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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 57 - Picking Up the Pieces. 

After I fed the boys breakfast, we rinsed off the dishes and placed everything in the dishwasher, and then I went into the living room with them to watch cartoons.  I handed Braedon the remote and let him be in charge, and Hunter didn't seem to have a problem with that. 

I was somewhat surprised when I heard Braedon chortle at the antics on the screen.  I thought he might be experiencing a sense of loss, or at least a modicum of sadness, so laughter wasn't something I was expecting to hear.  Since this wasn't going the way I anticipated, and it didn't appear as if he was having difficulty dealing with his dad's death, I wondered when the reality of the situation might suddenly come crashing down on him. 

I sat with the boys for over an hour because I wanted to keep an eye on Braedon, but he seemed to be acting as if nothing was wrong and was carrying on as he normally would.  When Hunter got up to go the toilet, however, Braedon suddenly displayed a crack in his stoic armor. 

"If my dad shot those other guys, it means he prolly would have killed me if he found out I was gay."  I looked at him when he said this and I noticed there were tears cascading down his cheeks.  "I was scared of him before, because I thought he would beat me up if he found out, but now I know he would have done worse than that." 

I reached out and pulled him to me so I could wrap my arms around his chest.  "You can't think like that or draw conclusions from what he did to my friend and the security guard.  He didn't know them, so he experienced no feelings of remorse or regret for what he did, but you were his son." 

"I don't think that would've mattered.  You didn't hear the awful things he was saying about your friend the last couple of nights.  He was callin' him all kinds of awful names cuz he was gay, and he even said somebody would be doin' him a favor if they killed him." 

"You're right, I didn't know that, but it doesn't mean he would have acted the same way toward you." 

"I'm pretty sure he would have.  He hated gays and it didn't make a difference who it was.  He would have hated me too."

"Even if that was true, I don't think you're mother would have let him harm you." 

"She wouldn't have been able to stop him, and if she'd tried, he might have killed her too." 

Just after he said that, Braedon noticed that Hunter had returned, and for a moment he merely sat still and stared at him.  I had a feeling it was because he wondered how much Hunter had heard, but Hunter didn't act as if he was aware of what we'd been talking about.  Even though he seemed oblivious to our conversation, Hunter was aware that we were both looking at him.    

"Is something wrong?  Do you want me to leave?" he asked after he noticed Braedon's reaction. 

"Hunter, maybe you should give us a few minutes alone," I replied, but then Braedon spoke up. 

"Nah, it's ok.  He knows most of it already, so he can stay." 

"Are you sure you don't have a problem with that?" 

"Yeah, he can stay."

"Ok, if you don't have a problem with it," I agreed.  "Hunter, you don't have to leave, but just listen and please don't say anything.  Braedon needs to talk about this now, and I don't want any distractions." 

"Ok, I won't say a word, but are you sure it's ok for me to be here?" 

"Yeah, it's ok," Braedon confirmed.  "Just don't go spreadin' any of this around." 

"Ok, I won't."

That didn't seem to matter, though, because our discussion ended a few minutes later, and then the boys went back to watching cartoons again.  I had a feeling Braedon hadn't gotten everything off his chest, but I'd wait until we were alone before I continued asking him about what he was feeling.  On the other hand, maybe it would be better if I just waited until he was ready to bring it up again. 

"Braedon, what do you think about maybe going to the Y for a while?" I asked during a commercial thinking the activity might be good for him.

"Yeah, we can do that." 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, it'll be fun, but will the other boys be there too?" 

"No, it will just be the three of us," I said, but then I noticed Hunter had a strange expression on his face.  "Hunter, do you have the things you'll need here?"

"No, I didn't bring my stuff with me this time, cuz I didn't think we'd be swimmin' today." 

"Can you get those things if I drive you home?" 

"Yeah, I've got my key so I can get inside to get them." 

"Ok, Braedon and I will go grab our gear, and then I'll drive you home to get your things before we head over to the Y.  Braedon, you can put your swimsuit in my gym bag for today."

After Braedon and I went to get our swimsuits, I tossed them and two towels into my gym bag.  While we were doing that, Hunter retrieved his gym bag from the office, because it was where he left it during the week.  He would carry his other things back and forth in his backpack and then only use his gym bag when going from my house to the Y. 

As soon as we had everything we needed, we got in the car, and Hunter told Braedon to sit in front.  I thought it was really nice of him to do this, since he usually acted as if it was his seat, but this time he apparently felt his friend needed to sit there instead.  I then drove Hunter over to his place, and he hopped out of the backseat and ran inside to get what he needed.

"So Hunter lives here?" Braedon asked as he looked at the house. 

"Yes, there are four apartments in the building and he and his mother live in one of them." 

"I guess it was prolly a pretty nice place at one time, but it doesn't look very good now.  I'm glad my dad made sure we lived in a nice house." 

"Yes, your mom said he was a good provider, but he just had some warped values and ideas." 

"I'm just glad my mom is lettin' me stay with you for now.  I think it would be worse if I was home, cuz I'd think about him more than I do when I'm with you." 

"I'm sure that's what she was thinking as well." 

We then sat in silence until Hunter came racing back out with his swimsuit and towel in hand.  Once he got into the car, he stuffed those items into his gym bag as I took off for the Y. 

I didn't worry about Jack Cardwell today, because this was a special situation, but he wasn't there anyway.  Once we changed, we went out to the pool and swam laps, but we didn't workout as hard as Hunter and I would normally do.  We took it easy today, because we merely wanted Braedon to use the exercise to help him temporarily forget about everything else. 

"That was fun," Braedon said as we were taking off our swimsuits later and getting ready to shower.  "I'm glad you talked me into doin' this." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it and had fun." 

After we clean up and dressed, I drove back to the house and made lunch, and then the other boys showed up while we were eating.  "Would any of you like something to eat or drink?"

"I could use a drink," Tucker answered. 

"I'm sure the rest of you could too, and you know where everything is, so just help yourself." 

"Are we gonna do stuff now?" Braedon asked as he looked at the other boys. 

"Only if you want to.  They just came here to make sure you were ok." 

"Yeah, we was worried about ya," Jon confessed. 

"I think I'd like to mess around too," Braedon replied, "cuz now I don't have to worry about my dad findin' out." 

I wasn't sure if this was a good sign or not.  Was it a step forward and he was merely carrying on with his life, or was it his way of masking what he was feeling right now?  I wasn't going to question him about it in front of the others, though, especially since he was the one who'd suggested it. 

"Why don't we let Braedon decide who he wants to be with today," Will offered thinking that might help. 

"Yeah, it's his choice," Nolan agreed, and then they all looked at Braedon and waited to see whom he chose. 

"I guess if it's ok with the rest of you, then I want to be with Mr. Roberson today." 

"Yeah, that's ok," Gary agreed as the other boys nodded and smiled. 

"In that case, how do you want to do it?" I asked, giving him the choice. 

"Ummm, I don't know.  I just want to feel that I'm loved and doin' this is ok.  I don't want to feel like my dad made me feel, cuz I don't want to believe that it's wrong to be the way we are." 

"Ok, then I think I know the best way to do this for you."  I felt Hunter had given me the answer to this situation during one of the last times I made love to him.  "Guys, I'm gonna need part of the bed this time, so maybe some of you can use the mat instead." 

"Yeah, we'll do that," Hunter quickly agreed. 

I went to get a towel, and then I laid it down at the foot of the bed and began to undress Braedon.  I was kissing him as I was removing his clothes, and I paid attention to each area as it was uncovered.  To my complete amazement, I noticed the other boys were just standing around and watching us, instead of getting started themselves.  It wasn't that they had never seen me do these things before, but I think they just wanted to see how Braedon was responding. 

As soon as I removed his shorts and underwear, I lifted him up and laid him on the towel.  Since he wasn't anticipating what I was going to do next, I had to nudge his legs apart, and then I attacked his scrotum.  After playing with his sack and giving him as much pleasure as I thought possible, I sucked both of his testicles into my mouth and began to hum.  Since Hunter always seemed to enjoy this, I thought Braedon would too, and I got a kick out of watching him squirm about as he delighted in the sensations radiating throughout his body. 

After doing that for a few minutes, I lifted his legs and rimmed him next.  As my tongue went to work on that sensitive area, he began to moan in response, so I knew he was enjoying it.  When I had done that for an appropriate amount of time, I stretched and lubed his hole, as I prepared him for being penetrated.  As soon as I put on the condom and lubed it up, I placed my knob at his opening and began inching my way down his tight tunnel.  Once I was all the way inside, I bent over and began to kiss him again, before I did anything else. 

When I finally started thrusting into his backside, I continued bending over his prostrate form so my belly was rubbing against his penis as I made each thrust and then withdrew.  It only took a minute of doing this before Braedon became aware of what was happening and he began to enjoy the feelings it was causing.  That's when he started thrusting his penis against my midsection as well, just like Hunter did whenever we made love this way.  It was like a switch had been turned on in his brain and he started humping my gut at the same rhythm that I was thrusting into his behind.  We continued doing this for several minutes before he suddenly stopped, his body shuddered, and his cum exploded between our bellies. 

I continued thrusting into him once his sphincter relaxed its grip on my organ, and a few minutes later I was filling the condom with my semen.  Shortly after that happened, Braedon looked into my eyes and spoke. 

"You made me cum while we were doin' this and it felt incredible." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." 

"I did, and thank you.  I really needed that, cuz it made me feel normal again.  Now that my dad's not around, I don't feel like a freak any more." 

"I'm glad to hear that too, but now we'd better go shower and clean this mess off our bodies." 

"Yeah, let's go." 

We went into the shower and I washed him first, before I did the same thing to myself.  He seemed to be deep in thought and was pretty much standing motionless under the spray, so I washed every inch of his flesh and didn't bother him.  After I finished washing both of us and we'd rinsed off, I turned off the water, led him out of the shower, and used a couple of towels to dry our bodies.  Some of the boys were just starting to come into the bathroom to clean up too, seeing they hadn't started until Braedon and I had finished. 

"I'm going to take Braedon to the living room while you boys switch and finish up.  When you're done, you can join us." 

They nodded their understanding, so I led Braedon to the living room and sat down next to him after I turned on the TV.  "Thank you.  I'm glad we did that today," he said after a couple of minutes.  "I'm also glad my mom let me come here for a few days." 

"Me too, and I'm glad we're able to make you feel better." 

We were still sitting and talking when the phone rang.  Once I answered it, I discovered it was Braedon's mother.  "How's he doing?"

"He's doing quite well.  We just got back from swimming, and I think the exercise was good for him.  Hunter stayed with us last night, and I think that helped too." 

"I'm glad to hear he's doing ok.  I made the funeral arrangements and here's what is going to happen.  The calling hours will be held at the O'Malley Funeral Home from 2:00 to 6:00 on Monday, and the funeral will be at 2:00 on Tuesday.   I set it up that way because I thought it would be easier for you to get off work so you could bring Braedon and then stay with him.  I talked to a couple of the other parents and they said the other counselors showed up at noon, so you'd probably be able to break away after that." 

"Yes, I'll call my boss and explain the situation to him.  I doubt he'll have a problem with me taking the time off, so we'll see you then." 

"I look forward to seeing both of you, and thank you for doing this for us." 

"No problem, and it's my pleasure." 

After I hung up, I called Owen at home and explained the situation to him.  "Yes, I heard about what happened on the news, so go ahead and take those two afternoons off.  The other three will be there, so we'll have plenty of coverage, and just take care of that poor young man." 

"Thanks, Owen.  I knew you'd understand." 

"And I knew you'd be the kind of guy who would step up in a situation like this.  My hat's off to you." 

Now that this had been taken care off, I went over and sat down with Braedon again, but since the other boys seemed to be keeping him entertained, I doubted if he'd even missed me.  However, the others left a little while later and headed home, and Hunter was the only one who still remained with us. 

"Do you want me to stay over again tonight?" he asked once we were alone. 

"I'm not sure.  Let's ask Braedon." 

When we did, Braedon apparently didn't think it was necessary.  "Nah, I'm feelin' better now, so you can go home and stay with your mom.  But thanks for doin' that last night, cuz it really helped." 

I think Hunter was a little disappointed, and when he left to go home to have dinner with his mom he bid us goodbye and said he'd see us again the next day.  I said we looked forward to that and reminded him to be careful on the way home. 

Shortly after Hunter had taken off, I turned to Braedon and asked him a question.  "How would you like to go out to eat tonight?"

"Yeah, if you don't wanna cook." 

"I'm not even sure what I'd fix, so let's do that instead." 

I drove over to the diner and we went inside and sat in a booth.  I thought Braedon would sit across from me, but he quickly let me know that he wanted to sit next to me instead, so I slid into the booth beside him.  When the waitress came to take our order, she looked at Braedon and smiled. 

"It looks like someone is happy to be spending time with his dad."  She said this because Braedon had my arm trapped between his arm and his body and was smiling broadly as he was looking at the menu. 

"Yeah, I don't get to spend time with him alone like this very often," Braedon answered, much to my surprise. 

Was I now the substitute father for another boy?  First Hunter, and then Will, and now Braedon?  It's not that I minded, but I never really thought of myself as a family man. 

We gave her our orders, and as soon as she left, Braedon turned to me and spoke.  "I hope you're not mad that I let her think you were my dad." 

"No, that was fine.  In fact, I was proud she thought you were my son, because I would be honored if you were." 

"And I'd love it if you could be my dad for real."

"Even if we can't do it legally, I'll always be here for you," I assured him, and then we began chowing down just as soon as she delivered our meals.  When we finished, I paid the bill, left a tip, and we got back in the car and headed to the house. 

"Thanks, that was good," Braedon said on the way home.

"Yes, I enjoyed it too, and I'm glad that you wanted to go out to eat tonight.  What do you want to do when we get to the house?" 

"Ummm, I'm not sure.  I'll do anything, as long as I can do it with you."

"Would you like to find a movie to watch on TV?" 

"Yeah, and then you can hold me while we're doin' that." 

"Sounds good to me too."

As soon as we got back to the house, I found the first Hobbit movie on TV, and when I sat down on the couch Braedon crawled onto my lap.  He placed his head against my chest and pulled my hand onto his lap so he could hold it.  Then, he sighed and turned his attention to the screen. 

We spent the next couple of hours watching the movie, but Braedon started to yawn before it was over.  As soon as it ended, I used the remote to turn off the TV, and then I picked Braedon up in my arms and carried him to the bedroom.  I turned the lights off along the way, made sure the door was locked, and then carried him into the bedroom and laid him on my bed. 

Seeing he was so sleepy I undressed him, but I left his underwear on, and then I undressed too.  Unfortunately, we both had to go to the toilet and brush our teeth before we turned in, but after we finished doing that, we went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed.  As soon as we were lying next to each other, Braedon rolled over, put his head on my chest and held on to me for all he was worth.  As soon as he did that, I turned my head and kissed him on the forehead, bid him sweet dreams, and wrapped an arm around him as well.  We fell asleep a few minutes later, and we were still holding on to each other when we woke up the next morning. 

After I fixed us something to eat, I looked at Braedon and asked a question.  "Do you feel like swimming again today, or would you rather just stay here?" 

"Let's go swimmin' with the other boys.  I enjoyed doin' that with you and Hunter yesterday." 

"How about afterward?  Do you want the boys to come here later, like they normally would on Sunday?" 

"Can I be with you again?" 

"We can ask them, and I imagine they'll probably agree, or would you rather it was just the two of us?" 

"Nah, I don't want them to miss out, cuz I know they look forward to doin' it too, but I just wanna be with you again." 

"Ok, I'll ask them when we're at the Y, so I can see what they have to say." 

"Good, and I hope they don't mind."

We were basically ready when Hunter showed up, so after he took his things out of the backpack and placed them into his gym bag, we got in the car and headed to the Y.  When we walked into the locker room, I noticed some of the boys looked surprised. 

"We weren't sure if you guys would be here today," Nolan stated for all of them. 

"I wasn't either and left it up to Braedon.  He said he wanted to come, so we're here." 

"How about later?  Do you still want us come over too?" 

"I was going to talk to you about that.  Braedon wants to be with me again, so would any of you have any problem with that?" 

I saw the boys exchanging glances with each other before Will finally answered.  "Nah, we don't mind." 

"Yeah, let him be with you again," Jon added. 

"Thank you," Braedon whispered in response. 

Once that had been cleared up, we all undressed and changed into our swimsuits.  When we got in the pool, though, Braedon said he wasn't interested in playing tag and just wanted to swim laps with me.  The other boys had no problem with this either, and they took turns swimming with us.  Whenever Braedon and I stopped to take a short breather, the others usually continued to swim without us.  We did this for a couple of hours before we decided we were ready to call it quits, and then we headed to the locker room to shower and change. 

On the ride back to the house, I made a quick stop at the grocery store so I could pick up containers of potato and macaroni salads for lunch.  As soon as we arrived at the house, I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with the other items.  They didn't take long to make, so before long we were grabbing drinks and sitting down at the table, ready to eat. 

When we finished our lunch, we cleaned up quickly, knowing the other boys would be showing up soon.  While we were waiting, I asked Braedon how he wanted to do things today. 

"Can we do it like we did yesterday?" 

"Yes, I don't have a problem with that." 

I saw Hunter grin when I agreed to do it this way, because he knew I'd chosen this particular method yesterday because of him, and now Braedon wanted to do it that way again.  Hunter liked doing it that way as well, because he would cum every time from thrusting his penis into my abdomen.  In Braedon's case, however, I had to give him a slight nudge in that direction yesterday, before he came to the same realization.  When we first started out, I made sure my belly was rubbing against his penis until he caught on to what was happening, and then he took over and did it on his own. 

I had the bed set up by the time the other boys joined us, so I let them decide who was going to be with whom today, and then we all got undressed.  After Braedon took his place on the towel and I'd prepared both of us, we got started.  Just as soon as I had completely entered him and began thrusting, I noticed he was already grinding his penis against my body and had taken charge of making it happen again.  Just as Hunter always did, Braedon was rubbing up against me and timing it with my thrusts, and it almost sounded as if he was mewing as he enjoyed the sensations it was creating. 

We continued doing this for several minutes before his body stiffened and his penis erupted, spewing several strands of his warm boy juice between our bodies.  I hadn't orgasmed when he did, so I continued driving into his bowels until I felt that familiar tingling in my testicles as those watery orbs pulled up closer to my body, just before I fired my creamy load into the condom.  I then took a minute so I could enjoy the wonderful feelings radiating throughout my body, and as soon as I pulled out of Braedon, I bent down and began to lick his cum off of his body. 

He didn't react to what I was doing at first, possibly because he was still lost in the throes of his own post-orgasmic bliss, but then he began to squirm and giggle.  "That tickles," he gasped between his bursts of laughter. 

I didn't let up, though, until I'd lapped it all up, and then I hugged Braedon when I was done.  "Were you still hungry?" Braedon teased as he erupted into more giggles. 

"Yes, I'm always hungry for your sweet, honey-coated semen." 

"I'm glad you like it, cuz it means you like me too." 

I smiled, kissed him, and then stood up.  "We still have to shower, though, so let me help you off the bed." 

I then led him into the bathroom, and we ran into a few of the other boys as we were heading to shower.  They were busy cleaning up from their turns too, so I adjusted the water before Braedon and I stepped inside to clean up. 

"I like doin' it that way with you," Braedon said as I was washing him.  "I really feel you love me more when we're doing it that way, and then when we both cum it makes it even more special." 

"Yes, and I enjoy doing it that way with you too." 

I was thinking this was sounding very familiar and I was getting the feeling of déjà vu, because it was almost identical to what Hunter usually said after we did it that way.  I knew it was because he felt I was replacing the father he'd never known and I was filling a void in his life, and now it seemed as if I was replacing another father.  This time I was replacing a man who had never shown his son any love before he was killed, and his words and actions left the impression that he would have been furious if he knew his son was gay. 

In addition to those two boys there was also Will, and although he didn't feel quite as attached to me as they did, but he still felt loved and special when I made him cum whenever I copulated with him.  I guess this meant that I technically had three teenage sons now, even though I was only in my early twenties.  Go figure!

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