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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 35 - An Unexpected Guest. 

I hadn't gotten over my shock yet when Hunter started speaking again.  "I'm not gay, but I wouldn't mind havin' you suck my cock, cuz Braedon seemed to like it when you did it to him." 

My head was totally spinning after I heard him say this.  "Hunter, why don't you come inside.  I think we need to talk."

He followed me to the living room and we sat down on the sectional.  "Do you want me to take my clothes off so you can suck my cock now?" 

I couldn't tell him that I didn't dare do it, since he'd already seen me doing it to Braedon, but I thought I'd clear the air first.  "Hunter, I hope you realize you can never tell anybody about what you saw or what I might agree to do with you." 

"Yeah, I know.  I'm not stupid." 

"I never thought you were, but I could go to prison and never be able to teach again if anyone found out." 

"I know, and I don't want that to happen to you.  I like you a lot and want you to be one of my teachers next year." 

"That's good and I'll do my best to get you in one of my classes, if it's at all possible.  I have a question for you, though.  If you're not gay, then why do you want me to do this to you?" 

"Cuz it will feel good and I like gettin' off.  I like you too, and you've already seen me naked a bunch of times, and well, I don't know, but I just want to do stuff with you." 

"What kind of stuff?" 

"Any stuff.  I just like you a lot, and now that I know you live here, maybe I can come see you once in a while.  I just live on the other side of the river, and I can use the Elm Street Bridge to get here, so maybe I can even spend the night sometime.  I'll just tell my mom I'm stayin' with a friend."

"So you want to sleep here with me too?" 

"Yeah, I just want to spend as much time as I can with you." 

"Do you have a bike?" 

"Nah, just my skateboard, but I can get here usin' that." 

"Damn, this is confusing." 

"Don't you like me enough to do that stuff with me too?  I saw you do it with Braedon, and I bet you did it with Tucker too, seeing he was here at the time." 

"It's not that I don't like you, because I do.  I like you a lot, but you're not gay." 

"Doesn't matter.  I'd let you do that stuff to me too, or anything else you want to do.  I'd do anything for you, Mr. Roberson."  His comment reminded me of a song from a scene in 'Oliver!' that he was part of - 'I'd Do Anything'. 

"Are you sure about this?" 

"Yeah, really sure."

As I thought about what he'd just said, my heart melted.  He just told me he was willing to do whatever I wanted just so he could spend time with me.  How could I say 'no' to him now?

"If you want me to suck you off, then I will." 

Hunter immediately began ripping his clothes off.  Well, not actually ripping them, but they were coming off almost as quickly as if he was tearing them from his body.  Once he was naked, he looked at me and blushed. 

"You can kiss me too, cuz I saw you doin' that with Braedon too.  I just didn't say anything before, cuz I wasn't sure if you'd do this with me."

"You're saying you're not gay, but you want me to kiss you too?" 

"Yeah, but you're the only guy I want to do that with.  I don't know why, but I've kinda thought about doin' that with you before.  I even dreamed about it one time and cummed in my underwear while I was sleepin'." 

Whoa.  I couldn't believe he'd just told me that.  It was not only very personal, but it was also an extremely intimate detail to share with me.  "Uh, maybe you're bi then." 


"I said maybe you're bi.  That's short for bisexual.  It's a person who doesn't mind doin' things with either sex." 

"Nah, cuz you're the only guy I'd ever do this with.  I really like you a lot, and I'm willin' to do whatever it takes to spend time with you." 

"So you don't really want to do this and you're only saying it because you think it's what I want?" 

"No, I want to do it too, cuz it's doing somethin' with you.  I just don't want to do it with other guys, but I'd be happy to do it with you." 

Man, this was confusing, but he seemed determined and sincere.  I'd take it easy with him and only do what he wanted.  I'd also never try to force him to do anything he was opposed to. 

"Ok, so how do you want to start?" 

"Do everything to me that you did with Braedon, starting with the kissing." 

I did as he requested and discovered he was a very capable kisser.  "I take it you've done this before," I said after we finished our lengthy kiss. 

"Yeah, I've kissed some girls before, and one that was a couple of years older than me taught me to kiss like that." 

"I see.  Did she teach you anything else?" 

"It was a year ago and she jacked me off after we'd kissed, but she wouldn't let me fuck her after she saw I could cum." 

"So is that all you've done so far?" 

"Yeah, pretty much.  Well, maybe I've done a few other things too." 

That told me a little about him, so I worked on his ears next, and then his neck, before moving down to his nipples.  He was sighing and cooing as I did those things to him. 

"I did this to a girl before, but I didn't know I would like having someone do it to me too." 

"Your nipples might not be as sensitive as a girl's nipples, but this can still feel really good." 

"Yeah, I know.  It just did." 

I then worked my way down his chest, stopping briefly to tease his navel.  Then I got between his legs and pulled his hips toward me so I could attack his scrotum.  I licked the entire area first, before taking one testicle and then the other into my mouth and playing with them.  Then, I licked up his shaft, which was already leaking, and when I got to the tip, I lowered my mouth over it and swallowed it down to the base. 

"Oh, gawd.  That feels incredible," he gasped. 

I was hesitant about playing with his hole, so I just started to bob up and down on his penis and listened as his moans, sighs, and gasps grew even louder.  Eventually his body tensed up and he filled my mouth with his boy seed.  From the taste of it, he was a little more mature than either of the other seventh graders I'd been with earlier, and I was pretty sure his semen was milky, not clear.  Once I'd drained him, I let him take as long as he needed to recover, and before long he sat up and hugged my neck. 

"That was the best that anyone's ever made me feel.  Thank you.  I really love you... uh, like you," he corrected. 

"I'm glad I was able to help out." 

"Mr. Roberson, would you drive me home now.  I want to get my stuff for tomorrow and tell my mom that I'm stayin' over with a friend.  Then I want to come back here and spend the night with you." 

"Are you sure about that?" 

"Yeah, very sure, and I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do this again later." 

Damn, what had I just gotten myself into?

After Hunter got dressed, I drove him to his house and he raced inside.  Before long he was coming out carrying his gym bag and sporting a huge grin. 

"Ok, let's go.  I'm all set." 

"Hunter, have you had dinner yet?"

"Ummm, not yet.  Is that a problem?" 

"Not a problem, but how would you like to go with me to the diner and get something to eat?" 

"You don't gotta do that!" he protested, thinking he was causing a problem. 

"I know I don't have to, but I haven't eaten either and I'm not ready to start cooking at the house yet.  It's my treat and I'm happy to do this." 

"Are you sure?" 


I drove to the diner and we went inside.  As we were looking at the menu and deciding on what we were going to order, I could tell he was trying to find the cheapest item that he liked.  I felt I had to nip that in the bud quickly. 

"Hunter, just order what you want.  Nothing on the menu costs very much, so get whatever you want to eat." 

"Really?  Mom always tells me to look for something that doesn't cost very much." 

"I'm sure her budget is tight, but I'm not that bad off.  Just get what you'd like to eat tonight." 

"Ok, thanks." 

I ordered the fish special, because I liked fish and it was a great deal.  Hunter ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and then I talked him into having a milkshake to wash it down, while I had coffee. 

"I've only had McDonald's shakes before," he admitted.

"Then you should enjoy this, and you'll burn it off tomorrow in the pool." 

"Yeah, I will, and thanks.  You're the best." 

We chatted about the musical and school until our food came, and then Hunter was too busy stuffing everything into his mouth to say anything else.  When he finished, I looked at him and asked a question.  "Are you full, or would you like something else?" 

He seemed too embarrassed to answer, so I felt I should prod him.  "It's ok, and you didn't get as much to eat as I did.  I had a large piece of haddock, fries, and coleslaw, and I also had a salad and I get dessert with this too.  It all comes with the meal, so if you want something else, it's ok." 

"Can I have another cheeseburger?" 

"Of course," and I signaled the waitress. 

She smiled when I told her what we wanted, and then she looked over at Hunter and grinned too.  "Growing boys will do that every time," she quipped before walking away to place the order. 

She brought it to the table a couple of minutes later, and I watched in amazement as Hunter gobbled it down.  I also let him have my dessert, a small slice of chocolate cake, since I was full.  After he packed that away too, I asked him one final question. 

"Are you full now?" 

"Yeah, I'm good." 

When the waitress gave me the check, I handed her the money and told her to keep the rest as a tip.  And then Hunter and I headed out to the car. 

I drove back to the house and we went inside.  Hunter was following me everywhere I went.  It was like having a puppy that didn't want to be left alone when you first brought it home. 

"You know, I only have one bed, so you'll either have to sleep with me, or I can fix up the sectional so you can sleep there."

"I'll sleep with you." 

"Do you want to take a shower before going to bed?" 

"Yeah, cuz I spent a bunch of time on my skateboard and got all sweaty earlier." 

"I've got an extra toothbrush I bought as a spare, so you can use that too.  Follow me and I'll show you to the bathroom, and I'll give you the toothbrush and get you a towel to use." 

As soon as he saw the shower stall, he looked at me and smirked.  "We can both fit in there, so let's take a shower together.  If you don't mind, you can wash me too.  I always wondered what it woulda been like if I had a dad to do stuff like that for me." 

"Sure, I don't have a problem doing it either." 

I washed him first, and made sure he was squeaky clean.  I even shampooed his hair and ran my finger around his butt hole.  I only penetrated it slightly as I cleaned that area, and when I did it his head snapped around and he smirked at me again.  I also washed his penis and scrotum and told him he could get out and dry off if he wanted. 

"Can I stay here and wash you too?" 

"If you want, but we can only do this here.  We'll have to wash ourselves at the Y."  He laughed. 

"I know.  I wouldn't dare do this there." 

He washed me too, but I had to squat down so he could shampoo my hair, and then he actually stuck a finger up my rectum when he washed that area.  When I looked at him, he began to laugh, but he didn't say anything, leaving me to wonder about why he'd done it.  He was very gentle, almost reverent, when he washed my penis and scrotum, and once he finished, I turned off the water and we got out to dry. 

"That was fun.  I enjoyed doin' it." 

"You know something, I did too." 

We made our way over to the bedroom, and I was about to dig out a pair of boxer briefs when Hunter offered a suggestion.  "Let's sleep like this, and you can suck me off again before we go to sleep." 

"Do you just want me to suck you off, or do you want me to do everything I did earlier?"

"Do it all again." 

"Ok," I agreed as I pulled back the bedding so we could get in. 

We kissed for a while first, and Hunter was very aggressive with his tongue.  When I began working on his ears and neck he began to moan and squirm, and then as I moved down his chest and got closer to his groin, I could hear him panting in anticipation.  This happened even before I touched his penis, so I knew he was excited.  When I got up so I could move between his legs, he began to squawk.   

"Whatcha doin'?  Why are you stoppin'?"  He obviously thought I was finished and definitely wasn't happy about it. 

"I'm not stopping.  Just wait and see." 

When he saw I was merely getting into position between his legs, he spread them far apart and allowed me to bend down as I began working on his scrotum.  After doing that for a short time, I placed my hands behind his knees and lifted his legs so I could work on his perineum.  I could tell he was skeptical about what I was up to, but once my tongue made contact with the skin just below his scrotum and it started to feel good, he merely laid back and enjoyed.  Now that he was distracted, I lifted his legs higher and attacked his butt hole next.  I thought he was going to complain and I was ready to stop, but when I heard him sigh and moan, I knew he was enjoying this and wouldn't say a word.  I did that for a couple of minutes, and then I lowered his legs and moved to his penis. 

I ran my tongue all over the surface and swirled it around the head, and then I took him into my mouth and began to nod up and down on it, while also adding suction.  It only took a couple of minutes before he unloaded into my mouth, and I continued sucking on him until he was completely drained.  After I released his penis from my lips, I gave him a chance to enjoy.  

"That felt awesome," he stated when he'd recuperated.  "I thought you were lickin' my asshole cuz you were gonna fuck me, and whatcha did felt really good, so I prolly woulda let you do that too." 

"Since you're not gay, I wouldn't have tried anything like that," I assured him. 

"I'm not gay, but I might be that other thing you said.  Ummm, bi?" 

"Bisexual means you're attracted to either sex, but from what you told me earlier, that isn't the case." 

"But I'm attracted to you, and I'd be willin' to do that stuff with you." 

"We'll talk about it later, but let's get some sleep now.  We'll need all of our strength in the morning if you're still planning on working out hard again." 

"K, but can you hold me while we're sleepin'?  I see people doing that on TV and in the movies, but no one's ever done that with me before." 

"Sure, I'd be happy to cuddle with you." 

After I pulled the covers over us, I rolled onto my side facing him, slipped one arm under his neck, and placed the other arm across his chest.  Then, I gave him a little squeeze and kissed him on the cheek.  "Good night and sweet dreams." 

"Oh, I'm sure I'll have lots of those," he sighed before closing his eyes. 

I was still clinging to Hunter when I woke up in the morning, mildly amused.  After thinking about all the boys I'd been messing around with, who'd have thought the one who wanted to sleep with me would have been a straight boy.  Ok, maybe bi, but definitely not gay.  What were the chances?

I tried to slip out of bed to pee in the morning, but he woke up as I was trying to slide my arm out from under his neck.  "Hi," he greeted me with a smile. 

"Good morning.  Did you sleep well?" 

"Yep, it was the best I've ever slept.  I don't think I ever had such a good night before." 

"I'm glad." 

"Mr. Roberson, do you think I could stay with you every Friday from now on, and then I could ride with you to the Y.  I'm not sure my mom will keep takin' me there every week, cuz she thinks she's just doin' it a few times while Devin has practice."

"Hunter, I can't promise you I can do this every week.  There will be times when I'll have other things to do on Friday, so staying with me might not be possible." 

"You mean you'll be doin' somethin' all night long?" 

"No, I'd usually be done by 6:00 or 7:00." 

"Then could I come over at 7:00 and spend the night with you?"

"Wouldn't your mother want to know where you were staying, especially if you were doing it every weekend?"

"Nah, not if she thought it was so she wouldn't have to drive me to the Y."

I thought about what he said briefly.  "I suppose we could try it then." 

"Thanks.  That would be great."  He immediately sat up and gave me a hug. 

"Look, I've got to go to the toilet," I announced, "so we'll talk about this some more when I'm done." 

"I've got to go too, so I'll go with you." 

I hadn't stood on the opposite side of a toilet bowl and urinated into it with someone else since I was a kid.  Hunter kept glancing up at me the entire time.  "Man, this is so great being able to spend the night here and doin' all this stuff with you.  I've dreamed about doin' things like this ever since I was little." 

Obviously, this was part of his 'father fantasy'.  "I'm glad I could help." 

"Mr. Roberson.  Can I come over and visit you more than just on Friday?" 

"Maybe once in a while, but I have other stuff to do as well." 

"You mean like with Tucker and Braedon?" 

"That's one of the things."

"Ok, if I see their bikes outside then I won't bother you." 

"And please don't lurk around outside spying on me either." 

"K, I won't.  I wouldn't have done that before, but I just wanted to see why they came here to see you.  If I hadn't seen what you were doin' with them, then we wouldn't have been doin' this stuff either." 

"That's very true, and I'll forgive you for doing it this one time, but please don't do it again." 

"K, I won't." 

"Did you bring a change of clothes for today?" 

"Yep, everything's in my gym bag." 

"Then let's get dressed and we'll go get some breakfast.  After we eat we'll rest for a bit before heading over to the Y." 

"You're gonna buy me breakfast too?  Doncha have cereal or bread and a toaster here?" 

"I used up most of the food before I moved, and I haven't gone shopping yet to replace everything." 

"Then let's go shoppin' so we can eat here." 

"That will take too long, because it would take time to drive to the store, buy stuff and then come back here, put it all away, and fix something to eat.  Then, after we ate, we'd still have to rest, so let's just do it this way."

He finally gave in, so I took him to the diner again.  I made sure he brought everything with him, including his skateboard, so I could drop him off at his house after we were done.  I figured the other boys would be showing up again this afternoon, and I wasn't ready to explain to Hunter that I was messing around with those boys too.  I also didn't know how it would go over if the boys found out about Hunter as well, so I thought this was for the best. 

When we got to the diner, Hunter opted for the stack of pancakes, while I had scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and toast.  I also ordered him a side order of sausages, along with a small glass of orange juice for both of us, and milk for him and coffee for me. 

"Thanks, but you didn't have to buy me so much."

"You need to eat, and I don't mind feeding you."

"Thanks, this is great."  He then began shoveling the food into his mouth and didn't stop until it was all gone. 

"Are you full?" 

"Yeah, I am."

Once we were done, I paid the bill and we left.  Since we had some time to kill while our meals settled, I decided to take care of a few errands next.  I drove over to the post office first and filled out a change of address form, and then I swung by the DMV long enough to pick up the forms I'd need to do the same thing there.  I'd fill them out and stop back another time to have my driver's license changed. 

By the time I finished doing those things, I felt our breakfast had time to settle enough that we could go to the Y.  When we got there, I thought of something else.  "Hunter, do you know Mr. Cardwell?" 

"You mean the teacher?" 


"I do, but why do you want to know that?" 

"Sometimes he comes here to swim too, and I don't think it would be a good idea for him to see us coming in together.  He might wonder what else we've been doing and why I was bringing you here.  That's why I'm going to ask you to go into the Y alone, and I'll meet you in the locker room in a couple of minutes." 

"Ok, if you think we need to do that."

"I do." 

Hunter grabbed his gym bag, walked to the entrance, and went inside.  I waited a couple of minutes before I did the same thing, and Hunter was still sitting on the bench and waiting when I walked in. 

"Hi, Mr. Roberson.  Are you ready to workout?"

"Yeah, sure Hunter."  I knew he did that thinking it would help if someone else overheard us, so we stripped, put on our swimsuits, and went out to the pool. 

There was no one else there but the lifeguard, and he nodded when I glanced up at him.  Hunter and I began our workout, and other than the short breaks between each set, we swam hard for the entire time.  When we finished, we went back to the locker room to shower and change. 

When we were standing under the spray rinsing off the chlorine, Hunter began to firm up.  He glanced down at it, and then up at me, almost as if he wanted to make sure I noticed it as well, and then he spoke.  "Least now I know why it's doing that." 

I chuckled and nodded my head.  "Yes, I guess you do." 

Once we were dressed again, we went out and got in the car together.  I figured if anyone saw us, I'd just claim to be giving him a ride home after we'd finished working out.  I pulled out of the parking lot and drove Hunter home, and as he was getting out of the car, he looked up and spoke.  "Thanks for everything, Mr. Roberson.  I had a great time and I really liked spendin' time with you." 

"I'm glad, Hunter, and I enjoyed your company too." 

Hunter then opened the back door so he could get his skateboard, and then he stood and waved as I pulled away.  I had a feeling I'd be seeing a lot of him in the future, not that I hadn't seen a lot of him already - meaning when he was naked. 

When I got back to the house, I puttered around and made my shopping list before the fire department showed up to clean out the chimney.  They were very nice and it didn't take them long at all, but I was glad I'd called them.  The guy in charge gave me a verbal report when they were done. 

"Your fireplace is in good condition, but the chimney was packed with creosote.  I'm glad you called us, because the creosote could have ignited and you'd have had a major chimney fire.  The house could have also caught on fire before we got here to put the fire out, even if you called us immediately, so I'm glad this is taken care of now." 

"Me too, because I just moved in here.  Thanks for your help and I'll make sure to give a donation to the fire department now."

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