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All But Brothers

Part One

 Tommy leaned back on the porch and propped his self up with his hands before stretching his legs out and resting his bare feet in the cool grass. It was almost spring, the air was filled with the signature scent that foretold its return. Dressed in red shorts and a blue Pokemon shirt, tiny beads of sweat covered his body; evidence of the effort that he had put into the soccer game with his friends that he had just finished. Despite giving it all he had, his team had lost. The bike ride home was not a happy one. Tommy hated losing, as his father had always stressed the importance of perseverance up until the day the man died.

 Though he was only six at the time, the memories of that day still haunted Tommy at age ten. The look on his mother's face when she answered the door expecting to see her husband, but instead finding two police officers wearing fearfully grim frowns. Seeing her collapse and watching as an officer helped her back to her feet, then trying to grasp the meaning of the news his self. Even three years later, the shock had still not completely faded. Performing every task to the best of his abilities was his way of paying tribute to his father, and failing meant letting the man down to him.

 He brushed the shaggy, sweat-drenched tips of his blond hair away from his eyes and looked up to the sky. Large fluffy white clouds, some tinged with pink and orange hues, drifted lazily along against their royal blue backdrop as the sun was just beginning to set. The sound of hundreds of frogs croaking in a nearby stream filled the air, augmenting the already relaxing atmosphere. Tommy day dreamed about all the frogs at the stream, trying to find a mate by making the loudest and most impressive calls. Just then, he heard a rustling in the bush near where he sat and he looked at it suspiciously.

 Being the curious boy that he was, he decided to investigate. This was his yard, and he would allow no rustle to go unchecked. He cautiously approached the bush, and the rustling stopped as if the culprit wished to conceal itself. Tommy kneeled next to the bush and watched for any sign of movement patiently. Just when he was about to abandon his post, a frog leaped from the bush and sat a few inches from him. The frog seemed to regret his previous decision and sat still in the hopes that he had not been noticed.

 Tommy eyed it thoughtfully, trying to decide on the best course of action to capture the trespasser. He did not want to harm the thing, just play with it. Finally, he decided that the only option was to just reach out and grab the creature as quickly and gently as possible. But, as he reached toward the frog it decided to attempt a hasty retreat. Tommy chased the frog half way across the lawn before finally capturing it in both hands. He then sat on his knees and slowly opened them to examine his prize.

 The frog tried to push its head through the small opening between Tommy's hands, but it was no use. The boy had gone through too much trouble to catch his frog, and was not going to release it just yet. "But, what now?" he wondered. Tommy's friend, Benny, rolled to a stop on his bicycle near where he sat, as if to answer that question.

"Hey, Tommy! Whatcha doin'?" Benny called.

"I caught a frog! What should we do with him?"

Benny laid his bike in the grass before inspecting the frog in Tommy's hands.

"I bet he came from that stream across the street... I wonder why," Tommy poked the frog's nose as it tried to squeeze through his hands.

"Maybe he's an adventurer, or an outlaw," said Benny.

"That's silly. He probably just came over here to look for bugs," Tommy said with a raised eyebrow.

"You don't know," Benny replied, before sticking his tongue out.

 Benny was twelve years old, which meant he was a "big kid" in Tommy's mind. The two had met at a soccer game two years ago, and quickly became friends. Benny had just moved to Summer Lake, South Carolina, at the time and Tommy was the first boy that took an interest in him. He even introduced Benny to some of his friends, and tried his best to make him feel welcome. It seemed to work, as the once lonely looking boy sitting on the bleachers soon became the center of a small crowd of curious boys.

 Soon after that, they had become almost inseparable. They often had sleep overs at each other's houses, when they would play video games or watch movies. The bond between them was that sort of mystical connection that seemed to grant them the ability to read each other's minds. Their parents often jokingly referred to them as "partners in crime". This was purely affectionate, though, as neither of them were truly trouble makers.

"I think we should take him back to the stream, he's probably thirsty," Tommy decided.

"Yeah, he's probably lost."

 With that, the boys started their journey to the stream. The walk was not a long one, but making it through the brush and trees that lined the stream without dropping the frog proved to be tricky. Luckily, Tommy made it to the edge of the stream without too much trouble. No sooner than they had made it to their destination, the other frogs went silent. Not only that, but they had seemed to disappear. Benny looked around suspiciously, trying to find where the frogs had retreated to.

"I guess his friends thought we came here to eat them," said Benny.

"Yeah, we did make a lot of noise tryin' to get through those bushes," Tommy laughed.

"This looks like a good spot, the water isn't too deep," Benny said, pointing to a shallow spot in the stream.

Benny took off his shoes and shoved his socks in them before dipping his foot in the water.

"Ah, it's cold!" he yelled, jumping back from the stream laughing.

Tommy released the little frog near the water and watched as it quickly hopped through the stream to the other side.

"Well, that's that. Be free, froggie!" Tommy said.

"Yep, hopefully he won't wander away again."

"If he does, I'm not bringin' him back again. He's on his own now," said Tommy.

 Tommy did not notice the devious look in Benny's eyes as he kneeled by the edge of the stream. He filled both hands with the clear, cool water and flung it at his friend, laughing. Tommy yelled out in surprise and pretended to get angry.

"I'll get you back for that!" he said as he filled his hands with water and flung it at Benny.

 The boys took turns throwing water on each other and splashing one another until they were both thoroughly soaked. Drenched in cold water, they ran back to Tommy's house shivering and laughing. Tommy's mother, Janet, was not home, she was spending the day with friends like she did every weekend. Tommy had been invited, but he always just ended up getting bored when he joined her. She had left him twenty dollars so he could order a pizza and told him to "stay out of trouble". Given his reputation, she had no reason to worry about that.

 A once quiet and peaceful house erupted into chaos as two wet boys burst into the living room and ran to the bathroom. Tommy got two towels out of the linen closet and handed one to Benny. They each dried their hair and took their wet clothes off, leaving them in two soggy piles. Dressed in just briefs, they both ran laughing into Tommy's room to get some dry clothes.

 Tommy opened his dresser and threw a fresh pair of briefs to Benny, who then slid his wet pair off and threw them at Tommy. He caught the wet underwear and threw them back at his friend. Caught off guard, they landed on the naked boy's head. Benny abandoned his task of donning the fresh pair and left them on the floor as he threw the wet pair back at Tommy. He dodged the airborne underwear and quickly escaped into the living room with Benny at his heels.

"You better hope I don't catch you, 'cause I'm stealin' your underwear if I do!" said Benny.

"You can try!"

 With that, Benny chased Tommy around the house, trying to grab him at every opportunity. His little uncut dick and balls flopped back and forth as he ran, Tommy giggled with excitement. Finally, he cornered Tommy in the living room and quickly grabbed him before wrestling him to the floor. Being slightly bigger, it was not hard for him to overpower the younger boy. They both giggled as Tommy wriggled under him. Benny managed to wrestle the briefs off of Tommy and held them in the air as if presenting a trophy.

 Tommy ceased wriggling and laughed as he looked up at Benny. Both boys had become erect from the friction and excitement. Tommy giggled as Benny's hairless five inch dick rubbed against his tight stomach. He felt embarrassed, yet it gave him a thrill at the same time. Benny playfully poked at his navel with his cock, rubbing his warm balls against the boy as he did so. Tommy did not understand why it felt so good, but his heart was racing and he could feel his smooth four inch dick throbbing.

"Alright, you win! Now, get off, weirdo!" said Tommy, laughing.

"If I'm a weirdo, then you must be weird too. You're hard too!"

Tommy blushed, "Nuh uh!"

"Yeah huh!"

 Benny scooted back a little so Tommy could see his aching cock, then lifted it up with his fingers to show him, which sent a chill down Tommy's spine. Tommy felt a warm sensation in his face, and he began breathing heavily. Benny smiled down at him, playing with his friend's dick. He rubbed his hard cock against his friend's, as if fighting with little swords. Tommy played along until they both heard a car door shut in the driveway. Their eyes widened, and they rushed back into Tommy's room before slipping some shorts on. The thin fabric did little to conceal their boners.

"Tommy," his mother called out as she entered the living room.

The boys went out to greet her with huge smiles on their faces. She eyed them suspiciously.

"What have you boys been getting into?" she asked.

"Nothing," Tommy replied before getting caught up in a fit of laughter with Benny.

"Yeah, okay. Well, I just came home because I forgot something. Are you planning to spend the night, Benny?" she said.

"Can I?" he asked excitedly.

"If it's alright with your parents. I might be a little late getting in, though. I'm going out with some friends tonight. Do you want me to call them for you?"


 She then called Benny's parents and explained that he wanted to stay over for the night. She told them that she would be going out for a while, so they said they would send over Benny's older brother, James, to watch them while she was out. Benny sighed when he heard that, as his brother was not always the most entertaining person to hang out with. After finishing the call, Janet hurriedly gathered some things from her room, told the boys to be good, and was out the door again.

"Great, now my dumb brother is gonna be here too."

"Well, it's not like he ever bothers us, he always just sits on the couch and plays with his laptop," Tommy said, trying to cheer his friend up.

"I guess so. I'm hungry," said Benny.

"My mom left me twenty bucks, let's order a pizza!"

"'Kay, but no olives," Benny replied.

 After ordering the pizza, Tommy looked over at his friend. He could not stop thinking about what happened earlier, when they were both naked and Benny had him pinned to the floor. His face felt warm again. Benny's expression seemed to say, "What?". Finally, Benny broke the silence.

"Wanna play video games?"

"As long as you promise not to get mad when I beat you!" said Tommy, before running back to his room.

 The boys sat on Tommy's bed and began playing a racing game in Two Player mode. Sure enough, Tommy won the race. Benny grunted competitively, and vowed to win the next one. Unfortunately for him, it was a vow he was unable to keep. Tommy laughed triumphantly, and Benny playfully shoved him with his shoulder.

"Let's make a bet," he said.

"What kinda bet?" Tommy asked.

"Whoever loses the next match has to answer the door in his underwear when the pizza man gets here."

Tommy giggled, "Okay, but you can't back out when I win!"

 With the challenge accepted, and the stakes agreed upon, the race was on. Tommy started out in the lead, causing a flurry of button mashing and grunting to erupt beside him. Shortly after, Benny managed to catch up to him and push his car against a wall, making him slow down. Benny took the opportunity to jump into the lead. Tommy called him a cheater, and began some button mashing of his own. A few minutes after that, the winner was declared.

"This is so not fair! You cheated!" Tommy complained.

"I did what I had to do to win, that isn't cheating," Benny said with an evil grin.

"Let's have a rematch!"

"Nope, remember, you said no backing out!"

"Okay, fine, but I get to pick the next bet once the pizza gets here."

 Benny agreed to the arrangement and continued playing the game with his friend, excited with the anticipation of seeing Tommy answer the door in his underwear. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Benny looked excitedly at Tommy, and Tommy nervously back at him. After a little coaxing, he slipped his shorts off and put on some briefs. He then made his way to the front door and stood before it, heart racing. Benny sat on the couch and giggled. The doorbell rang again, startling Tommy.

 He decided to hurry up and get it over with. He quickly opened the door and a cool breeze rushed in, giving him goose bumps. Immediately after doing so, he blushed and ran back to his room laughing. The pizza had not yet arrived, but a now very confused James had. James seemed to be in shock, and stood at the open door for almost a full twenty seconds before entering the house. Benny sat on the couch, laughing heartily at his brother's strange reaction.

 James was seventeen, and a little unusual in Tommy's opinion. He had learned from Benny that he had very few friends, and hardly ever left the house. He usually just spent his time on his computer, playing video games, chatting, reading, etc. This was not all that weird to him, but he did catch James looking at him strangely sometimes. It did not make him feel threatened, just funny. He did not understand it.

 After putting his shorts back on, Tommy returned to the living room and sat next to Benny. He had been laughing with James about the bet he won earlier. James then went on to describe how surprised he was when a weird little half-naked boy answered the door, which made Tommy blush again. The doorbell then rang again. Benny and James looked over at Tommy, who looked back at them in confusion.

"You gotta answer the door in your underwear, remember?" Benny said.

"I already did!"

"Nope, the bet was for you to answer it in your underwear when the pizza man gets here," Benny replied with another evil grin.

"That's not fair! I didn't know it was gonna be James!" Tommy pleaded.

"A bet's a bet, little man," James laughed.

 With both James and Benny staring at him expectantly, Tommy finally gave in to peer pressure and slipped his shorts off. He was less nervous about answering the door this time, but even more embarrassed. The pizza delivery boy seemed to be more shocked than James had been as he fumbled with the change once Tommy paid him. He dropped some of it and bent down to pick it up, but instead of standing immediately he hesitated. He stared at the boy's bulge for a few seconds before nervously handing him his change and quickly returning to his car.

 Benny and James were laughing hysterically as a very red-faced Tommy placed the pizza on the coffee table and quickly slipped back into his shorts. Despite his humiliation, he retrieved some plates and napkins from the kitchen for his self and his guests. After the laughter died down, he sat on the couch and grabbed a slice of pizza. Benny and James followed suit after catching their breaths.

"I think he liked you," James said with a mouth full of pizza.

Tommy looked at him in confusion.

"The pizza man," James nudged Benny, "did you see the way he stared at your bulge?"

"You would know, weirdo," Tommy glared at him.

 After the laughter ended, Tommy noticed James giving him that strange look again. He was smiling, but in a way that nobody else had ever smiled at Tommy before. He decided to ignore it and put the leftover pizza in the fridge as Benny and James watched television. In the kitchen, he decided to get some microwave popcorn out of the cabinet in preparation for suggesting to watch a movie with his guests. After retrieving the popcorn, he turned to see James had been watching him.

"Sorry for making fun of you, little man," he said before kneeling to give Tommy a hug.

 Tommy felt light headed, and did not understand why. He decided that he did not care, because the hug felt so good. He hugged James back, and James hugged him tighter. Tommy could feel his heart racing, the smell of James' cologne filled the air and he felt dizzy. Just before releasing him, James kissed his neck which only intensified his strange feelings. Tommy gazed up at James, bag of popcorn hanging limply from his hand.

"You might want to take care of that," James said, looking at Tommy's crotch.

 Confused, Tommy looked down to see that he was sporting a very obvious erection. He quickly tried to hide it with the bag of popcorn, but it was too late. James ruffled his hair and returned to the living room. Tommy tried to figure out what had just happened, but decided that James was just weird. He returned to the living room and asked if his guests wanted to watch a movie, they agreed, and he returned to the kitchen to prepare popcorn while they picked what to watch.

 With a big bowl of fresh popcorn in his little hands, Tommy returned to the living room. Benny had moved to the side of the couch opposite to James, leaving the middle space between them for Tommy. As he sat down, James turned the lights off and started the movie. After finding out the movie was a horror flick, Tommy suggested they cover themselves with the huge blanket which rested on the back of the couch, as was customary. Everyone agreed and made themselves comfortable by the time the opening credits were just ending.

 Tommy hated scary movies, and always had a hard time sleeping after watching one. He felt a little safer under the blanket, surrounded by friends, but he was still nervous. An hour into the movie, the bowl sat on the coffee table drained of its popcorn, and Tommy was on edge. He stared into the television screen, little muscles tight, big blue eyes wide. He suddenly felt something touch his leg and jumped. It was James' hand. He looked over to James, who was giving him that odd smile yet again.

 James squeezed his leg gently, as if to say "Calm down," and Tommy was thankful for the distraction. Still, he felt funny inside. Naughty. Here he was, wearing only shorts and briefs, and someone was touching his leg from under a blanket. Not only someone, but that weirdo James that had made him get all dizzy earlier in the kitchen. James seemed to be good at that, as the boy felt like the room was spinning a little again. James motioned for Tommy to scoot a little closer, and he could not refuse. It was as if he were caught in a trance.

 Benny seemed to be too immersed in the movie to notice anything, so Tommy scooted a little closer to James. He responded by gently running his hand along Tommy's smooth, warm leg and up to his tight little tummy. Tommy's cheeks flushed, and his heart fluttered. Nobody had ever touched him like this before, and he was a little scared. James' hand felt so hot and soft against his skin as he felt it move up to his chest and a finger traced around his nipple. He was just about panting when James took hold of his nipple and gently squeezed, sending what felt like bolts of electricity rushing through the boy.

 Tommy let out an inaudible gasp, and leaned back into the couch. His body felt limp, well, most of it. He felt the urge to buck his hips and hump the air, but resisted. James softly moved his hand along the boy's honey golden skin, down to his navel and traced around it with a finger. Tommy wanted to grab his hand and move it down to his aching little cock, but was afraid of what James might do if he did. Benny broke James' spell by pointing out that the movie had ended. James removed his hand, which just about broke Tommy's heart, and grabbed the TV remote.

 He changed the channel to a documentary about the pyramids of Egypt, which seemed to satisfy Benny. Shortly after, his hand returned to the little piece of heaven sitting next to him. It took everything Tommy had for him to resist moaning loudly when James' hand brushed against his crotch. James laughed quietly to himself as he pulled the boy a little closer. Tommy felt Benny shifting around on the couch, and looked over to see that he had curled up and looked close to falling asleep. He then bit his little ruby red lip as James began rubbing his chest more vigorously.

 Tommy squirmed impatiently in his seat, he wanted James to touch his little boy cock so bad that it pressed painfully against his briefs. James moved his hand down to the boy's navel again, only this time it ventured a little lower. Tommy could not take it anymore, and bucked his hips just enough that the tip of his dick pressed firmly against the side of James' hand. James whispered something inaudible before slipping his hand into Tommy's shorts, outside of his briefs. Tommy felt like he as going to pass out as James' hand rubbed against the thin fabric covering his throbbing little dick.

 Just then, James slipped his hand out of the boy's shorts and stood up. Tommy looked up at him, a little afraid of what he was going to do. James kneeled down and whispered into his ear, "Come on," his warm breath made the boy's skin tingle. He did not have to be told twice, and stood up immediately, boner tenting his shorts painfully. He noticed that Benny had fallen asleep as James led him to his room. Once in Tommy's room, James closed the door and locked it before turning and smiling at Tommy.

"Do you want me to teach you a game that big boys play?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Tommy answered.

"Okay, but you have to swear to keep it just between us. Only grown ups are supposed to know about this game, and I could get in trouble for teaching you," he said.

"I promise," Tommy said nervously.

 James held out his hand and Tommy shook it, sealing the deal. Tommy's eyes widened with surprise as James picked him up and carried him over to his bed. He then laid Tommy on the bed softly and climbed over him. Tommy looked up into his eyes, unsure if he had made the right decision by agreeing to whatever was happening. James smiled down at him, before leaning in and kissing him. Dizzy, nervous, and excited, Tommy kissed him back after the initial shock wore off. He then relaxed a little bit, lost in a wave of intoxicating ecstasy. "What's happening," he wondered.

 He then felt James' tongue slip between his lips and press against his teeth. Shocked, his eyes shot open. James instructed him to open his mouth with a whisper, and he reluctantly did so. Feeling James' tongue slip into his mouth and massage his own seemed to suck the air out of him, and he found it hard to breathe. James whispered to relax, and he tried. He felt so vulnerable being alone with the older boy who was now doing very strange things to him, but it all felt so good. He wanted more.

 After getting the hang of this new kissing technique, he began kissing back with more enthusiasm. Lips slick with saliva, tongues entwined, the boys kissed passionately. Tommy felt like he was getting close to something, but he did not know what. All he knew was that he wanted it to happen, and that desire was growing more urgent. He bucked his hips and grinded against James' abdomen. James responded by placing a hand on the boy's ass and pulling it up, Tommy felt James' hard cock rubbing against him.

 James broke the kiss, leaving Tommy panting. He then kissed the boys neck, causing him to shiver, and continued making his way with kisses down to his nipple. He sucked Tommy's nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Tommy gasped and squirmed, almost unable to bear the strong waves of pleasure. He placed his hands on James' head and gently pushed. James released the boy's nipple, only to move on to the other one and give it similar treatment. Only, this time, he bit it gently. Tommy moaned loudly, and James laughed before shushing him.

 Just then, they heard the front door open. Hearts racing, they quickly sat up and James turned on Tommy's video game console. He hopped out of bed and unlocked the door as quietly as possible. Tommy watched him, in a daze. James handed him a controller and they began playing a racing game. Shortly after that, Tommy's mom opened his bedroom door and smiled at them. She looked tired as she entered the room and hugged her son. He could smell alcohol and cigarette smoke on her as she kissed his cheek.

"Thanks for watching the boys, James," she said.

"Oh, it's no problem."

She handed him the usual thirty dollars.

"Well, I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too late," she said before staggering out of the room.


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