All Star Coach

Before I get to the story, I should explain I was in my twenties at the time. I was still in the Marines, and in good physical condition. . Before the military, I had been a popular baseball pitcher as well as a track star, both in high school and college. My sports career had pretty much ended when I took some schrapnell in my left ankle during combat. The injury had cut a tendon and I had been told my track days were done. I refused to accept that and continued trying to prove I was as fast as ever. A really good author would probably claim he had proved the doctors wrong. But thats not me. Although I managed to remain in the military, and remained active in sports, I suffered through a lot of pain before I finally conceded my ankle was not as strong as it had been. Still I loved baseball and could steal a base or two given the chance. I still had a strong left arm, and a good muscular physique. I was fairly attractive, especially when I stood in front of a mirror, and was prone to admire my image as often as possible.

One day my vanity got the best of me when an older buddy chatted with me about my school days . He boasted about how much of a jock I was, and just when I was about to admit I was still pretty hot, he mentioned that his son was a pitcher in the Little League, and was playing that evening. He knew I loved the game, and thought I might be able to teach the boy some tricks of the trade. It was just a one time thing, maybe a few practice sessions, and I could get back to admiring myself in front of the mirror, so I agreed to go.

The boys on the team were about twelve years old, and I hadn’t had that much experience coaching kids, but I really got into the game and I was impressed with the effort these kids put into the game. The game had already started when we arrived, so I didn’t get an opportunity to meet the boy until after watching him pitch. That might have been best as I noticed he and the catcher weren’t working together. When I was introduced to Carl, I suggested a quick chat with him and his catcher. Carl looked at me more than a little confused, but listened as I explained how he could improve his game. I admired Carl’s fast ball, but warned that he didn’t show that much control. I asked his catcher to present him with a better target to throw to. To help Carl, I suggested Duke (his catcher) put the glove where he wanted Carl to throw the ball, and told him they needed to keep the batter guessing. Duke caught on right away.

When they started pitching again, Duke put the mitt where he wanted the ball. Carl now pitched to Duke, not the batter. Duke knew which batters liked high pitches, slow pitches, etc. A few strike outs later, Carl was impressed, and the batters were swinging at anything. Carl and Duke grew more confident in themselves, and the entire game changed.

Carl’s pitching won the game. He ran forward excitedly congratulating Duke for a great game. Both jumped all over me asking if I would coach them some more. Carl’s dad was all smiles. He told the boys I was a pitcher, and he had asked me to work with them.

Both Carl and Duke were cute, but I wasn’t into cute boys. I think what impressed me was that they wanted to learn (and maybe that they seemed to think I was the answer to winning games. Of course, my vanity had nothing to do with all this praise. Well, maybe a little. Or more.) At any rate, we agreed to a few practice work-outs.

Carl’s dad also insisted I should follow him home to meet the family. Not having any family of my own at the base, I accepted. We would have a couple of drinks to celebrate winning the game. Two things popped up right after we got home. The first was that Carl had two older brothers. Rick was a year older. Vernon was two years older. The second thing was that Carl had muscle cramps.

Knowing how painful muscle cramps can be, I offered to give Carl a quick massage. Agreed. We would do this as the two older boys showered before bed. Since the boys all shared one bedroom, dad saw no harm in it. Vernon hit the shower first. Rick laid on his bed. Carl stripped down to his white jockey strap, laid a large bath towel on his bed, then crawled onto it face down as I had suggested.   His dad had provided me with a bottle of body lotion. Suddenly, I found myself looking down on a beautiful young boy just starting to show some muscular definition. Carl was about four and a half feet tall. He probably weighed less than a hundred pounds. He was slender. There was little fat, just enough to present the perfect body.

Of course, I was looking at the backside. The boy had the prettiest oval shaped buns I had ever seen. And they were covered only by the straps holding his jockey in place. I had fooled around with a few guys my own age, but this was a twelve year old boy. Sex was not even his game yet. I tried to keep my mind on the massage knowing the bulge in my crotch was an erection - mine. Thank goodness Carl had his head buried in a pillow, and his brother Rick was behind me.

I tried to concentrate on the massage, pouring some lotion on my hands and waiting for it to warm up before applying it to the upper back and neck. Since I was bending over the bed, I knew Carl would not see or feel my problem.

I quickly busied myself with a gentle circular stroke slowly working down the back to the waist. Then I jumped to the feet and the legs working up till once again I was looking at those bare mounds with a cute little crack down the middle. As I worked them over, Carl moaned and spread his legs allowing me to separate them. I was not only looking at his back entrance, but could see the covered ball sac.

There was that problem again. I could feel it pressing against the mattress asI motioned for Carl to turn over so I could get the front.

At first, he looked up at me shyly looking embarrassed, but not moving. What was this? Carl couldn’t know I had an erection.

After pausing a few seconds, Carl realized he was covered down there. Still, he slowly rolled over as if making sure I wouldn’t know why he had hesitated.

Although I spotted the problem, he had little to worry about. He had not started puberty. I couldn’t see that, but there was only a small tent inside the jockey.

I quickly looked up at his inny belly button, and smiled as I went on with the massage. Carl relaxed. Now he could watch and giggle as I massaged his arms and shoulders. Soon, I was busy with the chest, moving down to the stomach to play briefly with the inny, jumping down to the lower legs. I worked my way back up to the inner thighs. That caused Carl to tighten up again. I would brush up against the jockey strap causing it to lift up far enough to catch a glance of his tiny tight ball sac, and maybe catch a quick glimpse of part of what appeared to be a stiff three inch thin pecker.

As if to get over our awkward shyness, Carl simply slid the jockey strap down to his thighs, and paused long enough to give me a look. There was not one single hair. No pubes. He confessed he didn’t know why his thingie got hard when I massaged near it, but he liked the way it felt. Of course, he had heard about puberty from his brothers, and had seen them nude. He had even seen Vernon and some older guys jerking off. He knew Ricky was shooting off. He had just started and was jerking off often.

 Ricky denied jerking off, but admitted he could shoot off now. He turned beet red when I asked how he found out. When I explained that jerking off is normal, and might keep him from having wet dreams, we got into a discussion about why that happens. After a quiet moment, Rick admitted he does jerk off because his dick gets hard a lot. Jerking off helps, but it’s hard to find a place when you need one.

Carl had sit up on the bed, and was waiting for his turn to shower. I could tell he was more relaxed about the massages. Rick was curious about jerking off and other ways he could enjoy puberty. We let it stop there as I headed out to join dad while the boys got ready for bed.

Needless to say, Carl wanted a massage every time we practiced or played another team. He was also smart enough not to mention anything about the massage to the rest of the team. The only exception to that was Duke, the catcher. Carl had mentioned to him that I had helped when he had some muscle cramps. Nothing was said at first. At least Duke had not mentioned it.

And of course, I had agreed to massage Carl as often as he kept winning games. I thought it was cute and flattering that he liked me.

The next time I went to give him a massage, he showered and laid on his tummy, but without the jock strap. I started out as usual, but was quick to move to the waist, and maybe not so shy about sliding a hand under his waist to feel and cup his dick and his balls. He didn’t even look up. He just moaned in pleasure as he felt his shaft instantly stiffen. When I was sure he was loving this secret game of ours, I flipped him over on his back. His little three incher sprang up in the air. I covered it and worked it over, trying not to let it show since I had no way of knowing when his dad might walk in on us.

 Ricky wanted to know more about jerking off (and what I had meant when I said there was more fun to be had playing with his favorite toy). He had followed us to the bedroom this time anxious to find out more. He was also well aware that Carl was having fun during his massage. Ricky watched intently interested this time around. As I worked over Carl, he asked if I knew about stuff like blow jobs and shooting off. We discussed both openly. I told him some girls would blow boys because they could give a blow job instead of getting screwed and would not get pregnant. Boys who were shooting off could cause the girls to get “knocked up”. As we talked, Rick lay on his bed in his briefs showing a covered stiff about five inches long. His love of jerking off caused him to readjust it often. After a while, he would pause to stroke it briefly. I’m sure he was aware that I was watching him, smirking. He just smiled knowing that I had crossed the line with Carl and wouldn’t want to explain to his dad that I had fondled Carl.

As time went on, Rick saw to it their door was closed and locked explaining to his dad that men sometimes got excited during the massages. He also explained that I would massage him to if he wanted it, and he liked getting a massage. To my surprise, his dad understood and agreed that men were entitled to privacy while disrobed for a massage.

The massages became more personal behind closed doors. The very first time I included Ricky in a massage, I slid a hand underneath his waist to feel and gently massage his stiff. After a few minutes, he couldn’t take it anymore. He rolled over on his back showing me and Carl his proud toy. Placing his hand over mine, Rick started rapidly pumping. His balls had dropped, and were pretty well developed. There was no chance of backing off. Ricky was no longer shy in front of me, and I knew Carl had caught him jerking off before. In a few short minutes, Ricky was lifting his entire butt off the mattress thrusting upward as his breathing became rapid and loud. His circumcized shaft jumped excitedly as several shots of cum shot all over his chest and neck.

After a minute or two, he relaxed and looked sheepishly at me and his brother. Grabbing his briefs, he cleaned up the mess he had made and whispered that he had loved watching us and couldn’t help relieving himself. He laid back quietly waiting to see our reaction. He didn’t say anything. He just waited nervously.

I held out my hand that had his cum on it. He wiped it off for me. I then turned to Carl. Without a word, I poured some lotion on the hand. Then I reached out to grab Carl’s little bare stiff. He watched curiously as I began to work him over rapidly with three fingers and my thumb. He was already worked up. A few minutes later, he thrashed wildly about on the bed insisting he had to pee. Instead, he arched up on the mattress like his brother had done. He couldn’t spurt yet, but he sure tried.

As Carl came back to earth, I explained to him that he had just had his fist orgasm, and then explained that to him. Ricky had sat up to watch knowing exactly what his little brother had done. Both were grinning widely. It was obvious I was O K with this new game. It would be our secret.

The friendship with Carl’s family grew. I was quickly accepted by the boys. I found out through Carl that he had seen Ricky and Vernon jerk off on more than one occasion. That was as far as it went though. As brothers, they had agreed on two things. First, any thing between two boys sexually was gay. It was all right to jerk off in front of each other or in the shower, but not to jerk each other off. Brothers who have sex with each other are also into incest, which is a sin. That was worse than being gay.

Still, it was all right for me to massage them, even if that meant jerking them off. Somehow I was allowed to play with them as long as it was part of sex education or sports.

A short time after I had convinced Carl and Duke to buddy up, I was pressured by Duke to visit his home. I found out his mother and I worked at the same place. The dad was in the military. When he was away, the mother asked if I could watch the kids at night since she worked the late shift. Duke was really pleased with this. He had three younger brothers and a sister.

I started going over in the evenings to help the kids with their homework. Their mom would prepare their dinner before leaving for work. Duke would see that they cleaned the dishes, then they would do their homework. When I arrived, they were allowed to watch TV, play games, then get ready for bed.

Duke and the others loved to wrestle with me, and liked ganging up on me trying to pin me to the floor so I couldn’t move or get up. They loved the attention, and quickly got used to being hugged or kissed on the cheek during the games. Except for Duke, who felt he was to big for “baby stuff”.

After spending a few nights sleeping over, it was decided that my sleeping on the sofa was not working out very well. Actually, I didn’t mind it that much. The kids would sneak back into the living room at night to climb into bed with me. It seemed like I always had at least one of them wanting to cuddle during the night. Nothing sexual.

Still, it was hard to sleep in late when all the kids got up early to jump on you until you climbed out of the covers trying to get dressed while five kids are watching.

All the boys slept in one bedroom. Each had his own bunk, which didn’t leave much room for another bed in that room. Being the oldest, Duke had a lower bunk. It was a single bed, but Duke decided to share it. He asked if I would mind sleeping with him.

Duke was just thirteen when he decided I could sleep with him. He was also gorgeous. About average in size and weight, he had light brown hair and brown eyes. His face had an impish look. He and I had established a close friendship since I had started coaching the baseball team. The team had only lost one game, and was easily heading toward an outstanding season. Duke was in ecstacy. Never had he seen such success and popularity. In addition to that, I had become popular with his family. I was his buddy as well as the coach that demanded his best.

Duke had no doubt that I wanted more than his friendship. He knew I wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. He also knew that I liked to wrestle around with him. He loved the physical challenge and the close hugging. It didn’t bother him that I sometimes groped him around his privates. It felt good when I quickly rubbed his balls or his penis. He had no intention of pushing my hand away.

When I stayed at his home overnight, I would insist he get the others bathed and ready for bed so they would be wearing only their briefs. Even his sister, Nancy, now eleven, wore only her white cotton panties. This didn’t bother her. She was still pre-puberty, and was used to her brothers near nude. With four brothers, penises were nothing new to her. At times, she even teased them if they were exposed. They had learned to laugh it off. There was nothing sexual about it. They accepted it as the difference between girls and boys.

Like Duke, she shrugged it off if we were wrestling and I touched her privates. I was just a close family friend who liked holding her. She liked it too.

After putting the younger kids to bed, and tucking them in, I would allow Duke to stay up later. After all, he was the oldest. Of course, we could talk about sports, sex, or anything else. Duke could also be more lovable with me. We would sit close or lay together. I could hold him close and rub his chest without him feeling uncomfortable because the others were watching.

It was all right if I slid his briefs down below his balls to see that his penis had grown. It was about four inches long when it got stiff. He loved it when I admired the size or just gently massaged his little balls. We didn’t even have to swear each other to secrecy. That was understood. No words were necessary. When my stiff shaft slid between his muscular young buns, he would respond by squeezing it as I humped slowly. Sometimes he would reach back to feel it, and maybe pump or just play with it.

One night when he dozed off, I picked him up and carried him to his bed. After removing the briefs, I laid him face up on the bed so I could just stare and admire this perfect body. His circumcised stiff lay half hard against his tummy. Not one hair in sight. His small marbled sized ball sac begged to be pulled and played with. After getting a mental picture of this doll for future reference, I lay next to him in the nude. We cuddled and cooed as I kissed and hugged my prize. There was no way I was not going after him.

As Duke lay there sleeping, I licked, sucked, kissed, and fondled every thing about him. Satisfied that my sleeping beauty was ready, I turned head to toe and took his goodies into my mouth for a warm soothing saliva bath. He tasted just great.

 As I sucked and played with his stiff little shaft and his balls, he must have woke because I felt his tongue on the tip of my dick getting used to the taste, then his lips parted taking the mushroom shaped head inside. Duke not only loved what I was doing to him, he wanted to please and to try out what I was doing to him. Slowly he began to take in as much as he could handle without gagging. He settled for about half and imitated my actions by sucking and pumping it with his lips.

 Despite his curiosity, he could only handle it for a short while. He had two problems. The first was that his jaws tired of this new exercise. The second, and perhaps bigger problem was that I was vigorously working over his much smaller version, causing him to feel that familiar feeling to engulf his balls, then his whole body.

 He let go of me to stiffen up all over. His toes curled up. His spine arched forward. He began to moan as he tingled from his head to his toes. No stopping it. He wrapped his arms around my neck and held on as his hips thrashed back and forth. He was in ecstacy. He had had the good feelings before, but not so intensely, and no one had sucked on it. Not Ever. Not on his dick.

 For several minutes, Duke flailed like a fish trying to lose the hook that wouldn’t let go. Finally, totally exhausted, he sank back to earth. He was soaked in sweat, and was fighting to get his breath back. He let go my dick and was completely relaxed as I turned to hold and hug him. I had no trouble getting his lips to open as I slid my tongue inside to dance the lover’s tango. He responded by hanging on to me. He didn’t know why he loved what we were doing, but he knew this was totally new. And if this was what grownups do for fun, he wanted more.

This was to be his turn to enjoy and to learn. I knew I had nothing to worry about. My newest toy was hooked. He had never felt so totally intense. Nor had he suddenly felt so overpowered. To try to resist me now was the furthest thing from his mind. He was entirely mine, and he would do whatever I wanted. But for now, we would just kiss and hug while he tried to figure out what I had done to him, and why he felt like he wanted this feeling to last forever.

While Duke closed his eyes and dozed off, I reached for the lube to prepare him for the next round. He only vaguely questioned the slick finger that found his rear entrance and firmly slid inside. When I found the prostate, I caused him to moan once again, and to wiggle as the finger caused even more strange new feelings of pleasure. These feelings caused him to push back against the infiltrator that had caused pain when it first slid in. Now it felt like he wanted the finger inside him. He willingly let the second smaller finger join the first even though the two of them were stretching his poop hole like it had never been stretched before.

Again he wondered what I was doing and why. The two fingers were inside him. He could feel them moving the wrong way. The poop hole was where poop came out. It was not the place for any thing to enter. And no one had ever told him it could or would feel good to have any thing inside him - especially not there. Nonetheless, It had started to feel good to have the fingers pushing in then sliding back only to push in again. It sure felt full back there. Should he feel all right with this? Were the fingers all he had to worry about? He had heard that weird faggot boys were sometimes used like girls. No way was he going to be used like a girl.

Suddenly, the two fingers disappeared. He felt relieved at first. The tight pressure on his hole was gone. But then, so was the funny feelings he got when I had touched something inside him. He was surprised and confused when his butt raised up as if searching for the fingers that had been there.

He didn’t have to wait long. My mushroom dick head had been greased up and was sliding along the crack between his well endowed buns. He tightened up in surprise when the dick head slid past the hole, then backed up to pause in front of it. Knowing it would be painful, I began massaging his back and waist. Then I reached under him on both sides and began working his little dick and his balls.

For just a moment, he stopped thinking about the hole and relaxed loving the attention his dick was getting. That was all the time I needed. The dick head popped inside the hole as the pressure of my body weight held him in place. Duke bit down on the pillow as a searing pain told him I was now sliding that huge monster dick inside him. It hurt. I could hear a muffled grunt. He was groaning into the pillow. I paused to give him time to accept the reality that his fears were real. His butt was being invaded. Feelings of disbelief were mixed with fears that he could be injured. What would it feel like to have a man’s shaft inside?

He knew he was about to find out. As the first sharp pains began to let up, the shaft pushed in further. As it did, the pain grew less sharp. After a few minutes, he began to relax a little. Slowly, the shaft eased it’s way in. And finally, he felt the hair and the balls pressed against his buns. I paused to let him know it was in. All the way inside. A kiss on the back of the neck felt good. The pain was much less now. He felt relaxed, but mostly amazed. No way could the whole thing be inside his poop chute. No way.

Still, it was hard to deny that I was now moving it slowly around inside him. It felt much deeper than it was, but it was deep enough that he could feel it moving. Satisfied that he was now getting used to the feel, I started slowly humping him. After a few minutes, I pulled further back, and started speeding up my rhythm. I had found the prostate, and Duke had started making moans of pleasure. I knew this was even more confusing to him. The pain was turning to pleasure. No way could he be enjoying getting screwed? He was not a girl. This should not be a fun thing for a boy.

Those conflicting feelings grew even more intense as I sped up. He was moving with the rhythm. His dick had stiffened once again, and was even tingling as it seemed to really love what was happening. He was getting that good feeling again. His buns were giving my dick a fun work out as my own balls began to unload their juices. I Shoved in hard and held it deep inside him as squirt after squirt of cum bred him. Somehow Duke knew I had just claimed his body as mine. No need to fight it now. Not only was it possible. It had happened. And he wasn’t so sure he hadn’t liked it.

As soon as I could get my breath back, I rolled off him. I turned him over to face him, and hugged him. The two of us dozed off to sleep.

Waking up the next morning was no problem. The two of us were attacked by three little boys amused that I had slept in their bedroom. I was amazed that I had come on so fast with Duke while sleeping in the same room with his brothers. No one seemed to mind that we sleeping together. Duke obviously was a little shaken that he had given in to me, and had allowed more than a little gay stuff to happen. That was to be discussed later. For the time being, he was the hero who got the coach to sleep over at their home.

He was also the catcher who persuaded Carl to pitch his heart out. The team came together. We won game after game. The season past very quickly, but not so fast that I was not doing very well with both Carl and Duke. While Carl and his brothers would not gobeyond massages and mutual jerk offs (with an occasional blow job), Duke was rewarded all night for his efforts. Believe it or not, neither family was aware of what I was doing with the other family. Both were pleased they had a special thing going on. And I was very happy with that.

At the end of the season, my team made up the majority of the district all star team. We were defeated at the state level, but my friendship went on a lot longer. I lost contact with Carl and his family when he went into high school baseball. He would later change over to football and made All American as a quarterback. He even played pro-football for a few years.

As for Duke, we kept seeing each other. He stayed with baseball. I spent a lot of nights at his house.

One night, I crawled into bed with him only to become very suspicious when he seemed different. I had arrived late. The kids had already gone to bed. This happened sometimes when I worked the evening shift. Not wanting to wake any one, I undressed and slid in Duke’s bed. Duke had grown more than a year older. In the process, I had seen him change a lot. He had really grown. His dick was now about six inches long. I had been humping him when he shot his first load. I had seen him count his first pubes. We knew each other really well. He still claimed to like girls, and had started dating.

This particular night, he was out with a girl. J J, his next younger brother had taken his place in bed. J J was twelve. Not knowing they had agreed to switch beds, I slid next to J J. He was sleeping nude. Although something didn’t seem right, I gently slid my hands around J J, searching for the long slim dick I loved so much. I found a dick,but it felt smaller. It also only had a few small hairs around it. This wasn’t Duke. Stunned, I tried to pull back. I had never done J J. I waited for him to yell or scream at me. I just knew I was in deep trouble.

At first, nothing happened. Then J J turned around. Without saying a word, he slid down under the covers, feeling me up as he went. To my surprise, he took me in his mouth covering about half. Then he began working me over really good. J J didn’t stop until I exploded down his throat. Even then, he not only took every drop of my load; he held on until I pulled back to free him. This was not his first time. I began to realize Duke had set me up. He had trained J J to take his place that night.

It was J J who reached under his pillow and handed me the tube of K-Y lube. As I lubed up, he rolled over on his tummy and spread his legs. Duke had done a lot more than teaching him to give really good blow jobs. I could hardly believe my good fortune. I lifted myself into position over him and placed the head at his entrance. He never let out a peep as I slid slowly and gently inside him. I worked him over as vigorously as I had Duke. And then had seconds later on. The two of us thoroughly enjoyed that night. And a dozen nights after that. J J admitted he and Duke had planned this, but added he wanted to do it.

Duke laughed off the joke by telling me that he had trained J J to please him when I was not there. J J had been wanting me for some time. He knew that Duke and I were having sex. J J had played around with some other boys too. But he had not slept with a grownup. He wanted to try it.

 When Duke got serious with a hot chick, he deliberately switched places with J J. They had set me up. Both took pride in that. J J also had other boys he was seeing.

 My job promoted me, causing me to eventually lose contact with the family. The whole affair lasted several years. Today, I still boast about the pro quarterback I taught to be a champ and the catcher who traded me off to his brother. I also continued coaching baseball teams for several more years.

Note: This story is dedicated to Roy, a friend who was amazed that I not only got Carl and Duke, but couldn’t believe Duke and J J had swapped places, or that I had actually took a chance and went for it with J J. As for Duke- we had agreed that he could quit when he wanted. Sure I was hurt. It wasn’t the only time.