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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 6 - A Close Call

I didn't see Nolan or Gary for the rest of the week and intentionally didn't go to the Y at our usual time on Saturday morning.  Instead, I puttered around the apartment first, had an early lunch, and then opted to go to the Y at 1:00 instead, because I felt they'd be long gone if they went there earlier.  I packed my gym bag and headed out the door, but I was stopped briefly by a couple that lived in one of the other apartments in the building. 

"Hi, I'm glad we ran into you, because we've been trying to meet everyone else who lives in this building," the young lady stated.  "I'm Jennifer Sisson, and this is my husband, Duane." 

"It's nice to meet you.  I'm Marshall Roberson." 

"We've seen you going in and out before, but we never got a chance to chat.  What do you do for a living?" 

"I'm an English teacher at the Middle School.  How about you?" 

"I would never have guessed, because you look so young.  I'm the receptionist for Dr. Tse's medical practice on State Street." 

"And I'm the produce manager at Walmart.  I know it's not a glamorous job, but along with Jen's salary, it pays the bills." 

"Hey, it's no big deal.  I worked at a Walmart during college, so you certainly don't have to explain yourself to me." 

I wanted to leave, but they kept me there for several minutes as we got to know each other better.  When I was finally able to break away without seeming rude, I jumped in the car and drove to the Y.  When I went inside, the place was fairly empty, probably because there were multiple high school sporting events taking place at this time, along with the college football games on TV.  I was beginning to think I might have the pool to myself as I headed back to the same locker I'd been using and began to change. 

I'd barely gotten started when I heard a commotion at the other end of the locker room and realized someone else had just showed up.  I nearly fell off the bench when I saw who it was. 

"Hi, Mr. Roberson," Tucker greeted me.  "I didn't know you'd be here."  As I looked behind him, I saw Nolan, Gary, and Will too. 

"I didn't expect to see you guys either.  I just decided to take a break from preparing for Monday's rehearsal."

"Yeah, I'm all set for that, and thanks for giving me such a big part." 

"I gave it to you because you impressed me at the tryouts and I know you'll do a terrific job." 

As we were talking, the four of them started getting undressed and no one attempted to turn away or cover themselves.  There were two on either side of me, and each one was more than comfortable showing off and letting me see their goods.  Will had blond pubes, about the same color as the hair on his head, and his penis appeared to be about the same size as Nolan's.  He was circumcised like Nolan too. 

Tucker, on the other hand, only had a few, sparse hairs above his penis, which was just starting to grow.  He was younger than the others, and his dick was only a couple of inches soft (about 5 cm), and he was also circumcised like the others.  I actually heard Tucker gasp when I finally lowered my boxer briefs. 

"Wow, Mr. Roberson.  You've sure got a big one," he stated, as he gawked at my penis in awe. 

"It's not unusually long, but it's probably slightly above average," I agreed.  Will was smiling broadly as he checked me out too. 

I was worried that seeing them all naked, along with having them staring and commenting about my penis, was going to cause me to chub up, so I hurriedly put on my swimsuit and headed out to the pool.  Before long they were scurrying up behind me, and since they were staying close, I decided to sate my curiosity. 

"How did the four of you all happen to end up here at the same time?" 

"Before drama club on Wednesday, we talked it over and decided to come swimming together today.  We just had to wait for Nolan to call and let us know when his mother was ready to pick us up," Will confessed. 

This caused me to glance at Nolan, who appeared embarrassed that Will had admitted this.  I immediately felt I'd been set up, but I had no idea how they knew I would be here or at this particular time.  Every other Saturday we'd arrived around 10:00 and leave around noon, so how did they just happen to be here now, at the very same time I was?

When we got to the pool, I jumped in and started swimming laps, but the four of them stayed at one end to talk and horse around.  I had already swum a half dozen laps when I saw them starting to do the same thing, and I swam a couple more before I stopped to take a breather. 

As soon as the boys noticed I'd quit swimming, they came over to speak with me.  "Are you leaving?" Gary asked. 

"No, I'm just catching my breath and taking a short break.  I'll swim some more in a few minutes." 

"Ok, we were just wondering," Nolan added. 

"Yeah, we all like you a lot and we're glad we ran into you," Tucker chimed in. 

"And I like you boys too." 

"And we all like being in the drama club.  You make it fun, because you listen to our ideas,"  Will added.

As soon as he finished saying that, he jumped on Nolan's back and dunked him.  That started the others doing the same thing, and Tucker jumped on my back, trying to do the same to me.  However, he was so small and light that it barely caused my body to move, so I reached over my shoulder and grabbed him by the arms.  Then, I flipped him over my head and tossed him to an open spot in the pool.  After I did that, they all teamed up to try to dunk me, although I felt hands on the front and back of my swimsuit as well, as they took the opportunity to grope my dick and ass. 

I didn't think they were being overt enough for anyone else to notice, though, since they were making it appear to be accidental, but I knew I had to put an end to this.  Since we were at the deep end of the pool, when they pushed me under I allowed my body to sink to the bottom of the pool, and then I swam away from them.  When I surfaced in another location, they came at me again, but I put up my hand and told them that was enough. 

I swam a few more laps before calling it a day, while the boys continued to horse around with each other.  I thought I'd escaped without them noticing, but as I was taking off my swimsuit, they all came rushing into the locker room again and started taking their swimsuits off too. 

"It wasn't as much fun after you left," Tucker stated as I grabbed my towel and headed toward the shower.  I'd just adjusted the water when they all came in and joined me. 

I tried my best not to look at their naked bodies, but the temptation was just too great.  As coyly as I could, I thoroughly checked out Will and Tucker, while at the same time not completely ignoring Nolan or Gary.  When I began to worry that I was going to bone up, I turned off the water, grabbed my towel, and started to dry off while heading to my locker.  As I was exiting the shower area, I bumped into someone who was just arriving. 

"Sorry.  I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." 

"That's ok, it wasn't seri..."  The speaker abruptly stopped in mid-sentence.  "Marshall?" 

When I looked up, I noticed it was Jack Cardwell, another teacher at the middle school.  "Sorry, Jack, I didn't notice it was you either." 

"That's alright," he conceded, and then he noticed the boys exiting the shower too.  "Did you bring them with you?" 

"No, we just happened to be here at the same time, just like you," I replied. 

"My mom picked up the other boys and dropped us off here earlier," Nolan quickly added.  "We were surprised to find Mr. Roberson here, and we're surprised to see you here too." 

I think Jack noticed that we had all taken lockers in the same area as well, but he didn't say anything about it.  He merely went to a different area and began to change.  I dressed as quickly as I could and left as soon as was humanly possible.  I felt that after Jack had seen us all there, it caused him to start wondering if something else was going on.  I pulled out of the parking lot long before Nolan's mother arrived to take them home, and I hoped Jack had noticed that as well. 

When I reached my apartment, I was uneasy and sweating bullets.  I was concerned that Jack would start to piece things together and possibly say something to others about it at school.  He may not accuse me of doing anything wrong, but he might question what I was doing at the Y, naked, and showering with a group of students. 

This was one of the things I'd been worried about all along, because I knew rumors and suspicions would be enough to ruin my reputation and end my career.  There wouldn't need to be any hard proof either, because the mere suspicion would be enough.  I knew the boys hadn't been very discrete, but neither had I.  I'd basically allowed this to happen from the start, so I couldn't blame them.  They were young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, but I definitely should've known better.  Now, I'd just have to wait and see if the proverbial hammer dropped, while at the same time making sure nothing like that ever happened again.  I'd have to pull completely away from the boys, but how was I going to do it if we were all part of the drama club?  I'd just have to set some very serious ground rules. 

I stayed holed up in my apartment for the rest of the day, and even though I tried to work on the script and plan things out for Monday, I was having trouble concentrating.  The rest of the day was basically a blur, and that night I experienced some disturbing dreams.  First, I was called into Mr. Baldwin's office and he grilled me about what he'd heard had happened at the Y.  In the next, Mr. Baldwin explained that because I was on probation and suspected of questionable ethics, I was being terminated.  In the last, I was arrested, and the police threatened Nolan and Gary that they'd take them away from their parents unless they confessed about what we had done. 

Needless to say, I was basically a mess when I woke up the next morning.  I'd slept, but not very well, so I wasn't really refreshed.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get much done today, since my mind was consumed with other thoughts, so I sat down on the sofa and turned on TV.  A tape of a high school football game from the previous night was on, and even though it wasn't what I wanted to watch, I didn't change the channel.  I merely let the noise fill the room, in an attempt to drown out the terrible thoughts I was having.  It didn't work, though, but I was eventually distracted by a knock on the door. 

I wondered if it was the police or Jen and Duane as I walked to the door, so I was even more surprised when I opened it and found Nolan and Gary standing on the other side.  They quickly barged past me and came inside before I had a chance to say anything. 

"Don't be mad, but we thought we'd better come over and explain about yesterday." 

"You shouldn't have come here at all, although I'm curious about how you knew I'd be at the Y at that time." 

"I have to admit that I'm responsible for that," Gary admitted. 

"No, we both are," Nolan corrected.  "I talked the other two into going swimming with us yesterday..."

"But I was the one who spied on Mr. Roberson, to see when he was getting ready to leave," Gary confessed. 

"You did what?"  He cringed because my question sounded quite harsh.

"I was hiding over in the woods across from your apartment, because I wanted to see if you'd change your mind and go swimming.  I found the street the runs below there last Sunday, cuz I rode my bike over and walked it down until I saw where it led.  I was already familiar with the area, so I just remembered the spot where I could climb up to the parking lot."  He was looking at me to gauge my reaction, and then he continued again when I didn't start screaming at him. 

"I rode my bike over here before 10:00 yesterday, and then I waited to see if you were gonna come out.  I was starting to wonder how long I was gonna stay there when I saw you leaving your apartment with your gym bag.  That's when I called Nolan and told him to call the others and then have his mother pick us up so we could go to the Y.  I was glad those other people stopped you to talk, because it gave me time to get away before you saw me.  I left my bike at the bottom of the hill where no one else could see it, and then I pedaled as fast as I could to get home and get my stuff before Nolan's mom came to pick me up." 

I took a minute to digest everything before I spoke.  "That was pretty damn sneaky, and you put me in an awkward spot with Mr. Cardwell.  I think he suspects something." 

"Yeah, we thought so too, and that's why I made sure to tell him that my mom had dropped us off there." 

"That helped, but I think he's still curious and will try to see if there's any other connection between us, since we were all naked in the shower together." 

"Yeah, he came at the wrong time, but people showering together happens there all the time.  If he'd come five minutes later, you'd have been gone." 

"I know, but it's too late to worry about that now.  I just don't understand why you brought the other two with you." 

"We mentioned that we'd run into you at the Y before, and they asked if we'd seen you naked.  When we told them we had, they said they wanted to come with us the next time so they could see you naked too.  I'm pretty sure they wanted you to see them naked as well." 

"You're probably right about that, because neither one attempted to cover up at any time.  In fact, they seemed to be making sure I got to see them as they checked me out." 

"Yeah, Tucker was funny when he said that about your dick." 

"Yes, and I'm glad no one else was around to hear him."  We all chuckled briefly about that. 

"Tucker's younger than the rest of us and not as well developed," Gary stated, "but he's gay and has hinted that he'd like to fool around too." 

"You guys can fool around with each other all you want, but you can't include me any longer.  People might be watching us from now on, especially Mr. Cardwell and anyone he might have told about what he'd seen, and they might get suspicious if they see you all hanging out with me." 

"But we have to do that for the drama club," Nolan observed.

"Yes, but we can't continue hanging around together outside of school, and you certainly can't keep showing up here." 

"Nobody saw us this time," Gary pointed out. 

"How can you be sure of that?"

"We rode our bikes to the street below, hid them under some leaves, and then we climbed up here," Gary confessed.  "When we got to the parking lot, we stopped and checked that no one was around first, and that no one was looking out any windows either.  As soon as we knew it was safe, we raced across the parking lot and knocked on your door.  That's why we kinda pushed our way inside, so no one would accidentally come out and see us." 

"That part was good, but we can't continue pressing our luck."

"Even if we tell people you're tutoring us if they ask?" Nolan wanted to know. 

"If they're already suspicious, I think that would make them even more curious.  I think it's too risky to do that now.  Maybe if we hadn't all been caught naked in the shower together, then that might have worked, but I don't think that option is open to us any longer." 

"Damn, this is beginning to suck," Nolan grumbled.  "What if us boys go to the Y again next Saturday afternoon at the same time we went yesterday, in case Mr. Cardwell is there again?  Maybe if he sees us there without you a couple of times he'll forget about what he saw." 

"That's possible, but he might have just gone there yesterday and it's not part of his regular routine." 

"Maybe, but we'll do it anyway, just in case, and I hope he shows up again," Nolan confirmed.

"If you boys will be going in the afternoon from now on, then I'll start going at 10:00 again.  That way we won't be there together." 

"Ok, we'll go at 1:00 for a while, but we'd rather be there with you," Nolan agreed. 

"I know, but we just can't take that chance."

"As long as we're already here, can we do like the last time?" Gary asked, catching me off guard. 

"What part of we have to be careful from now on didn't you understand?" 

"But we're already here and no one saw us, so can't we do it again?" he pressed.  "You said we won't be able to do it any more after this, so can't we do it now?  That way it will last us for a while."

"Yeah," Nolan chimed in.  "Cuz you won't let us come here any more, can't we do it this one last time?"   

I thought about it quickly.  Although I knew I shouldn't do it, they were pretty sure that no one had seen them come here.  However, even if they weren't correct and someone had noticed them enter earlier, then the harm had already been done.  Either way, why shouldn't we take advantage of the situation.  I'd leave the TV on, maybe even turn it up a little, and that way if anyone sees the boys leaving later then we can tell them we were just watching the game together. 

"Ok, one last time.  Just keep the noise down." 

"And this time I want to do it to you too," Gary quickly added. 

"I supposed that as long as I'm in so deep already, we might as well go all the way." 

"Good, cuz this might be the only chance that me and Nolan get to do stuff to you too."  If only he knew. 

"Yeah," Nolan agreed.  "We'll take turns doing it to you too."  He was doing his best to hide the fact that he and I had done this one other time as well.

"We can each work on one side of you," Gary suggested. 

"That would be fine, except I don't have a penis on either side," I announced with a smirk.  "Unless you're talking about the front and back." 

"Nah, we're not ready for that yet," Gary conceded, "so we'll take turns working on your dick." 

"Ok, I guess that would be alright too." 

Now that we had agreed on the ground rules, I turned up the TV and the boys followed me to the bedroom.  None of us were rushing this time, and both boys were still dressed when we got there.  As soon as we passed through the doorway, though, they quickly began to take off their clothes, and I did the same.  Once we were all naked, Nolan and Gary hopped on the bed. 

"Who am I starting with this time?" 

"You can do Nolan first, since he let me go first the last time." 

Since they were both fine with this, I began to repeat everything I'd done to them the last time we were together.  I nearly bumped heads with Gary when I was kissing Nolan, because he kept getting closer to me so he could watch every move I made on his friend.  Later, I nearly bit Gary's nose while I was nipping at the nubs on Nolan's chest, because Gary got that close.  A short time later I thought he was going to start licking Nolan's shaft while I was sucking Nolan off. 

Just for a change of pace, I wet a finger and slipped it into Nolan's ass, but that merely caused him to buck harder into my mouth.  He didn't say anything, though, and Gary never noticed what I had done.  Miraculously, Gary managed to keep out of the way long enough for me to bring Nolan off, and after Nolan had ejaculated into my mouth and filled it with his sweet nectar, Gary finally spoke. 

"Damn, that was almost as good as you doing it to me!" 

I glanced over at Gary and noticed he was as hard as a rock.  "Yes, I can see that you seemed to have really enjoyed watching me work on Nolan too, but now it's you're turn." 

He was practically giddy as I moved over and started kissing him, while Nolan swooned in his post-orgasmic reverie.  I did all the same things to him that I had done to Nolan, and by the time I moved to his chest, Nolan had recovered and was watching what I was doing to his friend, but without crowding me. 

I continued working my way down Gary's body and he was very excited by the time I reached his groin.  I wet my finger before I got ready to take his penis in my mouth, and then I slipped it into his chute as I was sucking him off, but he reacted differently than Nolan had. 

"Holy shit.  I didn't expect you to do that," he squealed.  I didn't respond and merely began to slide my finger back and forth while searching for his prostate. 

I didn't think Gary was going to last very long, so I grabbed a hold of his family jewels and squeezed them gently, while at the same time still working on his penis.  I did this in an attempt to calm him down and make him last, because I didn't want him to spew too quickly.  He managed to hold off for a little while longer before filling my mouth with his hot load, but it was all over in less than two minutes.  Even though I wished it would have taken longer, it had been long enough for me to relish having his penis in my mouth. 

While Gary was enjoying the lasting effects of his ejaculation, Nolan started to kiss me.  He did that until Gary was ready to join in, and then Nolan let Gary take over, while he worked on my ear and neck.  When Gary began to work on my ear and neck on the other side, Nolan moved down to my chest.  Then later, when Nolan got up and moved between my legs to start working on my scrotum, Gary began working his way down my chest and duplicated everything that Nolan had just done. 

After Gary finished letting his tongue dive in and out of my navel, Nolan got up and moved to the side, so Gary could work on my scrotum next.  Nolan then leaned over and started licking and sucking on my penis, and this double team was driving me wild. I was enjoying every second of it, and when Gary was ready to try sucking on my penis too, Nolan moved up and began kissing me again. 

Since this was Gary's first time sucking me off, I had to push Nolan aside a couple of times so I could give Gary some pointers.  I was grateful that he never asked why I hadn't done the same thing with Nolan, or how Nolan had known what to do, because it was supposed to be his first time too.  Unfortunately, I was enjoying what they were doing to me so much that I forgot to warn Gary when I was about to cum. 

When I started ejaculating in his mouth, Gary began to choke and pulled away quickly, only to get the next couple of blasts in his face.  He was practically covered in semen, including his hair, and although I felt badly about that, it was actually quite funny.  Nolan was laughing hysterically, while I was trying my best not to do the same.  After a few seconds, Gary started laughing too, since he also saw the humor in the situation. 

"Gary, forgive me.  I forgot to warn you." 

"That's ok.  I just wasn't ready for it, cuz I've never done that before." 

"Then it looks like I just baptized you... in cum."  Both boys started to laugh again, but this time at my little joke, and then Nolan and I started to clean Gary's face off with our tongues.

"You like eating that stuff?" Gary wondered. 

"I think you just swallowed a bunch of it too, didn't you?" I countered. 

"Yeah, I guess I did, and it wasn't that bad either.  I can still taste it." 

"I've tasted mine before, so I don't mind doing this either," Nolan confessed. 

Now that everyone was ok with what we were doing, we continued until we had removed most of it, except for Gary's hair. 

"Gary, maybe you should take a shower before you leave," I suggested.  "I don't want you going home with dried semen in your hair or smelling like cum." 

"Let's all shower together then," Gary countered. 

"I suppose we could, but the apartment merely has a shower that is part of the tub," I stated.  "It's not a nice, roomy shower stall, and it doesn't have several shower heads like the Y, so we'll have to keep switching places." 

"That's ok," Gary replied.  "We've done everything else with each other, so we might as well do this too." 

"How about you, Nolan?" 

"Hey, I think it's a good idea too, even if I'm not covered in cum like Gary."  He then pointed at his friend's face and laughed. 

"Ok, then let's head to the bathroom." 

Once I'd adjusted the temperature of the water, the three of us stepped into the tub and started getting wet.  We let Gary get in front first, since he was in the worse shape, and then we helped him wash.  The guy in the back could only help if the one in the middle knelt down, so that's what we did, although the one in the middle got dick-slapped in the face a few times when the person in front turned around.  Once we were all clean, I pulled out a towel for each of us and we dried off, and then we got dressed again. 

We sat in the living room until the game ended, although I had a feeling it was another game, but it would still be our cover story if anyone asked.  Once it ended, I went outside to make sure the coast was clear before I sent the boys on their way.  They raced across the parking lot and into the wooded area on the other side, and then they headed down the hill to get their bikes.  Fortunately, it was still light out so they wouldn't have any trouble getting home.

Once I was alone, I thought about the day and realized it had happened again, but this would have to be the very last time.  I couldn't continue taking chances like this.

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