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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 14 - No Rest for the Weary. 

At the next drama club meeting on Wednesday, I talked about the play and gave the kids a rough idea about what the sets would look like and what props we'd be using.  I already had a great many of the props we needed, so I was fairly confident we'd have everything we needed for our rehearsals when we began again after the holidays.  Before I dismissed the kids, however, I told them we'd have a walk through of both acts the following week, and I'd let them use their scripts to follow along, if they didn't have their lines memorized by then. 

I noticed that Jon and Tucker were standing off to one side of the room chatting with one another before they left.  I felt they were most likely talking about how well they'd done in the first play, since they'd both had fairly large parts in it.  I'd also assigned them minor roles in this play, since we needed all of the boys to fill the numerous male roles, so they could have been discussing that too.  I was just glad to see they were getting along so well, because Jon was a year younger than Tucker.  Come to think of it, Tucker was a year younger than Nolan, Gary, and Will as well, so maybe Tucker was merely paying it forward with Jon.  I figured if there was anything more to it than that, then Tucker would eventually tell me at some point, but I wouldn't say anything unless he did. 

After the kids left, I went to see Bob Krivyanik so I could explain my vision of the sets we would need to create for this play.  Bob was still in his classroom cleaning up a few items from earlier in the day, but he stopped to greet me when I entered. 

"Bob, if you're still willing to help with the next play, I'm here to discuss what we'll need this time around." 

"Of course I'm willing to help.  I was very impressed with your first effort and proud to have been part of it." 

"I appreciate that and greatly value your assistance.  I was planning on two sets this time around.  The first will be the interior of a wooden building that we'll use for four different locations.  Just work it so we'll be able to hang some different items on it to differentiate the various locations." 

"Do you know the types of things you're planning to use for that purpose?" he asked, as he grabbed a tablet to jot down a few notes.   

"Yes, I do.  For Aunt Polly's kitchen, I thought we'd hang a window, complete with curtains appropriate for the time period.  For the church, I figured a large wooden cross would be sufficient.  For the courthouse, I felt a portrait of Lady Justice would work well, since everyone should recognize the blindfolded lady holding the balance scale signified the legal system.  I was thinking for the school house we could create a blackboard with some math problems written on one side, and historical dates on the other side, next to the events that happened on those dates." 

"It sounds perfect, and I can make each of those all out of cardboard, so they won't be very heavy." 

"That would be wonderful, and we'll use different props to help set the scene as well.  I'll use a lectern for the minister pulpit, and we'll have a wooden table and chairs for the other three locations, but we'll just place them in different spots on the stage.  We'll place them stage left of the set when they're being used as Aunt Polly's kitchen table, and we'll put it directly in front of the portrait of Lady Justice in the courthouse.  For the schoolhouse, we'll put it stage right of the set for the teacher's desk, and we'll need a few student desks too, but I don't think they'll be too hard to come up with."

"And I can make a replica of an old fashion wood burning stove out of cardboard that you can use in Aunt Polly's kitchen too." 

"Fantastic.  And we'll need a few set pieces as well.  First, will be the picket fence for the whitewash scene.  I thought you could make it so the front and back of the fence were identical, with each side looking weathered and in need of a fresh coat of whitewash.  Then, I'll have the boys paint one side of it during the Friday performance, and they can paint the other side on Saturday." 

"I can do that too." 

"I'll also need three or four tombstones for the graveyard scene, and some large rocks for the inside of the cave.  I thought you could make those out of cardboard or Plaster of Paris." 

"That will be no problem either." 

"Great, the only other thing would be the second set.  That will be a background showing the action is taking place outdoors, so I thought it should have some grass and trees." 

"No problem, but doesn't the scene in the graveyard take place at night?" 

"Yes, it does, but I felt we could use the same set and just dim the stage lighting to indicate it was night." 

"I can do better than that.  I'll make two landscapes, and you can use the first when it's supposed to be daytime, and the other to show it's night.  I'll even paint the moon in the corner, so there won't be any doubt.  Since this means there will be the same number of sets as the first play, we can take the cardboard off of those frames and merely add new cardboard to create the new sets." 

"That will be fine, but don't ruin or discard the other backgrounds.  We might be able to use them for future productions, and then you won't need to create them again." 

"Then I'll make a protective case that we can store them in, so they won't get ruined." 

"Bob, you're terrific and I value your help tremendously.  I want to thank you for everything you're doing to help out." 

"It's my pleasure, and it gives my more talented art students a chance to do something a little different too." 

After working out the details with Bob, I was feeling even better about this play than the last.  Everything was falling into place and I'd have even more to tell the kids next week during the walk through of each act. 

I didn't see Tucker or Jon around school for the rest of the week, so there was never an opportunity for either one to say anything to me about what was going on.  I was hoping Tucker might say something about it when I saw him over the weekend, and it was still on my mind when I finished my workout at the Y on Saturday.  I was pretty sure I would be seeing the boys again after I got back to the apartment, so it was possible that Tucker might say something then. 

Just as I expected, they showed up shortly after I did, and to my amazement, they wanted to talk about the play first.  "I've read the whole thing and been studying my lines," Nolan announced, greatly excited.  "This is goin' to be great, and I love everything about it." 

"I read it too, and I think this is gonna be a lot better than the other play," Gary added.  "That one was good, but this one is more exciting and has lots of action, but it's funny too."

"I'm glad you made me one of Tom's friends in this play," Will chimed in.  "I like the idea of paintin' the fence."

"And I'm glad you gave me and Jon parts in this play too," Tucker offered.  I was thrilled that he'd also mentioned Jon. 

"Yes, I noticed you two talking at the last drama club meeting." 

"Yeah, we got close when we was in the last play together, and I like him a lot.  He doesn't live too far away from me either, so we can ride our bikes to see each other." 

"That's nice, and I'm glad you made a new friend." 

"Enough about Jon and the play," Will interrupted.  "I want to get on with the other stuff." 

"We can do that too, if you want." 

"Yeah, and this time I get to fuck you, and Tucker can fuck me," Nolan announced. 

"I guess that means me and Gary will be fuckin' each other," Will observed as he looked at Gary for confirmation.  When Gary nodded in response, Will broke into a huge grin. 

Since the boys all knew what they'd be doing now, I merely got out the various items we needed and let them get started.  We told Will and Gary they could go first, and I rimmed Tucker and worked the dildo in and out of his butt as we watched them going at it.  Then, Tucker fucked Nolan, before Nolan did the same thing to me. 

The boys were all really happy with their newest method of getting off, although Tucker told me he wished someone would be able to do it to him too, cuz he wanted to see what it was like.  I told him that would happen eventually, but he'd have to be able to handle the blue dildo first, so he said he'd think about trying it the next time.  I told him I'd leave it entirely up to him, and he could just let me know when he was ready. 

The boys then went to work on me again, and this time Will finished me off after the others had their turn.  As soon as I had ejaculated, the boys and I got dressed, and then Will, Gary, and Nolan took off, but Tucker stayed behind so he could speak with me in private.  I was amazed that none of the others said anything about him doing this. 

"Mr. Roberson, did you know that Jon is gay too?" 

"I had my suspicions, but why do you think he's gay?" 

"We was talking one day after we finished rehearsing and he asked me if I thought any of the other boys in the drama club were gay.  I was worried about why he wanted to know that, so I asked him if it would bother him if there were gays in the club.  He said, 'No way!', so I told him I was gay and some of the others were too.  That's when he told me he was pretty sure he was gay too." 

"That's very interesting." 

However, as I stood looking at Tucker, I felt he was contemplating if he should tell me something else.  He kept looking up at my face, and then down at the ground, and after nearly a minute, he finally spoke again. 

"He told me he saw your dick too, but he called it a dicky." 

"Yes, we happened to run into each other at a movie on Saturday, and we ended up in the men's room at the same time too.  He took the urinal next to the one I was using, and he wasn't exactly shy about looking at my penis." 

"Yeah, he told me, and he said he showed you his too.  He said he thought it was only fair." 

"Does he know I'm gay?" 

"No, he's like we were at first and just hopes you are." 

"Then I guess you'll have someone else to mess around with." 

"Yeah, he said he wanted to try some stuff, cuz he's never done nothin' before, and he asked if we could spend some time together over Christmas vacation.  That's when we discovered we don't live very far away from each other." 

"So are you going to do that then?"

"Yeah, if we can.  We're just not sure if we'll be able to do anything, cuz our moms will be home when we're there." 

"You might be able to figure something out so you can mess around, or maybe one of your mothers will have something to do so they'll leave the house for a while." 

"Maybe, but I doubt it.  You know, Jon says he likes you a lot." 

"And I like him too.  He's a good kid." 

"Are you gonna be around when we're out of school, so we can come here to see you?" 

"Maybe part of the time, because I don't think I can spend that much time at home without my mom driving me crazy.  She's very noisy and tries to find out about everything I'm doing, even stuff that's none of her business." 

"I think all moms are like that, cuz my mom's the same way." 

"You might be right, but I was hoping she'd stop prying into my life after I graduated from college, got a job, and started living on my own." 

"So when will you be here?" 

"I'll probably leave on Friday and spend Christmas there, but I'm hoping to come back by the following Wednesday."

"That's good, then you'll be home for a few days before we go back to school." 

"If things go well." 

"Then maybe I'll see you then." 

"Ok.  I want you to have a good Christmas, and I hope you can find a way to do something with Jon." 

"Me too, and I hope you have a good Christmas too, Mr. Roberson.  Thanks for bein' so nice to us and showin' us all this stuff." 

"You're welcome, Tucker, and I have to admit that I enjoy it too.  Just be careful on your way home, because I'm sure the other boys didn't wait around for you." 

"Yeah, I told them not to.  I said I wanted to talk to you about somethin' and they were ok with that." 

He'd just answered my unasked question from earlier.  "Ok, take it easy then." 

"We'll see you tomorrow at the Y, and then after we get done swimmin' too." 

"Yes, you're right.  I almost forgot today was Saturday."

"Bye, Mr. Roberson.  I love you," he added just before opening the door and darting across the parking lot. 

Damn!  He just did it again.  The last time he said he loved me was in front of the others.  Back then, I thought he'd merely slipped and said the same thing he probably told his parents when saying goodbye, but this time he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.  I had a feeling he meant it differently than when he said it to his parents too.  I had a suspicion that he might have a crush on me, possibly because of the things I'd been doing with him and the others.  I just had to make sure the situation didn't get out of hand and his actions didn't become so obvious that others would be able to figure out what was going on. 

After dwelling on that for a few minutes, I tried to push it from my mind.  It's probably nothing more than a schoolboy crush, possibly his first experience with puppy love, so I won't say or do anything that might crush his spirit.  I'd merely attempt to make sure that he isn't pining over me and acting like a lovesick puppy or a horny dog when he's around me.  However, after our little discussion, I had a feeling he might show up here alone sometime over the holidays so he could spend time with me alone. 

Throughout the rest of the day, I continued thinking about Tucker and what might be going through his mind.  I also thought about Jon and wondered if he and Tucker might eventually get even closer.  In order to stop thinking about these things, I tried to focus on the next play instead, along with the musical, as I thought ahead to casting those parts as well.  Gina Atkins would be assigning some of the roles and would be selecting the students with the best singing voices to fill them, but she offered to let me cast everything else. 

When I decided it was time to go to bed, I went through my nightly ritual before hopping under the covers.  Even as I slept, my mind continued going over the same things as before, and I began to cast the musical in my mind.  I could still remember most of the dream when I awoke the following morning, so I jotted down some notes to see how close I came when we actually filled those roles.  Afterward, I set it aside and tried not to think about it any longer, because I didn't want my dreams to affect my actual choices. 

When I noticed the time and realized I needed to get ready to head to the Y to meet the boys, I hurriedly grab my swimsuit and towel and tossed them into my gym bag.  Then, I headed out the door and walked to my car, because I was running slightly behind schedule.  I'm not sure how I did it, but I still managed to arrive ahead of the boys, so I sat on the bench in the locker room as I waited for them to show up.  I was somewhat surprised when I saw them enter a couple of minutes later. 

"Hi, Mr. Roberson.  I came to swim with you guys today too," Jon announced as he came up to me.  I must have been looking at him oddly, because he began to explain things in more detail.  "I called Tucker last night to ask him what he was gonna do today, and when he told me he was goin' swimming, I asked if I could go too."

"And I didn't think the rest of you would mind," Tucker added.  "Jon's a good guy and you already know him, so I told him he could come too." 

"I don't have a problem with it," I replied, "and I take it none of you do either, since he obviously rode here with you." 

"Yeah, my mom said she didn't have a problem with him coming with us too," Nolan confirmed. 

"Then I guess we should get changed and head out to the pool." 

I watched Jon as he began to undress, but his head was whipping around as he was watching the rest of us do the same.  "I only thought I'd get to see Tucker's dicky, but this is way better," he announced.  "All of your dickies are bigger than mine, but I'm glad you don't mind letting me see them." 

"We don't have a problem with other guys seeing us naked," Gary stated. 

"And they're dicks, not dickies," Will added, somewhat annoyed. 

"Your dick will start growing too, maybe next summer," Tucker added.  "That's when it started happening to me."

"So I guess you're part of our swim group now, if you plan on doing this with us again," I offered, hoping that would make him feel better. 

"Yeah, I'd like that a lot," he confirmed. 

Even though Jon was happy about this, I could see Nolan, Gary, and Will all looking at me strangely as we were putting on our swimsuits.  I knew they were thinking ahead to when they would come over to my apartment later, but since Nolan's mother dropped the boys off at their houses, I figured Jon would return home before that happened.  I assumed he'd ridden his bike over to Tucker's house to do this, so I felt he'd probably just ride his bike home after she dropped him off.  I didn't see it as a big deal, because I was confident that Tucker would be smart enough to know he couldn't include Jon on that too, at least not without checking with me first.  Since he hadn't said anything so far, I wasn't worried. 

We'd been in the pool for about fifteen minutes when Nigel and Rory showed up.  I had merely assumed they weren't coming today and was slightly surprised when I saw them scurrying into the pool area.  "Sorry we're late, but our minister went way longer than normal today." 

"No problem," Nolan replied. 

"Yeah, we're just glad you could make it," Gary added. 

We swam for over an hour with them, and then we all got out of the pool to go in to shower and change.  I think Jon was excited that he was going to get to see two more boys naked, and he was like a kid in a candy shop as we headed to the showers. 

"So who's the new kid?" Nigel asked once we were all in the shower. 

"This is Jon," Tucker replied.  "He's in our drama club too." 

"We wondered, cuz he looks younger than the rest of you," Rory explained. 

"Yeah, I'm only in sixth grade," Jon confirmed. 

I also noticed that Jon kept glancing over at Nigel and Rory's penises and was worried that one of them was going to say something about him doing it.  That didn't happen, though, possibly because they realized he was just being curious too, the same as Tucker had been.  When we finished rinsing off, we dried and changed, as we got ready to go home.  I stuck around for longer than normal, in case one of the twins decided to comment about what had taken place in the shower.  I didn't want an incident to happen after I took off, but nothing like that took place, much to my relief. 

Once the boys had all taken off, I left my vantage place just inside the entrance, hopped into my car, and took off.  I wasn't sure how long it would be before the boys showed up, as I went inside and left the door slightly ajar.  They came rushing in about forty minutes later, and I was relieved that Jon wasn't with them. 

"I'm glad you didn't mind that Jon came with me earlier," Tucker said once they were all inside. 

"That wasn't a problem, but I'm glad you didn't bring him with you here.  If you had, we wouldn't have been able to do anything today." 

"Yeah, I know.  When Jon left my house to go home, he was still excited about seeing so many dicks today.  He asked me what was wrong with Nigel and Rory's dicks, so I told him the same thing you'd told us." 

"I'm glad you explained it to him, because I was a little worried that Nigel or Rory was going to say something to him about staring at their penises." 

"Yeah, we were too," the others agreed. 

"But now it's time to have some fun, and I get to fuck you today," Will announced.  Since Will, Gary, and Nolan had already done it once to me, I guess this meant they were merely starting their second time around. 

"I want to do it with you too," Tucker followed, giving me a little pout after saying this. 

"I suppose you could both do it to me then," I relented, which brought a smile to Tucker's face. 

"Thank you.  I didn't want to be left out of doing it with you too." 

After we all watched Gary and Nolan taking turns with each other, I let Will and Tucker have a turn doing it to me next, before I worked the smallest dildo in Tucker's butt.  When I finished doing that, the boys got ready to take care of me next, and Tucker made another announcement. 

"It's my turn to go last, and I want you to shoot in my mouth this time." 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, I did it with Will before, so I want to try doin' it with you too." 

"If that's what you want, but just be careful.  Don't be afraid to pull off if you have trouble with how much I shoot, because I don't want you to choke." 

"Just duck if you do that," Gary teased. 

"Ok, but I still want to try." 

Since he seemed adamant about doing this, I let him take his turn going last.  He actually handled it better than I thought he would, and after he took the first spurt in his mouth he pulled off, but quickly pushed my penis against my abdomen so the next few blasts coated my body, instead of his face.  When I looked up at him a few seconds later, he seemed pleased that he'd done so well, but I waited for him to say something first. 

"I let you shoot some of it in my mouth, but not all of it.  I hope you're not mad that it made a mess on your chest." 

"Not at all, and I think you did quite well." 

Tucker smiled when I said that, before responding again.  "I'll do better next time.  I just have to get used to doing it, cuz you shoot more than Will." 

"Yes, I know, and it's not a problem.  I'm proud of you for even trying to do it." 

One of the others then handed me the box of tissues, so I cleaned up as much as I could before heading to the bathroom to wash the rest off with a wet washcloth.  When I returned, the boys were already getting dressed, so I did the same.  Once we had finished putting our clothes on, we said goodbye to each other and I walked them to the door.  After checking to make sure no one else was outside, I sent them on their way, and then I went back inside to think about how this day had gone. 

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