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Adam and Even More--2

John woke up the next morning with a small boy cuddled up along side him. The events of the previous night came back to him, and he wondered if Adam would be upset about what they had done. As soon as John woke up, he noticed that Jake had come into the house and was in the bedroom. The dog got up and walked to the side of the bed, licking Adam's face to wake the boy up.

"Yukk" Adam said sleepily. "Get away from me, Jake."

The dog continued to nuzzle the boy, wanting him to get up and play. Adam cuddled closer to John, as their erect penises pushed against each other. Adam finally woke up fully, realizing that Jake was not going to let him sleep any longer. Adam looked into John's eyes and kissed him on the mouth. Any thoughts that the boy would be upset by last night's intimacy were quickly dispelled. Adam reached down and wrapped his little fingers around John's erection, and began stroking it. Their intimacy was interrupted when they heard the Silas pickup truck grinding against the gravel of the road and driveway. They both got up quickly and dressed, before they headed to the bathroom to pee. They both laughed as they drained their bladders together.

John went downstairs and started a pot of coffee. He would have enjoyed a chance to repeat last night's sex, but also knew that he wanted to get an early start on his trip back to Michigan. Ben had brought a ladder to use for the roof repair, and John had to run outside to warn them that the roof would cave in if they tried to stand on it. Ben was prepared with sheets of plywood so they would not get hurt. He offered John a cup of coffee from his thermos until the fresh pot of coffee was finished. Aaron and Toby were surprised to see Adam there so early, and John explained that the boy had spent the night.

"I'm glad he was with you last night" Ben said. "Frank paid Wanda a visit, and she was furious. Frank told her that the next time Adam has any injuries, he will arrest her. She was really pissed at him, but I know she will lay off Adam for a while."

"Thanks" Adam and John said at the same time.

"Can I stay here while you are gone?" Adam asked. "It will be easier to take care of Jake if I stay here, and I can get an early start working with Ben. Josh is doing my morning paper route for me."

John agreed, and asked Ben to watch out for the boy. Ben was more than happy to take care of Adam, and quickly got all three boys working. John filled his thermos from the fresh pot of coffee, and began loading his truck for his trip to Michigan. Adam was crying as John prepared to leave.

"Take me with you, please" Adam begged. "I wanna go with you."

John wanted to take the boy, but knew he could not explain to his daughter or anyone else why he was bringing a 12 year old boy with him.

"You have a job to do here" John said. "You have work to do for Ben, and you have to take care of Jake for me."

John dried Adam's tears, and tried to keep himself from crying, as he hugged the boy and his dog. Ben saw that John and Adam did not want to be apart, and he promised John to take good care of Adam while he was gone.

"There is a lot of food inside for you and the boys" John said, as he finished packing the truck. "I will be back as soon as I can. I love it here, and can't wait until I am living here permanently."

Ben shook John's hand, and all three boys gave John a hug before he left. It was hard for John to drive the dirt road toward Champion, as his eyes were filled with tears. A little blonde-haired boy had changed his life forever, and he wished that he were already returning to his new home. He headed back to Michigan, knowing that the boy would be waiting for his return.

Back in Michigan, John had dinner with his daughter, her husband, his son, and his wife. The grandchildren were with babysitters, and John wanted to talk to his children.

"I have something to tell you, and I hope you will understand me" John began. "I met someone in Wyoming, that has changed my life."

Julie and her brother John were shocked that their father had found a woman so fast. They had been his support during the long divorce, and figured that their father would never connect with a woman again after all of his pain.

"It's not a woman" John began, "it's a 12 year old boy who has been beaten and abused. The whole town is trying to protect him from his abusive mother, and I will be the closest neighbor."

Julie and her brother were confused. They knew that their father had always been the nurturing parent during their lives, but they did not understand what their father was telling them.

"I have some pictures of Adam I want you to see" John said, as he handed the pictures of his cabin and Adam to his children.

"Oh, my God" Julie said as she viewed the pictures of Adam and Jake covered with mud, and the beaming face of the boy in the bathtub, with his hair spiked with shampoo. "He is beautiful!"

"He's more than beautiful" John continued, "he has been beaten and forced into prostitution by his mother, and I am determined to protect him. I have fallen in love with him, and I will kill anyone who even tries to hurt him."

Julie and her brother had never seen that look in their father's eyes. They had realized that the divorce had been bitter and painful for everyone, and also wanted their father to find peace and happiness.

"Dad" Julie began, "am I reading too much into you loving this boy?"

"No, Julie" John said, "you might not like to hear it, but Adam needs me and I need him. My job turned into a disaster the last few years, and my purpose in life was gone when the plant closed, and your mother wanted the divorce. Things got so bad for me that I was going to blow my brains out. It was fate that took me off the expressway to meet Adam, and now I am going to start a new life where I am needed."

"We all need you, Dad" John said to his father. "You have always been there for us, and if this is what you really want, we will be there for you."

John was crying as he hugged and kissed his children and their spouses. They all knew that John had found a purpose in life, and that purpose was a young boy.

It was three weeks later when John drove the U-Haul truck into his driveway. He was towing his Silverado pickup truck behind the large truck, and was shocked when he saw the cabin. The new roof was completely installed, and the garage was already built. Before John was able to walk to the cabin, a little boy and a big dog attacked him. He was tackled to the ground, and covered with hugs, kisses and sloppy dog licks. Ben and his sons laughed at the warm welcome that John received. They waited until Adam and Jake let John get up before they shook John's hand and asked him how the cabin looked now. John was amazed that so much work had been done is such a short length of time.

Adam grabbed John's hand and dragged him inside the cabin to show him all of the changes. All of the new kitchen cabinets were installed, along with the new dishwasher and refrigerator. He dragged John upstairs to see the repaired ceilings and walls in the bedrooms. John was impressed with how clean the cabin was after all of the construction, and knew that the crew had worked very hard. The bad windows had been replaced, and a new sliding door installed. Everything was expertly done, right down to refinished floors.

"Ben, you have worked a miracle here" John said as he again shook Ben's hand. "I can't believe how much you guys have done."

"I told you we would work hard" Ben said. "Even on the days I had to work in Carson, the boys got a lot done. Adam was a real help to us, and I will use him as my 'gofer' from now on."

John noticed that forms had been set for the concrete walk to the front door of the cabin, the floor of the garage, and for the new driveway. Ben told him that the concrete truck would be there real soon, and that it would only take a few more days to finish the garage. John was thrilled, and decided to add vinyl siding to the entire cabin and garage. The auction proceeds would give him enough cash to do even more work to the cabin, that he would have to start calling his home. He asked Ben if he and the boys could install vinyl siding, and help him build new kitchen counters and a snack bar. Ben was excited about having more work to do, and was relieved that John was so happy about the work that had been completed. Ben had never built kitchen counters or installed Formica, but John had, and offered to teach Ben and his sons.

John and Ben talked about what color of siding would look best. John decided to go to Lion Lumber and pick out a color. He also had some other shopping to do, and Adam begged to go with him. John could not bear to be away from the boy, so he asked Ben if he could borrow Adam.

Ben laughed, and said they would manage without Adam for the rest of the day, but that the boy was needed the next day. John privately asked Ben if he would mind if John got Aaron and Toby a special gift as a bonus for doing such a fine job. Ben tried to tell John that the pay was more than enough, but John insisted on buying something special for the two boys. Ben finally agreed.

John got his truck off from the towing dolly, and was quickly joined in the truck by Adam and Jake. They passed the cement truck before they left the dirt road to the cabin. John made a mental note to find out how much it would cost to have gravel dumped on the private part of the road to his new home. He noticed that the road had been graded, and figured that Ben had done it with his tractor.

"I missed you so much!" Adam said. "I was afraid you were not going to come back to me."

"I missed you more than you could ever know" John said. "Now I am going to be here for the rest of my life, and I can't think of any better neighbor than you."

"I want to live with you" Adam said. "I want to be with you every minute of my life. I don't want you to ever leave me like that again."

"I will be around you so much" John said, "you will get tired of me."

"NEVER!" Adam exclaimed. "I want to sleep with you tonight and make love. Please say we can, please."

John smiled at the boy, and reached over and messed up the long blonde hair. He wanted the same thing, as he had jacked off every day thinking about being with his young lover. John told Adam that his daughter would be visiting soon to see his new home and meet Adam. John drove past the trailer, and saw a big truck with a sleeper cab parked in front.

"That's Larry's truck" Adam explained. "He is shacking up with my mom when he is not on the road. I don't like him at all."

A cold feeling spread through John's body, as he realized that Wanda having a man live with her would put Adam in danger. He tried to hide his feelings, but Adam picked up on his emotions.

"It's okay, John" Adam said. "I spent most of the time at our home, and only a couple nights at her trailer.

The way that Adam had said "our home" and "her trailer" had a lot of meaning for John. He dreamed of making a home for Adam to live in, and wanted to feed and clothe the boy for the rest of his life.

They arrived in Champion, and went to the café for lunch. Jenny ran up and hugged John and Adam, and began telling John all of the news since he had left. John ordered two of the daily specials as Frank walked in. Frank welcomed John back and wanted to know if they could go fishing together.

"A lot of people are wondering if you will let them fish the lake" Frank said. "We know that you own the property, but I was hoping that you would let a few of us still fish the lake."

"You tell everyone that used to fish the lake that they are welcome" John said. "I'm going to ask Ben to help me build a dock and a swim float for the boys. If someone wants to leave a boat at the dock, they are welcome."

Frank was very happy that John would be so gracious with the people of Champion, and promised that no one would leave any litter or cause any problems. They agreed to go fishing next Saturday morning. Adam said he had never been fishing, and John said there was room for three in his 18-foot boat. Adam was excited, and wolfed down his lunch while John and Frank continued talking.

"Thanks for that visit you paid to Wanda" John said to Frank. "It means a lot to me that people around here take care of my boy."

Adam smiled when he heard John refer to him as "my boy". He got up and gave John a big hug and kiss on the cheek, and then ran outside to play with Jake.

John left a generous tip and headed for Lion Lumber and Hardware. He had some special things to buy, and had to tell Adam to go find some doorknobs as he talked quickly to Tony.

"I need three of those mountain bikes," John said quietly. "One needs special baskets for a certain boy to use on his paper route."

Tony was as excited as John was, as they looked in a catalog and picked out the bikes. Adam came back, wanting John to look at the doorknobs with him. John told Tony to pick out the items from the catalog, and get them as soon as possible. Tony winked at John that he understood the bikes would be surprises, and began filling out an order form. Before they left the lumberyard, John had ordered a new freezer, and the siding. Ben would return to tell Tony how much siding was needed. John also ordered a gas-powered generator, compressor, and two types of nailing guns. He told Tony to keep those items as a surprise too. John thought he saw a tear forming in Tony's eye, as the man figured out that John did not need those things, but Ben Silas could sure use them in his carpenter jobs.

John was not trying to spend all of his money, but he wanted to repay people for the warm welcome he got from Champion. He had a lot of fishing tackle, but he also bought a new rod and reel for his young friend who would be his fishing partner. Adam was jumping up and down when he found out the new fishing equipment was his. John bought the boy his own tackle box, and filled it with all kinds of equipment. He borrowed a permanent marker from Tony, and wrote "Adam" in big letters on the top of the tackle box. It was like Adam was carrying a treasure as they left the store to go grocery shopping.

Helen greeted them with hugs and kisses. She had been out to the cabin, and was very impressed with the changes and repairs. She was very happy to see how Adam would not let go of John's hand as they shopped. John had given Helen prescriptions for his medications, and she promised to fill them while they shopped. Helen knew the different drugs, and noticed that John was taking medications for depression, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. She was surprised at the depression medication, as John did not seem the type to be depressed.

John went to the pharmacy after hearing his name over the sound system in the store. He took his prescriptions after paying for them. He noticed a strange look on Helen's face, and decided to explain the depression medication.

"I have a sleep disorder," John said. I take that medication before I go to bed to help me sleep. If I don't take it, I never get to sleep. Maybe the clean air here will help me get off the drugs."

Helen was relieved, and told John that she was happy that he was not depressed. She agreed that living in Champion would do him good.

Adam was not listening, but wondered why John needed to take pills. He was worried that John was sick. John was tuned in to Adam's feelings, and decided to tease the boy.

"If I don't take these pills every day" John began, "I turn into a vampire, and I eat little boys. I cooked three little boys on my grille before I finally got these drugs. Tell him Helen, these drugs are to keep a vampire from eating little boys."

Helen went along with the joke, explaining that the drugs were very rare, and had to be kept secret. Adam recoiled in fear, and then realized that the two adults were teasing him. He started giggling, and punched John on the arm, telling him not to tease him any more. They all laughed together, and John explained why he had to take the medications. Adam was relieved, but punched John again for teasing him.

They filled two carts with food again, and John knew that he would have to come back again soon to fill his pantry. Frank had told him that the winters were really hard, and to always have a good supply of food in case a heavy snowstorm hit. It was August, but winter arrives early in Wyoming. John wanted the construction completed before any chance of cold weather.

Their next stop was the furniture store, where John bought a new double bed and mattress for his bedroom. He had already decided to furnish a room for his young friend, and asked Adam to help him pick out a new double bed and dresser for "his room". At first, Adam was shocked. Just the thought of having his own room at John's home caused mixed emotions in the young boy.

"I want to sleep with you" Adam whispered to John.

John told Adam that they could sleep together every night, but that it would not look good if the boy did not have his own room. John knew that Adam could not live with him, but he also wanted the boy to have a place he could sleep if his mother was nasty with him. Adam finally agreed, and picked out the cheapest bed and dresser. John vetoed the boy's choices, and picked out a nice oak bedroom set, and asked to have the new furniture delivered as soon as possible. The store agreed to send the floor samples out the very next day, and offered a discount for taking the two discontinued rooms of furniture. The same store sold bedding, and John picked out several types of sheets, feather pillows, and comforters. Adam was excited as he struggled to decide if he wanted the sheets with cars or outer space pictures. John made it easier, as he bought both types for the boy. Adam was crying. John bent down and asked him what was wrong. Adam continued sobbing, as John held him close.

"If you don't like what we picked out," John said, "you can pick something different."

Adam continued sobbing, with the saleswoman, Jessica Thompson trying to comfort the boy. This was the best sale of the year for her, but she knew Adam and how his life had been filled with grief. She was genuinely concerned as the boy continued sobbing. It took a few minutes for Adam to calm down before he said, "I don't deserve any good stuff like this."

Tears flowed down both John's and Jessica's faces. The boy had been deprived of any of the things a happy boy should have had during his life, and they realized that the boy felt like he did not deserve to be loved. John was not rich, but his settlement in Michigan left him with some cash to take care of himself and the young boy that was sobbing in the furniture store.

"I love you, Adam" John said openly. "I am going to treat you like you are my son, and my son will have to get used to being spoiled rotten!"

Adam hugged John and kissed him on the cheek. John dried away the tears, and told Jessica to make sure the new furniture was delivered tomorrow. Jessica dried her own tears, and promised that the furniture would be delivered, even if she had to carry it to the cabin herself. John and Adam held hands as they left the furniture store, and headed down the street to the Variety Store. Jake was told to wait outside again, and the dog sat at the door, waiting for his two masters to finish their shopping.

John took Adam into the toy department, where he saw the boy's eyes wide with excitement. Adam only had a few toys at home, and people in the town had given those to him. John told Adam that he could have $200 worth of toys for his birthday present, and to pick out what he wanted for his new bedroom. Adam's birthday was September 22nd, and John knew he would still buy his boy some more gifts. Adam jumped with joy, and ran around the aisles looking at all of the toys and trying to figure out what to pick. At first the store clerk was going to stop the boy from grabbing all of the toys, until John told her to let the boy pick out what he wanted. Sarah Avant recognized Adam, and introduced herself to John. She had heard about the new owner of the cabin, and also knew that John was protecting Adam from his mother. Sarah immediately told John that he could have a 20% discount on any toys that he bought for Adam.

Sarah showed Adam the newest toys out, and explained how to play many of the electronic games. Adam had a hard time picking out anything, but John was very patient. It took over an hour for Adam to pick out his favorite toys, which included a stuffed teddy bear. He was embarrassed at picking out the stuffed toy, and put it back on the shelf. John saw the boy looking at the bear each time he walked down the aisle, so John just took it to the counter and had it put in a bag without Adam seeing it. Adam had picked board games and plastic models that he wanted John to either play with him, or help him assemble. He also picked some battery-powered games.

They finally got back to the cabin, just as Ben and the boys were getting ready to leave for the day. All of the new concrete was leveled but still wet, so John had to pull the truck around to the lakeside of the cabin to unload it. Adam, Toby, and Aaron, carried in all of the groceries and toys. Aaron and Toby really enjoyed seeing Adam so happy with his new possessions. Toby held up the teddy bear, and asked, "What is this for?"

Adam was embarrassed. He did not want the two older boys to know he had wanted a teddy bear, and his face turned white as a sheet.

"That's mine" John said. "I named him Teddy, and he will sit on my bed."

Aaron and Toby teased John about wanting a teddy bear, but Adam was relieved. John grabbed two beers and asked Ben to walk outside with him. Ben surprised John by giving him a big hug, and thanking him for being so nice to Adam.

"I know who the teddy bear is for" Ben said. "Adam never had a real childhood, and you are exactly what he needs now. I will talk to my boys about being more sensitive to Adam's feelings. A lot of people have come here to see the changes in the cabin, and we have a bunch of new jobs lined up. We have you to thank for getting my family back financially sound. I was afraid I was going to lose my house, until you hired us."

John thanked Ben for taking care of Adam during his absence, and asked everyone to put their handprints in the fresh concrete along with their name and the date. It would be a permanent monument to their accomplishments in rebuilding the cabin into a home. There were five sets of handprints and names in the concrete before the Silas men left.

Adam wanted to have sex, but John suggested that they take a shower together first. Adam liked that idea, and knew that he would get a chance to touch John all over his body. It could have been a very quick shower, but both John and Adam were horny. They sucked each other off in the shower, and then went to bed nude to kiss and suck some more. John was amazed that he could keep up with the sexual drive of a 12-year-old boy, as they ended up with three orgasms each before they finally fell asleep together.

The next morning, Adam woke up first, and tried to get out of the bed without waking John up. John saw the cute bare butt of the boy headed into the bathroom, and got up and followed Adam to relieve his bladder. Josh had been delivering the papers during the time Adam was working at the cabin for Ben. Today would be the first day that Adam would take over his paper route, as Josh was going with his parents to visit his grandparents. Ben and the boys arrived early as usual. They were just getting ready to haul out the old beds and throw them into the dumpster, when Adam came running into the yard, screaming and sobbing. John ran to rescue his boy, and tried to find out if Adam was hurt.

"My bike!" Adam screamed. "She sold my bike!"

Ben's face drained with a combination of anger and sorrow for the little boy. John tried to calm Adam down to find out what had happened.

"She sold my bike to buy drugs!" Adam wailed. "Now I can't deliver the papers, and I will lose my job. That's the only money I get for lunches at school!"

John was furious. He was ready to go and beat the fuck out of Wanda for hurting her son. His son! His boy! He held Adam tightly, as Ben and his sons tried to comfort Adam. John finally understood enough to know that Wanda had taken the boy's bike to Champion and sold it. He quickly agreed to drive Adam to deliver his papers, and promised to try and find his bike. Ben went inside the cabin and called Frank to ask him to look for Adam's bike. It would be easy to spot, as the bike had two big baskets on it to hold papers.

Adam finally calmed down enough to give John directions to where the papers were dropped off, and the route for delivery. They finished the route, and headed toward the main part of Champion. The sheriff car pulled up next to John's truck, and Frank said he thought he saw a boy riding Adam's bike over on Elm Street. Frank offered to demand the return of the bike as stolen property, but John said he would handle it. Adam directed John as they drove to Elm Street. Adam saw a boy he knew as Larry Cataline riding his bike down the street. As soon as John stopped the truck, Adam and Jake jumped out of the truck and ran toward Larry.

"That's my bike!" Adam screamed at Larry.

"It's my bike now," Larry said. "I bought it from your whore mother yesterday."

John wanted to smack Larry for calling Adam's mother a whore. He knew that he would be in trouble if he hit the boy, even though Larry was continuing to call Adam and his mother nasty names. Jake was growling and baring his teeth at Larry, and the boy was afraid the dog would attack him. The argument in the street brought Larry's father out of the house. Henry Cataline was a big fat man who needed a bath real bad. He was ready to fight with John to protect his son.

"How much did you pay for the bike?" John asked.

"Twenty dollars" Larry said smugly, as his father stood beside him.

"I'll give you thirty dollars for it" John said.

"Make it sixty" Henry said. He knew he had the new man in town at a disadvantage, and he wanted to show his son how to bargain.

John pulled out his wallet, and handed Larry three twenty-dollar bills. Henry grabbed the money from his son, and told John to get the fuck away from their house. John had met a real shithead in Champion. He would later find out that Henry was one of Wanda's regular customers. Jake was ready to tear into both Larry and his father, and John had all he could do to hold the dog back. Henry threatened to call the sheriff about being threatened by the dog.

"Make sure you tell Frank that you were the ones with the stolen bike" John said, as he loaded the bike into the back of the truck.

John told Adam to leave the bike at "their home" from now on. Adam smiled when he heard "their home". John had saved the day again for the boy, and Adam loved John even more. Ben and his sons were very happy to see Adam back home with his bike. Adam told Ben who had his bike, and the nasty things that were said before John got it back for him. Adam went to work helping Aaron and Toby pick up boards and nails around the yard. Ben thanked John for taking care of Adam's needs again.

"I'll take care of Henry Cataline" Ben said. "My boys will take care of Larry."

"Jesus, Ben" John said, "don't do anything illegal. Just let it drop, please."

"I'd like to go over and pound Henry's ass" Ben said, "but this is a small town, and when people hear what they did to Adam and you, they will pay a thousand times over for their greed."

It was almost noon and John told everyone to take a break and get ready for lunch. The boys were cleaned up and drinking a cold coke when the large truck pulled into the yard. It was a big diesel tractor rig, and John recognized it as belonging to Wanda's male friend. Wanda was drunk or high on drugs or both, as she screamed and cussed for Adam to get home and clean the trailer. Adam ran for home, as Wanda unleashed her anger toward John and Ben.

"So, my son has been down here sucking your cocks!" she spat out. "Where's the money for the blowjobs?"

Ben was furious. Larry got out of his truck, and John saw a big fat man with long hair and beard. He looked like he hadn't taken a bath in months. Larry wanted to fight with John or Ben or both of them. He had a chain in his hand, and was swinging it around his head, ready to tear into both of the men. Jake leapt in the air, knocking Larry to the ground. The dog was going to kill the man. John called Jake off from Larry, as the man staggered up and picked up his chain again. A fight was inevitable, until a shotgun blast echoed around the lake. Aaron was standing in the doorway to the cabin, racking another shell into the chamber of John's 12-gauge shotgun.

"Get the fuck away from my daddy and John!" Aaron yelled, "or my next shot will blow your balls off!"

Larry was really pissed, but got back into his truck, with Wanda screaming obscenities at everyone. John went inside and called Frank on the cell phone in the sheriff car. Frank was close and would go make sure Adam was okay. Before Frank got to the trailer, Larry had hit the road and was gone. Frank came to the cabin where everyone was still upset about the altercation. He told them that Adam was safe, and Wanda knew that she could go to jail if Adam was hurt in any way.

The next day, Ben was headed into town to get more siding, when he drove past the trailer. Adam came screaming out of the trailer, with Wanda grabbing him by the hair just as he got to the door. It happened so fast that Ben could not stop his truck and get out in time to keep Adam from being hit and kicked by Wanda. Adam ran off into the woods, screaming and crying. Ben ran up and smacked Wanda in the mouth, knocking her out cold. He called for Adam, but the boy had run away in fear, and could not hear him. Ben quickly drove back to the cabin, and told his sons and John what had happened. John called Frank before they all left to try to find Adam. Ben and John carried rifles, with Aaron and Toby carrying shotguns. The woods were not a safe place for anyone to be alone, especially a small boy.

Frank had called Sheriff Tate, and asked for help finding the boy in the woods. Frank called into town and had the emergency siren turned on. It was a special signal for the entire town that alerted them to some form of danger. Jane Gorman worked in the Deputy Sheriff Office in Champion, and she quickly sent as many people as possible to help find Adam. John saw Frank put Wanda in handcuffs, and throw her in the back of his cruiser. John wanted to blow her head off, and had to be restrained by both Frank and Ben.

John finally got control of himself, and they started their search. John had an idea, and he whistled for Jake to come to him.

"Go find Adam" John said to his dog. "Go find Adam right now."

Jake took off running, and Ben told them that it was in the same direction that he had last seen Adam. They decided to spread out in case Jake was chasing a rabbit instead of tracking Adam. John told Ben to keep his boys with him, and Frank and John would spread out and follow Jake's barking. John was afraid he would get lost in the woods himself, as he had never ventured far from his own cabin. John could still hear Jake's barking, and he started to run toward the sound of his dog.

Adam had run until he was exhausted. There was blood flowing out of his nose and mouth where his mother had hit him. His ribs were sore, and he couldn't run any further. He suddenly realized he was lost in the woods. He would never find his way home. He wept, as he was ready to give up and die. Adam thought he heard a dog barking, and he tried to clear his eyes to see. What he saw terrified him, as a large golden-brown animal was slowly stalking him. It was a mountain lion, and the boy was defenseless. Just as the huge cat bounded toward the helpless boy, a large golden Labrador retriever attacked the cat. Adam screamed, as Jake and Three Foot battled. Jake was a natural born fighter, but the cat was much larger than he was.

John and Frank heard the roar of the mountain lion, and the snarls and barking of Jake. John was the closest to the sound, and he ran as fast as he could, pulling back the hammer on his 32 Special rifle. Just as John got to the clearing, the big cat struck at Jake, slashing the dog's side open, sending Jake crashing against a tree. The cat turned toward Adam, who was so scared he could not scream. The cat leaped in the air to strike down the young boy. As the cat was in mid-air, John's rifle blasted away. John had no time to aim, and he just pointed his rifle by instinct. The bullet ripped into the big cat's chest, causing it to spin in the air and land near Adam. John racked in another cartridge, and fired a second shot at the mountain lion on the ground.

Frank, Ben and the boys all heard the shots, and ran toward the sounds. John kicked at the cat to make sure it was dead, and then ran to grab Adam. Adam was gasping for air, and was so petrified with fear that he had wet his pants. The boy was sobbing, and John was afraid the boy was going to have a heart attack. John held his boy and sobbed along with Adam. Jake was hurt bad, but the dog tried to crawl toward Adam and John. Frank ran up to John and Adam, and saw the big mountain lion dead on the ground. He made sure that Adam and John were okay before he began yelling for Ben and the boys.

"Jake's hurt!" Adam yelled. "He saved my life! The mountain lion was going to kill me! Jake fought with him! Please go help save Jake now!"

John picked up Adam and carried him over to where Jake was lying on the ground. The dog had been ripped along his side, and the wounds were deep. John knew his dog could die, but Jake had proved just how great dogs can be as he had found Adam, and tried to protect him. Adam held Jake's head, and cried when he saw how deep the wounds were.

Aaron was the first to find the clearing and ran up to look at the dead mountain lion.


Frank used his cell phone to call the office and tell Jane that they had found Adam. He asked her to contact the local veterinarian, to make sure he was in his office so they could bring in Jake.

"You carry the boy" Frank said, "I'll carry your dog. Let's get out of here before we get more wild animals in a feeding frenzy."

Ben and his sons dragged the dead mountain lion back to their truck to take it into town. Frank laid Jake down in the back of his cruiser after he had hauled Wanda out and handcuffed her to a tree. He called Sheriff Tate to pick her up and take her to jail in Carson. Frank turned on his siren and flashers, as John and Adam held onto Jake, trying to comfort the dog. The dog took up most of the back seat, and John knelt on the floor, while Adam sat on the seat holding Jake's head in his lap. The dog was weak, but managed enough strength to lick Adam's hand. Both Adam and John were crying as they looked at the injured dog, and prayed that the vet would be able to save Jake's life. They passed several cars and trucks that had responded to the emergency siren and call for a woods rescue.

They quickly made it to the office of Edward Garrison, the only vet in Champion. Dr. Garrison had several dogs that he kept for blood transfusions, as all dogs have the same blood type. He quickly helped Frank and John get the dog on a stretcher, and into the treatment room. Dr. Garrison gave Jake a shot to sedate him, and told John and Adam to wait outside in the waiting room, as they would be no help to him and his assistant as they treated the dog's wounds. It was almost two hours later when Dr. Garrison came out of the treatment room.

Adam jumped up and demanded to know how Jake was. The look on the doctor's face told John that Jake would be okay. He wept with joy as he listened to Ed tell them that he had stitched up the wounds, and had given Jake a transfusion of blood. He told them that Jake needed to sleep, and would be up and able to walk by tomorrow.

Adam hugged the doctor, and thanked him for saving Jake's life. Adam and John wanted to see Jake, and the vet agreed as long as they didn't try to wake Jake up.

It was not a pretty site to see the dog lying on his side with the long lines of stitches across his ribs and flank. The vet and his assistant had to shave off the heavy golden fur, and then cleanse the wounds with an iodine solution. It was very frightening for both John and Adam to see how bad Jake had been hurt. Adam kissed Jake on the head before they left the treatment room. Both John and Adam were exhausted by the ordeals of the day. Frank drove them to the café, where the entire town had turned out to hear the news about Wanda, Adam, Jake, and Three Foot. The people were thankful that Adam had been rescued, and that everyone was safe.

Ben and his sons saw the cruiser, and stopped in the café looking for John and Adam. Everyone was happy to hear about Jake's treatment, and all prayed that the dog would recover completely. Ben had an announcement for everyone.

"I want everyone to know that John Frederickson killed not only a big mountain lion today, Ben said, "but according to Dave Wilbur, Three Foot weighs 320 pounds, and that is a new state record for mountain lions!"

Everyone congratulated John on his new state record. Tony shook John's hand and reminded him that Dave Wilbur had offered to mount the big cat for free.

"Maybe some time you will let me borrow the mount to put on display in my front window?" Tony asked.

"I have a better idea," John said. "That cat belongs to everyone in this county, and I don't need to see Three Foot in my living room to remind me of how close I came to losing my son today. I can't think of anywhere more appropriate to display Three Foot than in the front window of Lion Lumber and Hardware. The cat is yours to keep!"

Tony hugged John and then Adam, and was thrilled at the advertisement he would get by having the state record mountain lion in his store. Everyone in the café celebrated, with Tony running to the grocery store to buy some champagne for everyone in the café. Adam was exhausted, and was so tired he could not eat. John asked if anyone could drive him and Adam back to their home. Frank had another call to take, so Jenny agreed to take them home. Their new furniture had arrived during the hectic day, and the men who delivered the new beds guessed correctly where the two beds belonged.

Adam and John did not even undress, as they both hit the bed and snuggled together.

"Thanks for saving my life today" Adam said.

John just hugged the boy tightly, praying that the boy would never be in danger again. They drifted off to sleep, hugging each other closely.