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I have the not uncommon fetish, or fascination of simply watching (all males straight, bi, or gay are voyeurs) or, perhaps even on rare occasions assisting, young boys in masturbation activities. ("jacking-off", "jerking-off", or "wanking" if you prefer) By "young boys" I refer to boys in the 10 thru 15 year-old age range of prepubescent or just beginning puberty, maturity. This range covers both "early bloomers" and "late bloomers" and is my AoA (Age of Attraction). By "assisting" I mean either "coaching" or demonstrating the activity, or providing an atmosphere conducive to the activity, or both. To me, the most beautiful sight in the world to see is watching a boy pleasuring himself to orgasm (wet or dry)! Ah yes, the dry ones were the most intense! There, that covers all the boring technical bits. Feel free to email me with comments good or bad at:

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I was sitting here at the computer listening to my favorite local classic rock-and-roll 60's thru 80's station. They were doing a 'Super Sixties' weekend. All hits of the sixties only. I was flashing back to my tweenage and teenage years when this was all the music I and my friends listened to in the car, at home, or at parties. A lot of those memories centered around the many fun times when I was bartender for a lot of my friends.

Well, not really a bartender. More like a alcoholic beverage distributor. Right after the school year ended was my birthday and I had been six when I started kindergarten. When I was thirteen, just after Christmas, I had a battle with a strep infection in my throat that turned into Rheumatic Fever eventually. I ended up spending about six weeks in hospital getting thru it and getting pumped full of antibiotics especially 'Bicillin' (Hmmmm? I wonder if that's where I got being bi from) and then another three months of bed rest at home in a hospital bed we borrowed from the local American Legion Post. That took out the last half of my first year of seventh grade. So I repeated the seventh grade the next year. I was already almost a year older than my classmates and with that enforced 'vacation' I ended up being two to three years older than my classmates. At that time the legal age for drinking both beer and hard stuff was 18. By the time I finished my sophomore year of high school I was legally tender. I suddenly found myself being a very popular guy with my friends. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays. If you had the money I could get you whatever you wanted to drink. Usually beer but occasionally some wine or vodka or whiskey. The town and village I grew up in was 'dry'. Nary a drop to drink. You had to go over to the next village either north or west to buy legal beverages. I had my own car (a big old Ford Galaxy 500). I would meet my 'friends' usually on Thursdays or during the day on Fridays and collect money and orders and go visit my favorite local establishments and acquire the merchandise for distribution in the early evening I always had enough 'change' from the purchases to fuel up the car (at 55cents/gal!!) and get my own refreshments.

Strangely enough my 'refreshment' was usually a bottle of Boone's Farm and a baggie or two of local homegrown hemp. I was very fond of both of them and besides the grass made me very horny and high. I usually ended up with two or three underage hormone overloaded (Testosterone mostly), early and mid-teen adolescents mostly, but occasionally a just barely sub-teen (but still double digit age.) They thought they were being cool by partying with and getting lightly buzzed to absolutely sloshed/baked with 'older' guys that they could laugh and tease and even wrestle with. I had a great deal of fun with all of them and I already knew that I was a BL and the younger ones fit right into my AoA. I loved watching them and playing with them. The ones that weren't sure what direction they were going in, (str8, bi, or gay), and most boys go thru that stage, would always blame the alcohol/grass for their behaviors. As in "Boy did I get so shitfaced/toasted Friday night! I don't even remember half of it! I must have passed out/fallen asleep!" I never forced any boy to do anything he didn't want to do or wasn't inclined to do; nor on an unconscious teen body. Now, drunk or toasted or both is another matter entirely. Most of the younger ones were just curious about sex or at least sex play and I was always more than willing to teach them. I did very little anal play (I have absolutely no desire to inflict pain on any boy), it was mostly manual/hand-jobs and some oral with the right guy who already knew what he wanted and didn't need the cover of alcohol to enjoy himself or me. I greatly enjoyed either giving or receiving and especially both. There were a few who enjoyed kissing and cuddling as well, but that was just a side benefit.

One of those who knew exactly what he wanted was Cal. He was no stranger to boy sex play. He had been doing it since before he moved into our town when he was ten and a half, four years ago. I met him first when he joined our Scout Troop. He had been a Weblos Cub Scout in his old town he was about to 'crossover' to the local BS Troop there. He joined our Troop just before we went to summer camp. Our local Scout Councils' camp was just about fifteen miles from our village. Our local Council covered four rural counties. Our troop always spent two weeks, the first two weeks of the camps eight week season, in camp. We got a lot of stuff done but we also had a whole hell of a lot of fun with each other and with the staff (especially junior staff). We were joined in this by two other local troops so we all performed 'service projects' of setting up the camp for the summer season. The OA (Order of the Arrow) summer camp 'tap out' candidates got to tear it down at the end of the season. As I and several of my troop mates spent time there as councilors, junior councilors, and councilors-in-training we got to enjoy some privileges for doing this work.

Cal was a natural leader, fearless, willing to do or try anything, and became quickly the natural patrol leader even though an older scout was the actual PL. Our campsites consisted of several groupings of four or eight, two man platform tents. Cal's and my tent became the rec center/gathering spot of our troops site. He had been paired up with an older Scout (me) as is usually done with the new scouts. This was ok with me. SM had actually asked me if it was ok with me first. He was about average height and a little heavier than his fellow eleven year old boys.

That first Sunday afternoon of camp set the pace which I came to expect from Cal. We were unpacking and organizing our stuff. I had as usual brought a sturdy wooden covered box (footlocker) that I used as an office/desk (I was ASPL already) as well as storage/dresser/end-table. I had shown mine to Cal a couple weeks before camp and suggested that he find one too as it made life easier for a two week camp. He and his Dad found an Army surplus one at the goodwill store in the county seat. Not official BSA issue but then neither was mine. I went down to the water tap faucet on the end of the wash up trough to fill one of my canteens and my coffee pot. When I got back after stopping to talk to a couple guys, there were Cal and Bobby (another new scout) stretched out on his bunk naked from the waist down (their shorts were on my bunk!) playing with their very smooth dicks with the old standby of thumb and two fingers. They were in a sixty-nine position but just playing patty-fingers with themselves. Cal already knew I was a 'player' as we had done so a couple times after school at his house and mine. But poor Bobby didn't and he squeaked when he heard me step up on the tent platform and moved to cover up his very cute little three inch cut boydick. "That's ok Bobby. You don't have to cover up for me. I do that many times myself. Can you cum yet?" He shook his head and blushing saying "Nope." "That's ok you'll get there someday soon. I was almost thirteen before I had my first wet one. But the dry ones were more fun 'cause I could do more of them in a row." He looked at me with that "Huh?!?!" look. "How long have you been JO?" He smiled shyly and told me he started about a week ago when Cal showed him how. "Aha. Do you know that feeling when you get that real good feeling under your balls and then you cum? (he nodded) well you can keep on jacking and get it again a few times more in a real short time."

"But my dick gets way too tingly to stroke!"

"I know but if you just stop stroking for half a minute or so then you can start to rub again. The only problem is that your dick will get sore from rubbing it so much. You need to put hand lotion or baby oil or hair conditioner (something slippery) or even soap suds (or shampoo) if you're in the shower or tub, on it to lubricate your rubbing. With that you can cum five or ten times in a row and during a pretty short period of time. I once managed fifteen times in an hour before I couldn't keep it hard any more. Here I'll lend you some of my baby oil." I dug out my bottle and handed it to him. He squirted a little on his fingers and applied it to his still stiff boydick so did Cal. He handed the bottle back to me. I just set it down on the footlocker and said "If you need it again." They then started stroking again first slowly and then picking up speed. I stood watching fascinated. I reached down and began to rub mine up and down slowly. I was very hard very quickly watching them. They began to groan and grunt "Oh yeah!!!" "UNGH!!" as their breathing got heavier and uneven. Bobby's boydick got very dark purple. His hand got even faster. He began gasping his breathing ragged. "OH God Yeah!!! I'm almost there!!! ... UNGH! ... Oh yessss!" His dick swelled up a little more and he was there because it began to pulse/throb. He grunted "UNGH! UNGH!" in time with each throbbing pulse! "WOW!! that was SO good! It feels so nice with the baby oil. Better than before." I dropped my shorts and sat on my bunk without missing a stroke.

"I'm getting close too Bobby!" Cal grunted out "Oh Yeah!! ... UNGH!! WOW!! ... Gonna cum ... NOW!!!" He arched his back and thrust his boydick up into his fingers grunting "UNGH!" with each pulse as the waves took him and shook him.

Seeing two such beautiful cums happen right in front of me, they sent me over the edge. "Here cums mine guys!!! ... GAWD!!! Oh yessss!" I even grunted a "UNGH!" with each shot. My first shot was up on to my belly then my chest then my pubes then just dribbles onto my fingers. "Good God I needed that!" Both of their cums were quite dry. "Now that you guys have rested for a minute. Try stroking again! ... How's that feel?" They both reached in and started to gently rub their still hard boy-dicks. Then they got this very intense look on their faces as the good feelings returned.

"Wow TC you're right! It's cumming right back to those great feelings! ... UNGH! ... I'm almost ... ungh ... ready to cum ... ungh ... again! ... Oh wow that ... ungh ... feels so good!" Cal gasped out! Bobby just nodded and mumbled "Me too!" as they got close again. Having just sprayed my cum all over my belly and chest I was not going to cum again quite this soon, but I took my time cleaning myself up with fingers and tongue and rubbing it into my pubes and dick base! We were gonna have to go down and take our swim test pretty soon anyway. The boys continued to stroke, gasping panting and grunting as they rubbed themselves. Then first Cal and then Bobby ground their hips up into their hands as they grunted piggy like "UNGH!! UNGH!!" as each wave of their orgasms hit them and drove them into ecstasy once more!


I'll have more of this thread soon. It's gotten into my head now and I want to get it written down. Anyway, more to cum!


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