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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 55 - Another Success. 

While we were waiting for everyone else to find a place to sit and watch the play, I gave the kids a little pep talk to get them psyched up and told them to go out on stage and 'knock 'em dead'.  Of course I didn't mean it literally, and I even had to explain what I meant to the kids too.  After telling them it was an idiom actors used to mean 'go out and do a great job', I stepped out on the stage to welcome the audience and give a brief description of what the play was about. 

After I exited to the wings and stood behind the screen, the play started and the kids did an even better job then they'd done the day before.  I think the reaction they'd received from the audience the previous day and the comments they'd heard afterward had given them the confidence they were displaying today, especially the girls.  Doing this play was their first experience with performing, so the emotional boost from the first outing was propelling them to do an even better job today.  The boys were giving strong performances as well, which I'd come to expect from them, so all in all I was extremely pleased with each of them. 

When the play ended and the kids had gone out to take their final bow, they received a tremendous ovation from the crowd.  I assumed they were mostly family and friends who had come to support them, so it wasn't unusual that they were reacting positively, but I felt the kids had earned their admiration and respect.  Now, we would have a chance to see who approached us and what they had to say. 

As I was walking behind the last of the actors as we exited the stage, I was met by Owen at the bottom of the stairs.  "Fantastic job!" he said and he grasped my hand and shook it.  "I've been getting some very positive feedback from the parents since your first day on the job, so I was convinced I'd hired the right man.  I don't think I've ever seen as fine a performance during any of the previous summers that I've held this position.  My wife and children were in the audience too, and they thoroughly enjoyed it as well." 

"Thank you, Owen.  I'm glad you offered me this job, because I've had a great time working with these kids so far.  By the way, might I have met your kids at the park before?" 

"I doubt it, because my wife only brings them here on the weekend.  Our children are only five and three-years-old, so they need constant supervision.  In fact, once the play ended my wife just took them over to have some fun on the equipment until the fireworks begin." 

"Ah, then maybe I'll get to work with them sometime in the future." 

"That would please us all." 

Once I left Owen, a few other people stopped to congratulate me, which included a couple of the girl's parents.  "Great job!  Amber said she liked working with you and has learned a great deal already," her mother informed me.   

"She did an excellent job both times, and I'm sure she'll be in our other plays as well."

"Sally likes being part of your acting program too, and she's told me your very patient with them," her mother stated next. 

"And she did a fine job as well and I've enjoyed working with her.  You should be very proud of what she's accomplished."

Once I finished talking to them, I made my way over to the boys and their families.  "Marshall, I don't know how you keep getting the kids to do so well, but congratulations on another fine job," Gary's father told me as I approached. 

"Thank you, but the kids did the hard part.  They deserve the credit, not me."

"Maybe so, but they wouldn't be doing so well without your guidance and instruction," Nolan's mother countered.

"It's like Michelangelo said about his sculptures.  The figure was already in the marble and he just had to clear out the excess marble to make it seen.  In my case, the ability was already in these kids, and I just had to dust it off so you could see it too." 

"I can see why the boys like you so much," Braedon's mother added.  "They really seem to enjoy being part of these plays and spending so much time with you." 

"Thank you.  They all work very hard at it, and that's why they give such fantastic performances."

"I'm not really into this crap, but I have to admit I was impressed too," Braedon's father stated next.  "It was much better than what I was expecting." 

"I'm glad you all came, because I know if means a great deal to your sons that you're here to support them." 

I chatted with several of the other parents too, and then I asked the boys a question.  "Did any of you leave anything at my house that you have to get now?" 

"Yeah, I left my backpack there with my other clothes in it," Nolan confessed. 

"And my other clothes are there too," Jon chimed in. 

"Ok, then anyone who needs to go get their stuff, come with me now, while it's still light out." 

We walked quickly as we made our way back to the house to get their things, and as they were rounding up those items, I noticed that Hunter hadn't come with the rest of the boys.  This seemed strange to me, since his bike was still in the foyer, so it must mean he's going to come back and get it after the fireworks have ended. 

I grabbed a flashlight to take with me so I'd have it for the walk home later, and I slipped it into one of the pockets of my cargo shorts before walking back with the boys.  I saw them either asking for the key to the family vehicle so they could place their stuff inside, or one of their parents would walk over with them so they could leave their belongings safely in the car.  While they were doing that, Hunter's mother came up to me. 

"Great job, and I'm glad Hunter is part of your acting group.  It's done a great deal to build his self confidence and he thinks the world of you." 

"He's done a terrific job and I enjoy working with him.  He's a very hard worker." 

"Yes, he told me that he's help you do some work at your place, and I'm grateful you bought him the bike and let him spend so much time with you.  He said his bike is at your house and you told him he could just spend the night, instead of riding home in the dark.  Was he telling me the truth, or would you like me to drive to your place and put his bike in the trunk so I can take him home with me?" 

"That won't be necessary and he's welcome to stay with me, if you don't mind.  However, I know you work a lot and don't get to spend much time with each other, so if you want him home tonight we can do that too.  I'll leave it up to you." 

"I'm beat, so I'll probably just clean up and go to bed, so if you don't mind, I think he's looking forward to spending the night with you.  He's needed a man in his life for a long time and I think he sees you as the dad he's never had." 

"Yes, I know, because he's slipped and called me that a few times." 

"I had a feeling that was the case, so I'm glad he's found someone as nice as you to fill that role for him." 

"Having been an actor, I'm used to filling many different roles, and this is one I like more than any of the others.  He's a great kid." 

"Thank you, but he's not the only one who thinks very highly of you.  I can tell these other boys do too, along with the kids in your acting group." 

"I guess I'm just playing whatever roles they need at the moment as well.  As Shakespeare wrote, "one man in his time plays many parts," so I'm just doing what is needed." 

"I'm glad, because Hunter has finally started to come out of his shell." 

We all went back to our spots from earlier, grabbed another drink, and sat down to wait for the first rocket to explode in the sky.  It was nearly dark now, so we all looked toward the heavens and waited for the show to begin. 

It started when four rockets soared into the nighttime sky, one after the other, and exploded with a large boom that we felt to our very core, as they released their colorful display of lights.  That was followed by a variety of different types of rockets being set off, each with it unique pattern of lights and sound effects.  This continued until the grand finale when somewhere between fifteen and twenty rockets were set off in rapid succession.  As the sound waves impacted our chests and assaulted our ears, the brilliant lights mesmerized our eyes and kept us focused on the brilliant display.  It was a fitting end to a wonderfully enjoyable day. 

I said goodbye to each of the others and watched them leave, and then Hunter walked up beside me.  "My mom said she talked to you about me spendin' the night." 

"Yes, she gave me the impression that she thought I had suggested it because I didn't want you riding your bike home in the dark." 

He blushed before he responded.  "I knew you wouldn't mind if I stayed over again, so I told her it was your idea.  Did you tell her that wasn't true?"  This time he looked worried. 

"Of course not, because I'd already figured out that was probably what you told her.  Besides, I'd already guessed it was what you were planning on doing when you didn't come back to the house with the other boys to get your bike." 

"Yeah, I was going to use that as an excuse to go back with ya.  So what else happened?"

"Nothing, we just had a nice chat," I replied as I turned on the flashlight and we started walking back to the house. 

"Come on!  What did you guys talk about?" 

"You, of course." 

"What did she say?"  He almost appeared panicked now. 

"Nothing bad.  She said she was glad you were taking part in the plays and thanked me for buying you the bike.  She also said something about you liked spending time with me." 

"Yeah, I finally told her I stayed with you most times when I wasn't at home and that you're the one who takes me swimmin'.  Did she say anything else?" 

"Only that she believes you think of me like I'm your dad." 

"She said that?  How did she sound?  Was she upset?" 

"No, actually she seemed quite pleased that you had me to fill that particular role.  She even thinks it's been good for you, because you seem to be doing much better now." 

"Good, then she'll probably let me spend more time with you." 

"If you spend any more time with me, you might as well just move in," I joked. 

"I wish I could, but I've got to spend some time with my mom too." 

"Of course, and I wouldn't expect any less."  

We had reached the house by this point, so I unlocked the door and we went inside.  As soon as I turned on the lights, I looked at Hunter and spoke.  "Ok, what do you want to do now, since it's getting late?"  

"Will you make love to me before we go to bed?" 

"I suppose we could take the time to do that, so do you want to do it the same way as before?" 

"Nah, let's do it in the chair this time, cuz I cummed when we did it that way too." 

"That's fine with me," I agreed as I started to take off my shirt as we headed back to the bedroom. 

"I want you to undress me first, and then we can do it," he suggested. 

I didn't have a problem with his request, since I knew he liked making out and having me work on the other parts of his body as well, so I turned and started to kiss him.  I only broke the kiss long enough to lift his tee-shirt over his head, and then our mouths joined and our tongues did a delicate mating dance.  By the time I began working on his neck, his knees seemed to buckle and grow weak, so I placed my hands on his waist, lifted him up, and laid him on the bed.  Once he was on the mattress, I continued working on his neck before moving down to his chest. 

When I reached the top of his shorts, I unfastened the snap and lowered the zipper, and then he lifted his hips and let me remove them.  After I tugged them down his legs and took them off, I did the same with his shoes and socks.  Now that he was naked, he spread his legs and gave me access to his family jewels. 

I wasted no time in accepting his unspoken invitation and dove down to work on his scrotum next.  After washing every inch of skin with my tongue, I nipped and tugged on the loose flesh with my teeth and fingers, before taking both of his testicles into my mouth.  I quickly began to hum on them next, because I realized he enjoyed me doing that nearly as much as he liked me fucking him.  As soon as I began my rendition of another Broadway tune, he started to squirm around beneath me as the sensations radiated throughout his slender frame and brought him pleasure.  He was sighing and moaning too, another indication that he appreciated my efforts.  

After doing this for a couple of minutes, I lifted his legs and attacked his bottom next, as I aggressively rimmed his most private place.  I continued doing that until I felt it was time to get him ready, so I grabbed the lube and worked my fingers into his opening as I stretched his hole and prepared him for coupling.  I also rolled the condom onto my ridged shaft and lubed it up as well, and then I placed a towel down on the floor, before I sat down on the chair and waited for him to join me. 

As he stood in front of the chair facing away from me, he started backing up and I pushed my penis forward until it was pointing at his hole.  He continued moving backward until the mushroom head touched his pucker, and then he pushed back until it slipped inside his hole and he'd completely impaled himself upon it.  When that happened, he sighed, placed his weight upon my midsection, and lifted his legs so he could place his feet on top of my knees.  He then grabbed the armrests and started to raise and lower his body on my erect shaft. 

Hunter was attacking my penis with more vigor than ever before, and his body was going up and down on the shaft with such speed and aggressiveness that all I had to do was sit there and enjoy.  When I had done this with the boys in the past, I would thrust upward while they were sitting down, and then relax when they lifted up again, but I didn't need to do that with Hunter.  He was completely in charge and doing it at a speed that was giving both of us an equal amount of pleasure. 

I'm not sure how long he'd been going at it, because I was completely lost in the feelings I was getting from his effort, when his sphincter and other muscles clamped down on my erection.  He was still trying to continue his efforts, while at the same time strands of ejaculate were catapulting from his own flopping penis.  His cum was flying all over the place, including on us, and I doubted much of it was landing on the towel.  His orgasm brought me over the edge too, and I was busy filling the condom with my ejaculate as his release was coming to an end. 

After taking a couple of minutes to regain our senses, Hunter tried to twist around on my penis, which hadn't fully deflated yet, so he could give me a quick kiss.  "You made me do it again!  You made me cum." 

"You were doing all the work, and I merely loaned you a part of body to use." 

"I love you, Dad, and you are the only one who ever made me cum when you fuck me.  No one else has ever made me do it before, just you." 

"I'm glad I can do that for you, but I enjoyed making love to you as well.  However, we need to clean up and get to bed, because I have to work in the morning." 

"Yeah, I know." 

I grabbed the towel and wiped the additional spots of cum off the carpet, and then I tossed the towel in the laundry room before going to shower with Hunter.  As I was washing his body, I made a decision that had nothing to do with him.  I decided I was going to have to rent a rug shampooer and clean the carpet in the bedroom, because that wasn't the first time I've had to wipe semen off of it.  After watching different crime shows on TV, I could only imagine how the ultraviolet bulbs would light up the entire bedroom if this place ever became a crime scene.  God knows we wouldn't want that to happen. 

After we finished washing each other, we went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed.  Hunter immediately cuddled up with me again, with his head on my chest and an arm and leg draped over other parts of my body.  Before long, his breathing had settled into a steady rhythm, which let me know he had fallen asleep, and I wasn't far behind. 

When I awoke in the morning, Hunter was still wrapped around me like a boa constrictor on a hunger strike, meaning he had me in his coils but decided not to devour me.  I glanced over at the clock and noticed that I could still give him a few more minutes to sleep before I had to get out of bed, since I knew moving about would wake him.  Eventually, I had to get up and start getting ready, and sure enough he awoke the minute I extricated myself from his grip and got out of bed. 

"Is it time to get up?" he mumbled as he tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes. 

"Yes, it is, but you can sleep a little longer and then come over to the park when you're ready.  Just lock the door before you leave." 

"No!  I want to go with you," he stated as he jumped out of bed. 

"Ok, if that's what you want, but don't blame me if your tired later." 

"I'll be fine." 

"Ok, then how about scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage links for breakfast?" 

"Yeah, that sounds good." 

We got dressed quickly before heading out to the kitchen.  While I was fixing the scramble eggs and frying the sausages, Hunter poured each of us a glass of orange juice and made the toast.  Once everything was ready, we fixed our plates and carried them and our O.J. into the dining room to eat. 

When we finished, we rinsed off our dishes and placed them in the dishwasher, and then I had Hunter take our bikes outside so we'd be ready to leave.  Shortly after he came back inside, the other boys showed up to drop off their backpacks with their lunch inside, but they also had a little surprise with them. 

"Hmmm, are you guys picking up hitchhikers now?" I joked. 

"Nah, we told Danny and Alex to start bringing their lunch with them and we'd leave everything here until later," Will answered.  "They were waiting for us by your driveway." 

"Yeah, they want to mess around with us again after we eat." 

I remembered they'd mentioned this before, when they allowed Danny and Alex to come over after the kickball game and they'd jerked each other off after I sprayed them.  However, I thought I'd discouraged them from doing more, because I didn't know these boys very well, and I certainly didn't know their parents.  I couldn't take a chance that they might say something about my involvement, so I thought I might have to start sitting out of the lunchtime fun. 

After they'd all dropped their backpacks off, I had them ride to the park in small groups, but only after I took off first, because I didn't want to be late.  I had just locked my bike up at the bike rack when some of the other boys pulled up.  I merely nodded at them and went inside to let Tom know I'd arrived.  I'd expected to find him inside because the place was unlocked, and he greeted me shortly after I walked into the main room. 

"Marshall, I heard yesterday went well for you.  Congratulations!" 

"Thank you, but how did you know." 

"One of the maintenance people was here cleaning the toilets when I arrived.  I guess they got a lot of use yesterday, so he was making sure they were clean before the kids got here.  Anyway, he told me he and his family were at the park yesterday and his kids loved the play.  He asked me to pass that message along to whoever had been in charge of putting it on." 

"Thanks, and yes, the kids did another wonderful job." 

"So when's the next play?"

"I haven't decided yet, but probably in three weeks." 

"Great.  I hope the kids do as well as they did this time." 

"I have faith that they will." 

A little while later a group of kids from the acting program came in to ask me what play we'd be doing next and how many of them would be in this one.  I explained the play and how many major and minor parts there were, and I told them I'd have those with the minor roles learn one of the major roles as a backup. 

"Sounds like fun.  I can't wait to see who gets the big roles this time." 

"It will be someone else this time and those who were in the last play will get the smaller parts in this play.  They'll also be the backups for the bigger roles too, in case someone gets sick or hurt." 

After Patty and Paul showed up at noon, I saw some of the boys getting on their bikes and taking off for my house, so as soon as I could slip away, I went to join them.  They were all standing around in the driveway waiting for me to show up when I got there. 

"Thanks for lettin' us join these other guys," Danny said once we were inside.  "I wish we went to your school too." 

"Well, as long as these boys don't have a problem with you doing stuff with them, then I won't complain either."  I grabbed my lunch out of the fridge and started chowing down. 

"You mean you don't do it with them?" 

"No, I could get in big trouble for doing that.  I'm taking enough of a chance just letting them use my place to mess around with each other." 

"But there will be an odd number if you don't do it too." 

"Then I guess someone will just have to go twice.  You'd better stop talking and start eating, though, or they'll have even numbers after all, because you won't be ready to do anything."

"I think everyone would like it if you did it with us," Danny continued after taking a couple of bites.  "I'd even do it with ya, cuz I wouldn't mind seeing you naked too." 

"I appreciate the offer, but I can't afford to take a chance like that." 

"It won't be a chance, cuz we won't tell nobody what we did." 

"Maybe you won't mean to, but accidents happen." 

"Nah, we promise.  I'll show ya," he said as he turned to say something to the rest of the gang.  "Hey, I'm trying to get Mr. Roberson to do this with us, cuz we got odd numbers.  None of you mind if he joins in, do ya?" 

"Nah, we've been trying to get him to do it too." Hunter chimed in. 

"See, I told ya," Danny said looking at me again.  "And no one will say anything if he does it, right?"  They all agreed.  "Promise that you won't say nothing, so he'll know!" 

Once Danny got the rest of the boys to promise that their lips were sealed, he turned back to me.  "See, I told you.  So will you be my partner today?"

"You don't even know what they're planning on doing."

"I think we're just gonna jack each other off again, but I don't care what we do." 

"We've been suckin' each other off at lunch time," Tucker explained. 

"Have you or Alex ever done that before?" I asked in return. 

Danny glanced at Alex before he answered.  "I guess not." 

"Then you might want to start with someone closer to your own size until you get used to doin' it." 

"I think we're all done eatin', so let's get started," Nolan urged.  "I'll be with Mr. Roberson then." 

As the boys lowered their shorts and underwear, I got a better look at Danny and Alex this time.  I saw they were both uncircumcised the last time, but I didn't realize the drastic difference between the two boys.  It wasn't so much their penis size, because that was only slightly different, but it was their foreskin.  Even in his flaccid state, Danny's dickhead was peaking out of the foreskin, because it didn't cover the entire glans.  Alex, on the other hand, had a considerable amount of foreskin that extended beyond his dickhead, and this almost made his penis appear to be a tiny elephant's trunk. 

I also noticed that Will had teamed up with Danny while Jon and Alex agreed to be partners.  I guess those two boys wanted to get a better look at how the foreskin worked, but it also meant they'd have to explain to the other pair about giving oral sex.  They must have worked it out, though, because everyone got their rocks off before we had to go back to the park. 

"You've got a really nice cock, Mr. Roberson," Danny said before we got dressed again.  "It's really big, and I hope I get to play with it sometime." 

"We'll switch around so everyone gets a chance to be with everyone else." 

"Good, cuz I want to try doin' this with all of you," Alex piped up with a grin. 

"So you boys enjoyed what you did today?" 

"Oh, yeah.  It was really fun," Alex answered.  "I never did nothin' like this before."

"Yeah, this was really great," Danny agreed, "so I hope we can do it all summer long." 

"We probably can, as long as you keep your promise and nobody spills the beans." 

"Ok, we won't," Danny concurred. 

As soon as the boys were presentable again, I told them I'd leave first and then they could come back in small groups starting in a minute.  "What about our backpacks?" Alex wondered. 

"You can either take them back to the park now, or you can leave them here and pick them up again after I'm done with work for the day." 

"The rest of us just come back to pick them up before we go home," Braedon offered. 

"Ok, we'll do that then." 

Once the boys were all outside, I locked the door, jumped on my bike, and took off for the park.  This was going to be a very interesting summer.

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