Adam Needs a Ride, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Honey, are you sure you want to sleep outside tonight?” my mom asked with a dubious look. “It's going to get chilly.”

I won't get cold,” I promised. “Besides, if it gets too cold, I'll just come inside. Please mom?”

My mom gave me a long, measured look, so I gave her my sweetest, most hopeful smile. I saw her gazing down into my green eyes with a look of contemplation, then she let out a deep sigh and a smile crept across her face and she nodded.

You better come in if it gets too cold, Adam,” she said. “I don't want you getting sick, do you understand me?”

I promise,” I said with an excited smile. “Is it okay if Thomas and Steve spend the night, too?”

Are they bringing their own sleeping bags?” she asked, and I nodded again. “As long as it's okay with their mom and dad, it's fine with me.”

Thanks mom,” I said with a grin, wrapping my arms around her stomach and giving her a long hug.

You're welcome, sweetie,” she said, returning my hug and leaning down to plant a kiss on my cheek. “I don't want you boys making a lot of noise back there tonight and keeping the neighbors up.”

We won't,” I said with a smile, then I turned my attention to my mom's boyfriend David, who was sitting at the table and watching the entire time. “Do you want to come see me in the tent?”

Sure thing, kiddo,” he said as I leaned into him. He gave me a warm hug, then he stood up from his chair and smiled down at me. He planted a kiss on my mom's lips, then he said, “I'll check for bears.”

That's fine,” she said, swatting his butt playfully. “I'm going to the store anyway. Is there anything you want?”

Just some beers,” he said, placing his meaty hand on my shoulder.

Just some beers for me too,” I said with a cheeky smile, prompting my mom to ruffle my brown hair.

I'll bring you some root beer,” she said with a smile. “Behave for David while I'm gone.”

I will,” I told her, then I got behind him and reached up to place my hands on his shoulders. He knelt down and let me climb on his back, then he stood up and grabbed my legs so he could give me a piggy back ride.

Honey, you're getting too big for that,” my mom said, but I shook my head no. “You're 13, Adam. Don't you think you're a little old for that?”

He's fine, honey,” David said in an easy tone as I rested my chin on his right shoulder. “I don't mind giving my little buddy a ride out to the back yard.”

Okay,” she conceded, then she planted a kiss on both of our cheeks. “I won't be long.”

With that, David followed my mom to the front door with me in tow. He stepped out onto the porch and we watched her get in her car. She smiled and waved as she pulled out of the driveway, then we went back inside and he closed the front door.

Where to, little man?” he asked, and I responded by blowing in his ear.

I want you to give me a ride in my room,” I told him, then I planted a kiss on his cheek. He turned his head my way, so I planted my lips to his and slipped my tongue in his mouth with a soft moan. When we broke our kiss, he carried me up the stairs piggy back style while we talked.

How many rides have you already taken today?” he asked knowingly, and I sighed.

Six,” I said with a hiss. “Thomas and Steve came to see me in the tent two times already.”

I saw them go in there with you after breakfast,” he told me just as we reached the top of the stairs. “You were in there quite a while, buddy. Were they good rides?”

Every ride is good for me,” I said with a seductive inflection in my voice. “Especially when you give me rides.”

We stepped into my room and he let go of my legs. I slid down his back and landed on my feet, and without hesitating, I used my fingers to grab the waistband of his sweat pants and boxers so that I could pull them down. As I eased them down, his beautiful butt cheeks came into view and I moaned hotly. I used my hands to part his cheeks, revealing his deep crack and his luscious butt hole, then I leaned in and planted a kiss on his pucker. With my lips pressed tight against his beautiful hole, I took a long, intoxicating whiff of the heavenly man whose body I loved to explore. As the earthy musk of David's man hole poured into my nostrils, I felt my dick start to fill with blood. As my boner raged in my pants, I felt my head spin with pleasure and used my tongue to dig in so that I could eat deeply at his back door.

I felt him reach back and place his hand on my head, encouraging me to continue my feast, so I parted his cheeks further and pushed my face in as hard as I could. With my face shoved in his crack and my tongue lodged deep in his chute, I let his cheeks close around my face. I could feel the hot flesh of his crevice smashing against my face and my hair and loved it. My nose was working double time while my tongue did its job, treating me to an indulgent feast at David's back door. I could hear him letting go of hot moans that told me how much he was enjoying my rim job. At the same time, my own moans were muffled between his man cheeks, where I was so eagerly dining.

When my tongue started to get tired, I treated myself to one last French kiss of his delicious bottom, then I pulled my face out and licked my lips. He turned to face me, his hard prick standing straight up at its full 9 inches, and I felt another deep shudder run through me. I smiled up at him and started unbuttoning my pants while his cock gave me chills of delight. While I was unbuttoning my pants, I leaned down just far enough to wrap my lips around his shaft and suck on it until my khakis fell around my ankles. With a mouthful of hard dick, I smiled up at him and hooked the waistband of my undies, then I pulled them down and they landed on top of my khakis.

I stayed where I was, sucking his luscious dick with wanton moans, loving how long and thick it was. David's cock is always a juicy treat that I can never spend enough time sucking, so I was in no real hurry to stop. But then I felt him reach down and slip a finger into my crack, where he found my already well serviced boy pussy. As soon as he located my moist entrance, he slipped his finger in and buried it all the way to the last knuckle, bringing out a needy moan from me. My hard dick was standing at attention, pressed so tight to my pubic bone that I could feel it smash into the small patch of pubic hair I have down there.

Are you ready to take that ride, baby boy?” he asked in a husky voice, and I nodded urgently without taking his cock out. I felt him twist his finger from side to side in my boy pussy, making me pant with pleasure, then he pulled it out and held it under my nose. With my lips still wrapped tight around his cock, I drew in a long whiff of my boy pussy and shuddered, then I felt him cup my chin and encourage me to let his dick go.

I pulled off of his cock with a moist slurp, then I planted a grateful kiss on the end while he ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled up at him warmly, then I got into position for him, bending over and placing my hands on my mattress. I felt the head of his hot dick slide between my cheeks, tickling my hole from the outside while I looked over my shoulder and bit my lower lip. When I felt him starting to push through, I bore down, just slightly, to ease his way in. As soon as he broke past my anal ring, I drew air in through my pursed lips and moaned, then I pushed back so that his entire shaft slid up my ass.

Does that feel good?” he asked, and I nodded as the heat of his dick radiated off of the walls of my boy cunt. “Tell me what my cock does for you, Adam?”

It makes me tingle all over,” I whimpered. “It feels so good, David.”

Tell me what you want me to do, baby,” he teased me, and through a series of pants, I made my request.

I need you to give me a hard ride,” I whimpered, and he responded by slapping my right ass cheek.

Anything for my sexy boy,” he said, then he took a firm hold of my hips and began a luscious in and out ride that made me delirious with pleasure. I could feel his shaft running deep inside of me, making my whole body shiver with passion. I felt currents of electricity running down my legs while my midsection throbbed with energy. My boner was slapping hard against my pubic bone as it bounced up and down with the momentum of my ride. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck start to stand up as I curled my toes in my shoes, then I felt David start to speed his thrusting up.

Knowing that I was about to be bred, I tightened the muscles in my boy pussy so that I could give him as much pleasure as I could. He responded to this by grabbing my hips even tighter, then he thrust his cock in me ten more times. Just as his spring loaded cock was about to blow, he pulled out and I immediately spun around. Without a second to spare, I bent over and wrapped my lips back around his shaft and sucked on it with horny moans. Right away, I was treated to a mouthful of hot cum that I swallowed quickly. Shot after shot of his seed filled my gullet, straight from his pulsating dick, so I gulped as furiously as I could, eager to take it all to the tummy.

When his beautiful dick stopped pumping cum into my mouth, I stayed where I was, happy to suck it clean while he petted my head of brown hair. I smiled up at him in appreciation of the service at my back door, as well as the load that he gave me to swallow, then I resumed my lust filled sucking. When I pulled off of his cock, I squatted so that I could service his nut sack, eager to drag my tongue across it over and over again. My dick was hard as a rock, standing straight up and leaking precum as I used my tongue like a good little pussy boy should. After an extended amount of time worshiping his cock and balls, I stood up and wrapped my hand around it while I puckered my lips. He leaned down and we shared a deep kiss that filled me with happiness, then he looked at his watch and said, “I have another load boiling in my balls, Adam. Do you want another quick ride?”

Yeah,” I said with an eager nod and a big smile. “Kiss me again.”

Giving into my needs, he leaned in and planted a long kiss on my mouth while he reached down and groped my bubble butt with both hands. When we broke our kiss, I climbed onto my bed and got into the doggy style position with my pants and underwear still bunched around my ankles. He quickly climbed in behind me and slid his dick back up my horny rear end.

I felt his cock get hot right away, so I licked my lips and smiled lewdly over my shoulder. When he started fucking me, I felt my four and a half inch boner tingle as I was treated to another quick ride that brought me nothing but pleasure. I kept my hands planted on my mattress for leverage as he drove in hard, taking me from the back while we both moaned in unison. Instead of pulling out this time, David fucked me until he was ready to cum, then he slid his dick all the way up inside of me and seeded my boy pussy. When he pulled out, I flipped over and he eased his dick into my mouth. With a grateful moan, I sucked lustily on his dick while my own hard on oozed a strand of slimy precum that streamed into my tiny patch of pubic hair.

When I was through sucking and licking him clean, we got dressed and shared another deep kiss. Knowing that I was still reeling from the pleasure of our two quickies, David held my hand while we walked downstairs to the family room to watch TV. I instantly snuggled up to his side on the couch, curling my legs up under my tingling body while he held me close. I smiled up at him and offered my lips for a kiss, and much to my delight, he accepted my gesture of affection. As I lay there, awash in my romantic feelings, I thought about how lucky I was to have a real man like David to give my body what it needs. His arm was wrapped tight around my slight frame, and he was lovingly massaging my left shoulder as I rested my head on his shoulder. I felt a sleepy warmth wrap itself around my body, so I let go of a sigh as thoughts of my first time with David filled my mind.


Are you sure we have time?” Steve asked, sharing a doubtful look with his twin brother Thomas as I ushered them up to my room.

My mom won't be home for another hour and a half,” I assured them, then I licked my lips in an enticing manner and gave them both a tender look. “I really want to take care of you two.”

Unable to resist my charms, the cute blond brothers followed me upstairs, watching as my horny rear end swung from side to side. Neither boy was a stranger to my body, as I had been giving it up to both of them since the sixth grade. My reputation in school as a cock hound is well deserved, and while I've had to endure a few nasty comments from mean kids, most boys will stand up for me. That's mainly because they know I'll suck any dick that's waved under my nose with a smile on my face. Alternatively, if there's time, I'll gladly drop my drawers and bend over for a chance to take it in the ass, no matter where I am.

The first time Thomas and Steve had me spend the night at their house, I was pretty sure what they were after. So I went prepared, with my bottom lubed up and my tightest jeans hugging my bubble butt. After an hour of beating around the bush, so to speak, I was led to the side of their house and treated to deep kisses while I groped their respective boners through their pants. Later that night, while their parents were across the street playing cards, I opened my legs and took their virginities, one at a time.

After that first night, the twins and I started having sleepovers anytime we could. I love spending time on my hands and knees, sucking one of them off while the other hammers my boy pussy from the back. Or just as enticing, laying on my back with my knees pulled to my chest, getting fucked missionary style while sucking dick. It's never a question of if I'll be servicing cocks when we're together, but a question of how many times I'll be able to service their cocks.

As our relationship flourished, our parents were pleased that we were so close. They even started to encourage us to spend more time together. This worked well for all three of us, and eventually, it became a common occurrence for my mom to come home and find the twins in my room “gaming” online. Thomas and Steve's father built a tent in their backyard the summer after our sixth grade year, where I spent night after night getting them off in my mouth and in my ass. When Autumn rolled around, the tent came down, so we moved the fun back to our rooms.

Over the last two years, we've all grown a little. When we were 11, we were all short and skinny boys. None of us were sporting pubic hair and our boners were miniature sized. Slowly, we've all gotten taller, though I haven't grown as fast as Thomas and Steve have. They're both 5'4” tall and weigh close to 100 lbs, while I stand at 5'1” and weigh 85 lbs dripping wet. Their packages have come along quite nicely, too. Flaccid, they aren't much to look at, but when they get hard, they each pack a satisfying six inches with about three inches in diameter. My cock is still developing, but I'm not concerned. At full mast, I sport 4 ½ inches and about two inches in diameter. Their pubic bushes are much more impressive than mine, too. They each have a nice full patch around the base of their cocks, while mine is more like a modest collection of hairs that are just starting to emerge.

When we got to my room, we quickly disrobed. I shared a deep kiss with both of them and wrapped my hands around their packages, eager to get them off. While I was stroking their cocks and accepting their tongues in my mouth, I was eventually eased onto my back by Thomas. I grinned up at him and spread my legs wide, then I felt the head of Steve's hard prick rubbing against my lips. Without taking my eyes off of the cute blond between my legs, I let my lips part and Steve's cock slipped through them. I immediately began sucking on it, eagerly waiting for Thomas to enter me. I reached up and ran my fingers through Steve's patch of pubic hair, loving how bushy it was compared to mine, then I smiled up at him to let him know that I was happy to be sucking his dick. He gave me a sweet smile of his own, then I felt Thomas grab my right ankle and raise my leg up into the air. I turned my attention back to the gorgeous blond between my legs and batted my eyes with a moan, feeling incredibly horny for a dick in my ass. I felt Thomas place the head of his dick at my back door, and I responded by sucking furiously on the end of Steve's cock, then I lifted my head and swallowed as much of his length as I could. At the same time, the head of Thomas' cock slipped through my back door, causing me to sigh deeply around the cock I was sucking on. Soon, Thomas began to thrust in and out with hard, swift thrusts that never failed to make me moan like a bitch in heat.

My body felt like it was on fire as I accepted his forceful in and out fucking motions, knowing that when he was finished using my ass as a cum dump, his equally cute brother would take his turn. I wrapped my left arm around Steve's waist for leverage so that I could keep my head in place. I was incredibly horny to deep throat his magnificent cock while his brother took care of my other end. My hard cock was leaking precum and I could feel tremors running through my body as my duo of tops treated me to an after school split roast in my room. With my hand around his waist, Steve took over on me, thrusting his hard dick in and out of my throat while I moaned like a boy possessed.

I felt my balls start to tighten and a powerful burn was spreading through my abdomen, then I felt Thomas slam into my boy pussy hard and fast five times. With a labored look on his face, he pulled out of me and urged his brother to trade places. Knowing what to expect, I let Steve pull his shaft from my throat while his brother held my right leg in place. As soon as Steve entered me, I started to pant hard and begged Thomas to let me suck his dick. He gave in with a lewd smile, placing the head of his dripping cock at my lips. I opened up and swallowed his shaft whole, sucking on it like a baby sucking a bottle while I fondled his balls with my left hand. In an instant, I felt his shaft start to swell in my throat and I knew that my reward was coming. I bobbed my head furiously, eager to take my lover's load, and after just 20 seconds, I was swallowing as fast as I could while Thomas unloaded his bounty of sweet boy seed in my mouth.

While I was sucking the load straight from the end of Thomas' dick, Steve was treating me to a first class butt fucking. His in and out thrusting was making my body jerk to and fro with sudden movements as he settled into a forceful ride. My cock hungry rear end started to throb with ecstasy that I could feel swelling deep inside of me as I swallowed Thomas' baby makers. The force of his cock running along the lining of my hungry rear end was bringing out loud, feminine sounding moans that I couldn't do anything to control. I felt so fulfilled with Thomas and Steve filling me with hot cock at both ends that a romantic wave rolled over me. My moans were a direct result of the pleasure that my blond lovers were filling me with, and I had no way to prevent them from escaping through my dick sucking lips.

Just like his brother, Steve treated me to a series of hard, fast thrusts that made my entire body shiver as I struggled to keep my lips wrapped around Thomas' cock. I felt Steve slam up into my glory hole of a body with deliberate thrusts that told me what was coming, then he pulled out and jerked his cock over my stomach while I watched with a horny smile. Before he came, Thomas pulled his spent dick from my mouth and Steve quickly straddled my heaving torso. This gave me the joy of wrapping my lips around his dick just in time to receive his load. I quickly swallowed every strand of cum that he shot, all the while feeling my body burn with lust.

When Steve's entire load was swallowed, Thomas climbed into my bed beside his brother and put his hard on in my face. With a sigh of contentment, I spent a long, pleasure filled afterglow licking and sucking their cocks and their balls clean. Before they left, I begged them to let me eat their asses. With lecherous smiles, they each took turns having their delicious bottoms serviced by my eager, ass munching mouth. After spending a glorious ten minutes dining at Thomas and Steve's back doors, I bent over and let them fuck fast loads into my bottom while I moaned like the pussy boy that I am. I delighted in licking their cocks clean again, then they got dressed and showed themselves out while I basked in the afterglow of two more luscious lays.

I heard the front door open and close, then I heard a set of footsteps in the hallway. I immediately sat up and found myself face to face with David, who was sporting a huge boner in his slacks. I knew that he had been watching me the entire time, and that my secret was out in the open. But as I watched him rub the massive lump in his pants, I let my gaze travel back up to his face and realized that all of my regrets were about to wash away. I reached out and unbuckled his brown belt, watching him give me an approving nod, then I licked my lips and unfastened his slacks. I reached into his boxers and pulled out the biggest, most beautiful dick I'd ever seen in real life. I looked up at him one more time, and as his hungry gaze caught my eye, I knew that it was okay to proceed.

I quickly wrapped my lips around the end of his boner, sucking its nine inches like a true cock hound dreams about. My moans were full of desire, and I quickly found myself taking his entire shaft down my throat with no problems. He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, then he rubbed my back with tenderness. I gazed up at him and batted my eyes, then I got back to work, eager to please his dick anyway that he wanted me to.

You suck a really nice dick, Adam,” he told me, and without taking his dick out of my throat, I smiled up at him. My hard cock was drooling precum down into my pubic patch, and I could feel my balls pulling tight to my body. Not wanting the feeling to fade, I stayed right where I was, sucking on David's nine incher with horny moans of delight. I felt him caress my soft cheek, then he spoke again.

You were really hot to take those dicks in your ass, weren't you?” he asked, and I nodded furiously. “Are you still hot to take a ride on a cock?”

I nodded again, feeling his hard cock leak precum that I gulped down with easy swallows. I felt him grab my cheeks with his gentle touch, then he gingerly pulled me off of his raging boner. I sucked as hard as I could as his shaft started to pulled out of my throat, eager to give it as much pleasure as I could. When I felt his glans pull through my lips, I made a tight seal and sucked diligently as he eased it out, then I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his piss slit. I smiled up at him and licked the precum from my lips, then I laid back and opened my legs for him.

You love sucking cock, don't you buddy?” he asked tenderly.

Yes,” I hissed, pulling my knees back to my chest. “Are you going to tell my mom?”

No, not unless you ask me to,” he said with a warm smile, then he grabbed my ankles and lined up to my hole while I bit my lower lip and watched.

I'm not out to her yet,” I said, feeling the heat pour off of his cock as he placed it at my horny entrance. He nodded in understanding, then he carefully pushed. Being an experienced bottom, I've taken my fair share of big dicks. My partners have ranged from sixth graders at my school to men down at the pool hall, and everything in between. The biggest cock I'd ever taken before David was a seven incher that gave me a thrill as I straddled and rode it. My technique for accepting big dicks is a simple one, really. I just push like I do when I poop, and my hole opens up for the nicest of cocks to slide inside.

So when David's cock slipped in with no trouble, he looked almost amazed. I simply smiled up at him and sighed, loving how hot it got inside of me. I also loved how thick and veiny it felt as it probed my horny rear end. I reached up with my right hand and rubbed his chest, reveling in how toned it was and how warm his skin was. His face was so sexy, and I knew that I would crave his cock in me every day. When he started to thrust, he started slow. I wanted him to know that he could move at his own pace, fast or slow, or anywhere in between, so I caressed his stubbled cheek with my hand and told him, “It feels so good.”

You like that, huh?” he said, and I nodded with a moan. I started to pant hard, feeling my hard cock press tight against my body while a strand of precum collected on my tummy. The grin that was plastered to my face was enough to entice David to treat me to a beautiful smile of his own, causing me to gush. Longing for a kiss, I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, locking my fingers tight. Then I pulled his face down to mine and puckered my lips. He responded in kind, pressing his lips to mine, then I moaned and slipped my tongue into his mouth as he continued to feed me deep strokes of cock.

I felt him let go of my ankles, letting them rest against his shoulder blades, then my legs started to rock back and forth with the momentum of our ride. His cock was touching places deep inside of me that had never been touched, and as the head of his dick scraped back and forth along the lining of my ass, my body sizzled with passion. The pleasure that I felt when Thomas and Steve were getting off inside of me was back, swelling deep inside of me as I reveled in our love making. At the same time, the squeezing in my boy pussy was giving David's cock pleasures untold, rushing him to the finish line. He broke our kiss with a loud smacking of our lips, then he started to hump in and out with a look that I knew well. His cock was swelling in my boy pussy, and I knew that he was ready to present me with his load. At the same time, his thrusting was adding to my pleasure, making me pant hard as my midsection burned with carnal pleasure. The speed of his thrusting started to increase, and he looked down at my lust filled expression with a look of frantic need.

Do you want it in your ass or your mouth?” he asked, and I whimpered because I knew that he saw me take two loads in the mouth.

In my mouth,” I moaned hotly, then his thrusting got even more urgent for 20 more seconds. I was moaning uncontrollably when he pulled out and let my legs fall to the bed. Without hesitation, I sat up and wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking it lustily while my body burned with passion. I felt his dick pulsate three times in my mouth, then his load erupted, squirting forcefully into my mouth while I gulped furiously. He treated me to four strong shots of cum that I was incredibly horny to swallow, then I wrapped my fist around the base of his shaft and opened wide, aiming it at the back of my throat and milking it for every drop I could get.

When his balls were drained, I smiled up at him and swallowed, then I moved over and let him collapse on my pillow. I moved down to his dick, taking it back in my mouth and sucking it clean with soft purrs of satisfaction while he petted my head of brown hair. My hard on was burning so deliciously as I carried on with the task of licking and sucking David's cock clean, then I moved down to his balls and spent as long as I could there. When I finally stopped worshiping his package, I moved back up to his torso and kissed my way along his body until we were face to face. We shared a deep, tongue filled kiss, then he held me in his arms until my mom called his cell to make sure we were okay and to tell us that she was on her way home.


When I opened my eyes, my mom was sitting next to me, watching me with a warm smile. I gave her a sleepy smile of my own, then I smiled up at David, who was still holding me in his tight embrace.

Did you have a good nap, sweetie?” my mom asked, and I nodded with a yawn.

What time is it?” I asked, still finding my bearings after such a sweet dream.

It's almost dinner time, honey,” my mom said, then she let out a frustrated sigh and spat out a curse word. “Shit!”

What's wrong, babe?” David asked, taking note of my mom's flustered state. “I forgot to get eggs. I can't make my quiche without them. Adam, honey, will you ride your bike to the store for mommy and get me some eggs?”

Okay,” I said, sitting up and stretching out. I felt David place his hand on my shoulder and sit up with me, then he rubbed my back tenderly.

No need for that, buddy,” he said. “How about if I give you a ride? It'll be really quick.”

I'd like that, David,” I said excitedly. “Mom, is it okay if David gives me a fast ride?”

You don't mind, honey?” my mom asked with a note of concern in her voice, but David shook his head no.

Not at all babe,” he said, standing up with me. “I'd love to give Adam a quick ride.”

With that, I took five dollars from my mom and David and I were out the door. The entire way to the store, I wasn't able to keep my hands off of him. When we pulled into the lot, he circled around the back of the store and pulled into a loading bay between two trailers. Before he could even turn his car off, I had his dick out of his sweats and my lips wrapped around the base. I was sucking with a dreamy smile, glad to once again have his dick in my mouth. He reached down into my pants and slid his fingers between my cheeks. I let go of a horny moan when he brushed across my boy pussy, then he started to rub it and I felt a powerful shiver run down my legs. I pulled off of his cock and we shared a deep kiss, then he opened his door and we got out.

Standing between the two trailers, I quickly dropped my pants and my underwear, exposing my rock hard boyhood to him. With a naughty smile, I placed my hands on the front of his car and shuddered when he grabbed my hips and lined up. I felt him push in, and as his cock filled me up, I moaned with horny passion. I knew we were taking a quick stroll down lover's lane this afternoon, so I used my hips to push back when he began thrusting, eager to get him off. His cock felt so wonderful inside of me, and my dick felt like it had little jolts of electricity running through it as he serviced my horny rear end with it. I wanted to take his load so bad, anywhere he wanted me to take it, so I tightened my bottom up and rode my pleasure filled butt fucking out to its cream filled crescendo.

He seeded my horny bottom with a much smaller load that he had given me earlier, but I loved feeling him plant it there. So when he pulled out, I leaned over and wrapped my lips back around his cock. With more lust filled moans, I sucked his dick clean, then we shared a deep kiss and got dressed. We went into the store and bought eggs, then we got in the car and drove back home. When we got out of the car, I grabbed the carton of eggs and “accidentally” dropped them, smashing every single one of them.

I'm sorry mom,” I said sadly when she saw the carnage. “I'll use my own money to buy another dozen.”

Accidents happen, honey,” she said, digging into her purse for another five dollar bill. “Just be more careful next time, okay?”

I will,” I said sadly, then I looked up at David with puppy dog eyes. “Will you give me another ride?”

Of course I'll give you a ride, Adam,” he said, pulling me into a hug. “You don't even have to ask.”

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