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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 41 - Off To a Good Start. 

When Hunter and I woke up Saturday morning, we got ready quickly, had breakfast, and then we started hitting some garage sales.  When I stopped at one place where an older gentleman was selling off his deceased parents' things, I thought I had found a gold mine.  He told me that some of the items had belonged to his grandparents as well, so there was quite a selection to pick through. 

I found an old, cloth overcoat that wasn't in very good condition, but it would be perfect for Fagin.  I also discovered a couple of silk cravats that would be perfect for Mr. Brownlow and Dr. Grimwig to wear, but I wasn't done yet.  There was also a woman's nightcap that looked like it would make a good headpiece for a maid, so I bought it for Mrs. Bedwin.  I wasn't worried about buying all of these things, because after the performance we could keep this stuff in storage, in case we needed them again for future productions. 

After we'd stopped at a couple of other garage sales, we headed over to the Y so we could workout.  We followed our normal routine, with Hunter going in alone first, and then I would wait a minute before I'd join him and we'd start working out together.  It was another very energetic workout, since we wouldn't be doing this the following weekend, and then we went in to shower. 

We were just about finished getting dressed afterward when I heard someone else enter the locker room.  I peeked around the corner and saw it was Jack Cardwell.  Since I didn't want another scene, I told Hunter to stay put while I went to distract Mr. Cardwell, and then once I had Mr. Cardwell distracted, I wanted him to move to another row in the locker room.  He nodded that he understood, so I grabbed my gym bag and walked toward Jack. 

"Jack, I haven't seen you around here lately," I began as I drew his attention to me. 

"I haven't been swimming much lately." 

I continued moving toward the locker room door as I was talking to him, so he continued looking at me as we spoke.  "That's too bad.  No time, or just a lack of effort?" 

"I guess maybe a little of both." 

About that same time I saw Hunter glance around the end of the lockers, so I tried to keep Jack's attention on me while Hunter moved to another area.  "I know if I stopped working out that I'd find it hard to start up again.  I'll miss out next week because of the musical, so I hope I still have the determination to come back the week after that." 

"I'm sure you will.  You seem more determined to do this than I am." 

"Well, it was nice seeing you again, and enjoy your swim." 

We said goodbye and I left the locker room.  It wasn't until several minutes later before Hunter came out to join me.  "I waited until Mr. Cardwell had changed and went out to the pool before I left the locker room," he explained as he got in the car. 

"Good, that was a very wise move on your part.  I wouldn't want him to get suspicious." 

I pulled out of the parking lot fairly quickly, but it wasn't because I expected Jack to come outside.  I knew he would be swimming for a while, but the whole idea of him being there made me nervous, so I wanted to get away from there as soon as I could.  When we got back to the house, I let Hunter come inside for a drink first, since the other boys wouldn't be showing up for a while and I didn't need to hit any more garage sales.  However, he wanted to talk about what had happened at the Y. 

"Why do you think Mr. Cardwell would suspect something?"  

"Because he saw me in the shower with some other boys before, and then afterward he started asking a lot of questions about why I was there with them." 

"You mean you were at the Y with Tucker and Braedon?" 

"Yes, and some of their friends too." 

"Oh, so you don't want him to see us together while we're naked?" 

"Or dressed, because he would figure we were naked together at some point, either changing or in the shower." 

"Ok, I get it now, and I understand why you've always had me go in first." 

"I'm glad, but I don't know if we'll be seeing more of him after this.  If we do, we might have to take additional precautions, because we certainly can't let him suspect we're doing these things together." 

"Yeah, I know, and I don't wanna stop comin' over here.  Will you fuck me again before I go home?"  I glanced over at the clock. 

"Yes, I guess we have time to do that, if you want." 

"Yeah, I do."

We went back to the bedroom and got undressed again.  It made me think about how many times I'd been getting dressed and undressed between Friday and Monday morning nearly every weekend now.  Anyway, once we were undressed, I put on a condom and lubed it up, then I just had Hunter lean over the side of the bed, while still standing on the floor, and I began to rim him.  After I did that for several minutes, I lubed up his hole, put the head of my penis against his opening, and gradually pushed my way inside.  He moaned in pleasure. 

I started off at a nice, slow, steady pace, as I slid in and out of his tight tunnel.  Hunter was moaning and sighing the entire time, plus he was thrusting his butt back to meet my forward movements.  It took a couple of minutes before we synchronized our efforts, but then I was pounding his butt like a well oiled machine.  The harder I thrust into him, the louder he moaned and the more forcefully he pushed back to meet my thrusts.  After doing that for a few more minutes, I couldn't hold off any longer and filled the condom with my seed.  I thrust a few more times to drain my penis completely, and then I pulled out of him.

Before he had a chance to move, I spun him around, knelt down, and took his penis in my mouth.  I began to nod up and down on it until he busted a nut and enjoyed his own release.  While he was still lost in the good feelings, I stood up, lowered my head over his, and kissed him to show my appreciation for what we'd just done. 

He still hadn't fully recuperated before I went to the bathroom to remove the condom and clean up, and he startled me when he came bursting in there before I'd finished.  "Thanks.  That was wonderful.  You make feel all tingly inside and I know you love me." 

"Yes, I do, Hunter.  And I'm glad you enjoy it too, because I certainly do." 

"I really do.  That's why I wanted to do it again.  I don't know why, cuz I never wanted to do anything like that before, but somehow I knew I wanted to do stuff like this with you the first time I saw at school.  And after I saw you naked at the Y, I knew I'd let you do whatever you wanted, cuz I wanted it too." 

"I hope so, because you were the one who suggested doing these things." 

"I know, and I really want to do this stuff, but I knew you would too." 

"Ok, but it's time for you to get dressed and head home.  I have other things to do now." 

"K, but I can't wait until next Friday." 

It wasn't very long after Hunter left before the other boys showed up a little early, so I hoped they hadn't run in to one another along the way.  I wasn't sure how Hunter would react to seeing the other boys coming to be with me, especially after I'd just sent him home, and I wasn't sure how I'd explain Hunter to the other boys either.  Anyway, they came rushing inside and said 'hi', eager to get started.  I just hoped I was capable of doing this again, since it hadn't been very long since I last did it. 

"I'm with you this time," Gary announced, "and I kinda want to do what you did with Will they last time you were with him, but I don't want to cum all over my face like he did." 

"That might not happen to you, just because it did to Will." 

"I know, cuz it happens to him all of the time, but only part of the time for me." 

"However, if you want to do it today it will be fine with me." 

"Then I'll do it like Will did.  I can always shower if I make a mess." 

"Maybe you should do it with the other boys first then, so you'll cum in one of them, and not on yourself?" 

"Yeah, that would probably work," he said with a grin.  "I'm glad you thought of that." 

I was too, because I felt it would give me a little more time to rest up first.  The boys quickly paired up and got started, and watching them also helped to get my pump primed again, so I could do it with Gary.  I wish it would have taken them a little longer, though, but I now felt I could do this again, so I grabbed the pillow and a couple of towels and arranged them on the floor. 

As soon as Gary was in position, I got myself ready, lifted his legs, and rimmed him first.  After doing that for a couple of minutes, I lubed up his butt, fingered and stretched his hole, and then I pushed my penis so it was angled downward as I slid into him. 

Just as I had with Will, I had to lean over Gary slightly to drive my penis in and out, and since I had come less than an hour ago, I thought I was going to fuck him raw before I ejaculated.  He didn't complain, though, and seemed to enjoy it, but eventually I busted a nut. 

"Damn, you took a lot longer than usual," Gary announced after we'd finished, "but that made it even better.  I'm glad you had me do it with the other guys first, cuz I would have cum with you doin' it that way.  I still did a little, so that's why I know it would've happened," he added as he wiped a couple of droplets off his face. 

"Just get a washcloth, wet it, and clean off your face.  We wouldn't want your parents seeing dried cum on you when you got home.  You can also use the washcloth to wipe your butt too, after you've used it on your face." 

"Ok," he agreed as he followed me over to the bathroom, because I needed to clean up as well. 

"Did you find a lot of stuff at the garage sales?" Nolan asked when I'd finished, since I'd told them that was the reason they had to come late today. 

"Yes, I did.  I found quite a few things that will work well for the musical." 

"Can we see the stuff?" 

"I suppose we could go out to the car and I could show them to you, but I think we might want to get dressed first."  That caused a round of groans from the boys. 

"Why?  Nobody can see us back here," Jon countered. 

"You can do that if you want, but I'm getting dressed first." 

I guess none of the boys felt very brave, because they all got dressed too, and then I took them out to look at the collection of things I had in the trunk.  I tried to explain which character I'd bought each item for, but I think Gary and the others were most intrigued by the top hat I purchased for Gary's character, and he immediately tried it on. 

"How do I look?" he asked. 

"Like a conceited, lucky bastard," Nolan replied sarcastically,

Since I wanted to prevent any jealousy between them, I pointed out the cap I'd bought for him and Will to wear, an old style spitfire cap.  They both liked that just as well, so Nolan didn't say anything more to Gary about the top hat.  I also showed Braedon and Jon the Baker boy cap I found for Oliver to wear, so they were just as pleased too.   I also picked up a newsboy cap that Tucker could wear, so everyone was satisfied and would look sharp on stage. 

Once that had been taken care of, we went back inside, got a drink, and the boys talked about the different accessories I'd purchased.  Eventually, I sent them home so they wouldn't be late for dinner, because we all wanted to avoid the types of questions that might evoke. 

After they were gone, I fixed myself something to eat first, and while I was chowing down I started making a list of the various things I'd purchased.  I was also thinking ahead to the next day, because we would be having the first of our two rehearsals in costume.  I had an idea about that too, so I wrote down an announcement I was going to ask Mr. Baldwin to make the following morning. 

After I finished doing that, I did a couple of loads of laundry before I went to bed.  This was going to be our big week and we'd be performing the musical every day from Thursday through Sunday, so I wanted to look good. 

Mr. Baldwin made the announcement for me, which was for all of the kids with speaking parts to meet me at the storage area during the lunch hour.  At that time, I looked over the costumes that each pair playing the same role was going to wear and we selected the articles they could both use so they'd be wearing nearly identical costumes.  Sometimes it wasn't possible for both kids to use the same garments, since they weren't exactly the same size, so we improvised.  For the most part, though, they would still appear the same on stage, and it would include using the various items that Gina and I had bought for their character. 

By the time we rehearsed later that afternoon, Gina and I were both pleased with how they all appeared.  I don't think they could have looked better even if we had a professional costume designer working with us.  Gina had even found a Halloween costume of an 1890's police officer, complete with a plastic policeman's helmet, at one of the garage sales she went to.  She was also able to make alterations so our policemen could use it, and needless to say, the policeman looked spectacular during his scene. 

The following days rehearsal went just as well, and besides looking great, both casts performed magnificently as well.  Even though we called the performances we'd be doing in front of the school our dress rehearsals, they were more than that.  They were actually our first true performance with each cast, and we were all looking forward to being in front of an actual audience. 

Cast One was going first and would be performing for the elementary students and faculty on Thursday.  Those kids were all going to be bused over to the middle school after lunch, and our actors were very excited about doing this.  I merely reminded Gina to tape something over the window in her classroom door before the girls began to change, saying I was going to do the same in the band room.  She giggled and thanked me for the tip, because she hadn't even thought about that particular problem.

After the kids were dressed in their costumes and had gotten their makeup done, they waited in the wings for the curtain to open.  The instrumental music teacher and his orchestral group had arrived from the high school to accompany us, and they finished warming up shortly before Mr. Baldwin greeted our guests.  When he finished, Ms. Atkins signal the conductor to begin the overture, and when that ended I opened the curtain for the show to begin. 

From the opening number until the final curtain call, the kids were magnificent.  Cast One featured Braedon as Oliver, Gary as the Artful Dodger, and Nolan as Charlie Bates, and I couldn't have been prouder of those boys.  Afterward, Mr. Baldwin came backstage to congratulate us. 

"Marshall and Gina, that was the best middle school production I've ever witnessed.  You both did a marvelous job, and Marshall, I was very impressed by your portrayal of Fagin as well.  In fact, I'm going to bring my wife and a good friend to see you perform on Saturday." 

Gina and I thanked Mr. Baldwin for his kind words, and then we went to check on the kids as they were changing.  When I got to the band room, the boys were still whooping it up and having their own celebration, but I had to encourage them to calm down and get changed so they could go home.  They managed to calm down enough to do that, and then I told them that I was very proud of them and that they'd done a superb job, and we'd do it all again on Saturday. 

Cast Two's Friday performance was done in front of the middle school, and they did just as well as Cast One.  This time Jon played Oliver, Will was Charlie Bates, and Tucker and Hunter were two of Fagin's boys.  Almost as soon as the curtain closed, Mr. Baldwin came backstage to congratulate Gina and me again. 

"I don't know how you two did it, but this was just as good as yesterday's performance, and you had an entirely different cast.  I tip my hat to both of you for doing such a fine job.  I might even have to bring my wife and friend to both performances over the weekend now." 

"We'd love to see you there," Gina replied, "and I couldn't have done this without Marshall.  He helped build the set, rewrote the lyrics to one of the verses for "Om-Pah-Pah," played the part of Fagin, sang "Who Will Buy" for Bumble, directed both casts, helped me with the costuming, and trained the makeup crew." 

"I'm glad you brought that up," Mr. Baldwin stated.  "It hadn't dawned on me until now just how much Marshall had actually done.  I'll make sure Tom Chang knows it as well." 

Once Mr. Baldwin left, Gina turned to me.  "How about going out to dinner with me?  My treat." 

"Gina, I'd love to, but I have other plans." 

"Then how about tomorrow after we finish or on Sunday?"

"Either of those would be fine, but we'll split the bill."

"But you treated me when I helped with your plays." 

"That's because I was getting paid for doing it and you weren't.  Are you getting paid for this?" 

"Well, no, but..."

"Then we'll split the bill.  Ok?"

"Ok, you win, but which day?" 

"Your choice." 

"How about both, and then we can discuss each performance." 

"It's a deal." 

Now that Gina and I had reached an agreement, I hurried home to get ready for the boys to show up.  This would be the only time we'd be getting together this weekend, so we'd have to make it count. 

When they arrived, they were still pumped up from the musical, so we talked about that while they were getting undressed.  "We saw both Jon and Braedon play Oliver, and they did a really great job," Gary stated, drawing an 'aw shucks' look from both boys. 

"They didn't do it exactly the same way, but they were still incredible," Nolan concurred. 

"And they both have really nice singing voices," Will followed. 

"And you were great as Fagin," Tucker said, turning the attention to me. 

"Yeah, and I really liked it when you sang "Boy For Sale," Braedon offered. 

"And I liked when you sang "Reviewing the Situation'," Jon added.

"You were all great!" I told them.  "And I liked the job Gary did playing the Artful Dodger.  That was a very difficult, and very important role.  Everyone I've talked to so far was very impressed with all of you.  I can't wait until your parents come to see you perform now." 

"Yeah," they all agreed. 

"So are we gonna do anything?" Tucker asked.  "It's my turn to be with you this time." 

"Sure.  We can do that too." 

Just as I had done with Gary the last time, I told Tucker to do it with the other boys first, and then we'd do it after they were done.  He seemed to like that idea, so the boys paired up and got started.  When they'd each enjoyed an orgasm, I took my turn with Tucker next.  When we finished, Tucker looked at me and spoke. 

"I hope you don't ever stop doin' this with us."

"Now why would I do that when I've got some of the handsomest and sexiest boys I've ever known?"  That brought a smile to each of their faces. 

"I hope you always feel that way then," Gary added. 

Once we'd all cleaned up and got a drink to replenish our fluids, I told the boys I'd see them the next day at the school.  If they weren't in this production, they were coming for moral support or to be in the chorus, so I'd see them all again. 

After they left, I got ready for Hunter to show up.  I had a simple, but filling dinner first, and when he arrived, he wanted to talk about the musical too.  "Man, that was really fun.  I'm glad I was in it." 

"I'm glad you were too." 

"And I can't wait to go with you tomorrow, cuz I want to see how the other group does.  Are they as good as we were?" 

"Yes, both casts did an excellent job." 

"Good, then I want to see them too.  And I want to watch you play Fagin again.  You were really good too." 

"Thank you, and you did a good job as well." 

"Yeah, but I didn't have to do as much as you did." 

"It doesn't matter.  Without each of you who were in the musical, it wouldn't have been nearly as good." 

"Yeah, I guess." 

"So what would you like to do tonight?"

"Can we watch TV for a while again before you fuck me?" 

"We can do whatever you want." 

"Then let's do that, but I won't get naked this time, cuz I don't want you playin' with my cock.  It made me cum too fast last week after you did that." 

"No problem and you're absolutely correct.  It did make you cum too quickly." 

After we got drinks, we went into the living room and I handed him the remote so he could select what he wanted to watch.  Once he settled on something, he sat down beside me on the sectional and leaned against me.  He kept glancing over in my direction, which let me know there was something else he wanted, so I lifted my arm, placed it around his shoulders, and gave him a little squeeze.  He sighed contentedly and cuddled against my side when I did that, and then we both turned our attention to the screen. 

We watched two shows like that until he let me know it was time for something else.  He did that by lifting the remote and turning off the television, before he looked at me and told me what he wanted.  "Let's go back to your bedroom now." 

I didn't have a problem with that, and I knew it wasn't because he was ready to go to sleep.  However, when we got there, he hit me with a little surprise.  "Would you undress me tonight?" 

"Really?  What prompted this?" 

"Doncha want to do it?" 

"I didn't say that.  I was just curious why you suddenly want me to do this, since we've never done anything like this before." 

"I don't know.  I just want to see what it's like." 

"Ok.  I'm game then." 

After thinking about his possible motivation, I decided to make this very special, and also very erotic for him at the same time.  I pulled him to me and kissed him first, and we spent a couple of minutes dueling with our tongues before I focused on his neck and ears.  He was standing while I was doing this, although his legs seemed to be a little wobbly and his knees appeared to buckle at times, but I helped to support him while I was giving him pleasure. 

Once I finished doing that, I lifted his shirt and removed it over his head, and then I leaned in and attacked one of his nipples.  I teased it with my tongue, nipped at the tiny nub with my teeth, and sucked on it making a perfect vacuum with my lips.  After I moved over and did the same thing with the other one, I unfastened and unzipped his jeans, pushed them down to his thighs, and then I lowered his underwear to the same location.  I then lifted him up and set him on the bed so I could remove those items completely, but I had to remove his shoes and socks first. 

When he was completely naked, I pushed up down on the bed, spread his legs, and attacked his scrotum.  I ran my tongue over the loose skin and tugged on it with my lips and teeth, and then I took one of his testicles into my mouth and moved it around with my tongue. 

"Hum while you're doing this," he pleaded. 

I'd almost forgotten that I'd accidentally done that the last time, but seeing he enjoyed it and wanted me to do it again, I was happy to oblige.  I hummed the theme song from the musical and he began to sigh and squirm almost immediately.  I did that with his other testicle as well, but when I let that one fall out of my mouth, I lifted his legs, pushed his knees back to his chest, and lowered my head to his butt.  As soon as my tongue came into contact with his flesh he pushed his butt toward me.  I'm not sure how or why a supposed straight boy enjoyed having me do this to him like Hunter did, but I think he'd keep me here for hours if I let him. 

While he was still enjoying the feelings he got from me doing that to him, I got undressed, stroked myself until I was hard, and slipped on a condom.  After I lubed it up, I lubed and stretched out Hunter next, lifted his legs, and slowly eased into him.  He moaned in pleasure the minute my knob slipped inside, and he continued until I was all the way in his bowels.  That's when he reached up, grabbed my head, and pulled my face down to his so he could kiss me. 

"I wish you'd been my teacher this year, but I'm glad I got to meet you and I can spend time with you like this.  When we're doin' this stuff, it's like we're connected and I feel we belong together.  I kinda wish you wouldn't wear a condom any more, so I could feel your love when it enters me, but I know you won't do that." 

"Hunter, it would be too risky for both of us, but I'm glad you enjoy doing this with me.  I feel it makes us connected too, and physically we are when we're doing this, but I feel connected to you in other ways as well.  I'm glad I got to meet you too, because you're a very special young man." 

I'd been thrusting in and out of him while we were talking, so I was slowly inching closer to my orgasm.  Hunter's eyes were closed now, his head was flopping from side to side, and he was moaning quite loudly.  I bent down to kiss him again, knowing I was about to explode into the condom.  Hunter was also thrusting up into my stomach, energetically sliding his penis between our bodies, and just as the last few drops of my semen was oozing into the latex sleeve, his penis erupted.  As spurt after spurt coated us in a sticky mess, he didn't react, other than to groan slightly.  He was too out of it at first, but when he realized what had happened, a look of horror spread across his face. 

"I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to do that," he apologized. 

"Hunter, it's alright.  Don't worry about it, and we'll just take a shower." 

"You're not mad then?" 

"No, not at all.  When doing what we just did, it's not unreasonable to expect something like this to happen." 

As soon as I finished speaking, he placed his hands on either side of my face and pulled it down, so he could kiss me again.  "Damn, I love you sooo much," he said after he released his grip.

"I love you too, champ, but let's go hit the shower before this dries and we're permanently stuck together."   I was surprised when he didn't at least giggle. 

"I wouldn't mind that." 

"You might, if it meant we'd both be stuck belly-to-belly and going around naked for the rest of our lives." 

"Oh, yeah.  That would suck." 

Now that I'd convinced him of this, we headed to the shower and cleaned up.  He wanted me to wash him too, and then he did the same to me, so we were both squeaky clean by the time we finished.  After drying off, we went to get a quick drink next, and then we headed back to the bedroom, but this time to sleep. 

As soon as we were in bed, he rolled against my side, laid his head on my chest, placed an arm across my belly, and threw a leg over mine.  That's the way he stayed the entire night, and the only thing that changed by the time we woke up the next morning was that he was now sporting morning wood.

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