This story is completely fictional, and for entertainment purposes only; any resemblances to real people, events, locations, etc. are purely coincidental. It contains depictions of sexual encounters, if you are under the legal age or are prohibited from reading or possessing such material, please do not read any further. Enjoy.

All But Brothers

Part Two

 James breathed a heavy sigh of relief, and smiled over at Tommy. He returned the smile, a look of longing still in his eyes. James then pushed him over on the bed and kissed his neck. Tommy giggled, more relaxed now. They began kissing again, and the door opened. James quickly sat up, Tommy lying beneath him. Benny stood in the doorway, eyeing them tiredly. Without a word, Benny entered the room and closed the door behind him. Tommy watched as he climbed onto the empty spot on the bed and wrapped his self in the blanket. They blinked at each other.

"What are you doin'?" he asked, half asleep.

"Playing a game," James replied.

"Can I play?"

"I don't know, what do you think, Tommy?"

Tommy looked up at James, "I don't know," he replied, unsure what the right answer was.

James smiled, "I'll be right back," then left the room.

 Tommy sat up and looked at Benny. He looked tired and confused, but also intrigued. Tommy was still very excited from playing with James, and Benny seemed to notice. The boy looked at his crotch, then back up into his eyes. Tommy smiled, and Benny laughed before shoving him playfully. He knocked Tommy over and pinned him on the bed, suddenly wide awake. Tommy remembered what had happened earlier in the living room, when they were in a similar position. His cock throbbed to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

 James returned to the room, and grinned widely at the two playful boys. He had retrieved his backpack from the living room. He locked the door before sitting at Tommy's desk and opening the bag. He then pulled his laptop out, and placed it before him on the desk. Benny lay down next to Tommy, and the boys watched him curiously. James opened the laptop and turned it on, then ruffled around in his backpack some more. After the laptop had finished starting up, he navigated to a folder containing a variety of picture and video files.

 He then turned the laptop so the boys could see the screen, and clicked on a file. An animated picture of two boys close to the same ages as Tommy and Benny appeared on the screen. The boys were both completely naked, and in the sixty nine position. Each boy sucking the other's stiff little dicks. Tommy and Benny just stared at the cartoon image with wide eyes, shocked. James watched them patiently, and Benny spoke first.

"What's that?" he asked.

"It's called shotacon, and the characters are in the Sixty Nine Position. They're sucking each other's cocks so they can both feel good at the same time," James replied.

The picture made Tommy's heart skip a beat, he was not expecting anything like it. He had not even imagined the possibility of such a thing.

"So, do you guys wanna try it?" James asked, grinning.

Tommy looked from the screen, to James, then to Benny. He did kind of want to try that, it looked like those boys were enjoying it.

"Does it hurt?" Benny asked.

Laughing, "No, I already told you; it feels really good," said James.

Benny looked skeptical.

"Alright, I'll show you. If I'm right, will you try it?" James asked.

Benny looked at Tommy, as if trying to read his mind, then back to James.

"How are you gonna show me?" he asked.

"Lie back on the bed," said James.

 Benny did as he was told, and Tommy could tell he was nervous. He tried to give him a look that said, "It's okay," but it didn't seem to help much. James got up from the desk, and positioned his self on the bed atop his little brother. Benny asked what he was doing, and was told to relax. James then ran his hand over the boy's smooth tanned chest, and down his tight tummy. Benny began breathing heavily, his soft brown hair a mess from sleeping on the couch. His chocolate brown eyes gazed up into his brother's.

"You're so fucking cute," said James.

 He then kneeled, and pulled Benny's shorts down a little, just enough to find that he was not wearing any underwear without revealing his throbbing boner. James ran his hands all over his brother's smooth, hairless body. He was sporting his own raging hard-on, and Tommy could not help but stare at it. For some strange reason, he wanted to see it, to touch it. He just did not know how to ask if he could, or if he should. A gasp from Benny brought him back to reality.

 He looked over to see that James had pulled Benny's shorts down just enough to reveal his stiff boy cock. Tommy blushed, wondering what it would taste like if they really did try what the boys in the picture were doing. James stroked his brother's little dick slowly, smiling. Tommy wondered where James had found that "shotacon" stuff, and who had made it in the first place. James pulled Benny's shorts off, and threw them onto the floor.

 James then held Benny's feet together by his ankles, and lifted them up to reveal the boy's creamy white ass. He then instructed Benny to hold his legs in that position. Benny complied, and James spread the boy's perfect little bubble butt, revealing his little brown pucker. He then licked a finger and rubbed it around his brother's asshole, which made Benny's eyes widen with surprise. Tommy watched in awe, wondering if all brothers did these kinds of things.

 Finally, James told his brother to lower and spread his legs. He seemed more relaxed now, though a bit embarrassed, and did as he was told. James then told Tommy to watch what he was about to do closely, and Tommy nodded enthusiastically. James leaned down and kissed his brother, Benny laughed as he was taught the new kissing technique that Tommy had learned earlier. Soon after getting the hang of it, the laughing stopped.

 Benny and James kissed passionately as Tommy took mental notes, watching the way James ran his hands all over his brother's soft body. He felt his little dick pressing painfully against his briefs as James kissed and licked all over his little brother's body. Benny moaned or giggled occasionally as James covered him with his saliva. He really seemed to be enjoying his special treatment, and Tommy began to get jealous. Still, he watched closely like a good boy. After a while of licking, nibbling, and kissing all over his little brother's neck, chest, and tummy James finally made his way down to the boy's very erect dickie.

 At first, Benny giggled and squirmed on the bed as his brother licked his most sensitive areas, but after a few minutes he looked as though he were in heaven. Body limp, eyes closed, he breathed heavily as James serviced his cock. Tommy leaned in and watched as James sucked, lips wrapped around his friend's penis, saliva running down its stalk and over his balls. Just as Benny put his hands on his brother's head, and began to moan quietly, James sat up. Benny looked up at him as if he had just been slapped in the face.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked, a little out of breath.

"Do you agree that it feels good?" James asked.

Benny laughed, "Yeah."

Tommy examined his friend; he seemed to be okay. Benny just lay on the bed, smiling and catching his breath. His little dick was still hard as ever, glistening from his brother's spit.

"What did it feel like?" Tommy asked.

"It felt awesome!" said Benny.

"Are we gonna try that thing, then?"

"Only if you want to," Benny said with a pleading look in his eyes.

 Tommy sighed. He knew that he wanted to, but was still a little nervous about it. James sat on the bed, admiring his little brother's body. Benny giggled when he noticed, and gently pushed at his brother's chest with his foot. James grabbed the boy's foot, and brought it up to his mouth. He then began licking and sucking on his little brother's toes as Benny squirmed and laughed on the bed, trying to pull his foot away. After releasing his brother's foot, James looked over to Tommy. His heart fluttered, and his mind raced with the anticipation of what James might do to him.

 Suddenly, James pushed Tommy over on the bed. Confused, he looked up into James' eyes as he positioned his self above the boy. James grinned down at him, admiring his beauty. He then made comments about how pretty the boy was, his shaggy blond hair, big blue eyes, and ruby red lips. Tommy could not remember ever blushing harder in his whole life. He was embarrassed, yet excited at the same time. James placed his hand on the boy's chest, and Tommy bit his lip. He hoped that he would receive the same treatment as Benny.

 Sure enough, James ran his hot hands all over the boy's silky smooth skin, paying extra attention to his little pink nipples. Every time James squeezed one, Tommy gasped and shivered. Benny watched while playing with his little stiffie. James pulled Tommy's shorts and briefs down a little, revealing the hairless untanned skin just under his waistband. Tommy felt so naughty, yet so good. His face was warm and flushed, skin covered with goose bumps. James leaned down and kissed his tummy, making the boy flash his gorgeous smile.

 After kissing him a few more times, James pulled Tommy's shorts down even further. His little boner sprang free, and he felt a surge of horniness rush through him. James stroked it while smiling down at him, causing the boy to moan quietly. Benny giggled. The next thing Tommy knew, his legs were in the air and James was rubbing his little bare ass. He held his legs the same way Benny had, knees just under his chin. He felt James spread his ass apart, and his cock throbbed. This was so naughty. James then licked his finger and ran it around his little pink asshole, Tommy gasped; he had not expected that to feel good too.

 James told him to lower his legs and spread them apart, and Tommy did. He was finally going to find out what it felt like to have his little dickie in someone's mouth. James kneeled between the boy's little athletic legs, and leaned over. Benny watched as his brother kissed and licked all over his friend's body, leaving shiny trails of saliva all over his skin. Tommy giggled, being the sensitive boy that he was. He loved the feeling of having his nipples sucked and nibbled, and how it felt when James licked the inside of his bellybutton. It was almost too much for him to bear, and he was shushed several times for moaning.

 Then, it felt like electricity was surging through his body. Tommy looked down to see James sucking on his stiff little boy dick, and moaned loudly. He could not help it. That was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced. He put his hands on James' head and gently pushed. Not because he wanted him to stop, but because the sensations were almost too powerful for him to handle. James sat up, laughing.

"You're really sensitive, you know that?" he said, grinning down at Tommy.

 Tommy was too out of breath to respond; he was lost in another world it seemed. He looked over to Benny and laughed. He gave Tommy a knowing look, and smiled. It felt as though their bond had grown stronger, like they were experiencing something really big together. Tommy did not understand just what it was, but he knew that he was glad to be a part of it. He felt free, lying naked on the bed with his friend. All the new sensations left him feeling like his whole body was vibrating slightly in the most pleasurable way.

 James got off the bed, and sat in Tommy's desk chair. He then began instructing the nude boys to get into various positions and poses while rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. Tommy and Benny giggled playfully as they followed the instructions, obviously having a lot of fun with it. He then instructed Tommy to suck his little brother's hard-on. Tommy looked at it hesitantly. He was not sure how to go about doing that. With a little guidance from James, Benny lay on his back with Tommy kneeling between his legs.

 Tommy leaned over and licked his friend's cock as Benny giggled. He decided that it did not taste bad at all. He liked the way the smooth skin felt against his tongue; all soft, hot, and hard at the same time. After a little more guidance from James, he pulled Benny's foreskin back to reveal his little red glistening glans. Tommy sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue all around it. Benny squirmed and put his hands on Tommy's head, pushing gently. Knowing how good he was making his friend feel gave Tommy a thrill, and his little member was aching for attention of its own.

 James kneeled beside them and watched, breathing heavily. Every so often, he would chime in with words of encouragement or guidance. Not that he needed to, sucking dick seemed to come naturally to Tommy. He enjoyed it. Benny had begun humping his friend's hot little mouth after the initial sensitivity wore off. Tommy enjoyed watching his friend's tight little six pack flex and relax as he did so. Just as Benny's bucking became more urgent, and his moans a little louder, James instructed Tommy to stop.

 Tommy sat up, looking down at Benny. He was out of breath, eyes closed, cock still throbbing. Tommy stroked his friend's dick, watching the foreskin glide up and down. James then told the boys to switch positions, and they did so excitedly. Tommy lay on his back, Benny between his knees. They laughed at each other playfully. Benny needed no instruction, he leaned down and licked Tommy's cock. Tommy moaned, filled with pleasure, his friend's slick tongue gave him chills. He loved feeling the boy's hot breath against his soft skin.

 Without warning, Benny sucked his cock into his mouth. Tommy gasped with surprise and ecstasy. Feeling his friend's warm tongue slide around all over his cock made him convulse slightly. He grabbed at the sheets, unsure how to handle what was happening to him. It all felt so powerful, but he did not want it to stop. He placed his hands on his friend's head, and guided his motions into a slower rhythm. He could feel the spit running down his cock and trickling over his balls.

 He humped into Benny's mouth with more urgency, feeling tension build inside his little balls. He did not know what was coming, but he knew he wanted it. He needed it. Suddenly, it felt as though he were in a rocket ship, being propelled into the atmosphere at great speeds. He gasped and moaned, clenching at the sheets. Benny sucked at his cock more quickly, as his abdomen tightened. He grabbed Benny's head and forced it down while fucking his little cock up into the boy's mouth. He felt his balls tighten and muscles convulse. He could feel something coming out of his dick, but was too lost in the pleasure to care what.

 Tommy lay on the bed, breathless, clinging absent mindedly to Benny's head. He shivered as Benny continued licking his now much too sensitive cock, and pushed the boy's head away. Benny sat up, a string of saliva and clear little boy cum hung from his wet lips. James instructed him to spit the cum in Tommy's navel, and he did so.

"You squirted something in my mouth!" said Benny.

"Huh?" Tommy asked, still a bit out of breath.

"That's called cum," James said, a little out of breath his self, "it squirts out when your dick feels really good."

 James leaned over Tommy and sucked the clear liquid out of his navel. He swallowed it, then licked the boy clean. Benny wiped his lips on his hand, and smiled down at his friend. Tommy just looked up at him, amazed. He had no idea that his little dick was capable of making him feel so good. It felt as if he had just discovered the meaning of life, or something. He was a little tired, but did not want to stop playing with Benny and James.

"Alright, are you boys ready to try the Sixty Nine Position?" James asked.

The boys grinned at each other.

"I'll take that as a yes."

 James then got off the bed and took his shirt off, messing up his neatly styled brown hair. Both boys watched his toned body flex and bend as he slowly removed each article of clothing. He dropped his boxers, releasing his raging hard-on, and Tommy gazed at it with wide eyes. It was the biggest dick he had ever seen. James' six-and-a-half inches of hot, throbbing cock bounced as he removed his socks. His body hair was neatly trimmed, but he was still very furry in comparison to the two naked prepubescent boys watching him.

 James then guided the boys into position, and they enthusiastically sucked each other's cocks into their mouths. Being the one on top, Tommy was having a hard time getting into the groove of things. His hard little dick was still too sensitive from his first orgasm, and Benny was sucking on it vigorously. After a few moments, a rush of horniness took over, and he sucked at his friend's cock lustfully. James hovered a short distance away, stroking his cock as he watched the spectacle.

 A few minutes later, Tommy could feel his friend's muscles tightening and relaxing beneath him. Benny was letting out muffled little moans, which gave Tommy a thrilling vibrating sensation on his slick little dick. His friend was bucking slightly, humping up into Tommy's mouth, and he took the hint. Tommy began sucking more energetically while swirling his tongue all over the hot little rod in his mouth more quickly. He felt his dick slip out of Benny's mouth as the boy released another moan.

 Tommy continued sucking as his friend moaned and squirmed beneath him, wanting desperately to return the favor Benny had performed for him earlier. He felt his friend's soft tummy tighten against his own, and his eyes widened as Benny's cock shot gooey streams of hot cum into his mouth. The taste was odd, but not unpleasant. It was a strange mix of salty and sweet, but also akin to milk. Shortly after, Benny began shivering under his friend and asked Tommy to stop.

 He sat up, warm butt pressed firmly against his friend's chest as he swirled the cum around in his mouth. Benny laughed, and slapped his ass playfully. James then leaned in and kissed Tommy, and their tongues slid together bathed in Benny's cum. Tommy's face felt warm again, and he was still incredibly horny. He reached out and placed his hand on James' tight abs and rubbed around his navel. James kissed him more passionately, and guided the boy's hand down to his engorged dick. Tommy stroked it without hesitation.

 It felt good in Tommy's small hand, which could just barely wrap around its girth. James pulled away without warning, and returned to his laptop. He then browsed through his collection of shotacon images. Tommy turned around to face Benny while straddling his tummy. Benny smiled up at him, looking tired again. Tommy lifted his dick and released it, causing it to slap against his friend's stomach. They giggled at each other as James stood up. He turned to the boys, grinning. They watched as he stroked his young manhood, and Tommy wondered what he was going to do with it.

 James guided them into a slightly awkward position, where each boy's legs scissored the other's. In this position, their stiff little dicks and balls rubbed together. James watched as they kissed each other, and took turns stroking each other's cocks at once. Then, he forced his cock between their lips, surprising both boys. They both instinctively began licking it on each side while still playing with their little boners. James groaned as Tommy savored the taste of his hot cock, and played with his foreskin.

 Tommy sucked the tip of James' dick into his mouth, and pushed the foreskin back with his lips. He then licked all over the huge glans, which tasted similar to Benny's cum. Benny licked and sucked at the shaft, causing it to glisten with his spit. James began breathing heavily, and placed a hand on Tommy's head before gently thrusting into the boy's mouth. Tommy gagged as the dick hit the back of his throat, and pulled away a bit. James laughed, and released his head. Without a word, the boys switched things up; with the tip of James' cock in Benny's mouth, and Tommy savoring the shaft.

 It did not take long until James was gasping, and he told the boys to stop. He then quickly pushed the boys apart slightly, giving him access to their little boners. He stroked his cock vigorously over the two preteen stiffies which were pressed firmly together. Soon, the boys' cocks were glazed with his cum as he shot stream after stream of hot, sticky semen all over them. Tommy watched in amazement, noticing that James' cum was white, and he had a lot more of it.

 After James' balls were spent, he once again surprised both boys by kneeling next to the bed and sucking both of their cum covered cocks into his mouth at once. Benny placed his hand on his brother's head, as Tommy leaned back and enjoyed the wonderful sensations. After he had thoroughly licked both boys clean, James returned to his laptop.

 Exhausted, the boys lay side by side on the bed, and James joined them shortly after shutting his computer down and turning the light off. Bodies sticky with dried cum and saliva, they cuddled naked under the covers. Tommy could not remember being happier than he was at that moment, and he inwardly wished it would never end. He reminisced about the day's events, and felt his little dick throb against Benny's warm ass. He wrapped his arms around his friend, much like James' arms were wrapped around him, and quickly fell asleep.


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