Agreement With Noel Part 4

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Nobody deserves an Oscar more than me, Noel thought as he lay on the bed listening to Damion take his shower. Thank god he had positioned me with my face turned into the pillow. Noel had started to wake up while they were both in the throes of their orgasms. Foggy from sleep he hadn't been able to fully enjoy either his orgasm or being fucked. Pretending to be asleep as Damion's tongue traveled across his flesh had been the most difficult part. Somehow he had managed to remain still even when the butt plug had been slipped into him.

I lay in bed with my eyes closed for about fifteen minutes after Damion headed downstairs. While I lay naked and exposed on the bed I enjoyed exploring the new sensations of the butt plug. I kept it inside of me as I showered and decided to see what it would feel like to keep it in all day. The tricks Dan had taught me mostly involved using my arms and twisting so I thought the plug wouldn't hinder me. The few moves I practiced with it in seemed to work just fine.

“Try to keep a low profile for a few hours at school,” Damion told me while we ate breakfast. “Your body needs a little time to regain its strength.”

“Yeah, I figured as much,” I replied around a mouthful of scrambled eggs.

“You did?”

“There's only one reason a teenager wakes up in your home without an erection in the morning,” I answered with a smile to show him I didn't mind. “Fucking or eating me?”

“Last night fucking and this morning both fucking and jerking.” Damion answered calmly.

“Hopefully Mugsy will pick on me soon. I think I am going to need some help sharing the load with you.”

“Don't drink and do your best to avoid the need for reminders. Your next one is due on Wednesday.”

When I told Damion how nervous I was about my impending run-in with Mugsy he suggested some breathing exercises to help me. He said we were going to start my stamina workout tomorrow. Dan had suggested I train with him Monday, Wednesday and Friday so Damion thought the stamina workouts should be done on the other days. I pointed out my reminder was scheduled for the day I trained with Dan but was told it would be part of the warm up.

We could see the bus approaching trough the study window so we sat there doing the breathing exercises while we waited. They did help. A quick hug indoors and a pat on the back at the stop from Damion and I was climbing into the bus. Today would prove to be very interesting. I watched Damion heading towards my apartment as the bus drove away.

Fortunately Mugsy had a methodical collection policy. I knew he wouldn't get around to me until lunchtime. Things went well with Mugsy and one of his cronies but the third got in a couple of solid body blows before their lookout warned of an approaching teacher. I managed to convince the teacher everything was under control but she said she would be watching to see if things escalated. Little did she know things would indeed escalate but not in her sight.

“Way too soft, Squirt,” Dan bellowed at me I had just finished re-enacting what had happened with the help of the other students. “Leave the kissing of bullies to those more qualified. Let Damion take care of that part.”

The other five students and me couldn't help laughing when Damion blew Dan a kiss and made the call-me sign with his hand.

“Bugger off,” Dan responded. “Squirt, you are not close to being ready to take on three guys at once. Use your gray matter to find the obvious solution.

What you shared today will help the others. Especially Tommy over there.”

Tommy I learned had been learning to deal with a bully at his school. The black eye had been a deliberately taken wound before he took care of the bully. There was nothing the school could do against Tommy even though his assailant had to be taken to hospital for some patching up. Dan explained once the bully got healed up he would likely be back with his mates.

We then paired up and did some drills for an hour. I learned to respect the slightly built Tommy. I learned I really needed to work on my stamina. We were all gasping for breath by the end of the drills. Where the others were gasping I was wheezing.

I was grabbed and pulled through the door after class by Tommy. Turning around I saw the other students all hunkered down against the wall. Apparently every time Damion visited he got to do some escape and evasion techniques with Dan. I liked the fact Dan didn't worry about being shown up in front of his students.

“We all tell our folks class ends thirty minutes later so they don't arrive early,” said Tommy. “We wouldn't miss this for anything. How do you know Damion?”

“He sometimes looks after me when mom is on a business trip,” I replied keeping my gaze on the action.

“Lucky devil,” another student responded.

“Take no notice of Justin,” Tommy told me. “He has a crush on Damion.”

“So do you,” Justin retorted.

“True,” Tommy admitted.

This sounded like good natured banter to me which was surprising. I'd never been around guys who joked about having a crush on another guy. Although I didn't know their ages I knew they were cute enough to attract Damion's attention. Now wasn't the time to be thinking about these things though.

The action was drawing to a close inside. Today was not the day Dan would capture Damion or force him to use force in defending himself. I thought it would be a sad day when this game ended.

“Off with you, Squirts,” a smiling Dan bellowed turning to the door “or I will set Damion on you.”

I knew two guys who wouldn't mind. The students all hurried to the parking area where their folks were waiting. I waited for Damion. He had promised me pizza as a celebration of keeping my lunch money. Surprisingly I felt a little sad when we got back to the apartment and I headed off to my home sober. There was no way Damion could have gotten somebody as young as me drunk in a restaurant. Tomorrow though I would be working out at his place.

We had discussed Dan's comments to me over dinner and I had finally realized what he meant. I couldn't wait to put my plan into action the next day at school.

The plan was pretty simple: divide and conquer. I went on the offensive and by the time Mugsy caught up with me all his cronies had suffered some form of injury. He seemed taken aback when I calmly admitted to being responsible for the injuries. Unfortunately for him I gave him no chance to back down by asking loudly if he was man enough to take me on one-on-one. Perhaps you should get some help from your sister and her friends, I suggested.

One-on-one he was no match for me thanks to what Dan had taught me. I knew he might try to get revenge on the other kids when his friends had recovered so I left him with the reminder that one series of accidents could become two or three just as easily. I knew this was only going to buy me some time. Once he had his full crew healthy he would come looking for me. This gave me added motivation to work hard with Damion and Dan.

“Here's your workout uniform,” Damion said tossing me some sneakers.

“Where's the rest of it?” I asked stunned.

“You are indoors on a treadmill. You don't need anything else. The Greeks trained naked. Besides it is easier for me to see which muscles need building up and your alignment.”

“Yeah, right,” I told him as I started to strip. “You just like seeing me naked.”

“True. You are a family I do enjoy seeing naked. How do you think I convinced your mom to go along with my plan?”

There was no point in even trying to hide my erection. Hopefully Damion would just put this down to raging hormones and not the excitement of being naked in his presence. This was the first time I was awake when Damion placed his hands on my body. He was careful to stay away from my erection as he gently eased my body into its new alignment.

The next few days would be painful as my body readjusted, Damion told me. Provided I stuck to the program the pain should pass after a week. A few minutes later, much sooner than I expected, the pain began.

Twenty minutes on the treadmill had me staggering and unable to take another step. Damion swung the paddle and convinced me I could keep going by swatting my ass for another ten minutes. I wasn't surprised when he had me bend over the desk and dry humped me the moment I stepped off the treadmill. He found a freshly spanked cute ass irresistible even though he would have loved to fuck me he would wait until I asked or passed out.

Wearing only the sneakers I went through to the kitchen and grabbed us each a beer. A good thing it only takes three beers for me to pass out, I thought. This means Damion could have his reward for all the help he is giving me. One day, I silently promised, I will find the courage to ask without the beers. Right now the agreement was too useful to be set aside. Two of my fellow students were soon going to hear about the agreement. All I needed was a reason for us to get together away from the dojo.

I decided to give this some thought over the next few days. Right now I had another two beers to drink with dinner.

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Well aware that Noel's body would take a pounding almost every day this week I had stocked up on some strawberries, whipped cream and body chocolate. Depending on how often he passed out I hoped to be able to resist his cute ass until we were close to the weekend. I had decided to make him my dessert whenever possible.

There were three nice sized bruises on his torso. They were his first battle wounds. I had the feeling there would be many more as he made his way through school. Quiet, gentle kids always drew bullies to them since they appeared to be easy targets. Then there were guys like me who enjoyed bruising his cute ass with a paddle or hairbrush.

Noel had remained naked after his workout on the treadmill and his shower. I took this as a good sign even though it made keeping my hands off him challenging. A bowl of strawberries and a bowl of freshly whipped cream were placed alongside the couch. Then I retrieved a bottle of chocolate syrup from the kitchen and a spatula.

Glancing down at the centerpiece of my dessert I decided to let it lie exactly where it was and build up over it. First I covered him with slices of strawberries that Noel had helped prepare. I placed a slice on each of his balls. This is where I would start as they were most likely to fall off if I began with his cock. Then I ran a trail of chocolate over the strawberries from the tip of his erection down to this balls. Whipped cream encased everything and was decorated with chocolate and a few more slices of strawberries. A few quick pictures captured the moment before I knelt down next to him.

Sliding my hands underneath him I cupped an ass cheek in each hand and raised him up a little to my eager mouth. Squeezing the flesh of his ass gently I worked my way from the outside of the dessert towards his erection. Tracing the outline of his cock without touching it was a delicious challenge. Twice my tongue brushed against the slide of his cock. I'd need to practice more.

Finally nothing more remained to keep me from my prize. Some of the whipped cream on his balls had melted and trickled down towards his ass. I licked this up first before sucking each ball into my mouth. Cream, strawberries and chocolate all combined to make a wonderful mouthful as each of his balls got cleaned. Working from the base up his shaft I left a trail of saliva coated, clean, warmed up cock. The cold of the dessert had caused him to soften a little but as I worked my way up he quickly regained his erection.

I groaned in delight as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. My patience was at an end. Time for the best possible load of cream. Although I had decided not to bury my cock in his ass for a day or three this did not mean he was going to go without some ass play. Still keeping a good amount of his ass in my hands I managed to quickly slip two fingers up into him. Thanks to my earlier adventures with him I knew just where to find that inner button.

After a few minutes of sliding my mouth up and down his shaft I simply held him in my mouth. I'd made him cum when I fucked him. Let's see how long it would take for my fingers to get him off. Thankfully it didn't take long at all. Surprisingly soon I felt his balls moving against my chin just before Noel ejaculated gently into my mouth.

This time instead of forceful jets of cum striking the roof of his mouth his cum flowed down the sides of his shaft. I enjoyed letting it pool on my tongue before tilting my head back and letting it slide down my throat. Savoring the taste and texture as it gathered on my tongue proved wonderfully arousing. Much too quickly for my liking he was done feeding me his cum.

Hungry for more cum I decided I'd have to feed myself my own load. Rolling Noel onto his side I slid my cock between his thighs. Now it was my turn to cum quickly. I pulled out from between his thighs and aimed my cock at his. Groaning, gasping and cursing I covered him with another load of cream. Damn I thought, as I regathered myself, it may be time for us to have a chat about a repayment schedule.

Once I'd licked him clean a second time I carried him up to my bed. This time I settled for fondling him before going to sleep. When I woke in the morning all I did was fondle his cute ass and morning erection. Walking away from his naked body while it still sported an erection wasn't easy but I had a devious plan in mind. In the corner was a full length mirror. Only I knew it was two way glass and resting on a stool behind it was a video camera. Time to see if I had guessed right about Noel's natural reaction to such a situation.

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Holy crap I have an erection was my first thought when I woke up. There was music playing downstairs and the smell of coffee so I assumed Damion was preparing breakfast. A good thing I was a teenager who could burn of large amounts of food. The stamina workouts would help me keep my figure. The burning question in my mind was why I had woken with an erection.

After the first panicked thought that Damion was running out of patience and tiring of having me only when I passed out, I calmed down a little. He had endless patience so this couldn't be the reason. Maybe the nightmares had returned. Maybe he had woken really early and my body had recovered from his play. Still it wouldn't hurt to see if I could find somebody to help me find the courage to leave the closet sooner than I had planned.

Well, I will have to take care of my hard on myself. The shower would be the safest option but I was pretty certain I would hear Damion coming up the stairs and make it into the shower in time. Snuggling deeper into the bed I begin to gently stroke my erection. Knowing how much Damion liked to be prepared to take advantage of an opportunity and, in particular, me it did not surprise me to find a bottle of lubricant in the night stand drawer. After squirting a liberal amount of lube onto my cock and balls I replaced the bottle in the drawer.

The lube allowed me to pick up the pace of my stroking. No sense in taking a greater risk than necessary, I decided as I grasped my cock more firmly. Oh, it felt and sounded incredible to jerk off with lube. I'd have to “borrow” a bottle for when I went home. I was soon gasping for breath as the pleasure intensified.

Realizing I still had lube coating my fingers I inserted a couple of them into my ass. My approaching orgasm had started to cause me to lift my ass up off the bed. I imagined my fingers were Damion's cock. This thought combined with a single rubbing against my prostate was enough to push me over the edge. My raised hips caused my cock to be pointing down at my chest which was soon being coated with my cum. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I came. When I opened them Damion was looking at me slumped on the bed.

“I'm sorry,” I stammered blushing deeply. “I didn't mean...”

“No, it is me who is sorry. I got distracted and left you aroused.” Damion apologized. “Then I could have left when I saw you were cumming and you would never have known. You are so beautiful when you cum. You are also pretty hot when you aren't cumming.”

I had to turn my head to follow him as he walked around the bed. He was kneeling next to me looking hungrily at my cum coated chest.

“May I?” he asked.

Swallowing hard I nodded. Damion smiled at me before leaning forward to begin licking me clean. We both knew he let his tongue play with my nipples longer than was needed to clean them. Neither of us said anything. I shouldn't have been surprised but I was when he took my semi-hard cock into my mouth to clean it. He lingered here quite a bit longer as well. Before things could go too far or he broke our agreement Damion let me go.

“Breakfast in ten minutes,” he told me as he regained his feet. “Better be quick in the shower.”

“I will be but now you also owe me,” I declared nervously wondering if he would bite.

“I do? What for?”

“This,” I said pointing at my hardening cock. “You've left me with two erections this morning. One can be overlooked but two is unfair.”

“You're right,” he said with a smile. “How do I settle up?”

“Let me think about it,” I said getting up and walking to the shower. Damion headed downstairs to put breakfast together while I showered. The one thought that kept going through my mind was the realization that if he had decided to go from cleaning me to making love I would have let him. Today I would need to decide how Damion was going to settle his tab and how I could talk two Aikido students into spending Saturday night with us. Speaking of reminders I knew I would be receiving one after school.

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