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All But Brothers

Part Five

"Tommy, it's time to get ready for school," Janet called through his bedroom door.

 Tommy pushed his blanket away and sat up groggily before rubbing his eyes. Once again, he had morning wood. Unfortunately for him, there was not enough time to do anything about it. Instead, he opted to try and conceal his little boner from his mother by positioning his dick in a way that made it less noticeable. His little waistband rubbed against it as he gathered his clothes and made his way into the bathroom for a shower.

 After bathing and brushing his teeth, he then sat in the dining room and ate a bowl of sugary, brightly-colored cereal. His mother rushed about the house in her usual way, stopping every so often to take sips from her mug of coffee. After finishing his cereal, Tommy grabbed his backpack and stood on the porch waiting for the school bus. It arrived a few minutes later, and he reluctantly boarded. Luckily, Benny rode the same bus and he found his friend immediately. Both of the boys' tired faces lit up when they saw each other, and Tommy quickly sat next to his buddy.

 They chatted about various things, occasionally sneaking feels of each other's legs while giggling. Once at school, Tommy made his way to his fifth grade classroom. It turned out that his teacher, Mrs. Nichols, would not be there for the day. The boy grinned widely when he discovered this, as having a substitute teacher was always a lot more fun. After talking with his friends for a while the substitute, Ms. Davis, ordered everyone to their seats. What followed was a bit unexpected. Rather than just playing an educational documentary like most substitutes, Ms. Davis began giving a very boring lecture about historical events.

 Four hours later, every kid in the room looked as if they were in some zombie-like state of deep boredom. Ms. Davis went on about every usual topic, and clearly knew what she was talking about. Tommy found his self missing Mrs. Nichols, as strange of a concept as it was. About half-way through Ms. Davis' ramblings on geography, Tommy slipped into a very immersive day dream involving Benny and a bed. He could feel his little dick throbbing in his pants, as if punishing him for ignoring it that morning. Tommy rubbed at his crotch from under his desk discreetly.

 Just then, Ms. Davis pulled him back to reality by calling his name with a hint of anger in her voice. He looked at her with surprise, not used to being in trouble. She then asked him to answer a question about what she was talking about, but he had no idea what that was. He made a feeble guess, and she glared slightly before informing him that if he did not pay attention he would receive an extra homework assignment. She then continued her babbling about tectonic plates and volcanoes.

 A little while later, it was one of Tommy's favorite parts of the school day, lunch time. The class was brought back to life, no longer half-asleep zombies, as they made their way to the cafeteria. Tommy's tummy growled when he smelled the not-so-tasty food. He was just hungry enough to eat a significant amount of the cheap, but healthy, food. As he sat at the lunch table, eating and chatting with friends, he began to wonder if Ms. Davis would allow them to have recess after lunch the way Mrs. Nichols always had.

 His friend, Justin, was making less than pleasant comments about their substitute teacher when he felt someone kick his foot under the table. Tommy looked up from his sandwich to see his buddy, Mark, looking at him. He asked what the kick was for, and Mark laughed before telling him that he looked as though he were on another planet. Tommy giggled and returned the kick playfully, realizing that he had been feeling rather detached from his buddies. How could he not when Benny had been engaged in battle with Eric, vying for Tommy's attention in his mind all day.

 After lunch, Tommy was relieved, and a bit excited, to find that Ms. Davis was not a complete dragon of a woman. She led the class out to the playground before sitting at a picnic table to talk with the other teachers while the kids played. Tommy followed Mark and Justin to the basketball court, where more of his friends were already shooting hoops. Just before reaching the court, though, he heard someone call out his name. His little heart jumped, and he quickly turned to see Benny running toward him. A huge smile spread across his face as he ran to meet the boy.

 Meeting Benny on the playground was a rare occurrence, and certainly not unappreciated. Once they had made their way to each other, the boys stood in silence for a moment. They beamed widely at each other, unsure what to do. Benny shoved Tommy playfully, and Tommy retaliated while laughing. They then made their way to a jungle gym and sat on one of the platforms. After attempting to make casual small talk, the conversation gradually became more private. Benny had complained that he awoke with a boner but did not have time to do anything about it, and Tommy confessed to finding his self in a similar situation that morning.

 Tommy was then told to follow, and Benny led him to the part of the playground furthest from the teachers. There were a few trees next to a field where kids occasionally played soccer or dodge ball. Benny led his friend to a spot where the "big kids" sometimes hung out, a rock with a tree next to it that blocked the teachers' distant view of the spot partially. The boys then sat on the rock and talked quietly about the things they wanted to do with each other, and Tommy immediately felt his little dick jerk in his pants. Benny looked around to make sure no other kids could see them, then reached over and rubbed at Tommy's slightly tented jeans.

 Tommy shuddered as Benny undid the button on the boy's jeans and slid his hand in under Tommy's briefs. Feeling Benny's warm hand rubbing against his aching little cock made Tommy's heart race. The relatively high chance of getting caught doing naughty things together obviously gave Benny as much a thrill as Tommy, and he decided to take it a step further. He removed his hand from his friend's pants and unzipped them before fishing Tommy's stiff little dick out through the slit in the front of his briefs. The slightly brisk air felt good against Tommy's bare dickie, but Benny's hand felt even better.

 As Benny stroked his stiffie, Tommy reached over and began to undo Benny's pants as well. The boy stopped stroking his friend just long enough to allow him to do so, and the boys were soon stroking each other simultaneously. As the were stroking, Benny leaned in and gave Tommy a quick kiss. The boys jerked each other quickly behind the tree, desperately trying to reach climax before being discovered or called back to class. Unfortunately, their fun was soon ruined by the blowing of a whistle. Benny looked around the tree and saw that his teacher was gathering her students near the entrance of the playground. The boys quickly concealed their aching erections, and said their goodbyes.

 Tommy was slightly angry about the turn of events, and decided to wander about the playground instead of joining his friends in the usual basketball match. Most of the kids on the playground were about Tommy's age, but there were a couple classes of younger children. They were all playing together happily, screaming and laughing with excitement. All of them except for one lonely looking boy that sat by his self at a swing set. Tommy watched the boy curiously, wondering why he was sitting alone. He decided that since Benny was gone, and he did not want to play basketball any more, he would find out.

 Tommy approached the lonesome boy and sat on the swing next to him. He began swinging slightly, hoping to not make the kid feel uncomfortable. Every so often, he would look over at him. Tommy guessed that he had to be no older than seven. He was a cute little guy; mousy brown hair and pale skin. He sat on the swing with his hands between his knees and stared at the ground while swinging slightly back and forth. Tommy decided to try talking with him, and slowed his swing to a stop.

"Hi, I'm Tommy," he said.

Without looking up, "Hi," the boy said quietly.

"What's your name?" Tommy asked.

"Matt," he replied.

"You okay, Matt?"

"Yeah," he replied while looking up at Tommy briefly.

"Why're you all alone?"

"'Cause. I'm new, and nobody wants to play with me," he said.

"I'll play with you," Tommy said.

Matt looked up at him suspiciously, then smiled.


"Yeh, c'mon. Let's see who can swing the highest!"

 Matt's hazel eyes lit up, and he beamed at Tommy. Only minutes later, the boys were both swinging and laughing. They talked and joked, and Tommy felt good for having cheered the boy up. He had found that Matt had just moved from Georgia, because his father was transferred to another facility by the organization he worked for. Matt told him that he and his father moved around like that constantly, but every time his father would promise that, "This is the last time,". It was hard for the boy; always having to make new friends and leave the old ones behind.

 Tommy also discovered that Matt's mother had divorced his father and since disappeared. He would receive calls from her on Christmas, or his birthday, sometimes. The boy shrugged as he told Tommy, and said that she had left when he was two; so he did not remember her anyway. Tommy's heart sank at the sad story, and he made an internal vow to be the boy's friend, even if the other kids would not. Matt asked Tommy if he had a computer, because they could chat if he did. Tommy sadly told him that he did not, but that he wanted one badly.

 The boys swung and chatted, before Ms. Davis began blowing her whistle. They reluctantly parted, and Tommy made his way back to class. The rest of the school day went much the same as the first part; boringly. Finally, it was time to go home. Tommy gathered his things into his backpack excitedly and quickly made his way to the school bus. Benny was already on the bus when he got there, saving a spot on the seat next to him with his backpack. Tommy quickly sat next to him, and they began talking about their afternoon plans.

 Fortunately, Tommy had managed to avoid getting an extra homework assignment, though it was no easy task. So, he had only a simple math work sheet to complete. He figured it would take no more than ten minutes, so he asked if Benny wanted to come to his house. Benny told him that he could not, because he had been given much more homework and his mother did not allow him to play until it was completed. Tommy suggested going home with Benny, and the boy considered it. It certainly would not be the first time, but he was unsure what his mother would say.

 They concluded that they would get off at their regular stops, then Tommy would ride his bike to Benny's house to see if they could work on their homework together. Once Tommy got home, he quickly hopped on his bike and made his way to Benny's house. It was only a short ride down the road, so he got there before the bus did. After lying his bike in the usual spot next to the driveway, Tommy rang the doorbell. Rachel answered the door a moment later, and looked impatiently at Tommy. He asked her about working on homework with Benny, and she agreed before letting the boy into the house.

 Tommy watched as she made her way back to her "studio", and wondered what kind of painting she was working on. He would have asked her, but the woman became irritated when distracted from her work. Instead, he sat on the couch and rooted through his backpack for his homework and pencil. A third of his assignment had already been completed when Benny came into the house a few minutes later. The boys chatted quietly with each other as they worked, and Tommy told his buddy about Matt.

 Benny did not seem too interested in the younger kid, but mentioned the way Tommy had done something similar when he had moved to town. After completing his assignment, Tommy put his things back into his bag and waited patiently as Benny worked. Benny told him that he could play video games in his room if he wanted to, and Tommy took advantage of the opportunity. Benny's room was always slightly messy, and smelled kind of strange too. The smell was not unpleasant, just sort of musky. Tommy sat on his friend's bed and began playing a first-person shooter game. A short while later, he heard James come in to the house and talk loudly with Benny.

 James seemed to be upset about something, but Tommy could not tell what. He decided to ignore it and continue playing his game. Moments later, James entered the room and looked at Tommy. He did not look angry, but he was certainly in a strange mood. He silently sat next to Tommy and watched the boy play the video game. Every so often, he would compliment the boy's virtual killer instinct whenever he made head shots and the like. Tommy felt a little uncomfortable with James sitting next to him, but he was not sure why. He knew James would not hurt him.

"I failed a math test today, dad's gonna be pissed. You and Benny should probably get out of here before he gets home, so you don't have to listen to him go off on me," James said.

Tommy nodded and continued his game, until James hugged him.

"You know, you could make me feel better before he gets here," James said in a low voice.

 Tommy's heart began to race as James took the boy's hand from the controller and placed it on his crotch. He looked sheepishly over at James, and laughed nervously. James smiled warmly at him, and it did little to comfort the boy. Still, he did not resist. He had been sexually frustrated all day, after all. Even then his little dick was hard as a rock, and he certainly would not turn down an opportunity to play around. He put the game controller aside, and began rubbing James' crotch. James stopped him a moment later, then locked Benny's door. He then returned to the bed and slipped his pants and boxers off.

 Tommy's eyes widened slightly as he watched the teen's hard dick spring free, he had forgotten just how big it was. He took it into his hand and stroked it tenderly, and James ran his hand through the boy's hair before pulling him close for a kiss. As they kissed lustfully, Tommy decided that it was time for him to release his own throbbing dickie. Without breaking their kiss, Tommy undid his jeans and slid them off along with his briefs. James responded by stroking the boy's little boner. He then pulled Tommy onto his lap, and ran his free hand up the boy's shirt before stroking his silky smooth back.

 Without warning, James scooted to the center of the bed and lay back. Tommy straddled him as they kissed, and humped his hard little dick against James' abdomen. He felt James position his dick between the boy's ass and began rubbing it against his little hole. The feeling was strange, but definitely enjoyable. The feeling of hot throbbing flesh pressed firmly against his little pucker sent chills through his body. Without a word, Tommy made his way between James' legs and leaned over to lick the teen's glans. James held his cock vertical for him, so the boy could flick his tongue against the tip.

 As James' breathing became more heavy, Tommy sucked the tip into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. James stroked his shaft as the boy did so, until he slid his head down and took as much of it into his mouth as he could. James gasped slightly, and ran his hand through the boy's hair. He then guided the little blond head into a slow and steady rhythm, and Tommy sucked and slurped lustfully. They were interrupted a few moments later, by the sound of the doorknob wriggling. Benny asked them to let him in, sounding a little angry.

 James quickly slid his pants back on, and Tommy covered his self with Benny's blanket. James then let Benny into the room before locking the door again. Benny looked at Tommy accusingly, a look which quickly changed to surprise when James pulled the boy's pants down. The boy watched his brother as the teen then pulled his briefs down, and he stepped out of them. James then pulled his brother's shirt off before removing his own, along with his pants. Tommy sat up on the bed and followed suit, pulling his own shirt off and tossing it onto the floor.

 The three naked boys joined on the bed in a tangled mass of lustful anxiousness. As they frottered and giggled, bending and twisting over each other, their warm flesh lubricated with saliva, the musty smell of Benny's room grew stronger. It was not long before the playfulness gave way to sensuality. James lay on his back while Benny stroked and sucked his engorged cock, and he guided Tommy into a position in which he faced Benny, and sucked the boy's cock into his mouth. Tommy quivered from the strong sensations that coursed through him as James licked and sucked at his little stiffie. He loved the feel of James' hot breath against his warm balls as they would bump against James' nose while he fucked into the teen's mouth.

 Tommy could feel James spreading his ass as he gripped at the boy's round little butt and guided his hips. As he humped James' face, Tommy watched Benny sucking on his brother's cock. Their eyes would meet occasionally, before being closed in pleasure again. Tommy could feel James' breathing growing faster, and tension building in his balls. Just as he was getting close to climax, James pushed the boy's ass up causing his dickie to slip out of his mouth. He then guided Tommy's ass directly over his mouth and pulled him down.

 The boy's eyes widened with surprise and his cheeks flushed as he felt James' tongue lapping all around his little hole. He moaned as quietly as possible as James' tongue explored the entrance to his hot little orifice. He felt the warm, slippery tongue slip into his hole a little, and placed his hands on James' chest to steady his self. The sensations he was experiencing were so intense that he would have probably fallen over if he had not. James' began fucking the little blond boy with his tongue, pushing it up into him a little deeper with each thrust. Tommy moaned loudly as his dick began to twitch, balls drawn up tight, and dribbled a droplet of clear little boy cum.

 He felt James moan, and watched as Benny held his head down. His mouth was obviously filling with his brother's cum. James continued licking at Tommy's ass as he came, and bucked his hips slightly. After Benny's mouth was filled with hot cum, the boy moved up to Tommy and they kissed, sharing the creamy fluid. A few moments later, James gently pushed Tommy off of him, and grinned at the boy. Tommy laughed, amazed that James had just licked his most naughty place. He wondered why, but decided that did not care because it had felt amazing.

 James then pushed his brother over and sucked his little cock into his mouth. Tommy took the opportunity to kiss his friend, while rubbing his hands all over the boy's smooth chest. He made sure to pay extra attention to his little crimson nipples, which would make the boy shudder every so often. Tommy could feel Benny's taught tummy flexing under his hand, and he knew the boy was close to climax. He kissed and licked all over his buddy, trying to make him feel as good as possible. Shortly after, he began bucking his slick little dick up into his brother's mouth while gasping.

 A short while later, the boys lay next to each other as their breathing and heart rates slowed. Tommy and Benny grinned at each other, before engaging in a tickle war. James watched them with a smile for a few moments, then got up and put his clothes back on. He reminded the boys that his father would be getting home soon, and left the room. After a while of wrestling in the nude, the boys decided to put their clothes back on. Tommy had seen his friends' father angry before, and was in no hurry to witness it again. Soon, they were riding their bikes side-by-side through the neighborhood.

"My parents were talkin' about spending a week at the beach once it warms up, they said you could come if you want," Benny said.

"Awesome!" said Tommy.

 The boys chatted about what they would do at the beach as they rode their bikes, cool wind blowing through their hair. After riding around aimlessly four about half an hour, they made their way to Tommy's house. His mother was not home yet, and Tommy figured she was working overtime again. After lying their bikes on the lawn, the boys decided to kick a soccer ball around. Tommy retrieved his ball from the garage, and they were soon running and laughing as the sun began to set lazily. A short while later, Janet pulled into the driveway, and a big silver pick-up truck parked next to her. Tommy watched curiously, wondering who was behind the truck's tinted windows.

 Tommy grabbed his ball, and approached his mother with Benny in tow. She smiled and hugged the boys, and Tommy watched as Elliot got out of his truck. He greeted Tommy warmly with his signature bullet-proof smile, and introduced his self to Benny. Janet informed Tommy that Elliot would be having dinner with them again, and that they would need to have a talk after. Elliot then followed her into the house, and Tommy looked at Benny in confusion. Benny shrugged, and knocked the ball from between Tommy's arm and hip. They then took turns practicing various moves until it was time for Benny to leave.

 After returning his ball to its spot in the garage, Tommy entered the house to find his mother laughing heartily with Elliot while they sipped wine and watched television. They invited him to join them, but Tommy decided to play video games instead. It was not long before he could smell his mother's delicious food cooking, and his tummy growled. Drawn out of his room by the alluring scents, the boy made his way into the kitchen to investigate the source. He grinned when he found that his mother was cooking his favorite dish, pork chops with macaroni and cheese.

"Tommy, come watch television with me while your mother cooks," said Elliot.

 Tommy peeked at the man from the kitchen, feeling shy suddenly. He grinned at the boy, and patted the spot on the couch next to him. Tommy sheepishly made his way into the living room and sat next to him. They then began chatting casually while watching an amusing show that featured videos from the internet. Elliot asked Tommy if he enjoyed browsing the web, and Tommy informed him that he could not. Elliot looked at him in shock, clearly surprised that there were still people that did not use the internet. He asked the boy if he wanted a computer, and Tommy nodded enthusiastically.

"I'm the only person I know that doesn't have one," he stated.

"You're the only person I know that doesn't, too," Elliot replied playfully.

 Tommy grinned at him, trying to mimic the man's charismatic smile. Elliot laughed and ruffled the boys hair, and they continued watching television. A short while later, Janet called them to the dining room, and they quickly sat at the table. Tommy just about inhaled his food, and Elliot laughed as Janet explained that it was the boy's favorite meal. As the adults ate and sipped wine, Tommy began to wonder about the talk that his mother had mentioned. He was not worried, but a little anxious to get it over with.

 After placing the dishes in the kitchen sink and returning to the table, Janet gazed into Elliot's eyes as Tommy watched impatiently. They reassured each other that it was "the right time", and looked at Tommy with hopeful smiles.

"Tommy, Elliot and I have been dating for a few months now, and we think that it's time for a change," Janet started.

"But, only if it's alright with you," Elliot added.

Tommy eyed them suspiciously.

"So, would it be alright with you if Elliot moved in with us?" Janet asked, finally.

 Tommy cocked his head slightly in confusion. Usually, his mother's boyfriends would just move in, and leave, whenever they felt like it. Being asked permission was baffling to the boy, and he wondered why they would. He looked from his mother, to Elliot, then back again. Surely, he liked the man, but would he like living with him, he wondered. He guessed that there would be only one way to find out. Besides, if Elliot did turn out to be a jerk and leave, it would not be a big surprise, considering Janet's ex-boyfriends.

"Okay," he said.

Elliot's face lit up, "Okay! It's all settled, then," he said before beaming at Janet.

 Janet returned his gaze, giggling with excitement and slight inebriation. Tommy was still confused about the situation, but decided to retreat to his room before the kissing started. In his room, Tommy lay on his bed and marveled at how quickly his life was changing. He had just met Elliot the night before, and now the man was going to move in. He wondered why his mother had kept their relationship a secret for so long. Questions fluttered around his mind, and the boy yawned sleepily.

 Though it was still relatively early, Tommy decided to put his pajamas on and watch cartoons. He slipped out of his clothes, put them in his laundry basket, and slid into his soft blue pajamas. He loved the way the tight stretchy fabric rubbed against his skin, and he often became erect from the friction. The only thing he did not like was how hard it was to conceal a boner while wearing them. Especially since he never wore underwear under them, because it gave him easy access to his little dickie. Sure enough, Tommy was soon lying in bed fondling his self absentmindedly as he watched Spongebob Squarepants.

 The horny boy squirmed in his bed, before deciding to take care of the throbbing tent just below his elastic waistband. He pushed his pajama pants down to his knees and began pumping his cock anxiously. He felt tension building in his self quickly as he huffed and jerked. Clips of the games he had played with Benny and James flashed in his mind, and he bit his lip. Moments later, he released a quiet moan as his little dick twitched in his hand and he floated away to a world of bliss. Panting, he lie on his back, pajama pants pulled down, little dick throbbing in sync with his heart.

 After catching his breath, Tommy sleepily rolled over and turned his television off before pulling his little pants back up. He then turned his bedroom light off, wrapped his self in his blanket, and pondered the day's events. He wondered if he would have a substitute again the next day, when he would see Matt again, if he would see Eric again, but most of all, what living with Elliot would be like. He soon drifted into a deep sleep while cuddling a pillow and pretending it was Benny.


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