This story is completely fictional, and for entertainment purposes only; any resemblances to real people, events, locations, etc. are purely coincidental. It contains depictions of sexual encounters, if you are under the legal age or are prohibited from reading or possessing such material, please do not read any further. Enjoy.

All But Brothers

Part Three

 Warm sunshine forced its way in through the space between the curtains on Tommy's bedroom window, illuminating the small room. Birds chirped and squeaked in the trees just outside. The three naked boys lay sleeping peacefully, cuddling one another. Tommy was the first to awaken, to the sound of his mother knocking at the door. His eyes opened wide with the fear of getting caught naked with his friends. Luckily, the bedroom door was still locked from the night before. He sighed.

"Time to get up, boys, breakfast is ready," said Janet.

 Tommy rubbed his eyes before examining his friends. They were heavy sleepers, it seemed. He smiled as he remembered the amazing feelings he had experienced the night before. His little dick was already hard, and he played with it absentmindedly. He gently lifted up the blanket covering James to reveal his floppy cock. Smiling, he took it into his hand and began playing with the foreskin while wondering what it felt like to have one.

 As he played with it, James' cock began to harden in his hand. Excited, he stroked the hot meat, watching the foreskin slip up and down. James shifted in the bed while moaning slightly. Feeling naughty, Tommy slipped under the covers and licked the tip of James' glans. It seemed as though James' education of the two boys had done well in turning little Tommy into a perv. He pulled at James' foreskin with his lips, laughing quietly to his self as he did so.

 Stroking faster, he could feel the hot dick throbbing in his hand. Feeling his own little stiffie twitching, he straddled James and pressed it firmly against James'. The size comparison was less than flattering for Tommy, and he hoped that his little dickie would grow to be as big as James' some day. James opened his eyes and looked up at Tommy groggily. The look of confusion on his face quickly twisted into a huge grin. Tommy stared down at him, laughing. He humped against James playfully, rubbing their cocks together.

 James licked his lips, placed a hand on the back of the boy's head, and pulled him down for a kiss. Tommy kissed back enthusiastically, feeling James' smooth dick rubbing against his ass now. Benny turned over and mumbled something, still asleep. Tommy giggled as James rubbed his ass while kissing him. Just then, Tommy's mother returned to the bedroom door.

Louder this time, "Time to get up boys," she said.

 James pushed Tommy off of him in fear, then got dressed. Tommy frowned up at him, but felt better with the promise of playing again later. He turned around and shook Benny gently. His friend just grumbled and pulled the blanket around him tighter. Laughing, Tommy pulled the blanket off of him and began tickling the boy. Benny erupted with laughter, and playfully tried to fight Tommy off. Tommy sat back and allowed Benny to sit up. They smiled at each other as Benny rubbed his eyes sleepily before gently shoving his friend.

 James told them to get dressed, and they did so reluctantly. The boys' noses were assaulted by the scents of bacon, pancakes, and maple syrup as they left the bedroom. Their tummies growled in sync as they each sat at the table and helped themselves to the delicious food. Janet smiled at them as she washed dishes. The food quickly disappeared as the boys ate like a pack of starving wolves.

"So, what are you guys gonna do today?" Janet asked.

The boys looked at each other.

"Can we go to the mall?" Tommy asked.

Janet smiled at him thoughtfully, "I guess so, if it's alright with James and Benny's parents."

"It is, they're spending the day with friends anyway," said James.

"Alright, well go take showers. I need to drop you guys off before noon, so I can have lunch with a friend," said Janet.

 With that, the boys ran to Tommy's room, James in tow. Tommy gathered some clothes from his dresser while James slipped into the bathroom, making sure to not be seen by Janet. Tommy and Benny joined him shortly after, naughty grins on their faces. After turning on the water, the boys quickly undressed, boners bouncing as they did so. Doing something that would no doubt raise his mother's eyebrows gave Tommy a thrill, and he was beginning to enjoy being "bad".

 Once the water had warmed enough, the naked boys stepped into the shower and giggled quietly at each other. They took turns letting the soothing water run over their silky soft skin before lathering their hair with shampoo. Benny filled his hands with bubbles and blew them at Tommy, who quickly followed suit. James grinned at the playful boys, clearly enjoying the show. After rinsing the shampoo from their hair, Tommy began rubbing body wash on his chest. James stopped him, and began to wash the boy his self.

 Grinning and blushing, Tommy watched as the older boy rubbed suds all over his slippery skin. The sensation was amazing, especially with James paying extra attention to his little nipples. James pulled him closer and rubbed soap on the boy's milky white ass, and Tommy jumped with surprise when he felt a finger slip between his cheeks to rub his little boy hole. His grin began to fade as pleasure took over, and his breathing quickened. Benny watched while rubbing his little stiffie with a soapy hand.

 James ran his hand against Tommy's tight little balls and up to his cock. He rubbed it a few times, almost causing Tommy's knees to buckle. The boy leaned against him as he did so, panting slightly. With a smile, James started washing the rest of the boy's body more vigorously. Tommy was in heaven, he could not remember ever feeling more special. Being washed by James was strange, almost like the way his mother used to bathe him when he was younger. Only, his little dick stayed hard the whole time instead of just when he was washing it.

 After drying themselves, the three still very erect boys quickly got dressed. They brushed their teeth, and James put on deodorant. A now sweet scented Tommy slipped out of the bathroom to make sure his mother was out of sight, then motioned to his friends that the coast was clear. They all sat in the living room and watched television, occasionally giggling at each other. Minutes later, Janet appeared from her room in a nice dress. Tommy eyed her, and knew the friend she was to have lunch with would be a guy.

"That was fast," she said.

The boys looked at each other and laughed.

"Alright, let's head out," she said after grabbing her purse.

 The group piled into Janet's maroon four-door sedan, which was still filled with the comforting "new car smell". On the way to the mall, Benny and Tommy could not keep their hands off of each other. They would erupt with laughter as they engaged in tickle wars, and James would occasionally have to turn around in the passenger seat and threaten to "come back there". Smiling, Janet sneaked peeks at them in her rear-view mirror.

"So, do you have a girlfriend yet, James?" Janet asked.

Grinning, "Nothing serious," he replied.

"Oh, sure, I bet you say that to all the girls," she flashed a grin back at him.

"Only the hot ones," James replied with a laugh.

 Janet gave him a shocked laugh, then shook her head smiling. Twenty minutes later, the boys were stepping out of the car at the main entrance to the mall. Janet told them to stay out of trouble, and to listen to James. Everyone agreed, and she handed Tommy and Benny ten dollars each before leaving. James followed leisurely behind the boys as they excitedly made their way to the arcade. The dim room was filled with glowing screens, flashing lights, and the chaotic mixture of sound effects from over fifty games. Both Benny and Tommy cashed their ten dollar bills in for tokens, but James was a little more conservative with his money.

 The younger boys engaged in a two player fighting game in a fairly secluded corner of the arcade while James watched from behind. Tommy occasionally felt James' hand rub against and squeeze his ass. When he did, he would giggle and accuse James of distracting him so his brother could win. James responded by fondling his brother as well, and both boys were sporting boners before long. Tommy was glad the place was not well lit, as there were quite a few strangers there too. It was not long before the boys had used all of their tokens and began begging James for some of his.

 James informed them that if he spent any more money on video games, he would not be able to treat the boys to a movie at the in-mall theater. Upon hearing this, their eyes widened with excitement. Laughing, he led the yammering boys to the theater and bought tickets for a comedy movie. Inside, he bought them candy, soda, and popcorn. The soda and bag of gummy worms looked huge in Tommy's little hands as he made his way through the theater with his friends. He was excited, happy, and horny; this was turning out to be the best weekend ever.

 The previews had already begun by the time the boys had found decent seats. James had chosen a section of seats separated from the main seating area by the aisle. Tommy was confused as to why James wanted to watch the movie at an angle, but did not argue. Tommy sat between his friends, with James closest to the aisle. He munched on some popcorn as the movie began, and threw a piece at Benny's head while giggling. Benny retaliated by tossing an M&M at him. Someone shushed the playful boys from the shadows, and James laughed.

 Tommy realized that James blocked people's view of him and Benny, so he decided to quickly reach over and touch his friend's crotch. Benny grinned over at him before doing the same. James watched as the two little pervs took turns fondling each other. Benny quickly pulled the waistband of his shorts down and flashed them. Tommy tried to laugh as quietly as possible as he did the same. It was no use, and they were soon shushed again. Shortly after, the giggling and shushing both ceased as the boys' game became a little more serious.

 Benny held the waistband of his shorts down as Tommy stroked his warm little stiffie. He felt so naughty playing with his friend like this with so many strangers around, even if they could not see them. James showed them that they could lift the armrests up and fold them back into the seats, giving them more room. Tommy did the same with the one between Benny and his self. He tugged on Benny's shorts, signaling him to pull them down a little. Benny lifted his butt and slid his shorts down to his knees, grinning wildly.

 As he played with and stroked his friend's now fully exposed dickie, Tommy felt James' hand rubbing at his crotch. His face felt hot, and he wanted to be played with too. He lifted his butt and slid his shorts down much the same way Benny had, and James started jerking his little boy boner. Losing his self in the horniness, Tommy leaned over and sucked Benny's cock into his mouth as James stroked him. He knew he was being such a bad boy, and he loved it. He wondered what all the strangers would do if they knew he was sucking dick and getting jerked off only a few feet away.

 Suddenly, James pulled Tommy up off of Benny, and he noticed someone walking up the aisle toward them. The boys quickly pulled their shorts up and pretended to watch the movie. The stranger passed, seemingly oblivious to what they had been doing. Tommy grinned up at James, and he shook his head with a smile. He whispered to them that they should finish their game later. The movie seemed to last forever after that, Tommy's cock throbbed up until the end.

 Once the credits did begin to roll, though, he was presented with a new problem: how to hide his erection while they exited the theater. He decided to just hold the almost empty popcorn bucket over it, but noticed that Benny made no attempt to hide his boner. He seemed to be unaware that he had one, and Tommy made no effort to inform him. He decided he would watch people's reactions as they walked past, and see if anyone noticed. Fortunately, no one seemed to, so Tommy threw the bucket away.

"We still have a couple of hours to kill, so what should we do now?" James asked.

"I have to pee," said Tommy.

"Me too," said Benny.

 James led the boys to the bathroom, and they were just about squirming when they finally arrived. Upon opening the bathroom door, Tommy was shocked to see a man standing at a urinal with his pants pulled down to his ankles. He grinned at the three boys, like he got off on getting caught in such a position. James backed away and quickly shut the door. Benny and Tommy looked up at him, confused. He shrugged, laughing. A couple minutes later, the strange man exited the bathroom and winked at the boys before walking away. They laughed at the ridiculous situation.

 Inside the bathroom, Benny and Tommy decided to share a stall while peeing. They played Sword Fight, crossing their streams of piss and giggling. After James had finished using a urinal and washing his hands, he opened their stall door. He found Tommy on his knees, sucking Benny's stiffie while the boy leaned against the stall wall. James told them to stop because he knew a better place. He then led them out of the bathroom and into a clothing store. The horny little boys followed him curiously.

 James led them to the back of the large shop, and into one of the dressing rooms. Once inside, the boys wasted no time dropping their pants. James instructed them to take off the rest of their clothes, and they giggled while doing so. Tommy felt a little nervous about the situation, being completely naked in a public place. Still, it was quite thrilling, and it certainly did not stop him. Benny sat on the bench and spread his legs wide, Tommy knelt between his knees and slurped his friend's hairless little cock into his mouth.

 James watched while rubbing his dick through his jeans. Tommy had really grown to enjoy sucking dick in a very short time, and wondered why it had taken him so long to discover such a wonderful activity. Benny gasped as his little friend looked up into his eyes, holding his cock at the base and swirling his hot red tongue all around the tip. Tommy loved seeing that look in Benny's eyes, it assured him that he was making the boy feel extremely good, which made him feel extremely good in return. He stroked his little boner as he sucked his friend off.

 Just as the boys were really getting into it, Tommy heard a rustle in the stall next to theirs. His mind raced with the thought of being so close to a stranger while doing something so naughty. Just then, he saw something move at the top of the dressing room wall. He stopped sucking and looked up to see a camera. As soon as he saw it, it quickly disappeared on the other side again. Fear struck him as he realized that someone had been watching them. James quickly opened the stall door and slipped out just in time to pin the voyeur against a wall. The boys covered themselves with their discarded clothes and watched with wide eyes.

"Did you enjoy the show?" James asked angrily.

"I-I'm sorry! Here, you can have the memory card," the peeper replied.

He fumbled with his camera to get the card out and handed it to James.

Smiling like a tiger would before killing its prey, "Get in here," said James.

He then dragged the small asian teen into the stall with him before shutting the door.

"How long were you watching?" he asked.

"Only a moment, I swear! I couldn't even really tell what was happening!" the teen recoiled in James' grip.

Looking at the boys, "It's alright, scoot over," said James.

 The boys scooted, and James instructed the peeping tom to sit on the bench. He did so, and James reinserted the memory stick into the camera before pressing play. The video began with a scene of a hairy man with large muscles undressing, oblivious to the camera a few feet from his head. The peeper had zoomed in on the man's cock as it flopped back and forth while he tried on a new pair of underwear. After that, a clip of a woman watching a young boy undress before trying on a new pair of pants. Once again, the peeper zoomed in on the bulge in the boy's briefs.

 Every time it looked like the subject might look up, the camera would dart back into the peeper's stall and show his erect dick as he stroked it. James found that some of the videos were of men, while most of them were of young boys. He had seen enough to know this guy was alright. He kept the memory card, but handed the peeper his camera. The young teen took it without looking directly at James, obviously very nervous and ashamed. Tommy watched with fearful curiosity. He had almost completely forgotten that he was naked save for the shirt covering his now soft boy cock.

"What's your name?" James asked.

"Eric," the peeper replied.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Eric," James said with an outstretched hand.

Eric eyed him suspiciously for a moment before deciding to shake his hand.

"How old are you?" James asked.

"Fifteen," he replied, eyes returning to the floor.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt you. I can tell by what you've recorded that you're cool, so relax," said James.

 Eric looked up at him, using a finger to nervously brush his black hair away from his eyes. He was dressed in mostly black, with a rock band t-shirt, and studded belt. His pants looked painfully tight. Obviously, the kid was going for the emo look. James smiled down at him. Tommy just stared, admiring the teen's slim features. At first he had thought that Eric was a girl dressed in boy clothes. Suddenly, he remembered that he was naked and blushed. He grabbed his underwear and started to slide them on, but James stopped him.

"Wait, Eric wanted a show, so let's give him one," James suggested.

The boys looked nervously at each other.

"You do want a show, don't you Eric?" James asked.

Eric looked at the boys sheepishly, "Yeh," he responded quietly.

The boys still looked unsure.

"Alright, what if Eric takes off his clothes too? Would that make you feel better?" James asked.

"I guess so," Tommy answered.

 Without further instruction, Eric stood and undid his belt. He then took his tight pants off with a little trouble, revealing his girl briefs that had pink designs printed on them. After placing his pants under the bench, he lifted his shirt up and off of his slender body. Tommy admired his tanned skin as more and more appeared, it all looked so soft and flawless. He also noticed that Eric smelled a little like coconut, and wondered if he tasted like it too. Eric then slipped out of his pink briefs, revealing that he was shaved and uncut. Tommy felt like the only circumcised boy in the universe.

 Once he was completely naked, Eric stood with his hands covering his crotch and looking down at the floor. James approached him, and he looked up into James' eyes. They stared at each other for almost a full minute before James reached out and ran the tips of his fingers down Eric's chest. He then gently pulled Eric closer, and the teen did nothing to resist. Tommy watched as James placed his hand on the back of Eric's neck and leaned in for a kiss. Surprisingly, Eric leaned in too and they began kissing passionately. Tommy and Benny then looked at each other, amazed at how quickly things had just changed.

 James pushed Eric against the stall wall and kissed him harder, and Eric began rubbing James' dick through his jeans. Benny threw his shirt back on the floor and began stroking his now erect boy cock. Tommy stared, watching James make out with their new friend. He felt a tug on his shirt, and looked over to see Benny staring at him with a pleading look in his eyes. He allowed Benny to push his shirt onto the floor before stroking his little stiffie. They smiled at each other as they began to relax. James started stroking Eric's cock as it quickly hardened in his hand. He then kissed the asian boy's neck and sucked on it gently as Eric moaned quietly.

 Benny kneeled between Tommy's knees and sucked his friend's dick into his mouth. Tommy placed his hands on the boy's head and guided him into a slow rhythm. The situation was almost too much for him to bear, and he felt tension quickly building in his little balls. Benny resisted his friends hands and sucked more quickly, causing the boy to gasp. Tommy pulled at Benny's hair gently, lost in ecstasy. His eyes kept darting from Eric and James to Benny's slippery little lips wrapped tightly around his cock.

 Eric looked into Tommy's eyes lustfully as James sucked his small coffee brown nipples and bit his lip. That was the final straw, Tommy could not take it any more. He moaned quite loudly as he fucked his little stiffie up into Benny's mouth and felt an extreme wave of pleasure crash through his body. Benny sucked faster as his friend's cock leaked clear little boy cum in his mouth, and played with his own dickie.

"Fuck, that's hot," Eric said as James left a trail of saliva from his navel down to his shaved mound.

 James then kneeled before Eric and stroked his cock while running his tongue all around the tip and along its length. Eric played with James' hair as he watched the adorable little blond boy orgasm into his little friend's mouth. James then sucked the glistening five-and-a-half inch asian dick into his mouth and began deepthroating it at a steady pace. Eric moaned, his eyes never leaving Tommy, who was now panting and pushing his friend's head away from his stiffie.

 Benny sat on the bench, and Tommy quickly stood before kneeling between his legs. He held Benny's stiffie at the base and sucked on his foreskin. Tommy made sure to give Eric a good view of his delicious little ass and balls. Eric gasped as he watched the luscious little blond boy while James sucked him. Just as Tommy took Benny's entire cock into his mouth, he heard Eric groan loudly and knew that he was shooting hot streams of cum into James' mouth. The thought made his little dickie twitch as he sucked Benny more vigorously. He looked up into Benny's brown eyes and his friend looked lustfully down into his. His mouth hung open as he breathed heavily, tight tummy flexing with each breath.

 It was not long before Tommy felt Benny's hand grip at his hair and force his head down, and he knew the boy was about to cum. Tommy rubbed his tongue around every bit of Benny's dick that it could reach as he felt a few hot blasts of cum hit the back of his throat. He swallowed quickly, trying not to choke. His friend's cum tasted wonderful, and he was proud that he had been able to make him squirt so much of it. Benny pulled Tommy's head up off of his now too sensitive dick and sat heaving with eyes closed.

 Tommy turned to see Eric on his knees before James, who had dropped his pants to his ankles. He had a handful of Eric's hair and was fucking into his mouth gently. Tommy crawled over to them and pushed between James' legs, who spread them slightly wider to accommodate him. Tommy then pushed Eric's knees apart and sucked his still throbbing dick into his mouth. Eric released a muffled moan as he sucked James. Tommy stroked what bit of Eric's still saliva slickened cock that he could not fit into his mouth quickly. He wanted to taste the teen's cum.

 Soon, Tommy could hear James grunting and he felt Eric's tight abdomen bumping the top of his head more quickly as James came. Not even a full second after that, Eric began releasing his own muffled moans as hot cum filled Tommy's mouth. The boy's eyes opened wide with surprise, he had not expected there to be so much. He quickly swallowed what he could, but felt some of the warm goo running from the corners of his mouth. Once he was done, James backed away from Eric as the boy sucked their new friend.

 Eric whimpered and pulled away from Tommy who was sucking much too vigorously for someone who had just came. Tommy sat up as a drop of Eric's cum fell from his chin and landed on the tip of his still slick stiffie. He grinned at Eric and wiped the cum from his chin onto his hand before licking it off. He decided that the taste was much stronger than Benny's, but definitely not unpleasant. Eric just leaned back against the wall, legs open wide, and watched Tommy with tired eyes. Tommy smiled at him, and he could swear that it made Eric's dick jump. Tommy looked up at James, who was smiling proudly down at him. Benny sat on the bench looking a little left out, but hard as a rock nonetheless.

 After they had cleaned themselves up, the boys got dressed and left the clothing store together. Eric and James chatted about video games and boys while Tommy and Benny told jokes and giggled. Tommy felt amazing, a bit tired, but amazing. He could not stop looking over at Eric, and noticed that every time he did Eric was already looking at him. It made him feel funny inside; excited. Similar to the way James made him feel when he received those strange looks, but different somehow. A little while later, James received a call to his cell phone. It was Tommy's mom, and it was time to leave.

 James asked Eric if he would like to hang out again some time, and he agreed. They exchanged cell phone numbers, and exited the mall together. Outside, they made their way to the bike rack where Eric had locked his BMX bicycle. He showed it off to the boys, and explained that he could do all sorts of tricks on it. He also bragged about his skateboarding skills, and suggested that they meet up at a skate park sometime. Tommy enthusiastically agreed with him, though he did not really know what he was talking about exactly. Eric smiled at him warmly, and he returned it with a shy smile of his own.

 Soon after, Janet pulled up and told the boys to get in. They did so after saying their goodbyes to Eric, but Tommy could not take his eyes off the boy. He did not understand why, but he felt his heart sink a little as his mother pulled away from the sidewalk. Seeing Eric waving in the distance made him sad, and he wondered if they really would see each other again. Once Eric had disappeared from view, Tommy turned to see Benny giving him an odd look. He returned it with one that said, "What?". Benny turned his head and stared out his window.

 Aside from the casual chatting between Janet and James in the front seat, the ride home was unnaturally quiet. Benny refused to look at Tommy, even when the boy poked at him. He even ignored Tommy whenever he tried to talk with him. Tommy could not figure out what was going on, or why. It was bad enough that they had to leave Eric at the mall, but now Benny seemed to be mad at him for some reason. He finally gave up and gazed out his window for the remainder of the trip.

 Upon arriving back at the house, the boys made their way into Tommy's room while Janet prepared some sandwiches for them. Once in his room, Tommy sat on his bed and stared at Benny. Without a word, the boy sat a good distance away from him and began playing video games. James sat at Tommy's desk and reviewed the videos on Eric's memory card. He stated that he needed to get a digital camera of his own to no one in particular. Tommy poked at his friend yet again, and received no response again.

 He asked Benny if he could play too, and was ignored. He decided that he had had enough, and shoved Benny. The boy glared back at him for a moment before resuming his game. Tommy was beginning to get angry too, he felt that he had done nothing wrong. He certainly did not believe that he deserved this treatment. Benny was his best friend, after all. They shared everything with each other, and this just was not fair. He stood up and blocked Benny's view of the television screen, and Benny stared up at him angrily.

"What's your problem?" Tommy asked.

"Nothin'," Benny huffed.

"Don't lie, I know you're mad at me. What did I do?"

James turned around and watched the boys.

"Nevermind," Benny said, looking away.

"This isn't fair! Tell me what's wrong!" Tommy demanded.

"I, um, I'm gonna go see about those sandwiches," James said before quickly leaving the room.

"Eric!" Benny admitted, fire in his eyes.

Tommy gazed at him in confusion, "What about him?" he asked.

"You like him better than me!"

"What? I do not! You're my best friend," said Tommy.

"Yeah you do, you look at him all funny, and you ignored me the whole time he was around," said Benny, eyes tearing up slightly.

"I didn't ignore you, Eric just made me feel weird," Tommy pleaded.

"Well, you make me feel weird," Benny said with visible tears in his eyes.

 Tommy had no idea how to reply to that, so he just sat next to his friend; a little shocked. He put a hand on Benny's back and tried to comfort him. He wondered what Benny meant, how he made him feel. He was getting worried, Benny usually never got mad about anything. He did not want to lose his best friend, and knew that he had to handle the situation delicately. The boys sat in silence for a while, before James returned with sandwiches. He sat at the computer eating his, while the boys' went untouched.

"I don't like Eric more than you, Benny. I'm sorry for makin' you mad," Tommy said with pleading eyes.

Benny looked skeptically over at him.

"Just... can you just not hang out with him when I'm not around?" Benny asked, sounding strangely desperate.

"I wouldn't do that," Tommy lied.

 Tommy would have done it, he had been thinking about doing it during the entire ride home. But, his strange feelings definitely were not worth losing his best friend over. He decided that he would honor his friend's request, weird as it was. Seeing Benny acting so strangely had made him begin to wonder if the boy maybe liked him as more than a friend. A week ago, the idea would have been ridiculous, but after having experienced such powerful things together over the past couple of days, stranger things had definitely happened.

 Benny wrapped his arms around his friend and hugged him tightly, and Tommy felt a tear hit his neck. Taken aback, it took him a moment to return the hug, but once he did he felt a new feeling growing inside. It started out very subtley, then quickly grew to a warm sensation in his chest which spread down into his tummy. He hugged Benny tighter, feeling his own eyes welling up. They sat holding eachother for what felt like years, until James' cell phone rang again. It was his mother, and she had asked him to return home with his little brother.

 The boys broke their hug, and looked sadly at eachother. James watched with an awkward smile. Finally, they kissed eachother tenderly and Tommy's guests began gathering their things. James hugged him, and kissed his cheek. As he watched his friends ride away on their bikes, Tommy once again felt his heart sink. He felt emotionally exhausted, and did not think he could take much more. He retreated to his room and lay on his bed, sometimes smiling at happy memories, other times frowning with concern for Benny. That had certainly been the strangest and most exciting weekend of his life, and he felt a little afraid as he considered what may happen next.


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