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All But Brothers

Part Four

 Sunday morning, Tommy awoke in his room with a hard-on. He rubbed at it, wanting desperately to relieve the urges building within him. If only Benny had been there, or maybe Eric, he could have found some release. Instead, not knowing what to do, he just sat up and turned on his television. After a while of watching cartoons, his mother knocked on the door and entered.

"Good morning, sleepy head, what do you want for breakfast?" she asked.

"Waffles?" he replied.

"Waffles it is. Oh, I forgot to tell you last night, we will be having company for dinner tonight."

He looked at her suspiciously.

"Yes, it's a guy. I think you'll really get along with him, though. He works at a video game production company," she tried desperately to enthuse her son about the man.

 Ever since his father had died, Tommy had to constantly meet his mother's new "boyfriends"; they usually disappeared after a few weeks. He had given up on having a father figure in his life, and decided that he did not need one. He liked things the way they were; just him and his mother. After being used and abused by nearly twenty men over the years, he just could not understand why his mother did not give up. He refused to believe that she would ever find a man that could even come close to being as good a father as Tommy's had been.

 Still, she brought men home to meet her son, always with an optimistic air about her. Tommy always just greeted the strange men half-heartedly, and with a suspicious tone. He never tried to do anything to deliberately make them leave, because he wanted his mother to be happy. Even if that meant belittling herself by letting these men walk all over her on the way out the door. Sure, he would get along with this new guy, if avoiding him at every opportunity counted.

"Hey, how about we go for a walk in the park after breakfast?" Janet suggested.

 Tommy just shrugged while watching his cartoons. His mother sighed as she left the room to prepare breakfast. No matter how hard he tried to resist, his mind kept wandering back to Benny. The worry in his chest seemed to twist and tighten more with each thought of the boy. He knew he probably would not be able to see him, as his parents always took him and James to church on Sundays. Still, he felt as though he needed to see him. He needed to know that everything was all right between them. He huffed with frustration.

 Not only did he worry each time he thought about his friend, his stiffie twitched in his pajama pants too. He rubbed at the soft fabric covering his crotch. It only seemed to make the situation worse, but it did feel good. He stood and locked his bedroom door before returning to his bed and stretching out. He pulled his sky blue pajama pants down to his knees and began rubbing his stiff little boy cock. It responded by twitching in his hand. The boy closed his eyes and thought about Benny, kneeling before him and sucking his hard little boner into his mouth.

 His friend's big brown eyes gazing up into his as his head bobbed slowly. Glistening lips wrapped tightly around Tommy's stiff little preteen cock. Tommy moaned and stretched his body out, little muscles tight. He began stroking his dick quicker as the fantasy played out in his mind. Suddenly, his thoughts turned to Eric, and he gasped. The memory of being in the dressing room at the mall with his friends invaded his mind, and he squeezed his tight little nut sack with his free hand while jerking off vigorously.

 He remembered the way Eric had stared at him while James knelt at his feet, sucking him off. He superimposed himself over James, twisting the memory into a fantasy that suited his desires. He pictured Eric gazing down into his blue eyes while he sucked passionately. His small mouth filled with the teen's hot cock. The tension in Tommy's little balls had grown to its limit, and he grasped the bed sheets tightly while pumping his dickie fiercely. Once again, the boy had reached that elusive destination where the only thing that existed for a few moments was pure pleasure. He squeaked with delight as his muscles convulsed.

 Little cheeks flushed pink, Tommy lay on his bed heaving. The world seemed to be swirling around him as he quickly descended from his high. He immediately felt a small pang of guilt after realizing that he had cum to Eric, not Benny. Did that mean he had betrayed his friend in some way, he wondered without words. He decided that there had been no harm done; he had not gone against his friend's request after all. He pulled his pajama pants up and continued watching cartoons, feeling much better. A short while later, his mother knocked on the door and informed him that breakfast was ready.

 He sat at the table and happily forked big pieces of syrupy waffle into his little mouth. Janet smiled at him as she ate hers with a little more reserve. After breakfast, Tommy helped his mother wash dishes before taking a quick shower. He had decided to take his mother up on her offer for a trip to the park, as it might help take his mind off of Benny. In the car, he searched through the radio stations while his mother babbled on about the man he would be meeting later that evening. Though he would not admit it to her, Tommy just did not care. He would do his best to be nice to the guy, for his mother's sake, but he certainly did not plan to befriend him.

 After receiving an ear full about his mother's latest boyfriend, they finally arrived at the park. The warm sun shone down on the beautiful green grass, and some of the trees were budding. Spring was definitely approaching swiftly, and Tommy was glad. He hated cold weather, the dreariness of winter, and the way everything seemed to look dead during that time of year. Soon he would be back out with his friends kicking a soccer ball around, drinking fruit juice in the hot summer sunshine, he thought with a smile.

 He filled his little chest with the fresh air as he stepped out of the car. Janet put her arm around him as they walked up the path which twisted through a fairly large patch of woods. Tommy loved the park, he always felt so at ease and clear headed while walking along the wooded trail. He looked up into the branches of the nearby trees, searching for birds and squirrels to watch as he walked. Janet also had a love for the outdoors, and often knew the names of the birds that her son spotted. He liked testing her, and making up his own names for the birds that she did not recognize.

 As they neared the end of the trail, the air around them had become significantly warmer. Tommy sweated slightly, but was happy for the cool breeze that occasionally rushed through the trees. He talked casually with his mother about various things as they turned at the end of the trail and began to head back. A short while later, they emerged from the woods and made their way to a pavillion in which sat a few picnic tables. They sat at a table and rested their legs while admiring the beauty of nature.

 Just then, Tommy spotted someone riding a bicycle along the road close to where they sat. The rider was dressed in mostly black, with slightly long black hair. Tommy's heart fluttered with nervousness. As the person approached, his heart sank again when he realized that it was not Eric. He sighed and shuffled his feet while looking at the ground. His mother watched him curiously.

"Is everything alright, sweetie?" she asked.

Without sounding too sincere, "Yeah," he responded.

She eyed him thoughtfully for a moment, then looked up at the boy that had just passed them.

"You miss your friends, huh?" she asked.

He looked up at her, "Kinda."

 She smiled, and rubbed his back tenderly. After their legs had ceased burning slightly, Janet got up and led her son back to the car. Tommy gazed out his window as they drove through town, he did not even care where they were headed. Unless, of course, Benny would be there. Suddenly, he recognized the part of town that they were in and his face lit up. He looked excitedly over at his mother, and she smiled assuringly back at him. They were headed toward the beach.

 Tommy loved the ocean, even though it was still a bit too chilly to go swimming. Once they arrived, he walked along the boardwalk excitedly with his mother. He glanced into the various shops as they passed, some of which had loud pop music coming from them. The scent of various foods hung heavily in the air, despite the rather strong breeze coming off of the sea. Tommy pulled at his mother's hand excitedly as they approached his favorite store. She laughed as he dragged her through the open doors.

 The store sold all kinds of books, CDs, DVDs, video games, etc. Tommy immediately went to the video game section and began browsing through the selection. Janet walked along the wall where the DVDs were displayed. A few minutes later, Tommy ran over to her with a video game in his hand. He looked up at her with his best "puppy dog eyes", and she pretended to resist its effect. It was no use, and Tommy knew it. He had mastered the look, and no heart went unmelted when he flashed it.

"Oh, alright," she surrendered.

 Tommy hopped excitedly, luscious lips curved into an adorable little smile. His eyes sparkled with joy, and he hugged her. She laughed, running a hand through his hair. Her plan had worked, as Tommy was clearly bubbling with excitement. She picked out a DVD, and they were soon walking along the boardwalk again with a small shopping bag. Seagulls drifted along on the breeze noisily, as people walked along the beach. The area was not too crowded, as the water would no doubt be far too cold to swim in. That, however, did not stop the true beach lovers from enjoying the natural beauty surrounding them.

 Janet led her son into a quiet sandwich shop, and they sat at a booth near the windows. Tommy already knew what he wanted to order, as they had visited the cafe several times over the years. A cute waitress in her early twenties approached them, and smiled warmly at Tommy. He blushed and looked shyly up at her.

"What can I get you guys," she asked cheerfully.

"I'll have the turkey breast club, with sweet tea, please," Janet replied politely.

"I want a chicken BLT without the T," Tommy requested.

Smiling, "What would you like to drink, cutie," the waitress asked.

Tommy blushed again, "Sweet tea too, please," he replied.

Janet smiled widely at her son as the waitress left.

"Cutie, huh," she said teasingly.

 Tommy smiled happily at her, and remembered the new game she had bought. He bounced slightly in his seat, while gazing out the window at the waves crashing against the shore. Their food arrived after a few minutes, and they ate quietly. The soft music in the cafe was just loud enough to be heard, without overpowering the not-too-distant sound of the ocean. Tommy was happily munching on his sandwich when Janet's cell phone began ringing. She quickly answered it, and Tommy immediately knew who was on the line.

 It was Benny's mother, Rachel, and Tommy watched worriedly as his mother talked to her casually. After she hung up, Janet explained that Benny had been driving his mother crazy with requests to play at Tommy's house. His beautiful face lit up once agian, and he beamed at his mother as she explained that Benny would only be able to stay until about six in the evening, because their guest would arrive shortly after. Tommy hurridly finished his sandwich, and rushed Janet to finish hers too. She shook her head at him, smiling.

 They were soon back on the road, heading home. Tommy could not sit still, he was so excited. He looked as though he would jump out of the car window once they arrived back at the house. Janet called Rachel and told her that she could send Benny over, as Tommy grabbed the bag containing the video game and DVD before running up onto the porch. He waited impatiently for his mother to gather her things from the car and unlock the door. After taking his new game into his room, and tossing it on his bed, Tommy stood on the porch and waited for his friend.

 It seemed to take forever, but Benny eventually pulled up to the house on his bike. Tommy waved excitedly at him, and Benny quickly dropped his bike in the grass before running up to his friend. For a moment, they just smiled while gazing into each other's eyes. Tommy had so many things that he wanted to say rushing through his mind, that it was just about impossible for him to pick one.

"Come on!" he finally said.

 He pulled Benny by his hand into his bedroom and closed the door. They immediately embraced in a long hug, and Tommy felt a warm sensation in his chest again. It felt as though there were an invisible cord running from his chest to Benny's, and they were sharing a powerful current of energy. He hugged his friend tighter, feeling all of his worry melt away. He sighed deeply, and took in the sweet scent of Benny's hair when he inhaled again. Benny suddenly kissed his cheek, and his face felt warm. The boys pulled slightly apart, and gazed into each other's eyes again.

 Benny leaned toward Tommy, and the boy's heart fluttered. He instinctively closed his eyes as Benny's hot little lips met his own. They kissed softly at first, sweetly, then Tommy felt Benny's hand on the back of his head. The boy kissed him harder, and their mouths opened. With their tongues entwined, Tommy was breathless. He surrendered to the irresistable urge to grind his hard stiffie against his friend, and Benny responded by running his hand down Tommy's back and rubbing his soft little ass. Tommy pulled away suddenly.

"Wait," he said before locking his bedroom door.

 Benny grinned mischievously at him, then pulled him to the bed, using the boy's shirt as a leash before pulling it off of him. Tommy made no effort to resist, he knew just what Benny wanted; and wanted it just as badly. Benny pushed him onto the bed, and the boys wrestled playfully while laughing loudly. Tommy gazed up at Benny with excited eyes, cheeks red as ever, as the boy held him down on the bed. For some reason unknown to Tommy, he enjoyed being in this position. Feeling slightly vulnerable under his friend's weight gave him a thrill, and he wondered what the boy would do to him. He bit his lip with excitement, until Benny leaned down and began kissing him.

 Tommy's little dick throbbed, painfully pressing against his briefs. He lifted his head from the bed as much as he could, straining against Benny's weight, and returned the kiss as forcefully as he could manage. Benny sucked at Tommy's tongue and savored that taste of his boy spit. Benny sat up, pressing his butt against Tommy's tight tummy, and grinned down at his heaving friend. Tommy pretended to struggle, wiggling playfully under the boy's weight. That is, until Benny leaned over and began lapping at Tommy's little pink nipples.

 Tommy gasped at first, breathing heavily, he tried to buck his hips under the weight of the slightly bigger boy. Benny took his time, slowly licking over and around his friend's nipples, occasionally nibbling them gently, driving his friend wild. Tommy quietly moaned Benny's name as the boy left a trail of kisses from his chest down to his navel. Tommy huffed impatiently while watching his friend, wanting desperately for him to pull his shorts down. He could not decide if Benny was trying to tease him or torture him; there is a very fine line between the two after all.

 Finally, Benny hooked his fingers under Tommy's elastic waistband and slipped his shorts off before tossing them off of the bed. Tommy panted while he watched Benny take hold of his rock-hard stiffie and stroked it. Benny grinned up at him, then leaned down and took his friend's little cock into his mouth. Tommy squirmed with pleasure as Benny's tongue swirled all around his boner, and he tugged at the boy's hair gently. Benny then began sucking his friend's hot little rod slowly, causing Tommy to moan quietly. It took all Tommy had for him to resist the urge to yelp loudly as Benny flicked his tongue against the boy's little glans; he did not want to do anything that would clue his mother in on what he was up to with his little lover.

 Tommy recognized the familiar tension growing in his balls, and knew it would not be long until he was washed away by a rush of orgasmic bliss. Benny seemed to sense this, as he began to suck more energetically. Tommy gripped at his sheets tightly, and bit his lip to prevent him from calling out in pleasure. Moments later, he released a small gutteral groan as he felt his little dickie twitching in his friend's mouth. Benny held his head down, massaging his tongue all over Tommy's member as it quivered and leaked little boy cum in his mouth.

 Benny sat up once Tommy began to twitch from the powerful sensations he had been giving the boy's sensitive little dick. Tommy grinned widely up at him, little chest heaving. Benny returned the grin proudly. After catching his breath a few moments later, Tommy sat up and pulled Benny's shirt off of him. He then pushed Benny over and quickly slid the boy's shorts off and tossed them next to his own on the floor. Benny's grin twisted into a surprised smile as he lay on his back, dickie already twitching with anticipation.

 Tommy leaned over and took it into his mouth. He took a deep breath, inhaling Benny's musky boy scent, while he ran his tongue all over his friends cock. It was a bit salty with dried sweat, but Tommy found the taste to be very enjoyable. He ran his hands over Benny's chest and tight tummy, enjoying the feel of his silky smooth skin. Benny's breathing increased quickly as Tommy began to suck him off. He was a little too impatient to tease the way Benny had, but Benny certainly was not complaining.

 He felt Benny's hands running through his hair as the boy guided his head into a steady, but fast paced, rhythm. Tommy squeezed at Benny's nipple, hoping the boy would like it as much as he did. Benny gasped as he did so, and Tommy took note. He looked up into his friend's beautiful brown eyes as he sucked, and Benny gazed down at him. Benny's little six pack was already flexing as Tommy picked up the pace, he knew it would not be long before his friend shuddered under him. Sure enough, a few moments later Benny gripped at Tommy's hair and moaned while bucking his hips. Tommy surrendered control to him, finding the slight pain Benny inflicted upon his scalp to be strangely enjoyable.

 Benny bit his lip hard, stifling his moan, and Tommy responded by flicking his friends little crimson glans with the tip of his tongue. His friend's stiffie twitched in his mouth before covering the boy's tongue with a few small spurts of hot boy cum. Tommy savored the slightly viscous fluid while running his tongue down and around Benny's shaft. Benny quivered breathlessly and pulled his friend's head away. Tommy smiled up at him, little red lips slick with saliva and cum. He was filled with a cocktail of emotions; but they were all very pleasurable. Feeling accomplished, he rose to give his friend a long, passionate, and slightly sticky kiss.

 The boys cuddled naked on Tommy's bed for a while, enjoying the silent afterglow. Tommy loved the feeling of having Benny's arms wrapped around him, little butt tucked up against his friend's crotch. The warmth coupled with the sense of security that his friend's loving embrace offered almost made him drift off to sleep. He felt as though they needed to discuss some things first, though, and turned to face Benny. The boy smiled at him, looking a bit tired his self.


"Yeah," he replied.

"About yesterday..," Tommy started.

A look of worry spread across Benny's face, "I'm sorry for being mean!" he said.

Shocked, "You weren't mean, it was my fault you were mad. I'm sorry," Tommy said.

"No, I was actin' crazy. Like the way my dad acts when mom ignores him. I don't wanna be like him," he paused thoughtfully for a moment, "You can hang out with Eric if you want," he said, sounding uncomfortable.

"I don't wanna hang out with him, I wanna hang out with you," Tommy replied.

Grinning, "Still, you know, if you wanna, it's okay," Benny responded, clearly relieved.

 The boys hugged and kissed again. Then, Benny complained that something was poking his leg. The boy sat up and fished the object from under the blanket. It was Tommy's new game, and he sat up excitedly when he saw it. Soon, the friends were sitting on Tommy's bed, naked, playing a fighting game in Two Player mode. They giggled and shoved eachother playfully as the day began to wind down. Six in the evening was quickly approaching, and Tommy was beginning to dread it.

 A few minutes past six, Tommy's mother knocked on his door. The friends quickly got dressed, then looked sadly at each other. It was a different kind of sadness this time, though, as Tommy felt relieved that their dispute had been laid to rest. After a series of sweet little hugs and kisses, playful butt smacks, and mischievous grins, Tommy walked his friend out to his bike. Tommy waved as the boy rode away under the beautiful sky aglow with the orange and red hues of the setting sun. He sighed deeply before returning to the house.

 Janet was rushing about in the kitchen, obviously trying to prepare multiple dishes at once. Tommy sat in the living room and watched television while she frantically cooked. Though he had no intention to, Tommy kept thinking about what Benny had said; he could "hang out" with Eric if he wanted. The thought alone was enough to make the boy's little four inch dick twitch. He liked Eric quite a bit, but it was different from the way that he liked Benny. With Benny, it was about passion; Eric was just lust. The boy did not know how to differentiate between these things, of course, so it was all very confusing for him.

 Tommy could tell by the way that his mother was rushing around the house, preparing dinner, then changing into a dress that she really liked their soon-to-arrive guest, Elliot. He was beginning to get curious about the man, but nowhere near hopeful. He had abandoned that outlook when it came to his mother's boyfriends, and that was not about to change. Yet. A few minutes past seven, the doorbell rang. Tommy felt a little nervous, being the shy boy that he was. But, when Janet opened the door, he eyed Elliot with shock.

 The man looked like a movie star; he was tall, clean-shaven, tanned, had a stylish hair cut, and was dressed very well. Not only that, but he flashed a bullet-proof smile at Tommy as he entered the house. The boy's heart fluttered, and he decided that he would have to learn how to smile like that. Tommy watched in awe as the man kissed his mother on the cheek, and apologized for being late. Janet laughed as she pointed out that it had only been by a few minutes.

"Tommy, this is Elliot. Elliot, I'd like you to meet the most important person in my life, Tommy."

Elliot approached Tommy, who watched silently with his big blue eyes. The man held out his hand, and Tommy looked at it. He grinned at the boy, who blushed when he realized that he was supposed to shake it.

"It's nice to meet you, Tommy," Elliot said, sounding sincere.

"Yeh," was all Tommy could manage.

 Over dinner, Tommy was delighted that Elliot seemed to be genuinely interested in him. Most of his mother's boyfriends would ignore him, but Elliot was asking him all sorts of questions. He wanted to know about the boy's hobbies, the music he liked, the kind of games he played, if he had a girlfriend, how he liked school, etc. Tommy answered honestly, feeling very relaxed, yet slightly excited. Something about Elliot did that to him, he made the boy feel at ease. Whereas most of the time, Tommy would push food around on his plate and wait for their guest to leave.

 Janet watched her son chatting away excitedly with Elliot, a look of relief and awe on her face. Tommy discovered that Elliot did not make video games, but came up with clever ways to market them. It was easy for the boy to imagine, as the man clearly had a way with words. By the end of the evening, Elliot had successfully charmed the boy. Tommy followed the man like a puppy as he made his way to the door. Upon seeing this, Elliot grinned widely at him, kneeled and gave him a quick hug and pat on the back. Tommy blushed, and watched as he said goodbye to his mother. After he was gone, Tommy felt very slightly sad.

"Well?" Janet asked.

"He's cool," Tommy replied.

"Wow, that's a first. Are you feeling alright?" she said jokingly.

 Tommy just smiled, then retreated to his room as she washed dishes. He had decided that he would like having Elliot around, and found his self actually hoping that he would stay. He undressed and donned his little blue pajamas before crawling into bed. After an hour of watching cartoons while occasionally playing with his little stiffie, Tommy drifted off to sleep with a smile. He had enjoyed the first fully satisfying Sunday in a long time, and he hoped that more were on the way.


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