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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 46 - The Barbeque. 

I'd just finished dinner and had cleaned up the kitchen when I heard the doorbell ring.  I wasn't expecting anyone, so I went over to see who was there.  I was surprised to see Hunter standing on the stoop wearing the old backpack I'd given him and sporting a huge grin on his face. 

"I wasn't expecting you to come back tonight." 

"Remember, I told you I would stay over again, cuz I'm ridin' with you to the barbeque?"

"I remember we had talked about it, but I didn't know we'd made any definite plans.  So what did you tell your mom?"

"I just told her I was staying over so I could get a ride to the barbeque, and cuz she saw the invitation, she was fine with it." 

"Ok, then what do you want to do?" 

"I just want to spend time with you.  Let's watch TV first, and then we'll go to your bedroom." 

"Sure, we can do that." 

When we got to the living room, Hunter picked up the remote and found something for us to watch, and then he stripped down to just his underwear before sitting on the sectional next to me.  When I gave him a questioning look, he responded.  "I only did this cuz it's kinda warm."  

"I'm not complaining, and I've seen you with a lot less on." 

He looked at me and smirked.  "Do you like what you see when I'm naked?" 

"Yes, very much.  You're a very handsome and well-built boy."

"Man, I love you sooo much.  You always make me feel sooo good, and sometimes it's just cuz of what you say, but other times it's cuz of what we do."   

"I'm happy that I make you feel so good." 

"You do, and that's why I know you love me too." 

"I do," I confirmed as I leaned over and gave him a kiss. 

"Would you suck my cock now, and then you can fuck me later?"

"I could, but don't you want to fuck me too?" 

"Nah, I like havin' you do these things to me better.  I still like fuckin' you, but I feel you love me more when you're doin' this stuff to me, instead of when I'm doin' it to you." 

"That's fine, because I enjoy doing those things to you as well." 

As soon as I said that, he hopped up, pushed his underwear down to his ankles, and kicked them off to the one side.  He was already halfway hard just from talking about what he wanted me to do to him, and I grinned when I saw how excited he was.  However, I wasn't merely going to suck him off, because I planned on doing much more, so he would truly feel loved. 

Before he sat down again, I pulled him onto my lap and started to kiss him.  He didn't hesitate and got into a tongue duel with me, and we did that for a little while before I focused on his neck and ears.  He was cooing, almost purring, as I was doing this to him, and then I stood up, lifting him with me, and then I gently laid him down on the sectional.  He didn't ask what I was doing and didn't struggle against me.  He was merely putty in my hands. 

As soon as he was lying down, I attacked his nipples next, and I teased one with my tongue and nipped at it with my teeth, while at the same time tweaking the other one with my fingers.  He was moaning now, in addition to the other sounds he was making, and he allowed me to do whatever I wanted, as he merely writhed in pleasure. 

After I'd paid sufficient attention to his breasts, I worked my way down his chest and explored it with my mouth and tongue, only stopping briefly to explore his cute, innie navel.  When I reached his groin, I got up, moved between his legs, and lifted them to expose his pucker,  I then started to rim him, and he began thrashing around, moaning and panting quite loudly.  After a couple of minutes of doing that, I worked my way up his perineum until I reached his scrotum. 

I then attacked it with my tongue, and I nipped and tugged on the loose skin of his fleshy sack with my teeth, before taking both of his testicles into my mouth at the same time.  When I started to hum, I thought he was going to rocket off the sofa and go into orbit.  It seemed as if the sound vibrations were having twice the impact this time, since I had both of those watery orbs in my mouth.  He was oohing, ahhing, and thrashing around beneath me in pure ecstasy, so I continued doing it for a little while longer before I let both testicles fall from between my lips. 

At that point, I moved a little higher and began to lick up the length of his penis, which rose from his groin like a steel rod.  When I reached the spongy helmet, I toyed with it for a while with my tongue, and then I lowered my mouth over his penis and swallowed it until my lips were touching his pubic hairs.  Once his knob was lodged in my throat, I swallowed a few times, eliciting satisfied groans from Hunter, and then I began to bob up and down on his twitching shaft. 

Since he was already physically, emotionally, and psychologically primed, it took less than a minute before he started spurting his milky seed into my mouth.  I swallow most of it, but I saved the last few drops to savor, and once he was completely drained, I let his penis fall from between my lips.  I then scooted up to kiss him, and when his tongue invaded my willing mouth he got a taste of his own semen as we made out.  When we finally broke apart, he looked at me and sighed. 

"That was fuckin' incredible.  You just made me feel better than ever before.  You always make me feel great, and I didn't think it could get any better, but it just did." 

"I'm glad you approve." 

"Oh, yeah.  Big time.  Will you fuck me now?" 

"No, but I will make love to you." 

When he heard the first word of my response his face drooped, making him look like a scolded puppy, but when he heard the rest of my answer, he lit up again.  "Yeah, that sounds a lot better," he agreed. 

"Do you want to do that now, or would you like to continue watching TV and sitting here with me?" 

"We can sit here for a while and I'll sit on your lap.  You can even play with my cock, cuz I already cummed and I don't plan on fuckin' you later." 

"Sure, we can do that." 

He hopped off the sectional, grabbed the remote and found something else to watch, since the other program had ended.  Once that had been taken care of, he sat down on my lap, grabbed my hand, and placed it on his penis.  Then, he looked at me and smiled. 

"I know you like doin' this, so have fun." 

"Oh, I have a feeling you like me doing this and are having fun too." 

He giggled.  "Yep, I like you playin' with it." 

We watched TV until the show ended, and then he was ready to go back to the bedroom.  I had him pick up his clothes and carry them with him as we made our way there, because I didn't want the other boys to find them laying around the house.  When we reached the bedroom, he hopped on the bed, ready for me to get started. 

"So how do you want to do this?" 

"Like last time," he answered. 

"Ok, just let me get a towel then." 

"But I already cummed!" 

"It's just to make sure we don't make a mess on the sheets." 

He didn't argue as I went to retrieve a towel, and then I placed it on the bed.  Hunter thought we would get started right away, but I decided to rim him first.  "We already did this in the other room." 

"Yes, and I'll stop if you want me to, but I thought you might enjoy this." 

"Yeah, I like you doing it to me, so keep goin'."

Happy to comply, I finished what I'd started and listened to his moans of pleasure as I carried on.  After a couple of minutes, I stopped, put on a condom, and lubed it up, and then I lubed and stretched him as well.  When I felt he was ready, I lifted his legs and had him hold them in place while I slipped into his hungry hole.  Once I was all the way inside, I began a slow, thrusting motion. 

"Oh, man.  This feels incredible.  I can feel you movin' in me and you're hittin' that spot that gives me little shocks, like when I touch something and get a jolt of static electricity." 

"That's your prostate." 

"And it feels great!" 

I continued doing it for a while longer before I had him roll onto his side and I lifted one of his legs into the air, to get it out of the way.  I increased my pace as soon as I did this and was thrusting into him harder and faster now.  We did that for a few minutes more before I felt his body shudder, making me think he had another orgasm.  His muscles also tightened around my penis, but not in a death grip, but it was enough to increase the pleasurable feelings for me too.  After another couple of minutes I fired my load into the condom, and I thrust a few more times before I stopped. 

I didn't pull out of him right away either, and left my penis where it was, and after a minute I heard Hunter speak.  "You made me cum again.  I can't believe that you made me squirt again.  It wasn't as much as before, but I'm glad we used a towel, cuz it's got some of my cum on it now." 

After I pulled my penis out of its warm, comfy home, Hunter and I examined the towel.  Sure enough, there were cum pools on the fabric, proving what Hunter just told me.  "Damn, I can't believe I just did that twice." 

"Yes, at your age it can happen, and it can also occur a lot sooner for you after you've already cum than it would for me.  As you get older it takes even longer to recuperate in between orgasms."

"Yeah, but now I just want you to hold me for the rest of the night." 

"I can do that too, but lets shower, brush our teeth, and use the toilet first, and then I'll cuddle with you until morning." 

He was satisfied with my suggestion, so while he was adjusting the temperature of the shower, I went out to make sure all the lights were off and the door was locked before I went back to join him.  I also grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and shared it with him before we started cleaning up. 

Hunter wanted us to wash each other, so I agreed, and after we finished doing that, we got out, dried off, brushed our teeth, and emptied our bladders.  Then we got back into bed and I cuddled with him as we prepared to sleep. 

"Night, Dad.  I love you," Hunter said before he drifted off.

"Night, son, and I love you too."  This was definitely turning out to be a very strange relationship. 

When Hunter and I woke up in the morning, we relieved ourselves and washed our hands before I went out and fixed breakfast.  I opted to make pancakes today, because they were filling and we wouldn't be eating again until around 1:00 or 2:00, although we were told to be there around 11:00.  I felt the early arrival time was to give us an opportunity to chat and maybe even play a few games first, before we sat down to eat.  That's why I made sure Hunter and I were both quite full before we drove over there. 

When we pulled up at the address on the invitation, we found a very nice, two-story house, and there were several cars in the driveway and along the curb in front.  I parked along the curb as well, and then we got out and walked up to the front door.  We were greeted by Gary and Nolan's mothers, and they took us through the house and out to the backyard where the men, boys, and other women were waiting.  As we stepped outside, we were greeted by Gary and Nolan's dads. 

"I'm glad you could join us," Gary's dad said as he shook our hands.  "I think you know the others too, but let me take you around and introduce you, just in case." 

I knew everyone who was there, except for Braedon's dad.  He wasn't exceptionally big, but he looked fit and had a dour expression on his face.  It was obvious that Braedon had been fortunate enough to get his looks from his mother. 

Hunter went over to join the other boys who were playing a bean bag toss game, and I sat down to chat with the adults.  After receiving several compliments about the plays and the musical, Braedon's dad asked a question. 

"So you're really into this acting crap?" 

"I was in plays and musicals in high school and college, but I was an English major and that's what I teach.  The department chair asked if I would start the drama club, and since I would make a little extra for doing it, I agreed." 

He didn't say anything after he heard my answer, but he seemed fine with the idea now, since he apparently assumed I was merely doing it for the money.  I wasn't about to tell him differently and breathed a sigh of relief, since I felt I'd just leaped my first hurdle. 

We'd been chatting for about a half hour, and during that time I was learning a lot more about the others too when the boys came bursting over to see us.  "We want to play volleyball, so who's gonna join us?" Gary asked. 

After talking it over, Braedon's father definitely wasn't interested, but the other fathers all agreed to play.  Will's dad wasn't there, and I wasn't sure if he couldn't make it, or if he wasn't in the picture.  The women opted stay out of the game as well, and went into the house to help Nolan and Gary's mothers with the food.  Braedon looked hurt that his father wasn't going to join us, and he whispered to me after we had picked up teams. 

"I'm not surprised that he won't do anything like this.  He just came here to eat and see what my friends' parents were like."  I could feel the hurt in his voice as he told me this, but I didn't say anything.  I would wait and do that sometime when we were alone at my house.

Once the team's were set, we played a couple of games.  By the time the second game ended, Tucker and Jon's fathers were ready to take a break.  We went over and sat down in our former seats, next to Braedon's father, and we talked about the volleyball games.  We joked around and commented about some of our less than athletic moves when Braedon's father made a comment. 

"I'm glad Braedon found a nice group of boys to hang out with, and they all seem pretty normal."  Obviously, he thought the boys were all straight, so I wondered what he'd do or say if he ever learned the truth. 

"Yes, they all get along really well and they spend a lot of time with each other," Gary's father agreed.

"And my wife volunteers to take them to the Y every Sunday so they can swim," Nolan's dad added. 

"Yes, Braedon goes there with them too." 

After that exchange, Gary and Nolan's fathers got up to man the grill, but they had to go into the house to get the meat first.  While they were doing that, the women started bringing out the paper plates and utensils, along with the other food.  Tucker and Jon's mother said something to their husbands, and they got up and went inside, but before long they came back carrying a very large cooler filled with beverages.  As soon as all of those things were outside, we were called over to fill up our plates, because the meat was ready too. 

They had hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and chicken breasts, and they had a special barbeque sauce that could be added to any of those items.  The chicken breasts had already been marinated in it before they were put on the grill, but the other items could have it brushed onto them while they were still being cooked, if that's the way the person wanted it.  There were several salads too, so it was quite a feast, and if anyone went home hungry, it was their own fault. 

I wasn't surprised when Braedon's father was ready to leave shortly after we finished the meal, saying he had a lot of things to do at home.   Since Braedon and his mother didn't appear that they wanted to go with him, I offered to give them a ride home when they were ready.  After she looked at her husband and he shrugged his shoulders indicating he didn't care, she told him to go ahead and they'd be home later.  He took off and the atmosphere seemed to relax even more after he was gone, although no one commented about it directly. 

We played more games with the kids after that, which included another go at volleyball, along with kickball and bean bag toss, but we also talked some more and had a really good time.  When we agreed we were ready to call it a day, we thanked Gary and Nolan's parents for inviting us and told them we had a wonderful time.  They also thanked me for the things I'd done with their sons (if only they knew) and for helping to make them extremely proud of both boys.  The other parents thanked me as well, and then I had Hunter and Braedon get in the backseat so Braedon's mother could sit up front with me. 

They both thanked me for driving them home, because it had allowed them to stay a little longer, and I told them I was happy to do it.  I had not only enjoyed their company, but I also got to see where Braedon lived.  As he got out of the car he said he'd see me again at the park, and then I saw him explaining it to his mother as they walked to their front door. 

I started to drive Hunter home next, but he asked if I would let him stay over again tonight.  "What will your mother think?" 

"I'll just call and tell her that I'm stayin' with one of my friends." 

"And she won't have a problem with that?" 

"Nah, as long as she knows I'm not gettin' into trouble." 

"How can she possibly know that, if she doesn't actually know where you are?"  

"She trusts me." 

"Ok, I'll let you call her, and if she doesn't have a problem with it, then you can spend the night again." 

Hunter started hopping up and down in his seat showing how excited he was, and he continued doing that until we reached the house.  As soon as we got inside, he quickly called his mother, and apparently she told him it was ok, because he looked at me and grinned.  "I can stay, and I want you to make love to me again." 

"Damn, you're going to wear me out." 

"Nah, you're in a lot better shape than the other dads at the barbeque today." 

"But they don't have to make love or have sex with all of you boys like I do."

"So?  That's why I've got the dad in the best shape."

"Yeah, until you guys kill me with all the sex."

"That won't happen, cuz we don't want to lose you.  We all love you for doin' this stuff with us." 

"Then I guess that's what I'll have put on my tombstone." 

He looked up in shock at first, and then he realized I was joking and began to laugh.  "Don't worry, we won't kill you.  We all want you to be around for a really long time." 

It was nearing my normal dinnertime, but neither of us were hungry yet, so I told him I'd fix us something a little later.  Hunter wanted to spend time with me in the living room instead, so he found a movie on TV and then stripped, so he was completely naked this time.  When he saw me raising my eyebrows as I watched him taking off his clothes, he felt he should explain. 

"Hey, it's pretty warm in here again." 

"I suppose that excuse is as good as any," I quipped in response. 

He then sat beside me, and not on my lap, and he didn't move my hand to his crotch either.  He merely leaned against me, sighed, and that's the way we watched the movie. 

When it ended, I asked if he was hungry and he said a little, but he didn't want a lot.  I said I felt the same way, so I offered to make each of us a grilled cheese sandwich to hold us over.  He liked the idea, so I quickly made them for us, and I brought out a jar of pickles too.  We both had a glass of milk to wash it down, and when we finished, I pulled a container of black cherry ice cream out of the freezer.  I asked if he wanted some, and he said he did, so I quickly dished a couple of scoops into two bowls, placed spoons in them, and handed him one.  Once we finished, we rinsed off all the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher, and then I looked at Hunter to see what he wanted to do next. 

"Let's go back to your bedroom.  You have to work tomorrow, and I don't want you to be tired." 

"Ok, that's fine with me.  So you aren't going to try to tire me out when we get there?" 

"Yeah, I am, cuz I want you to make love to me first, but then you'll have all night to rest up."

"How thoughtful of you," I teased. 

I asked him to make sure he took all of his clothes from the living room first.  I didn't want him to accidentally forget something when he left, because if that happened and one of the other boys found it, I'd have to answer how and when it got there.  I didn't want to take that chance, because I didn't want to get into a discussion about why Hunter was staying overnight with me. 

When we got back to the bedroom, he was already naked, so I merely took off my clothes too.  I thought about taking a shower first, because we'd gotten hot and sweaty playing games at the barbeque earlier, but then we'd also have to shower afterward too.  I thought about it briefly, and when I realized I wasn't turned off thinking about doing those things with Hunter in his current state, I got into bed with him and we began making out. 

Hunter was really happy that I was willing to do more than just fuck him, and we did nearly all of the same things we'd done the night before in the living room, plus what we did in here.  We not only kissed, but I worked on nearly every part of his body, from his ears down to his thighs, and I licked, sucked, or rimmed nearly every part of him before I was ready to go further. 

"So how do you want to do this tonight?" 

"Just like last night.  That was really great." 

"Ok, I'll go get a towel again, just in case." 

"Yeah, cuz I think you're gonna need it tonight." 

After I placed the towel on the bed, Hunter laid on it while I got ready and then prepared him.  He was basically glowing as I began to slide into him, and he began moaning too, and that only increased when I began thrusting into him.  He was panting and cooing the entire time, totally into what we were doing, and he was also thrusting against me and mirroring my efforts.  After we did that for a few minutes, I rolled him onto his side, lifted his upper leg into the air, and carried on.  I continued to increase my pace every couple of minutes, because I wasn't prepared to go at this all night long.  I had just sped up again when his body shuddered, his bowels tightened around my penis, and his dick erupted. 

This time it wasn't just a little semen, because I hadn't sucked him off first.  Instead, it was several forceful volleys of his boy cream, and it coated the towel before being slowly absorbed into the fabric.  He was still too far gone to even acknowledge what had just happened, but once his body's grip on my penis began to relax, I began thrusting into him again, seeking my own relief.  It took a few more minutes to complete the act, since the earlier stoppage had taken the edge off me slightly, but eventually I exploded into the condom too.  I stayed in Hunter for a while longer, since I understood it was what he wanted, and then I gradually returned from the stratosphere. 

When I finally pulled out of him and lowered his leg, Hunter rolled onto his back, sat up, and threw his arms around my chest.  "Man, I love it when you make love to me like that, and you made me cum again too."

"Yes, I noticed that, and I'm glad you were able to do it again.  Are you going to want to take your turn now?" 

"Nah, let's just shower and then we can cuddle.  We'll wash each other first, and that will be a lot better than fuckin' you.  I still might be able to cum again, just not as much, but I know fuckin' you wouldn't be as good as what we just did." 

"That's fine with me, as long as it's what you've decided."

Before we went into the bathroom, I took the towel and tossed it into the laundry room, and then we went in to shower.  We lovingly washed each other first, and then we dried off, brushed our teeth, and used the toilet.  When we got into bed, Hunter decided to rest his head on my chest, and then he draped an arm and leg across my body as he cuddled against me.  As soon as we were both comfortable, he spoke. 

"Night, Dad.  I love you." 

"I love you too, son.  Sweet dreams." 

"Oh, I'll have plenty of those," he sighed as he closed his eyes.

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