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Adam and Even More--1

John Frederickson had lived in Michigan all of his life, and was now 55 years old. He had just gone through a painful divorce, that ripped apart his entire life, including his retirement benefits, and his home. His wife of 20 years had turned into a bitch during her changes of life, and she demanded a divorce. He had to sell his home, and liquidate a significant portion of his IRA to complete the divorce settlement. He also lost 1/3 of his retirement benefits, creating a very deep seated anger toward women in general, and Meg in particular. His two children were grown and married, and he knew that he had to find another place to live with his only true friend, a golden Labrador Retriever he had named Jake.

It was July when John hooked up his boat trailer to his new Silverado 4x4 pickup truck, and left Michigan. He had decided to head out west and try to find a place of peace and security for him to live in. His dream was to find a small town and a quiet lake where he could fish and spend the rest of his life alone. The divorce had been very bitter, and had lasted over a year and a half, with legal expenses at $200 an hour wiping out any savings he had. The sale of the house would give him about $60,000 cash, and he wanted to find someplace inexpensive to live on the remainder of his retirement from General Motors. John was an engineer, and had progressed through the ranks to become head of engineering in his plant, but chose early retirement rather than relocate when his plant closed and was torn down. He left Jake with his daughter, Julie, when the home was placed on the market, and had no place in mind when he headed west.

His travels took him to several states where he looked for a place of solitude. He called his daughter often, just to check on how the real estate business was progressing, and to make sure that Jake was okay. It was nearly three weeks from the time that he left Michigan when he entered the small town of Champion, Wyoming. He was hungry and found a small town café where he decided to take a break. As soon as John entered the café, he was bombarded with questions from Jenny, the waitress.

"You from Michigan?" she asked. "I saw you got Michigan plates on your truck and boat trailer. You here to do some fishing? Johnson Lake is a great fishing place. My husband goes there all the time and he says it is the best fishing lake in the state."

John told her he was just taking a vacation and looking around. Jenny would not let up, even after he ordered the special of the day that was pot roast. She wanted to know all about him, and he was a little abrupt with her telling her to just get his food.

"Hi Mom," Jenny said. "We got a visitor from Michigan here."

Helen Thompson walked up to John and introduced herself. He tried to be polite, introduced himself, but wondered if anyone ever got any peace around this little town. Helen sat down and started asking all kinds of questions about him and why he was there. She was about 65 years old and married, but John was not interested in any women after his painful divorce. Something about Helen told John that she was a very warm and friendly person, as she started to tell him all about herself and the town. She worked at the only grocery store in the small town, and ran the pharmacy. She said it was a very friendly town where people took care of each other, and also left people alone to run their own lives. Their one-way discussion was interrupted when the local sheriff deputy walked in.

"Hi Frank," Helen said, "This is John Frederickson from Michigan."

Frank walked over and shook John's hand and asked what he was doing in Champion. John explained that he was on vacation, and had stopped for lunch. Frank told Helen that the Johnson place had been donated to the state, including the lake and about 1,000 acres of forest.

"They subdivided the rest of the property, so the farmhouse will have 100 acres and the old fishing cabin will have 20 acres," Frank said. "The cabin isn't much to look at, but if someone knew how to fix it up, it would be a great place."

John's mind perked up. He remembered Helen telling him that Johnson Lake was a great place to fish, and a cabin that needed fixing up sounded good to him. Frank and Helen continued talking to him as Jenny brought his meal of pot roast.

"Damn, that looks good!," Frank said. "Bring me an order of that too."

They continued talking, and John was very comfortable with the friendliness of the café, and the people he had met. He didn't want to seem too anxious, but he finally asked about Johnson Lake and if it would be possible to try fishing there. Frank told him that there were only three cabins on the lake, and many of the townsfolk put their boats in near the Johnson cabin, as it had the only gravel and sand beach area that was accessible by road. The other two cabins on the lake had been claimed by the state for back taxes, and the lake access from the farm and state land was almost impossible to get to. Frank offered to show John the cabin and said no one would mind if he went fishing there.

"What kind of fish are in the lake?" John asked.

"You name it, that lake has it" Frank replied. "Walleye, pike, perch, bass, trout, bluegills, and crappies. Only people from Champion know about that lake, and how great the fishing is. I bet you can limit out on just about anything that you want. Course, no one around here ever worries about limits, we just don't take more than we can use at one time."

Now John was very interested. He loved to fish and hunt, and was looking for a remote location for him and his dog to live. It was interesting hearing the local law enforcement officer say that no one worried about limits. John finished his big meal, and asked if there was a place to buy a non-resident license for fishing. Frank laughed, and told him he didn't need a license, since he was the local law officer, but John insisted on being legal.

"You go to Lion Lumber, and ask for Tony," Frank said. "He runs the lumber company and hardware store, and he will sell you a license if you insist, and he might even give you a few pointers on where to fish."

John left a nice tip, and headed for the lumber company to get a license before he would return to the café to follow Frank to the lake. Tony Mason was very friendly, and sold John a license and gave him a few suggested places to fish.

"Use crawlers and you will get about anything you want to catch," Tony said. "I use Mepps spinners or Rapalas for bass, trout, pike and walleye. We sell crawlers here if you are interested."

John bought some crawlers, and headed back to meet Frank. Frank was very friendly, and led John two miles down a dirt road, past a trailer, and then to the cabin. John was surprised when he saw the cabin. It was a two-story place that was overgrown with weeds and brush. The cabin was unlocked, and Frank took John inside, where he saw pine plank floors, a small kitchen and a large room with a stone fireplace. Upstairs were two bedrooms and a bathroom. It was obvious that the roof leaked, as the upstairs walls were damaged. The place looked a mess, with old furniture, and needed a lot of repair work. John decided the place needed too much work for him to handle, but he still wanted to try fishing. Frank guided him to back the truck and trailer down to the lake, and told him to leave the truck unlocked, as no one in the area would bother anything. John was from Michigan, and decided to lock the truck and take the keys to the truck when he got in his bass boat and fired it up.

"That trailer you saw isn't supposed to be there, but no one around here cares," Frank said. "Just don't hook up with the bitch that lives in it. She is the local whore, and no one likes her around here. She has the greatest kid in the world, and everyone in town looks after him."

Frank had told him places to fish, and as soon as John started casting, he caught fish. Not just fish, but huge fish. He caught some great walleye and put them in his live well, and went to the mouth of the stream leading into the lake and started fishing for trout. He caught five trout so fast that it amazed him. He added them to the live well, and decided to try for panfish. He caught some of the largest bluegills, perch and crappie that he had ever seen, and this was during the worst time of the day to fish. Suddenly the trashed cabin looked much better to John. His mind raced, as he wondered how much it would cost to buy the cabin and land, hoping that he would have enough money to pay cash from the sale of his home in Michigan.

He drove his boat back onto the trailer, emptied the live well, and cleaned the fish. He headed back into Champion to buy ice for the fish and to find out how much the cabin was being sold for. When he walked into the café, Jenny welcomed him.

"Hi, John, how was the fishing?"

"It was fantastic," John said. "How much are they asking for the cabin?"

Jenny was excited about hooking John up with the local real-estate salesman, who was her husband. She called Martin on the phone, and gave the phone to John.

"Forty five thousand cash" Martin said, "but I bet they would take forty if you made an offer."

"I will take it for forty," John said, making a decision that would change his life forever.

Martin told John to wait at the café, while he contacted the bank in Carson that was handling the estate of James Johnson. John was going to leave the café to buy ice for the fresh fish he had caught and cleaned, when Jenny told him to just bring the fish in and she would ice them down for him, or even cook him a dinner of the fish. John could not believe how friendly this town was, and decided to give all of the fish to Jenny for the café. She was thrilled when she saw the variety of fish and how well they had been cleaned. She quickly changed the menu to show fresh fish dinners on the chalkboard.

John went to his truck and grabbed his cell phone to call his daughter. Julie was thrilled to find out that her dad had found a nice place, but wished that it were closer to Michigan. During the time since his last call, an offer had been made on his home in Michigan, and when he figured out all of the expenses, he would net about $70,000. John was thrilled, as he told his daughter to accept the offer, and get a closing date as soon as possible. The prospective buyers were living in an apartment, and wanted immediate possession. Things were working out too good to be true.

John ate a great dinner of baked walleye, and saw the café filling up with local people who were all very friendly and seemed to know each other very well. He noticed a boy about 12 years old come in with a stack of newspapers, and Jenny told the boy that he could have a free dinner of fresh fish caught by the man sitting at the far table. John was just finishing his fantastic meal when he looked up and saw the face of the young boy. John could not breathe, as he saw the long blonde hair and vivid green eyes of the young boy.

"Hi," the boy said. "My name is Adam Moore. I hear you caught all the fish."

John stood up and shook the boy's hand, and was speechless at the incredible beauty of the face and eyes. He noticed that the boy held on to his hand longer than was normal, as John introduced himself.

"Adam is the local newspaper boy" Jenny said, as she ruffled the boy's hair. "He's the cutest boy in town, and he will be your neighbor if you buy the Johnson cabin."

"You're gonna buy the Johnson cabin?" Adam asked. "Cool."

John was about to say that he was interested, when Jenny called him to the phone. John's mind soared when he heard that his offer had been accepted to buy the cabin and land for $40,000. Martin agreed to come to the café and take a check for $500 to seal the deal on the property. When Jenny heard that John was going to be the new owner of the cabin, she announced to the full café that John Frederikson was the new owner of the Johnson cabin, and wanted everyone to meet him. John shook a lot of hands, and would not remember all of the names of the people, but he would certainly remember Adam Moore. Martin came to the restaurant, took John's check, and said he would drive to Carson to finalize the deal with the bank. He offered to have John spend the night at his home, and John accepted. Things were too good to be true, as far as John was concerned. It was fate that took him off the expressway into this small town, and fate that he would find a place that he could afford to pay cash for on an incredible fishing lake in Wyoming.

He spent the night at the home of Jenny and Martin Stevens, and enjoyed a nice breakfast before he was ready to return to Michigan. He wanted to finalize all of the paperwork to sell his home in Michigan, and get his dog, Jake to return to Wyoming. Martin suggested that John leave his boat at their home, and John agreed. He left and drove back to Michigan.

It took a few weeks for John to get things settled in Michigan, and he held an auction for most of the contents of his home. He bought a tandem axle trailer and filled it with his Honda 4-wheeler, lawn tractor, and a variety of power tools, and headed back to Champion, Wyoming, where he would start a new life. He brought his three-year-old Labrador retriever with him on this trip, as he wanted the companionship of his friend.

John stopped in town at the café for supper, and Jenny gave him a big hug and wanted to know how things went in Michigan. John relaxed and told her that everything went fine, and that he had brought his dog and a trailer back with him.

"Well," Jenny said, "where is the dog? Bring him in. We don't mind a dog in here as long as you are the newest residents of Champion."

John was surprised that a dog would be allowed in a restaurant, but decided that Jake would behave, and he opened the truck door and brought his dog into the café. Jake immediately made friends with Jenny, as she offered the dog some left over pork steak from the lunch traffic. This town was incredible. John knew that fate had found him and Jake a great new home, as he drank coffee and waited for his supper of turkey. Jake ate the offerings of Jenny and then lay down on the floor next to John's chair. Jake stayed there until Adam Moore came in with the stack of weekly papers. The Champion Gazette was published twice a week, and the Carson Press was put out each morning. Jake immediately went up to Adam and started licking the boy's face. It was love at first sight for Jake as well as John, as he again marveled at the beauty of the young boy.

Adam was excited to meet Jake, and said he was done delivering the Gazette, and wanted to know if he could play with Jake. John told Adam to go to his truck and grab a frisbee on the floor of the front seat, and throw it for Jake to catch. Adam left, with John watching the cute bubble butt of the boy in the worn out jeans as he left the café.

"That boy is pure gold as far as we are concerned," Jenny said. "I don't want to say anything bad about his mother, but it seems the only good meals the boy gets are when he delivers the Gazette twice a week here or from people on his route. We always give him a free meal. The whole town tries to take care of him."

A squealing young boy interrupted their discussion. "Jenny, come watch this!" Adam yelled. "He jumps in the air and catches the Frisbee!"

Jenny went outside and was impressed how easily Jake would run after the Frisbee and catch it in the air, showing a great deal of acrobatics. She was more impressed by how happy the boy was, as his face was filled with happiness, with his dimples showing his pleasure.

Adam finally returned to the café, with Jake grabbing the pant legs of the boy's jeans, causing Adam to tumble to the floor. Jake immediately pounced on the giggling boy, and held him down while the dog licked his face.

"I think Jake has a new friend," John laughed. He finally called Jake to lay down by his chair, as Adam went to the restroom to wash his face and hands.

"Can I sit with you while I eat?" Adam asked sheepishly. He was ready for the man to say no, but was thrilled when John pulled out the chair next to him for Adam.

They ate supper together, and then John said he needed to get to the cabin before dark to get things settled in. Jenny asked if John could take Adam home, since it was on his way, and John quickly agreed. They put Adam's bike on top of the boxes in the bed of John's truck, and headed toward Johnson Lake. Adam and Jake sat in the passenger seat, and it was obvious that the dog was much larger than the boy. Jake sat on Adam's lap, and continued to lick and play with the boy all the way to the trailer.

John let Adam out of the truck, and saw Wanda Moore for the first time. It was hard to tell how old she was, as she looked to be in her twenties, and then looked to be about 50. She was obviously drunk, as she screamed at Adam, "get your fucking ass in here and clean up the dishes. I got company coming!"

John immediately didn't like her. She looked at him and walked up to the window of his truck, stinking of booze, cigarettes and beer.

"You must be the guy that bought the Johnson cabin," Wanda said. "If you want a blowjob, it is ten bucks. A fuck is 15, and up the ass is 20."

John was shocked at what she said. He was ready to leave, and Jake was growling at Wanda, as she lifted up her T-shirt to show her breasts to John.

"You can suck these for free if you want," she said.

John told her that he was not interested, and realized that the comments in town about Adam's mother not being a nice woman were a gross understatement. He knew that he disliked her immensely, and wondered how such a nice young boy could have a nasty mother like that. Wanda gave him the finger as he left the trailer area, and headed to his new home. John was very upset about meeting her like that, and promised himself that he would never get so hard up for sex that he would take her up on her offers. His right hand had been taking care of his sexual needs for several years, and he sure didn't need to pay a whore for sex.

As soon as John got to the cabin, Jake went wild. The dog seemed to know that this was his new home, and nearly knocked John over as the dog jumped out of the truck. Having a dog that weighs close to 120 pounds makes it difficult to control, but John tried. The dog was from a line of Grand Champions, and was extremely intelligent. John was ready to scold the dog, but finally relented, and told Jake, "go look around."

The dog seemed to understand English, as he bounded toward the lake and jumped in and began swimming around. John walked into his new home, and looked around. It would take a long time to unload the truck and part of the trailer, but he decided to wait until the next day to start unpacking. He brought in the bare essentials, and sat at the dining room table and popped a cold beer from his cooler. Everything in the cabin needed work, and John began making a list of the things that he wanted to repair or change. The table and chairs needed to be refinished, along with the pine plank floors. The kitchen was a disaster, needing a new sink, cabinets and counter. The refrigerator did not work, and many of the walls needed to be repaired and repainted. The sliding door looking out to the lake was beyond repair, and several windows would have to be replaced. He found the access to the attic above the upstairs, and saw that no insulation had ever been installed. He pushed on the roof boards from inside the attic, and found that they were all rotted. He saw that no vents had been installed in the attic, and added a roof ridge vent to his list. He continued adding to the list of repairs that would be needed, and finally decided to use his sleeping bag on top of one of the better mattresses in one of the bedrooms until he could get the roof fixed and buy new beds. The cabin needed a ton of work, but it was still a great buy considering how great the lake was for fishing. The cabin had originally been equipped with propane lights and heat, and had been converted to electricity about 10 years ago. The propane lights were still operable, which might come in handy during any power failure. John considered the cabin as "rustic" but he knew his daughter and son would call it a "dump." He grabbed his camera, and took pictures of the inside and outside of the cabin.

John was tired, and went to bed, with Jake lying on the floor next to the bed. The next morning, he unhooked the trailer, and took Jake into town to have breakfast at the café. John knew that he would have to go back to Michigan for one more load of furniture and household supplies, but he wanted to make some repairs to the cabin first. He ate breakfast, and headed to Lion Lumber to talk to Tony.

Tony was very happy to see John, and started calling him, Mr. Frederickson. John quickly told him that his name was John, and Mr. Frederickson was his deceased father. Tony smiled, as he realized that the man from Michigan would be a great new neighbor. John told Tony that his new home needed a lot of work, and that he would be buying his building materials from Lion Lumber. He showed Tony the list, that included a new roof, windows, sliding door, and kitchen cabinets. Tony quickly realized that the materials would cost a lot of money, and suggested that John go to Carson, where he would get a lower price.

"I don't live in Carson," John explained. "I will do my shopping locally here in Champion, unless you force me to buy somewhere else."

Tony immediately realized that this man from Michigan was different from new people to Champion. He was thrilled to have a new customer who would spend so much money in his combination lumber and hardware store.

"Is there someone around here that is a good carpenter?" John asked. "I will need someone to help me fix the place up, and I want to add a large garage for my toys."

Tony quickly got out a catalog of garage packages, but John wanted a huge garage that would be 36 feet by 30 feet, and no prepackaged garage would fit. Tony began sketching out a plan for a new garage, and said that he could order all of the materials and have them shipped right to the cabin site.

"Ben Silas is a great carpenter," Tony said. "He and his two boys are the best you could ever hire. Ben works at a factory in Carson, but they have cut back his hours lately, and he is hurting for money. Ben would love to work for you here in Champion."

John asked Tony to call Ben and have him meet him at the cabin. Tony was very happy when he called Ben and told him about the potential work. It was an hour later when an old pickup truck pulled in next to the cabin. Jake barked loudly, and met the visitors. Ben and John seemed to hit it off great right from the beginning. Ben had helped build the cabin a long time ago, and knew that the side walls had been insulated, but not the roof. John showed Ben the list of things that he wanted to have done to repair the cabin, and asked how much Ben would charge for the work.

"Ten dollars an hour", Ben said. "That includes me and my two boys."

John looked at Aaron and Toby Silas, and saw two handsome boys who looked about 15 or 16. He decided to hire them on the spot to start clearing brush away from the cabin down to the lake. The boys started work immediately, while John and Ben discussed all of the work that was needed to the cabin. John gave the boys a gas powered brush cutter and rakes, and was impressed by how hard the boys worked. John and Ben talked as they walked around the cabin, adding things to the list of repairs needed. It was almost 6:00 p.m. when John told the boys that they had done enough for one day. They argued that they could continue working, but John told them to take a break and have a cold coke from his cooler.

"Do you and your boys always work that hard?" John asked.

"They have learned to work hard, as we don't want anyone to feel cheated by our cost," Ben answered. "We will be back tomorrow morning to get the rest of the area cleaned up, and then we can plan out all the repairs you want."

John was very impressed by how hard the boys had worked, and the suggestions that Ben had made about fixing up the cabin were excellent. He spent another night in a sleeping bag with Jake sleeping on the floor.

The next morning John was up early, and had made a full pot of coffee. He was just finishing his first cup of coffee and smoking a cigar at the picnic table, when a pickup truck and tractor pulled in. It was just getting light and Ben and the boys were ready to work. The tractor had a brush hog mounted on the back, and Aaron started clearing away all of the brush and trees down to the lake. Ben took over driving the tractor, and the two boys were piling up the brush and weeds into a big pile for burning. It was almost noon when they finished the clearing of the land down to the lake. John told them that they all needed to take a lunch break, and suggested that they go to Champion for a meal at the café. Ben and the boys had brought sandwiches for lunch, and never expected John to offer to buy them a meal in town.

During lunch, Ben and John continued their discussions about how to fix up the cabin. Jenny was pleased to see the Silas family in for a meal, as they usually ate at home. John wanted Ben to go with him to Lion Lumber to help select and pay for the materials to replace the roof, windows, sliding door, and kitchen cabinets. Ben knew that the purchase would cost a small fortune, but sent his boys back in their old truck to finish clearing the brush and burn it. John wrote a check to cover all of the materials, and asked Tony to work with Ben on when to deliver. He also set up a line of credit for additional materials, and had ordered a new refrigerator and a dishwasher.

When John and Ben got back to the cabin, the boys had a large fire going, and were still working piling up more brush and weeds. Jake was constantly trying to get the boys to throw his Frisbee, but the boys were working too hard to play.

"Let's take a coke break" John announced.

The boys seemed reluctant to take a break. Ben had just finished another complete pass with the brush hog on the tractor, when John waved to him to take a break.

"We need to discuss your hourly rate for work" John announced to Ben.

Aaron and Toby looked at their father. There was concern in all three of the Silas' faces that the new owner was going to try to get them to work for a lower rate.

"I guess we could work for eight dollars an hour," Ben said quietly. "We really need the money right now."

"Ben" John said, "you've got it all wrong. I have seen how you guys work, and I think a more fair rate would be fifteen dollars an hour for you, and five dollars an hour for each of your boys."

The reaction was immediate. The two boys were squealing and jumping up and down. Everyone was smiling, with Aaron and Toby talking excitedly about making enough money to each buy a mountain bike from Lion Hardware.

Ben reminded his sons that they needed clothes for school, and the bikes would have to wait. The boys knew that their parents did not have enough money to buy the fancy bikes for them, and the new clothes were needed because the boys were growing so fast. John had gone to the bank in Champion, where his money had been transferred from Michigan. Again at the bank, he was greeted warmly, and the bank manager, Tom Trent, helped John establish an account for Ben and his sons to draw money each week for their wages. John had withdrawn $1,000 in cash to give the Silas men a cash advance.

"Here is an advance on your wages" John said. "Once a week you can go see Tom at the bank, and draw more money out. I might be gone a few weeks, and I want you to be paid while I am gone."

He handed Ben $600, and $200 to each of his sons. The boys had never had that much money of their own in their lives. Ben promised John to keep track of their working hours, and that they would all work hard during the time John was gone. The group had just finished their discussion when a small blonde haired boy rode up on his bicycle. Adam had seen John's truck drive by the trailer, and he wanted to know what was going on. When Aaron and Toby told Adam that they were being paid five dollars an hour each, Adam begged to be hired too.

Jake was shoving his Frisbee against Adam's leg, begging the boy to throw it. Adam squealed with joy at each leaping catch by the dog. Aaron and Toby took a turn throwing the Frisbee too, until Ben reminded them to get back to work and stop playing around. John asked Ben to walk with him down to the lake so they could talk in private.

"I know that Adam doesn't have much" John began. "You are the boss on this job, Ben, but I was hoping you could find things for the boy to do so he could earn some money. I used to have a boy act as my 'gofer' when I worked on projects. Whatever I needed, I would send him to fetch it. I will pay him two dollars an hour to be the gofer for you and your boys."

Ben smiled when he realized how sensitive John was to other people's needs. He quickly agreed to hire Adam to run errands, and help with cleaning up during the work. He also thanked John for trusting him and his boys with the cash advance, and by allowing them to be paid when John was back in Michigan.

"I will have to find a place for the boy to hide his money" Ben said. "His rotten mother will steal Adam's money to buy drugs or booze. She beats the boy and even steals his paper route money. I wish Frank would arrest her and throw her ass in jail, but then Adam would be an orphan and would end up in some foster home in Carson."

"Jesus, does Frank know she beats the boy?" John asked.

"Adam always lies and says he fell off his bike" Ben replied. "Either that, or he says he swore or broke something in the trailer, and deserved the beating. Frank and Sheriff Tate can't do anything to her as long as the boy covers for her. Adam is small for his age, probably because he doesn't eat right. She won't cook for him, and the only decent meals he gets is from folks in town."

John was very upset to hear how Adam was being treated, and he vowed that he would help feed and take care of the special boy. He thanked Ben for agreeing to hire Adam, and they walked up to the cabin to announce the boy's new status as 'gofer'. Adam was thrilled, and ran up and gave both John and Ben hugs.

"Why don't you boys take a break, and go for a quick swim in the lake" John suggested. "I bet Jake will join you, as he loves to swim. I will get some towels for you if you want."

"Can we skinny-dip?" Adam begged. "We always skinny-dip when we come here to swim."

"Just don't scare the neighbors when they see your pocket rockets!" John teased. "And don't let one of those big pike make you guys into girls!"

The three boys giggled and ran toward the lake, stripping off all of their clothes on the way. Jake bounded after them, and jumped into the lake before any of the boys made it.

"Did you see Adam's back?" Ben asked.

"Yes" John replied.

Adam's back was covered in red stripes that showed he had been beaten with a belt or strap. The marks went down his white butt cheeks and down on his legs.

"I'm gonna call Frank again" Ben said. "He will pay Wanda a visit. It usually keeps her from hitting the boy for a while. You know what they call her?" John shook his head, "no". Ben said, "Wanda Moore, the dirty whore!"

John didn't like the sound of the name the entire town used for Adam's mother, but realized she had earned the nickname from her actions. He told Ben the offers Wanda made to him on their first meeting.

"Tom Kramer won't let her in his tavern" Ben said, "but Greg lets her in the 'Down the Hatch" bar, so that is where she goes to try to pick up men to trade sex for drugs or booze."

"I guess if I want to go to a bar for a drink" John said, "I will be going to Kramer's Tavern. Thanks for the advice."

"Let's go watch the boys swim" Ben suggested.

John got them each a cold beer from his cooler, and they walked to the lake where three nude boys were playing in the water with Jake. John felt his dick stiffen, as he looked at the beauty of the three boys. None of the boys seemed embarrassed about displaying their private areas.

"Your boys sure have developed great muscles" John said. He also noticed that they both had big cocks, and nice patches of red pubic hair that matched the hair on their heads.

Ben laughed, and said, "Aaron already is bigger in one muscle area than his daddy, and Toby isn't far behind. I think both of my sons have dipped their weenies in a girl's bun already."

John was happy to hear that Ben would be so open with him. He noticed the red marks on Adam's back, and also noticed that the boy appeared to be hairless around his small, slender uncircumcised penis.

"How old is Adam?" John asked.

"I think he is almost 13" Ben replied. "He is a great kid, but looks like he will be a late bloomer."

John called to Jake, and the dog quickly swam to the shore and ran up to John. John had brought a large rubber ball with him down to the lake, and he threw it out as far as he could and told Jake to "fetch". The dog ran and jumped into the lake, swam to the ball, and returned to John, dropping the ball gently on the grass. John threw the ball again, and Jake repeated the perfect retrieve.

"That dog will be great during duck and goose season," Ben said. "You will have to watch him around the woods though. We have black bears, a few grizzlies, and mountain lions around here. If you want to hunt bears sometime let me know. They are always rummaging around the dump in the evening."

John knew that he was in a remote area, but did not consider having mountain lions or grizzly bears as neighbors. Ben told him to always take a rifle with him in his truck and whenever he was walking in the woods. Having a loaded rifle in the truck was illegal in Michigan, but not here in Champion. Ben told John about a huge mountain lion that roamed the state land. Everyone called the big cat, "Three Foot" because it had either been wounded or caught in a trap once, and limped. The cat's right front paw always left a lighter track. Three Foot had started killing pets in the area, along with some farm animals, as the cat was getting older and could not catch wild game. Many times hunters had gone after the big cat with dogs, and the cat always got away, but only after killing several of the dogs.

"Dave Wilbur is the local taxidermist" Ben explained. "He has offered to mount old Three Foot for free if anyone ever kills the cat. Three Foot is getting dangerous lately, and has gone after some kids walking home from school. One boy was mauled, but he lived. Just be careful with your dog, and you should be okay."

John knew that Jake was a big dog, but when he heard that Three Foot was over 250 pounds, he knew his dog was no match for a big predator. Ben finally told the boys to get out of the water, dry off, and get ready to go home. None of the boys were embarrassed when they walked up to John to get a towel. He got a great close up view of three handsome boys, and three beautiful young cocks. The young penises would fuel John's thoughts tonight as he jacked off. Adam's body was still boy-like, with no visible muscle development. He was very thin, with no baby fat, but it looked like puberty had not started.

Ben loaded up his sons, and promised to return the next day to start on the roof. Ben had ordered a large dumpster for all of the debris from tearing apart the cabin roof and kitchen. John asked Adam if he was hungry. Young boys are always hungry, so John offered to take Adam into town to the café for dinner.

"I don't have any money to pay for dinner" Adam said quietly. "My mom…………" His words stopped, as he was embarrassed that his mother had beaten him, demanding his profits from the paper route.

"I invited you to have dinner with me" John said. "I am buying!" Adam gave John a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Jenny was very happy to see John and Adam together, and made up a plate of scraps for Jake. John drank in the beauty of the young boy, and caught himself staring into the bright green eyes. Adam giggled, as he caught John staring at him.

"Sorry" John said. "I didn't mean to stare, but your eyes are so beautiful."

"I don't mind" Adam replied. "I like staring at you too."

John was surprised to hear that from Adam. The boy was very open with his feelings, and smiled a lot when he was around friends. John loved to see the boy's face light up with a broad smile and two deep dimples. Adam had a few freckles across the top of his cheeks and nose. He had full lips that just begged to be kissed. His eyebrows were as light as the soft blonde hair on his head, and John figured that when the boy ever got any pubic hair, it would be just as blonde. Everything about the boy was perfect, except for the marks on his back. John wanted to know more about Adam, and started asking him questions about school and his friends. Adam was surprised that the man would be interested in him, and gave John a complete life history.

Adam's mother did not know who his father was. He was born on the floor of Kramer's Tavern. He was not doing very well in school, as he never finished his homework. School would be starting in a month and a half, and he did not want to go back. His best friend was Josh Fischer, who was 15. He never went to church, as his mother said church was for "assholes".

"Who beat you?" John asked.

Adam's face drained. He did not want to discuss the beating his mother gave him to get his paper route profits.

"I fell off my bike" Adam lied.

"That's a lie and you know it!" John snapped. "I promise not to lie to you, if you promise not to lie to me."

Tears flowed down Adam's face. He did not want to lie to John, but also knew he could not tell the truth that his mother beat him continually for no reason at all. She had threatened him, saying that if Adam told anyone she had beat him, the boy would be taken away to a foster home or an orphanage. She continually told him that he was a mistake, and that he was worthless.

Adam decided to trust John as he said, "If I tell you the truth, you gotta promise not to tell anyone. My mom is mean to me, but I don't want her to go to jail. She's still my mom. You gotta promise not to cause trouble for her if I tell you the truth."

John agreed, and they shook hands, sealing their promises to not lie to each other. Adam opened up, and told John everything. Rage boiled inside John's body when he heard just how bad things were for this innocent boy. Adam was whispering to John, so that no one else in the café could hear him. Wanda was even selling her son to men. She had caught Adam jacking off with Josh, and Wanda threatened to tell if the boy did not do what she demanded. Adam was giving out blowjobs to men, and some of them played with his dick.

"Do you hate me?" Adam asked as the tears flowed down his face.

"I don't hate you" John replied, "but I am beginning to hate your mother. What she is making you do is illegal, and she could go to jail for a long time. I should call Frank and turn her in."

Adam was terrified. He reminded John of their promises, and that John could not tell anyone. John tried to figure out a way to help the boy without breaking his promise.

"Ben saw your back" John said. "He is going to call Frank. I know you will lie to Frank, but your mother might let up on you if Frank threatens her."

Adam was scared. Frank had been to the trailer several times to investigate beatings that were uncovered by people in the town and at school. He knew he would lie again, just to avoid being an orphan.

"I won't tell Frank the truth," Adam said. "You know I can't tell him the truth. Josh and I have been messing around for a long time, and I don't want his parents to find out. When I have to suck some man, I just pretend it is Josh."

John was nauseated when he heard that, and decided to change the subject. He gave Adam a cash advance for working as the 'gofer' and asked if Adam had a safe place to hide the $100. Adam refused to take the money, saying he would work for free. John insisted that Adam would be paid, or he could not work for him. Adam finally agreed, and asked if he could hide the money in the cabin, and would not tell his mother that he had a new job.

"I need clothes for school," Adam admitted. "I also need a new bike for my paper route, but mom won't let me save up any money for anything. She says she deserves my money because she is taking care of me. What a joke! I do all the work around the trailer and the cooking if we ever have any food. She hitches rides into town, and brings men back to do sex."

John was even more determined to help this boy. He knew that he was not rich, but would be able to pay for all of the repairs to the cabin in cash, and promised himself that this boy would have new clothes for school.

Jenny brought their food, and sat down to talk to them while they ate. She was thrilled that John had hired the Silas family to fix up the cabin, and thanked him for hiring Adam too. She offered to hide any money Adam made from the job, knowing that Wanda would try to get it. Once before, Adam had opened a bank account for his paper route money, and Wanda, as the parent, had access to the account, and had always taken all of it. John and Adam agreed that it would be better for Jenny to hold the boy's money instead of hiding it in the cabin. Wanda was known for stealing from homes around Champion, and John's cabin was the closest place for her to rob.

"I'm leaving for Michigan tomorrow morning" John said. "I will be gone two or three weeks, and then will be back here permanently."

"I'm gonna miss you and Jake" Adam admitted. "I really like you, and can't wait till you live here all the time."

John ruffled the boy's golden blonde hair and told him he would be back as soon as possible. He had to return to Michigan to settle up with the auctioneer and pack the remaining furniture and clothes from his old home.

"Can you leave Jake here?" Adam begged. "I will take care of him and play with him."

John knew that traveling with a dog was difficult, as finding a motel that accepted pets was not easy. Many times he had to leave Jake in the truck during the night. It sounded good, and John decided to go to Kellen's Market and buy dog food and some other food for his cabin. He left a generous tip for Jenny, and headed for the market.

As soon as they entered the market, Helen greeted them. Adam was bubbling all over, telling Helen about his new job and that he would be taking care of Jake while John was gone. She saw how Adam held John's hand, and knew that the boy had found a new friend. She beamed when she saw John start loading the cart with coke and snack foods that she knew were not for him.

"Help me pick out stuff that you, Aaron and Toby like" John asked. "I want you guys to eat good while I am gone."

Adam had never seen so many groceries being bought at one time, and they had to get a second cart. John knew that his new refrigerator would be delivered the next day, so he bought milk, eggs, butter, cheese and fresh vegetables. He would pack the perishables in the two coolers under ice, and Adam could move them to the refrigerator when it arrived. Ben would move the refrigerator into the kitchen. Even during the construction, the refrigerator and stove would be in working order, and the large pantry off the kitchen would store the canned goods.

Helen saw the two carts heaped up with food, and whispered to John that next time he might be able to save some money by shopping in Carson at the IGA grocery store.

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Tony at the lumber yard" John said. "I live in Champion, not in Carson. I will shop locally unless there is something I need that I can't get here."

Helen gave John a hug, and told him that the entire town was happy that he had bought the cabin. Word that John had hired Ben Silas and his sons had spread quickly. Tony was thrilled at having such a great new customer for his lumber yard and hardware store, the bank was pleased at having a nice cash deposit, the café was getting a lot of business, and now the grocery store had more business too. John had taken pictures of the cabin when he first bought it, and asked Adam if he knew how to use a camera. The boy had never taken pictures, so John bought three disposable cameras and showed Adam how to use them. John wanted pictures taken during the construction, to show all of the improvements.

John and Adam went back to the cabin to unload all of the groceries. John decided to take a few more pictures, as Adam asked if he could take Jake for a walk and play. John reminded the boy to stay out of the woods, and the boy and dog ran off to play. John was just finishing a set of pictures, when Helen pulled up in the driveway. She had brought a gift of wine, cheese, and crackers from Kellen's Market. The owner, Tom Kellen, had insisted that his new customer be given a house warming present.

John and Helen were chatting, when Adam and Jake returned. The boy and dog were covered in black mud. John could not believe how his dog and the boy were totally covered from head to foot. Both the boy and dog dropped their heads in shame. John grabbed the camera, and snapped off several pictures of the two playmates. The camera captured the essence of a boy and dog that were in trouble.

"My God" John said. "You two are a mess!"

Jake's head dropped lower, as the dog seemed to understand every word that John spoke.

"I'm sorry" Adam confessed. "We were down in the swamp, and Jake pushed me down."

"What about our promises not to lie to each other?" John asked.

"Okay" Adam said. "We were playing in the mud, and I fell down. But then Jake nailed me, and we rolled all over in it. Are you gonna spank me?"

"I will never hurt you" John promised. "You two have to stay out of the swamp from now on."

"Aren't they precious!" Helen said. She was laughing along with John now, as they both hoped that the pictures turned out.

Jake and Adam looked up, and if a dog could smile, Jake would be beaming. John took some more pictures of Adam hugging the dog.

"Jake, you go take a swim" John ordered. "Don't come back until you are clean, and stay out of the cabin until you dry off."

The dog seemed to understand every word, and bounded off toward the lake.

"If my mom sees me like this, she will kill me" Adam said.

"You better clean that boy up" Helen said, as she had to return to the store. "I will stop at the Thrift Shop, and bring back some clothes for him to wear home."

"Okay, tiger" John said. "Head for the back door, and strip down. I will try to find something for you to wear while I try to get that mud washed off your clothes."

John went into the cabin, and decided to take the boy upstairs and use the sprayer in the bathtub to wash down the mud before letting the boy soak in the tub. He went to the back door, and found a nude boy standing there with a full erection. He tried not to stare, but his eyes continued to focus on what appeared to be four inches of hard boy meat. Even the hard cock was covered in black mud, with just a peek of a pink head appearing from behind the foreskin. Adam tried to hide his erection with his muddy hands.

"You don't have anything I haven't seen before" John joked. "Having a boner just means you are a healthy boy. Even an old man like me pops a woody!"

Adam giggled at the words John used. He lost his embarrassment, and displayed his boner and even played with it.

"I won't have my washer and dryer until I get back from Michigan" John said. "I will just rinse out your clothes after you take a bath, and hang them on the clothesline. Helen said she would bring some clothes for you to wear, so you will have to wear one of my T-shirts until she gets back."

John told Adam to head to the upstairs bathroom, and playfully swatted the cute bubble butt as the boy ran for the upstairs. Adam got in the tub, but John told him to stand and get rinsed off before taking a bath. John held the sprayer and told Adam to close his eyes so he wouldn't get mud in them. John had to adjust his jeans, as his dick rose to full mast in the presence of the nude boy. The mud flowed off Adam's hair, and slowly a blonde-headed boy appeared from under the mud that was caked on his young body.

When Adam was at least partially cleaned John put in the drain plug and started filling the tub. He had bought shampoo, but wished he had purchased some bubble bath and bath toys for his young friend. He handed the shampoo to Adam, and a bar of Ivory soap. He told the boy to wash real well, as John left to get a towel.

"Will you wash me?" Adam pleaded. "No one has given me a bath since my grandma left. Please?"

John was afraid to touch the nude boy. His dick was so hard he was afraid he would cum in his jeans. He wanted to do more than just wash the boy, but knew it would be illegal, and he didn't want to take advantage of the boy's innocence. Adam continued begging, and John finally agreed. Adam was thrilled, as John began by washing the long blonde hair. He used the sprayer to rinse out the soap, and put more shampoo on the boy's head, and gently massaged it. Adam was moaning, and his young dick was still hard as a rock. John used the shampoo to make a mountain of lather on Adam's head, and then twisted the boy's soapy hair into long spikes. He told Adam to stand up and look at his hair in the mirror. Adam giggled when he saw the tall spikes. John asked if he could take a picture of what Adam looked like with his hair all spiked, and Adam agreed.

John returned with the camera, and asked Adam to smile. The boy was standing up with his four-inch erection standing up proudly. John told him to sit in the tub, and make sure that he covered his penis with his hands, as any photo of a nude erect boy would not be appropriate. He snapped several pictures before rinsing the shampoo off. He then returned his attention to washing the rest of the boy's body.

John thought about finding a washcloth, but decided to use his hands to gently wash every inch of the boy's body. There were a special four inches that he wanted to wash, but he left that area for Adam to wash.

"You missed a spot" Adam teased. "Wash that for me too. Please?"

John swallowed hard, and decided to not refuse anything that Adam asked. He told the boy to stand up, and he worked up a nice lather in his hands and gently washed Adam's penis and scrotum. While he was washing the boy's genitals, John was surprised to see a few silvery hairs. Maybe puberty had arrived after all, as he rinsed and washed the hard boy cock several times.

"Do you know how to wash under your foreskin?" John asked.

"No" Adam admitted. "Please show me."

John used his fingers to retract the thin skin, and explained that as Adam grew older, it would be very important to wash under his foreskin every time he took a bath or shower. Adam moaned as John carefully washed his erection. John had Adam turn around, and he spread the pink cheeks of the boy's butt apart. John carefully washed the butt crack, and all around the pink puckered opening to his anus. John wanted to probe inside the boy, but fought back the temptation. He rinsed the boy off with the sprayer, and told Adam to soak while he got a T-shirt for him to wear.

John went to his bedroom, and quickly opened his jeans to release his throbbing cock. His briefs were wet with precum, and he needed relief fast. It only took a few strokes before John blasted a huge wad of cum into a towel. He could not believe how horny he was after washing Adam. He had not been that sexually aroused in years. He finally calmed down enough to strip off his jeans and briefs, and put on a pair of clean boxers before slipping his jeans back on.

He returned to the bathtub, unplugged the drain, and told Adam to stand up for a final rinse. Adam's young cock was half-hard now, and John was almost certain that he saw some clear sticky liquid at the tip of the young foreskin. "Maybe the boy jacked off too," John thought silently. He dried the boy off, and helped Adam slip on the large T-shirt. It hung down to the boy's knees, and looked like a dress. Adam giggled at how big the shirt was, but loved the fact that he was wearing some of John's clothes.

John rinsed out the tub, and asked Adam if he wanted to have dinner with him. Adam quickly agreed, as John went outside to fire up the gas grille he had brought from Michigan. Adam wanted to help cook dinner, so John had him wash some potatoes and peel an onion. John showed Adam how to cut the potatoes into chunks, add butter and slices of onions, and wrap the combination in aluminum foil. John made a quick salad while Adam worked on the potatoes. The grille was heated up, and the potatoes went on first. John had bought two nice steaks, and showed Adam how to season them. It had been a long time since Adam had tasted steak, and he was really hungry.

Helen returned with a complete change of clothes for the boy that included everything from new underwear and socks, and used shorts, T-shirt and tennis shoes from the Thrift Store. Even though most of the clothing was used, it was better than anything Adam had at home. Adam was modest, as he ran upstairs to put on his clothes. If it had just been John in the cabin, he would have dressed in the kitchen. John offered to make dinner for Helen, but she said she had to go back to work. She refused to take any money from John for the clothes, and told him he was doing the entire town a favor by looking after Adam.

They ate dinner at the picnic table outside the cabin, and chattered about the town and many of the colorful residents. Adam knew many of the people because of his paper route. Adam had never tasted a steak as good as this one. He devoured every bite, and even finished John's steak. Jake got the steak bones, and crunched them until they were gone. It was getting dark when John reminded Adam that he needed to go home so his mother did not worry about him. Adam's face turned from smiling into a nasty sneer.

"She don't care if I never come home!" Adam spit out. "All she wants is my money, or to have me suck some man for her."

John's mind filled with rage again as he tried to imagine how a mother could sell her own son for sex. Then he thought that maybe he was just as bad as the other men after playing with Adam's cock and butt during the bath.

"Are you mad at me for playing with your penis?" John asked. "Maybe I am just as bad as those other men for touching you like that. I could go to jail for what I did today."

Adam jumped up off the picnic table and ran to hug John. The boy was sobbing as he hugged and kissed John on the cheeks.

"You aren't like them other men" Adam sobbed. "I loved it when you washed me. It was so special, and I forgot to thank you."

John wiped away the boy's tears, and the ones on his own face. Adam was hugging him tight and continued kissing John's face. Adam used both of his hands to turn John's face toward his, and the boy kissed John on the lips. It was not a simple peck on the lips. Adam had the most beautiful lips of anyone in the world, and he knew how to use them. John tried to resist, but when he felt Adam's tongue probing against his teeth, he moaned. Adam's tongue flicked inside John's mouth. The kiss lasted a long time, with both tongues working back and forth from one mouth to another. Adam reached down and grabbed the front of John's jeans, feeling a large hard bulge. John tried to pull Adam's hand away, but the boy struggled, and John's mind lost all reason, as he let the boy feel his hard cock through his jeans.

Adam took John's hand, and placed it on the front of his shorts. John could feel the boy's erection through the thin fabric. He continued massaging the private area of the boy until Adam pulled down the front of his shorts, giving John complete access to the hard flesh.

"I want to suck you off!" Adam begged. His small hands were pulling at the zipper to John's jeans.

"We can't do this, Adam" John said. "It is against the law. I could go to jail for the rest of my life if we do anything like that."

"My moma makes me suck men that I don't even know" Adam said. "Why can't I suck someone that I love?"

It was the first time Adam had used the word "love", but somehow John already knew that Adam loved him, and that he loved Adam. John struggled with his own emotions and desires.

"I love you too," John admitted. "I fell in love with you the very first time I saw you in the café. Loving you is not illegal, but having sex with you is. We just can't do it."

"Look me right in the eyes and tell me you don't want to have sex with me!" Adam demanded. "Remember that we promised not to lie to each other!"

"Yes, I want to have sex with you" John admitted. "But it is still illegal. Even kissing you like we just did is probably illegal. You will not get in trouble, but I will. I am the adult, and I am supposed to resist the temptation."

"Josh and I kiss like that all the time" Adam said. "We suck each other too. He cums in my mouth, and I love it. I know I am gay, and I want you to be my lover."

John hugged the boy and tried to explain why they couldn't go any further with their actions. His voice was unsteady as he tried to explain his desires and fears to the boy. Adam was not going to quit. He leaned over and kissed John again, forcing his little pink tongue deep into John's mouth again and again.

"I jerked off in the bathtub after you left" Adam admitted. "I loved it when you washed my dick, and now I want to suck you and eat your cum. I want you to fuck me in the ass. Josh wanted to fuck me too, but we got caught jerking each other off, and now he is afraid my mom will make him a whore like I am."

"You are not a whore!" John insisted. "If we have sex, then I will be the one who is a whore!"

"Don't you EVER say that you are a whore to me again!" Adam said forcefully. "Anything we do is making love, and you will never be a whore!"

Tears flowed down John's face. His mind was racing. Maybe he should take Jake back to Michigan, and never come back to Champion again. It would be the only way he could resist the temptation to have sex with the young boy. He tried to pull away from Adam, but the boy was much stronger than he looked. Adam wiped the tears off John's face, and looked deep into John's eyes.

"Look at my eyes!" Adam commanded. "Do you see the love I have for you? I want you to be my man, and I want us to be honest with each other. I have never told anyone what Josh and I do, or what my mom makes me do. If you really love me, you will tell me the truth that you want to have sex with me right now."

John could not lie to the boy. He got up off the picnic table and carried Adam inside, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. He laid the boy down on the bed, and started undressing Adam. Adam was pulling on John's shirt and lifted it over the man's head. John completely stripped the boy and kissed Adam on the mouth. Adam was pulling at the zipper to John's jeans, and the man helped him pull the jeans and boxers off. They began kissing each other all over their bodies. John lost all his inhibitions when he took Adam's slender erection in his mouth. Adam moaned, as he looked down to see his dick disappear into John's mouth. It took the boy only a few minutes before his little dick erupted with thin boy semen. John savored the taste of his little lover's juice. John knew that he had crossed the line with the boy, but also knew that what he had just done was from pure love of Adam.

John slumped back on the bed. Adam kissed him, tasting his own cum inside John's mouth. Adam began kissing down John's body, taking time to suck each of the man's nipples until they were erect. His mouth traveled lower, until he arrived at the circumcised head that was dripping with precum. John did not try to stop Adam from making love with him. John moaned as Adam licked all of the precum up and squeezed his cock to push more out. He took almost all of John's cock inside his small mouth, and began bobbing up and down, swirling his tongue around the shaft and head. The boy was an expert at giving pleasure, and John quickly approached his orgasm.

"I'm going to cum!" John shouted.

Instead of stopping his sucking, Adam intensified his oral efforts, and soon tasted the thick tangy cum from John's throbbing dick. Adam did not waste a drop, as he swallowed and continued licking the cream. Adam knew to slow down and go gently, as he finished John off by pushing all the remaining cum out from the base of the man's cock. Adam knew when to stop, and he returned to kiss John on the mouth so that they could both taste the fresh cum.

Adam broke away from the gentle French kisses to ask, "will you fuck me now?"

"No, Adam" John replied. "If we did that, you would be bruised around your anus, and might even bleed. A doctor would see that immediately, and report it to the police."

"Okay" Adam hesitantly agreed. "I still want you to be the first one to do that to me, so I will wait. You have to promise me that someday you will do it with me."

John made the promise, pulled the sleeping bag over them, as they drifted off to sleep.