Adam: The Boy Next Door Ovdoc March, 2013

I met Adam after moving into my new home at the beach. It was a nice place on the east coast of my city that I had always wanted to move to. A two story cottage with lots of room, and only a block away from the beach. The beach was crowded during the summer months. I loved that many of the city’s youth and lots of tourists spent lots of time sunning and swimming there. My job allowed me plenty of time to visit and check out the beach. As a youth counselor, no one gave it much thought that I often had boys visit, or that I knew kids I met on the beach.

Adam’s family moved into their home next door shortly after I had moved in. He was a twelve year old about average for his age. He had light brown hair and eyes, beautiful smile, and a slim body. He lived with a younger sister, and his parents.

Like most boys his age, Adam was a little shy at first. I knew to allow for that. I offered my help to his parents knowing they had lots to do moving into a new home in a new community. Since it was summer, Bill, Adam’s dad and I took turns holding outdoor cook outs. He was still in the military; I am ex-military. We quickly became friends. Adam was impressed that I was a guidance counselor at the school he would attend in the fall, and an athletic coach for the school’s swim team. When I offered to give him a tour of the school, he was impressed that I would do that and accepted.

After that, his curiosity kicked in. He asked if he could go along when I coached the swim team. I agreed, but advised him that the boys and I were close. We were always up front with each other, and we spent so much time in speedos that we were not shy about our body or afraid to show it. At first, he was skeptical, but after seeing us shower and dress openly, he accepted that I took pride in my swim team and knew them very well. They obeyed me because they wanted to be the best at what they did.

When he decided he wanted to go out for the swim team, I advised him that he would not make it without help. He was not a fast swimmer, and he had never seriously raced a time watch or another swimmer. I suggested he think it over, explaining we would still be friends, even if he decided he couldn’t compete. He looked hurt at first, then a little angry. He answered me saying he could compete if I taught him to race. He was willing to do whatever it took to win. He understood he was to do whatever I demanded of him. He had seen me get tough with other boys on the team. Some had even cried a little when I accused them of not doing their best. Then they would try harder resulting in a long hug when I thanked them for proving they could do better. If they could show so much trust in me, he could too.

We had only known each other a matter of weeks. I took my time with Adam. After all, he was only twelve, and from the looks of him, we had time to work on his swimming and his trust.

On the other hand, Adam knew I expected more than trust from him. He had watched me with the other boys. I liked to massage and admire their physique. It wasn’t uncommon for me to run my hands over any part of them. There was no such thing as private parts when I worked alone with boys on my swim team. Yet, they smiled at me when I cuddled and admired the perfection of their youth. Boys on a swim team are somewhat proud of their body anyway. They know they have a good looking body. They like looking at it. And they like having other people admire it. Every swim coach knows that. Those like me use the boys conceit to train him for personal use. In Adam’s case, I needed to build his conceit, then use that conceit to get him to obey and even want me.

That training began one morning shortly after he asked to become a member of the team. We were in the shallow end of the pool about waist deep. I had a couple of the younger boys including Adam standing next to me. I lifted one of the boys so that he was floating on the water. Holding him up with one of my arms under his chest and the other under his waist, I told him to practice his breast stroke. As he did, his body would move forward in the water bringing my arms lower until my lower arm was under his crotch with his penis resting on my hand. We had done this before, so he ignored my hand concentrating on his stroke. With the other two watching, I kept my hand where it was, allowing only a slight stroking motion difficult for them to see from where they were, but easy for the swimmer to feel. When I was pleased with the swimmer’s efforts, I eased him to a standing position.

After doing the same routine with the second swimmer, I motioned for Adam to take the same position. He was relaxed as I lifted him to a horizontal floating position. He started his breast stroke as I asked and gave it his best. As his body floated forward, he could feel his crotch settle into my hand. He knew he was to ignore that and continue swimming. He paused only a moment when he felt my hand feel up his penis and his balls. At first, he felt a little uncomfortable knowing I was feeling him up, but knowing that he was to continue swimming. Then he felt a strange feeling of pleasure as his penis began to stiffen. It was the first time a hand other than his own had ever fondled his privates. The slight motion stroking the length of his shaft and feeling the size of his growing balls felt naughty, but nice. He wanted to just float on the water while my hands played with his crotch, but he knew I wouldn’t like that. He had to keep swimming to keep me happy, and somehow he wanted that. He looked up a little disappointed when I lowered him into the water until he was once again standing.

Adam and I went through this training each day getting a little more familiar each time until he knew that when I got him to float for me, it meant he was going to allow me to play with his privates while he swam. When I let him stand, I would hold him close while I ran my hands inside his speedos and rub his dicklet and his balls. When I let him go, he would do a few laps in the pool, then join the others for racing practice. In a week, he was looking forward to our “warm-up” practice.

The fact that several other buddies did this made it acceptable.

 He took it as fascinating when he got his first climax as I took him aside and didn’t quit playing with him until he started jerking and went into spasms of pleasure that caused him to make strange sounds of pleasure. He humped my hand, then his legs got weak enough that I had to hold him up as he felt his toes curl. His buddies watched as I carried him to the edge of the pool, pulled his speedos up and lifted hm up to sit on the side of the pool. The others took it as just my way of teaching him to become accustomed to swim team training.

Back at home, I taught Adam how to watch as I pulled his speedos down and made him squirm as I took his three inch dicklet into my mouth and sucked on it until it once again made his toes curl up while he squeeled and pushed his dick into my mouth. He was hooked. He was more than happy to jerk me off and watch me shoot my sperm. When I thought he was ready, I pushed his lips gently down until they were in front of my seven inch thick dick that needed his attention. I taught him to cover his teeth as he wrapped his lips around it and bobbed up and down on it. Before long, I had taught him to take my sperm load and swallow it, then he learned how to take the shaft into his throat with out gagging.

A short time after I had taught Adam to play sex games with me, we were once again doing strokes in the pool, this time with a thirteen year old named Lee, who was my backstroke racer. I lifted Lee with his back in the water’s surface. The other boys had finished their practice and left to get dressed leaving me with only Lee and Adam in the pool. Lee was a small slim but muscular swimmer. I placed an arm under the small of his back to support him as he started his back stroke practice. His chest and tummy were exposed above the water. His tight little speedos did nothing to hide the four inch slim bulge of his dick. Both Adam and I stared at it admiring it. Using my right hand, I gently slid it over Lee’s slender shaft and his balls. He watched me smiling but didn’t even pause his strokes. His shaft instantly turned stiff. Adam watched surprised at first but smiled at Lee, then at me. I stroked it several times before standing Lee up in the water. After they did a few laps around the pool, we got out of the pool to shower.

I invited Lee to my place to spend some time with me and Adam. His smile told me he was all for it even before he agreed. Adam liked the idea too. We wore the speedos home allowing me to keep both of them stiff till we got there. The boys giggled all the way home knowing they were going to play some fun games when we got there. Adam’s family wouldn’t get there for a couple hours yet.

We went to my bed room where we stripped down, then quickly got to holding and playing with each other. Then we sucked each other to climax. Lee then went to my bed side table, opened the drawer, and handed me a tube of Vaseline. We had played games before. As I greased up. he sprawled out in the center of the bed, his legs open so I could grease and enter his back door. Adam watched curiously, even giggling a little as I slowly pushed a finger inside Lee. Lee waited until I hit the tickle spot inside him. Then he moaned a little pushing back against my finger loving the feelings I was causing. After a while, I pushed in a second finger. At that point, Adam was asking Lee if it hurt totally not believing that Lee was enjoying the action.

It was Lee that let me know he was ready. He turned to Adam to tell him it would hurt the first time, but would feel good once it was in. He could tell Adam hadn’t played this game before. Then he wrapped his arms around a pillow as I turned him on his back and raised his legs so they rested on my shoulders. I moved between his legs so he and Adam could watch. As I placed my dick head against his hole, Adam watched closely. He couldn’t believe I was about to shove that seven inch pole into Lee’s poop hole. Lee watched me, then held the pillow quietly as I gently pressed it until the head popped inside. Lee gasped as it slid in, then seemed to relax while he got used to it. He told Adam it didn’t hurt that much, but it did feel really big. As I slowly slid in, Lee pushed down to take it in. Adam’s eyes were as big as saucers when he realized the entire length was inside Lee. I reached up to kiss Lee on the forehead to let him know he did good.

Then I started gently moving in and out and moving around inside Lee to find his pleasure spot. When I hit it, Lee let out his special little sigh and smiled up at me. I took that as the signal to start humping him seriously. I soon had him swinging and swaying as each of us got lost in pleasure. Lee would moan and push up to meet me as my shaft tried repeatedly to shove to shove my dick in further than it could go. Both of us was covered with sweat that mixed as we came together. Lee’s five inch stiff was hard as rock and soon started pulsing between us as he shot off his load. That caused him to squeeze hard on my shaft, and that sent me over the edge blowing my load deep inside Lee’s hole. The two of us were moaning sounds of intense pleasure. Both of us collapsed into a merged mass trying to become one.

Lee usually did not like the kissing thing. That was gay. But he did like it when I gave him pecks all over the face and shoulders. Just for a moment this time, he did allow a short sloppy kiss when I tried to convince him that I liked him. I think just for the moment he gave in to my affection. It surprised me since Adam was watching. And it ended quickly when Lee realized he was being kissed like a girl, and liked it. He wouldn’t want Adam to think this was anything more than a sex game we liked to play.

After we had came back to earth, we parted and rested. Adam decided he wasn’t ready for anal sex so we ended up in the shower where Adam did willingly give Lee a blow job. The three of us agreed we wanted to repeat the threesome again soon. Adam had crossed the line, and had liked the games we played. He was holding back. Maybe it was the fear of the size of my shaft being thrust inside him, or that he couldn’t believe I wanted to use him like he was a girl. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew he would let me know.

It didn’t take him long to decide. The summer season was almost over. Adam and I had spent a lot of time together. He knew I wanted him. He liked teasing me when he came to visit, knowing I would use any opportunity to get him into my bed room long enough to play with him. He had accepted that he could handle me orally and didn’t think twice about blowing me, often laying between my legs to push my rock hard shaft totally into his throat. He had overcome the fear of choking on it. We had started doing the sixty nine position, loving to take each other. When he turned thirteen, I had been there to take his first load. It wasn’t all that much, but it was to him. Somehow, he knew he had shot off. Both tickled and amazed, he had insisted I jerk him off several times that day until he finally shot several drops of clear cum onto his stomach. He giggled when I insisted I should have it, and licked it up. I would do that often after that, still very much to his delight.

I would also work a slick finger up his butt to show him how much he would enjoy having an even more intense orgasm or even shoot off without jerking off. He got to loving it when his shaft strained to unload. And he knew what I wanted when I lifted up his waist so I could slide my dick back and forth in his crack until I got to the entrance where I would pause hoping to enter, but not forcing the issue.

It was shortly after school started when he gave in. His parents had gone to a Labor Day party. His sister was staying with a friend. Adam asked if he could stay overnight with me. His parents agreed when I told them Adam and I got along great. We spent the time teasing and playing on the beach. Then we stopped at a pizza place where we loaded up on food. After we returned home, we cuddled and teased as we watched TV, fat and happy.

Finally, I picked Adam up and carried him off to my bed. There I undressed him and then myself. We agreed to spend the night nude, doing what we loved doing. I licked and kissed him from top to bottom just for fun. We knew summer was ending. There would be fewer times to spend together. Both of us would be busy with school and work.

Just as I gave him one last suck for the night, Adam decided to give in. Without saying anything, he rolled over on his side, opened the drawer where he knew the vaseline was, and handed it to me. He just smiled at me and raised his legs to let me work him up. He opened his buns so I could get a good view of my target. I went in with one finger, then two. He was ready. I got into position, placed a slick shaft at his butt and firmly popped the head inside. He grabbed a pillow to hold onto, and gasped as I slid past the tight wrinkled entrance. Once inside, I held up to let him recover from the pain. When he nodded to me, I pushed in a little further, pausing once again. We did that several times. I was in no hurry to hurt him. We had plenty of time. When I asked if he was all right, he responded by pushing down on it. Finally, I was in. I paused to let him know. He looked knowing already it was pressed against his bum cheeks. He didn’t have to look. He could feel my pubes pressed against his skin. And the shaft was completely inside him. Even with the pain, Adam smiled. He had done it. We were one.

I leaned forward to hug and give him a quick peck on the lips. I asked if he wanted me to stop. He just nodded a “no”, and quietly told me this was the time. He had decided he wanted to do this. He also wanted his first to be me. He knew I would not hurt him, and would stop if he asked me to. With that said, he tried to relax as I moved around inside him looking for his prostate. When I found it, he jumped a little from the sudden new feelings that ran from his toes to his brain. Looking up at me in surprise, he smiled then asked “What was that?” He was hooked. The more I worked his pleasure spot, the more he liked it.

My objective was a little differnt than his. He wanted this game to last. So did I. But it was not to be. His butt was so tight and his jerking around soon had me humping hard and fast. All to soon, I felt my balls pulling up tight. I had passed the point of no return. My seven inch shaft had no intention of waiting. As I pushed hard and deep inside Adam, I paused to blow my load several times until I was done. Even then, I held the shaft inside until it began to soften and slide out.

We were done. We collapsed, exhausted and pleased. We wound up cuddling side by side for the night.

When I woke up early the next morning, all snuggled up behind him with my dick tucked in between his cheeks, I immediately sprang another boner. There was just no way I was going to ignore the opportunity to repeat my performance from the night before. I eased into position with my shaft once again placed at the entrance to his hole. He was still sound asleep. I eased my arms around his chest with one hand lowered to feel and play with his stiff morning woody. As I played with it, I also pushed into a still moist and wet relaxed hole. Adam slowly awoke feeling the shaft sliding back in. This time, he made no move to reject it. His fear of size and pain was gone. He simply sighed and pushed down to let it enter. I gently pushed up until I felt the warm embrace around it completely engulf it.

Once in, I paused to give Adam a chance to accept it. There was no need to hurry him. We exchanged “Good mornings”. He giggled that this was the first time he had woke up to find a huge dick up his butt, but he kind of liked knowing it was just me saying “hello”. We lay there awhile just being together. It was a great way to accept our new friendship. Neither saying much. Both knowing this was a mutual agreement of friendship.

After a while, I decided I needed to take a leak. I figured Adam probably needed one too. I turned him over on his stomach. He opened his legs allowing me to spread his cheeks as I began to hump him. I worked him over, pulling back to thrust in hard. I was to horny to last long. I soon delivered another full load deep inside him. Once finished, I made a quick trip to the bathroom to empty my bladder. Not long after I stepped into the shower to rinse off, I heard Adam let go on the toilet. He had sat down to empty the liquid content from both holes. Then he joined me in the shower to freshen up. He had no feelings of guilt or regret. It was resolved. He had simply accepted a new game we would enjoy playing from this point on.

Not long after that, we played the game again with Lee. This time, the threesome went a little differently. We took turns blowing each other, then screwing each other. Both boys accepted me as a bigger boy who liked dropping my seed inside their boy cunt. And they did the same to each other. Neither of them had any trouble entering each other. There wasn’t that much difference in their size. And handling me was just their way of pleasing me. They liked doing that for me.

The three of us secretly included several other members of the swim team during that school year. As I said before, most swim team members secretly admire the beauty of their bodies. They like to show it off. And they secretly like to share their body with others who openly praise them for their beauty andgenerosity.

Despite our including an occasional guest to our club, we remained close lovers for two more years. Of course, we kept our club secret except to exclusive members due to social restrictions. Adam’s membership ended when his dad was transferred to another military base. Lee eventually discovered a girl who wanted him to herself. And I found new team members to teach.

But I will always remember Adam as the fantastic boy next door. The neighborhood just was not as exciting after he left. I’ll probably wait a lifetime looking for that new boy next door.

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