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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 32 - A New Beginning

I was excited as I drove back to the apartment, because I might have found a way of getting out of this place and away from prying eyes (and ears).  Hopefully, this should take care of any problems I was anticipating and I'd be able to convince some of the people I work with to help me move.  After a week of having a queasy stomach and my nerves on edge, I might finally be able to relax and put this situation behind me. 

I already began to look forward to seeing the boys the next day, so I could tell them the good news.  There would be a lot of work to do, but if it meant I would gain some privacy so I could be with the boys, it would be well worth it. 

After having some restless nights with little sleep, I slept peacefully on Saturday night and awoke refreshed the next morning.  I even went out for brunch to celebrate my good fortune, and I took my gym bag with me so I wouldn't have to go back to the apartment first.  I wouldn't tell the boys about this just yet, and I'd wait until they came over after we finished swimming, but I was certain they'd be as excited about this as I was. 

I got to the Y pretty early and sat on the bench waiting for the boys to show up.  They arrived several minutes later, and we were still exchanging hellos when Rory and Nigel showed up.  They didn't look happy, and I had no idea why, but I figured we'd probably find out the reason for their melancholy before long, and I was right. 

"Our mom doesn't want to keep bringing us here each week," Nigel explained in a weak, halting voice. 

"Yeah, she says it takes up too much of her time and uses too much gas, because it's not that close to where we live now," Rory added. 

The boys told them they were sorry to hear this and asked if there might be another solution.  "Not unless you want to come to a place that's closer to where we live, but then your parents would probably feel the same way." 

"Yeah, my mom probably would, since she drives us all here," Nolan concurred.  "We've enjoyed spending time with you again and we'll miss you if you can't come here any more.  Maybe we can figure out something else later." 

"Thanks, and I hope we can do that," Nigel responded.  "We're gonna miss you guys too.  This has been fun and we even liked havin' your teacher do this with us too." 

"I'm gonna keep trying to change Mom's mind, but she can be pretty stubborn about stuff like this," Rory added. 

We changed and went out to spend time in the pool with each other, but it wasn't as much fun as usual, which was due to the boys being so morose and somber since none of us were sure if we'd see the twins again.  We played tag, but the boys only seemed to be going through the motions, primarily the twins and the boys who were closest to them.  Braedon, Tucker, and Jon seemed to show a little more life than the others, but they tried to keep from appearing to be having too much fun, since they knew the others were slightly bummed out. 

We stopped earlier than normal too, since most of the boys didn't seem to be having much fun, and the boys were trying to figure out if there was something else they could do to help Nigel and Rory as they showered.  They tossed around several ideas, but couldn't agree on anything, and after we got dressed again, we said goodbye to the twins, not knowing if we'd see them again. 

I wanted to say something to the others before I left, but since Braedon wouldn't be coming to my place with the rest of the group, I decided to wait.  I'd tell them the good news when they showed up later, hoping that might perk them up again. 

When I got to the apartment, I brought out the things we would need and took them to the living room, because we'd do everything there this time.  However, I placed the items where no one else would see them, in case someone else showed up, and I also had my laptop ready to play the recordings of Oliver.  I chose to do it in the living room this time, because I didn't want the neighbors to realize the music was being played in the bedroom while the boys were here. 

They showed up about forty-five minutes later, and most of them were still dragging as they came inside.  I felt I would tell them the good news immediately, hoping it would perk them up.  

"Guys, come in here and sit down.  I have something I want to tell you."  They did as I asked, but they were all looking at me oddly.  I waited until they were all comfortable before I began.  "Gary took me to see a house last weekend, and I called the owner yesterday and went to check it out.  I'm just waiting to hear from his lawyer, who is drawing up a contract, but it looks like I'll be moving there." 

"Really?  When?  And where is it?"  they pretty much blurted out in unison. 

"That depends on when I sign the agreement, but he's agreed to give me immediate access as soon as I do.  The place will need to be cleaned first, since it hasn't been lived in for a while, but I might be able to move in as early as May." 

They all began to cheer, and suddenly the long faces they'd arrived with were now being replaced with smiles.  When they began to quiet down again, Gary looked at me and spoke. 

"We're on spring break, in a couple of weeks, so what if we help you clean up the place.  Could you move in sooner if we do that?"  The other boys were all agreeing that they'd help me clean the house too.

"It's possible, but I'll need to ask some of the people I work with if they'll help me move first." 

"We can help you do that too."  The boys were all agreeing about doing that as well.  "We're all pretty strong, and you don't have very much to move anyway, so we can help you do it." 

"You're right, I don't have very much, and I'd really appreciate if you guys would be willing to help."  They all agreed they'd be happy too, so I was a step closer to pulling this off. 

Since the other boys wanted to know where the house was, Gary told them all about it.  They said that wouldn't be any farther for them to travel to get to see me, but it was in the opposite direction from their house than where I lived now.  They even said they were going to go over there next weekend to check it out, and I told them I thought it would be alright, but I would like them to tell me in advance before they did it.  They said they would, so I'd soon be getting their reaction to what they thought about the place too. 

"If we help you clean up the place, do you think we might be able to do other stuff too?" Will asked. 

"I suppose we could do that, as my way of thanking you for your help, and I'll make sure to take all that stuff with me so we'll have it to use." 

"And does this mean we'll be able to come over on Saturday and Sunday again," Jon followed. 

"I suppose we could do that too, seeing its so isolated." 

"How about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then," Nolan asked next. 

"Are you trying to kill me?" I joked, but Tucker took me seriously. 

"No, we just want to be with you as much as we can," he responded. 

"I know.  That was a joke, and I might be able to let you come over on Friday after school too."  That led to another round of cheers. 

"The noise level just reminded me of something else.  After I got back from checking on this place with Gary last Sunday, I ran into Jennifer when I got back.  She wanted to know if one of you boys had been ill the day before, because she heard some moaning coming from the apartment." 

"That was Gary and Will," Jon stated as he gave each one a dirty look. 

"What did you tell her?" Nolan wondered. 

"I told her I was role playing with you boys.  I said she might have heard some crying first, because I asked you to show me how you would feel if your parents died, without using words.  Then, I said I asked you to show how you'd feel if you were never given enough to eat and were only given gruel, so that's why you boys were moaning." 

"Good thinking, but what's gruel?" Will asked.  "They used that word in the movie too." 

"Gruel is kind of cereal, sort of like a plain oatmeal." 

"You mean without brown sugar or syrup?" Jon asked.


"That would be awful," Jon responded. 

"But that's basically what the orphans got in Oliver!" 

"I wouldn't want to be an orphan then," Tucker confirmed. 

"Ok, I think we're getting off track now.  The point I was trying to make is that if we do anything else while I'm still in this apartment, then you'll have to be a lot quieter than you have been." 

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Gary replied. 

"I am too," Will agreed. 

"And we'll all be quieter from now on," the others agreed. 

"Are we gonna do somethin' now, cuz it's my turn to be with you?" Tucker wondered, and his expression told me he was afraid I was going to say 'no' because of what I just talked about.  "This will be my first time with you and I don't want to miss out." 

"I know, and we'll do it, but we'll do it in here this time.  I'm going to play the sound track of 'Oliver!' at the same time, to help drown out any other noises."

"Good idea," they agreed. 

I cued up the recording while the boys were getting undressed, and I carried in some towels when I got the condoms and lube out so we could get started.  "Just put the towels under you, in case there are more accidents," I urged. 

After I'd undressed too, I had Tucker get on the sofa, with his butt at the edge of the cushion, and I got on my knees on the floor.  After I rimmed him first, I lubed him up and stretch him out, and then I asked if he was ready. 

"Yeah, I've been ready to do this for weeks," he answered. 

Seeing it didn't appear that he was going to back out, I inched my way forward and began to push my way into his bowels.  "Uhhh, uhhh," he grunted as my penis penetrated his sphincter. 

"Do you want me to stop?" 

"NO!  I'm gonna do this." 

I continued sliding farther into him, but this time I heard him sigh.  Once my thighs were touching his butt cheeks, I waited briefly before I began my thrusting motions.  "This is a lot better than the dildo.  Your dick doesn't feel as hard, and it's warm too." 

"Oh, it's pretty warm inside you too," I agreed. 

I continued to slide in and out of Tucker for the next fifteen or twenty minutes before I had my orgasm and filled the condom with my fluids.  As I withdrew from him, Tucker looked at me, smiled, and spoke.   

"I liked you doin' this to me, and it felt better than when the other guys fuck me, but I was hoping you'd make me cum." 

"You're ejaculate is still pretty clear, so it's possible your not quite mature enough for that to happen yet." 

"Oh," was all he responded. 

"Do you want to fuck me now?" 

"Yeah, cuz I didn't cum." 

I helped him get ready and then he took his turn.  I could tell he was happy that I'd finally fucked him, and I was still concentrating on Tucker when Jon turned to me and spoke.  "Next time you're doing it to me." 

"Yes, I am." 

Once we were done, we cleaned up, got dressed, and then the boys wanted to talk more about the new place.  They seemed to be just as excited about it as I was, probably because they were hoping it meant they could spend more time with me.  I also took time to explain what the place looked like, and even though it would be considered small for a house, there would be twice as much room as in my apartment. 

When the boys left they were all in a good mood, and each one said he'd see me at his next rehearsal.  This week we were doing all of Act One on Monday and Tuesday, and then we were doing all of Act Two on Wednesday and Thursday.  I was interested in seeing how all of this was coming together. 

Monday's rehearsal went quite well, and I was expecting Tuesday's to go the same way.  I always turned my phone off when I was at school, and when I turned it on to check my messages before I went to lunch on Tuesday, I discovered I had a message from a number I didn't know.  After listening to it, I discovered it was from the owner's lawyer and he wanted me to call him back.  I immediately dialed the number he'd left to see what he wanted. 

"Mr. Roberson, my name is Peter Morgan and my client asked me to draw up a contract so you'd be able to 'lease to own' one of his properties.  If you will give me your email address, I'll send you a copy of the contract to look over, and we can also schedule a time for you to come to the office to sign it later in the week." 

"I have a pretty busy schedule, because I'm currently involved in a number of things, but I could come in during my lunch hour on Friday or early Saturday morning to sign it." 

We quickly agreed on lunch time on Friday.  "Just call me if you find anything in the contract that you have a problem with." 

"I will, and thank you." 

I was on cloud-nine for the rest of the day, because I might have the keys to the house by Friday.  That meant I'd have the weekend and the entire next week to get it ready so I could move in.  Depending on how much help the boys were, I might even be able to move in before I returned to school after the break.  I was almost unable to contain my excitement. 

Rehearsal went really well that afternoon, and Gina noticed the changed in my demeanor.  "Marshall, what's up with you today?  You seem to be a bit distracted, although in a good way." 

"I got a call today that my offer has been accepted on a new place.  It looks like I'm going to be moving?" 

"Are you buying a house?" 

"Sort of.  It's a rent to own contract, because I didn't have a down payment, but I'm still excited." 

"Congratulations.  Now I understand why you're acting differently today." 

"I hope I wasn't affecting the rehearsal." 

"You were hitting your cues and delivering your lines, but you seemed to be oblivious to everything else going on around you.  It wasn't a problem and didn't affect anything while you were playing Fagin, it's just that you seemed to be in another world when you weren't doing that, seeing he wasn't in every scene." 

"Yes, I suppose I was, but it's just for today." 

"Don't worry about it, and I understand." 

The boys who were at Tuesday's rehearsal noticed it to, and they even heard a little of my conversation with Gina.  That got them excited too, so they asked me about it after we finished rehearsing. 

"So you got the house?" Nolan wanted to know. 

"I'll sign the contract on Friday." 

"Then we'll meet you there on Saturday so we can see it.  We'll also help you clean up and then we can do other stuff there.  We'll come over on Sunday too, and all of next week, cuz we don't have school."

"I appreciate that, and the timing couldn't be better.  It means I'll definitely be out of my apartment by the end of the month.  I'll still have to pay the rent on the apartment for May, but the owner of the house agreed not to charge me anything until June, so this will work out great."

"We'll tell the other guys too, so they'll know we'll all be busy helpin' you." 

"Ok, that sounds good.  I've got to get going now, because I have things to do to get ready."  

After I left the rehearsal, I drove over to the hardware store to buy supplies.  I bought three buckets, a couple packages of sponges, household cleaners, furniture polish, and several Swiffer products so I could sweep, mop, and dust the house.  I stored those items in the trunk of my car for when I'd need them, and then I went back to the apartment to dig up some other items I'd need.  I pulled out some old undershirts and cut up a couple of old towels into usable sizes as cleaning rags, and then I took those out to the car and placed them in one of the buckets as well.  I felt I now had everything I'd need to get started with the cleanup. 

On Wednesday during my lunch period, I took time to make a couple of calls.  The first was to have someone come over to the house to spray for bugs, since it had been closed up for so long.  They agreed to meet me after rehearsal on Thursday, which worked out fine.  I also called to have the utilities put into my name and connected, so we would be able to work late cleaning the place, and we'd have water to clean with.  I was told everything would be connected either on Friday or early Saturday morning, so this was going to work out perfectly. 

Wednesday and Thursday's practices went well too, and some of the boys wanted to know if they could meet me at the house on Friday after school so we could get started.  However, Braedon and Tucker were supposed to come to my apartment then, so I told them I had other things to do and I'd see them at the house Saturday afternoon, after I finished my workout at the Y.  They weren't exactly happy about having to wait, but since they'd be helping me Saturday and Sunday afternoon, as well as all of the following week, they began to settle down. 

After rehearsal on Thursday, I raced over to the house to meet the person taking care of spraying for bugs.  I'd arranged to do this when no one else would be at the house for several hours, so we wouldn't be breathing in the fumes.  When he showed up, I gave him a quick tour of the house and explained the situation, and then I walked around outside while he was doing the work.  When he finished, I signed the work order and thanked him. 

By the time I got to the apartment that evening, I was excited and hardly able to contain my joy.  I had looked over the contract the lawyer had sent me, and it contained everything the owner and I had agreed on.  This included the rental amount, the percentage of rent going toward the down payment, splitting repair costs, no rent until June, the purchase price, and that I had ten years to seek funding.  It was perfect, and I'd have a nice, secluded location to meet with the boys.  What more could I ask for? 

I was antsy throughout my morning classes on Friday, because I was looking forward to going to the lawyer's office to sign the contract and pick up the keys.  Once I did that, I was so giddy that I found it nearly impossible to teach my afternoon classes, but somehow I made it through the day.  I was still floating on air as I drove to the apartment so I'd be there before Tucker and Braedon showed up. 

I left the door ajar for them, so they came in and raced over to me.  "We can't wait to do this again," Braedon stated while hopping around with excitement.  "I didn't think I'd ever be able to do anything like this and I want to thank you for makin' it happen." 

"You're welcome, and I'm glad to help out." 

Both boys quickly got undressed, and I rimmed and used both dildos on each of them.  I didn't suck them off this time, because I had another idea I thought they might like better.  As soon as I finished using the dildos on them, I looked at them and spoke. 

"Seeing you boys aren't having any problems with the dildos, I thought maybe you'd like to fuck each other this time, instead of having me suck you off." 

"Really?  We can do that?" Braedon asked while looking at me in awe.

"Sure.  I don't see why not, unless you don't want to do it." 

"We do, don't we Tucker!" Braedon quickly responded as he looked over at his buddy.

"Yeah, I'd like to try that too."  Tucker was doing a good job keeping Braedon from discovering that he'd been doing that with the rest of us for quite some time now. 

Since they had both agreed, I started the recording of Oliver again and asked who was going first.  They debated about it for a minute before agreeing that Tucker would fuck Braedon first.  I got out the small condoms and explained how to put one on, although Tucker was an old pro at doing it by now, and then I had Braedon get on all fours so Tucker could enter him.  Since he'd already done so well taking both dildos, I felt this should be a breeze for Braedon, since the blue dildo was considerably larger than Tucker's penis. 

I watched as Tucker eased into Braedon and then began thrusting back and forth.  Braedon looked over at me and smiled as this was happening.  "I like it," he admitted as Tucker pounded his backside. 

They continued for a couple of minutes before Tucker blew his load into the condom, and then it took a few more seconds before he withdrew from Braedon's backside.  As soon as that happened, Braedon wheeled around to face Tucker. 

"How was it?" he asked.

"Great!  A lot better than jerkin' off."

"Can I do it to you now?" 

"Yeah, sure.  You just let me do it to you, so why wouldn't I let you do it to me?"

"I don't know.  I was just askin'." 

The boys switched and I watched as Braedon slipped on the condom, and I gave him a few pointers along the way.  I also guided him verbally as he inserted his penis into Tucker, but then his instincts took control once he was all the way in. 

"Damn, it's warm in there," he gasped, referring to having his penis in Tucker's bowels. 

"Yes, it certainly is," I agreed. 

It didn't take Braedon quite as long as it had taken Tucker before he busted a nut and filled the condom, and then he collapsed on Tucker's back, as he enjoyed the results of his first fuck.  He never actually withdrew from Tucker either, and his penis merely deflated and slipped out of Tucker's rectum.  Once he recovered, Braedon turned to Tucker and spoke to him first, before turning to me. 

"Tucker, thanks for letting me do that, and you were right.  It was a whole lot better than jerkin' off."  And then he looked over at me. 

"Thanks for showin' us all this stuff and lettin' us do it here.  I was wonderin' if I'd ever get to do any of this and was afraid it would never happen.  I knew I couldn't invite anyone to my house to do it with them there, cuz of my parents.  I didn't think I could let anyone else know about me either, cuz I didn't want my dad to find out, so how would anyone know to invite me to his house to do this either?" 

"I know you were in a difficult situation, so I'm glad Tucker and I were able to help you out.  I just hope your father never finds out about this, because it could get me in a whole bunch of trouble, and it wouldn't be very good for Tucker either." 

"I know, so I'll make sure he never learns about any of this stuff." 

I let the boys clean up and get dressed after that, and then we sat around and chatted for a while about the musical.  "I can't believe I got picked to be Oliver," Braedon admitted.  "It's a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing it." 

"Are your parents going to come see you when we put it on?" 

"I'm not sure.  My mom might, but I doubt my dad will.  He doesn't like this stuff." 

"That's too bad and it will be his loss, but I think you've been doing a wonderful job so far." 

"Thanks.  That means a lot to me," he replied as he looked into my eyes and grinned. 

"I'm glad, and you mean a lot to me too." 

His grinned broadened, and I made an instantaneous decision.  I reached out and pulled him to me so I could give him a big hug.  He didn't resist or hesitate, as he did the same to me.  "My dad's never done this to me before," he whispered in my ear.  "Thank you again."

I held onto him a little longer, seeing I now realized how much it meant to him, and then as he was pulling away, I kissed him on the forehead.  "You're a very special kid and I'm glad I can do these things for you." 

I then gave Tucker a hug too, and then they both got ready to leave.  "Bye, Mr. Roberson.  I'll see you Sunday at the Y," Braedon stated.

"Ok, I'll see you then," I concurred as I watched him leave with Tucker and head across the parking lot.

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