Agreement With Noel Part 3

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What a weekend it was proving to be. I didn't know if I should be grateful or sad it was Sunday. Mandy had done wonders with her massage and I didn't feel quite so sore after my workout with Dan. I obviously could not escape unscathed but considered myself fortunate to feel this good. My ass didn't feel too sore so I guess Damion had kept his word and enjoyed eating me last night. Asking questions about what occurred when I passed out felt awkward so I tended to keep quiet. Damion knew what had happened and if I wanted to know then I ought to find the courage to ask for sex instead of drinking too much.

Waking up naked was no longer discomforting. I may not know all the details of what was being done to me but I was pretty certain there was nothing left to hide. Somehow I had managed to wake before Damion so I decided to surprise him with breakfast. The coffee was done and pancakes were keeping warm in the oven when Damion made his way to the kitchen. I was surprised at his appearance.

"Was I too rough on you last night?" I asked with a grin.

"You were the best part of last night and just perfect," he replied with a small smile. "Nightmares. They linger sometimes. I'll take a cup of coffee outside and be back in a few minutes. There are some sausages to go with the pancakes if you want. Thank you, for making breakfast."

"Didn't I make dinner to?" I asked a little nervously.

"Dinner and dessert," Damion replied. "Remind me to show you a picture I took."

Everything was ready except for the sausages. While they finished cooking there was little for me to do except wait for them and Damion. I didn't realize I had slipped a hand down the front of my shorts to play with myself until I was on the brink of an orgasm. Fortunately I managed to catch myself in time. Now is not the time to go creating a large mess in your pants I told myself.

Deciding I needed a distraction from the bulge in my pants I gave some thought to who I would like to share with Damion. Right now there were only two other guys I jerked off with every once in a while. Two slim, hot twelve year old boys. They were both guys I would like to experiment with but didn't feel it was worth the risk. Maybe in helping Damion there would be an opportunity to help myself. Naturally such thoughts did nothing to ease the bulge in my pants. I decided to wait and see what happened after my next encounter with Mugsy at school. Right then Damion came in and we chatted a bit about my session with Dan while we waited for the sausages to finish cooking.

I was starving and didn't say a whole lot through breakfast. Only when we were done did I remember to ask about the picture.

"All of that's mine?" I asked when I saw the picture.

"Yes, and that's your second load," Damion replied. "Very impressive and it made me look forward to seeing what your first load will be like. I know it's quite a mouthful."

I blushed and Damion chuckled. He told me it would be a good idea for us to go through the stuff Dan had taught me yesterday. Although he was quick to point out this was not his area of expertise Damion seemed to know quite a bit about the right technique. A few times his suggestions made a big difference in how effective the techniques were. We practiced outside where the grass provided enough cushioning for Damion. I was glad he was the one taking the falls. After an hour Damion said I knew as much as I would and ought to be able to hold my own against Mugsy.

We showered separately this time which gave me a chance to jack off. There were a couple of football games on so I had plenty of opportunity to get in one too many beers. Well, I intended it to be one too many but judging by how soundly I slept I guess it was more like three too many. Here we go again was my last thought before I fell asleep propped up against Damion.

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There was a strange side-effect from the nightmares. I had noticed over the years the next day I was unusually horny. The details of the nightmares were never clear but I guessed the terror or blood lust that took place in them left me eager for sex. I barely waited five minutes after Damion fell asleep before sliding my hand down the front of his pants. No underwear. The kid's a fast learner, I thought.

There was still ten minutes of game time left but I couldn't wait. Noel didn't resist as I draped him over a large pile of cushions I'd stacked in the middle of the living room floor. Moments later he was naked from the waist down. I admired his cute butt while I shed my clothes. By the time I had stripped there was no need for foreplay. The sight of his tight, puckered hole had caused me to get rock hard without touching myself. I quickly coated myself with a generous amount of lube and aimed the head of my cock at his hole.

Grasping his hip with one hand I used my other hand to force my cock into Noel. Once the head of my cock had slipped past the resistance I grabbed hold of his other hip and drove the rest of my cock into him. On every thrust I withdrew until I was almost out of him and then drove all of my cock back into him. Pounding him much harder than I would have if he had been awake. The build-up of my orgasm helped clear my head. I became aware of my surroundings again. Easing off a little but continuing to fuck him I took some deep breaths and relaxed.

Now there was no frenzied fucking just a continuous gentle sliding in and out of his tight asshole. This gentler pace would help me prolong my orgasm for several minutes. I kept it up for another three or four minutes before the urge to cum resurfaced. His ass had my cock in a vice-like grip. He was so tight. He was so hot. He was mine as often as I wanted tonight.

Suddenly I couldn't cum soon enough. Cursing and slapping his ass I drove myself towards the precipice. The pleasure of being in such a young, hot boy was lost to me. All that mattered was draining my balls. Desperately I fucked him on and on and on. Finally, on a hard downward thrust, my cock spewed its seed. I held myself still at the end of the thrust as my balls emptied themselves. Taking deep breaths I held my position until I was certain every drop was resting inside of him.

Reluctantly I withdrew from him. A butt pug took the place of my cock in his tight hole. I wanted to keep as much of my seed inside of him as possible tonight. Leaving him face down over the cushions I grabbed another beer from the kitchen. Then I sat down behind him to admire the sight of his sweet body. Fortunately there was no further scoring in the game or I would have missed it. My own scoring of Noel's ass would have been a much better score, I told myself.

After several minutes and half a beer I noticed there was a stain on the cushions between his legs. I looked closer and saw some traces of cum. The knowledge that Noel had cum while I fucked him made me feel really good even if he hadn't been awake to experience it. The ultimate wet dream. Much like the life we all want to live I thought and deciding I was slipping into a philosophical state of mind began fondling myself. Far better to slip into a hot teenager. Instead of maudlin it was time to get meddling.

This time I flipped Noel onto his back on top of the cushions. Raising his legs straight up I leaned forward and braced them against my shoulders. I held this position while I finished getting my cock rock hard. A matter of moments rather than minutes. Popping the butt plug out of his ass I quickly drove my cock into him. Since this was my second round I knew I wouldn't be able to force myself to cum quickly.

I settled into a smooth rhythm. Deep thrusts at a steady pace that allowed me to enjoy each physical sensation. The feel of his nipples being squeezed. Bathing them with flicks of my tongue. Running my hands over his body I got to feel the muscles of his lithe form. Muscles that would become stronger as we worked on increasing his stamina. Increased stamina I hoped to experience soon from a conscious Noel as I fucked him. Right now I would take what I could get and what I was getting was not too bad. no complaints from me here I thought allowing my focus to shift back to my cock and his ass.

This time I was much more relaxed as I climaxed. I enjoyed each moment as I spurted my seed into his bowels. although the load was not as large because I was more present the pleasure of this orgasm was intensified. Different from the first which had also been mind-blowing. More as if he was awake and teasing me slowly to this moment of exquisite pleasure. I was learning that even asleep there were differences within each fuck.

When I was done I carried him upstairs to my bed. I could have stayed awake and had him a third time that night but I would rather wait until morning. The nightmares never returned a second night so I was confident I could wake before Noel. Then I would be able to empty a nice full load inside of him. According to our agreement I could have him as often as I wanted while he was passed out from drinking too much. Passed out was passed out until he woke up in my thinking. Besides it would be nice to go to sleep with a young, naked teenager beside me.

The knowledge that Noel may well wake up while I was fucking him added a new level of excitement the next morning as I rolled him onto his side. I had cast the sheet off us so I could admire the sight of his wonderful body as I fucked him. He looked so beautiful I had gotten lost in admiring him longer than I intended. Sliding over towards him I pressed my body against his back. Positioning his ass in my groin I gently eased myself into him.

I draped my right arm over him and fondled him while we fucked. Every so often I would let go of his cock and run my hand down his leg. I didn't want him to cum too soon. After a few minutes my hand would return to wrap itself gently around his cock or cup his balls. Rolling them in the palm of my hand and gently squeezing them felt really good. The early morning sun cast wonderful shadows over us as we fucked or more accurately as I fucked him.

When I had started fondling him it had been with a generous handful of lube. This made the transition from fondling to jerking him easy and gentle. I wondered if the pleasure of his orgasm would wake him. I wondered how firmly I could hold his cock. I decided to do what felt good for me and let the cards fall where they may. Knowing I was close I picked up the pace. I wanted to cum while he was jettisoning his load. My hand slid quickly up and down his shaft. Squeezing just a little harder now and feeling his balls begin their upward journey.

Fucking in this position is one of my favorites. I would have loved it if Noel had been awake but thought that if I was patient he might come around which I suspected meant coming out. When he was ready. In the meantime I enjoyed sliding in and out of his hot body. Relaxing into the sensations allowed my orgasm to pick up speed. Keeping the pace of my thrusting in and out of him steady I kept stroking his cock quicker and quicker.

Noel's face was turned away from me into the big, fluffy pillow. I didn't care all that much. Glancing down I could see the curves of his ass and my cock sliding between them. Raising myself slightly I looked over his shoulder at my hand jerking him off. Using my left hand I pulled a pillow under my left shoulder so I could watch the action until the messy, sticky, explosive end. Soon. Soon. Almost there.

Yes! Oh fuck yes! I screamed silently inside my head when I saw the first long stream of cum erupt from his cock. Tilting his cock back towards him I made certain all of his cum landed on his chest and stomach. Noel's ass began to mimic the action of my right hand as his orgasm washed through him. His ass squeezed and released and squeezed me to and through my own orgasm. Whenever I thought I was done spurting into him another stream of cum would be pumped into him. We both came so hard and for so long I couldn't believe Noel slept through it and I managed to keep quiet. What exquisite torture.

Way past caring if he awoke or not before I was done I rolled Noel onto his back and began to eat the cum from his wonderful, sweat slicked body. Letting my tongue travel in long licks scooping up copious amounts of cum each time. While I was licking his front clean my hand reached between his legs to slip in the butt plug. Only when I was certain I had eaten every drop of his cum did I head for the shower. Glancing down I noticed my cock was still mostly hard and definitely eager for more.

Today would be a good day to visit his mom. She had been away all weekend on a business trip and it was time for me to thank her properly for all the fun I had enjoyed. Her flight had landed pretty late last night and instead of relieving myself in the shower emptying myself down her throat would be a nice way to start her day. A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled as they say.

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