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Adam and Even More--3

John woke up the next morning to the gentle shaking of his shoulder by Ben Silas. Ben was surprised to see both John and Adam in the same bed, fully clothed like they were at the café last night. John looked up at his new friend, and smiled.

"You guys need to take a shower," Ben said.

Adam was barely awake, as he looked at John and Ben. The two men were the best adult friends he had ever met, and he wanted them to know how much he loved them for helping save his life.

"I don't know what to say" Adam started, "you both are so awesome!"

Ben said that he had a pot of coffee brewing, and wanted them to get up and get cleaned up before they faced the challenges of the day.

"Am I going to foster care or an orphanage?" Adam asked.

"I know you don't want to go there" John said, "but is there someplace you would like to stay?"

"I wanna live with you!" Adam cried. "Don't let them take me away, PLEASE!"

"You are staying with me as long as possible!" John said. He wanted the boy to feel secure, but John knew that as a single man, he could never have the boy living with him. Now that Wanda was in jail, the legal system would be in control of Adam's future.

John got up off from the new bed, and was greeted with a hug from Ben. Adam headed for the bathroom to relieve his bladder, and take a shower. His injuries were not severe, and everyone knew that the boy needed love, and not any form of discipline for running into the woods.

"Things got real weird in town after you left with Adam" Ben said. "The whole town is upset that they didn't take better care of Adam, and everyone wants him to stay with you."

"I'm afraid for Adam" John said. "I will do anything to keep him out of foster care or an orphanage."

"You will have to learn to trust this town" Ben said, "we all know how much you love Adam, and Frank has got some things to talk to you about. Take Adam into town to the café, and I pray that you will listen to what is being proposed. If you don't agree to what Judge Hennings suggests, my wife and I will take Adam to live with us."

Ben gave John another hug, and told him he felt like they were brothers. John returned the hug, and said he felt honored to be called Ben's brother. John took his turn in the shower, and got dressed to go to town with Adam. Aaron came in and asked Adam to go for a walk with him. Aaron had always been nice to Adam, and they were good friends. Adam wondered why Aaron wanted to talk to him alone.

It took a few minutes for Aaron to get up the nerve to talk to Adam. "I guess I am jealous of you," Aaron finally got out.

"How can you be jealous of me?" Adam asked. "I'm almost an orphan with a mother that everyone calls a whore."

"I'm jealous because you've got John," Aaron said. "He is so cool, and he takes great care of you."

"You've got a real dad," Adam said, "all I have is a temporary one until my mother gets out of jail, and then I bet I will have to go back and live in that fucking trailer again."

"My dad is cool," Aaron admitted. "He does a lot of stuff with me and Toby, but I think I want a man like John to be more than a daddy to me."

"What do you mean?" Adam asked.

"Tell me the truth," Aaron said. "Did you really suck men's dicks because your mother made you do it?"

"Yes," Adam said, "but you can't tell anyone that. If you do, I will lie and say you made it up."

"Jeez," Aaron said. "How could you stand to do that?"

"She would beat me if I didn't suck them," Adam said. "I pretended it was Josh that I was sucking."

"Have you and Josh done that with each other?" Aaron asked.

"I wouldn't tell you even if we did," Adam replied. "I don't tell secrets like that."

"Toby and I suck each other all the time," Aaron admitted. "I'd like to suck you and John off myself."

"You want to suck me and John?" Adam asked. "What makes you think John wants a blowjob from you?"

"I guess I am just hoping you guys would let me," Aaron admitted. "Toby wants to suck you too. We know you guys sleep together, cause we have looked at your bed, and it is never messed up. We put a stone under your sheets, and it was still there when we hauled out the old bed."

"Just because John and I sleep in the same bed doesn't mean we are doing sex," Adam said. He was worried that Aaron and Toby knew about him kissing and sucking with John.

"I'm jealous even if you guys are just sleeping in the same bed," Aaron admitted. "I would love to just cuddle with John nude. That is why I am jealous of you. Everyone can see that you and John are in love. He worships you, and you seem to worship him too."

"I really love him. I want him to be my daddy, but I don't think that will ever happen," Adam said.

"Mom and Dad have been talking to a lot of people in town," Aaron said. "People don't care if you guys are messing around. They all want you to be happy, and know that John will take care of you no matter what happens with your mother."

"Can you imagine what it is like for me?" Adam asked. "No one knows who my real father is, and you know what my mother is like."

"I just want you to know that I love you too," Aaron said, "and that I would love to have sex with you. I would be careful and promise not to hurt you. Toby says I give great head, and I would love to chow down on you and John."

Adam giggled. Hearing Aaron admit that he and Toby suck each other was exciting. During the many times the boys went skinny-dipping, Adam had checked out their large cocks, and wondered how big they were hard. He would love the chance to find out and suck both Aaron and Toby.

"I'll make a deal with you," Adam said. "If John ever adopts me, I will invite you and Toby for a sleep over, and we will see who sucks who first."

Aaron laughed and said that sounded like fun. He asked Adam to keep their discussion a secret. The boys hugged and headed back up the hill to the cabin.

John and Adam drove to Champion and went to the vet's office. They were thrilled to see Jake up and ready to leave. The dog still had the stitches in his side, but was excited to leave with Adam and John. Jenny greeted them in the café, and took their orders for breakfast. They were just finishing their meal, when Frank came in with a stranger.

"John" Frank began, "this is Thomas Hennings, Circuit Court Judge here in Champion. He wants to talk to you in private, while I talk to Adam."

"Let's go for a walk," Tom Hennings said. "What I want to talk to you about is strictly off the record, and I don't want you to say anything until I have finished."

Frank sat down with Adam, and asked how he was doing. The boy was used to lying to Frank, and said he was fine.

"Cut the bullshit, Adam" Frank said. "You haven't told me the truth in years. I want to be your friend, and for once in your life, you have to be honest with me."

Adam knew that something bad was going to happen. He knew that his mother had never loved him, but she was still his mother, and being an orphan would send him to a place where he did not want to go. Fear took over, and tears ran down Adam's face.

"It's not easy to love someone who continues to hurt you" Frank said. "I need to ask you where you want to be while all this legal shit gets sorted out. Where do you want to live until the court takes care of things?"

"I love John" Adam sobbed. "I want to live with him. He is so good to me, and he saved my life. If you send me away to Carson, I will run away and never come back here."

Frank's face filled with tears, as he hugged the boy and tried to comfort him. He knew that the new man in town had proven his love of Adam with all of the things that John had done since he arrived. The entire town felt guilty about not helping Adam, and it took a stranger to show all of them what real love was about, and how the town needed to get back to the basics of taking care of each other.

"I can't promise you anything right now," Frank said. "The legal system won't like a single man who is 55 having a young boy live with him. You might end up with a family somewhere in Champion, or in Carson. We will have to wait for the judge to decide."

Frank knew that Judge Hennings was talking to John at the very same time, and Frank wanted to make sure that Adam did not get his hopes up to stay with John, if John refused the judge's offer. Frank prayed that John would be receptive to the offer, but also realized that John wanted peace in his new home, and having a troubled young boy living with him would not be peaceful.

Tom Hennings led John to the center of town, where they sat on a park bench to talk. John was afraid that his relationship with Adam had been discovered, and that he was going to jail.

"What we say here is strictly off the record" Tom Hennings began. "I know all about Adam. Maybe I know more about him than you do, but I know one thing, you have turned this town upside down. You have shown this town what it means to shop locally, and to take care of people who live here. You and your dog have showed that you will put your lives on the line to protect Adam. I don't want you to say a word until I finish. Doug Perkins and I have talked, and it appears that Adam might be gay. I know that he and Josh have fooled around, and that maybe you and Adam have fooled around too. Being gay is not a crime in this state, and loving a boy who will be soon a teenager might be frowned upon, but Adam needs love. It is not like a man with a five-year-old boy having sex, because that would be illegal and immoral. Loving a boy who appears to be gay is much different. Wanda will be in jail for a while, but I bet she will be released. We can't convict her of anything more than hitting her son. A good attorney could say it was just normal corporal punishment from a mother to her son. I have heard rumors that Adam has been forced to provide sex with men, but we have no proof. I'm sure that some of the men in Champion have been involved, but they will never come forward and admit it, knowing that they would go to jail. Adam has always lied to protect his mother, and has refused to give any kind of statement or testify against her."

John lost his breath, as he listened to the judge. He could go to jail for what he had done with Adam. He wanted to speak, but could not find the words to explain his love of Adam, and what they had done together.

"I have some influence with the criminal court system in Carson" Tom continued. "Adam is a special case for me, and I will do everything I can to make sure the boy is as happy as possible. All I want to know is if you are willing to take care of the boy during this crisis in his life, and promise not to force anything sexual on him. From what I heard from Josh's parents, Adam is in love with you, and his love will surely become physical if it is not already that way. They told me that Adam and Josh have had sex together. Josh loves Adam, but Josh says that Adam loves you more. Adam wants to be with you, but we will never tell him if you don't want him to stay with you. We will try to find another home for him, but I know the boy wants to be with you. Will you take him in your home, and love him?"

John was crying, as he listened to Tom Hennings tell him about the legal issues. John knew that he loved Adam, even if they never did anything sexual again. His love was pure for the young boy, and he had made a promise to himself to never hurt Adam, and to protect him for the rest of his life.

"I love Adam," John began. "Maybe you will hate me for saying this, but my love for him is emotional and physical. During my divorce, I began hating all women, and vowed that I would never be vulnerable again. Adam has changed my life, and I will do anything to keep him safe. If he grows up to be gay and finds a boy or man to love, I will continue to love him and provide for him. My love of Adam is unconditional."

"That's what I wanted to hear" Tom smiled. "Let's go see how Frank and Adam are doing with their discussion."

John and Tom walked back to the café. Tom called to Frank to come outside, so they could talk in private. They were both happy as they exchanged information about their private discussions with Adam and John.

John walked back into the café, where Adam was sitting with Jenny. Adam was tuned into John's emotions, and realized that something bad was going to happen. Adam hugged John and kissed him on the cheek, with tears flowing down both of their faces. Jenny sensed that something bad had happened during the private conversations, and she cried and hugged both Adam and John.

Judge Hennings and Frank came back into the café, and were both smiling. Adam, John and Jenny saw the smiles of the two men, and suddenly realized that their fears were wrong.

"I need both of you in my court tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m." Judge Hennings said. "I will be ordering that John Frederickson is the temporary guardian of Adam Evan Moore. The 67th District Court in Carson will handle the case against Wanda, and will have the final say on where Adam will be placed, but I have a lot of influence there too."

Adam jumped up and hugged the judge and Frank, and then turned his emotions on John. There was not a dry eye in the café, as the man and boy realized that they could live together. Even Jake was involved in all of the hugging and kissing in the café. John thanked Frank and Tom, before a young boy jumped into his arms. They headed out of the café, to return to their home. During the trip home, John called his daughter on his cell phone and told her the news about being appointed as Adam's temporary guardian. Julie talked to Adam on the phone, and listened to the excitement of the young boy. She was thrilled that her father had rescued Adam, but not when she learned all about the mountain lion attack, and that Jake was injured but would be okay. Julie announced that she was coming to Champion to see her father's new home, and to meet Adam.

They returned to their home, and started making the two beds with the new bedding from the furniture store. Adam helped John unpack part of the U-Haul truck, as Ben and his boys returned with more siding for the home. The cabin was now a home, with a man and a boy who loved each other. Adam and the boys continued unloading the U-Haul truck, as John and Ben began building the new counter top and snack bar in the kitchen. John taught Ben how to construct the counter, and how to glue down the Formica top. John had brought his routers from Michigan, and all of the boys watched as John expertly finished off the kitchen counters. Ben helped rout out the openings, and install the new sink. Before the day was done, the kitchen was finished, with all of the new plumbing installed.

Adam kept busy cleaning up all of the dust and remnants from the new Formica. John taught Adam how to make hot plates from the extra Formica and wood, and the boy was excited to be able to run the router and create something that would last for years. When the mess was finally cleaned up, John invited Ben and his sons to join them for a cookout on the grille. It was not a fancy dinner, but everyone enjoyed eating hotdogs from Michigan, that were far better than any available in Wyoming.

Ben gave John another hug, saying he loved having a new brother. He knew that John had not only rescued Adam, but had also rescued him and his family from financial disaster. John showed everyone his collection of rifles and shotguns that he had brought from Michigan. Everyone was impressed when they saw the 7mm Magnum rifle with the 3x9 variable scope. Ben told his sons that the 7 Mag was a very powerful rifle that would take down any animal in the country. John told the boys that he had taken down Whitetail deer at over a quarter mile with the rifle, and that he wanted to hunt mule deer, antelope, elk, and bear in his new home area. He wanted a bear skin rug for the family room, and fantasized about having a nude blonde-haired boy on the rug having sex with him. He asked Ben to help him learn where to hunt without getting lost in the woods, and to help him get some trophy animals for mounting on the walls of the cabin.

Aaron asked if he and his brother could go hunting with the men. Adam wanted to go too, and John realized that he could not refuse any request from any of the boys. He would have to buy Adam his own shotgun and rifle, and teach him the basics of hunting safety before he would ever take Adam into the woods.

It was almost a week later when Julie Stamps drove into Champion. She went to the café where she knew someone would know how to get to her father's new home. Jenny was excited when she realized who Julie was. Jenny sat with Julie as they drank coffee and talked about John and Adam.

"I'm a little afraid of being here," Julie admitted. "When I talk to my dad, all he talks about is this boy named Adam. I don't want my father to be hurt, and I want him to come back to Michigan to live. I don't like to hear about mountain lions and grizzly bears. I think my dad is in over his head, and my brother and I want him to come back to Michigan to live."

Jenny understood, and asked Julie to walk outside and talk. They walked to the Town Square, the same place where Judge Hennings had talked to John about Adam.

"Do you want your dad to be happy?" Jenny asked.

"Of course I do" Julie answered. "Nothing is more important to me than having my dad happy. Dad has always been there for me and my brother, and he has supported us through some tough personal times."

"Maybe now is the time for you and your brother to support him," Jenny said. "Your dad has changed this entire town by the way he has taken care of Adam, and how he has shown all of the residents the importance of shopping locally and helping each other. Did you know that your father worked for four days helping rebuild a barn that was burned down after a lightning storm? He didn't have to help, but he even paid for food and drinks for the workers who volunteered to rebuild the barn. As far as we are concerned, your dad is a saint, and we all love him."

Julie knew that her dad was a saint to her and her brother, but never realized how this small town had grown to love her dad as much as she did.

"I want to go see his home, and meet Adam" Julie said. "How do I get there from here?"

Jenny gave her directions, and Julie left the café, still determined to get her father to return to Michigan. She drove past the trailer and down to her father's new home. Jake bounded up to greet Julie, and was excited to see her again. Julie saw her dad's boat approaching the dock, and walked out to greet him.

John hugged his daughter, and introduced Adam to her. The beauty of the young boy, who wanted to show her all of the fish that they had caught, immediately struck Julie. Julie was impressed by the size of the walleye, bass and trout, and asked if Adam was going to clean and cook them for a meal. Adam giggled, and said that John was the expert at cleaning the fish, but that they had decided to take the cleaned fish into town to share at the café.

John took his daughter on a complete tour of his small home, and showed her all of the improvements. Adam grabbed Julie and showed her his room, complete with all of his toys. Julie was overwhelmed by the excitement of the young boy, and his obvious love for her father. Her original plans for insisting that her father return to Michigan were fading. The small home was beautiful, and was obviously filled with love. John insisted that Julie go back on the lake with him and Adam, and catch some fish. Julie had always loved fishing with her father, and quickly agreed.

They were not on the lake for more than a few minutes, when Adam pointed out a large elk at the shoreline. Julie was surprised to see such a large wild animal, until Adam pointed out a large bear that was also drinking from the other end of the lake. It was unusual to see a bear during the daytime, and John took some pictures with his camera. Julie caught four big walleye during the time that Adam caught three. She teased Adam that she was better at fishing than he was. Julie was quickly realizing how much her father loved living there, and saw the pure love between her father and the young boy. She knew she could never insist that her father return to Michigan.

Adam was surprised to see Julie help her father clean the fish. He had never seen a woman clean fish before, but Julie seemed to really know what she was doing. They cleaned all of the fish, and John said that he wanted to take them to the café to have a nice meal of fresh fish. Julie teased Adam that she knew more about catching and cleaning fish than he did.

They headed into town to the café, with Adam challenging Julie to a fishing contest. The boy was filled with energy, and Julie was captivated. Jenny was thrilled to have fresh fish for her menu, and promised them full meals in exchange for the fresh fish. The café filled with local people who were very happy to find out that fresh fish was on the menu. Everyone wanted to meet John's daughter and they all told her how much they appreciated her father becoming a member of their small town. They all ate until they were stuffed, and headed back to the lake.

John was a little worried about how Julie would react to his relationship with Adam. All of his fears were quickly dispelled, when Adam offered his room to Julie, saying he would sleep on the couch in the main room. Julie agreed to sleep in Adam's room, as long as Adam slept with John. It really surprised John to hear his daughter tell Adam to sleep with him. Julie had realized that her father and Adam were lovers, and she had accepted that fact. Adam gave Julie a big hug and kiss, before they all went to bed.

John held his boy close, as they drifted toward sleep. John no longer needed the depression medication to sleep, as holding the young boy close was far better than any drugs. They did not have sex that night, mainly because of how close Julie was to their room. They snuggled together and finally kissed goodnight and fell asleep.

Julie was always a late sleeper, and when she finally woke up, she smelled fresh coffee and bacon cooking. She smiled as she dragged herself out of Adam's bed and went into the bathroom. By the time she was downstairs, breakfast was ready. Adam had already delivered his papers, and had returned to eat. The boy was always hungry, and Julie laughed as she saw the boy destroy more food that three adults could ever eat.

"Does he always eat this much?" Julie asked.

"Usually more" John smiled. "The local grocery store loves his appetite, and I do too. You know I love to cook, and having someone who is a bottomless pit is good for my soul."

Julie knew that her father and Adam were more than just friends, they were soul mates. The young boy was the best thing that had ever happened to her father, and she was firmly convinced that her dad belonged here taking care of Adam. In a way, she was jealous that Adam meant so much to her father, but she realized that her dad had always taken care of her and her brother, and now it was time to let him love someone else at the same time.

"I need to take Adam to town to buy clothes for school" John said. "Will you help us pick out clothes for him?"

Julie was excited about helping Adam pick out new clothes. She had always tried to help her own children pick out clothes, but they always seemed embarrassed about being with their mother. Adam was not the same, as he begged Julie to help him pick out his school clothes.

They finished breakfast, and headed into town. Julie rode in front with her dad, with Adam and Jake in the back seat of the extended cab pickup truck. They just reached the main road, when Julie told her dad that there was a cop car behind them with the flashers going. John smiled, as he knew it was Frank, and pulled over to the side of the road.

"I need to meet your passenger" Frank said. "I'm the local law in this town, and I heard that some strange lady was trying to take John back to Michigan. If that is true, I will arrest her!"

Everyone laughed, as John introduced his daughter to Frank. Julie and Frank became friends instantly, as they both knew that John was a special resident of Champion. John told Frank that they were going shopping for school clothes for Adam, and that they would meet him for lunch at the café.

John dropped Julie and Adam off at the Variety Store, and headed for the café for a cup of coffee while they shopped. Julie was in heaven, as she helped Adam select everything from underwear to dress clothes. Her own sons had never allowed her to help them select clothes, and the experience with Adam was a great deal of fun. Adam tried on everything and modeled for Julie. Julie even picked out some bikini briefs for the boy, and he showed no embarrassment modeling those for her too. John returned to the Variety Store, and waited outside, smoking a cigar and playing with Jake, until it was time to go in and pay for the clothes. Karen Gannon was helping Julie and Adam pick out the clothes, and was making a large stack of items on the counter. The storeowner tried to give John a 50% discount, but John refused the generous offer. They finally agreed on a 20% discount, and John paid for all of the clothes.

Adam was excited, as he had never been able to have new clothes. Some of the children in the local school had teased Adam about always wearing worn out clothes or items from the Thrift Store. John did not know that some of those same children referred to Adam as the "whore boy", Adam Whore, or "Adam and Eve", changing his real name from Adam Evan Moore to nasty names. John saw the excitement in both Julie's and Adam's faces, as he paid for the new clothes, and loaded them into the truck. It was Saturday evening, when they finally got back to the lake and enjoyed a cookout on the grille. Julie would be leaving the next morning, and she hugged her father and Adam and told them how much she had enjoyed her visit.

Adam surprised them all when he went up and hugged Julie, thanking her for helping him pick out his school clothes.

"If John adopts me" Adam whispered to Julie, ""are you gonna be my sister, or can I call you Aunt Julie?"

Julie broke down crying, as she held the young boy. She told Adam he could call her anything he wanted to, and told the boy that she loved him. Adam hugged her, as John came back into the family room and saw his daughter crying while she hugged his young friend. He did not know what they had said to each other, but he realized that Julie now knew how precious Adam was to him. John joined in the three-way hug.

"I want to take Adam to church tomorrow morning" John said. "Can you wait to leave for Michigan long enough to go to church with us?"

Adam had never been to church in his entire life, but knew if John took him, he would go to the ends of the earth. Julie quickly agreed that she would go to church with them before she left for home. John knew that there were three churches in town, one Catholic, one Lutheran, and one Methodist. He had decided to visit all three, but tomorrow it would be the Methodist Church. Julie was very happy that her father was showing Adam more of life than living in a remote cabin on a lake. She already knew that the town loved her father, and that he was in love with Adam.

They ate supper at the cabin, and all went to bed. Adam snuggled close to John, and kissed and fondled his man. Adam was always horny, and he had continually begged John to have anal sex with him. John had always refused, saying it would hurt Adam, and that he had promised to never hurt the boy. The upstairs of the cabin was small, and Julie heard Adam begging her father to have anal sex with him. She heard her father refuse, and realized that the relationship was not based entirely on sex. Adam finally gave up again, and kissed John on the lips, and told him that he loved him. Julie heard the words, and cried tears of happiness for her dad and Adam.

The next morning, Julie woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and sausage cooking. Adam had knocked on her door and told her to get up and eat breakfast. Julie was not a morning person, but the insistence of the young boy finally convinced her to get up and take a shower. She finally came downstairs to find a complete breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, and fruit. She was amazed at how much Adam ate, as she finally seemed to be awake enough to watch the boy. John just laughed, as he watched Adam eat more than he and his daughter combined.

They went to the church service, and John tried to explain to Adam what was going on, as he understood much of the formalities of the Methodist faith. The minister was very friendly after the service, inviting them to return again. He spent extra time with Adam, inviting him to attend Sunday school classes. Adam was filled with questions after the service, and John tried to answer them all. Julie knew that her father was going to be a great guardian for the young boy, and gave both her dad and Adam a big hug and kiss before she left for Michigan.

John and Adam had already planned a fishing trip for the afternoon with Frank, and were surprised that Frank was waiting for them at their home on the lake. They all had a great deal of fun, with John catching the most and biggest fish. He gloated over his two friends, and told them that they had to clean all of the fish for being beaten so bad. After watching Frank butcher the first walleye, John took over, teaching both Adam and Frank how to filet correctly. Frank took most of the cleaned fish home to share with his wife and two children.

As soon as Frank was gone, Adam insisted that he and John make love. They both got in the shower, and washed each other gently and thoroughly before they dried off and went into their bedroom. John's hands roamed all of the soft skin of the boy. Their kisses were passionate, as their tongues began exploring special areas of each other. John loved the soft feel of Adam's skin, and licked up and down Adam's neck. Each time they made love, John found a new area that excited the boy. Adam loved to have his neck licked, and to have his nipples sucked. John's mouth traveled down to the boy's navel, where he licked and probed the small valley. His mouth traveled lower, bypassing the erect cock and scrotum. He lifted the boy's legs, and started licking the firm cheeks of the cute bubble butt. When his tongue hit the pink hole, Adam squealed. John pulled apart the cheeks of the boy's most private area, causing the puckered ring to open slightly. He held the cheeks wide apart, and prodded the little hole with his tongue.

Adam went into overload when he felt John's tongue enter his butt hole. Adam had read stories on the Internet about men and boys having sex and how good it felt to be rimmed. The words did not do this act justice, as Adam moaned and begged John to fuck him. John just kept eating the boy's hole, savoring the aroma and taste that was the essence of his young lover. John made sure the hole was covered in saliva, and probed inside the boy with his finger. When John's finger found the immature prostate gland, Adam screamed that he was going to cum. John continued finger fucking the boy as he swallowed the entire length of the boy's hard tool. His lips retracted the sensitive foreskin, and his tongue licked all around the head and shaft of pleasure. He was quickly rewarded with three spurts of watery cum. He held the nectar in his mouth, and continued fingering and sucking the boy until Adam finally collapsed on the bed.

Adam was totally drained of all energy. John knew when to stop licking and probing the boy, and moved to kiss Adam on the mouth, sharing the mixture of saliva and fresh boy cum. It took a few minutes before Adam could speak.

"I want to suck you off the same way" Adam croaked.

"Too late" John replied. "I blew my load when I was doing you."

Adam struggled to get up, and saw that John had flooded the sheets with his manly juice. Adam leaned down and licked up as much of the cum as he could, and then took John's semi-erect cock in his young mouth. John did not think that he could get hard again without waiting for about an hour, but Adam was determined, and John was soon erect.

John moved so they could suck each other at the same time, and put his finger back inside the boy's tight anus. Adam did the same thing to John. John took his mouth off from Adam's boy cock long enough to tell Adam where to put his finger to find his special spot. A loud moan from John told Adam that he had found the mystery spot. They continued their oral activities until they both came at the same time. Not a drop of cum was wasted, as they gently finished each other off. John pulled the sheet over them, and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, John woke up to an empty bed. He smelled fresh coffee, and knew that Adam was up and getting ready to deliver his papers. A nude boy came into the bedroom with a cup of hot coffee for John.

"Get up, old man!" Adam teased. "We got papers to deliver!"

John sat up on the side of the bed to drink his coffee. Adam sat on his lap and wiggled his bare butt around to get John hard.

"I have to drain it" John said, as he gently pushed his boy off his lap, set down his coffee mug, and went to pee. John brushed his teeth, and went back into the bedroom to find Adam stroking his erect, four-inch cock.

"You keep playing with that thing, and it will fall off" John teased.

"It won't fall off if you suck it for me!" Adam joked. "I loved what we did last night. I want to lick your butt like you did mine."

John laughed as he watched the boy jerking off and shoving his own finger in his butt hole. John pushed away Adam's hand from the hard young cock, and replaced it with his mouth. Adam moaned, as John licked all over his dick, and began pulling at the few silver hairs at the base. The hairs were so soft and light that you could not see them unless you were very close, and John was as close as anyone could get.

"Don't pull them out" Adam begged. "I don't have many, and I want them to grow."

John had no intention of pulling out the fine hairs that proved his boy was starting puberty. Adam was moaning, and his body lifted off the bed as he grabbed John's hair and pulled the man down hard on his erection. He screamed when his dick erupted, sending his juice into the warm mouth in four spurts. John carefully finished Adam off, and then lay down next to the boy to kiss him.

"I love you" Adam choked out. "I will always love you."

"I love you too, tiger" John said, as they continued kissing each other.

"Will you fuck me now?" Adam asked.

"You know the answer to that question," John said. "We have papers to deliver, then take a shower, and head into Carson for the court hearing. I am not going to make love to you with anything but my tongue and finger for a long time. We can't take any chances of leaving any evidence like bruises around your hole, or have you bleeding from your butt hole. You will just have to wait."

Adam was upset that John would not fuck him. He had continually begged John to be the first to do it, and knew that it would hurt the first few times. The stories that they had both read on the Internet had explained how to prepare a boy for the ultimate act of love with a man. Adam and John both wanted to do it, but also knew that Adam might be given a complete physical examination at any time, and it was just too much of a risk right now. Adam finally gave up, but not before he sucked John off to a crashing orgasm. Adam ate every drop of the thick semen before he let John's cock out of his warm mouth.

They got dressed, delivered the papers, and returned to shower and get ready for the court appearance where Wanda Moore would face charges of child cruelty, for beating Adam. Wanda was led into the courtroom, and she sneered at John, her own son, and Ben Silas. The judge listened to the evidence from the prosecutor that included sworn statements from Ben Silas and Doctor Jerome Calkins. The doctor's report included the results of a physical examination and X-rays of Adam Moore, that showed signs of recent abuse, and several bone fractures that had healed. The defense lawyer had been court appointed, and he had to represent Wanda in spite of his own feelings that she was guilty. He told the judge that many boys have fractures from normal play, and that there was no proof that his client had caused them.

What appeared to be a simple case of an eyewitness to a severe beating was turning into a contested case that might last for weeks. Frank testified that he had been called several times regarding mistreatment of Adam Moore. Adam had refused to testify against his mother, despite all the pleas from Ben, John and Jenny. Wanda was still his mother, and he could not accept the guilt of her going to jail. The judge was frustrated and called for a ten-minute recess so he could talk to the prosecutor and the defense lawyer.

Adam was crying softly, as he hugged John in the courtroom. He still loved his mother, even though she was mean to him. Without Adam's testimony, the prosecutor could not prove that the beating that Ben Silas had witnessed was anything more than corporal punishment of a boy by his mother. The judge refused to accept that theory, and asked to talk to Adam Moore alone in his chambers. Adam refused to go to talk to the judge unless John was with him. The judge agreed to have John join them in his chambers. Adam was still crying, as the prosecutor and defense lawyer went to another room to discuss a plea bargain.

"Tell me what happened" Judge Owen Thomas asked the boy.

"I still love my mother" Adam sobbed. "I know people around here don't like her, but I don't want her in jail. She hits me, but she is my only living relative. I want you to make her stop hitting me, but I can't testify against her."

Judge Thomas had seen this before. Even though a child was being abused, they often lie about their injuries to protect their parents. He told Adam and John that they could return to the courtroom, while he talked to the two lawyers. It was almost a half-hour later, when the court was called back into session.

"I have reviewed the facts in this case, and I am convinced that the minor child, Adam Evan Moore has in fact suffered abuse from his mother. For some reason, the boy still loves his mother, and does not want her in jail. I am bound by my oath to uphold the law of this state, and have conferred with the two attorneys. We have agreed to a plea bargain of disorderly conduct against Wanda Louise Moore. Ms. Moore, please rise."

Adam was shaking so badly, it was all that John and Jenny could do to hold the boy and try to comfort him.

"I find you guilty of disorderly conduct, and order you to serve 60 days in the county jail. If I ever hear that you have injured this boy again, I will revoke your parental rights, and prosecute you to the full extent of the laws of the State of Wyoming. This court also concurs with Judge Thomas Hennings in continuing the temporary custody of the minor boy with John Frederickson of Champion. This court is now adjourned."

The sound of the gavel striking the bench caused Adam to flinch. He was sobbing uncontrollably, as the bailiff led Wanda away. Adam was so upset that he had wet his pants. John had to carry the boy out of the courtroom and to the truck. John held Adam on his lap, as Jenny drove them back to their home on the lake. Ben followed to help calm Adam down and to take Jenny back to Champion. John undressed his boy in the bathroom, and Jenny helped him clean the boy up and put him in his own bed.

Frank arrived, and the adults talked about the situation in the family room, while Adam slept. Ben hugged John, and told him that he was not in this alone, and everyone in the town would help him take care of Adam. Wanda would have to serve six more weeks in jail, after the time she had already served. John was afraid that Wanda would get out of jail, and hurt Adam again. He wanted to kill the woman, but knew Adam would never forgive him for doing it.

"Look at it this way" Jenny said. "Wanda is in jail right now, and Adam is safe with you. Maybe being in jail will open her eyes to what the judge said. Fear of going back to jail might prevent her from hurting Adam again."

John was not convinced, but the other adults told him to take care of Adam, and find things that they could do together instead of focusing on the date that Wanda would be released.

"We have a parade coming up on Labor Day" Frank said. "I know that some of the businesses in town are building floats, and could use some help. You also have Adam's birthday coming up soon, and you guys can plan a party for him."

"You are right," John said. "I want to have a cookout this weekend, as a sort of open house for this home. I want to invite everyone who helped me fix up this place for us, and have some fun."

"Now that sounds great," Frank said. "Are you going to invite me?"

John laughed, and said it would be a big party, and of course Frank would be invited. John decided that he would ask Helen to help organize the food.

"Sam Sheppard has a big barbeque drum that he roasts an entire pig inside" Ben offered. I bet we can get him to do that if you are interested. I think he charges about $300 for everything. I will kick in to help pay for the pig roast."

John thanked everyone for helping him focus on positive things for his future with Adam. He said he could afford to pay for the pig roast, and maybe a potluck would be an easy way to celebrate, with guests bringing a dish to pass. Jenny was excited about having a community event the Saturday before Labor Day. John said goodbye to his friends, and headed upstairs to be with his boy. He got in bed with Adam, and hugged the boy closely as he fell asleep.

The plans for the Saturday event occupied both Adam and John for the rest of the week. They made a list of who they wanted to invite, and were busy on the phone calling everyone. Their days together had settled down into a routine, where they delivered the papers and had breakfast at home or at the café. Tony called from the lumberyard, and told John that his surprise gifts had all arrived. Tony agreed to deliver everything early Saturday morning, and John decided that he would tell Adam that the boy would have to use his bike to deliver the papers that morning. John asked Tony to bring some tarps to cover the gifts in his new garage. Adam was disappointed when John told him that he would be busy, and that he had to deliver his papers alone for just this one day.

It was 2:00 p.m. when the guests started arriving. John and Tony had covered the special gifts with tarps, and had roped off the area with a sign that said, "Do Not Touch". Adam demanded to know what was under the tarps, but John just laughed and said it was a surprise, and that the boy had to wait. Adam pestered John, until he finally decided to tease the boy.

"It is a giant fucking machine" John joked. "You put a little boy in the machine, and it fucks him with a big hairy dick that is three feet long! It fucks the boy till he is dead and full of cum, and then you cook the boy on the grille and make cum burgers out of him."

Adam giggled, and knew John was teasing him. He continued to demand to know what was under the tarps. John finally told Adam that there were special gifts for people that helped build their home, and that Adam would see the gifts at the end of the cookout, but not before. Adam was very excited, and tried to figure out who was getting the gifts, and what they could be. John refused to tell him, or play any guessing games with the boy.

The yard was filled with the sounds of happy people and the wonderful aroma of the roasted pig. Helen had organized everything, and had asked people to bring tables and chairs for the cookout. Aaron, Toby and Adam were sneaking cold beers out of the coolers to run down by the lake and drink. Ben and John knew what the boys were doing, but agreed to watch so the boys didn't get drunk. It was almost dark by the time the guests started packing up to leave. John had asked Ben and his family to stay for a while after the cleanup was done. Tony insisted that he stay for the unveiling of the gifts that he had helped pick out. The only people that were left were John, Adam, Ben, Aaron, Toby, Ben's wife, Kate, and Tony. John asked everyone to go into the garage with him. Tony took down the rope and sign, and had Aaron, Toby and Adam stand in front of three tarps in the garage.

"Today was a special day for me and Adam" John announced. "The old Johnson cabin is now a home, and the people here have made the transformation possible. I couldn't have done all the work without help, and I have found the best carpenter in the country as far as I am concerned. With Tony's help, I have some special gifts to present to the boys who worked so hard."

Tony told each of the boys to lift the tarp in front of them. When the tarps were removed, three brand new shiny mountain bikes appeared. The three boys screamed with joy, as they had all wanted new bikes, but knew that they could never afford them. They each ran their hands over the beauty of their own bike. Each one was a different color, and Adam's had two large baskets mounted on the front and back to hold the papers for his route. All three boys were crying, as they ran to hug John and give him a kiss. Now everyone was crying tears of joy, as the boys each got on their bikes and wanted to go for a ride.

"I have one more gift," John said. "This one is for my new brother to use in his expanding carpenter business."

Ben looked at John with a very puzzled look. Tony pulled off the tarp to reveal a gas powered air compressor, hoses, and two nailing guns. Ben was so stunned, that he could not move. The boys got off their bikes to look at the power equipment that would cut construction time in half.

"I think you might want to start quoting your work by the job" Tony said, "instead of by the hour."

Ben and Kate hugged John, and thanked him for his generosity. The boys each gave John another hug and kiss before they got on their bikes and headed down the road. John, Ben and Tony loaded the new equipment into the back of Ben's truck, and sat on the picnic table drinking a beer to wait for the boys to return.

"I just can't believe what you have done for us," Kate said. "We were going to lose our house to the bank before you got here. What you paid my men for working here has us back on our feet financially, and now Ben has had to turn jobs away, after people have seen the changes in the cabin. Even if they don't pick up at the factory, we can now handle the bills, and we owe it all to you. We wanted to buy the boys those new bikes, but we just couldn't figure a way. I have never seen my men so happy."

"Right now," John said, "I am the happiest man in the world. I have new friends, and a beautiful home for me and Adam."

The boys finally returned, and were bubbling all over with the excitement of riding their new bikes. Aaron and Toby wanted to ride their bikes home, but Ben said it was getting dark, and they would have to wait until tomorrow to ride the bikes again. Each bike was wrapped in a tarp and loaded into the back of the pickup truck. Another round of hugs was spread around, before Adam and John were left alone.

"I love you" Adam said as he hugged and kissed John. "You are so special for taking care of everyone around here. I want to grow up to be just like you."

"You want to be old and fat?" John teased.

Adam giggled, and said that John was not old and fat. He jumped into John's arms, and said, "take me to bed and make love with me!"

John carried his boy up the stairs. They both quickly undressed, and got in bed. They were both horny, and devoured each other's hardness. They had developed a mind link with each other, and most of the time their orgasms hit at the same time. They drank the semen of their lover, and kissed, cuddled and fell asleep together.

Sunday morning Adam wanted to deliver the papers with his new bike. He wanted everyone to see it. Most of the people were still in bed when the paper was delivered, but a few people noticed the shiny new bike, and the big smile on Adam's face. John and Adam had breakfast at the café before they went to church. Adam like the Methodist Church the most, so they became regular attendees. After church, they went home, changed clothes, and headed for Lion Lumber, where the town was assembling floats for the Labor Day parade.

Tony was excited to tell John that the mount of Three Foot was finished, and asked if it was okay to use the cat on the float for his combination lumber yard and hardware store.

"Damn, Tony" John said. "That is your lion now. I think it would be great to have it in the parade, but it is up to you."

Tony asked if John, Adam and Jake would ride on the float. John agreed, and he and Tony worked out a plan for the float that would include John carrying the rifle that killed the big cat, and even fire some blank ammunition. Adam was really excited about riding a float with John and Jake. John helped Tony make a big sign for the float that said "There's no lyin' at Lion Lumber and Hardware." There would be a large sign behind the mount of Three Foot, stating that it was a new state record. The excitement was contagious, as more people had turned out to build the floats than ever before.

The Silas family was helping build the float for the grocery store, but they wanted a catchy phrase to draw attention to their float.

"How about this" John joked, "You can whip our cream, but you can't beat our meat!"

The boys howled with laughter. Kate and Helen just rolled their eyes, and walked away, while John and the Silas men continued dreaming up goofy sayings.

Aaron came up with another funny one. "Put our meat in your oven." More laughter erupted, with Ben adding his own suggestion. "Best Meat to Eat." The boys loved it that their father was caught up in the fun of building the float, and was so free with his own catchy phrase.

Tom Kellen decided that he did not think the town was ready for adult humor on his float, and decided to just have the sign say "Kellen's Market" and have people throw wrapped candy to the crowd. He asked Aaron and Toby if they wanted to pick some girls from school to ride on the float with them. The boys were discussing which girls were the cutest, and giggled that they might need some condoms from the pharmacy.

"You guys need to think about all of the girls in school," John said. "I bet the cutest girls always get picked as cheerleaders or dance queens, and some of the other girls are always left out. It is a special event for the entire town, not just for the cute girls."

Ben put his arm around John, and thanked him for giving his sons some good advice. The boys realized that what John had said was true, and they decided to ask different girls to ride the float with them. The parade was scheduled for the next day, and the floats were almost done before dark. The mayor, Bill Karpinski, came up to John and thanked him for taking time to help build the floats.

"This town has come alive again," Bill said. "Every single business in town has picked up. People are shopping locally, instead of going to Carson, and we owe it all to you."

"Come on Bill," John said. "One person can't make that much difference."

"You are wrong, John," Bill said. "Every time you went shopping, or did something like give fish to the café, people talked about it. You led by example, and it has been contagious. I just hope you don't decide to run for mayor, as I would like to keep my job!"

John laughed and said he had no intentions of running for any office. "I have all I can do to keep up with a certain young boy and occupy his time."

Bill Karpinski had made a list of the sequence of floats, and had published the route in the Champion Gazette. The parade would start at the lumberyard, go down Champion Street to the Town Square, and then back to the lumberyard by traveling down Water Street. The mayor would ride in a convertible ahead of the high school band. Many elected officials had asked to be included in the parade, as this was an election year. The parade would be the largest in the history of Champion, with Lion Lumber as the last float.

Adam was so excited he could not stand still. He wished that it was time for the parade to start, and wanted to drive a float, or watch the parade, or be in the car with the mayor. John just laughed at the exuberance of the young boy. John had a hard time calming Adam down to sleep that night. They didn't have sex, but they hugged and kissed before they went to sleep. Sex was still important to both of them, but it did not control their lives.

Early the next morning, John woke up to the sight of a nude young boy standing with a cup of coffee for him. Adam had an erection, and asked John if he wanted "some cream" with his coffee. John laughed, and told Adam to wait until after the parade, and then they could fool around. Adam giggled, and made John promise to do something special when they had sex. John had already planned a surprise for the boy, but didn't let on anything. They delivered the papers with the truck, as it would be much faster that way. John and Adam were wearing matching camouflage shirts and pants for the parade. They went to the café to have breakfast, and had to wait for a table. Jenny had hired two women from town on a permanent basis, and two high school girls to help out for the large crowds expected for Labor Day.

The entire town was alive with activity, as John and Adam headed for the lumberyard to look at all of the floats before the parade started. Some of the businesses from Carson wanted to be included in the parade, but the mayor said that this was a Champion Parade. Many of the floats were pulled by trucks or four wheelers, and a few by farm tractors. John had loaned his Honda to Tony, who would drive the last float. All of the floats were built on flat bed farm wagons, but the decorations covered the wagons completely. A few of the floats had music playing, so they had to be spaced out to not conflict with each other or the band. The Lion Lumber and Hardware float would play "Proud To Be An American" through large speakers mounted toward the rear of the float.

Aaron and Toby had picked four girls to ride the float for Kellen's Market with them. The girls were beaming with pride, and their parents took pictures and videos of their daughters during this special recognition. The four girls acted like they were queens, as they had never been selected for a special honor like being in the parade. It took two hours for the entire parade to follow the route, and the crowd clapped and cheered when they saw the big mountain lion, and heard the rifle firing blanks into the air. Many of the people sang along with the music that was played. Adam was so excited about the parade and his place holding Jake's collar that he was fighting back tears of joy. He was a star, and the entire town knew it. People cheered and waved at the boy, who had only known sadness in his life. Newspapers from all over the state covered the parade, and would publish photos of all of the floats. The advertisement value could not be measured.

Each of the churches in town held rummage sales, and many residents had garage sales that started after the parade. The entire town was celebrating, and many of the stores opened after the parade to take advantage of the large crowds. Adam and John went to many of the garage and rummage sales, and bought a few things for their home. It was almost dark by the time they returned home. Adam was exhausted, and fell asleep in the truck on the way home. John carried him inside, undressed him, and put him in their bed. He snuggled up to his young lover, and drifted off to sleep.

The days passed by, with Adam and John enjoying their time together. Soon, the first day of school arrived, and John drove Adam to deliver his papers, and offered to drive him to school. Adam wanted to ride the bus that would pick him up at the end of the road that led to the lake. John was like a mother, watching his child head off to school for the first time. John was lonely with Adam gone. He started sketching out a dream addition to the house that included a large family room and bathroom on the main floor with a cathedral ceiling, and a new addition to the upstairs that had two large bedrooms. The master bedroom would have a full wall of windows and balcony that would look out toward the lake. John knew it was just a dream to add more rooms in case his children and grandchildren would visit. It was fun to dream about expanding the home, but John knew that he had spent most of his money to fix up the cabin, and he would have to win the lottery to be able to afford an addition. He pinned the sketch of the new addition to the wall of the family room, so he and Adam could look at it and dream.

The bus let Adam off at the end of the road where John and Jake were waiting in the truck. Adam was full of energy, as he told John all about his day at school. John knew that Adam had not done well in school, and he was determined to help Adam complete any homework before they had supper. The first day of school left Adam with only a little homework to complete, and John made sure it was done completely and correctly. Adam loved the attention, and promised that he would work hard to get good grades.

"We were supposed to have special sex on Labor Day" Adam said during supper. "You said you had a special surprise for me, and I want it!"

John laughed, as he looked at the angelic face of the young boy. Adam had the most incredible eyes in the world, and could convince John to do anything. John told Adam to clean the kitchen while he took a shower. Adam wanted to shower with John, but the man had other ideas. John came downstairs wearing only a bathrobe, that he opened to show Adam a fully erect dick. Adam wanted to suck it, but John made him go take a shower. Adam grumbled, but did as he was told.

When Adam was finished with his shower, John was waiting on their bed for him. John had a grin on his face, and Adam wondered why. John was nude, with a full erection. Adam dropped his towel to reveal his own throbbing dick. John had something in his hand, and Adam wondered what it was. It was an aerosol can of whipping cream, that John shook and then coated strategic parts of his body. Adam squealed with joy, when he realized he would be eating all of the whipping cream off from John's body. The boy jumped on the bed, and began licking and slurping up the whipping cream. John squirted the thick white cream on Adam's nipples, neck, and genitals. The room was filled with the sounds of two hungry mouths eating the cream, and driving each other toward orgasm. Adam was the first to cum, and John had to move fast to cover the head of his lover's cock with his mouth. Adam stayed hard, and John added whipping cream to Adam's butt crack. Adam was sucking John's cock, and taking every inch of it deep inside his mouth.

John pulled Adam around so the boy's butt was in his face. John licked and sucked all of the cream out of the cleft between the boy's firm cheeks. Just as John started pumping his cum inside Adam's mouth, he put his finger inside of Adam's anus. The boy exploded with another crashing orgasm. They finally slumped down on the bed, totally exhausted from the intensity of their orgasms.

"Did you like the dessert?" John asked.

"I want that for dessert every night for the rest of my life!" Adam said. "That was fucking awesome!"

They cuddled together and fell asleep, with Adam wondering what new surprises John would have for him in the future.