grow up and move on, start lives of their own, but somehow we knew that there would always be an attachment that neither time or distance could sever. We were a different kind of family, but being different wasn't a bad thing. In fact being different was what made us so special.


Days turned to months, months to years and time passed us by like a speeding bullet. The kids grew strong and smart, but the love and morals we instilled in them shown brightly in everything they did. As expected Kyle turned out to be bi, but he mostly liked girls and had a girlfriend all during high school before turning back to guys in college. 

Cody remained true to his nature and by the time he was sixteen he was ready for a boyfriend once again. He found it in a boy named Mario, a cute little Hispanic boy who endeared himself to all of us as well. They dated openly all through high school and though they took some teasing and the usual bullshit from some of their peers, they were both well liked and had plenty of friends who were willing to go to their defense.

Sammy surprisingly turned into a lovely young lady who positively oozes femininity these days. She has a boyfriend, a handsome young man named Keith, and I think it's pretty serious. Her hair is long and flowing now and she wears frilly blouses and dresses and should see her in a

Bobbie and Betsy are still together and we get together with them a lot these days since the kids are out of the houses. Oh, it's not like we don't see the kids. Cody lives not two miles from us and manages the newest of our four stores. Kyle is at OSU and studying to be a lawyer which I think is a great idea. Every family needs a lawyer in the family.

After college Brent moved back to Tulsa, but unfortunately he and Trey spit up after a while. I sometimes wonder if the long distance relationship wasn't the best way for them to be together and once they were back in the same town it got to intense for them. At any rate Trey is playing the field these days, dancing his ass off in the bars at night and taking love where he can find it. He still manages our first store and does a hell of a job there.

As for Mark and I, we are more in love than ever. We bought a second house on Lake Keystone the year Cody turned 17 and we spend most of our weekends there, plus any time we can work in. It's quiet and peaceful there and at least once of twice a year the whole family gathers there and we celebrate one another and our life together.

We've changed over the years, Mark has lost some of his hair, but he's still the most  handsome and amazing man I've ever known. I've put on a few pounds but Mark says it just makes 'more cushion for the pushin'... and if his sexual appetite is any indication of that truth, I believe him.

Mark's folks moved to Florida about two years ago and a year ago his mom died of cancer. We flew to Florida to be with Mark's dad and learned that his dad was also quite ill. He was diagnosed with cancer as well, and with his wife gone he had lost the will to fight it. He lasted another six months and when he died we got another big shock.

He had left everything to Mark and me. Yes, Mark and me. They had accepted us as a couple and think of me as family I had come to love them and think of them as family as well. The estate was worth over a million dollars and included properties in Tulsa and  Oklahoma City as well as the condo in Florida. We decided to keep the condo as a vacation home, but sold the others and placed the money in an account for the kids.

Despite their initial protests, Bobbie and Betsy allowed us to pay off their mortgage and buy them new cars. I overcame all objection simply by saying, "that's what families do", and they didn't say a word after that. We paid off our own mortgage and what little debt we had from the stores and banked the rest.

We stared our own sort of charitable organization after that, funding projects that helped kids and families and we were always on the lookout for another good cause to contribute to. It's fun being rich when you share the wealth.

I know I've probably skipped a lot of stuff, but I feel like it's time to end this. As much as I've enjoyed walking down memory lane, I know it's not healthy to live in the past too long. The present is good and the future looks promising for us. Who knows? we might even be grand parents at some point. Kyle and Sammy have that potential and there's always the possibility that some sweet little gal might lure Cody into a one night stand and produce another miracle like him. 

The End

I know you probably wanted more, but I'm tired and I want to move on. I need to rest for a while before hitting the keyboard again, and when I do I'd like to produce something a little different. Honestly when I look at my collection of stories, for the most part they are so similar that even I get the characters confused, but I do have a few gems that glow in the goat's ass of listings and I want to try to produce some more of those. Thanks to all my readers who have been so, so supportive and understanding. I love you all and I wish I could meet each and every one of  you and shake  your hand or give  you a hug. My only pay is  your emails and  your kind words and those are priceless to me.

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