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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 26 - Interesting Times

I rushed out of school on Friday, because I knew the boys would be coming over.  I stopped to pick up some snacks and a galloon of milk first, and then I went to the apartment and carried everything inside.  I didn't have to wait long before they showed up, because I'd taken longer at the store this time, since I wasn't sure what I wanted to get for them to snack on. I looked around the bakery first and didn't find anything of interest, so I ended up buying a bag of apples and some popcorn.  I was popping it when I heard a knock and the boys came rushing inside. 

"Guess what, Mr. Roberson?  Ms. Atkins asked me and Braedon to stay after school on Monday, cuz she wants us to tryout for 'Oliver!'," Jon nearly shouted as he rushed up to me.   

"Wow!  That's great!  She mentioned to me that she was going to do that next week, but she never told me who would be auditioning." 

"That's the word she used too, but I couldn't remember it." 

"So what part are you and Braedon auditioning for?" 


"Oh, so you're both auditioning for the lead role?" 

"Yep.  I'm not sure if there will be others too, but she said one of us would prolly get the part and someone else would be the backup.  She said we'd still be in the play, even if we don't get to be Oliver, so I'm excited.  Ms. Atkins said she thought about having me tryout after she saw what a good job I did in The Secret Garden." 

"I'm sure that helped, because you were awesome in that play.  I'm just sorry that two friends will be going head-to-head for the same role." 

"It's ok.  Me and Braedon talked it over and we don't care who gets it, as long as we're still in the show.  Braedon says he's got to get his parents permission first, but I know mine won't care if I'm in this too."

"That's fantastic news and I'll be there Monday as well, because Ms. Atkins has asked me to help with the auditions.  She wants me to see if each person can do the speaking part too." 

"Neat.  We won't be as nervous if you're there, cuz me and Braedon really like you." 

"Thank you, and I can't wait to hear you sing.  I was there when you sang in the chorus, but your voice blended in with the others, so I couldn't really hear you." 

"Enough talk.  Let's get started," Gary urged, sounding desperate.  "I want you to fuck me today, and I want you to do it like you did with Nolan.  I want to see if you can make me cum that way too." 

"Ok, but don't you want a snack first?"

"Yeah, the popcorn smells good," Will stated.

"And I have apples and a gallon of milk as well." 

"Ok, let's have that first, but we gotta hurry," Gary conceded.  "My butt is itching cuz it wants your dick in it." 

I had the boys pour themselves a glass of milk and I put the bowl of popcorn on the table.  I gave each of them an apple too, and they devoured everything faster than it took me to buy it.  As soon as they were done, Gary grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me toward the bedroom.  "Come on.  I really want to do this." 

"Gee, I couldn't tell." 

The boys undressed and arranged themselves on the mattress like they had the previous time, so they could watch what I was doing with Gary.  He was undressed and laying on the bed waiting for me before the rest of us were even half undressed.  I knew he liked doing this, but I've never seen him quite this anxious before. 

"Come on.  What's takin' you so long?" he urged.  Yep, he's really eager to do this. 

After I'd slipped on the condom and lubed it and Gary up, he pulled his legs back to his chest and waited for me to get started.  Since he was a little farther back than I wanted, I placed my hands on his hips and pulled butt toward me, so it was slightly overhanging the side of the mattress.  Then, I moved closer, lined my penis up with his hole, and gently eased into him. 

"Damn, that's what I want," he moaned as I entered him. 

Before long, I was sliding in and out of his backside, and he was oohing and ahhing to beat the band.  Just like I had with Nolan, I tried to angle the action toward his prostate, and the more I did it, the louder he was getting. 

"Quiet down or we'll have to stop." 

"Ok," he grunted, "but this feels better than ever."  He was definitely quieter after the warning, but by no means silent. 

We'd been doing this for over ten minutes and I was enjoying a nice leisurely pace when suddenly his butt muscles clamped down on my penis like a vice.  I stopped moving, because I was afraid the added pressure would pull the condom off, and then a string of his pearly semen came spurting out of Gary's penis.  It didn't travel nearly as far as had happened with Nolan, but he'd definitely cum, so I hoped he was satisfied now. 

As his muscles began to relax and loosened their death grip on my manhood, I started thrusting in and out of him again, seeking my own relief.  Gary was now lost in a post orgasmic fog, but there was a noticeable grin on his face.  After a couple more minutes I was on the brink of my orgasm, and when I finished filling the condom with my semen, Gary was beginning to come to again.  As he looked up at me, his grin broadened. 

"That was fuckin' great and I finally did it.  It was wonderful, and I'm really glad you were able to do that for me." 

"I'm glad I was too, and I'm thrilled you approve.  Do you want to fuck me now?" 

"Nah, I'm happy with what we just did.  Man, I can't believe you finally made me cum while you were fuckin' me.  I want to do it this same way from now on." 

"That's fine with me." 

As I looked around, the other pairs had finished up what they were doing as well, so I collapsed on the bed next to Gary.  I hadn't laid there for very long before I felt several lips on my face and other parts of my body.  When I opened my eyes, all of the boys were gathered around me. 

"Ok, what's going on?  What are you boys up to?"

"Nothin," Will answered. 

"We just thought we'd show you how much we like you," Tucker added. 

"And that we appreciate everything you do for us," Nolan followed. 

"And that you make us feel really good," Gary chipped in. 

"We've all been a lot happier since we started doin' this stuff with you," Jon offered. 

"Well, I definitely feel the same way about you boys.  I've never been as happy as I've been since you've joined the drama club and started coming over here to see me." 

"And we're never gonna stop doin' this with you!" Gary stated.  "Well, at least not until we go to college."

"Yeah, we agree!" the others chimed in. 

"I'm not going to argue with you," I replied.  "I enjoy you boys far too much to ever let you go." 

Suddenly, I was covered in another round of kisses, but this time I pulled each one to me so I could kiss him properly.  I truly loved these boys, and it wasn't just because of the sex either.  As I said before, that was just the icing on the cake.  There was a lot more to our relationship than just getting off. 

We finally decided to clean up and get dressed, and then we went out to the living room and talked some more, but this time it was all about 'Oliver!'  We all knew that Jon and Braedon were going to be involved, but the other boys wanted to know if there was a part I'd suggest for them. 

"Unless you've got a good singing voice, there aren't a lot of other parts that have lines to say.  We'll need about a dozen boys for Fagin's gang, but only one of them speaks, and that's Charlie Bates.  We can also use another group for the workhouse orphans, so more of you can be involved, but other than that there's only a few other non-singing male roles that have something to say.  There's Noah Claypole who works for the undertaker, and Oliver's grandfather - Mr. Brownlow, and Mr. Browlow's friend - Dr. Grimwig, and then there's the magistrate and the policeman." 

"I want to be part of this too, but I guess I don't need a speakin' role," Will stated. 

"Yeah, we want to be in it too, and I wouldn't mind being Charley Bates," Gary added.  "Is he related to Norman?"  Nolan laughed, but the other boys looked lost. 

"Norman Bates is the guy from the Bates Motel and Psycho," I clarified, but they still looked confused.  "He's a serial killer in the movies and on TV."  Suddenly they caught on.  "And no, Gary.  They're not related.  They're only a century and an ocean apart." 

"I was just wondering." 

"I guess I wouldn't mind bein' that Noah Claypool," Nolan followed.  "What exactly does he do?" 

"It's Clay-POLE," I corrected, "and he's the undertakers assistant.  When Oliver is sold to the undertaker, Noah is not very nice to him.  One day after Noah says something rotten about Oliver's mother, Oliver attacks Noah and they get into a fight.  After Mrs. Sowerberry and Charlotte pull Oliver off of Noah, they end up stuffing Oliver in a coffin and then they sit on the lid so he can't get out." 

"That sounds like fun, so I want to try out for that," Nolan agreed. 

"I could be one of Fagin's boys or the policeman," Will stated. 

"I'll just be one of those boys too," Tucker offered, meaning part of Fagin's gang. 

"I suppose we could probably do that, but I'll have to check with Ms. Atkins, since this is her baby." 

"Ok," they all agreed. 

We had just decided to end our discussion, because the boys said they'd better start heading home, when Tucker suddenly blurted out something else!  "Damn, me and Jon forgot to have you use the big dildo on us." 

"Shit, that's right," Jon agreed. 

"Sorry.  We'll have to do it next time now.  I'll try to remember, just in case you two forget again." 

"Alright, but I'm tired of waitin'," Tucker responded. 

"Me too," Jon concurred.   

After I walked the boys to the door, I watched as they scooted across the parking lot.  Once they'd all disappeared from sight, I went inside, closed the door, and started thinking about the musical and the things the boys had just told me.  I quickly jotted it all down so I wouldn't forget anything, and then I began thinking about what I was going to do for dinner.  Since I'd concluded it was too late to fix something, and I didn't really feel up to it anyway, I hopped in the car and drove to the diner. 

When I got back to the apartment later, I packed my gym bag so I'd be ready for the morning, and doing that got me thinking about the three boys I'd be with there.  Life certainly is interesting and full of surprises.  When I first took this teaching job, I never imagined I'd be swimming with three boys on Saturday, and then eight others on Sunday (counting Rory and Nigel), and I'd be seeing them all naked too.  Not only that, but I would also be having sex with the group that left here earlier.  I'd never really pictured myself doing these things with boys this young, but when you find a pot of gold, you don't waste time looking around for the leprechaun so you can give it back.

I slept really well that night, but my dreams were much different this time.  Instead of being aroused by visions of messing around with the boys, or even seeing them naked, we were just sitting around, talking, and getting to know each other better.  We had deep conversations that were filled with our feelings, not with jokes or talk of sex.  I guess what the boys had said before leaving yesterday afternoon had left an impression in my brain that sent my subconscious in this direction.  It was truly a remarkable and very touching experience as I slumbered. 

When I awoke, I almost felt guilty about the way I'd previously been thinking about the boys and always wanting to see them naked.  At least I knew it wasn't totally about that now, or the other things I did with them.  However, I didn't feel guilty enough to pass up the chance to continue doing those things with them, seeing I wasn't forcing anyone to do something he didn't want to do. 

When I got to the Y, Devin, Hunter, and Gabe were waiting for me, still dressed in their street clothes.  I was unable to figure out why they hadn't changed before I got there, unless it was because they were afraid I wasn't going to show. 

"We all liked the play last week," Hunter told me as I approached them.  "Your drama club did a really good job." 

"Yeah, they did," Gabe agreed. 

"The play was good, but swimming last week wasn't as much fun without you," Devin added.  "I'm really glad you're here now." 

"So you like me cracking the whip on your bare butts," I joked, startling the boys momentarily before they began to giggle. 

As we were undressing, I heard Devin call my name, so I turned in his direction.  "Mr. Roberson, have you got your whip?" he asked, as all three wiggled their bare butts at me. 

I couldn't let that pass, so I moved quickly and swatted a bare cheek on each boy with my hand, causing them to yelp.  "That should teach each of you not to be a smart ass." 

"I'm not a smart ass, but now I got a sore ass," Gabe replied as he rubbed his backside. 

"Ok, let's finish changing so we can go work out." 

I chuckled to myself as I watched them putting on their swimsuits, because each boy had an area on one of his butt cheeks that was starting to turn red.  I didn't think I'd swatted them that hard, but obviously I'd used more force than I'd intended. 

I also worked the boys harder in the pool this time too, at least harder than the other times I'd done this with them, because I was trying to make up for missing the previous Saturday.  Not only did we swim four sets this time, but I swam the last two laps of the first set, and the first two laps of the last set faster than usual too.  I also went all out when I swam sets two and three, so the boys were all sucking wind when we finished, but they'd done their best to keep up with me again.  None of them were able to say anything right away, and no one spoke until we were in the locker room and had been sitting on the bench for several minutes. 

"Damn, you never worked us that hard before," Devin finally gasped.  "Were you mad about what we did or something?" 

"Yeah, I thought you were tryin' to kill us," Hunter added. 

"I wasn't mad, and I wasn't trying to kill you.  I was just making up for missing my workout last week because of the play." 

"But we didn't miss last week, cuz we worked out on our own," Gabe stated, finally able to speak.  "So why did we have to suffer?"

"I didn't mean for you to suffer, and you could have stopped at any time or just fell behind.  You didn't have to try keeping up with me." 

"You should have told us that before we started then," Devin countered as he made a face. 

"Sorry.  I probably should have, and I most likely would have if you hadn't distracted me by wiggling your butts." 

"I guess we paid for that twice then," Hunter joked, and then he started rubbing his rear end again. 

By this time we were ready to head to the shower, so I led the boys as we made our way there.  Hunter stood across from me again and started asking me questions about whether there would be any more plays.  He also wanted to know if I'd come to watch some of their lacrosse games, and I figured he was doing whatever he could to keep my eyes focused on him.  I was also slightly worried that his boy parts might shrivel up or fall off, because he kept scrubbing them as he spoke.  Of course, this helped to keep at least part of my attention focused on his groin, so was this intentional, or just something he did to keep busy while chatting with me?

When we finished up in there, we dried off, and got dressed again.  I eventually said goodbye to the boys as I prepared to take off, and they each said something in return about seeing me next Saturday, although they hoped I wouldn't work them quite as hard again. 

Since the other boys had been to see me the day before, there wasn't anything left for me to look forward to until the following day.  I thought about going to see a movie or doing something else, but I ended up doing more laundry, working on my lesson plans, and tidying up the apartment.  

It was around 3:30 when my phone rang, but I couldn't imagine who would be calling.  I answered it and was stunned when I realized who was on the other end. 

"Mr. Roberson, it's me, Gary.  Are you still gonna look for someplace else to live?" 

"Yes, I am, but why are you calling?" 

"I just heard my dad talkin' bout somthin' that might be perfect for you.  Can I come over so I can tell you about it and show you where it is?" 

"Gary, I've still got a couple of months before I'll be able to move, so we don't need to rush things.  You can tell me about it the next time I see you, and then I'll decide if I want to go see it.  Ok?" 

"But I can't tell you tomorrow, cuz Braedon will be there.  He doesn't realize that we know where you live or that we visit you." 

"Like I said, there's still plenty of time and there will be other chances when you can tell me about it." 

"Yeah, I suppose, but don't forget to ask me what I was talkin' bout, in case I forget.  I really think this place would be perfect." 

"Ok, we'll talk about it later.  Thanks for calling and I'll see you tomorrow." 

"Yeah, ok.  Bye." 

I loved the fact that he was thinking about this, but it was probably due to his eagerness to be able to come over more often.  However, I wouldn't be able to move until May, so I was out of here by June 1st,, which meant there would be plenty of time to find a place.  Although I appreciated his enthusiasm, even if I did what he wanted it wouldn't mean I'd be able to move any sooner.  I was curious, though, about what he might have in mind.  Being a kid, I wasn't sure if he'd make the best choices where this was concerned, but I was willing to listen to what he had to say.  I might even be willing to check it out at some point, if it sounded interesting. 

For the next hour I kept wondering what type of place Gary might be thinking about.  I still had plenty of time to check it out, but now I couldn't get what he said out of my mind.  Why would he call me, unless he considered it to be the answer to my situation?  Then again, he might be willing to grasp at any straw if he thought it meant he could come over and get off more often.    

I eventually pushed it from my mind and turned my attention to getting ready to meet up with the boys the next day at the Y.  Since my swimsuit was still drying, I couldn't pack it in the gym bag yet, so I spent the time trying to think of something else we might be able to do in the pool to change things up a bit.  The Y doesn't typically allow playthings in the pool, but I was thinking about stopping somewhere to buy an inflatable beach ball and then asking the lifeguard if he'd mind if we used it.  After thinking about this for a few minutes, the idea suddenly crashed and burned on its own when I realized it would be difficult to find an inflatable beach ball for sale anywhere, seeing it early March.  However, it was something I might consider later, especially if we located an outdoor pool to use instead.  

In the end, I didn't come up with anything else we could do, but the boys seemed happy enough with what we'd been doing.  When I went to bed later, I was already looking forward to seeing the boys the following afternoon. 

I woke up refreshed and rearing to go in the morning, and I even took time to fix a better than average breakfast, since I seemed to have extra energy to burn today.  I put it to good use by fixing French Toast, which I rarely ever did, and scrambled eggs.  I didn't worry about the large meal slowing me down, though, because I'd only be playing games with the boys, not swimming laps. 

I got to the Y ahead of the boys again, and when they showed up Braedon was the first one to rush up to me.  "Mr. Roberson, did you know that Ms. Atkins asked me to audition to be Oliver?" 

"Yes, Jon mentioned that she'd asked the two of you."  Braedon suddenly wheeled around and scowled at Jon before he turned back to me.  "When did he do that?" 

"I ran into him in the hallway at school at the end of the day on Friday." 

"Oh," he said, looking very disappointed, just as Rory and Nigel walked in to join us.    

"I think it's great that she asked you to do it, though, and I'll be there when you audition tomorrow," I said as we all began to take off our clothes.

"You will?" 

"Yes, Ms. Atkins asked me to be there when she auditioned people for the various singing roles." 

"Good.  That makes me feel better." 

As soon as he was naked, Braedon asked me another question.  "Mr. Roberson, do you think I'd make a good Oliver?" 

Once I was looking at him, he wiggled his naked body and caused his penis to sway back and forth.  I thought Rory or Nigel might say something about what he was doing, but they just shook their heads and chuckled.

"Yes, I think either of you would do well in that part, but I didn't know you boys could sing so well." 

"I guess we do, or Ms. Atkins wouldn't have asked us to do it." 

"I agree, so I'm looking forward to hearing you sing.  By the way, do either of you know any of the songs from the musical already?" 

"I don't," Braedon answered. 

"Me either," Jon concurred. 

"Then I guess you'll both be learning them together.  There's one song that Oliver sings by himself, and another that others start and then he has a solo, and there are a couple more songs he sings as part of a group." 

"Yeah, Ms. Atkins said we'd be doin' a lot of singing, and it has a big speaking part too." 

"Absolutely, since Oliver is the main character and this story is all about him."  Both Braedon and Jon nodded their heads, smiled, and blushed.

Everyone had their swimsuits on by now, so we headed out to the pool.  There were a handful of other people there already, mostly guys older than me, so we weren't able to play tag.  We merely got in the water and stayed on one side of the pool chatting and horsing around until the last of the other guys left, and then we played tag for a while before calling it a day. 

"I hope they're not gonna be here every Sunday from now on," Rory offered when we got to the locker room.  "It wasn't as much fun with them there too."

"I agree, and I guess we'll see." 

The boys continued talking about the situation as we removed our swimsuits and went to shower.  They were so busy chatting with each other that they didn't notice I was busy checking each of them out, even though I'd seen each one many times before and had even handled some of the goods.  Hey, what can I say?  I just can't get my fill of visually examining them, no matter how many times I do it. 

"I'll see you on Monday, Mr. Roberson," Braedon said as he was getting ready to take off.  "I'll see you in class and then again when I go to sing for Ms. Atkins." 

"Yes, I'll be there both times."

I walked all of the boys out to the lobby, but then I left them there to wait for their rides as I went out to my car.  I was just about to start the engine when Nolan's mother drove in, so I waited and hoped she wouldn't notice me.  Once she had loaded the boys inside and driven off, I waited another couple of minutes before taking off. 

When I got back to the apartment, I saw Jennifer standing in front of her window looking out, and we waved at each other before I went inside.  At least with the boys being in 'Oliver!', it would continue giving them an excuse for coming over to see me.  Of course, that was in addition to our other cover story that I was tutoring them too. 

I took it fairly easy for the rest of the day, while finishing up some odd jobs I'd been working on and watching a couple of shows on TV that evening.  I also put my things together so I wouldn't forget to take them with me when I left for school in the morning, and then I got ready for bed.  Tomorrow would be the start of the auditions for the singing roles, and they would continue throughout the week.  It was just that tomorrow would be the most important audition, both if you considered the role and who was trying out for it. 

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