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Alex and Aidan

by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 28
This I Promise You

After that weekend Alex and Aidan seemed content to spend their time together at home. Occasionally they would go out for dinner or to a movie or some other event, but most of the time they piled down on the couch and watched a movie or played video games. Then when the time was right and they were both feeling it, they hopped into bed and rolled around getting sweaty under the sheets. 

It was sort of like what happens after the honeymoon, Alex decided. The raw need and excitement had worn off of their relationship and was replaced by a contentment at just being together and doing simple things. They still dined with Emma at least three times a week, but she had her life too and often she was out playing bingo or just visiting with her friends. 

Joey and Robbie had become independent and now the two seldom ever came by though they did see Robbie around the apartment building. He had grown an inch or two and looked happy and self assured these days. He was still the lovable little boy that he always had been but now he had someone in his life that he cared more for than anything on earth. Alex understood what he was feeling, for he and Aidan felt it too. Linda either hadn't figured things out yet or had bowed to the inevitable and chose to let Robbie be happy. 

Ryan called often and filled them in on his and Chase's hijinxs and once to tell them that Larry and Johnny had been over to their house for some fun. Alex laughed when he heard that, he guessed Ryan big dick must be addictive. 

It was Friday and Alex had the weekend off and he and Aidan had plans to go to a movie and then come home and make love all night. Emma was going out with a group of her friends to play Bingo so the boys were going to grab a burger before the movie. 

As they got ready to go Aidan was bouncing around like a pup and Alex chuckled, "Do you need to pee?"

"No, I'm just excited, that's all. This movie is going to be so awesome. Let's not eat too much dinner, I want to have popcorn and sodas and candy at the movie."

"There goes my budget," Alex laughed, "5.00 for tickets and 20 for snacks."

"I have money," Aidan said digging a twenty out of his pocket, " You can use this if you need to," he said seriously.

"Oh, buddy...thanks, but I was just teasing. I have more than enough money for us both. You save yours for school or whatever you kids today buy."

"Okay, but I don't wanna be a mooch," he said looking serious again.

"Come here baby," Alex said opening his arms for his boy. 

Aidan swarmed into his arms and sat down in his lap sideways with his arms locked around Alex's neck, "What daddy. Have I been bad. Are you gonna spank me?" he teased.

"No baby, not unless you want me too," Alex chuckled. It was so hard to be serious around this little jokester, "What I wanted to say was...what's mine is yours and always will be. And....This I Promise You, I will always love you and be there for matter what."

Aidan leaned in and kissed him gently, "I know, and I'll always be there for you matter what," then looking worried he said, "Do you think granny will live a long time?"

"Why wouldn't she? She's healthy and active and too stubborn to die," Alex chuckled, but he knew there were no guarantees in life. Heck he had almost bit the big one himself, but Aidan didn't need to know that.

"I guess, but I have matter what, right?"

"Yep, you got me forever. Even if you decided you didn't want to be with anymore....I'd stalk your cute little ass for the rest of your life," Alex said grabbing the boy and tickling him.

Aidan giggled, "Silly, I'll always want to be with you. I love you," he said leaning in and kissing Alex on the nose, "You're stuck with me forever and ever."

"Well, I'm a lucky guy then. Now....come on and let's get out of here or we'll miss the opening of the movie."

They ate burgers and fries at Wendy's but passed on the Frosties so they could save room for the junk at the movie. They got to the theater in plenty of time and once they had their junk food they found seats near the middle and sat down. The theater was one of the newer ones in town and had reclining seats and wide aisles. It was almost as comfortable as watching a movie at home except the screen covered a whole wall and there were lots of interesting people to watch.

A couple of teenage boys sat down a few seats from them on the row in front of them and Alex couldn't help but notice how cute they were. Aidan didn't seem to pay them much attention until one of them laughed loudly and called his friend a fag. Though it was said jokingly Aidan took it seriously.

"Jerk, calling people a fag," Aidan said angrily, "I hate guys like that."

"Calm down Aidan, they're just two friends joking around. I'm sure he didn't mean that."

"I know, but kids use that word like it was a curse word. They just don't understand that it's as bad, the n word. Boy, I wish I could tell that jerk off."

"Just relax and enjoy the movie," Alex said gently as the light went down, "you can't change the world later."

Halfway through the movie the boys in front of them were laughing so hard they were getting dirty stares from the other patrons including Alex and Aidan. Finally someone must've had enough and went to get an usher, because a guy in a red sports coat came down and talked to the two and after that they were reasonably quiet.

"They should kick em out," Aidan whispered.

Alex patted Aidan's hand and gave him a "just let it go" look and continued watching the movie. 

"I have to go pee," Aidan whispered during a love scene...with a man and a woman, "wanna come?"

"Gnaw...I'm fine, hurry back."

Aidan nodded and made his way to the end of the aisle and headed toward the bathroom unaware that he was being followed by the two loud teenage boys. Alex was busy watching the movie and didn't notice that the two teenagers had left their seat until some time later but when he did his first thought was, good riddance. He slurped the last of his soda and got interested in the movie again.

In the bathroom Aidan headed toward the urinals and parked at last one, the one next to the first stall and pulled out his cock and let loose. He heard the door whoosh open but he didn't pay any attention to who had come in until a teenage boy moved up to the urinal beside him.

"Hey," the teen said giving Aidan a crooked smile."

"Hey," Aidan said more out of politeness than interest.

"Good movie, huh? Did you see the tits on that one girl? he said laughing.

"Yeah, nice," Aidan said trying to sound interested.

"He didn't notice the tits,?" a voice from behind him said gruffly. He swung his head around to see who had spoken, saw another teenage boy, and put two and two together, these were the loud boys from the next row, "he was probably lookin at the dude's dick," he laughed.

"Yeah, and did you see his boyfriend? He couldn't keep his damn hands off the kid. Probably a child molester."

Aidan finished peeing and zipped up, "Shut the fuck up. You don't know shit you stupid morons." Aidan said, their words rekindling his earlier anger.

"What the fuck did you say?" the teen behind him said moving toward him threateningly.

Aidan was smaller than the two and knew that there was no way he could win if they came to blows, but he was angry and cocky and figured he could outrun them if necessary.

"I said shut the fuck up!" he helled, "you stupid mother fucker." Aidan said dancing toward the door.

He was fast, but the kid who had been at the urinal had anticipated his move and was already blocking the door, "Uh uh uh, you're not getting away that easy," the kid said smiling satanically and wagging his finger at Aidan. Aidan knew he was in deep shit, but he also knew that if he was gone too long Alex would come looking for him. All he had to do was stall.

"So what is your problem, anyway?" Aidan said coiling his body to strike in case it was necessary.

" and all the other fags, that's my problem. All you cock suckers and pussy boys who take cock up the ass, that's my problem," he said balling up his fists.

Aidan  knew it was now or never, the other boy was circling in ready to help his buddy and if that happened, it was all over. Feigning with his hands he kicked the boy in the balls as hard as he could. He heard a sort of snapping sound, a grunt, then the kids eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the floor like a sack of shit, which technically he was.

The other kid stared in disbelief, now that it was one on one he was more talk than action, "You asshole, you fight like a girl. You busted his nuts," he said kneeling to help his buddy.

Aidan took that moment to plow out the door and was running by the time he got to the theater where Alex was waiting anxiously for him. When he saw the boy come down the aisle he relaxed and watched him closely as he made his way back to his seat.

"I was about to come looking for you," Alex said grinning, then seeing the look on the boy's face his smile faded.

The boy was trembling now that his adrenaline had worn off and he sniffing back tears.

"What is it Aidan, what happened?"

Aidan shook his head unable to speak. Then mustering his strength he said in a voice so low and full of misery fear that Alex shivered  with dread, he said, "Can we go now?"

"Sure," Alex said touching the boy's hand gently, "but once we get to the truck you have to tell me what happened. Are you sick?"

Aidan shook his head again, "Just wanna go home....okay?"

"Okay, come on," Alex said taking the boy's hand and pulling him up out of his seat then guiding him down the row of seats to the aisle.

Once they were out in the lobby Alex noticed there was a crowd of people gawking at something near the bathrooms, but he didn't stop to find out what was going on. His only concern was getting Aidan to the truck and finding out what was going on with him. Aidan was quiet all the way to the truck though he kept looking behind him and was hurrying so fast he was practically dragging Alex across the parking lot. 

Inside the truck Aidan seemed to relax and then suddenly he burst out in laughter. He was laughing so hard he was crying and Alex became concerned. Was the kid cracking up on him? What the hell was so funny?"


"Soooorrry," he guffawed, "it's funny...."

Alex waited for him to get himself under control then turned to him and put his hands on his shoulders, "Okay, funny boy, spill it, what's so damned funny and why did you look like Satan himself was after you?" Alex said trying to hide his anxiety with humor.

"Well....remember the two guys in front of us?"

"Oh, gawd...what happened?"

So Aidan told him and was surprised at how calm he was now that it was all over, "So I kicked him in the nuts and ran like a little bitch," Aidan laughed.

"So, that's what all the commotion was in the lobby. You may have neutered him or at least ruined him for having kids," Alex chuckled.

"Good, assholes like that shouldn't breed any way," Aidan said gritting his teeth, "I hate guys like that."

"Well, I think they got the message," Alex laughed, "but now that it's all over, don't you think that maybe you could have handled things differently?"

Aidan shrugged, "I just get so mad, maybe I should have Ryan give me some pointers on how to defend myself."

Alex sighed, "What am I going to do with you?" he said with mock exasperation.

"Take me home and make love to me........?" Aidan said grinning.

"Well, okay, but don't you ever put yourself in a situation like that again," Alex scolded.

"What am I supposed to do, pee my pants?" Aidan giggled.

"No, but next time I'm going with you."

At home they skipped the couch and went straight to bed. They had showered before the movie and anyway Alex liked Aidan to have the boy smell that a shower tended to cover up. They were naked and on each other in a heart beat and kissing passionately as their hands roamed each other's body. They knew each other's body as well as they knew their own and they both knew what the other liked. Kissing Aidan long and slow Alex reached between them and teased the boy's erect penis feeling it's hardness and smearing his pre-cum all over the head.

Aidan moaned into Alex's mouth and found his penis with his own hand and began to return the favor, then broke the kiss and raised himself up on his arms, "Make love to me daddy," he said in a lusty voice, "make me come by making love to me...I want it sooo bad."

Alex wasn't surprised by the request but Aidan seemed more desperate than usual and he supposed it had something to do with his scrape with the two haters in the bathroom. Never one to disappoint or deny his boy Alex tenderly rolled him onto his back and began to lick his body from feet to neck then concentrating on his hot center he rimmed the boy till he was wet and loose and begging for Alex to enter him.

Alex's cock dripped with pre-cum and there was no need for any other lube than what nature had supplied. Kneeling between Aidan's raised legs he entered him easily and when he had bottomed out he leaned down and kissed him long and hard before finally beginning to move slowly inside him.

Pulling almost all the way out then pushing back in slowly he made love to him this way for the first five minutes or so.

"Faster daddy....harder....please," Aidan gasped, "make me come...I want to feel you come inside me."

Alex was more turned on than he had been in a long time and he was glad to oblige the boy as he began to move faster and harder jarring the boy and the bed with each deep thrust.

"Ohhh...oh....oh..." Aidan moaned.

"Gonna come....sooon," Alex warned.

"Me....tooooooooo," Aidan said then suddenly his cock began to spew forth his sweet boy juice coating them both in sticky love.

This was all Alex needed to push him over the edge and crying out he pushed deep and began to come hard in Aidan's tight hot guts. There was so much jizz that some leaked out around Alex's cock and wet the sheets but neither cared. They both knew this was only round one and there would be more cum on the sheets before the night was over. 

Leaning down Alex kissed the boy deeply as his nuts emptied in his boy and once he was spent he pulled out slowly and rolled over beside him and nuzzled his neck, "That was sooooo good. It's been a while since I came that hard," Alex said as his heart beat so fast he could feel the blood pumping through his ears.

"It was good daddy, extra good. Just like it used to be," Aidan sighed. Then kissing Alex on the cheek he said, "I love you more every day. You know that right?"

Alex felt misty eyed as he nodded, "I feel the same way. I feel like I wasn't really alive until I met you, and now I can't picture ever living without you."

"Well, you don't have to worry about that silly....unless I die or something, you know like getting the shit beat out of me in a toilet," he said grinning.

Alex shook his head, "Is that why you were so hot and bothered, your brush with death made you horny?" he chuckled.

"Naw, not really, but I got to thinking how lucky I am to have someone who understands what a gay boy like me needs and someone to love me and I sort of felt sorry for those two idiots."

"Ah, lovely, loving, sexy, and compassionate. I certainly struck gold when I met you," Alex sighed.

"Black gold," Aidan giggled, "get it drilling for oil in my back's black gold."

Alex rolled his eyes, "Not once have I ever seen any black or brown for that matter, not since the first time anyway."

"Are you hungry? I am," Aidan said suddenly jumping up. 

Alex feasted on his beauty as he stood. The boy was blossoming into a young man but he still had those boy-like qualities that made him so appealing. His cock was bigger now and just as beautiful as the rest of him. He had a soft downy patch of golden pubes just above his cock but his balls were still virtually smooth, as was his lovely ass. Alex sighed, if only he were a painter he would spend the rest of his life painting the boy in one pose after another, but alas he was just an ordinary man...but, he did have a digital camera.

"Hey, I was wondering. Would you pose for me and let me take some pics of your sexy body?" Alex said suddenly.

Aidan looked surprised but he was pleased, "Sure daddy, if you'll take some naughty ones too."

"Any picture of you naked is naughty," Alex teased, "you are soooo sexy."

"Okay, but first we eat, then we take pictures."

After a quick snack Alex made the bed so Aidan would have a nice background for the photos and got out his digital camera. It was a good one and had cost him almost $400.00 but he had taken tons of pictures of Alex and granny and Joey and Robbie and even of Ryan and Chase, but until now all the poses had been G-rated. This was something new for both of them and both were excited and sure that after the photo session they would hit the sheets again for some hard loving.

Alex began with Aidan in boxer briefs and a tank top. Even clothed as he was the boy was so sexy it hurt. After taking a number of pictures in several poses he had Aidan skin off the tank top then repeated all the poses with just his boxer briefs on. Next he had him push the briefs down to just reveal the top of pubic hair and the crack of his ass and took several pictures from both sides. Alex was so hard now he almost hurt and Aidan kept gawking at his erection and smiling lewdly adding to the sexy look on camera.

Finally he had the boy lay on the bed and begin pushing his boxer briefs down to expose more and more of his cock as Alex took picture after picture. Once they were down to his knees he had Aidan roll over to reveal his perfect ass and he took several pics of it before having him kick the boxer briefs off and kneel on the bed facing the camera.

"You should be a photographer," Aidan said grinning lewdly.

"I'd be so boned up I couldn't concentrate on my subjects if they were as sexy as you," he said pushing his hard on down for the hundredth time.

"Seeing you hard makes me hard," Aidan said licking his lips as Alex took another picture, "and I want that in my mouth this time."

"Oh, gawd, stop....I might come from just hearing you voice," Alex said shuddering, "Just a few more. Get down doggy style and wiggle that cute rear....yeah, that's spread em so I can see your boy hole...oh, gawd.....yes.....yes..."

Once Alex had all the pics he wanted he put the camera away till later when he would download them onto his computer and encrypt the folder, and turned his attention back to love making.

Jumping into bed he lay there on his back and pointed to his seven inches of hard flesh bobbing about almost comically, "Well, there it is...get down on it...get down on it..." he sang The Kool and the Gang song only his was dirty.

Aidan laughed, but didn't hesitate as he "got down on it" and second later the wet noises of boys making love and the moaning that accompanied it was all that could be heard.

             Chapter 29

           Life Goes On

The next morning after a delicious breakfast of waffles, eggs, bacon and hash browns courtesy of Emma they all went  to the mall. Emma wanted to look at the craft store and while she was doing that Alex and Aidan went to the toy store and browsed. Though Aidan was pushing 15 he was still a kid at heart and liked R/C toys of all kinds and had lately developed an interest in model railroading.

"I wish we had enough room to set up a track and stuff," he said as he watched the display train head down the tracks.

"I know, someday I hope to have a house with a yard where you can roam around free and have room for stuff like that," Alex said dreamily.

"You make me sound like a dog," Aidan chuckled, "Are houses really expensive?"

"Some are, there are some good deals too, but my credit isn't strong enough to buy a house...not yet anyway but I'm working on it."

Aidan let it go and walked around looking at other items before finally landing on a video game he'd read about in a magazine. As he read the cover and looked thoughtful Alex came up behind him and snatched it out of his hand.

"Hey, I was reading that," Aidan said laughing.

"Well, you can read it when we get home," he said heading toward the cash register, "I want to play it too though."

"Really, way cool. Thanks Alex," the boy said beaming.

The look on the his boy's face was all the justification he needed to plop down 50 bucks on a video game and he was smiling himself as they went off to find Emma. As they approached the craft store they noticed a small crowd outside and Alex felt his heart skip a beat. He had a bad feeing about this and as he pushed closer he could see two paramedics working on someone on the floor. Daring to elbow his way through the crowd dragging Aidan behind him his heart stopped completely for a second when he saw that the person on the floor was Aidan's granny Emma.

"Oh,," Alex cried out and Aidan began to cry.

"Granny!" the boy wailed and one of the attendants looked up and shook his head.

"Are you a relative?" The man asked somberly.

"This is her grandson, I'm a friend. We live in the same apartment building...we came together...." Alex muttered.

"Can I speak with you for a moment?" the man said gently...."alone."

Alex nodded and allowed himself to be led away as Aidan stood staring at his granny on the floor and crying softly.

" she?" Alex started but he couldn't say the words.

"I'm afraid she's gone. There was nothing we could do. All indications point to a massive heart-attack. I'm very sorry. I suppose an autopsy will be performed to make sure, but I've seen enough of them to know one when I see one. If it's any consolation, she didn't suffer any. She just hit the floor and it was over. I'm very sorry. Is there anyone I can call or anything I can do?"

The paramedic was very kind and Alex appreciate that at the moment, but he what came next would be the hardest thing he ever had to do. "No, but thank you very much. I have to take care of Aidan now...that's her grandson....we're very close...all of us...." he said trailing off. 

The paramedic could see that Alex was in shock and suggested he sit down but he refused. He had to find Aidan and get him home.

"Where will they take her?"

"To St. Johns. You can call them at this number," he said taking out a card and handing it to Alex, "and arrange to release the body to the funeral home. Again, I'm very sorry. We were actually right here in the mall when the call came through..but there was nothing we could do."

Alex nodded and numbly shook the  paramedic's hand, "Thank you...I'm sure you did everything you could."

When he found Aidan he was sitting on the floor beside his granny holding her hand. The other paramedic had not tried to interfere, he had a granny too and  he knew what the boy was going through. As Alex approached he looked up with wet eyes and sniffed back his tears, "It's just you and me now," he said softly.

Alex knelt beside him and kissed the boy on the cheek, "Tell her goodbye Aidan and then let's go. We need to talk about what's next."

Aidan nodded and leaned down and kissed his granny for the last time then stood and wiping the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand he took Alex's hand and  led him through the crowd and out into the mall. People comforted them as they passed touching them and patting  them and expressing their condolences but Alex barely heard or felt them. He was in shock and running strictly on adrenalin now. He knew he had to be strong for Aidan but he was as devastated by Emma's death as the boy was. She had been more like family to him than his own family had been and he would miss her kind words and soft touch and those lazy evening spent around her dinner table.

Once they were home Alex insisted Aidan lay down for a while and he didn't protest. He too was in shock but despite that fact he fell asleep quickly. Sleep was a kind of escape and Aidan need to escape for a while.

Alex knew there was much to do, but the most important thing at the moment was to make sure that Aidan was taken care of. With no other living relatives the contract he and Emma had signed made Alex Aidan's legal guardian and he wanted to make sure no one tried to take Aidan away before he could prove that.

Digging out the document he called the attorney who had written up the contract. He answered on the first ring despite it being a Saturday. 

As Alex recounted what had happened the attorney comforted him and when he brought up the contract he assured him it was a legal and binding and pretty much iron clad. He told him that if anyone came trying to take Aidan to show them the contract and if they still had doubts to call him day or night, but that he was almost 100% certain that DHS had better things to do then question the legality of a contract such as his.

Alex hung up feeling somewhat better. He decided it was too early to call the hospital and so he took off his shoes and crawled into bed with Aidan. As soon as Aidan sensed his presence he scooted against him and Alex threw his arm over him and spooned up to him and rubbed his tummy gently. The boy sighed and went back to sleep. Alex knew the pain would be sharp for a long time, but that some day they would heal though they would never forget. They would have each other thanks to Emma's unselfish love for them both and that made him smile through the sadness. She had known best after all and he was glad he had listened to her.

The funeral was the following Tuesday. The Hospital had released her body without an autopsy because the receiving doctor had validated the paramedics diagnosis of death by massive heart attack. The church where Emma had been married and attended somewhat regularly was packed with her friends and Alex and Aidan's friends. Ryan and Chase showed up looking very cute in matching suits and sat with Alex and Aidan. Joey and Robbie and Linda finished up that pew and many of Emma's friends sat directly behind them.

Alex gave the eulogy and he broke down several times during it, but after the service several people came up to him and hugged him and said they had never heard a more heart felt and sincere tribute. 

Back at the apartment they welcomed their friends and there was a bounty of food to share. Alex had always wondered why people brought food to these kind of affairs but he finally decided it was to celebrate the life of those that go on as much as the life of those who passed. Emma would have loved the crowds, eating and laughing and talking and sharing memories of her and he hoped that wherever she was she could look down and see that she was not forgotten and how much she was loved. 

Ryan and Chase, Joey and Robbie and Linda were the only ones left as the evening ended and Alex invited them to stay a while longer. As they sat around the living room enjoying the warm glow of each other's company Linda finally spoke what was on her mind.

"So now what you two?' Will you stay here now that you have enough money to finally buy a house."

"What?" Alex asked looking confused, "What are you talking about..what money?"

"Oh my God, you didn't know. I just assumed she'd tell you. Emma took out a $50,000 life insurance policy about ten years ago and she's kept the premiums paid up all this time...and after you and Aidan became so close....she made you the soul beneficiary. I told her that was best since you would see that Aidan was taken care of after....well, after she was gone."

Alex was in shock but Aidan just smiled, "Good ole Granny," he sighed, "even after she's gone she's still taking care of us."

They sat and talked about what Alex and Aidan should do with the money and Alex said, "First thing is I won't to get her a nice headstone. The funeral was pre-paid but she only has a marker now. I'd like her to have something special so everyone who sees it will know that she was loved so much," Alex said as tears ran down his face. He felt like he had when he had lost his mother and if it hadn't been for Aidan's support he didn't know what he would have done.

Aidan leaned into him and nudged him with his head, "It's okay, we all miss her, but she's in Heaven now and we still have her in our heart."

Alex nodded, "I know buddy, I know. Well," Alex said wiping his eyes, "I think Emma would agree that Aidan needs a back yard and a real home, so...I think I'll buy a house with some of the money. Put a nice down payment down and get a 30 year mortgage just like a regular guy.'"

Everyone laughed and Aidan hugged him tightly, "Cool, now we can have that train layout."

As houses go theirs wasn't a mansion, but it was sturdy and roomy enough for two and had a lovely back yard with a shed for the lawn mower Alex planned to buy. Maybe they'd even put in an above ground pool. With the six foot privacy fence surrounding it they might even be able to skinny dip, Alex thought happily. There were three bedrooms and one had already been designated as the future home of Aidan's train layout. There was a garage for Alex's truck and someday for Aidan's vehicle, but for now it housed his bicycle. 

There was a covered patio out back and one evening as they sat out there watching the sun set, Aidan climbed into Alex's lap like he had a hundred times since they'd met and locked his arms around Alex's neck and rubbed their noses together.

"Do you think Granny can see how happy we are down here in our new house?"

Alex smiled, "I think so. I think this is what she wanted most for us. To be together and happy and it's up to us to make her wish come true."

"I'll do my part," Aidan said seriously, "I'll always be happy as long as I have you...and I'll always love you," he said speaking from his heart.

Alex kissed him softly on the lips, "I have never been so sure of anything in my life as I am about us. I think we will grow old together, but that's a long time from now...and for now we need to live and love as if there was no tomorrow."

Aidan sighed, "We've come a long way haven't we daddy?"

"A very long way son," Alex said hugging the boy close, and we've a long way to go."

The End

Aww....Don't be sad. Granny is in a better place and thanks to her unselfish sacrifice Alex and Aidan have a real home and a chance for happiness that will be a tribute to her undying spirit. The boys have a long life and an amazing future ahead of them, but we need to move on and let them live their lives. Maybe someday we'll peek back in on them and see how they're doing, but for now let's just let them have this time to themselves. Comments and suggestions are welcome and I especially like emails that tell me how brilliant I Thanks to all my loyal readers who have followed this series from the beginning, I love you all. A special thanks to Ryan who created the Ryan character from his own experiences and personality (though I may have softened it a and to Chase who doesn't exist, but should. 

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