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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 45 - School's Out For the Summer. 

When I got to school on Monday, the faculty and staff seemed to be in a really good mood, since there were only three days left.  The kids were all hyper and it was difficult to get anything done, so I decided to use games to review what I wanted them to remember when they returned in the fall.  It turned out to be a fairly effective way to do this, and since it was fun and competitive it kept their attention, so I was pleased when the day ended.

The next two days went basically the same, with a few exceptions.  On Tuesday, I collected the textbooks, and Wednesday was filled with goodbyes and 'I'll see you next year'.  A loud cheer also went up throughout the school when the final bell rang and the students burst out of the classrooms, more than ready to begin their summer vacation. 

I would still have to come in over the next couple of days to make sure everything was put away for the following year.  I would also need to make sure the room was free of clutter so the custodial staff could strip and wax the floors, and possibly even do a little painting.  It was a fairly relaxed process and I dressed in grubby clothing, since I knew I was going to get dirty when I put things away. 

I also said goodbye to Mr. Baldwin, his secretary, Gina, and the other faculty and staff members before I left, and I wished them all a great summer.  I think we were all a little burned out and looking forward to doing something different for the next couple of months, so we'd be well rested by the fall. 

When I got to the house, the boys were already there and waiting for me.  "Where were you?" they all basically asked at once. 

"School may have been out for you, but I still had to go there these past couple of days to clean up my classroom and put things away." 

"Oh, we didn't know that," came the reply. 

After we went inside, I offered each of the boys a drink first and we chatted for a few minutes.  "I gave everyone an invitation during the week and they're all coming, except for Hunter's mom," Gary stated.

"That's cuz she has to work and no one would switch with her," Hunter confirmed. 

"That's too bad, but Hunter can ride over with me," I followed. 

"Me and Nolan are setting up some things for us to do while you guys are there too," Gary added. 

"I'm planning on spending most of my time with your parents, so I can get to know them better," I offered.  "I might play a couple of games with you too, but I think I should stay with the adults as much as I can." 

"That kinda sucks, cuz we wanted you to do stuff with us," Nolan complained. 

"I know, but we don't want your parents to get suspicious and start asking questions about why I always want to be with you guys, and not with them." 

"Yeah, ok.  We didn't think about that," Nolan relented.  "Ok, let's get started, cuz it's my turn with Mr. Roberson, and I want you to fuck me like you did Braedon and Will the last time." 

"I think he wants to see if you can make him cum that way too," Gary teased. 

"Yeah, so what?" Nolan shot back. 

"Nothin'.  I just wanted Mr. Roberson to know why you wanted to do it that way." 

"Since we're here early today, how about we suck each other until we get hard first," Tucker suggested.  

"Yeah, we haven't done that in a while," Will agreed. 

"And we can rim each other too," Jon added.  I think everyone had already figured out that Jon liked having it done to him. 

"As long as all of you boys agree," I responded, knowing this would be another good test for Hunter, to see if he was truly bi. 

Braedon asked Hunter to be his partner this time, so the boys split up and got started, as Nolan and I moved to the mat on the floor, since I put it there before I left for school earlier.  Since Nolan wanted me to fuck him first, I laid on the mat and let him suck on my penis, while at the same time watching Hunter.  He was sucking on Braedon at the same time, and I wanted to see how he was reacting.  Just like he did with the rimming, he was a little hesitant to start out and merely let his tongue touch the tip and shaft to see how it tasted.  Once he learned the taste wasn't revolting, he placed his mouth over Braedon's shaft and began to do the same thing everyone else was doing.  The only comments I heard was when Braedon told him to watch his teeth, and Hunter apologized, explaining this was the first time he'd ever done it. 

By that point, Nolan had me primed, so I flipped him over and rimmed his ass for a couple of minutes before I put on the condom, lubed it up, and lubed and stretched Nolan.  Then I began to fuck him the way he'd requested.  We went at it for several minutes and I'd already seen some of the other boys clean up and switch places already, including Hunter.  This time he would have to rim Braedon, after Braedon had sucked on his penis.  He didn't have a problem with any of that, so I was less concerned about him being with the group now. 

When I finally busted a nut and filled the condom, Nolan hadn't cum, so after I'd clean up, I sucked his penis until he was hard, and then he rimmed me before fucking me as well.  The other pairs had all finished up before Nolan filled the condom with his seed, and then we went to clean up as the rest of the boys got dressed. 

After we finished dressing, we had another drink and talked some more before the boys left.  Hunter hung back again because he wanted to talk, and the boys didn't question why he didn't leave with them.  Once we were alone, Hunter looked at me for a few minutes before he spoke. 

"I wasn't sure about doin' some of that stuff, but it wasn't bad, and I really liked havin' it done to me." 

"So you don't have any regrets about joining the group or having to do those things?" 

"Nah, it was actually kinda fun." 

"I'm glad to hear that.  Are you planning on staying and having dinner with me?" 

"No, I'm goin' home to eat with my mom, but I'll be back after we're done." 

"Ok, I just wanted to know so I could plan on how much I should prepare."  

Before he left, Hunter gave me a hug.  "Thanks for lettin' me do this with the other boys.  I'm really gettin' close to them now and I like all of them a lot." 

"That's good to hear, and I'll see you in a little bit." 

He left and I went out to the kitchen to fix something to eat.  Once again it was pretty simple, but also filling, and after I finished, I cleaned up the mess and waited for Hunter to return. 

When he came bursting through the door again later, he left his bike in the foyer and I followed him into the living room.  After he found what he wanted to watch on TV, he sat down beside me and leaned against my side, so I lifted my arm and wrapped it around his shoulder. 

"Seeing I'm goin' to the barbecue with you on Monday, can I stay over Sunday night too?" 

"What will your mother think about that?" 

"I'll just tell her I'm stayin' with someone who will give me a ride there." 

"So you're not going to tell her it's me?" 

"I will if she asks, but I don't think she will.  She might even like the idea of me spendin' time with you, cuz she's always tellin' me she wished I had a man who could teach me stuff." 

"I'm just not sure that she means the type of stuff I'm showing you," I quipped.

"You're just teachin' me how to love and be loved, and I think that will help no matter if I'm with a guy or girl." 

"Ok, you might be right about that." 

"And I don't think about not havin' a dad any more, cuz now I got you." 

"I'm glad I could help with that." 

"And I even think havin' you fuck me helps too, cuz I see how gentle you are with me and you don't just fuck me and then it's over.  You kiss me and do other stuff first, like rimming me, and then after we're done you always kiss me again and make sure I cummed too, and then you cuddle with me.  I think anybody I'm with will like doin' stuff like that too." 

"Yes, I'm sure they will, and I'm glad you realize it too.  It's not just something two people do when they're together, but it's how you show someone they're loved." 

"Yeah, I know, and I think my mom would be glad you're teachin' me this stuff, but I won't ever tell her what we're doin'." 

"I hope not." 

"You know what I mean." 

"Yes, I do." 

When Hunter was ready and had turned off the TV, we went back to the bedroom to have a little fun before turning in.  He wanted me to undress him again, which I was happy to do, and I played with nearly every part of his body as I uncovered it.  As soon as he was naked, I attacked his scrotum first, and then I rimmed him next, before we were ready for the big event.  I grabbed a towel and put it on the bed as we prepared to get started. 

"Do it like you did with the other guys this week," he urged. 

I didn't have a problem with that and did as he asked.  I fucked him for a while on his back, with my arms in the bend of his knees to keep his legs out of the way, and then I rolled him on his side.  He now had one leg on the mattress and the other one sticking into the air, which I helped to hold in place, as I rammed my penis in and out of his hole.  We'd been going at it for quite a few minutes when his body suddenly shuddered and his penis began to erupt.  A handful of blasts of his youthful jizz spurted from the tip and landed on the towel, and he grunted and gasped with the release of every strand. 

I didn't slow down and kept pounding away at his butt, and I ended up having my orgasm before he'd recovered.  When he was finally able to respond,  he looked at me and grinned.  "You made me cum too, just like you did Braedon and Will.  That felt incredible." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I did too." 

"And I like it better when you're the one fucking me.  I like doin' it with the other guys too, but they don't touch the same spots inside me and make me feel as good." 

"In some ways then, maybe size does matter, but I enjoy it when you boys fuck me too." 

"I don't think I can do that right now, but I'll try in the mornin' if you want." 

"Let's wait and see what happens when we get up." 

After we'd cleaned up and got back into bed, Hunter cuddled with me this time.  He placed his head on my chest, draped an arm across my belly, and slung his top leg over one of mine, with his penis pressing against my thigh, and that's the way he spent the rest of the night. 

When we woke up on Saturday morning, we used the toilet, washed our hands, and then went out to the kitchen so I could make breakfast for us.  After we finished eating, we went back to brush our teeth and get dressed, and then we grabbed our gym bags and took off for the Y.  As we were pulling into the parking lot, I spotted Jack Cardwell coming out of the building, so I had Hunter duck down.  I pulled into a parking space and waited until Jack had taken off, and then Hunter and I went inside. 

"That was close," Hunter said as we were walking to the locker room. 

"Yes, he must have started coming earlier since we saw him the last time." 

"I'm kinda glad, cuz I was able to walk in here with you this time."

We changed quickly and went out to the pool to start our workout.  It was very energetic again, and I was impressed that Hunter never quit and kept up with me.  I think the lifeguard must have been impressed too, because he often gave us a 'thumbs up' signal when we looked at him when we took one of our short breaks. 

When we finished, we went back to the locker room to shower and change, and then we drove back to the house.  "So the rest of the guys all comin' over here again?" Hunter asked as I turned off the engine. 

"Yes, they should be here fairly soon."

Hunter and I went inside, grabbed a drink, and then went in the living room to watch TV until the others arrived.  When they showed up, we chatted for a few minutes before the boys suggested we go to the bedroom, since they were ready to get started. 

"It's my turn with you, and I want you to do it the same way you've been doing it with everyone else," Gary confirmed as we made our way there. 

"That's fine with me," I agreed, as I pulled the pad out from under the bed, since it's where I've decided to keep it from now on. 

Seeing we'd sucked and rimmed each other the last time we were together, the boys agreed to do it again, so I let Gary suck me until I was hard.  I looked up to see that Hunter was with Jon this time, and I watched him doing the same thing to him.  He didn't appear to hesitate this time, and I was fascinated as I watched him lick and suck on Jon's penis. 

Gary had finished working on me at this point, so I rimmed him for a few minutes before I put on a condom, lubed it up, and then got Gary ready.  When he was prepared, I slipped into him while he was lying on his back with his knees pulled back, and then I rolled him onto his side, held one of his legs in the air, and started fucking him in earnest.  I'd been going at it for several minutes before I felt that familiar tingling in my loins and knew I was about to explode. 

As usual, Gary had been moaning the entire time and was enjoying the feelings radiating throughout his body when I couldn't hold back any longer.  As I filled the condom with my seed, Gary realized he wasn't going to have a hands-free ejaculation and I saw his entire demeanor change.  The glow of satisfaction that had been covering his face suddenly disappeared and was now replaced by a look of disappointment. 

"Damn, I was really hoping I was gonna cum while you were fuckin' me today," he sighed as I was pulling out of him. 

"I'm sorry, but I did everything the same as when I did this with the other boys." 

"I know, and it wasn't your fault, but I really wanted it to happen to me today." 

Since he hadn't ejaculated, after I cleaned up quickly I sucked on his penis until he was hard, and then he rimmed me before putting on the condom and lubing up.  He eventually enjoyed his release too, although it wasn't exactly the way he wanted it to happen, and then I helped him up and led him to the bathroom to clean up. 

No one said anything to Gary about what happened - or in this case hadn't happened.  In fact, I think they intentionally avoided using the bathroom while we were in there, seeing the boys in each pair had already finished by this time.  Gary was slightly more cheerful now that he'd gotten his rocks off too, so we got dressed and went with the other boys to the living room. 

"I hope it doesn't rain on Monday," Nolan said to get the conversation started, "cuz that would ruin the barbeque." 

"I've been watching the weather reports and Monday's supposed to be a nice day, with hardly any chance of rain."  

"Good, cuz I didn't know what we'd be able to do if we had to stay inside." 

"Yeah, we certainly couldn't have sex with all our parents there," Will agreed. 

"But if it's nice out we'll have a good time," Gary added, as he began to perk up.  "I'm supposed to help my dad put up a volleyball net tomorrow." 

"That sounds like fun," I agreed. 

"Yeah, we've all played volleyball in P.E. before, so it should be fun," Braedon agreed. 

"And we're still going swimmin' tomorrow too.  Right?" Hunter asked, just to be sure. 

"Yeah, we're gonna do that too," Tucker responded, "and then we'll come over here, cuz it will be my turn to be with Mr. Robeson."   

"I'm glad you guys started lettin' me do this stuff with you, cuz now my weekends are more fun," Hunter confessed.  "My mom usually works on the weekend, so I was alone a lot, but this is waaay better."

"I'm glad you joined us too," Tucker responded.  "I had fun workin' with you on 'Oliver!', and I like doin' stuff with you too." 

"Me too," Jon chimed in. 

"And I like doin' this stuff with you guys too.  I'm glad Mr. Roberson let's us come over here to do it with each other."

"Yeah, it would really suck if we were never able to do this," Will agreed. 

We talked for a little while longer before the boys left, but I grabbed Hunter's arm and held him back.  "Will your mother be home tonight, or will you be alone?" 

"She should be home, cuz she worked during the day." 

"Ok, I just wanted to make sure, because I was going to invite you to have dinner with me if you were going to be alone." 

"Thanks, that means a lot to me," he said as he gave me a hug.  "But can I stay a little longer, cuz she won't be home for a while yet?"

"Sure, I don't have a problem with that, and then neither of us will be alone.  So what do you want to do?" 

"Let's watch TV so we can be together." 

"We can be together no matter what we're doing." 

"Yeah, but this way you can hold me."

"Ok, if that's what you want to do." 

I let him select what we were going watch, and then I wrapped an arm around his shoulders, kissed him on the head, and focused on the screen.  He hardly moved for the first hour or so, and then he laid down on the sectional and put his head on my lap.  I stroked his neck and shoulders, while at the same time running my fingers through his hair as he laid there and we watched what was on TV. 

"I like when you do those things to me," he stated when a commercial came on. 

"I'm glad, because I enjoy doing them to you."  He looked up at me and grinned. 

"It really makes me feel loved." 

"And you are."

We went back to watching the program, and I continued stroking his head and playing with his hair, and then I realized he had dozed off.  I let him sleep for a while longer, but eventually I woke him up. 

"I'm going out to fix dinner, so are you going to stay or go home to eat?"

"I'd better go home and have dinner with my mom.  She likes it when we eat together." 

"That's fine, and I'm glad to know she'll be there with you."

"Yeah, me too," he added before heading out the door. 

As soon as he left, I locked up the house and went out to the kitchen to see what I could fix for dinner.  There wasn't a lot to choose from, so I knew I'd have to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow, after the boys left.  For now, I settled on one of the few choices I had left and scrounged up a couple of side dishes to go with it. 

Once I finished eating, I sat down to make a grocery list so I wouldn't forget anything, and then I got my laptop and started surfing the web for a while.  My first reaction was to go to some gay sites, but since I have been doing so much with the boys, I didn't find the experience nearly as interesting or exciting any longer.  The boys took care of all of my needs, and even exceeded my expectations, so I went back to researching plays, not only for the summer, but for the next school year as well.  I did that until I grew tired, and then I went through my nightly ritual before turning in. 

I slept well that night and awoke energized and raring to go.  I put a load of clothes in the washing machine before I went out to prepare something to eat.  And then after I finished my breakfast, I moved the first load to the dryer and put a load of towels in the washing machine next.  While they were going through the cycle, I swept the three main rooms of the house, before going back to take the clothes out of the dryer so I could fold them.  Before I did that, I moved the towels to the dryer and put another load in the washer, and as soon as I finished folding the clothes and putting them away, I waited for Hunter to show up.  As soon as he got to the house, we tossed our gym bags in the car and headed over to the Y. 

I was amazed by how many other kids were there too, so I guess they had decided to use this pool to loosen up until the outdoor pools opened the following day.  The city always opened the pools on Memorial Day and then shut them down on Labor Day, even though school started before then. 

The locker room was full of boys and men in various stages of dress and undress, so I looked around and said hello to those I knew.  I think the boys were a little disappointed because we wouldn't be able to do much today, but we changed and went out anyway, just to see how bad it was. 

Just as I suspected, the pool was packed and there was hardly room to even tread water, so the boys were ready to leave shortly after we got in the water.  There were more people there than I'd ever seen before, so we weren't able to do very much.  Once the boys agreed to leave, we went back to shower, and this time we weren't alone.  A bunch of other boys had decided to give up on the pool too, so they were naked and rinsing off the chlorine before taking off.  I think each of us was taking the opportunity to get a good look at everyone else, so no one had a problem with what was going on.  It wasn't that they were all gay, but they were curious, and no one took offense that the others were checking them out. 

After I was able to pry the boys out of the shower, we dried off and got dressed.  Nolan had already called his mother and explained that they were ready to leave because the place was so crowded, and she told him she'd pick them up shortly.  In the meantime, Hunter and I left. 

"That sucked," Hunter griped once we were in the car. 

"Yes, so I hope it's not like that all summer long." 

"I think they'll start using the outdoor pools after this."

"I certainly hope so."

When we got to the house, Hunter offered to mop the floors while I folded towels and moved the last load to the dryer.  When I finished with that, I came out to start the dishwasher and clean the kitchen.  When we'd both finished doing those things, I poured each of us a drink and we went to watch TV until the rest of the group showed up.  They arrived about twenty minutes later. 

"I thought you'd be here before this," I greeted them when they arrived. 

"We would have, but my mom stopped to talk to some guy she saw when she was picking us up.  I guess she knew him from work or somewhere, and they talked for a long time."

"Let's get started, cuz this day is already sucky," Jon added.  "I hate that we couldn't really do anything at the Y today."

"Yes, I know," I agreed.  "I hope it's the only time we find it like that."

"And it's my turn to be with Mr. Roberson," Tucker pointed out.  "I want to try doin' it like the others did last time." 

"I had a feeling you might want to do that, so let's head back to the bedroom." 

When we got there, I pulled the mat out from under the bed and gave the other boys a towel to use, before I put down one for Tucker.  I noticed Nolan had paired up with Hunter, but I wasn't sure who asked whom this time.  Since Nolan's penis was the biggest of any of the boys, it could have gone either way, but Hunter didn't hesitate as he started to suck Nolan to erection. 

Tucker was eagerly doing the same to me, because he was anxious to get started.  As soon as he had my penis standing tall and proud, I rimmed him quickly before putting on the condom and preparing us both for what was coming next.  As soon as he was ready, he laid back and pulled his knees to his chest so I could get started, and I quickly filled his hole, eliciting a moan of satisfaction in response.  After doing it like that for a few minutes, I rolled him onto his side and continued fucking him in that position. 

Tucker was getting into this more than usual, but it was also the first time we'd done it like this.  He was moaning, cooing, and panting like never before, but I had no idea what the difference was.  Could this position be better for him than the other ways we've done it, or was he just hornier than usual?  I was still thinking about this when his sphincter tightened around my penis and he started ejaculating on the towel.  I've never seen him look so peaceful and content as he did at that moment, so I was glad this had finally happened for him too. 

To my surprise, the other boys started clapping - first one, then two, and before long all of them were doing it, and it seemed to be their way of helping Tucker celebrate his accomplishment.  Unfortunately, Tucker was still lost in pure pleasure and didn't even realize what his friends were doing, so I would have to tell him about it later. 

I started thrusting into him again, as soon as his sphincter released its grip, and then I continued until I enjoyed my orgasm as well.  I stayed in Tucker for a while after that happened, because I didn't want to end this special moment for him before he was ready, but then he suddenly looked up at me, smiled, and spoke. 

"I did it.  I finally did it," he squealed joyously when he finally came out of the post-orgasmic haze. 

"Yes, you did," I agreed as I gave him a hug. 

The other boys had already finished and cleaned up by this time, and since Tucker had already cum, he didn't want to fuck me.  Therefore, we went to clean up, got dressed, and then we went out to join the others in the living room.  When we got there, I was surprised to see the other couples were kissing. 

"We just decided we wanted to do this today," Braedon explained when he noticed us entering the room. 

"Yeah, we all feel really close to each other now, so it just seemed like we should do this," Will agreed. 

"I'm really glad they did, cuz I like doing this too," Hunter agreed, surprising me yet again.  He was proving to me that he definitely wasn't straight. 

When I sat down with Tucker, he wanted to kiss me too, so I did what he wanted.  The boys hung out with me for another hour before leaving to go home.  We all agreed we'd see each other at the barbeque the following day, and then they pedaled off, including Hunter, and I went back into the house.

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