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Adam and Even More--4

Life for Adam and John had settled down. Adam had his first birthday party in his life, and had invited about 15 friends from school to attend. John took pictures and a video to send back to his daughter and son to show them how much fun Adam had. John had been taking a lot of pictures of the Wyoming landscape, and many of Adam. His son, known as Johnny or young John had entered the pictures of Adam and Jake covered in the black mud in a Kodak amateur photo contest. He had added the caption "Busted" under the forlorn images of the boy and his dog. The photo won first place in the category of children and pets. The prize money was only $500, but John opened a bank account for Adam, and put the $500 in, along with the profits Adam earned from his paper route. John wanted the boy to have some money that was his own, and the account grew steadily.

Ben and his sons visited one day after school let out. They had some news for John and Adam.

"It seems that our 'friend' Henry Cataline has had some trouble with the law," Ben began. "He got two speeding tickets, and last night got arrested for drunk driving."

John smiled, knowing that Frank had been watching Henry very closely after the incident with Adam's bike.

"Larry got busted at school too," Toby said. "He has been growing marijuana and selling it, and 'someone' ratted him out to Frank and the principal. They searched his locker, and found his stash."

"I hope you guys didn't set him up," John said.

"I told you this town would make them pay for what they did" Ben said. "No one had to set them up, but just maybe someone was watching them, and maybe someone made a couple calls to Frank."

John and Adam smiled, as they realized that Larry and Henry had broken the laws, and that their friends in Champion were all waiting to turn them in to the local law enforcement.

John had gone duck and goose hunting with Ben and Frank, and had started filling his freezer for the winter months. He had caught a lot of fish with Adam, and added them to the freezer. It was early October when the first snow hit. Ben had warned John to have the propane tanks full, and a good supply of groceries in his home, as the winter storms would often cut off power to remote areas. The propane lights and heat had all been checked out and were in working order. John had taught Adam how to drive the Honda four-wheeler, just in case he could not ride his bike or have John help him with his paper route. Life was very good for John and Adam, until they found out that Wanda Moore was going to be released from jail. Adam became very moody, and spent a lot of time alone in his room. John tried to talk to Adam about Wanda, but Adam said he did not want to talk about his mother. John decided to let the boy have some space.

Frank had brought Wanda home, and threatened her that she would go back to jail for the rest of her life if she hurt Adam again. Adam had started walking home from the bus stop, and insisted that John not pick him up. Jake would always be waiting for the school bus, and would greet Adam with sloppy dog kisses. They would play Frisbee on the walk back to their home. Jake seemed to be tuned in to every emotion of the young boy, and they had a very strong bond of love.

The first day that Wanda was released, she looked for her son. Adam walked with Jake through the deep snow, and kept throwing the Frisbee for his canine friend. Adam was afraid when he saw the large tractor trailer rig in front of the trailer. Wanda acted friendly, as she asked her son to come inside with her. Jake snarled and barked at Wanda, but Adam told the dog to go home. Jake hung his head, and took his Frisbee and ran.

"Well, what do we have here?" Larry asked.

The trailer smelled strange to Adam. He did not know that it was the smell of ether, used to purify cocaine. Wanda was very high on drugs, and offered some to Adam. The boy refused, and was ready to leave to go home to John.

"Come over here and suck my dick!" Larry commanded.

Wanda grabbed Adam before he could leave the trailer, and punched the boy in the face. She ripped off his winter coat, and tore his shirt off his back.

"You suck his dick!" Wanda commanded. "I want to see you eat his cum! It's your fault I was in jail, and now you are gonna pay for it!"

Adam refused to suck Larry, and was hit again and again. Wanda grabbed a belt, and began beating the boy. Larry said he would rather fuck the boy in the ass than have a blowjob, and Wanda loved the sound of that. Larry took the belt and began hitting Adam, who was now in so much pain, he was ready to pass out. He kicked the boy and continued punching him, as Larry ripped open Adam's jeans and tried to pull them off.

"I want to watch you fuck him in the ass without any lube!" Wanda screamed. "Tear his asshole apart and then slit his throat. We can throw his body in the dump, and the bears will take it away!"

John was sitting in his family room, when Jake came home without Adam. The phone rang, and Frank told John that Wanda had been released early, and was home. John told Frank that Jake had come home without Adam, and he was worried why the boy was late. Frank said he would drive to the trailer to see if Adam was there, and for John to wait for him to call back.

John could not wait, and he told Jake, "Go find Adam".

The dog understood, and ran out of the dog flap in the door and toward the trailer. Jake was a very intelligent dog, and quickly sensed that Adam was in danger. The 120-pound dog smashed through the door to the trailer, and attacked Larry. Jake's teeth sank into Larry's right arm, as Adam screamed and staggered out of the trailer toward John's home. Jake continued attacking Larry, ripping open a long gash in Larry's arm, until the dog seemed to realize that he needed to be with Adam. Jake bounded out of the trailer, and followed the footprints and blood toward home. Jake ran inside the house, and grabbed John's arm and dragged him toward the door. Just as they got outside, John saw Adam staggering toward him. He ran and picked up the nearly nude and bleeding boy, and carried him into their home.

"He was going to fuck me in the ass" Adam sobbed. "She told him to do it and then slit my throat."

John realized that Adam was hurt bad, and knew that he had to get the boy to the clinic in Champion as fast as possible. He grabbed the quilt off from the couch, and carefully wrapped Adam. He hit the garage door opener control, and laid Adam on the back seat of the truck, completely covering the boy with the quilt. John threw the truck into four-wheel drive, and headed toward town. As he drove down the snow-covered road, he was praying that Adam would be okay, but he knew that the boy had been badly beaten. John blamed himself for Adam being hurt, as he should have insisted on meeting the school bus every day. His eyes were filled with tears, as he knew he had promised to keep the boy safe, and now the boy was hurt bad.

As John drove the winding road, he saw a man standing in the road, pointing a shotgun at the truck. John did not slow down as he recognized Larry. He accelerated, and wanted to run the man down and kill him. The first blast from the shotgun blew out most of the windshield. The second blast took out the side window and hit John in the right shoulder, and grazed his head. As Larry jumped away from the path of the truck, another shotgun blast blew out the rear window of the truck, covering Adam with shattered glass. The boy was completely covered by the quilt, and was not cut. John was bleeding from the impact of the buckshot, and he was getting weak. He was afraid he would pass out, but he found the energy to dial 9-1-1 on his cell phone. He was quickly connected to Frank's office, and he told June that Adam was hurt and to call an ambulance from Carson to take the boy to the hospital. He would get Adam to the clinic as soon as possible.

As John left the dirt road, he was having trouble seeing, with blood flowing down his face into his eyes. He barely recognized the sheriff patrol car with the lights flashing and siren blaring, as he swerved onto the main road.

Frank saw that the truck was badly damaged, but figured if John was still driving, he must be okay. Frank drove up to the trailer, where he saw Larry standing outside, pissing in the snow. Frank saw that Larry's right arm was bleeding, and he drew his pistol and approached the man cautiously. Larry turned, and faced Frank. He tried to hit Frank with his fist, but the deputy was too quick, and smashed the pistol against Larry's head. The big man went down like a rock.

Wanda appeared in the doorway, brandishing the shotgun. She was so high on drugs, that she could hardly aim the shotgun at Frank. She pulled the trigger, and the shotgun just clicked. She racked a new shell into the chamber, and was ready to kill the deputy that she hated so much, when Frank hit her in the face with his pistol. The shotgun went off, hitting an oil lamp inside the trailer. The entire trailer exploded in flames, knocking Frank back on the snow covered ground. He got up and was tempted to drag Wanda and Larry back inside the trailer so they would burn alive, but his training as a law enforcement officer prevented that. He threw Wanda and Larry in the back of his cruiser, and radioed to his office for the fire department, and for backup. He was taking his two prisoners into Champion to the clinic for emergency treatment.

June told Frank that John had called on the emergency line, and that Adam was badly injured, and John had been shot. Frank was afraid that he had made a mistake by going to the trailer instead of following John's damaged truck.

When Frank arrived at the clinic, he saw the damage that had been done to John's truck by the shotgun blasts. The truck was still running, and had hit the wall of the clinic. Frank feared that John had lost consciousness, and might be dead. He ran inside the clinic, where the doctors and nurses were treating Adam and John. When Frank saw all of the blood he was afraid that either of them could die. The doctors told Frank that two ambulances would arrive shortly, and take John and Adam to the main hospital in Carson. He was told that both of them were badly injured and Adam appeared to have internal injuries.

Adam had been sedated, and was lying on the hospital bed. Frank walked into the treatment area where he saw John lying on a bed with blood running down his face. Frank could see that John's right shoulder and head were bleeding, and the doctor told Frank that John had been hit with buckshot, and would have to have surgery in Carson to remove it. Frank hugged his friend, and tried to comfort him.

"Take care of Adam for me" John begged. "This is all my fault. I should have picked him up at the bus stop, but he made me let him walk home. I didn't know Wanda was out of jail. I will kill that bitch, and Larry too!"

"Try to relax, buddy" Frank said. "I have both Wanda and Larry locked in my cruiser. You just try to relax until the ambulances get here."

Frank left John, as the doctor cut away his clothes and tried to clean his wounds, and bandage him for transport to Carson. Frank went out to the cruiser, and saw that Larry was still bleeding. He wanted to drag Larry out of the car and beat the fuck out of him, but saw other people arrive at the clinic. Word had spread fast that Adam and John were injured, and Helen and Tony were the first to arrive. Frank dragged Larry out of the car, and shoved him toward the door to the clinic.

"Put a bandage on this piece of shit so I can take him to jail" Frank demanded.

"You're just pissed that the boy has been sucking my cock instead of yours" Larry spat out.

Frank had to be restrained by the doctors and nurses, as he was ready to kill Larry. John was in the next treatment area, and recognized Larry's voice. John staggered into the area, and as soon as Larry saw him, he attacked John. John was filled with rage, and inhuman strength poured into his body. As Larry lunged toward him, John hit Larry right on the nose, hearing a sickening crunch as the nose shattered. Larry was thrown against the wall by the impact of the fist, and staggered. John swung his right fist as hard as he could, hearing Larry's jaw crack and his own bones breaking from the impact. Larry fell to the floor, but John was not through. He kicked Larry in the ribs and head, and was going to kill him when Frank grabbed John and held him back.

"You did real good, buddy" Frank said. "You are a mean son of a bitch when you get mad. Remind me to never pick a fight with you."

John was sobbing as he felt like he was going to pass out. Frank helped him into a chair, and tried to comfort him. Larry was moaning and got up on his knees.

"Turn your head for a minute, Frank" John said as he staggered to his feet.

Frank turned his head, as John kicked Larry as hard as he could in the balls. The impact flipped Larry over on his head, with his back against the corner of the treatment room. John staggered forward, and jammed his right foot into Larry's crotch as hard as he could, rendering Larry unconscious.

Frank grabbed John, just as his friend passed out. Helen and Tony entered the treatment area, fighting away the nurses that tried to prevent them from seeing Adam and John. The ambulances arrived, and John and Adam were loaded inside, with Helen riding with Adam, and Tony riding with John. Frank told the clinic staff to call for another ambulance, but to tell them not to be in any hurry. He was hoping that Larry would die on the clinic floor. Frank wanted to kill Wanda and Larry, but the arrival of Sheriff Tate prevented him from doing it. A stream of cars and trucks came to the clinic. The entire town had heard about Adam and John being injured, and everyone wanted to help do whatever they could.

Ben Silas and his sons arrived, only to find out that John and Adam were already on their way by ambulance to Carson. Aaron drove John's truck to the local body repair shop, where it would be out of the snow. Aaron was sick when he saw the blood and glass on the gray leather interior, and prayed that his friends would be saved. Ben followed his son to the garage, and then drove them all to the hospital in Carson. Aaron and Toby were sobbing in the truck, and Ben had all he could do to choke back his tears as he drove as fast as he could toward Carson. When they got to the hospital, they were not allowed to see Adam or John. Both had been taken to surgery, and they would have to wait for the doctors to come to the waiting room.

The waiting room was filled to the point of overflowing, with many of the residents of Champion turning up to comfort each other until they had news about their special friends. Aaron had grabbed John's cell phone from the truck, and he handed it to his father. Aaron had punched the buttons, and found Julie's home phone number.

Ben hit the call button, and waited for the phone to be answered.

Julie said, "Hi dad, what's new?" She recognized her father's cell phone number on her caller I.D.

"This is Ben Silas" he choked out. "I have some bad news for you. Your dad has been injured, and we need you here in the hospital in Carson as soon as possible."

Julie screamed for her husband, and demanded to know what was wrong with her dad.

"He has been shot" Ben said. "Adam was attacked and beaten badly, and your dad was shot by a shotgun as he drove Adam to the clinic. Your dad is going to be okay" Ben lied. "We want you here to be with us as we wait for the doctors to finish the surgery to remove the shot from him."

Julie fainted, as her husband grabbed the phone. David asked for all of the details, and promised they would be on the first flight available to Wyoming. He gave Ben his cell phone number, and begged to hear any news about John or Adam as soon as possible.

The large group was waiting in the Emergency Room area, when the ambulance arrived with Larry inside. It took several men to restrain Ben from killing Larry on the spot. His anger was so intense, that his sons were afraid that their father would kill Larry and end up in jail. They helped the other men restrain their father, and Ben finally broke down in tears.

It was two hours later when the doctor came into the waiting room with news about Adam and John.

"We managed to get all of the shot out of John, and put the broken bones back in place on his right hand. Adam is still in surgery, where they are removing his spleen. It was ruptured when the boy was beaten, and he has three broken ribs, and some other cuts and bruises. We will have to watch Adam for any other internal injuries. They will both be okay, but will be in a lot of pain. I suggest that you all go home, and come back in the morning."

No one wanted to leave the hospital. The waiting room continued to fill with more people from Champion. The hospital staff realized that the two people they were treating were very special to the residents of Champion, and they made arrangements for drinks and pillows for the anxious crowd. It was 8:00 a.m. when the doctors addressed the group and said that the surgery on Adam was finished, and was successful. Adam would recover, and John was now awake, but only family could visit John.

"I'm his brother" Ben lied. "I want to see him right now."

The doctors knew that Ben Silas was not the brother of John Frederickson, but saw the determination in Ben's eyes to see John no matter what they said. They finally agreed to let Ben and Helen see John.

When they got into the room, Helen and Ben saw their friend hooked to all kinds of tubes and monitors. John's eyes were very glassy from the effects of the painkillers that were flowing into his body. Helen kissed John on the cheek.

"How is Adam?" John croaked. "I want to know how my son is."

"They had to remove his spleen" Ben said. "The doctors say he will recover, but will be in a lot of pain. The whole town is here in the waiting room. I had to tell them I was your brother to get in to se you."

John managed a weak smile, as he tried to lift his right arm to touch his brother. The arm was heavy with the cast that covered his arm, hand and fingers.

"I may have to learn to jack off with my left hand" John joked, obviously under the influence of the painkillers.

Helen and Ben both laughed, and it was a relief for both of them to hear John make a joke. He would never remember what he had said, until they would remind him many days later. A nurse came into the room and hit the button releasing more painkillers into John's body.

"He will sleep now," she said. "You should go home now, and call in for more information in the afternoon."

Ben and Helen demanded to see Adam, and the doctors violated hospital rules to let them in to see the boy. Adam was white as a ghost and unconscious, with tubes and wires connected to his body. He was in the Intensive Care Unit, and was under constant surveillance by a nurse and doctor. Ben and Helen both kissed the boy on the cheek, before they were ordered out of the room.

Ben called David on his cell phone and told him that Adam and John would survive, but both would have to stay in the hospital for a while. David and Julie were flying in to Wyoming, and Ben agreed to pick them up at the airport and take them to the hospital. Young John and Kristin were also on their way to Wyoming. The entire town of Champion was upset, and waiting for any news from the hospital. Larry and Wanda were both in jail, and Judge Hennings and Judge Hawkins made sure that the promises to prosecute them were realized. Wanda and Larry were held without bail on charges of felonious assault, attempted murder, criminal sexual conduct, resisting arrest, and a multitude of other charges. Judge Hawkins revoked Wanda's parental rights, and ordered permanent custody of Adam with John. This all happened during the time John and Adam were still in the hospital.

Julie, David, John and his wife Kristin all arrived at the hospital to see their father. It was a very emotional scene for the children to see their father in pain in the hospital. Young John hugged and kissed his father, and told him that his dad had to leave Wyoming and return to Michigan. He was not going to accept any excuses, and he told his father that he had to abandon the property and home on the lake and live with him and his wife and children. John looked into the eyes of his son and saw pain and sorrow.

"I'm still the father in this family," John said softly to his son and daughter. "There is a young boy that I am the guardian for, and I will not abandon him now or any time in the future. I love him, and I love this town. We just ran into some shitheads, but I will never agree to leave here to return to Michigan."

Julie tried to get her brother to calm down, but young John was very upset seeing his father bandaged up from being shot and having a cast on his hand. John finally told Julie to take her brother out of his room, as he was getting upset. Helen came into the room, just as the group was leaving.

"I'm taking care of Jake for you" Helen said. The entire town is in an uproar about what has happened. Everyone is pulling together to take care of things, and you and Adam are in our prayers every single day."

John was weak, but demanded to see Adam. The hospital staff realized the strong bond between the man and boy, and finally agreed to let John in to see Adam. John was in a wheelchair, with IV's still running into his body. When John saw his boy unconscious on the hospital bed with monitors and wires connected all over his body, he started sobbing. Ben was pushing the wheelchair, and quickly took John outside of Adam's room.

"You can't break down in front of Adam," Ben said to his new brother. "He needs you to be strong, and help him gain strength to live. Right now Adam feels guilty for what will happen to Wanda and Larry and you, and he is like an eggshell. If you can't control yourself, I will have to take you back to your room."

John choked back his tears, and asked Ben to take him in the room to see Adam. Ben pushed the wheelchair up to the side of the bed. John reached his left arm out to touch Adam's pale face. It had been three days since the surgery was completed on Adam, and the boy had only been awake a few times. Adam's eyes fluttered, and opened to see John touching his face.

Adam tried to talk, but John told him to save his strength. Adam saw the bandages on John's head and shoulder, and the cast on his right hand.

"You're hurt" Adam choked out.

"It's just a scratch" John lied. "It doesn't hurt."

"You can't lie" Adam reminded John.

"Okay, you're right" John said. "They pulled some buckshot out of me, and Larry hit me in the fist with his jaw."

Adam smiled when he recognized the joke John had said. John had punched Larry in the jaw, and that is how his hand got hurt.

"Get some sleep tiger" John said. "I need my little buddy all healed up so we can go home."

Adam managed another weak smile, as the nurse came back into his private room. She pushed the button releasing more painkillers into Adam, and said the boy needed to rest. Ben pushed John back to his room.

"You did great, brother" Ben said. "How would you like it if I shaved you?"

Ben helped John get back in his hospital bed, and asked if he and Adam could be in the same room. Ben had already made those arrangements, and they would both be moved as soon as possible. John's children had been staying at his home, and visited him twice a day during visiting hours. John developed an infection in his shoulder, and was being treated with antibiotics. Ben shaved his friend, and then left so John could sleep.

Later that evening, John woke up to hear his daughter's voice talking to Ben about some kind of work that had been started at the cabin. Ben hushed Julie, as they realized that John was awake. The doctor and nurse came in, and asked the family to leave so they could change John's bandages.

"You're a lucky man," Dr. Dennis Reichert said. "If one of those pellets had been an inch higher, it would have hit the artery in your neck, and you would have bled to death."

"Just take care of my boy" John pleaded. "I'll be fine. Make sure Adam gets the best treatment possible."

Dr. Reichert smiled at John. The entire hospital staff was giving both John and Adam the best care possible.

"We're going to have to delay moving you and Adam into the same room" the doctor said. "Your infection seems to be clearing up, but Adam has developed a staph infection, and he needs to be kept in isolation until we get it under control."

John was upset, but knew that a staph infection was highly contagious, and with his own open wounds, he would be at risk to contract the serious infection. The doctor told him that Adam was responding well to the antibiotics, and should be ready for a roommate in about three days. Three days sounded like a lifetime to John, as he had only been allowed to visit Adam one time. The three days stretched into a week, before John's wounds had healed to the point that he and Adam could be in the same room. Adam's infection had cleared up, and the two friends were finally moved into a semi-private room together.

Being together for the first time in a long while was emotional for both of them. John was still weak, but he tried to get up off his bed to give Adam a kiss. Ben came into the room, and helped John walk to Adam's bed. The boy was awake, and returned the kiss on his cheek with one of his own.

"I love you" Adam said.

"I love you more" John replied.

After two days of being in the same room, John was feeling much better. The doctors said he could be released to go home, but John refused to leave the hospital without Adam. The county prosecutor visited them, along with a court recorder. Adam and John both gave sworn testimonies about what had happened, and their interviews were video taped. Adam opened up and gave his entire story to the startled prosecutor and recorder. He no longer considered Wanda Moore his mother. She was now relegated to being a criminal in Adam's mind, along with Larry. The boy knew that Wanda and Larry would have killed both him and John.

Both judges were very upset when they read Adam's statement, and watched the videotapes. They told the prosecuting attorney to file the charges and schedule trials for both Wanda and Larry. A sizeable amount of cocaine had been found in Larry's truck, and Judge Hawkins ordered that the truck be confiscated and sold at auction, with the proceeds to be used for the care of John and Adam.

Other testimony by Frank, Ben, and the staff at the clinic would also be used, and the case was airtight. Newspapers across the state carried the story of the abused boy and the man who had rescued him. Judge Hawkins had insisted that the newspaper articles did not include any mention of the boy being sold as a prostitute. The newspapers agreed, and only made references to Wanda as a known prostitute. Helen and Kate had been cutting out all of the articles, and were making a scrapbook for Adam and John.

Judge Hennings had visited them several times, and was excited to handle the legal adoption of Adam by John. Both John and Adam had to sign the motions for adoption, and they were very happy when the judge brought the papers in for them to sign. Adam teased John about his scrawled signature. John had to sign the documents with his left hand, and his signature looked like some child had signed. The judge would be able to cut through all of the red tape and waiting periods that were normal in adoptions, and made plans to handle the adoption as soon as Adam was released from the hospital.

Judge Hawkins convinced the hospital staff to allow John to remain in the same room with Adam, even after John was well enough to go home. With only one usable hand, it was very difficult for John to get dressed without help. Aaron, Toby, or Ben always seemed to be there to help him. Julie had remained in Champion, taking care of Jake and the home. Young John, Kristin and David had returned to Michigan to go back to work, but they kept in constant contact with Julie.

It had been over three weeks from the day of the tragic events, when Adam was released from the hospital. Adam was still weak from all of his injuries, but he wanted to go home to rest and recover. John was surprised to see his own pickup truck appear at the discharge door. He was wheeling Adam down the hall, and saw that his truck had been completely repaired. Ben just smiled at his brother, and said that the insurance company had paid for all of the repairs, and the bank had paid the deductible cost from the proceeds from the sale of Larry's truck.

Adam and John were excited to see Jake sitting in the truck. The dog was going wild when he saw both John and Adam. Ben opened the door to the truck, and was nearly knocked over when Jake jumped down and began licking John and Adam's faces.

"We have a couple surprises for you" Ben said, as he helped Adam into the back seat with Jake. John rode up front, with Ben driving. "We have an appointment with Judge Hennings in Champion, if you guys are up to becoming father and son today."

"Really?" Adam squealed. "Don't tease me, Ben."

"I'm as serious as a heart attack," Ben replied.

Both John and Adam were crying tears of joy at what they heard. They both quickly agreed that they wanted to be father and son as soon as possible. Ben had already figured that out and he and Helen had planned everything out carefully. He drove them to the courthouse in Champion, where the parking lot was filled with cars and trucks. Aaron and Toby were waiting for them, with a special parking spot reserved as close to the door as possible.

John and Adam held hands as they walked into the packed courtroom. Cheers and applause erupted, as they saw that most of the town was waiting for them. Julie, David, young John and Kristin were the first to greet them. John was speechless, as he greeted his children and his many friends from Champion. Judge Hennings had to hit his gavel several times to quiet down the unruly mob of happy people.

"This court is now in session" the court clerk announced. The Honorable Thomas Hennings presiding."

Adam and John were led to the front of the courtroom to be seated.

"I have before me a motion of adoption of Adam Evan Moore by John Thomas Frederickson of Champion, Wyoming," Judge Hennings announced. "I have read the entire file, and have never seen so many letters supporting this adoption. Unless I hear any formal objections, I will proceed."

The courtroom was silent, with no objections being voiced.

"Hearing no objections," Judge Hennings said, "I will proceed. Adam Evan Moore, please stand up."

Adam stood and looked at the judge. The boy was very nervous, but knew that this motion was what he had dreamed about.

"Just for the record," Judge Hennings said, "do you want to proceed with this adoption, making you the legal son of John Thomas Frederickson?"

"Yes, your honor" Adam sobbed. "Please make me his son."

"John Thomas Frederickson, please stand up" the judge ordered. "Do you agree to adopt Adam Evan Moore as your legal son, and agree that he will have all of the rights and privileges of your other children?"

"Yes, your honor" John replied.

Judge Hennings smiled. "By the power granted to me from the Circuit Court of the State of Wyoming, I now will sign this motion. From this day forward, Adam Evan Frederickson is officially adopted. This court is now adjourned!"

The courtroom exploded with the yells and screams of the happy crowd. John picked up his son, and hugged and kissed the boy. Tears of joy flooded down John and Adam's faces, as they realized that they were now officially father and son.

"DADDY!" Adam screamed. "Now I can call you daddy!"

Adam and John continued hugging and kissing each other, as the entire town wanted to congratulate them. Many pictures were taken, as Ben led John and Adam to the basement of the court building and into the Town Hall. A large potluck dinner had been arranged, and there was more food than imaginable. They finished eating, and a caravan of vehicles followed John's truck back to the home on the lake.

When John saw the home, his mouth dropped open. "What is this?" he asked.

Ben just smiled, and said that the entire town had helped turn John's sketch of his dream addition to the home become a reality. The bank had paid for all of the materials from the proceeds from selling Larry's truck, and the labor had all been donated.

"We still have some finish work to do," Ben apologized, "but it will be finished in a few days. We added a fireplace in your new family room and a deck that you didn't have on your sketch. I hope you like what Tony helped me plan out."

John and Adam could not believe how beautiful their new home was with the huge addition. They walked around and could not find the words to express their appreciation for all of the work that had been done for them.

"I don't know what to say" John choked out. "How did you ever pull this off so fast?"

Ben laughed and said he had a ton of help from all of the people in the town, and it had looked like an army of ants crawling all around working day and night. He also told John that the furniture store had some discontinued furnishings on sale starting tomorrow, and that Adam and John would be the first customers allowed in the store. There was still money in the bank from the truck sale that would pay for all of the new furniture, and have enough left over for a college fund for Adam.

"Larry's truck sold for $150,000" Ben said, "and they found another $20,000 in cash inside the truck. Larry had built up a big drug trade, and his property in Illinois was confiscated too. That property was claimed by the State of Illinois, but things work different here in Champion."

John and Adam continued walking around the home holding hands. They were both excited, and pointed out different features of the addition to each other.

Julie and young John came up to their father and new brother. "We are spending the night in the motel in Champion" Julie said. "We figured that you and Adam needed to be alone tonight, so we will meet you for breakfast at the café tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Josh has been delivering the papers, and will continue until Adam decides he wants his paper route back."

"Thanks, Aunt Julie," Adam said, giving Julie another hug. He then hugged his other new aunts and uncle, asking them if it was okay calling them aunt and uncle. They all quickly agreed, saying it was an honor to call Adam their "nephew" and that their children would be Adam's new cousins.

Ben broke up the large gathering, and said it was time to let John and Adam have some time alone. Hugs and kisses were exchanged, and the home finally quieted down, with Adam and John left alone.

"Tonight I want you to fuck me" Adam begged. "You promised that if I was adopted, you would do it. I'm not going to wait any longer!"

"I want you to stop using the word 'fuck'," John said. "What you and I do is making love, not fucking."

Adam agreed, and said it was time to make love. John agreed, and they headed upstairs to the bathroom. John told Adam to undress and get on his hands on knees on the bathroom floor near the toilet. Adam thought that John was going to make love to him right there in the bathroom, and was thrilled.

"Do you know what an enema is?" John asked.

"Of course I do" Adam answered. "Why?"

John showed Adam a plastic squeeze bottle, and told him it was an enema solution. He would squirt the liquid inside Adam's butt and then Adam would have to hold the liquid inside him as long as he could. He would then poop on the toilet, and have the process repeated with clear warm water. Adam asked if John would leave when he was ready to poop, and John agreed.

"Why do I have to do this enema thingy?" Adam asked.

"It makes your butt clean inside" John replied. "We both read on the Internet on our computer how having poop inside you can cause discomfort, and maybe a smelly accident. If you don't want to take an enema, I won't force you."

Adam agreed that it was a good idea, and told John to do it. Adam asked if he could give John an enema too, and John said yes. That meant a lot to Adam, and he willingly cooperated. They both flushed out their solid waste, and then showered together. John had a small mirror on the wall of the shower enclosure, and he shaved before the shower was finished.

"Can I shave some spots on you?" Adam pleaded.

"What spots do you have in mind?" John laughed.

Adam giggled, and then said he wanted the hair off from John's balls and butt hole. John warned that Adam had better be careful with the safety razor, but let his boy cover his scrotum with shaving cream and shave him. John allowed Adam to tug and pull on his ball sack, and whisk away all of the dark pubic hairs. He then bent over and used his hands to spread his butt cheeks apart for Adam to shave his crack and around his anus. The boy was very gentle, and never nicked John once.

"Awesome!" Adam shouted. "Now I won't get hair in my mouth when I suck and lick you!"

John got a pair of sharp scissors and even trimmed the pubic hair above his cock for Adam. They were both erect in the shower, but agreed to save any cum for the ultimate act of love between a man and his teenage lover. John dried Adam off, and carried him to their bedroom. They would move into the new master bedroom after the construction was complete and the new furniture had been delivered.

Adam ran his hands under the pillow after feeling a large lump there.

"What's this?" Adam asked. He held out a paper sack to John.

John opened the sack and pulled out a note and two tubes of K-Y jelly lubricant. He read the note out loud.

"We figured you might need this" John read to Adam. "This is what we use." Aaron and Toby signed the note.

"Do you think they know we do sex?" Adam asked.

"They might be just using it to jack off" John answered, "or maybe the Silas boys are active with each other."

John turned the note over, and saw more writing. He read it to Adam. "In case you are wondering, I am the top most of the time, and Toby is the bottom. Maybe you guys will let us join you for some awesome orgies."

"I guess that answers that question," John laughed.

"Do you mind if I do stuff with them and Josh" Adam asked.

"Of course I don't mind," John said. His honest answer would have been that he did mind, but he knew that to truly love the boy, he would have to allow Adam to experiment with other boys, and maybe even girls. "It is normal for boys to fool around with each other," John said. "I wonder how big those Silas cocks are when they are hard?"

Adam giggled, and said that maybe tomorrow night they could find out, but tonight he wanted John to be his lover.

"Do me now" Adam begged. "I need to feel you inside me. I have waited for this night, and I don't want to wait any longer. Don't fool around, just put it in me, please."

John was going to take his time getting Adam ready, but realized that both he and Adam had waited too long to even touch each other intimately. He lifted Adam's legs, and began applying the K-Y jelly to the boy's anus. John started with two fingers, generously coating the inside and outside of the boy's anus. He coated his own throbbing erection, and prayed that he would not ejaculate as soon as he got inside the tight hole. His cock was about 6 1/2 inches long, and not really that thick, so he aimed it at the puckered ring, and pushed.

Adam moaned as the cock entered his virgin hole. The head and about two inches of man cock was inside Adam's hole, and the boy tried to push out like the stories on the Internet advised. He clamped his muscles down on the man cock, and then tried to relax. It worked, and John's cock slid deeper into his young lover. John saw that Adam's dick was completely soft, with the head completely covered by the foreskin. John paused again, allowing Adam to adjust to the pressure and pain of being stretched. John watched Adam's face contort in pain and then relax. Soon the entire length was deep inside Adam, and John had to fight off the sensations that were taking him toward orgasm. He knew if he came quickly inside Adam, it would take a while for him to get another erection, so he fought off the feelings and thoughts that he was now joined with his boy.

Adam's face changed from pain to relief, and the boy urged John to start moving in and out of him. John started with slow, short strokes, watching Adam's face begin to show pleasure. The strokes increased in length and speed, as Adam's dick was rock hard.

"Fuck me!" Adam said. His young body was pitching all over the bed now, making it difficult for John to keep his dick inside. Twice it came out, and Adam demanded that it be put back in. Each time John re-entered the boy, Adam moaned loudly. They finally developed a rhythm, and their lovemaking became more intense. John's pubes mashed against Adam, and his balls made a slapping sound as they hit the cheeks of the bubble butt.

"FUCK ME HARD!!" Adam screamed.

Adam's cock erupted with four long spurts of boy cum. He had not even touched his dick, taking the entire stimulus from the cock that was now ramming in and out of his clutching rectum. By concentrating on preventing his first approach to orgasm, John was able to last a long time, as he continued fucking the young boy. The heat inside Adam's body was increasing, due to the intense feelings and the friction of the cock that was hammering inside him. They were both covered in sweat, and the moans and groans of pleasure filled the room.

Adam grabbed his own dick, and began jerking off. His eyes were mere slits, as his face contorted with the intense pleasure of being fucked for the first time. The four-inch dick on the boy spurted two shots of cum on his belly, and his anus clamped down hard on John's thrusting cock. John screamed as his balls unloaded a month's worth of cum inside the walls of the boy's rectum. John continued fucking until his orgasm was complete, and his dick became very sensitive. He left his softening tool inside Adam, until they both recovered from their orgasms.

John slid his cock out of the boy with a loud slurping noise. Adam's anus was still stretched, and John's semen started leaking out. He moved on the bed and lapped up the cum that was now flowing out of the distended hole. Adam moaned as John sucked the boy's anus, drawing out much of the spent liquid.

"Let me suck your cock!" Adam begged.

John turned on the bed so they were in a 69 position. Adam licked and sucked John's cock clean, while John continued eating the boy's butt hole. They finally collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted from their lovemaking. John staggered into the bathroom, and came back with some cream to coat Adam's no longer virgin anus. Adam moaned as John gently applied the soothing cream. John wiped his fingers off, and lay down next to Adam to kiss and cuddle.

"Awesome!" Adam finally had enough energy to say. "That was awesome!"

"You were fantastic," John said. "You took it all just great. I was afraid I would make you bleed or hurt you."

"I'm a little sore," Adam admitted, "but it isn't that bad for my first time. Thanks for taking your time and being gentle with me."

"I love you" John said, kissing Adam on the forehead.

"I love you more" Adam said. "Now that we have proven how much we love each other, I want you to do it with me ten times a day for the rest of my life."

John tickled Adam, and reminded him that he was an old man, and would never be able to keep up with a teenaged boy when it comes to sex.

Adam giggled, and hugged John close to his body. They drifted off to sleep, beginning a new intimate life together.

The End